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  1. wild watter raftig and bears?

    Don't do acid mate
  2. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Traje de luces confirmed?
  3. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Keep calm, they still have two and half hour (CET)...
  4. Status Report 7 November 2017

    I don't want to spread nervosity, but... it's Tuesday!
  5. Almost done with this game

    I truly don't understand what the problem is. Armed guy ran to you and tried to rob you of your shirt (he might have been in an urgency of bandages or something), but you didn't cooperate and instead blabbed something irrelevant about the server. Then you got shot. I think such conclusion makes pretty much a lot of sense...
  6. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    I fully agree on many things actually not being authentic enough in DayZ. Just a note on mentioned wheel exchangeability - Sedan and Lada wheels probably have different mounting (5x114,3 and 4×98 - provided i checked the right cars :). In such case it would be quite difficult to swap their wheels without welding (or adapter plate).
  7. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    Im afraid i really fail to see how changing gears via simple key can be considered too realistic.
  8. Recoil in 0.63

    Unfortunatly i can't find it, but i'm sure i either heard or read it somewhere.
  9. Recoil in 0.63

    In the Gamescom build the camera was linked to gun model axis. According to some interviews this shouldn't be the case for 0.63 build.
  10. Player can PUSH vehicle

    This is actually a good suggestion, hopefully respective animations could also be added.
  11. Status Report - 29 August 2017

    Umm, am i correct assuming the topic title should say the 28th of August instead of the 8th? :) Im mentioning it as i almost skipped this topic because i thought its the old Status Report
  12. Status Report - 8 August 2017

    Yes! Finally the aiming will be more natural. Hopefully it will be set realistically to get proper gunfights, as pistol shooting a person at 50 meters should not be an easy task, more so when the target is moving. Indeed, looks pretty. Just the smoke from opened bolt is missing.
  13. gameplay over realism or other way around?

    For me the more realism the better.
  14. Can I Run With This Specs?

    Lots of models (buildings, props) to render -> less FPS. However engine optimizations are to be expected down the development roadmap.