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  1. Blafirelli

    Status Report - January 2019

    Backlogs, backlogs everywhere!
  2. Blafirelli

    Just a Simple Question

    Afaik it is supposed to be some kind of infectious prion diease affecting human behaviour... For this reason we were supposed to get some observable lifecycle of infected (eating, drinking, sleeping etc.)
  3. Blafirelli

    I too am nervous about 1.0

    I think it makes sense that all the remaining time devs have, they rather invest in bugfixing and polishing instead of writing reports and communicating on forums. However don't worry, i'm quite nervous too, so you are not alone :)
  4. Blafirelli


    This sounds quite promising :)
  5. Blafirelli

    PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    I have bad feeling about this 1.0 release. And the launch trailer actually quite supports it :/
  6. Blafirelli

    Status Indicators in the HUD

    Do you have any difficulties interpreting the overall state of your character using the status indicators? What is unclear? - Nope, everything is clear here. Do you have suggestions to improve this without over-distracting the player with detailed information? -//- Do you have difficulties interpreting the stat changes indicated by arrows? -//-
  7. Blafirelli


    Is it clear that the stamina bar is shortened in UI due to increase in inventory weight? - Wasn't clear to me, actually i was under impression the stamina is shortened because of injury. Is it difficult to track the missing ability of jumping/heavy attacks etc back to your lack of stamina? - No issues here, this mechanic is clear. Regarding stamina, i would also like to add a suggestion - Would it be possible to include also some kind of "overall energy" of the character (in addition to actual stamina)? Something that simulates how much the character gets tired over time. It would slowly deplete during actions and would need some rest (or drugs/coffee as suggested by Sethxdeath) to replenish. It may affect maximum stamina and have small effect on the speed of the character movement and/or actions. Rested character could also for example see sligthly better in night etc.
  8. Blafirelli

    Clothing in 0.63

    Not sure what exactly you are asking about, but i didn't notice any significant change in clothing.
  9. Blafirelli

    Status Report - 14 August 2018

    Fabia confirmed? :) Btw, is "sight misalignment" going to be introduced also for weapon sway when aiming?
  10. Blafirelli


    I have to say i do jump from time to time IRL, especially when travelling through heavier terrain or abandoned urban areas. Imho if they implement jumping in some realistic fashion (i.e. no bunny hopping and similar silliness), theres nothing to worry about.
  11. Blafirelli

    Arcteryx LEAF as Tier 1 Military gear

    Im definitely not against clothing variety, but why does it have to be this particular brand?
  12. Blafirelli

    .63 Combat System

    You wrote pretty long post, yet you avoided mentioning at least one specific thing you don't like on the new combat system.
  13. Blafirelli

    Item/weapon suggestions

    Any sort of improvised explosive device should definitely also be an option! There are many ways we could have fun with gunpowder.