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  1. Stress Test vol.38

    I got a weird issue currently. I was in the radio station at altar and i went to the broadcasting booth and hit the inventory button ( just wanted to check if there was an option to put a battery in the booth) and my game froze and crashed. Since then I cannot get into any server, my game crashes to desktop when I try to join a stress test server. I tried reinstalling the game but that doesn't seem to help , verifying the files did not help either. Anyone else had this issue? Edit: I just noticed the guy above me (Vita lii) is having the same issue.
  2. This is not necessarily the case. In escape from tarkov for example turning up the gamma will not help you at all.
  3. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    awww did you create an account just to say that.. how cute
  4. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    This quote is from the Q and A section of this very same status report: "Q: Do you have any plans for new buildings? A: Yes, we already have some new buildings on the Northwest Airfield in 0.63 and more buildings are planned."
  5. How to make DayZ run again

    Can we just wait for the Beta release and then judge the game on these points? How many time has this dead horse been beaten? Stop making these pointless posts.
  6. Stumbling and tripping

    I'm all for realism but having your shoes damaged from travelling from Kami to NWAF is just ridiculous. Imagine your irl pair of shoes lasting you one day.. (maybe if you manage to survive for more than a week in game it should start wearing out) But I do agree that the type of shoe you are wearing should affect how audible your footsteps are to others.
  7. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Just the fact that community members are answering all your questions just shows your lack of interest in the development stage as this info is readily available for ppl who care to look for it. Anyone who actually follows the development should know that these are exciting times and that beta is closer than ever.
  8. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Yeah the 3PP camera does look great. Too bad I won't be using it though #FPPMASTERRACE :D
  9. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    This looks awesome. Can't wait to see some of the GIF's they mentioned for the next SR. Keep up the good work guys!
  10. Rain revamp

    Well getting wet in cold temperatures (and very windy at that) will see your body temperature drop quickly. So it's not really that far fetched. The game should have more of these threats to your survival IMO because right now it is not really a challenge to survive. With that said you could just throw on a raincoat and carry on doing whatever you like really.
  11. Wells, and Forests

    Illuminati confirmed
  12. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Ah ok makes sense. thanks for ponting that out. Also this statement caused some confusion for me: "Anyway we already have functional prototype of a herd that can be shepherd through the map. " I'm guessing this means a herd of sheep roaming around and not someone literally guiding the herd around?
  13. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    What a great SR again! I was really suprised to see you guys working on a domesticating/herding mechanic for animals, that is really cool. This game is really going to be a step above every survival game out there once everything is complete!
  14. A couple of months (at most) away from beta release and you leave. Makes sense..
  15. Yea it doesn't make sense at all. people start giving up on this game just when the end is in sight. IMO it's people throwing tantrums for not getting a late 2017 release.