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    Well not much to tell, im bored waiting for steam to update so here i am =) Can't wait for .58 stable release!

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  1. Avoiding boredom in DayZ 0.63

    Agreed . Game loop is very stale atm after you get past the initial shock and awe of the awesome new .63 systems . Point is we’ve waited long enough , time to stop being such perfectionists and just give us the next build so we can break it and help the process move along . not many tips to give except find pvp or wait for the next build unfortunately .
  2. Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again...

    Hurry up and give us that stress test that is supposed to have everything that was previously in but missing from the first .63 build , and we will all be happy campers ... go ahead devs , your massive vacay is over now , time to get to work .
  3. Why doesn’t your health go down when getting hit ? Have you eaten and drink before the fight causing more blood recovery ?
  4. FistZ of Fury - DayZ Kung Fu Masta!

    Lol that was just the best way to wake myself up. Sounded like a wu tang song .
  5. Ruling Krasnostav's Streets!

    Ewww you’re still playing .62 ... nice ambush !
  6. Where is the DayZ population?

    I think you’re legit the only person playing .62 still
  7. ReShade will it mess up my dayz?

    Wow I forgot I used reshade back in the day .. I need to reinstall it , if they ban me i will legit fight them
  8. A Serious Problem

    Ahaha get rekt smiley
  9. Stamina and energy levels?

    Give a speed boost to those who are max energized and hydrated , give a penalty to those who are being gutterlings eating like crap and not staying hydrated - sounds good to me .
  10. it might destroy the typical cookie cutter WoW experiences , but in a skill based MMO like mortal Online first person makes the game soooo much better . The world hasn’t had a taste of skill based MMOs yet due to mortal being too indie to get in the hands of all gamers but I’m telling you right now in a TRULY skill based MMO 1pp is absolutely superior to third person . Tracing the arc of your weapons swing and determining how long it is before you go into battle is a must for first person skill based MMOS (in a medieval context this would be) and applied to dayz I could see it being even more intense if everyone had to use 1pp . An MMO called Chronicles of Elyria is coming out to early access sometime next year , maybe by the end of this year and that game promises to be a skill based MMO , with both first and third person but that’s ok because medieval games don’t get ruined by the third person / first person debacle like shooter games do . But 1pp is still superior for adventure , survival , MMO , shooter , in my opinion , and I will be rocking the hands and sword view when I get into COEs world , as for dayz ; I’m always in first person loving the immersion .
  11. Where is the DayZ population?

    This game just needs to hurry up and get to full beta status (helicopters , soft skills , barricading , base building , lots more zombies and more fine tuned) and then we can all enjoy it again . Right now the game is truly waning on those besides the utmost obsessed . we need to kill this running simulator of very limited loot and zombies (once again) phasing through certain doors and walls , and resurrect the vision we all had of dayz so long ago ; a post apocalyptic world filled with helicopters , home made bases and barricades — where you can do almost anything and be anyone with specific skills just by practicing said skills , coupled with intelligent and scary zombies that pose a threat enough to want to work with strangers to survive ... We need Dayz Stand-alone to finish , because right now it’s just an ugly Frankenstein of incomplete systems just tantalizing us all of what COULD be in the future . Its our game , and we want it NOW !
  12. The state of current gameplay

    Just kill someone , eat their dead body (raw or cooked , don’t matter, there’s no infection in this experimental patch) and use them calories to make all kinds of gains over the mountains to the promised land . You’re welcome .
  13. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Disagreed . My rig : 16 Gbs ram , i5-3570k @ 4.0 ghz , nvidia gtx 1060 6gb , and I have the stutters and frame drops associated with this patch that others have reported ... dayz has not run so poorly since pre-.62 for me . Some rigs will operate differently to small/big changes between patches , that may or may not have impact on performance - it’s best to remember that especially in early access development processes.
  14. I feel we may see a .63 stable by September ... I’m really hoping for a full October month of dayz fun , each and every Halloween I look forward to a jacked-on-steroids-Dayz ; feature complete and sexy , and each year my hopes are crushed . Let this year (Halloween 2018) be the year Bohemia .
  15. What I Think Players Really Want

    Vehicles are a must for this game . Finding one vehicle and all the others are locked in bases ? Nah . Dayz needs to fix that old dayz mod issue before they implement aerial vehicles . Of course they shouldn’t be littered everywhere , but there should be no reason why they should be rare - they don’t ruin the experience at all , they in fact create a BETTER experience . Just make car / aerial repair a “hard to master” soft skill and voila , you have an easy balance of “should I waste my time to become a mechanic or let someone else do that ?” . If you don’t specialize in mechanic you should most likely never find a working vehicle that you can just take : the vehicles being damaged to begin with is the real challenge (or should be) NOT the scarcity of vehicles themselves . Dont repeat what the dayz mod did : I don’t want to have to break into bases just to destroy the massive car lots that the die hards will be collecting : give us enough vehicles to fight over but please for fucks sake Bohemia don’t make them super scarce like the vanilla mod ; it didn’t make them any more special and it was just glitchy and frustrating seeing them hidden all over the place in bases or off the map (basically any where but a natural spawn point cuz there was only like 8 vehicles and 2 helis per server).