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  1. Hi Baty, I can confirm that deleting all DayZ profiles does not fix the problem. (or at least in my case) Was anyone able to fix the key binding issues by deleting the DayZ profiles?
  2. Yeah it does, I looked up the steam id and confirmed the player was in the player list on the server I was playing on.
  3. I just looked it up it's not mine, lol so someone did knock me out but didn't finish me off.
  4. I just had a weird issue, I climbed up a deer stand to wait for the rain to stop (5000 health/blood), as I was waiting I was browsing on my phone for a while when suddenly I noticed that I went unsconcious. I figured someone must have shot me or climbed up the deer stand and knocked me out when suddenly I regain consciousness. So I'm frantically looking around for someone to come and loot me or something but there was no one around, then I noticed my health took a 6 point hit and my last damage received is a weird number: Anyone know what this might be? New bug?
  5. This patch is absolutely amazing, i feel like a kid in a candy store running around on this new and improved map. Only issue I encountered so far is with key bindings ( push to talk specifically). I always have my mouse thumb button assigned to push to talk, but now when I press it the mic icon only shows for a split second. (My voice doesn't transmit in game either) There is a ticket created for this issue on the feedback tracker so I'm not the only one having this issue, hope it gets fixed soon.
  6. @Baty Alquawen What's the password LOL
  7. Yea fishing is really cool, i just wished fish could provide more nutritional value in the game to make the effort more rewarding For example, eating fish will keep you energized for a long period of time (instead of just lasting for 15-20 min in the currrent state) so it would actually encourage ppl to go out fishing. This should apply not only to fishing but any method of preparing/gathering food that takes more effort than simply opening a can. A mechanic like this will encourage alot of survivors to go out hunting/fishing IMO. TLDR here is: Either you open up a can and stay energized for just a short while, or you take your time and prepare a decent meal which will last you a good part of the day.
  8. It could be a small audio update that supports the new features in .62, like the sounds of leaves rustling in the wind, or the wind itself making new sounds? Whatever it is my body is ready :D.
  9. I don't care how long it takes, I know that once this game is finished there will be nothing like it.
  10. Thank you!
  11. Yes books have content. Drag them to your quickslot and open it with the corresponding quickslot number. Regarding the infected aggro I actually enjoy the fact that you can sneak past them without them registering it. Don't get me wrong I'm all for the zombies being a legit threat but you can't always afford the attention, (say you're low on blood and can't take a hit, or there are hostile survivors nearby) just to name a few. In such moments I take it you would want a way you can be assured that you will not alert them instead of having them aggro from a mile away. I really love the balance this brings to the gameplay. The only thing that can use some improvement imo is the way the infected react to objects that are thrown near them, It would be more "realistic" if they would just walk up to the object to kind of investigate it rather than them going into a frenzy. This would give you a chance to sneak up behind them and whacking them over the head with a melee weapon.
  12. Hmm I barely lose connection, only time i get it is when the servers go down for a restart. Are you playing on public or private hives?
  13. Well the reason I worded it that way is that even after Baty confirmed that there are no boars in game some still saw the need to troll around with answers like: And you probably know how it works, once somebody mentions the boars it will snowball into everyone suddenly getting nostalgic about boars. (take every other item/mechanic that has ever been temporarily removed from the game as an example) We are at a point now where the devs have made their priorities clear and we all know the great work they are doing and what the future holds for this game, yet some see the need to "whine" about petty things like boars. Maybe I should have worded it differently but this kind of stuff just triggers me.
  14. What is this sudden obsession with boars? Boars have not been in the game since .59. You guys have found something new to bitch about?
  15. So is it true that vehicles are back in stable? and if so did anyone get a chance to try them out?