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  1. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Basically stuff that makes it more interesting to help test tbh. The "just play" sessions just doesn't give the same feeling of being semi-useful :)
  2. Layers

    Would be cool, but I imagine it would be a little nightmare to do with regards to clipping.
  3. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    There are some Trello pictures of some of that yeah.
  4. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    That's what I think everyone agrees on, no matter if they have faith in project or not, we all want a good game to play :)
  5. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    As far as I know its still planned with more texture upgrades, hopefully similar to what they did with the forests/roads.
  6. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Its something that can't really be repeated enough :) You can swear people will think everything planned to be added is supposed to be in the first build. Can't force them to read unfortunately :)
  7. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    We're not in beta yet, so kinda makes sense. First EXP version of 0.63 isn't the beta flip so to speak.
  8. Hotbar issues

    Hmm I can't say I have any other ideas. Haven't heard of anyone with that particular issue at all. Just got to hope someone else comes a long with a better idea.
  9. Hotbar issues

    You dragging from inventory or from the ground? If from the ground you have to drag it to your char/inventory first. If not, all I got is that you're missing the box and that just makes me feel rude to suggest :P
  10. Doors. Sorry, but wtf is this?

    There was talk about barricading those kinds of doors waaaaay back, don't ask me to find a source though :P
  11. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    That smoke looks better than a pack of camels next to my beer!
  12. We are turning off some Stable servers

    Nom nom nom
  13. Low recoil in BETA

    Its all WIP, but no harm in pointing it out for future balancing though.
  14. We are shutting down Experimental servers

  15. 0.63 Stress tests

    I do believe size was brought up in the inteviews with Sumrak. I don't have a time stamp, since I am a bit short on time, but tldr; its smaller than the current map. It's a nice interview though so worth a watch.