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  1. "Not Secure" = DayZ website.. ???

    Yup , my browser asks to open some random document titled “amazingcandidjohndory” when I try to view this latest status report on mobile phone ...
  2. We are turning off some Stable servers

    Months , not years ;)
  3. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    At this point I would say dayz 1.0 is gonna be pushed until 2019 , it only fits the dayz track record and the more they show us the more clear it becomes that they have , somewhere along the way , slowed their pace so greatly that any of the new engine snags seem to be 10X harder to deal with than they should be . its almost as if they removed half of their team , and started using that half for some unknown project that’s yet to be seen , but definitely has not much to do with dayz beta on pc that’s for sure . The reason I say this is because almost a year ago now the devs (Brian , eugen) said that the new engine would allow them to work much faster and pack more content in each patch , even if they are fewer and more far between than before ... so far the only thing truthful about that comment from the long ago status report is that patches will be much fewer (still have yet to see a large patch after .61). 85% of the dayz population is just waiting , not playing but simply waiting ... don’t make us wait too long BI , we need dayz beta to be what we all envisioned it long ago , don’t drop the ball so close to release please .
  4. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Why would anyone be so damn excited for dusty ass trails, when there’s so much content they have literally been holding hostage with all of their overly perfectionist plans? Rewriting old systems is fine but this is a bit of overkill now . Let us test the damn build so it can go quicker , isn’t that the whole point of this alpha test B.s? I’m starting to believe there’s something going on that they don’t want us to know about .. Something isn’t right and it’s obvious, they are really asking a lot from us patience wise and now they are acting as if they don’t know what they could do better with transparency (what a joke) - they just aren’t telling us the whole truth like they used to and expect us to be ok with that. This game and dev team is really disappointing as of late . Now they Are reworking the melee system AGAIN when they said everything looked good months ago , yet now they see that their “almost perfect” melee system is fundamentally incorrect for the entire flow of the game ? How the hell do you oversight that for the whole 6 months that we’ve been waiting since gamescom when you first told us “melee is where we want it to be right now”? Also I’m in aggreance with what cristiano said ; months ago (almost a year now) the devs mentioned that development would only go faster and more streamlined due to the sql code being removed , yet we have seen quite the opposite . Development has essentially halted and all I see now is the lesser known devs biding for time while hicks is nowhere to be found and Eugen, who’s likely the only competent PR member of the entire team left, is out doing all the bitch work for the rest of the dayz team cuz he legit does all the work now and for whatever reason Bohemia has cut work for the rest of the team that used to do Pr work , so now all we have are these damn cheeky ass mods and baty that presents another useless client side update every month or so . I don’t know what’s happening down at bohemia But I don’t like it , and it’s day and night from the dayz dev team that I use to respect . Now it seems like a shallow , half empty team and if you didn’t know how they operated before this terrible rough patch then you could safely assume that the team just doesn’t know what they are doing and don’t have their priorities straight , and honestly that’s not far from the truth . Cut the wool over the eyes act , we can see you aren’t as transparent as you used to be , we can see the core members of the team that were good at communicating are MIA or “too busy” (being overworked) to respond to the community that made them what they are today . Overall I can tell you things have changed for the worse over in the dayz dev cycle area, where once we could talk to the lead devs and producer all day on twitter and the forums , now we go months without getting a solid answer on even the simplest things . I feel like the dayz devs and their cycle is like the set of a movie in production : at first everything goes smoothly and the whole cast is attentive but as soon as the entire film is recorded all the celebrities go back to their Hollywood hills mansions and forget about how they were in production with the film , almost like detaching a sick limb from the body . Is the dayz dev cycle that taxing that you devs literally need to purge yourselves from the community, essentially removing any chance at transparency with the people that are supposed to help accelerate the early access process ?
  5. Status Report - 30 January 2018

    Well dayz is officially dead in the wAter . Can’t wait for some life to be sparked back into the damn corpse of this game . The zombie walk animations were cool , everything else was either expected for yeArs or just the same old “were still working on it”. I wasn’t expecting much , so i guess this will have to do .
  6. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Not at all considering I could link you some of those “lists” that say how everything is going to be complete ... in 2015 , 2016 and 2017 ... you surely see why we don’t take those silly lists as concrete info , yeah ? The dayz devs have simply lost their steam , they are operating at half the speed and passion that they were before , despite saying that patches would be bigger and more content laden now that were closer to beta . Hicks said that, what , 8 months ago and we still have yet to see one patch with content improving the game towards its final goal? They mentioned that big patches would be more spread apart but I hardly think anyone was ready for this long dry spell that seems to be becoming the norm for the dayz devs ; where as before they were taking longer for patches they would at least be talking to us CONSTANTLY on Twitter , forums , showing us new stuff on trello , and now ? All we get is baty chiming in when there’s another useless experimental that no one will play except for those silly die hards ... We all want to follow this game , but every time we check for info it’s the same sad story : “we’re getting close to beta , here’s a list of bullshit for you to read but we won’t show any more gifs , videos or screenshots of concrete proof we’ll just talk about it as we have for the past year by telling you about how we finally have rivers” . Week after week passes , month after month - what happened to the dayz devs transparency ? Are they now only allowed to talk to the community that supports them (and made this game what it is ) when status reports come ? Which, btw , have been lacking hard the past few months - just regurgitating the same old info in each one. All we can say is things have changed with the dayz devs for the worse - and you can’t argue that as a fact - less tRansparency and more regurgitated BS “to keep us busy” is a slap In the face of the community and their intelligence , and always a bad thing , not a good thing - if your devs dont have time anymore to talk to us then fucking hire someone with our money that we poured into your development 4 years ago . We’re not stupid , we know things can at least be talked about if it’s taking this long .. the fact that everything is being kept tight lipped is either a huge dick move to “pleasantly surprise us” (unlikely at this point) or more likely it’s simply a tell tale sign that things aren’t going as smooth as they present it to be behind the scenes . Let’s hope the devs go back to their roots , because as of this point I can’t respect their decisions to keep so silent , and I definitely can’t play the game with it being broken in many ways (Cle , vehicles fucked on full servers + no one destroying the engines to respawn them , pvp is janky and desync ridden , zombies are a joke , survival is a joke , etc etc).
  7. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Don’t defend broken dev cycles - they have been getting less organized and more secretive ever since .62 dropped , and that’s not a good thing at this stage of development ... they went to every game expo under the sun to advertise a half baked version of .63 when it would have been more effective to just haul ass to push it out to the experimental, and here we wait still . Before it was easy to see where the dayz devs were going in direction with the game , it was easy before .62 to get info and talk to the devs to see what their thoughts are on everything or to even ask them what the holdup was (and they would usually give an answer even if vague). Now it seems like we’re talking to a brick wall , and the only thing that responds is the incessant nagging of an overly protective community of white knights ; which is getting smaller every month it seems . With the new community manager takeover (baty speaking for the entire dev team) I felt that the forums were headed toward a very authoritarian feel ; we get it, the devs are busy - like they always have been - but this situation seems like an easy way to cut off all questions to developers , they slowly but surely made the pull out as great informers for their game on their twitters and now the forums ; now they (eugen , Brian , dayz dev team twitter) are strangers and all we have is this one CM to relay the (approved) info to us - never has the dayz dev cycle felt so impersonal and impossible to communicate with . I feel like the development cycle was going incredibly fast before , when Brian informed us patches would be coming out slower (but more content in each) I accepted that , but since then we haven’t seen ANY patches worthy of note . Just some Xmas presents and “security updates” , and on top of that the devs are acting like everything’s going as normal , it’s not ... we are on the cusp of “the most monumental patch for dayz standalone”’ yet the devs keep giving us the same old runaround in the status reports , the same old cold shoulder to issues and questions about the game , not ever mentioning any estimates (I can live with that I suppose if they weren’t so silent) and what’s worse is we don’t even have a finger on what the hell is going on behind the scenes like we used to due to aforementioned communication issues . i know you people don’t like criticism in your little safe space here , but fact of the matter is I’m losing respect for the developers way of moving along towards beta - while many others are doing the same all we really want is to voice our opinion and hear why the devs are being so damn secretive , if they want to surprise us that’s fine but that doesn’t mean you let the forums , trello , and twitters all dry up of ANY Information related to the future of dayz .. they should be giving us teasers , leaks and other things like they used to do - especially as we are closer to beta so that interest can peak at one of its most important times in the games history . I don’t even know what to tell friends who are interested in dayz sa anymore , all I can say are the facts ; we haven’t gotten a patch that’s changed ANYTHING significant in almost a year now , and the devs won’t talk to us like they used to , but Worst part is the first person servers are drying up and it’s becoming harder to play the game how I want due to the lowest player count In history . That’s what I tell friends and it’s the absolute truth unfortunately, dayz sa was But the novelty has worn off - we want some communication and ultimately we want to see some progress in this , the most important time to dayz besides its future 1.0 release .
  8. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Thanks for the presents - but there’s only about a dozen people who play the game still . Release .63 .
  9. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Next status report contents : devs talk all about beta with the same overused metaphors and paragraphs trying to fool us as if there’s actual work being done . If the next status report doesn’t have some seriously good estimates or at least some freaking transparency (you know, that thing eugen and the rest of the team used to have but now has none of) on what the actual fuck is up on the development status of this long awaited patch (that most likely won’t be worth the wait at first release) then I’m afraid dayz will lose its player base before it can even get to that promised land of features , they are already cutting features -animal companions has been confirmed as cut from the game , as well as planes from beta, and now they say that barricading and soft skills won’t make it into early beta (most likely won’t even see it until after 1.0 release which is bullshit). Overall dayz is slowly looking to be a shroud of its former self , half the man of the robust feature list that Dean hall and the original team created . Maybe they thought up more than they could create , i don’t believe it though - what I do believe is that somewhere along the way the dayz devs had a collar slapped onto the back of their neck and told to sit down , and obey the money - somewhere around the first glimpse of .63 they were neutered and sterilized removing any and all drive and passion for this game and creating an empty shell of development, one that requires simplicity and a “perfect” build even though we are still in testing, even in beta . This is a game in which the devs and community are so far apart that it’s hurting almost as much as the slow development speed and cut features . Here’s to hoping the devs have been secretely cooking on something amazing , otherwise, I fear all this time they spent cutting features and being incredibly tight lipped has been for naught and it has actually hurt development - not helped .
  10. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Aaaaand a month later and still no status report ... thanks for being so terrible at developing and transparency in the home stretch BI , as of this point it’s just a silly waiting game when we should be testing that.63 patch ... but you keep perfecting that build for those investors dayz , I’m sure it’s more worth an actual player base . .63 maybe in spring , and in half assed shape at this point due to hardly any insight on the progress of half of the supposed “beta features”. Sad development strategy here , the game literally just halted in development ever since .61 debuted (was that really seven months ago?) and it hasn’t gotten any better since - not to mention devs have just stopped responding to people, no news updates on any of the typical venues , and worst part is the forums are drying up with no new info just fanboy ramblings. I sincerely hope the devs come out from under that rock they’ve been living at for the last seven months and get to developing ... i want this game to be fun again , but at 2k hours of playtime I can’t bring myself to play the Desync ridden , coastal wars , broKen vehicles dayz (vehicles break after being used on the server for more than a week). There was a time when all that didn’t matter but here we sit more than four years later and the game plays very similar to how it was 2 years ago but without the fun of vehicles being smooth like they once were . Hell even star citizen hit its monumental patch before dayz reached its long talked about beta - and that’s just sad .
  11. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Because half baked games dragging their feet are far less fun than finished games? I want to see some real improvements in 2018 , coming from a die hard dayz fan like me it’s a little horrifying seeing so many features pushed back beyond beta (barricading , proper base building , Bikes motorcycles , planes) or cut completely (animal companions). Let’s hope dayz picks their feet up and gets to work .
  12. Exp Update 0.62.143758

    1 hit . Dead .
  13. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Game is definitely turning out to be a disappointment , I had faith a year ago but after this long , arduous year where nothing really was done I have to say I’m wholeheartedly less interested in dayzs beta , what with all the announcements of cut features and even more features that are being pushed further and further away from the start of beta . More and more waiting is all that can be done , but as other better games loom on the horizon , my question is how long until all other people lose interest in dayzs final product (that surely won’t have all the features we were hyped about years ago)? By then we will have state of decay 2 FFS and that’s the zombie game equivalent of half life 3 lol .
  14. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Very disappointed that so many features are being pushed past 1.0 (barricading , birds , aerial vehicles, bicycle / motorbike , car modifications) , also extremely disappointed at the pace of the dev team this past year .. we literally had 2 stable patches all year i believe. I also see them pull that “this year is shaping up to be the best year for dayz” card every year . The final product will be great , sure , but I’m starting to think we will see star citizen at 1.0 before dayz even gets close to it’s 1.0 (that’s a huge burn btw , for those of you living under rocks that don’t get that joke).
  15. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    Games dead . Come back December 24th when we get .63 exp !