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This week, Brian and Mirek are explaining our decision to push vehicles to Stable branch early, Peter is teasing bits and pieces about our recent effort to improve the melee weapons combat, and Viktor reports on the progress his team made on animations used with that new melee combat system.

Contents This Week

  • Development Board Spotlight
  • Dev Update/Hicks
  • Dev Update/Peter
  • Dev Update/Viktor
  • Dev Update/Mirek
  • Community Spotlight


Development Board Spotlight


New addition to DayZ weaponry - Bizon submachine gun chambered in 9mm, coming with new AK compatible Kobra sights.


Dev Update/Brian

We appreciate everyone's patience with this Status Report coming out a day later than normal as our Brand Team works on recording the next of our Dev Spotlight videos for Viktor Kostik, our Animation Lead (Baty shares more on that in the Community Spotlight).

For this Status Report I'd like to lead off briefly talking about vehicles on the Steam stable branch, then take a quick look at the critical tracked issues on 0.61 and hand off to Peter, Viktor, and Mirek for the rest of this report.

As many of you may have noticed, we went ahead and re-enabled the spawning of vehicles on the Stable branch servers. We've gone through a good deal of iteration on these over the last few months on experimental branch. While we've been able to tackle a great deal of the issues discovered in testing on the Exp/Unstable branch, there are still obviously critical issues with the existing implementation.

Vehicles are a pillar of the DayZ experience, and one that we're far from being happy with in their current state. Their push to Stable was a measured decision based upon the limited number of active players on Experimental/Unstable branch (to be fair, the draw to participate in Exp/Unstable is obviously lower on hotfix builds compared to full updates) and the data we received through the feedback tracker, and repro steps provided.

Not an easy decision to be sure, but given the option of leaving them on Exp/Unstable only and not getting the larger pool of users getting hands on with it - the call was made. Mirek will elaborate upon some of the technical points below, but I want all of you who are concerned about the operation and systems behind vehicles to rest assured.

Where we are now, and where we want to be are two separate points and vehicles -will- get the attention such a core pillar of DayZ deserves. Like many things right now, all that is required is patience - as the push to Beta is a massive undertaking for us, and every in game mechanic and gameplay system is impacted by it in one way or another.

As far as 0.61 work goes - we've continued to push builds through the Exp/Unstable branch over the last few weeks - and today we should be pushing another update to Stable branch from Exp/Unstable. For today's Stable update we're looking at changes that should hopefully address:

  • Characters/Infected not dying under certain conditions (Eg: Unconscious players & headshots)
  • Disappearing bodies of unconscious players when disconnecting

In addition to these, we are still investigating several issues related to the reintroduction of vehicles onto stable branch - such as but not limited to:

  • Server Performance Degradation (potentially related to vehicles)
  • Reports of invisible players

It's critical to understand that poor server performance can be the root cause of a significant amount of issues that you as players encounter. While this may seem concerning, as we are approaching the limit of what we can do with 0.61 and the legacy technology - the Beta milestone, and introduction of new technology on the Enfusion side opens up a lot more opportunities for us. Not to mention being able to move the server away from having to track two physics systems, which in and of itself is very resource intensive.

- Brian Hicks / Creative Director


Dev Update/Peter

Since new player character got on stage, we started to prototype a new melee combat with animators and programmers. Through the time, whatever we did with the melee, it still ended being just unsatisfying.

In past, we bet everything on tracing actual swings and finding their collisions with geometry. While this system has its own positive aspects as it simulates real trajectories, it just doesn't behave well in such broad multiplayer environment that DayZ offers, where you need to fight server-client synchronization foremost. Even if that side of things worked flawlessly, there are other issues connected with such system. Most notably it's very difficult to predict where hit lands, or even if it reached its target, which results in uncertain behavior and ends up as frustrating for players.

With all that in mind, we decided to look at it from a different perspective and build a new melee combat from scratch. Instead of simulating trajectories, we'll experiment with evaluation of successful hit, right after attack is initiated, based on variables such as distance and direction to target, speed and others. Everything in that system is reevaluated throughout the action to avoid possible misinterpretation (e.g. opponent being hit and thus receiving damage, even when he fell down from cliff before action was finished).

This approach should ensure fair hit detections, and also when combined with new full body animations of melee attacks, where character is moving forward during attack, it will allow us to utilize slight rotations and drags of attacker towards his opponent, which should results in proper visual contacts of hits.

What remains the same is the rule 'every item is a melee weapon' with some exceptions applied. Especially heavy items as vehicle wheels or barrels with their separate set of movement animations will be omitted from that rule for logical reasons. It's also still valid that there will be possibility for melee attacks with ranged weapons like pistol whips, buttstock hits and bayonet stabs.

More attack animation with same melee weapon were added, resulting in more visual variety and combos, however we don't plan to take advantage of combos from the gameplay perspective yet. On the other side, we want to add dashed attacks from sprint. We are considering to add charged attacks and eventually a push move in case it will be doable (do not confuse with current issue of infected pushing player characters around, which is caused by interaction of two independent physics simulations), to deepen melee combat mechanics. New animation system also allow us to play proper impact animations when character being hit.

New damage system has already been deployed and it's used exclusively with the new character, providing straightforward configuration and clear damage outcome from hits per weapon, properly affected by clothing. I bet new melee combat will prove to be worth the wait and it will yield satisfying results for you, players, and together with other systems which are being worked will create best possible overall experience.

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past... see you in Chernarus folks!

- Peter Nespesny / Lead Designer


Dev Update/Viktor

New player character is progressing well. We are now testing and iterating the new melee combat system in game. This includes cooperation between animation, design and code departments - designers are giving us their thoughts on how the combat should look like, we are adjusting attacks to that, and programmers are taking care of controls and giving us features we ask for. We are still testing on a basic set of attacks for bare hands and two handed item though, so we are still rather prototyping, but once we are satisfied with the results we will add more variations to attacks as well as unique animations for some items. Of course a lot of polishing is also expected.

As the player actions are now working in a new system with new scripts, we are changing some of the old "one time" animations to looping ones. We have also started to work on more unique animations for interesting actions. To name few, we have recently created stitching, animal skinning, starting fire, washing hands and other animations to improve overall experience when interacting in the world.

- Viktor Kostik / Lead Animator


Dev Update/Mirek

Today, I won't have anything new about 0.63, we're still working on tasks which I mentioned two weeks ago, but because we enabled vehicles last week on 0.61, I would like to clarify and describe issues which they have and how we will solve them.

First, I would like to describe how vehicles are different than vehicles in Arma 2 / DayZ mod. There are two major changes:

1. Physics

DayZ Standalone is using Bullet Physics Engine, which allows us to create better vehicle physics behavior, but on the other hand, simulation is much more complicated. We're still working on better vehicle simulation which we would like to introduce in 0.63. But the worst issue about vehicles in 0.61 is collision detection of dynamic physical objects and terrain (you can also observe this issue when you throw some item to ground) and engine programmers are currently investigating this issue.

2. Networking

DayZ Standalone is using a client-server architecture instead of peer to peer and since 0.61 there is full server authority over player/vehicle transformation, which is preventing against cheating (teleportation/flying/speedhacking).

In DayZ mod, vehicle is simulated on player's client and results (position, orientation, etc.) are sent to other clients, but in standalone version, player/vehicle is simulated on both (player's client and server) and server sends results to other clients and to player's client as well for correction.

When simulation result are different, player's vehicle is corrected and that is the stuttering you are observing. This can happen when some vehicle state between player's client and server is desynchronized (f.e. gearbox state) or when server performance is too low. We're looking for state desynchronization now and as I wrote in past status reports, server performance optimizations are a long term process (we already have some improvements ready for 0.62). Anyway, we will implement better smoothing algorithm, so the correction wouldn't be so aggressive.

Now, you can see that vehicles in Standalone are completely different than in Arma / DayZ mod, so a lot of issues can arise. Vehicles hit experimental on December 23rd, several days after 0.61 hit stable. We thought that vehicles would be the reason to stay on experimental branch for a larger number of players, but the result was that experimental servers were almost empty.

That means we didn't have enough data of how they behave on full servers or in different situations. We've fixed some issues which players had found on experimental servers (server crashes and some bad behavior of remote vehicles) and then we needed more data, so we enabled them in central loot economy (we can always disable them again without any update) and are now gathering more data to fix / improve the vehicle simulation.

Miroslav Maněna / Lead Gameplay Progammer


Community Spotlight

This status report was postponed by one day due to filming of a Q&A video with Lead Animator Viktor Kostik. We have decided to use this opportunity and record it in an environment that is very close to animations – the Bohemia Interactive motion capture studio where work was in full swing. The video is being processed right now and we cannot wait to show it to you, because we believe it is very interesting and you will enjoy it!





New players may be surprised to find out that Chernarus is based on a real place. It is modeled after a region in Czech Republic around the town of Usti nad Labem, bordered by the river Labe. Many hard-core fans have already traveled there. They wanted to see the real Chernarus and to browse the land they already know like their own backyard, because they spent hundreds and thousands of hours running around it.

Streamer TopeRec is one of those guys. He was planning to come to Czech Republic for a long time and his dream was to see the template for Chernarus. First he went to Gorka, followed by Stary Sobor to see the famous red metal shed. And as he said for himself, he knew exactly where to go and did not even need a GPS, because the surroundings were so well known to him from the game.

If you are interested in knowing what the Chernarus landscape looks like for real, Ivan Stroganov created a map of Chernarus over the real map of Czech Republic, so you can examine everything in detail. Check it HERE.



And if that is not enough, you can check out some pictures from bufkin, who saw real Chernarus with his own eyes. Just click HERE.



Should you have any experience with the real Chernarus, we will be glad if you share it with us on our official Twitter account. And if you have any interesting content from DayZ universe, dont be afraid to send it to us.

Header image by: PuppyMonkeyBaby

- Baty / Community Manager


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The ArmA2 DLC, ACR had a small slice of Chernarus called Bystrica, which was more like the real thing with no sea, but instead had a river.  It was also in the summer time, which gave it some really nice color. The map could be flooded too! Hopefully Enfusion can raise water levels too, making for some interesting custom maps. 


Edited by Coheed_IV

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Great news. Everyone was always telling me how the melee was "definitive" and would not change by the time of full release, and how it sucked, when I was telling them it was only a place holder and it would be polished.

Guess they were wrong, and I was right! Thanks devs for all the great work! Keep it up!! Looking forward to the new forest and vegetation in 0.62 and the new animations and so on for 0.63 and onward. 


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Thanks for the technical elucidation of various problems. I think that are currently all hardcoded things fixed in 61. I'm missing something here from the garden department with the new forest and bridge builder west of Svetlo, yes I'm looking for stones is not easy in DayZ ... but needs the bug that goes ^ ^ then since her faster. @coheed the sea tides up, although not much but there is low tide and hi tide.

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You guys took vehicles away from players on stable branch for a significant period of time in order to encourage them to play experimental build so you can get your testing done and it didn't even work? That is quite a blunder if I'm being honest. The community of Day Z more or less died in that time. I'm happy you guys are trying to get work done, but wow. The clause in the alpha disclaimer that addresses bad design decisions really applies here.

Edited by Solopopo

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Withe the new character and melee system integrated, would this be an option in DayZ?


In addition something like put feed on chest to disable getting up again or detain someone? This would be a real good addition, especially in RP situations!

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18 hours ago, Solopopo said:

You guys took vehicles away from players on stable branch for a significant period of time in order to encourage them to play experimental build so you can get your testing done and it didn't even work? That is quite a blunder if I'm being honest. The community of Day Z more or less died in that time. I'm happy you guys are trying to get work done, but wow. The clause in the alpha disclaimer that addresses bad design decisions really applies here.

I have to agree , and in my opinion this .61 patch and all of it's issues have been getting neglected by the majority of the team so they can crunch for all the game expos coming up by working on their internal milestones (like .62 / .63) rather than their external (public branch starting with experimental). 


The devs are working hard like they always do , but I fear that they are focusing their energies on the future and not the here and now (like they have before .61 - working through each patch one at a time and only really having the internal patches be so far ahead , not having the team divided into working 4 different sectors of the game - .61 stable , .61 exp, .62 and .63 - which is what they are doing now and I truly believe that alone has stagnated the progress of .61).


 Patch .60 seemed to have lasted half a year , now .61 is struggling to move after almost 4 months , I fear for the release date at this point and all I can say is I appreciate the devs hard work but I hope they continue at their original pace (pre-.60) soon after pax east is done .

Edited by blackberrygoo

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Hello everyone !!

I have two questions about future development of Dayz !

I was wondering with the new melle system you're gonna implement in the game if there is a way to add stabbing attack with a knife in the game ? It could be like being very close an other player with a knife allow to have an option to stab the player then you have to aim for the right spot to instant kill the player. anti stab vest can protect from that if the guy don't aim for other part of the body that is protected. it can also work against infected !

the other question is not related to this status report ! I'm asking if there is going to be a rework on the river in the map ? we know that forest vegetation and road are going to be reworked but river look pretty bad currently !

Bye keep up the great works devs !


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11 minutes ago, hemtek said:

Hello everyone !!

I have two questions about future development of Dayz !

I was wondering with the new melle system you're gonna implement in the game if there is a way to add stabbing attack with a knife in the game ? It could be like being very close an other player with a knife allow to have an option to stab the player then you have to aim for the right spot to instant kill the player. anti stab vest can protect from that if the guy don't aim for other part of the body that is protected. it can also work against infected !

the other question is not related to this status report ! I'm asking if there is going to be a rework on the river in the map ? we know that forest vegetation and road are going to be reworked but river look pretty bad currently !

Bye keep up the great works devs !


Nice write up Baty,


I understood that dayz was not getting any new assets until beta? In the above report we see a new weapon? Would bugs being fixed before new additions be a better goal?

and Hemtek, from what i understood from Brian Hicks we would not be adding in any new assets until beta. Unless some are already created and not introduced.

A roadmap would be nice, since character controllers and all the major bugs be fixed prior to additional assets.


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      Is it caused by outdated drivers which have trouble with the newly implemented shader - drivers released at 2015 and above should work correctly.
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      we pushed out a security update from Experimental branch.
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      It is experiences like this that specifically has me so excited for what we'll be able to offer mod authors with DayZ. The project benefits so much from being developed in house by Bohemia Interactive - doing this on in house technology is such a rare opportunity in the grand scheme of things. For both us as developers, mod authors, and you all as passionate advocates of survival in a post apocalyptic world it means a technology base that is designed nearly from the ground up to provide the tools needed to create the experience we've all had our eyes on from day one.
      From a more modern and robust animation system offering true layered animations (being able to move and perform an action at the same time, yay!), to a renderer better designed for the large distances and huge amounts of enterable structures and objects drawn at one time, to a more robust and performance conscious scripting language. Making sure that when DayZ leaves principle development and the Early Access program that it provides people in the tradition of all Bohemia titles with tools to tell their own stories is 100% key.
      Another thing I wanted to discuss briefly was DayZ's survival mechanics - both in gameplay systems, and in the economy values. I've often received shouts of dismay from both sides of the fence. Things being too easy, and being too hard. Looking at the mechanics we have on the survival side, something we've struggled with often as developers is providing an immersive (sometimes punishingly so) sandbox that has systems that don't frustrate. Paying attention to feedback has been critical, and I don't quite think we've hit the mark just yet with this. 
      Far too often, players are forced to manage survival simulation mechanics while trying to engage in the true draw of DayZ, the player interactions. Rather than the survival mechanics serving as a method to drive, and give agency to the player interaction.
      In addition to this, the idea of an economy of scarcity should give said agency to players engaging and interacting with each other, but far too frequently, it ends up being a drive to either completely avoid players - or to just destroy them on sight.
      I truly hope that as we move into BETA, and begin to see mechanics that give players more of an option and feel of having an impact on the world, that we see the core game loop expand past loot-shoot-survive. As my most memorable experiences in gaming all come from those types of interactions with DayZ, and DayZ Mod.
      To achieve this however, we need more than passionate developers. We need to hear from you all. Constructive, and engaging feedback on the systems and mechanics of DayZ that either drive, or hinder player interaction is key - and I hope you all will engage in this more often as we move into BETA. Utilize our official forums, open tickets in the feedback tracker - hell, even post on Reddit and tag Baty. This is as much your game as it is ours.
      In closing, I was asked by my partner once: "If you could only play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be?" - and I'll be honest I thought pretty damn hard on this one, but I am proud to say that my answer was a confident "DayZ" - and I hope to still be playing DayZ years from now. Allowing people to tell their own stories, and paint the world with their own brush will help make this a reality.
      Much like how development is far more of an orchestra, than one mans solo performance - a strong community is one that gives a voice to the ideas and vision of its members.
      Stay safe out there survivors, and remember: mo mic, no life!
      - Brian Hicks / Creative Director
      Dev Update/Eugen
      Dear Players,
      I'm going to change things up before we continue on our intentions and goals for release. We want to prepare detailed information in a digestible format as far as content and features go that will be available from the get go in the first 0.63 Experimental and BETA. I'm excited about how we can communicate with you in the future.
      Today I will focus on things we are currently dealing with, as far as the internal version goes, and its recent development. I do believe it's important to share the steps we are taking to complete this amazing gameplay experience that is so specific to DayZ as a game. Details are crucial in getting things right. And as I said multiple times already, there is only one way out of this: having a good game.
      Before we get into the summary, I'd like to point out we have released a security update on our 0.62 experimental branch. I know it might not seems like that important to test, but on the contrary: it's very much so. To increase the incentive on playing experimental servers, we have been discussing the possibility of making some small changes to how the game behaves, making it more interesting to switch between the branches and find a little bit of relief before the release of BETA. All ideas are welcome and I'll be happy to look into any feedback provided.
      From a gameplay standpoint, our focus is still on the player features that you might have seen on the DayZ Player Diagram a couple of Status Reports ago. The main issue we are still very much focused on is the fix for rapid zig-zag movement in PvP combat. We want to have a solution that is both visually appealing and on point when it comes to gameplay. Additional, we are looking into more tweaks regarding how the player camera behaves, and experimentation with its new features.

      Besides that, that are two major things coming to internal client that haven't been available in the Gamescom demo, just this month. One being prone ranged combat with proper turning on the back, as you move around with your weapon, and second the expansion on melee combat in the form of evades and blocking mechanics. Be aware that things can always change, but we are happy to start working with these as they get play-tested properly. I'm hopeful we can show some early prototypes soon and share the progress on these specific features as we progress further with their implementation.
      From a content standpoint, there has been a couple of sound recordings done and more work on the polish of the data gathered, as well as implementation of specific features that will enable us to fill the game with cues and sounds in right situations. Its an crucial stepping stone for bringing atmosphere and tension into moments and stories you'll experience in the world of Chernarus.
      Sound is not the only content we are working heavily on, as our firearms team continues to implement one firearm from our list roughly every two weeks. The list of BETA weapons should be covering various firearms across weapon types, their specific uses, their overall quality and more. We expect some changes to the pace of implementation as we add in more complicated firearm mechanics, but we are very happy with how things are going right now, and we will feel comfortable finalizing and sharing the list with you pretty soon.
      In the meantime, artists are looking into all the old assets used in-game, and reworking them into a condition that is fit for year 2017, and also fit for the options that we now have regarding the new renderer. Bringing the visual appeal of Chernarus into this century is the main goal here, as DayZ, while still pretty good-looking overall, is certainly lacking some more up to date finesse in certain places. Speaking of Chernarus, work on tourist trails is ongoing, and I can't be more excited after seeing the first internal results. It adds tons of flavor to an already interesting world. Adam will share more as we get closer to some final-ish state of things.
      Last but not least, as always, our concern is performance and stability, and we are going through bugs as they get introduced with new content or features. Its not something we take lightly. As you can see, we are trying to cover a lot of things that this game needs in order to introduce the critical changes all of us want to see.
      - Eugen Harton / Lead Producer
      Dev Update/Boris
      Greetings survivors! This is my first Status Report so let me quickly write something about myself. I've joined the DayZ dev team as a member of the Bratislava studio 3 years ago. Since then, I work as a scripter / designer and I wrote various systems (both on SQF and Enforce tech). Today, I would like to show you what I am currently working on in regards to firearms mechanics.
      Thanks to the new Enfusion technology, scripters now have better ways to handle particle effects. One of the features that heavily relies on this system are weapon muzzle flashes. In DayZ 0.63 and onward, all firearms will shoot unique particle effects depending on various parameters, such as ammo type fired, weapon type used, muzzle attachments used (suppressors, compensators, muzzle brakes or flash hiders) and the damage state of any of these components.
      In addition to that, particles can now be generated coming from multiple parts of the weapon. So for example, in addition to seeing typical muzzle flash coming from the rifle's muzzle, you will also see a patch of smoke escaping from the ejector. Or, if some specific muzzle brake is present, the flash will form a star-shape.

      Internally, we're currently at the beginning of creating particle effects for each weapon type and muzzle attachment configuration. This will be a long-term continuous process that will require a lot of tweaking to get right. However, we already have a few rough prototypes that we can show:

      This system will be fully moddable and with a few simple tweaks, content creators will be able to achieve quite wild results:

      - Boris Vacula / Scripter
      Community Spotlight
      Hello everyone in our lovely community!
      We are back after two weeks and you have created plenty of awesome community content again!
      If you read the latest Status Report, you had two chances to participate in some of our official community activities.
      The first thing was an event - The Big Pumpkin Hunt. 50 players split into 4 groups and were tasked to find as many pumpkins as possible in Chernogorsk. The only permitted way to fight was with bare hands and additionally to all that, there were creepy devs running around, scaring and killing the players. The event was quite successful and I am so proud everything was ready in time. I wanted to show you the kill log, but it has more than 5000 lines and I didn't have enough time for it. It should be ready this week though!
      The winning PINK team collected 80 pumpkins. Congratulations again!
      Fun fact for you - we have placed more than 200 pumpkins around all Chernogorsk in-game, all done by hand. The placement was not scripted at all!
      We had several content creators there and they have some screenshots and videos for you.
      TRMZ and CamCANTRUN made edits from the event, so you don't need to see the whole thing, just the interesting parts:

      But if you want to see everything without any cuts, here is a Twitch VOD by McBaiin.
      Watch The Big Pumpkin Hunt - Halloween Event from McBaiin on www.twitch.tv
      And we need some screenshots of course. These are by Baroness from the Yellow team:

      I really enjoyed the event and I am planning another one, so stay tuned and read the Status Reports for more information.
      DayZ Noob has a community event for you, it will be a fist fight in Kamy and it sounds awesome, so check it out!

      If you have an event coming up as well in the future, just let us know via our DayZ Twitter or Twitter and we'll help to spread the word.
      The second thing you could have participated in was a Halloween screenshot competition. And you sent us tons of really amazing screenshots! I was sad we can only choose three winners. I collected 63 votes around the team and we made a decision. So…. The winners are: 
      1. DrDeSync

      2. PrincessRobotB
      3. Tsch0sy

      Devs chose DrDeSync's screenshot because of the story behind this picture. Group of survivors are resting peacefully around a fire, but there is a creepy killer hiding behind a tree, waiting for the right time to attack. 
      I want to thank you all for your nice screenshots, I love all of them. Thank you! 
      I will contact the winners this week
      Now - time for more videos from you!
      This one is really great. TiKTac'tical made an amazing cinematic video. You need to see it. Really. Here:

      Another video is by Axel Hjelmqvist and it will cost you only 1 minute of your time to see it. It is about morning routine of just about every survivor. Wake up, eat some food, drink some water, choose a weapon, kill some zombies and try to survive.

      And here is an experiment!
      Rustycaddy made probably the biggest farm in DayZ ever! 10 random people helped him on a public server, which is amazing! Good people still exist.

      Do you know Boydy? He is a YouTuber from Australia and he makes interviews with DayZ content creators. This time, it was my turn. Maybe you will be interested. And thank you again Boydy! 

      Here comes the riddle time again! 
      First, the wall of fame from the last Status Reports riddle, good job: 
      IMT  THE MAX BRAND‏   Harold Palmer   
      The next riddle: 
      Do you know the name of this camp? 

      Answer on our Twitter profile and you can be on the wall of fame next time
      And that is all from me, I am looking forward to see you in two weeks!
      Header image by proxy.
      - Baty / Community Manager