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  1. This looks awesome! I just hope that the inertia is also being properly addressed.
  2. Please name all these events?
  3. Can't wait to meet you guys next month at Gamescom and hopefully get my hands on .63!!! Let me start ironing my DayZ shirt.
  4. Anxiously Awaits a reply :D
  5. Off Topic: @Baty Alquawen will BI have an exhibit at Gamescom next month?
  6. Have to agree with this, me and 2 friends drove around the map yesterday on a low pop server with a full convoy consisting of 2 VSS' and a bus. We cruised at top speed (the bus is suprisingly fast) at close proximity to each other and it all went without a hitch. I wouldn't even dare do this in Arma 3 as the occasional desync will make the car infront of you suddenly crash into you and explode, but not DayZ :D The devs have truly done a great job with de vehicles so far and I'm really excited to see new vehicles in game at a later stage.
  7. Woohoo no wipe
  8. It's actually mind boggling how complex of a game DayZ really is when you look at the mindmap, not to mention the complex (bullet) damage system. Hats off to you guys! BTW@Baty Alquawen you're such a hottie :D
  9. Anyone else notice a VOIP bug where you can (over)hear other survivors talking? The sound only comes from the right ear.
  10. @Baty AlquawenWhat can we expect from this tweak? Does it mean infected are more/less alert to gunshot sounds? And what about their alertness to silenced gunshots?
  11. Thank you Dev team!!
  12. I'm pretty sure these BI devs have a feel for what is crucial for combat, you know with the ARMA series and all..
  13. Can you post a screenshot? I have not heard of this issue
  14. Let me refer you to Dayz's game description: "DayZ is an open world survival video game."
  15. In thhese types of scenarios the father usually goes last lol so he buries the family