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  1. Them preview pictures on Trello seemed somewhat nicer, but imho we should wait for the final version..
  2. It has been stated the current state is just a starting point for further improvements.
  3. Cool. The rifle is being made in wide range of calibers IRL, are different caliber variants planned to be included in the game as well? (I just realized the question is probably applicable to firearms in general and therefore might have been already answered elsewhere, in such case please ignore me :))
  4. Because empty box (simplified to paper in this case) may also have uses - starting a fire, making notes etc. And i suppose more options will arise down the game development...
  5. Shaders
  6. - Complex melee combat system :P - Larger map with realistic wilderness (mountains and stuff) - Dynamic and destructible, thus believable enviroment (physics applied to many small objects)
  7. It is also important to remember not all bullets are going supersonic.
  8. New particles! \o/
  9. Afaik they have already switched to Bullet library from standard RV physics used in DayZ mod and previous titles, while Arma 3 uses Physx. This means DayZ and Arma already separated their ways of dealing with vehicle physics.
  10. Also don't forget bowler hat!
  11. Does it mean infected will also despawn in case no player is in proximity?
  12. I indeed didn't think about that. Thanks for bringing in new perspective...
  13. Just a quick suggestion - while i understand it would be annoying to have the ringing after every shot outside (and also not entirely realistic), would it be possible to introduce it only for situation of shooting larger calibers indoors?
  14. Yup. Once i was on a shooting range and i didn't manage to apply ear plugs in time when like ten 7.62 assault rifles opened fire at once. It made me run away with an earache... I would like to join to recommendation of the guys above - Don't do that, really, you may easily get your hearing damaged permanently. For shooting without protection i recommend Flobert rifles :)
  15. Afaik this might get resolved via Arma 3 audio module which is being ported to DayZ as we speak :)