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  1. That almost made me buy a watch :)
  2. The state of current gameplay

    This over and over, UI needs more elements to it, until then stuff down every bit of food you find and you're good for hours.
  3. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    He never claimed 1.0 was beta... Go read that old status report, no point bickering when the answer is there.
  4. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    28th of November if I remember right, enough for those that want to check to google it themselves :P
  5. Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

    Aye, its a step in the right direction for sure.
  6. Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

    There is a certain logic to that :)
  7. 0.63 my personal opinion and experience

    What he said :)
  8. OMFG LOVES teh new Airport. But cant go prone.

    It is a lot more GPU dependent than it used to be, that plus new tech has helped a lot.
  9. OMFG LOVES teh new Airport. But cant go prone.

    Prone is same key as crouch, just hold it for 1 sec instead of tapping it. Stay away from rebinding keys for now though, if you did that it might be the issue.
  10. Leaving Early acces this year.

    Not exactly news... I am not going into shock if it takes longer though :-) Nice to see YT comments are living up to their reputation I guess.
  11. This is geting silly

    Wrong or not really isn't the point, the thing is that they accomplish absolutely nothing but arguments. ironically enough what a lot of them are actually made for. It's not like the devs don't know a lot of people have lost their patience and are upset. Just sitting there thinking, "we could do some work today, but nah not enough angry forum rants, lets go to the beach". So while not intended, silly is indeed the right word for the entire thread.
  12. General Discussion

    Weird, might want to have a look in the troubleshooting section to see if something similar has happened, wish I had some better ideas though.
  13. General Discussion

    Yeah you just need to either search "stress" or hook the "correct version" to see the right servers.
  14. General Discussion

    You'll need the stress test build to have access to offline mode. Might want to make a habit of verifying ever swap. If not back to the delete the dayz files in documents then verify.
  15. General Discussion

    Give us a shout if you get more issues, if I can't, I am sure others will be able to help.