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  1. Competition is a good thing, especially with games like Miscreated. Devs drawing ideas from each just gives us more good games in this case.
  2. https://forums.dayz.com/forum/134-developer-discussion-status-reports/ Here somewhere....
  3. Aaah I get it now :) Yes the physics are getting an upgrade.
  4. Game engines aren't physical..... I suggest you read some of the latest status reports though, it's all there if you want to know what they are up to.
  5. First of all: Great job so far! First thing that popped into my head: Anything new you want to share about the map borders beyond the little hints given so far? Any plans for more islands around the coast? I love the concept of the prison island and a couple of more similar places is definitely on my wish list. I'll edit in if I think of more later.
  6. Should be plenty of bugs to file on EXP once 0.63 patch 1-xx starts trickling in yeah. And so much more important to get it reported now that we're close to reporting on issues on new tech, not old legacy issues. Can't wait :D
  7. Good stuff again, never be afraid to get technical in these, if there is something down the line I don't understand, I can live with that :)
  8. Yeah it's not a good thing at all.. Fair enough if people want to loot up on low pops, whatever, you're still at some risk at least, but your own private loot farm that doesn't really get policed, not so much. I feel the supliers should step up from just relying on reports and actually do their own checks if we keep the public rentals an option.
  9. Personally I prefer private hives, but I do see the benefit of public. The current server you're on empties out, woosh find a new one and continue where you left off. That advantage ofc comes with similar disadvantages. No matter what the conclusion though, if you decide to keep renting out public servers, I would really like to see is a better policing of the servers. Without that you'd probably be better of just keeping official servers public and leaving the rented once to private hives. The private loot farm "Join-Kick" servers will eventually have to go, if nothing else to improve new players first impressions. Why rent public? My guess, it's a cost question more than anything, still pretty steep to rent servers so I guess that plays the major role unless you got a pre-built community.
  10. If they where working 100% they wouldn't need to work hard on them... Most of the late EXP updates have been vehicle related so they will get there, don't worry.
  11. No new pew pew until Beta.
  12. Put me down for a pre-order :)
  13. While we're waiting :)
  14. It ranks even with "When it's ready" :)
  15. To open up for modding they need the foundation and tools for modding to be complete. It's not a switch to flip with modding on/off. It will come though and you're not alone in looking forward to and/or dreading what will come from it :)