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  1. Then why push off all of their beta priorities for multiple graphic / audio patches that could have been pushed after beta release ? They were working with a clear , concise goal during the first 3 years but I feel like their priorities went bad somewhere along the 3rd to current year ; they fell behind and felt bad that it happened so they threw some graphical patches at us that they probably weren't even planning on pushing before beta , that's my opinion that forms the idea of their priorities being backwards , but again it's my opinion . At least the games still patching , but to anyone else outside the loop of dayz development the game looks like it is ignoring its ultimate goal of reaching beta and eventually 1.0 , and For those in the loop of development we are either waiting for better patches or playing in some infatuated manner mostly tied to relaxing solo adventures or play sessions with friends that are really enjoyable because of those we play with , not the game itself . Honeymoon phase has died for most of us with dayz , now we are waiting for that "after therapy" phase where we can feel like we love each other again ....
  2. Haven't tried driving vehicles yet , most likely not my rig .... it's easy to tell when before the patch I had 45-60 fps in towns and now it's down to ~ 30 fps everywhere except the woods .. clearly plenty of optimization to be had with the new lighting and such , I'm not going to complain too hard due to the fact that I'm not really playing dayz like I used to ; it just doesn't have much to it still and isn't enjoyable with even less frames . I can't wait until .63 debuts and brings some content with all this fancy eye candy .
  3. I have to agree with him , the fps is garbage compared to .61 . Sure it looks nice , but I want playability before good looks , I guess the devs think the exact opposite way .
  4. Fanboi Rising TM
  5. lol wut? Hiding in a tree is painful ? Not sure if you've spent enough time outside !
  6. Preeeetty sure that steam ids don't show up in the freaking debug monitor when someone hits you - that would be an awkward invasion of privacy .
  7. Lol , it's the same shit week after week after week , can you really blame them? Dayz devs like to talk so much that everyone listens , but only for so long becuase we know that most of the info is either going to take another year to become reality and they will talk about it every damn status report they get , or that it won't happen at all and plans will Change completely (like how they now want to redo the audio completely - which is NOT necessary and just puts us further away from beta) . dayz devs did it right at the start, but now they are just stalling - for what I do not know .
  8. Be obsessed with the game all you want : I went through that phase and can tell you there's far better things (other games included) to spend your time on . When dayz is fully released you have my permission to go full fan boy, but right now it's just as hard defending dayz as it is defending the neo nazis freedom of speech .
  9. lol the helicopter ? Haven't you heard ? The devs aren't pushing anything interesting until after beta , the most we will get at this rate is the new animation and player controller (in its most bare bones form) for .63 beta . .62 will hold nothing new except visuals and audio . A purely disappointing time for dayz fans , nothing but regurgitated reptitiveness from the devs on these status reports . I have 2k hours logged in dayz but I've stopped dead in my tracks due to this game being nothing but a repetitive time sink of desyncy zombies , vehicles and decent pvp - too bad there's plenty of other games out there with decent pvp and better overall fluid play , as dayz in this state just isn't fun compared to the plethora of other games that have spawned in the time dayz has been in this grey state limbo . I never questioned the devs until now , and to be honest I think they fucked up bad in the past year of development ; somewhere along these lines they slowed their workpace to a crawl , wether it be due to challenging code that couldn't be worked out quickly enough or too much publicity outings I'm not sure , but what I am sure of is that many people have lost the itch for dayz , and that itch won't come back until the devs give us the product we have all been waiting for for almost threee and a half years now .
  10. I agree man . They are greying the lines of alpha / beta to make up for the small , small , SMALL amount of progress they have made in the past year . I'm so disappointed at their decision I can't even express it enough . Once we were told the end of 2016 we would see beta and now we aren't even going to see a FEATURE COMPLETE (what they told us all this time) beta at the end of 2017 - probably even longer due to the slow crawl they are at , which IMO is due to their obsessive need to put themselves at every game convention to get more publicity for their upcoming beta . the devs have changed their tune , they are still transparent but they are now IMO taking the worst route of addressing the beta , they messed up and are now making the community pay by screwing Us with this poor version of .61/.62 (which we now know won't have anything new besides sound) for another 6-8 months .... Highly disappointed :( - hopefully some of you can enjoy dayz as it is now , but me and all of my steam friends / squad mates cannot .
  11. Wow ... guess I'm not playing this game until beta . Devs you were supposed to put in all this fancy shit (advanced vehicles , soft skills , base building , barricading , so on and so forth ) BEFORE THE BETA . Not after . I'm very disappointed to say the least .
  12. Need moar features in .62 plox
  13. All that plus soft skills . Soft skills are going to be the real story creators!
  14. I like the new Cherno - it looks like a real city instead of just a bunch of buildings hastily put together like in the mod / old cherno . The only Thing I miss is the city hall building in which you could climb the drainage pipe on the side , there was loot on top and it felt so cool to be up there !!
  15. I'm not losing faith but I am starting to believe that the devs are stuck and can't go any further until something is solved - there seems to be a lot of roadblocks and it doesn't seem like they are progressing through it quickly at all due to this patch , .60 patch AND .59 patch have all been 3-6 month patches that really brought some good stuff to the table but not nearly enough to change the scope of the game . I want to be done with .61 - I'm tired of the game in its current state and I just can't accept how slow the devs are working due to the Regurgitated status reports and all the silly game expos and meetings they are attending - to me this is nowhere near their A game and I'm somewhat disappointed that the end is going even slower when technically it should be progressing much faster .