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  1. blackberrygoo

    Experimental Update 0.63.149840

    Oh ok so when it’s others talking about the issues , taking breaks and wanting change they are “short sighted” but when it’s your friends doing the same it’s just a causal comment about their going’s on ? youre going to have to realize that we aren’t happy with the product we supported years ago , And that’s perfecly ok to be like that , and it will even evoke change in the devs ways if we all come together and show them we are unhappy with the rushed state of the game . I’ve been saying that these devs were changing their tune ever since .62 took 1.5 years to get through - nobody listened , yet when the news came out that the game would be rushed out the door and many features would be missing lots of singing birds tunes changed from defense to offense . Don’t get me wrong , I love this game and still play it , but that doesn’t merit me a mindless fan , that actually forces me to become a more well rounded critizicer of this game : I play it tons yet I’m not afraid to hit this games devs where it hurts cuz frankly they have been dropping the ball and it’s not ok when it was our money and support that carried them over to the stand-alone NOT BOHEMIA . Patch .62 took far too long because they were focused on the Xbox version and showing dayz at all those silly expos , now they are rushing .63 wayyyyy too fast but either way they weren’t properly working on mechanics because during .62 they needed to work on the new engine and .63 has been too rushed to be worked on properly . so after all those years of constantly “testing” the mechanics that were placeholders to begin with , where is your group of super fan friends now ? I don’t mean to be aggressive with this but my point is , maybe those that have been critizing the game care MORE than those that have nothing good to say about the game but yet disappear when times get rough ? Don’t you think that it’s better to stay the course with your opinion about the game even In a shit storm like this , than to just be completely silent about things you don’t like and disappear when things don’t go right ? To me when I see all these unhappy fans , it shows me that something is not right and that we deserve a change - sure there’s some trolling going on but how could that not be the case with the joke that they are releasing the game extra early with only half the features expected ? Treat your fans right and they will do the same , call us entitled brats and you will be EA games 2.0 - become an overly defensive super fan for the wrong reasons and you will be easily spotted on these forums as a crazy dolt , and I give no pity to those that willfully choose to be that ignorant . Sure positivity is ok, but to defend anything nonsensical is just pure insanity and notning more .
  2. blackberrygoo

    It's good to be back...

    Good to see some enthusiasm but have you seen how BI is operating this game now ? It’s like paying an Indian customer support operator to do a heart surgery on your favorite celebrity - you know that this celeb is about to die and you’re wishing for a miracle so that it doesn’t happen . Full release is in two days and this is a list of things that will be a nail in the coffin for dayz if they don’t get it fixed or added or at least talk about these subjects within the next two weeks (two weeks with a bad game after launch and it is doomed for good): 1)night time is broken - it’s pitch black and only super fans will defend this broken element 2)keybindings still broken - you cant change them to your own likings anymore 3)persistence broken on mostly all official servers - this causes everyone to quit after experiencing their first base wipe 4)predators are hardly in the game anymore - and where the hell are the bears that were showcased 3 years ago ? 5)Barricading is not in - no sign of it at all and I’m guessing they “pushed it back” again 6)aerial vehicles like helicopters - not in yet , no sign of when they will be 7)bikes / motorcycles - despite being showcased 2 years ago on trello , no news about when or if we are still getting this 8)advanced soft skills (or basic soft skills for that matter) - we don’t have any form of working soft skills , the bar is visible but no progrsss can be made . Whatever happened to advanced soft skills like becoming a medic , a pilot , a mechanic ? Did we just forget about those crucial mechanics that were supposed to make up 1.0? 9)Zombie hordes - ya I’m sure we all remember asking for these on the daily years ago , but now that the devs have legitimately broken us like some wild animal , we have no desire to ask about this to get scolded again with “ITS IN DEVELOPMENT” or “when it’s READY” . Seriously though , where the FUCK are the hordes ? And why can’t zombies jump fences anymore? Overall its one step forward three steps back with this game at this point . Star Citizen is getting things done faster than this game and we all know that that game has 100X more scope than this one . Please don’t ruin your game dayz devs , you’re already in position to do that but don’t pull that trigger just work hard and stop setting up bs deadlines that you can NEVER MEET.
  3. blackberrygoo

    How to refill fuel to cars ??????

    Just another feature broken and forgotten until next patch .
  4. blackberrygoo

    Tried 6.3, have the Zombies gotten worse?

    They were incredibly challenging when they first implemented the zombies vaulting over fences , what was that , 8 months ago now ? Since then they have been an absolute roller coaster of ups and downs , mostly downs though as they are now non-threatening, are they really toning the zombies down to match Xbox player levels of difficulty ? The devs said they would never cater to that noise noise noise yet here are the zombies becoming an almost arcade like inconvienance rather than the scary , aggressive monsters they should be
  5. blackberrygoo

    Banned in Game.

    If you or any of your friends cheated on your account , you get the ban . If you really didn’t open any cheat tools last time you played then you need to make sure no one else has access to your account - I’ve had my blizzard and my Ubisoft accounts stolen , same could happen to your steam.
  6. blackberrygoo

    how to reload guns correctly?

    Please stop PRESSING TO RELOAD . You PRESS A KEY to take something into your hands , you HOLD A KEY to reload specific anmo on your hotbar . for instance : mac daddy has a shotgun on hotbar 1 , he also has buckshot on hotbar 2 and slugs on hotbar 3 ... he shoots a buckshot round , that’s already loaded , at a dickhead freshspawn but realizes he needs slugs — so he HOLDS down hotbar key # 3 for as long as he needs to load the entire shotgun with slugs . Press hotbar key to put in hands , HOLD appropriate hotbar key with ammo while holding your weapon to load said ammo into gun , one by one . Also works with guns that use clips and the clips themselves if put on the hotbar (also need to hold that key , or else the magazine will pop into your hands with just a press).
  7. blackberrygoo

    Poblem whit lockpick

    What ? there should be an option on “F” that says “lock door” ... you need the lock pick in your hands and you can scroll wheel through the options to “open door” or “lock door”
  8. These things surely will be In 1.0 release . I have literally 0 faith that these devs will pull off a full release in less than 2 months (especially from this build - it’s a mess in so many departments - zombies , lighting , transparent objects / buildings , broken vehicle physics , vehicles too fragile so they disappear when damaged - they don’t blow up or anything cool they just ... disappear ...). Yuck , so many chances to have a great beta and this is what they come up with ? As a long time player and supporter I’m so pissed that it took another 1.5 years to get from .62 to .63 stable beta and yet somehow .63 stable beta seems like it has less weapons , less items , and more glitches than the .61-.62 versions had .
  9. blackberrygoo

    Pls fix the night issue

    Night is NOT PERFECT . It’s grainy and ugly looking , also you need to constantly adjust brightness depending on what monitor you use . No uniformity , no clean looking night time ... frankly I believe the nighttime is the WORST looking nighttime we have ever seen in dayz history . Fix the shading , fix the lighting , and for fucks sake people fix the damn light objects ; the freaking head lamp floats above my head and the glow sticks / flares hardly light up any useful radius . Night should be just as beautiful as daytime , and there should be far more useful tools to light up the night than there are now , and for fucks sake get rid of that grainy ugly look that makes the ground pitch black .
  10. blackberrygoo

    Needs Wheelbarrows

    Add more vehicles . Period . 4 vehicles on the map ? SMFH what a pathetic number . I thought we were making progress , not regressing back to the old dayz where there were only 4-8 cars and they were all hidden away at inpenetrable bases in the debug zone . This game is gonna go downhill if these devs don’t figure out their damn spawn rates and stop trying to be so “hardcore”. It ruins game balance to only allow a very small elite section of the server to have a vehicle , and even when you get one the damn thing doesn’t even display when it’s goibg to poof and disappear ... what a shaky “beta” this is .
  11. blackberrygoo

    I think it might be a grave mistake, calling this "Beta"

    Of course it was a grave mistake rushing their product to “Beta” after they were patiently working on it for almost 5 years now (not 6, Evilsausage , don’t know where your math comes from). Why would they do this ? Well why has anything gone wrong in the dayz development ? Because they want to please the console peasants that are constantly asking them “where’s dayz on Xbox when is that coming what’s it gonna be like when do we get that” . Theyve made so many mistakes up until this one but this is by far the worst they could have made . Unless they really get into gear and make this crunch time useful and actually push out all the old content they removed plus new content AND tons of fixes and polish before 2019 I believe the games popularity will take a huge hit and be labeled just another early access scam . its unfortunate too , because these devs were doing so well being transparent and communicating their goals ; now we have no idea why they do things or when it will return to normal , now they just expect us to shut up and take it , having mods let good comments rot in censorship hell , ban , censor and destroy any opinions that are negative towards the holy “beta milestone” that we have apparently reached (I guess the very smallest bit of basebuilding is enough for these guys to label it beta FFS). SMFH , I’ve never distrusted the development of this game so much as I do now ; all the good devs are silent until the regurgitated status reports or removed from the project “willingly” (lol), and now we can’t help but hate the new ones that seem to be just utterly destroying this game .
  12. blackberrygoo

    Server stealing loot

    Had the same issue last night . Be aware that there are like 5-7 different databases right now ... the experimental 1st/3rd, experimental 1pp , experimental 3pp , stable 1pp/3pp , stable 1pp , stable 3pp , and official / community tabs are always seperate as well . Chances are you just hopped too many servers and now cannot find the proper server to connect to that database again . you can use the “restrict to selected character” but that doesn’t work proper half the time anyway . Long story short , you most likely weren’t wiped but you probably won’t find that specific server again ; that’s why I’m playing on the experimental servers - they all share the same patch version , but it’s easy to tell what server you were on if you’ve forgotten due to the big “experimental” in the server name .
  13. blackberrygoo

    Stable Update 0.63.149386

    Lighting system needs a rework like ASAP . Lots of QoL things need to be added like one handed light sources (while dual wielding with a weapon) . Cars , car parts, and basebuilding materials need to be more common , no sense in making us scavenge another 2 years to properly test a patch that could be tested much quicker if given the proper parameters in game . Zombies seem ... “meh” at best - I remember when they were actually viscious when they first added zombies jumping fences , now they are kittens . Also , it’s a huge shame not seeing soft skills for anything like mechanics , Medical , or even weapons handling ... is that even going to be a feature anymore or was all that cut for the Xbox kids as well ? It was a major selling point much like vehicles and now it’s hard to get any info on dayzs future let alone that info .... Overall beta seems ok , but not “5 years work” amazing . I’m hoping to see some RAPID progress from here on out - absolutely nothing is stopping that from happening now , right? -just did a rough count , and we were stuck in .62 hell for 1 YEAR and 5 months . Let’s hope we can put that behind us now and move on-
  14. blackberrygoo

    Status Report - 6 November 2018

    I really wanted to hate this status report ... but it was actually good . Sad to see barricading , advanced soft skills (medical , mechanic , pilot) , birds , and aerial vehicles won’t make it until post 1.0 ; those first two and the latter would truly make the game so much more robust .
  15. blackberrygoo

    Where are the vehicles in Stress Test?

    Are you really hiding vehicle locations for builds that need to be tested ? You do realize we’ve been in alpha for 5 years and this isn’t helping? XD