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  1. I wasn't thinking about those things at all.. and for anyone else reading: Never download those kinds of programs :)
  2. I was thinking about the steam launch parameters in case you had some from the old days. But if you never added any that won't be the issue :)
  3. Just a couple of ideas (Grasping at straws here :) ) - Verified game files? - Any old launch parameters? - Same result in both 32 and 64 bit? - Tried deleting the files in "Documents" and verify after that? Just general tips really, reading DXdiag files is waaaay over my level :p
  4. Doh, was worth a shot at least :) If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
  5. That exit message should be unrelated. It's a pretty common one that I get as well from time to time. Have you tried in a lower resolution? Did some googling on your GPU and seems pretty weak at 1080p, so might be worth a shot at least. Maybe start with 1280x720
  6. Would love to but my employers are evil and force me actually show up!!! The horror I know!. Will try to catch the stream at least :)
  7. Glad to meet a fellow bloom hater :) Tnx for reply, got a friend with a lower end PC wanting to play so good to know.
  8. Oh by all means if it works he should run with it. Was just curious why you picked that as high with other stuff disabled, matter of taste in the end though. The more the better as long as it's not bloom... Bloom is evil! :p
  9. Out of curiosity why shadows high? Most games shadows seem to be one of the most resource heavy parts.
  10. Can probably max out most of them. Some off if you don't like motion blur/headbob. Just play around with it tbh, find a balance that works for you.
  11. Hero cat :)
  12. mmmm cookie!
  13. Pun intended ? :) Sorry, I had to ask :)
  14. Please, report any game crash you had - we would appreciate if you could send your crash dump files from the folder C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\DayZ to our Feedback Tracker. You don't have to make a new ticket for each crash... You make one ticket and add your log/logs to that ticket. If you have a clue what action can cause it you should add that as well.
  15. Very nice story :) Glad to hear its working out for your.