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  1. Gobbokirk

    Some feedback and questions

    Got to have our wake up juice 😄 We have boars, we have chickens, egg & bacon breakfast should be up there as well 🙂
  2. Gobbokirk

    Stable Update 1.01

    Thanks for taking the time to test out properly 🙂
  3. Gobbokirk

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Good stuff 😊
  4. Gobbokirk

    Community Spotlight - 24 January 2019

    Epoxy mystery finally solved :D
  5. Gobbokirk

    Status Indicators in the HUD

    White - Yellow - Red makes a lot of sense. One thing that seems to confuse people is that while "White is fine", the time it takes to drop down to yellow again can vary so much. From the "I have to eat every 5mins threads" the fact that you can keep eating doesn't seem to be clear to a lot of people. While its a huge learning the mechanics factor here, this might make it more understandable. So in the end this idea might not be needed so to speak, kinda just throwing it out there based on number of starving to death complaints I've seen. So maybe increase the amount of "yellow" on the scale. No idea on the actual numbers but maybe move the flip to white a bit closer to full. or as others have said add "green". But if you wanna stick with 3 colors, the flip point from white to yellow could probably be moved more up on the scale. Guessed values and a bit exaggerated, but should give a general idea despite the distracting awesomeness of my Paint skills :)
  6. Gobbokirk

    base building

    Some info here:
  7. Gobbokirk

    Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    Beans for everyone!
  8. Gobbokirk

    Stress test vol.55

    mmmm fixes :)
  9. Gobbokirk

    Stress Test vol. 54

    Good job :-)
  10. Gobbokirk

    Stress Test vol. 53

    Weee spooky stuff :-) Nice update, crossing fingers from work they work :-)
  11. Gobbokirk

    Who Are Best DayZ PvP Players ?

    Nah, I drag down the average :P
  12. Gobbokirk

    DayZ and its future

    There will be some more waiting yeah. Thinking of the whole thing as A3 is kinda comforting though, cause that ended up as one heck of a game even if bare bones at launch. Don't think I even tried it the first 6-8months after release, but its a never ending source of gameplay now.
  13. Gobbokirk

    DayZ and its future

    Just to make it even more complicated, you'll be hard pressed to find 2 people that have the exact same "Perfect DayZ" :) I'd still love to get some eggs from those chicken coops and cook em up with some boar bacon :)
  14. Gobbokirk

    Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Let me try to summarize my thoughts here. As for people complaining and a few "happy", I don't think "Happy" would be the right word. More like accepting the situation than happy, wasn't it Martin that said that it's not ideal but needs to be done the other day? Slap me if I remember wrong, but we all have a common goal in the end. I am still leaning towards pushing the 1.0 in name out a while. Taking a content and focusing on bug fixes makes a lot of sense though. If it in the end makes workflow easier for the crew it is worth it for sure, no doubt in my mind there. Even if just calling it beta at the end of the year and letting it be an extended beta towards a little more functionality in that 6 months(random number) later might be better gain from a PR standpoint. Then again you'd ofc still have the backlash of another delay and might not give the team that end in sight line that they clearly need. In the end I still see no reason to doubt any of the devs on their words. The usual "Devs lie" that gets thrown around won't fly with me. Mistakes have been made sure, but lies indicate intent and that will require hard proof to accept. So if the team agrees this is the best, then we're left with guess work on our tips, just like mine above. It's not like this would be an impulse decision and they have been as open about issues as could be expected. Not sure if this fit in anywhere, kinda just writing as stuff pops into my head. As I've said before, X amount of work takes Y amount of time no matter what we stamp on the build number. Though I still want my broken limbs ;) <gobbohugs> for everyone :)
  15. Gobbokirk

    Stress Test vol.52

    and my download just started :)