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  1. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    Try playing on the russian server called VK.com/bad-dayz. Best action I have come across recently, especially in severograd or stary/novy area. With that said I don't get why people complain about there not being any interaction. Dayz is supposed to be an organic experience where chance would lead you to come across people. Like EMU said only servers with some kind of Meta can immediately point you in the right direction so to speak. Me I know from personal experience where to find action on certain servers. But i have to admit that some of my best dayz moments came from just exploring the unknown, of course i'm just speaking for myself. I think only when modding support comes along is when this game will be able to cater to everybody's needs, seeing that everybody seems to have a different opinion on what the goal of the game should be.
  2. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    Yes they are in the game. Matter of fact they spawn as complete cars i.e not missing any parts. if you come across a broken down car that is not repairable it helps to purposely destroy it with a matchbox (temporary feature) so that they respawn after a server restart/reset.
  3. Don't mean to butt in here but why bother if you don't care about the game?
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    The reason microphones and loudhorns will be added IS to increase player interaction. But besides this the game is not nearly where it should be, so you cannot judge the game in it's current state. You say it's easy to survive now but what about when the game is complete do you think this still applies? What .63 will bring is a solid foundation for the game mechanics, adressing bugs that have been haunting the game since it's early days. Also IMO it's a great move by the devs to build this game with modders in mind, seeing that everyone has their own opinion on how survival games should be. They give the modders the tools to make it whatever they want it to be, this will hopefully please the needs of all the types of survival game players out there. As the devs have mentioned before .63 will not be the patch that will fix everything, see it as the foundation upon which a great game can be built.
  5. Exp Update 0.62.142963

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  6. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Oh my bad, I seem to have missed the line stating content creators having the ability to achieve wild results. Well that's good to know because ham they did go lol
  7. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Thanks again Devs for another status report. Things are looking pretty good so far and I'm happy to see a mention of adressing the graphical side of things. I think that we can all agree that Chernarus is beautiful the way it is but in order to keep up with the times a graphical update would not be out of place. Also i have to admit that the last gif showcasing the muzzlebrake in star pattern was a little over the top, but I'm sure it will all get tweaked soon. Beta can't come soon enough!
  8. Health system.

    Why even post this? If you just did a little research you would know that the devs are hard at work developing the Beta in which alot of issues/bugs are going to be adressed. Also plenty of status reports have been released detailing the progress being made and also challenges they face. What are you planning to achieve with this post?
  9. Get Rid of the BLOOD TYPES

    You'd be surprised how many Dayz "fans" this would please.
  10. Status Report 24 October 2017

    My body is so ready
  11. Reduced sun glare by wearing sunglasses

    Yes this is exactly how I would imagine it working. Also nightvision goggles are planned for later release and I suppose they will have to work in a similar manner, basically working in 1pp and 3pp.
  12. I already mentioned this once in a status report thread but I thought I would post it here as an official suggestion. We've all experienced it, your're running right into the direction of the sun and you literally can't see anything. How cool would it be if wearing a pair of sunglasses would reduce this glare, giving sunglasses actual value in the game, and of course give you and advantage over someone who is not wearing a pair. The sunglasses would give your surroundings a slight coloration due to the colored lenses,(and also serve as a reminder to you that your character is wearing sunglasses) What do you guys think?
  13. Get Rid of the BLOOD TYPES

    If you don't use why do you even care? let the people who do use it enjoy it right?