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  1. I need me my Frankenstein ! I've heard that there's a Dracula book as well , normally these books act as good luck to me even if I can't read them but damn I wanna read again !!!
  2. This is the way to do it but lately many of the books that could be previously read , are no longer able to be . For instance my favorite book to find and read "Frankenstein" , you can only read the title and a sentence or something . I tried other books and they seem broken too !
  3. ... or just do it the right way and make these vehicles despawn after they have been wrecked ..... as as soon as a vehicle suffers a traumatic enough crash the components get ruined , and no matter how many parts you replace with pristine parts the car will not start - gas is full . When this state happens it should be available to reset when server reset comes , but they do not for some reason . Don't make us blow the vehicle up to get rid of it please , it's not good for a gameplay perspective in an apocalyptic game with little bullets and grenades .
  4. Hmmm that seems to be the case , but when the car gets into a "crashed state" and the battery or spark plug is ruined along with it, the car will never despawn unless the engine block is totally destroyed , not a good thing in a patch where grenades and lots of ammo is rare as fuck ! Can the devs develop some clean up method for cars that have been crashed and sit in the same place for hours / days ?
  5. I have to agree , and in my opinion this .61 patch and all of it's issues have been getting neglected by the majority of the team so they can crunch for all the game expos coming up by working on their internal milestones (like .62 / .63) rather than their external (public branch starting with experimental). The devs are working hard like they always do , but I fear that they are focusing their energies on the future and not the here and now (like they have before .61 - working through each patch one at a time and only really having the internal patches be so far ahead , not having the team divided into working 4 different sectors of the game - .61 stable , .61 exp, .62 and .63 - which is what they are doing now and I truly believe that alone has stagnated the progress of .61). Patch .60 seemed to have lasted half a year , now .61 is struggling to move after almost 4 months , I fear for the release date at this point and all I can say is I appreciate the devs hard work but I hope they continue at their original pace (pre-.60) soon after pax east is done .
  6. parkour in dayz 0.61

    Why haven't more people liked this yet ?? You sir, are the Spider-Man of Dayz !
  7. Well it's simple really , the devs and I had shared similar viewpoints on transparency and development processes , but now I feel like they are putting us second over the fans at the upcoming pax east (most likely why their whole team is pushing on working on patches we the backers don't even get to play unless we pay a hundred bucks for a ticket to an expo). They are definitely getting ready for beta , but not in the way I expected them to - I want the way it's been done all these years - basically by focusing on each patch with more than 75% of the team solely focused on that patch and the next experimental , not the way they are doing it now working two builds or more ahead especially when the current stable and experimental have serious issues . These issues are being worked on but not with the amount of the team it should have on it , and I truly believe they have slowed down the process of this patch and the experimental branch consciously to fulfill some sort of corporate deadline created in conjunction with the next big expo (PAXeast). This is why my posts have been mostly aidsy lately , i love dayz but I can't get myself or my crew to play it due to the boring population of experimental and the rough state of stable (pvp, rinse , repeat), and my suspicions of their need to appease the PAx crowds with an impressive future build only make me more bitter . I guess overall there's nothing I can do and being negative isn't going to help but damn I just feel like the devs could have gone down a better path that would have enabled us testers to actually get through this rough patch much quicker .
  8. Holy aids batman stable is so fucking booorringgg and experimental is absolutely dead. It's been like three months on the same patch , with the same issues being , well not fixed . Why is the whole team working on later patches when this one and experimental are an absolute mess ? Work on the present mostly , the future a little bit , not the other way around ... I don't care if you want to show off for fancy game expos , put your tester guinea pigs before your expo publicity please as we have been helping for three years now .
  9. Untrue , the developers and Hicks have stated many times that morphine will not be used as it is now when the advanced medical system comes in , im guessing it's already been worked on behind the scenes but the full implementation may start after the new player controller / animation system is implemented . morphin healing broken limbs is simply an old legacy mod placeholder !
  10. This would be so awesome. It reminds me a lot of the classic resident evils ; there is always some locomotive you have to fix to get to safety. I would be the first locomotive operator / mechanic when soft skills come out XD
  11. Even the experimental crew that have their own jackets thinks experimental is nothingness right now , devs please push .62 to experimental as fast as possible , your bestest testers are getting bored and resulting to insults XD
  12. "I know this status report is chock full of cool and amazing things" lawl . Sarcasm too stronk , give us a good one next week !
  13. These past two months have been pretty shitty for decent updates , it honestly feels like we are going backwards in progress ; vehicles broken , Desync is too much on stable servers that are full pop for too long , fireplaces are being fixed and broken with each patch , and there's still too many issues with the zombies physics which makes me want to scream at the devs and tell them to release the new animation system and player controller so we dont have to deal with these three year old aids-zombies . i was hoping the new year would bring bigger patches but further apart (like one of the status reports said coming closer to the 3 year anniversary) but as of the past two-three months we have been literally at a stand still , kind of reminds me of the half a year wait to get .60 pushed through to stable , I hope this isn't going to be the norm through the rest of development becuase at this point I don't see us entering beta until late summer 2017 :( . Ill play other games to get my mind off of it but honestly I'm craving dayz lately and I can't bring myself to play it due to the low pop and non persistent vehicles of experimental , and the general state of stable being so desyncy and vehicleless . Also , I still haven't seen a pack of wolves lol I guess I should go to dubrovka ...
  14. I'm not gonna lie , this is starting to become like pulling teeth. Why do we still have no vehicles on stable , at this point helicopters are still a half a year off or more .... still on a long break due to boring circumstances In game , I just want the damn vehicles back lol experimental is so damn empty it's just boring .
  15. Yes , what makes you think they are no longer being added ?