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  1. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Oh and one little thing I really hate is the way swinging doors work. Why can I just use my hand to gently push or pull it (a bit )open? Why do big gates open fully toward myself? I understand the game needs to keep track of the door's position, but please can we have more then on/off? Maybe it takes a tiny bit more bandwidth to communicate the door changing position, but please have higher door status fidelity, like number in degrees: 0 = closed, 45 is 1/2 open, etc)?
  2. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    I hope the new engine can have shaders for water and mud effects on everything, water, roads, weapons, vehicles. Can you do something about the sudden LOD changes and popping in of models on the horizon? Can you implement a simple dark decal under distant trees so we can have shadows that render cheap but give the distant object some 'grounding'? No shadows past a 100m looks unnatural. Good to hear streams and rivers are in. Love to shake off some wolves that are tracing my smell. Also driving some dear into the river and shooting them as they are swimming. I know the team likes quality animations, but when you say animations have improved I like to see a side by side. I like the non floating legs, I hope the cpu creatures have that too. Thank you for the update, I appreciate it.
  3. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    What would be cool if cows occasionally would team up against a player when attacked. Take the player on the horns and throwing him in the air! OLÉ!
  4. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    It means these animals stay together.
  5. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Thank you for the SR. it's good to hear of progress, also small progress. Good to hear you're improving the climbing stairs mechanics, it's very much needed. The 360 ground shooting looks cool too. The map improvements sound promising and being a hiker myself I love to explore the 200km of trails. Question, can you do something about the attacking zombies and wolves clipping though walls and doors? maybe give them a more detailed collision box and enable ragdoll physics after the start of their movement to make the collision look more believable? This could also make other collisions look much more natural. I love to see players run into a wall, collapse, slide down, regain control and get back up. Also people slipping (because of a too sudden change of direction) or getting shot in the legs, falling. Landing a fist on a head would yield a bit of physics. All this is important and fun feedback to the players, having visible influence upon the world. Love to see decals of hits on bodies, bruises, cuts, bullet-holes, growing bloodstains. I want to see where my bullets hit, and where my knife has cut. Bullet holes and mud and blood on cars would be awesome as well. Again it's part of the player feedback. Looking forward to testing the new meelee system, especially the kicking is cool and I would love to kick someone of a ledge, or kick in a door. Again I hope physics will help with giving a satisfying player feedback. For the video, it does not need to be super slick produced, but it would be nice if it contained much of the things talked about in the SR. Maybe, you could ask the viewers a specific question and have some interaction in he comment section. About the blood type, I think this is a needless level of detail. On the other hand, rendering shadows. I see detailed shadows consume a lot of resources, therefore they are usually not rendered past 100m. But could you please add a very simple shadows, like a round low res decal that sits under trees in the distance? Another thing is the changing of LOD models, and popping in of objects, which is very distracting too me. Have you got some ideas for improving that? Maybe modern graphic cards have good enough polygon culling methods so you can use higher polygon models in the distance without much render speed penalty? btw am I seeing improved shader work in the top screen shot? - the highlights on the tents and plants look much better. About player trust, I think it's important to have a higher frequency of reporting, at least 1x per week. The report can be 1/2 as long or even 1/3, but I want to read along your smallest of progress. Keep it up.
  6. BETA Status Report - November 28

    No intermediate updates yet. Only silence. Why not give the people on this forum a micro update? - We just want to know Dayz is moving forward.
  7. BETA Status Report - November 28

    From what I've understood from the SR is that we can expect: 0.63 experimental 0.63 beta 1.0 There will not be any versions in between 0.63 beta and 1.0. I really hope they'll offer us a near live 0.63 detailed progress status overview, so we can monitor more closely the steps towards 0.63. Do a report / little video on each feature you've finished and explain what it does and why it's important. A bit more frequent reporting please, I don't care if the progress is 'small' I like to stay informed. Yep I like the idea of a 0.625 version, where you just adjust the economy and see what happens.
  8. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Thanks for the detailed overview in this status report. Suggestion for the future status reports: go into detail how you've designed one of the unique features, like soft skills. (What skills are there, how to obtain them, what do they offer, and how do they affect gameplay?) Personally I'm ok with a shorter report. Maybe showing a list of features and content with a percentage of how much it's done, basically a sort of billboard with bars creeping forward I can check online. At this moment the development is a black box where one get's to see a small peek every two weeks, whereas I like to check our baby daily :) Another thing that bothers me is that I've not seen any reply from the devs in regard to forum's / players ideas and suggestions. It feels like we're talking to a thick blind wall. No dev feedback on the many ideas posted, not even an small acknowledgement. Very discouraging to creative and constructive players like me. Since there is no estimation for 0.63 other then 2018... this means it could be January through December before we get to see beta, the uncertainty is killing me.
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    The Ghost of Hoik, I love the idea of a global game arc but at the same time your systems sound very complex, and I have a hard time seeing how this mechanism would logically fit in this realistic world setting. What is the problem you try to solve? server hopping? In Dayz the world's size not just a map, but many [servers]. This allows characters to flee, recover, gear up at safer servers and then go to a population rich / target rich, servers to start killing again. With all the server dimensions the chance of running into the same person is very small. Such environment makes people indifferent, detached, cold towards others. It is in small groups that people start thinking much more about long term, and relations, reputations become much more important. Perma death is a way to increase the value and involvement into one's in game character's life. My game play role playing experience becomes better when I experience more involvement in my character. My general experience become better when other's involvement in their characters are increased too. There are Role playing servers aiming to do just that, proving there is a need. With other short arc survival games cropping up, I think Dayz should focus on role playing and the long arc. I propose for Dayz to create one character for each server one enters. If you're not happy with your life you can suicide in various ways, but you cannot 'abort'. Logging out shows a going to sleep animation, when you're logged out your character stays in game for 2 minutes more to prevent people from fleeing danger by logging out. You better hide well before you log out. I too have thought of a character's life cycle, including shifting abilities, needs and appearance according to age. When your character is on only 1 server and you've a limited lifespan your choices gain value. One character's value needs to rise. Increasing abilities, build in game relations, increasing knowledge about people, environment, local clans, reputation and the time my character has stayed alive. And when I die, I and my clan will feel a big loss. What role(s)will you play with your one life?
  10. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Ok I got another idea, it's not really original, some big companies have done it, but what about finding play cards and have a gamble game? BI could even start selling packages of these cards, and similar to risk you could make combinations and earn weapons and upgrades ;) ;) ;)
  11. Status Report 7 November 2017

    What are your ideas to "refocus the core game mechanics towards player interactions."?
  12. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Adrenaline could be connected enemy gunfire and passing bullet sounds and it's distance to the player. I think it also makes sense for when you get shot or cut to experience adrenaline. To indicate the image could have some additional sharpening an perhaps a bit of wide angle lens distortion to indicate hyper focus and tunnel-vision.
  13. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Thank you Dannydog and Sqeezorz for your responses. Any thoughts on the bigger goals?
  14. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Question: Why are there so few responses to Brian Hicks's question?
  15. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Big goals. A friend of mine and I've been thinking about the game's goals. At the moment Dayz has this: get warm, fed and armed. find and interact with other players. These can be found in all other survival games too. It is basically a slower 'permanent death' deathmatch. Deathmatch to me is a boringly predictable and very limited range of interaction. Agreeing with Dayz's vision I like the game to go beyond, allow for bigger goals. My friend and I thought of: 1) eradicating the disease, 2) map domination. For both one needs a large group of organised people. A team to work together, manage resources, restore high level equipment, manage communication, manage conflicts, manage security, insurrection, spies, alliances, enemy groups and global in game events. In a sense the player follows a historic journey form 'hunter gatherer' to a (restored) 'civilisation'. It's in building and securing your clan / society that most interesting interaction and bonding happens. To build and maintain a civilisation one needs specialisations. I suggest these five: Hunter, Medic, Mechanic, Electrician, Leader. These people are needed to perform advanced actions, the basics can be done by everyone, see my stories above. A bigger social group needs advanced equipment to make transport, communication, scouting, combat, etc viable. A bigger group also needs an increasingly bigger place to live and gather resources. Lifespan: We've also be thinking about the game's timespan. In deathmatch there is usually a level change time, upon which a score appears, followed by a reset for the next level. However if you have all the time in the world the feeling of urgency is lost as well. Analogous to Sid-Meyer's Civilization, I think there needs to be a limited life time for a character on a server. Imagine being elected leader, having only 1 month to live; what would you do? A limited time puts a limit on choice, and a limit on choice makes the choice more valuable. ps. I think Dayz could win back the colourful creative adults with an new intellectual and social experiment that's unique and challenging.