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  1. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - January 2019

    Yes, and Yes Deadboy, very well said. The SR's are a lifeline, I now have a tab page open on the Dayz website, awaiting the SR - to see when it's ready for me to enjoy Dayz. Also a bicycle indeed would be very nice indeed. Let us not forget Dayz is attempting something very challenging, to have such a large enviroment, and such a large amount of objects, movement and player actions that it's very challenging to have all that information flow. In regard to the physics, is that done server side or client side? I'm seeing a car dance in the air, and I wonder with all the multi core cpu's people have if it's not better the client (driver of the car) renders it's physics? Also if the car crashes into a bush/tree, house the physics of that would be done on the driver's cpu. Sending out the object position and velocity data to the server, but maybe also to the other car occupants so what they see is closer to real time? I'm just rambling but anyway I love the netcode and physics problems to be solved.
  2. Troll_Hunter

    Stress Test vol.50

    I hope that by 1.0 we get a better lighting model, hopefully with something like voxel lighting for better interior and forest light. The current model looks outdated. Nice to see the planned features finally getting onto the text branch, but I'm still waiting until the game is feature-complete. About the new blood particles, they look just as flat and unrealistic as the previous stuff. Maybe just show a growing blood decal on the model, and only blood squirting on exposed places and upon bullet impact? Players can check their body in the inventory to see where they are hit. Blood stains on environment and grass would be cool for tracking and hunting down the wounded, older blood turning dark off cause. When it comes to car driving, I hope the in car characters and camera move inside the car as it corners and moves over bumpy terrain, making it a bit harder for players to scan their surroundings, especially at high speed. Also I'm missing tire, wind and gravel impacts sounds when driving the car. Many environmental contact sounds make the player feel present in the simulated world, makes that world feel physical and tactile. In the same vain I love to have sounds of players bumping into walls, trees, fences, grass, brushes, other players, cars, etc. Cool to see the anti gamma grain! - this addition make me feel you actually take note of the suggestions posted on this forum! Maybe add grain depending on the brightness, and have a smooth(er) transition from 'too dark to see' to 'hard to see'. Looking forward to next test.
  3. Troll_Hunter

    A first look at DayZ Modding

    The only 2 relevant post about AI I see are: "The AI implementation has been totally overhauled and, in short, it isn't possible to properly spawn complex AI like with Arma 2/3, at the moment." and 'no headless clients possible'. Only the 'at the moment' gives me hope for the future, but then I like to know when in the future? at 1.0 after 1.0 or is it simply not planned yet? I think the game actually needs a challenging thread to the players. I think an interesting AI that is able to surprise players, and even has some variety and personality in their attacks and behaviour could enrich the player's experience a lot. A little illustration: "He there, how are you? - barely affected, I just survived that town over that hill. - What happened? - Well I was happily sneaking around checking out some shed when a sniffer smelled my clean ass and started shouting, it was not long before the crowd came in from all sides, even the cannibal leader with his shotgun! - what happened next? - I found myself in this house, barricading the door, patching my wounds and catching breath, figuring out my options quickly because the door was not going to last much longer. - What did you do? - I put my radio on a loud volume, turned of the squelch and threw it out of the window, this attracted the crowd for just long enough and thus I could escape the crowd. However I like to go back with you and kill them off because I think there is some cool loot at the police station. With your distraction I can get to it and then we split the rewards? I do need some ammo, and a police vest would be very handy too, let's go!" After fixing the controller issue, the rendering engine, is having an interesting and challenging AI to much to ask?
  4. Troll_Hunter

    A first look at DayZ Modding

    I hope the AI gets to be solid, interesting and modifiable. I hope a common enemy will motivate players to team up in order to get to the high level rewards like a repaired tank, helicopter, artillery, powerplant, refinery. Things to clear out the land of zombies and form a Chernarus new government? Actual AI army squads, like special forces guarding high value places would be really cool to rob/ assault. Civilian gangs may rule parts of cities. Is there is enough modding space to build such AI?
  5. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - May 8, 2018

    I like the right click (toggle) to bring up the weapon into ADS. Sway should be exhaustion, time and maybe skill dependent, starting with a small sway that gradually goes into trembling and eventually back to low ready. Using supports can greatly reduce sway, but still exhaustion, time and skill should be a factor. Looking down a scope I like to see a mix of breathing and heart-rate induced shake. Hip fire brings the gun from low ready to low aim in ~0,5 sec before firing. The persons' movements should affect accuracy. A crosshair should only appear when the player stand still or is moving slow to easily select, kneel and pick up items. Taking off one's backpack and reaching in would be great to make preparation, pockets and vests more important for combat. I don't know if I want to have 3rd person view in vanilla. Maybe it attracts the non communication KOS people too much? - Have you noticed a difference in the different groups' players?
  6. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Oh I'm sorry for sharing another suggestion at this 5 minutes to beta time, and my source of inspiration. I too wish to play and see the team's vision of the game this year. You may not believe me but I too wish the game and the developers the best of success. I actually go out of my way to avoid being pessimistic, yet the few responses on this forum are usually belittling and give me the impression that my presence and contributions are not valued or even hated. You too could have formulated your words in a different way but you did not, and I think it's telling of part of the remaining forum lurkers. Do you only want people here who only reply with words of appreciation and amen? What kind of players / forum members do you want around?
  7. Thank you for the like to my post. Now I at least know 1 person has read it.

    I wonder why the forum has become so hostile to constructive criticism.

    1. schwaBAM


      Most of them are tired of the updates with little to no development.  Most of these guys have been here for years hyping and excited for the next step, and the team keeps pushing the date back further and further.  They are frustrated and I totally understand.  With that said, I am still super excited for beta.

  8. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 13 April 2018

    In response to a Youtube video named: "DayZ did not just die, it was murdered." I wrote the following: I think the new DayZ should offer a NEW experience, not just technical improvements. One such new experience could be a sort of voluntary 'quest' system, from which players can gain additional skills, making their lives more valuable. Quests can also stimulate new and young players to go beyond deathmatch into actually role playing. The New DayZ should offer something substantially more then the old mod which actually showed that hardcore survival is a viable genre. What do you think?
  9. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 13 April 2018

    I'm looking forward to the new blood particles. Like to see people's clothes get bloody where the bullets actually impacted, with extending stains. Like in the movie Rambo, I like to see blood on grass, allowing me to track dear and people. Challenges and direction. The one thing that worries me is that there are too few new things in this game compared to the original mod. Surely it's nice to see Dayz run nicely and fluidly on a better then ever looking engine, but I want to find and discover a new game, a new experiment. I can think of a few new challenges myself, but I like the game to challenge and award me for accomplishing special goals. One may think of the classic board game Risk, where you draw a card that gives you 2 possible goals to achieve. I think this is not too hard to implement, but it would help and stimulate players to focus on an interesting long(er) term goal, and actually direct players to explore different tactics, play styles, routes, locations, roles etc. Encouraging players to do more then the basic KOS and free for all death-match. When the player does complete a card's goal he may try for a higher level difficulty challenge card, giving him a more difficult task. Maybe completed cards unveil a cool image / abilities / treasure map. Maybe they can be traded forming a currency? Aimlessly walking around is boring, people often need direction and an interesting challenge to find fun.
  10. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 27 March 2018

    Thanks for the new sr! No worries about politics, it's only a minor right that no person or media company needs named freedom of speech. Nothing to worry about. I'm sorry I told you about it, I should know better not to joke about it because I may make the readers feel uncomfortable or feel offended.
  11. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 27 March 2018

    no status report this week? - what's going on?
  12. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Oh and one little thing I really hate is the way swinging doors work. Why can I just use my hand to gently push or pull it (a bit )open? Why do big gates open fully toward myself? I understand the game needs to keep track of the door's position, but please can we have more then on/off? Maybe it takes a tiny bit more bandwidth to communicate the door changing position, but please have higher door status fidelity, like number in degrees: 0 = closed, 45 is 1/2 open, etc)?
  13. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 16 January 2018

    I hope the new engine can have shaders for water and mud effects on everything, water, roads, weapons, vehicles. Can you do something about the sudden LOD changes and popping in of models on the horizon? Can you implement a simple dark decal under distant trees so we can have shadows that render cheap but give the distant object some 'grounding'? No shadows past a 100m looks unnatural. Good to hear streams and rivers are in. Love to shake off some wolves that are tracing my smell. Also driving some dear into the river and shooting them as they are swimming. I know the team likes quality animations, but when you say animations have improved I like to see a side by side. I like the non floating legs, I hope the cpu creatures have that too. Thank you for the update, I appreciate it.
  14. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 12 December 2017

    What would be cool if cows occasionally would team up against a player when attacked. Take the player on the horns and throwing him in the air! OLÉ!
  15. Troll_Hunter

    Status Report - 12 December 2017

    It means these animals stay together.