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  1. Off Topic: @Baty Alquawen will BI have an exhibit at Gamescom next month?
  2. Have to agree with this, me and 2 friends drove around the map yesterday on a low pop server with a full convoy consisting of 2 VSS' and a bus. We cruised at top speed (the bus is suprisingly fast) at close proximity to each other and it all went without a hitch. I wouldn't even dare do this in Arma 3 as the occasional desync will make the car infront of you suddenly crash into you and explode, but not DayZ :D The devs have truly done a great job with de vehicles so far and I'm really excited to see new vehicles in game at a later stage.
  3. Woohoo no wipe
  4. It's actually mind boggling how complex of a game DayZ really is when you look at the mindmap, not to mention the complex (bullet) damage system. Hats off to you guys! BTW@Baty Alquawen you're such a hottie :D
  5. Anyone else notice a VOIP bug where you can (over)hear other survivors talking? The sound only comes from the right ear.
  6. @Baty AlquawenWhat can we expect from this tweak? Does it mean infected are more/less alert to gunshot sounds? And what about their alertness to silenced gunshots?
  7. Thank you Dev team!!
  8. I'm pretty sure these BI devs have a feel for what is crucial for combat, you know with the ARMA series and all..
  9. Can you post a screenshot? I have not heard of this issue
  10. Let me refer you to Dayz's game description: "DayZ is an open world survival video game."
  11. In thhese types of scenarios the father usually goes last lol so he buries the family
  12. I love the idea but im not sure if it would solve the "death lottery" as you put it. I think this would encourage it even more to some extent, I can see people commiting suicide untill they get the survivor that is better geared, say a police officer. if it's just clothing themes though then it's a really good concept.
  13. @Sumrak First off I'm loving the new additions to the map. So thank you guys for your great work! What I do not see much of though are signs of attempts to survive the apocalypse. Besides the abandoned cars at checkpoints there is not much in the way of signs that people tried to survive the apocalypse (correct me if I'm wrong) For example an (abandoned) camp in the forrest where a family tried to hide from the all the chaos. Maybe they commited suicide when they had no other option and they're bodies are now buried near the camp. Or an abandoned building that was used as shelter by a group of survivors that got overrun by infected, where sleeping bags are littered on the ground. Another example could be an attempt by someone to warn others that there are infected locked inside a house by writing "infected inside" on the doors, or maybe "help us" in an attempt to draw help from other survivors. There are countless examples of this when you look at shows like the walking dead and the likes. Things like this add greatly to the atmosphere of the game and help give at a much more eerie feel. Are there plans to add elements similar to these examples in the game at a later stage?
  14. Well maybe there could be like an audio cue where your survivor can give you an indication that there is something on the ground by talking in a low inside voice, something along the lines of; "hmm", or 'what is that", even "there is something there". Then it's up to you to look around an spot the item? I could see it getting repetitive though tbh but maybe it could only apply to items that are out of place/ line of sight? Just thinking out loud here lol.
  15. My god am I excited, my colleague next to me just asked me why I'm smiling at my screen. Also you have to admire the fact that this dev team takes immersion and realism seriously, even if it the game in it's current state causes some inconvenience to the player (Peter's example). I really appreciate the vision the design team has for this game and the fact that they chose to stay on this path instead of going for user friendly UI's and the likes and basically "dumbing down" the game. Awesome :D