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  1. I also don't want anyone screaming out my position in caps while I am busy feasting on his corpse... Plenty of ways outside game to meet up with people.
  2. The more I can play without some "GET REKT NOOOB!" crap popping up anywhere on my screen the better.
  3. Easy and game development isn't really two words that should be used togheter. If it was easy we'd be on 1.0 a year ago with Xbox and PS4 done. Stuff takes time, waiting for it unfortunatly takes even longer, but we'll get there.
  4. Just keep your pants on and it's all good ;)
  5. This is why I like suggestion forums though, even if you I like them or not, there is always room for suggestions. Lots of good ideas come from bouncing ideas back and forth between people.
  6. At work I can tell who's coming into the office just by listening to them walk up to me. Tells me I really could really use a new job and that there is logic to a system that would let you recognize people you've met before. Exactly how it should show up to not make it to "Gamey" is a tough one though.
  7. I think this fits better as a mod than for the base game. Not knowing who is coming adds something to the game I don't want to see go away. But I got no problem seeing how someone would like this feature, so as an option/mod it is worth thinking about, just not something I'd like on what ever server I might be playing.
  8. Player controller/animations and what ever else I cant think of right now. Just like the guns and other vehicles are waiting for beta, makes sense that this would be part of that. Should save them some double workload hopefully. Devs with strokes don't work as hard as healthy devs :)
  9. I would guess placed on hold until the rest of the engine parts are in. Looking forward to see what they have in mind though.
  10. Mmmm beeaaans!
  11. Wasn't there a vid about tent placements a while back? I'd imagine something similar would be used. I'll take a snoop and see if I find it. Could be changed ofc.
  12. So the goal for this patch: Break vehicles! Sounds fun :D
  13. I don't want auto run.... Would get me killed more than it helped and I know I'd end up using it so I'd rather not have it :)
  14. Yup... Back at work and didn't even have to log in, weee :D
  15. Will do and thanks for the updates :)