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  1. Rain revamp

    Well getting wet in cold temperatures (and very windy at that) will see your body temperature drop quickly. So it's not really that far fetched. The game should have more of these threats to your survival IMO because right now it is not really a challenge to survive. With that said you could just throw on a raincoat and carry on doing whatever you like really.
  2. Wells, and Forests

    Illuminati confirmed
  3. Ah ok makes sense. thanks for ponting that out. Also this statement caused some confusion for me: "Anyway we already have functional prototype of a herd that can be shepherd through the map. " I'm guessing this means a herd of sheep roaming around and not someone literally guiding the herd around?
  4. What a great SR again! I was really suprised to see you guys working on a domesticating/herding mechanic for animals, that is really cool. This game is really going to be a step above every survival game out there once everything is complete!
  5. A couple of months (at most) away from beta release and you leave. Makes sense..
  6. Yea it doesn't make sense at all. people start giving up on this game just when the end is in sight. IMO it's people throwing tantrums for not getting a late 2017 release.
  7. Well did they confirm zombie hordes. It does seem like a big challenge creating an environment that is that diverse but maybe alle the server/network improvements will make it all possible?
  8. I must admit I underestimated the work that still needs to be done here holy crap. But hey we got the answer we were all begging for. I can honestly say now that I can rest assured that the end product will be mindblowing seeing all the stuff that's planned for Beta release and beyond. This will be the survival game I (and hopefully the community) always hoped for.
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    *Awaits patiently for the status report*
  10. Zombies

    It's not about it being a discussion. This is clearly a pointless rant because if OP just did a little research he could have figured out the state of development. I simply do not understand people who rant about .62 in it's current with the knowledge that the current version is basically just a "placeholder" game as the devs have stated. Ranting about how bad zombies are is not going to help none of us at this point.
  11. Almost done with this game

    You remind me of myself when I started playing Dayz. I was always trying to interact with players and trusting everyone I came across. Sooner or later you will become more weary of survivors you come across, kinda like Rick Grimes in the walking dead haha. Rule of thumb is consider everyone a threat, scope out towns before you move in and if you see someone just stalk that person to see if you can figure out what they're doing/wearing/carrying. if someone spots you or holds you up try talking, people tend to shoot people who don't talk. It all comes down to experience basically, you will become a better judge of friend or foe. This will increase your chances of coming across like minded survivors because they are out there. Or you can just try teaming up with other forum members of course.
  12. Girl Vs Girl Event , Sisters of Cherno

    that escalated quickly
  13. Almost done with this game

    Well tbh he did not kill you on sight, he interacted before he killed you so it's probably within the rules. Try playing on PVE servers if you don't want PVP at all.