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  1. Just another concern :P –Base building

    Most of this has been talked about in status reporTs / blogs long ago ... from a time far far away .... basically you will get warped away from an existing settlement even if there wasn’t one there before yu logged out .
  2. Words from these devs don’t mean anything anymore .
  3. 0.63 Stable (BETA)

    Why the HELL would they assume we want “beta” without all the features originally promised ? They are literally turning from devs of the year to biggest jokes of the early access gaming community . They are forcing all these deadlines for beta which forces them to remove more and more features , is this really all for the console peasants ? Didn’t you developers PROMISE US more than a year ago that console development would NEVER TAKE PRECEDENT OVER THE PC VERSION ? Didn’t you say that we would see the pc version RELEASED FIRST? I guess thats just another broken promise from this dev team . Now I know why so many die hard fans have left the forums and turned into Dayz haters ; the passion from the devs is gone and now all they want to do is finish the game as quickly as possible so they can appease the console people. This isn’t the dayz that I bought back in December of 2013 , and this isn’t the dayz that I want to support .
  4. Stress Test vol.41

    This is why I’ve changed my perspective of the devs . 2013-2017 dayz devs were the transparent ones , now they are just here to make a buck . Don’t know where the passion went or when it will come back if ever , I just hope they start pushing this content patch soon even if it’s completely broken . ill just play scum til then ...
  5. Just a concern - game direction

    No need to discuss dayz anymore - the scum is here , and it’s breathing fresh air into this dried out old survival genre .. let’s hope dayz kicks it into high gear to get their shit done , they’ve been working far too slowly for the past year and I think it’s due to their greed of wanting to finalize the console versions far too soon .
  6. Status Report - 28 August 2018

    Still discussing that release to experimental huh ? Hope to see it come before end of the year .
  7. Stress Test vol.39

    Ok everyone’s gotten their money’s worth apparently , let’s just stop playing this project until it’s an actual game cuz this process is fucking grueling ... it was supposed to go faster when it got to beta not slower .
  8. Stress Test vol.36

    How many more weeks/months of this should we expect before the “content patch” arrives ? Betas starting to look like alpha again !
  9. Stress Test vol.34

    So no content patch like stated in one of the last status reports ? We still just doing fixes for each stress test ? Damn we’re never gonna get the content back we had before the engine change let alone new content !
  10. Stress Test vol.33

    Thats what they tell you , but then they turn on their promise to “deliver the pc version first” (which was said many times to stifle our worries about the Xbox version coming too soon and interrupting dayz on PCs progress) ; as now they are showcasing that the Xbox version will be available this year when we don’t even have our pc version up to snuff . I highly doubt the teams are as separated as they like us to believe ..they are dipping the pen in the company ink and it’s slowing their asses down majorly- just look at how many stress tests have been done just to knock out a few blockers ... it certainly wouldn’t have taken this long back in the golden age of dayz when we had a full focused team on the pc version and we were seeing patches and development insight on what’s to come left and right all over every developers twitter , trello and other web pages - now all we get to look forward to is endless stress tests that are literally just stressful without any of the content promised for .63 . None of the builds are fun to play for very long so it’s all just waiting for the next content patch which is weird cuz we were told many many status reports ago that they would work much faster with the new engine , well the new engine is here and it’s the slowest we’ve ever seen dayz crawl — and wouldn’t you know it we have more info on the Xbox version than we ever did before , I wonder why -_-...
  11. Stress Test vol.33

    They’re having a bit TOO MUCH trouble with this beta patch IMO. It’s almost as if they are struggling to even keep it together - patch after patch , the same database lockouts ,similar crashes to ones supposedly “squashed” builds ago , spending ages in what seems to be one version of dayz with less than half of the content of the previous engines last build .. let’s just say the novelty of the original .63 patch has worn off as it’s just been THAT long . Lets just hope there’s no slowing of our pc dayz progress happening here due to the Xbox version being pushed out far before they promised us it would come out (years ago they said they wouldn’t be touching the Xbox version until the pc version was fully complete - seems that promise was swept under the rug and forgotten about when they realized people will literally throw money at them for an Xbox preview build). Save the “but it’s a different team working on the Xbox client” , because as of this point it really seems like we’re working with a skeleton crew for the pc version .... Fully feature complete beta couldn’t come soon enough in my mind ; I’m so sick of development hell I just want to play this game as it was intended to be !
  12. Stress Test vol.32

    dayz stress test is just crashing for me at the initial dayz splash screen ....
  13. Life doesn’t wait bud , people do .
  14. I know, but be patient.

    It sure is a game bud . An early access game in beta - can we please stop referring it as “not a game” because despite what the devs keep repeating it IS A GAME . Any other game in this state refers to itself as a game , so please , let’s stop this madness before you people get too drunk on your own fumes .