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  1. Welcome aboard... Had to say hi since it made me feel almost young reading this :) (Still Thirtyten :p )
  2. We just have to let it play out naturally. Once we start warning people we go down a slippery slope of false accusations and drama. It would work in theory, but also in theory we wouldn't have this issue in the first place, so just got to move on.
  3. No problem, don't share it if that makes it clear who it is though, then we're suddenly into naming and shaming. That's usually a big no no on forums.
  4. That's the best thing really, just move on and let them be. They aren't really worth the hassle if they don't run the server properly. Properly is ofc subjective, but if they don't in your eyes, that's pretty much all the reason you need to move on.
  5. You might be too kind by warning them, but good job keeping track like that :)
  6. If it's a private server it's their server basically, so yeah they can do what they want. They will end up with an empty server in the end if they abuse too much though.
  7. All good dude, bugs can drive anyone crazy :) Just wanted to drag some more info out in case there was something wrong with an official making it show up as un-official.
  8. How do you get a year of loot when the game was wiped clear with 0.62? Either way what server, name, IP etc... Not much they can do with "my server"....
  9. Usually best choice :)
  10. Not saying you're wrong ;) Just not worth it here. The tools aren't available to us to put it diplomatically :p
  11. Despite the issues they had with those, they where great fun to watch live for sure.
  12. Now I've quoted you on it, so it must be true!!
  13. There is still interest for sure, just look at how often they answer about xbox/ps on their twitter feed.
  14. Only if it works properly :) But I am right there with you on the wish.
  15. Well the plan back in the day was to gradually increase it as time went along, can't remember more than one increase so far, but don't quote me on that. So if that is still the plan another hike might come with beta, though I might lean towards just holding off on that one at least for a build or two after 0.63. Full price would be for full release, 1.0 and onward, at least as I see it.