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  1. October 26th will mark 5 months of having .62 On stable ..... not very inspiring to see each patch 5-10 months apart on average . Can’t wait for the final product but some hibernation is necessary to not go fucking insane waiting for the game to be interesting again .
  2. Funny thing that you won't admit : official servers are just as bad as unofficial publics . Lots of loot disappearing , lots of server outages . No thanks , I'll stick to a private server .
  3. In the next patch ? Hahahahaha you're so funny . Try like 6 months or so. Not much news lately , we knew base building was coming with beta , same with modding . I'm very disappointed that we missed a status report for this "demo".
  4. Lol . Nice analogy man - you seem to be completely infatuated with this game and will defend it no matter what , I guess I can understand that ... Ignorance must be bliss. I'll be back to play the forum game closer to beta which should be "soon" .
  5. Looks like baker is looking for people to tell him to play again , and not the opposite . You can see his bias through the beans he gives - anyone with a response related to not playing again recieves none , anyone with a cheery fan response receives beans . why did you even create this thread there bud ? It's clear what you want to do .
  6. No the devs screwed their priorities because they are perfectionists (positive assumption) or they just love making publicity at those silly ass game shows which made them complacent (negative but more realistic assumption). The devs adamantly stated so many times that all the features would be in BEFORE BETA , now they go back on their word because of game show greed . Well done devvies , well done . Base building is still planned btw - devs just screwed us with the timing of the implementation ... i was so disappointed in them when I heard Hicks first announce that , it's literally the one thing I saw as still truthful regardless of all the setbacks ... in spite of all the delays I still had hope that when beta arrived we would all be flying choppers and building / raiding bases , I guess we'll have to wait months , maybe even a half a year AFTER the start of beta to simply play with the mechanics that should have been here long before those two massive graphic overhauls ! a 2-3 year development cycle is slowly turning into a 3.5 -4.5 year cycle , 1 and a half years delay when the game will finally be feature complete I'm guessing - it's typical for games to be delayed but it's not like dayz doesn't have bug crushing help . A year or more of delays just seems like a ridiculous amount for a game of such small scope (we haven't even seen half of the mechanics together , yet they are just going to work as soon as they are snapped into place with the new engine? Doubtful , I'm guessing we're in for a long disappointing beta ride ).
  7. Agreed . Not much in the game ATM besides some eye and ear candy - aside from that the game hasn't changed in any major way that a non-daily player would care about . Wait for .63 (or possibly even further , as it seems .63 won't even have the features we are all looking forward to) although it will include the new player controller and animation system , which should be fun maybe ...
  8. "Base building almost here " - Irish; 2016 .... it is now the year 2027 , the apes have taken over mostly everything yet dayz is still in .... alpha ??!?
  9. Ya it's pretty fucking boring to be honest . I can see why someone (OP) who's been out of the loop for 3 years could be pretty upset at the state of the game . Sure it looks and sounds great , but damn we need the mechanics that were promised 3.5 years ago .... base building , barricading , advanced vehicles , birds to hunt , soft skills , new animations , bears , electricity and the generators , zombies bashing in doors and windows, weed / alcohol / cigarettes (all shown in completed trello pictures over the past few years) and that's just to scratch the surface . When we get all of that we can truly have fun in dayz - but until then it's apple picking , kill everyone with a better weapon simulator .
  10. Actually they won't lol . Devs have stated they won't ever make the heli crash visibly like in the mod again - due to too many resources needed to load in all the heli crashes , and honestly besides the heli exploding there's really no way it can just disappear logically .
  11. I don't believe now is the turning point . Too much fluff and not enough , well , turning . The animation and new player controller is just taking far too long , I say this based off of the initial 3 roadmaps , all planning on having all of the features for the game in by beta - obviously those marks have been missed and that's ok I suppose but it has created a stagnant feeling for dayz IMO . When they finally manage to push out the new animation and player controller systems maybe that will be the "turning point" as we will be much closer to seeing some of the mechanics we have been long waiting for , but right now I have to say we are in a stagnant period of nothing but fluff to keep us strung along so to speak . The interactions of dayz are great , but with such a spread out map now (lots of points of interest) the game feels dull and empty after so many years of running around the map doing nothing but legit waiting for better days(z). I used to be able to put in 10 hours a day to this game , but the novelty has worn off and after all these years of waiting for something better to evolve out of this old carcass , I believe I have burnt out and cannot even put in 2 hours on a day off as I just get more satisfaction out of almost anything now adays . i can't wait to see the game complete , hell I can't wait to see the condition of the first "beta" patch , but that's likely still another 6 months or so away , so any excitement I may have is quickly destroyed by realistic expectations based off of dayzs patching history .
  12. Then why push off all of their beta priorities for multiple graphic / audio patches that could have been pushed after beta release ? They were working with a clear , concise goal during the first 3 years but I feel like their priorities went bad somewhere along the 3rd to current year ; they fell behind and felt bad that it happened so they threw some graphical patches at us that they probably weren't even planning on pushing before beta , that's my opinion that forms the idea of their priorities being backwards , but again it's my opinion . At least the games still patching , but to anyone else outside the loop of dayz development the game looks like it is ignoring its ultimate goal of reaching beta and eventually 1.0 , and For those in the loop of development we are either waiting for better patches or playing in some infatuated manner mostly tied to relaxing solo adventures or play sessions with friends that are really enjoyable because of those we play with , not the game itself . Honeymoon phase has died for most of us with dayz , now we are waiting for that "after therapy" phase where we can feel like we love each other again ....
  13. Haven't tried driving vehicles yet , most likely not my rig .... it's easy to tell when before the patch I had 45-60 fps in towns and now it's down to ~ 30 fps everywhere except the woods .. clearly plenty of optimization to be had with the new lighting and such , I'm not going to complain too hard due to the fact that I'm not really playing dayz like I used to ; it just doesn't have much to it still and isn't enjoyable with even less frames . I can't wait until .63 debuts and brings some content with all this fancy eye candy .
  14. I have to agree with him , the fps is garbage compared to .61 . Sure it looks nice , but I want playability before good looks , I guess the devs think the exact opposite way .
  15. Fanboi Rising TM