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  1. Status Report 7 November 2017

    The Ghost of Hoik, I love the idea of a global game arc but at the same time your systems sound very complex, and I have a hard time seeing how this mechanism would logically fit in this realistic world setting. What is the problem you try to solve? server hopping? In Dayz the world's size not just a map, but many [servers]. This allows characters to flee, recover, gear up at safer servers and then go to a population rich / target rich, servers to start killing again. With all the server dimensions the chance of running into the same person is very small. Such environment makes people indifferent, detached, cold towards others. It is in small groups that people start thinking much more about long term, and relations, reputations become much more important. Perma death is a way to increase the value and involvement into one's in game character's life. My game play role playing experience becomes better when I experience more involvement in my character. My general experience become better when other's involvement in their characters are increased too. There are Role playing servers aiming to do just that, proving there is a need. With other short arc survival games cropping up, I think Dayz should focus on role playing and the long arc. I propose for Dayz to create one character for each server one enters. If you're not happy with your life you can suicide in various ways, but you cannot 'abort'. Logging out shows a going to sleep animation, when you're logged out your character stays in game for 2 minutes more to prevent people from fleeing danger by logging out. You better hide well before you log out. I too have thought of a character's life cycle, including shifting abilities, needs and appearance according to age. When your character is on only 1 server and you've a limited lifespan your choices gain value. One character's value needs to rise. Increasing abilities, build in game relations, increasing knowledge about people, environment, local clans, reputation and the time my character has stayed alive. And when I die, I and my clan will feel a big loss. What role(s)will you play with your one life?
  2. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Ok I got another idea, it's not really original, some big companies have done it, but what about finding play cards and have a gamble game? BI could even start selling packages of these cards, and similar to risk you could make combinations and earn weapons and upgrades ;) ;) ;)
  3. Status Report 7 November 2017

    What are your ideas to "refocus the core game mechanics towards player interactions."?
  4. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Adrenaline could be connected enemy gunfire and passing bullet sounds and it's distance to the player. I think it also makes sense for when you get shot or cut to experience adrenaline. To indicate the image could have some additional sharpening an perhaps a bit of wide angle lens distortion to indicate hyper focus and tunnel-vision.
  5. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Thank you Dannydog and Sqeezorz for your responses. Any thoughts on the bigger goals?
  6. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Question: Why are there so few responses to Brian Hicks's question?
  7. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Big goals. A friend of mine and I've been thinking about the game's goals. At the moment Dayz has this: get warm, fed and armed. find and interact with other players. These can be found in all other survival games too. It is basically a slower 'permanent death' deathmatch. Deathmatch to me is a boringly predictable and very limited range of interaction. Agreeing with Dayz's vision I like the game to go beyond, allow for bigger goals. My friend and I thought of: 1) eradicating the disease, 2) map domination. For both one needs a large group of organised people. A team to work together, manage resources, restore high level equipment, manage communication, manage conflicts, manage security, insurrection, spies, alliances, enemy groups and global in game events. In a sense the player follows a historic journey form 'hunter gatherer' to a (restored) 'civilisation'. It's in building and securing your clan / society that most interesting interaction and bonding happens. To build and maintain a civilisation one needs specialisations. I suggest these five: Hunter, Medic, Mechanic, Electrician, Leader. These people are needed to perform advanced actions, the basics can be done by everyone, see my stories above. A bigger social group needs advanced equipment to make transport, communication, scouting, combat, etc viable. A bigger group also needs an increasingly bigger place to live and gather resources. Lifespan: We've also be thinking about the game's timespan. In deathmatch there is usually a level change time, upon which a score appears, followed by a reset for the next level. However if you have all the time in the world the feeling of urgency is lost as well. Analogous to Sid-Meyer's Civilization, I think there needs to be a limited life time for a character on a server. Imagine being elected leader, having only 1 month to live; what would you do? A limited time puts a limit on choice, and a limit on choice makes the choice more valuable. ps. I think Dayz could win back the colourful creative adults with an new intellectual and social experiment that's unique and challenging.
  8. Status Report 7 November 2017

    chapter 3: The morning after. Waking up late from the sounds rain I felt my belly rumble. I looked in my new backpack I got from the outdoor store and grabbed a ready to go meal. I ripped it open and went outside to the water barrel that was filling up from the rain, added wate and went back inside to put it next to the fire to warm up. Hunter left a note stating he and our new friends were going around the area to loot and hunt and they would be back at 11:00, this gave me time to ponder our situation. It was clear that our equipment needed replacements, and our car needed fuel. At night the woods were extremely dangerous because of the wolves, bore and bears. Not being able to navigate and see in the dark causes a lot of noisy and dangerous missteps. Our current barricaded farm was much safer and warmer, with our own well and trees to harvest wood from close by. The planks we harvested of the fences, and served us well to board of the lower windows and barricade the doors to keep the wolves out and at least give us some time before a bear would gain entry. Knock knock, it's us. I opened the door and saw 4 drenched men enter our living and gather around the open fire place to dry and warm up. How is your leg doing, can you sprint again? "Yes the medic has fully healed it, thank god. When I felt from the roof I was able to find some sticks and tape to splint my leg, but not being able to kneel or go any faster then jogging was terrible." "I reset his leg, and now it's fully healed" the medic added. Great, how did the looting and hunt go? "Well we did not find much that we could use, and the food is also very low here. hunting wasn't a success either, I think bambi has moved on." So it looks like there isn't enough for the 5 of us, we need to find another place, a bigger place with more resources."Well, if we do we need to become more creative to keep trouble away" Well we cannot stay here, so let's pack up and get to the car and head west. Driving along the countryside felt surreal, the sun had broken through the clouds and mist evaporated from the wet land. The pools of water on the road began to melt away and the crickets began to chirp again. We came to a military roadblock blocking an old stone bridge across a shallow river. Across it laid a village, it looked abandoned. Guns at the ready we entered the village, clearing out each house using melee weapons to avoid making sounds that would lure in all of them. No we had cleared the whole village we needed to set up defence. We pushed cars, garbage containers in place, cut down wooden posts to bar vehicles from entering. We also made a few fireplaces to light up key entrances at night. We detached and moved sections of fences to form new barriers. The hospital and fire department had and emergency generator, and some fuel to work. The local supermarket had enough left overs for at least a few days. This town was going to be our base. The next day we spend on cleaning the town burning the dead bodies, gathering materials and food, checking the fencing, we even painted a bit of art on the walls with spraypaint. I was all a lot of work but it made our place feel like home. With the lights on we sat down in the hospital garden enjoying some canned foods and the stars when we heard a sound in the distance rapidly approaching. We rushed to the roof an spotted an helicopter heading in our direction. We were exited and nervous, are they going to help us, or kill us?
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    - Chapter 2 - It was getting dark and the medic put on the car's headlight; one of the bulbs had burned out. In a few moments we get close to town, but it is very dangerous there with z's and gangs roaming the streets. They'll see our lights and hear our car so we go in on foot. Do you know a outdoor store I asked? Yes there is one, and you're in luck it's close to where we arrive the medic replied. I think it's time to fill up the radiator the mechanic said pointing at the dashboard's temperature gauge. I think I can help I have two canteens the hunter replied. Ok, let's agree to be back here in 20 minutes, and please be careful to stay stealthy. I'll put a red chem-light in the car so we can easily find it back. Walking through town there was an eerie silence, on could hear only the sound of wind and leaves. Sometimes a rustle scared me to only discover a couple of tiny rat's eyes digging through the trash. In the distance I heard an owl's whistle. We passed the houses because those are were the places most of the infected were. We tried to use our lights a little as possible because that would instantly attract them. As we saw the outdoor store come into view I noticed there was light in there? Hunter told me to remain extremely careful, because any sound would lure out the infected. Hugging the store's wall we circled the building to scout the premise. Hunter gave me the stop sign and signalled me to come close whispering "I see moving shadows, at least two". I've an idea, let's lure them out and club them. "ok, search for a rock, and throw it against the front door, then get your axe and be ready, I'll be at the back door, ok?" The rock hit the door, the sound was very clear and I was afraid that the infected neighbours might be alarmed too. Then I heard footsteps heading my way, then the door swung open and I planted my axe right in his face. Carefully peaking inside I saw hunter clearing the room, "all clear" he said. "We've 10 minutes left, quick", and we started stuffing our backpacks. Our softly lit car was easily relocated, and hunter put the spark plugs back in, "the anarchist's way of preventing theft" he explained. We let the car idle to warm our selves and waited. I was starting to get worried about the medic and the mechanic when I noticed a light blinking in town? There was a pattern to it! SOS! That's them! I cried to hunter, he saw it too, but wasn't instantly reacting as he said we don't know who's light it is, it maybe trap.. But, but, can't we do SOMETHING? "hold on, I've a plan" Hunter put the car in gear and stepped on the gas, turning off the road through the grass fields along the town towards the other side of the valley. The ride was very rough and loud with rocks, gravel and grass hitting the fenders and the bumps made it harder to see what was going on. Then hunter steered the car hard left sliding facing the town and said, "Now we use our lights and horn, and distract the infected to come to our way!" It worked right away, but my God those where a lot of infected! "Get in!", hunter shouted, and we drove backwards luring the rushing infected further from the village. Hunter turned off the lights and said ", this should give them a chance to escape, we now drive around to our rendezvous, hopefully they'll be there". A short few minutes later, nearly exhausted them Mechanic and medic arrived. "I don't know how to thank you" the medic said, "we got everything, but in the hospital our flashlights got spotted an we got swarmed" "We were clubbing many infected for what felt like ages as I noticed we and you should already be back. My friend used his flashlight to sos, that would at least tell you we're in trouble!" - "I don't know who thought of it, but your distraction was great" the mechanic mumbled. Hunter, "thanks, did you got what you need?" - "Yes, let's fill up the radiator". "Ok, then I'll put back in the spark plugs" hunter added. "Smart guy you are, you're a fortunate man to have around, let's go I'll show you the way" the mechanic replied. On the way back the mechanic suddenly said: "stop the car!, stop here! I need to get something!" he got out and went to the berm lifting up a small deer, and putting it in the trunk. "Now you know why our radiator is leaking, I'll fix it later, now it's time to enjoy a little bbq and share a story with our friends waiting at the barn".
  10. Status Report 7 November 2017

    I thought of presenting my thoughts in a story way, Initially I thought what about a small sketch? but it went a bit longer as more ideas popped into my head. I also liked the surprising actions my fictional characters went through. I think this is also what makes Dayz great, the surprising unique actions of unique characters. They should do everything in their ability to attract those to play Dayz.
  11. Status Report 7 November 2017

    "In addition to this, the idea of an economy of scarcity should give said agency to players engaging and interacting with each other, but far too frequently, it ends up being a drive to either completely avoid players - or to just destroy them on sight. I truly hope that as we move into BETA, and begin to see mechanics that give players more of an option and feel of having an impact on the world, that we see the core game loop expand past loot-shoot-survive. As my most memorable experiences in gaming all come from those types of interactions with DayZ, and DayZ Mod.To achieve this however, we need more than passionate developers. We need to hear from you all. Constructive, and engaging feedback on the systems and mechanics of DayZ that either drive, or hinder player interaction is key - and I hope you all will engage in this more often as we move into BETA." I too want to see more then loot-shoot-survive. Question is can we do more? Want we to try more? Do we need to do more? Are we the right person able to appreciate more options? In short I think the game should reward cooperation and creativity more. This will attract more players with an explorers' and builder's mindset. Destruction is an easy way of having influence over others. Creating is the difficult way of having influence. Make the creative way easier, more useful, more meaningful, more powerful. Example: The game starts you off as being a lone survivor, you've nothing but your life, whistle, candy-bar, flares and a worn lifevest. Travelling along the coast in search for warmth, food and help. Abandoned villages with only hostile mad people. I grab some clothes from a washing line, rips a few cans from a cupboard and head inland. Drinking from streams following the roads I see a farm. As I pass the shed I pick up an axe and knife which I sharpens on the sharpening stone. The cowboy head will keep my head warm and dry, and the scarecrow's burlap sack is a nice place to store the vegetables and fruits I found in the garden. In the quiet farmers' house where flies and mice flee from my soft sneaking footsteps I starts to walk the creaking stairs to the upstairs bedroom. I gentle push open the door and there is woman lying face down on the bed. I steps forward to see if she's .. suddenly a mad man cries and aims his double barrels, in a reflex my axe swings and lands on the farmers head, blood splatters across the axe, the wall, the floor, the bed, dead couple. Still shaking I leaves with a box of 12ga and a gun in my bloody hands. Night is about to fall as I travels along the woods edges and fields, his stomach rumbles, as I hears another stream. Arriving at the stream I notice fresh tracks, two kinds, one with split toes. He recalls his pathfinders' book and believe there maybe dear ahead. Glancing up I see the treetops waving in the wind that is probably coming strait at him, good, the dear is not going to smell my approach. Carefully avoiding making sound brushing my clothes and stepping on branches I move slowly forward gun in hand. There they are! I see a dear drinking from the stream. Shaking with excitement, or was it the cold, I take aim and fire. The gun sound echoes through the forest, the crows fly off in panic and the dear jump off and flee. The chase is on, rushing in I notice the dear I shot is not there, but the fresh blood trail shows it's wounded. Tracking the blood crest a small hill and there it is, limping and falling. I fire my second barrel. The dear is small and I swings it over my shoulder to carry it to a warm place for the night. Arriving at the forest edge I see a barn. After eating a quality BBQ I falls asleep on a warm haystack. In the morning I'm woken by the sounds of barking dogs? I look down and see a pack of wolves fighting over the bones of the dear, right next to my sack, axe and gun. Oh shit, how do I get out of this mess? Trying not to attract the hungry wolves' attention I searches the haystack and finds a hayfork, it's not much but it is something! I lean over the edge and watch the pack fighting over the bones and wonder which one to hit first. One seems to be the alpha, scaring that one may just give him enough time to get down and grab my gun and ammo. The hayfork flies through the air and lands right behind the shoulder blade, the wolf cries in agony and keels over. The others are surprised and scatter barking in panic. Quickly I climb down and grabs my gun and ran out. A shot whizzes by followed by a riflesound! My feet slide as I quickly turn to sprint back in. More shots follow, and the barking stops. Moments of silence pass, my heart is racing hiding on the barns attic gun sweating in hand. "Come out, come out where ever you are..." As a shadow dressed in hunter camo enters the barn. He checks the fireplace, the bones, then sees the killed wolf and says, "nice job killing that alpha wolf, I think you have a talent!". A talent? At school they always told me I was useless because I did not care much for modern life. "I'm up here, I'm armed, don't make a move, drop your weapons!" The hunter kneels, and places his rifle and knife on the ground, then put his hands above his head, asking: "are you going to shoot me?" Maybe, tell me what is going on, why are you here? - "Well, yesterday I heard two shots in my woods and I followed your dear's blood trail and found a pack of wolves and now you". What I mean is: what is going on in this country?, everybody seems either dead or crazy and hostile! - "well you don't think I'm crazy do ya? Actually I think you're the one that needs help". He's right, I need some help. What can you do for me? - "Well I know how to hunt, and I have a save warm place to stay." How can I trust you? "I all fairness you cannot, but you can rely on knowing I could have shot you 5 minutes ago when you stepped outside". A few days passed and I learned the advanced hunting skills from the hunter's manual. It was now easy to spot blood trails, walk quietly, aim faster and longer, skin and use sounds to attract game like ducks and dear. In this god forsaken lonely place my new friend has provided some great friendship. He explained that a few years ago this country was struck by a strange disease. " Initially the government tried to help the people, but when the economy stopped working the panic chaos overwhelmed the local authorities. The army was called in and blocked off the area, but was to ill equipped to deal with the gangs and groups of slowly dying desperate civilians. The UN sometimes drops crates to places they believe still has survivors, containing foods and weapons." Why weapons I asked? - "I'm not sure, maybe to help the survivors, maybe to help them killing off each other faster? after a while everything seems to becomes possible". He continued: "anyway, today it's time we resupply, we need to stock up and get ammo and all the other stuff that only can be found in town". We emptied our rucksack to the bare minimums of food and tools and closed our cabin to head for town. A few hours went by navigating through the woods. We used a compass and a piece of paper to take notes, and draw our map. We came to a road and the hunter explained: "I believe this will lead us to the nearest town" - How do you know? "Well this road follows that river, which will lead to an artificial lake where they generated the power that travelled over these powerlines" pointing at the lines and posts along the swirly road. Walking on the road was much easier and I enjoyed the sounds of nature around me. "Take cover!" jelled the hunter as he dove to the side behind some rocks. Trusting his instincts I did too. "Listen in the distance a car is coming!, hide". But why? "because they are probable a looting gang on their way!" ok, and what if they're just like you? "They are not, trust me! - the best thing is to let them pass by and then resume our way own way". What if they got what we need? I mean that we may be in the minority but we have the element of surprise. "Are you sure? I mean there is no way back once we open fire!" I'm tired of walking, how should we stop them? "well the best way is to make them somehow stop, have them exit the car and then shoot them, Oh and off cause make sure they don't see us." I think I know, let's shoot one of the tires and when they ge.. "No bad idea, shooting the front tire makes the driver swirl of the road and wreck the car; this is what we're going to do.." The car cruised along the curvy forest road, when it suddenly came to a screeching halt. A tree had fallen over the road. Two men exited the car and begin to chop up the tree into logs and putting them in the trunk. I shouted from the bushes: Hands up! drop your weapons! The two men took a knee and complied. "Please don't shoot us" one of them said, "we're on a mission to help our wounded friend, he has a broken leg and we need to get medical supplies in town!". You're bull shitting me, you do not know how to fully heal a leg! "No really I can proof it, I'm a medic! take a look in my backpack and you'll see the medicine book". Yeah right, and the other guy? what's your speciality then? "I'm a mechanic, a very pissed off mechanic to you that is". You're kidding me? Can you repair water pumps too? "Depends on what you have to offer in return!" Well lets see, how about your life? This moment the hunter interrupted "That's not what I've taught him!, he should learn some patience, maybe we're better off working together, remember the barn friend?" not waiting for my reply the hunter said: "Ok people let's try this, You put their weapons in the trunk, and we have our new friends sit in front and drive to the nearest hospital" I put all weapons in the trunk, but kept my knife in hand and sat next to hunter in the back, keeping a close eye on the mechanic in front and the medic behind the wheel we drove off. The uneasy silence of this strange kidnapping situation was just getting unbearable when the hunter said " let's turn on the radio", rotating the knob landed on the one radio station that was still broadcasting, and it was John Lennon " All we are saying.. is give peace and chance, all we are saying.... ".
  12. Status Report 24 October 2017

    I hope the AI can be server adjustable and modable. So server admins can adjust the pvp ratio pve by adjusting the z' AI, equipment etc. I also like for some map global effects or events some day. Weather changes, seasons, plane crashes, shipwrecks, military convoys, refugee invasion etc to shake things up.
  13. Status Report 24 October 2017

    Exacomvm, impressive work you show here. Thanks for the thoughtful replies. I hope the modding abilities of Dayz allow you to have some fun with that too. I hope that Dayz will have some decent shaders for wet surfaces, like BF1 has, shiny wet roads, roofs, guns and gear, maybe mud too! It will make wed night time look much better. I also would like to localised gore, wounds, and scars, so I can tell from people's appearance where the are or have been wounded. I also Love to hear players scream and agonise from the wounds or pains they have. And please add brushing and contact sounds for Walking through brushes, bumping into walls, trees, through puddles. The more sounds there are the more physical and tangible the game will feel. In general I get a feeling that now the base code is starting to come together, content creation is speeding up. For the next Status Report I love to know how the Z's AI is doing. I wish the Z's play a more interesting role, have more a human feel to them. Their current cartoon like movement, behaviour, sounds do not fit the realism Dayz is going for. Please eliminate this cartoon realism contradiction. Maybe the Z's live of eating the Dead players? Maybe there roaming gangs patrolling neighbourhoods? Maybe players can cause some infighting? Maybe some have melee or other weapons?
  14. Status Report 24 October 2017

    According to the team, Modding will be allowed with 0.63 beta I believe. Love to see your skills in there! Aside from your skills I think I would not hire you because of your attitude. If you are skilled and this stuff is easy for you to do you could be successful if you present yourself more supporting and encouraging. I think the BI engine has a lot of unique features and (complex) ways to do them. I think you should investigate more before you pass judgement. What skills and experience do you have?
  15. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    Real life FOV and eyezoom. I like the eye zoom. In real life I have a FOV of ~180. The width of my monitor cover only about 60 degrees. I think the Eye-zoom should match that 60 degrees. Speed dependent eyezoom. I also like the idea that one cannot use this eye-zoom function when walking fast, or it's effect being reduced dynamically by the player's speed. Binocular. To promote Binocular use, make it's use easier, press B to use the bino with your left hand and see a near instant wide clear view with a 8 x zoom, FOV 8 degrees. Most scopes are 4x, show only a FOV 16 degree circle, while the 8x bino will offer 2x 8 degrees fov using the full with of our screen. Hopefully we can find a military bino with integrated compass and distancing reticle so we can use it as a spotter. Level Of Detail: In order to avoid the very immersion breaking popping up of objects and object changes I would set the LOD in such way it does not change for FOV 100 to 60. Maybe the LOD's models need more work to make their transitions SMOOTH? - I believe some engines have this. When I have to choose: I rather have less detail up close to avoid having immersion breaking popping of LOD models. Key layout. I believe the devs need to consider the hours people put in the game, designing ergonomics that are easy on player's hands. Holding a middle or right button and pressing another to fire is not ergonomic. Although you don't want 'a toggle' to aim down sights, I do think it can function when connected to player speed and movement to avoid jogging or running while aiming down sights. I can envision the following action and key use: When running with a gun in hand, pressing 'fire' will 1) slow player to jogging pace and point his moving gun from the hip forwards. (Bayonet charge?) Pressing fire again will fire a shot from the hip, accuracy heavily depending on movement. Pushing the 'scope key' slows the player to a walk and brings the rifle to the shoulder and into ADS / scope if mounted, gun and camera moving a lot since the player is walking. Pressing the walk forward key would cancel the aiming, bring the gun down and have the player jog again. Double forward brings the gun down and start sprinting. The 'scope' key can also be used to cycle between scope/ irons or zoom levels. Pressing fire when not holding a weapon brings the fists up, in initially a blocking pose then transitioning to a regular boxing pose. This way players have a better chance blocking a sudden melee attack. PS. On the LOD, when I notice the LOD detail popping, like on the startup screen, I notice that the it first cycles through the lower quality models before arriving at the appropriate LOD model. Loading the lower quality models first and changing them does cost cpu cycles, maybe the model chosen must be simply based on the distance from the player? Maybe the LOD setting for graphics should mostly affect the close and medium distant models, so the medium long and long distance models are not affected, not yielding visual gameplay advantages. Maybe the objects need more LOD transition models to make the transitions appear smoother? I would love to have a LOD transion slider like in the old Flashpoint days. I wonder with today's GB's of graphics memory if the models could be stored in there so the gamed does not need to fetch them from the RAM or HD? Maybe have a LOD setting on depending VRAM size?, so the game can load the most used models and textures in VRAM and cash the rest in RAM. Avoiding copying memory around would be important I think. Hopefully my rambling will trigger some good ideas. Finally, thank you for your hard work, openness, status rapports, questions. I think the new player controller and smooth animation system will help BI a lot for their future projects. Maybe an overhauled LOD modeling module would just as beneficial? Courage!