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  1. Status Report - 14 August 2018

    Fabia confirmed? :) Btw, is "sight misalignment" going to be introduced also for weapon sway when aiming?
  2. jumping

    I have to say i do jump from time to time IRL, especially when travelling through heavier terrain or abandoned urban areas. Imho if they implement jumping in some realistic fashion (i.e. no bunny hopping and similar silliness), theres nothing to worry about.
  3. Arcteryx LEAF as Tier 1 Military gear

    Im definitely not against clothing variety, but why does it have to be this particular brand?
  4. .63 Combat System

    You wrote pretty long post, yet you avoided mentioning at least one specific thing you don't like on the new combat system.
  5. Item/weapon suggestions

    Any sort of improvised explosive device should definitely also be an option! There are many ways we could have fun with gunpowder.
  6. Item/weapon suggestions

    Been there, done that, worked pretty ok :)
  7. Item/weapon suggestions

    I would guess there are more percussion guns in central europe than all the guns you listed altogether :) Therefore i vote for percussion guns and muzzleloaders! True survivalists might even be able to make their own gunpowder... and improvised muzzleloader from old plumping pipe. Oh that would be cool.
  8. Make Mobility more REALISITIC to the map.

  9. Death

    That's pretty much the topic of this recent thread:
  10. Status Report - 5 June 2018

    Thanks for the report, always good to read about news. I just think it's a shame any map changes are still done with the same building/prop models copied over and over :/
  11. What I expect from BETA Unconscious System

    It indeed seems we both understood Pliskinkis suggestion in a completely different way. Some clarification would come in handy :)
  12. Any news about the player stealth system?

    I request flip-flops!
  13. What I expect from BETA Unconscious System

    I actually understood it, he's talking about the "shock" part. Of course, being unconcious and still having sensoric activity would be silly proposal :)
  14. What I expect from BETA Unconscious System

    Imho OP isn't saying otherwise.
  15. Vehicle suggestion

    Spintires FTW! Not sure what can be done within Enfusion engine though...