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  1. Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Game is definitely turning out to be a disappointment , I had faith a year ago but after this long , arduous year where nothing really was done I have to say I’m wholeheartedly less interested in dayzs beta , what with all the announcements of cut features and even more features that are being pushed further and further away from the start of beta . More and more waiting is all that can be done , but as other better games loom on the horizon , my question is how long until all other people lose interest in dayzs final product (that surely won’t have all the features we were hyped about years ago)? By then we will have state of decay 2 FFS and that’s the zombie game equivalent of half life 3 lol .
  2. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Very disappointed that so many features are being pushed past 1.0 (barricading , birds , aerial vehicles, bicycle / motorbike , car modifications) , also extremely disappointed at the pace of the dev team this past year .. we literally had 2 stable patches all year i believe. I also see them pull that “this year is shaping up to be the best year for dayz” card every year . The final product will be great , sure , but I’m starting to think we will see star citizen at 1.0 before dayz even gets close to it’s 1.0 (that’s a huge burn btw , for those of you living under rocks that don’t get that joke).
  3. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    Games dead . Come back December 24th when we get .63 exp !
  4. Status Report 7 November 2017

    status report for this week ?

    I agree that the game is probably In it’s most boring state right now , which is incredibly ironic due to all the years that we actually had fun playing this game- and how all the beautiful tech came in right when it got boring . Unfortunately the novelty has worn off after 4 years of playing the crap out of this game . Now all me and my squad do is hang around the most populous areas so we can get some cheap and easy pvp in . We need hordes of zombies that aren’t so easy or boring to kill, we need base building , barricading and electrical generators so we can restart towns and take over territory creating new community’s and new rules for all the towns of chernarus . We need new player controller and animation system so the game doesn’t feel clunky, and for fucks sake we desperately need a better cle because this one is really piss poor : multiple guns sitting on top of each other in towns that are barely touched due to them being completely empty of loot for literal real life days , but then going through a half dozen towns to only find a couple pairs of pants , multiple inches of rain and nothing to do but freeze everytime you aren’t in front of a fire . Oh and can we talk about how bullshit making / placing fires are now ? “It’s not safe here “ “went out cuz of the wind” — are you serious ? It’s unsafe to make a fire on a concrete surface inside of a massive hangar with no wood structures ? What a joke , I’m inside a shed with no windows yet the wind is making the fire go out ? Yes we all know that the beta is “right around the corner” but It definitely doesn’t make this .62 patch any less boring , in fact like I said above .62 is by FAR the most boring patch we have ever had . Devs just move the fuck on - whatever you are waiting for is defly not justified, just push it out to experimental, we no longer support your ulterior motives for holding off a perfectly suitable experimental release - whatever it is swallow your pride (or your hidden opportunities) and let us help you fix it for Fucks sake ! Almost a half a year on ONE PATCH !
  6. It makes sense ; he’s waiting to play the game when it’s in a complete state . I have to agree that it’s maddening waiting for the game , but honestly it’s even worse playing it ... getting frustrated at the state of the game day after day because all you want to do is have fun but most of the time all you can do is loot and rp with those that don’t shoot on sight . Its literally killing me and others (sorry 2 dudes at NWAF on the DUG US server , but you shouldn’t have shot at my silly loot whore friends) waiting for the full game to come , right now I’m just looting for as long as I can bear and when I encounter other players it’s an instant shootout - it’s like the whole community has lost hope and fell back into the COD shooter mindset (which I truly believed was going away when dayz was on a roll before the .61/.62 patch debauchery). Long story short , when soft skills , advanced cooking , electricity and basebuilding comes in this game will change for the better and will finally feel like it’s worth playing the time it takes to get that little bit of fun via encounters of any kind , but until then i can safely say that it hurts to wAit for dayz but it also hurts to play the damn game unless you get lucky with some fun fights like I did tonight . Give .63 now please , no more waiting . Oh ya and Aug Steyr is OP .
  7. So in other words , m249 scheduled release is with .63 ? That would be awesome .
  8. .63 ETA ?

    October 26th will mark 5 months of having .62 On stable ..... not very inspiring to see each patch 5-10 months apart on average . Can’t wait for the final product but some hibernation is necessary to not go fucking insane waiting for the game to be interesting again .
  9. Cant seem to join this server?

    Funny thing that you won't admit : official servers are just as bad as unofficial publics . Lots of loot disappearing , lots of server outages . No thanks , I'll stick to a private server .
  10. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    In the next patch ? Hahahahaha you're so funny . Try like 6 months or so. Not much news lately , we knew base building was coming with beta , same with modding . I'm very disappointed that we missed a status report for this "demo".
  11. Lol . Nice analogy man - you seem to be completely infatuated with this game and will defend it no matter what , I guess I can understand that ... Ignorance must be bliss. I'll be back to play the forum game closer to beta which should be "soon" .
  12. Short post about life and direction.

    Looks like baker is looking for people to tell him to play again , and not the opposite . You can see his bias through the beans he gives - anyone with a response related to not playing again recieves none , anyone with a cheery fan response receives beans . why did you even create this thread there bud ? It's clear what you want to do .
  13. No the devs screwed their priorities because they are perfectionists (positive assumption) or they just love making publicity at those silly ass game shows which made them complacent (negative but more realistic assumption). The devs adamantly stated so many times that all the features would be in BEFORE BETA , now they go back on their word because of game show greed . Well done devvies , well done . Base building is still planned btw - devs just screwed us with the timing of the implementation ... i was so disappointed in them when I heard Hicks first announce that , it's literally the one thing I saw as still truthful regardless of all the setbacks ... in spite of all the delays I still had hope that when beta arrived we would all be flying choppers and building / raiding bases , I guess we'll have to wait months , maybe even a half a year AFTER the start of beta to simply play with the mechanics that should have been here long before those two massive graphic overhauls ! a 2-3 year development cycle is slowly turning into a 3.5 -4.5 year cycle , 1 and a half years delay when the game will finally be feature complete I'm guessing - it's typical for games to be delayed but it's not like dayz doesn't have bug crushing help . A year or more of delays just seems like a ridiculous amount for a game of such small scope (we haven't even seen half of the mechanics together , yet they are just going to work as soon as they are snapped into place with the new engine? Doubtful , I'm guessing we're in for a long disappointing beta ride ).
  14. Short post about life and direction.

    Agreed . Not much in the game ATM besides some eye and ear candy - aside from that the game hasn't changed in any major way that a non-daily player would care about . Wait for .63 (or possibly even further , as it seems .63 won't even have the features we are all looking forward to) although it will include the new player controller and animation system , which should be fun maybe ...
  15. "Base building almost here " - Irish; 2016 .... it is now the year 2027 , the apes have taken over mostly everything yet dayz is still in .... alpha ??!?