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  1. here!! have my beans... you just nailed the entire 'survival frustration' i've had since the SA came out... there's food litteraly everywhere in the world.. - pine needle tea - berries - apples - canned food - wildlife you name it.. only thing is.. on a map with so much potential the pure lack of survival aspect of things are MORE annoying then some apple glitch (like you said) you can choose not to use.. I've stated this in other topics, when we played SA for the first time.. we had a crew of 10 people.. 3 of those people are active serving militairy.. 1 of those is a hobby survivalist.. they'd look at all the cosmetics in the game and go: there's 10.000.000 pine trees.. but no pine needle collection there's 10.000 sticks on the ground and you have to click 20 times to find a single stick? there's no option to boil water.. eventhough you can put a 'cooking' pot on a fire (hanging from a tripod) or on a stove in a house LOGIC (boiled water is essential in a world where purification tabs are worth diamonds!) there's about 50 km² of woods ALL around this map.. there haven't been people here since 2012 (release of the SA) but there's maybe 20 cows and 20 deer + 3 packs of wolves? LOGIC (take a look at chernobyl for your example on wildlife without humans) all these things are highly frustrating in a game who's main focus is telling 'your story' and show the way you 'survive' the real 'hardcore survivalist isn't going to play this game for very long because there's no reason behind its mechanics yet.. being logic whatsoever your take on a more complex system for 'being healthy' and diatery plan is very valid. since people need X amount of cal. intake to function and a ton of vitamines/minerals to be considered healthy.. stuffing your face with apples isn't going to do anything nutritional wise (like you stated) but the lack of wildlive/livestock to hunt is just unreal.. knowing HOW many farms dayz has.. how many grasland the animal population should be in the 100's (I know server wise that would break the server) but quicker respawns should solve that 20 deer up north 20 deer in the west 3 cows near the coast 10 cows spread across the fields of farms in chernarus.. 10 deer get kiled? 10 deer directly spawn someplace else (just like the zombies used to do) just to keep up appearences wise that there's wildlife all around chernarus.. so you don't spend 45 min looking for a group of deer in the middle of nowhere.. because in that 45 min.. you could have filled ATLEAST.. ATLEAST 10 mountain backpacks full of apples on your own.. but that breaks the game...
  2. BETA Status Report - November 28

    thats about 80% of the problem... they 'said' we're doing XYZ trying to do 1/2/3 then halfway 2015 they realized (after a good 2 years of working on this one) this engine isn't going to cut it... holy haybails... now we have to scrap that shit and build our own engine... erm...no that won't work either (5 months passed) lets go with enfusion... ahhhh now its a clear skate too the finish... (2020)
  3. so what you're basically saying is that we don't have to expect everything... so basically everyone needs to not post anything anymore.. no more updates.. forget about this game and move on.. i mean... where work is done.. a certain expectation is raised.. be it by the community supporting the project or the higher ups who actually lend/buy you a studio to work in... and expect output after a certain amount of time.. so what happens when bohemia is 'dissapointed' with the devs... is that your sole reaction to them as well? don't expect shit cause you'll only be dissapointed.. if thats ur input to life.. I wonder where you've found a job int he first place in the netherlands.. lol furthermore... they're still posting updates... status reports and so on.. we're doing XYZ because we need X amount of more time to do Y and Z they're creating said expectation because they keep up enganged in the project this way... so the fact that people are getting dissapointed goes hand in hand with what they're feeding us won't you agree? or is that assumption not 'wise' xD
  4. knowing the devs and what you've just summed up.. this IS negative because indirectly you're saying this: Previously we were constantly told, "it's Alpha", "it'll be ready when it's ready", which is a bit of a lazy response Don't get me wrong.. LOTS and LOTS of people have said this... but some people (like myself) have felt the wrath of the admins (even hicks himself) for being 'non-constructive' as far as the 'set/concrete timeline' thats not even a thing... because they've not set a 'time' for anything.. all they did in the status report was tell us: - this is kinda done but needs tweaks - this is done but needs overhaul to fix XYZ - this is almost complete but needs internal testing - this is an idea we have laying around.. but will 'probably' not be added until 1.0 - this is done but we need more time before we fully implament it (modding) So technically their not giving any timeline on anything related to 'time when its done' https://dayz.com/dev-hub come on man be real here.. it's been almost 6 years.. since the SA was launched.. they had the exact same setup as a timeline in 2015.. NON of that was ever achieved in the set timeline it was supposed to be done some of it was (and later it was taken out to be overhauled and not yet put back in) some of it wasn't near ready because they had all of these wild ideas but no means software/program wise to release them the way THEY wanted.. with the SPECS they wanted 'because the technology wasn't ready/as far as it is now' so long story short.. they have stuff laying about.. non of that is ready to implament without atleast some major tweaks for stability/server performance issues they need to resolve they need more time (like they've always needed, cause a game can't be made better in 4 weeks) we just need to understand this fact, shut our mouths and wait for it :) simple as that my friend
  5. BETA Status Report - November 28

    after reading this status report... I'm sad... its good you're putting out (or kinda) but what you're basically saying is: we need a couple of more years... since 63 isn't coming out this year.. it'll prob. be 2018 somewhere (wouldn't surprise me if that was Q1 2018 giving you guys another 3 months for a patch you've been working on for the last 6 months) so that would mean 8-9 months for a single patch!! I know its a big deal .63 but knowing you're planning on doing 64/65 as well.. lets just hope those don't take you guys 3-6 months each because the way this is shaping up to be... is the way I explained (and got warned for once) multiple times 63 : 8-9 months since you're not finishing in 2017 and already 6 months have passed since the release 62 back in june 2017 70?: 3-6 months 75?: 3-6 months 1.0: ??????????? see where I'm going with this devs.. taking your time is fine.. but taking that amount of time.. I doubt your boss is fine with that.. Making a game isn't done in days or months.. but the way things are shaping up you're well on your way too becoming the worlds longest game in dev. that still has to make it out of beta. it just makes me very very sad... it really does.. not only are you going to set the wrong example of 'work takes time' but you're also not going to be able to sell the hype anymore once the product is finished... because starting a game in 2012 on a mod hype train by a guy nobody who's new to the game even knows.. to stating we'll have it done in 2018... (6 years later) then going: For the PC BETA (again, that's the first 0.63 Stable update, and any 0.63 patches between that and 1.0 - there's NO 0.64 or 0.65 planned), we've set a pretty clear feature and content goals. We're ready to share them now, let's start with features. meaning you'll just jump from .63 to 1.0? what the flying duck? that makes no sense content wise or patch wise.. all I hope is that modding 'patches' some of the wounds for a LOT of people.. sure the hardcore 'we stand behind the dev team' will say otherwise.. but those aren't the 4 million copies sold since its release thats maybe 50K of players and 20-30 or so are present on this forum constantly replying to all of the content posted. no this post isn't as 'constructive' as I would have liked but since we're all being honest here.. I'm just expressing the fact that I am very dissapointed at the moment the way things are going in terms of pase.. the time that things are constantly being moved foward because 'things aren't done' was good in 2014-2015.. but not in the start of 2018 but I guess thats what happens when you make a game on a broken engine and then halfway through decided 'hey lets start from scratch with about 30% of our build left in tact.
  6. Exp Update 0.62.143267

    in regards to people saying stuff like: ' I still don`t get why you guys communicate with us this way. On twitter and facebook it was said "EXP servers going down for an update", so we sat here and thought like you`d possibly add the first 0.63 elements.' I'll just say this... v0.62.139835 (07 Jun 2017) and while I'm at it.. leave this here in regards to the 'changes' coming which is called .63 "it's been a while"" since we got... an update not a fix.. its been a while.. but I don't think their sorry..'
  7. Almost done with this game

    that he would kill me over a shirt ^ well in war.. people are killed for saying they need to use the restroom... let alone over clothing or food.. although 5 seconds IS a short time to react... he still interacted with you.. so NO KoS here.. since he talked to you for more than 5 seconds. if you want a good experience on dayz.. try joining an RP server that has set rules/active admins that DO search logs for KoS. aftermathRP is such a place (server is not active but it will be again once 63 comes around) Dayz 'no KoS' servers aren't a guarentee in anyway that you'll not be KoS'd or killed for your shoes.. the best thing you can do is (as other people said) 1. play on RP servers (if thats ur thing) 2. have someone watching ur back 3. avoid places people go (mil bases/large cities/encampments being paranoid isn't a good thing.. even dayz.. if I see people running around and the FIRST thing they do on server is lose their shit and point a gun in my face.. guess what... you'll drop right there... being CAUSIOUS is fine.. being a paranoid 12 yo who shoots first and asks questions later.. that'll get you killed quick you've come across rotten apples.. but trust me.. in the community that i'm a part of.. people actually care about the members and the experience roleplay over gear roleplay over ruleplay but EVEN in this community.. if you screw up.. (act tough/break character/run at a stick up) you'll get shot in the face within 5 seconds.. (2 warnings and you're done)
  8. Status Report 7 November 2017

    that point is exactly that... all mr hicks does is refer to beta INTERNAL builds and the 'demo' of beta they had running.. 300 people playing for 5-10 min each doesn't make for good feedback because we all know how the servers work 10 people perfect 20 people good enough 30 people playable 60 people please go home because half of us are having issues.. there was talk of upping the server numbers (100 slot servers etc.) just imagine the carnage that'll bring to the workload of the server.. most of the 'player discussion' happens AFTER people have spend 30+ minutes on exp with full 60 slot servers.. especially if you have your own team on the server (groups of 5-10) that is actively bounty hunting bugs instead of playing GTA/COD because of constant K.O.S. talking about 'we're doing X internally because we're testing for Y internally doesn't spark reactions.. that only IMO says that the game isn't done by a long shot and 'it will take a few more months' the only way this game will generate the hype it used too have is when 300-400 people play on the servers for hours on end and find new stuff/areas/weapons/vehicles/mechanics/bugs like the last 30 something patches please correct me if i'm wrong @Hicks_206 (DayZ)
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    please note that this was on arma 2 dayz MOD server back in 2012.. on our own server man... we just messed around with lots of things and didn't really have dementions of what ever all we wanted to do is fill up the map with P.O.I. so the map was less empty because it was totally empty when we first played the mod.. svetlojarsk was not a thing.. the entire coast was about empty. back then svetlojarsk location was nothing more then a humangus range mountains and the bay it sits on right now
  10. When will gameplay be introduced?

    @Henk Grunn everything you're talking about is prob. coming off thre community when modding becomes a thing (in 2-3 patches until full mod tools are released) the devs aren't going to make this game the way you're describing it.. thats up to the community devs only give us core/vanilla dayz.. sure they need more animals/planes/bikes/boats etc. but half that is going to be able too be modded in by other people that have less time consuming tasks other then writing mods. I agree progress has been on the slowish side but they're experiencing (brian) hick ups probably so... just wait and see when 63 comes out.. and if thats not what you've hoped for.. then the least you can do is wait for the community to kick up modding @sneakydude 15 MB for the .63 patch (rofl) just looking too the left ingame is 15 MB mechanic.. let alone all the new movement stuff thats coming.. when that patch hits.. be sure you'll see 2-5 gigs flashing by somewhere...
  11. Status Report 7 November 2017

    that all depends on what type of modder you're talking to.. talking to a 12 yo kid who has f all to do and is bored shitless... yeah sure that'll be gta 23.42.2 in 5 seconds.. Bazz88 and myself are experienced RPers so we play for the survival and roleplay aspect of things.. having cars... good way to get around quickly at the cost of being heard... having tanks? hmmm overkill if you ask me.. literally nothing is going to be able to withstand that for 2-3 shots knowing the build style of the 1960's russian countries your point of claymores is a valid one, that'll get players well aware of 'stay the hell out of our area or we'll blow ur socks off' signs on fences what dayz is missing IMO is the pure survival aspect of things, we had guys that are serving militairy and hobby survivalists they'd look at the game and go: thats static but by the looks of that mushroom.. or moss you can use that for X or Y because (lists 5 uses for static thing) dayz should be more interactive so pine trees are present in the thousands.. pine needle tea anyone? there's been mods around since 2014 for the SA version.. bee hives/megafone/updated map (4 times the size of the vanilla map) things that we legit need if crop dusters become a thing or heli's because if they don't increase the map size, it'll turn into 5 minute runes to the other side of the map 'because shits and giggles' its a matter of perspective and the way you wanna play it when it boils down to it.. modding should be personal for everyone survivalists will play on survival servers with lots and lots of improvements on enviornmental aspects of the game.. and the 12 yo COD/BF 2745 are going to play fps shooter 2.3(dot)dayzmap Welcome to woodburry....
  12. Status Report 7 November 2017

    when you look at the map around that area.. http://www.dayztv.com/standalone/dayz-chernarus-plus-map/ 003 107 just SEE how much clear space is over there.. there's a legit track goin next to the spot.. WZW of zelenogorsk WNW of pavlovo its not ALL dense woods all over the place its a clearing on the left side of the map (wolf territory in standalone) so basically we have wild attack dogs xD if you go there on foot you get eaten.. you use a truck we'll hear ya comin'
  13. Status Report 7 November 2017

    it takes a couple of more months basically.... well as soon as soon as modding becomes a legit thing... and the community brains have a crack at dayz.. content generation will go into overdrive a mod every 2 weeks with full on functioning features/upgrades both visual and mechanics because believe it or not folks... we actually have people in this community that worked their asses off well before beta was a thing.. and where the devs most certainly got (stole) a few ideas of... examples from the mod we had on our dayz mod server.. crash site/pile up ^ my home base on our dayz mod server "hippie camp" out in the woods near zelenogorsk ^ operation 'schoolyard' in cherno after the breakdown of society the militairy took a last stand in one of the school/office buildings in cherno before they abandoned the country for good lets see if the mods are 100% more epic then these ideas we had back in 2011-2012 with the mod what do you guys think?
  14. Exp Update 0.62.142080

    so maybe we'll be left with 100+ km² of land.. that STILL a ton of land where technically nothing is roaming the streets/doing anything thats threatening or anything else for that matter.. dayz is a fairly large open world map... but its major (and certainly) not its only flaw... is being EMPTY just stating that for the record here.. 3.8 million people in the whole of chernarus.. we play on aprox. 1:36th of the map (150 km²) 3.8 million people devided by 36 is 25333 aprox 1000 people left so where are 23700 bodies?? not in the map thats for sure
  15. Exp Update 0.62.142080

    since you're from finland... (or at least thats what ur dayz states) you know how much 60 people are in a country which is 90% forest.. please keep in mind.. that chernarus is twice SIZE of luxemburg some statistics maybe? luxemburg 2.586 km² 582.291 inhabitants (2016) chernarus About 5.450 km² Pre-Outbreak: 3,000,000 Chernarussians 800,000 Russians Post-Outbreak: Below 1,000 1,000 people no there are not 940 zeds on the server.. that would break it in 10.000.000 pieces 60 people is NOT enough in a country TWICE... I repeat... TWICE the size of luxemburg when you have 60 people on a server that large.. plus (maybe) 100-150 zeds at any given time.. well you do the math.. totally EMPTY server in regards to how large the map is.. when NPC's hit the map at some point.. there aren't going to be 200 of them.. maybe 50-60 at max.. 120 active lines on a map plus maybe 100-120 zeds (because I imagine NPC's have their own agenda much like they had in the mod) groups of 5 so thats 12 groups of survivors maybe 10 if you have a larger group so NO I don't think 60 players maybe 4-5 packs of wolves (if you're lucky) and in the future 60 npc's are enough in a map this large... half the map.. YEAH sure but a map this size... unrealistic.. and what is the main focus of the dayz dev team again?? 'creating a realisitic survival experience for its player base' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ i recall that in mod,i was constantly looting supermarkets for matches...where do you need matches at standalone?it takes 30 seconds to make fire without matches in forest. why go to hospital to search bandages?there is rags everywhere in game...what to do with antibiotics or painkillers?...never had to use those.if there is something wrong with my leg in game....rags/sticks=splint. you prob. have not seen the latest update video's of .63 (beta) if you break your leg in that.. and 'fix' it with a splint.. you're going to be limping for the rest of your chars life.. so people know something was up with you... might even slow you down don't know that yet.. but it should imo finding stuff everywhere... well thats totally on your style of playing.. not the game.. I used to get matches from supermarkets indeed.. I've played on RP server for 3 years straight.. bartering them off.. why? because I'd 'learn' in character... meeting other people who showed me how to craft things from scratch.. there's no need for bandages.. WELL here we go again... the 'need' for bandages might not be there as much anymore.. but what if you're like me.. I want ALL of my things to be prestine.. when I hand them out.. including bandages.. so I either run to a hospital (taking there's some risk involved) OR I run to a med center in some small town to look for rubbing alcohol (still some risk involved) either way I have prestine rags and I can ensure my fellow survivors they won't get sick or infections from shaggy bandages that have been opend and on the floor in a puddle of blood for 10 hours it's all a matter of perspective and how you look at things.. dayz is 'your story' you wanna play dayz as a FPS game? go ahead its your thing.. do it.. you wanna play dayz like a RP game with certain rules and character creating? go ahead if thats your thing do it :) it's not all as black and white as you make it seem my fellow survivor.. think outside the box.. and you'll soon find out how good of a game you can make it for yourself.