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  1. So you are just going to give me my first warning in 4 years and not answer? Very worrisome. I have been careful with the wording of my sentences. You just posted something supporting the claim that DayZ should not have released early and then you refuse to acknowledge it and warn me when you realize what you just did. You have just proven everything I already know to be true. Good bye.
  2. Then admit to me right now that it was a bad idea for DayZ to release in early access. How could I forget that article. It was devastating to the entire community. The fact that he didn't actually climb a mountain before quitting is kind of irrelevant. He was the figurehead of the project. His leaving looked bad no matter how you slice it. Brian Hicks may have admitted early access was a bad idea in some obscure you-tube video with 8000 views, but that's not the story we keep hearing in the status reports or anywhere else. Leaving to make his own game studio may have been exactly what he did, but it also crashed and burned, which doesn't really service your argument.
  3. Everything presently wrong with DayZ is the fault of Dean Hall. I actually feel bad for the current devs. They are the only ones trying to make DayZ a reality. I can't believe he abandoned them like that. I can't believe he abandoned us. He had the eyes of the entire world on him and he literally went and climbed a mountain and then quit, all because he couldn't handle internet children saying mean things. He's a complete scumbag. He has forsaken us all. The thing that is really messed up about it is that the only reason he had the luxury of being able to quit is because Day Z is early access. He had already gotten paid, and a lot. He basically told us all to "**** off" and took the money and ran out of shear spite. He was but hurt over internet comments, and bailed on his beloved project that propelled him to fame and fortune. It's detestable. There is a reason the majority of professional game developers don't do what he did, aside from the fact that it is characteristically unprofessional to do so. They still have money to earn. The irony of it all is that his leaving is undeniable proof that early access doesn't work, but the devs themselves still go on about how great and innovative it is. The delusion is thick. It's not like I'm the only one to point this out either. The general consensus, now even on these forums, is that the devs need to come clean about early access. Aside from the devs, there are probably five people left in the world who truly believe early access has been a good thing for DayZ's "development."
  4. This is how I feel exactly. They never meet their deadlines, but they seem to expect us to believe what they are saying now. I took one look at that massive text wall of excuses and skipped the entire thing. I have read so many of those stupid status reports and they always result in being downright lies. They seem to spend most of their time keeping the 30 or so people who still hang around here updated on what they aren't doing. I have lost all faith in DayZ at this point. It's official. This just proves that early access is no way to release a game. The entire thing is a sham. You can't motivate people to work if they have already gotten paid, and you just develop a bad reputation when all of your set backs and delays are open for the public to criticize. There is a practice in the construction business known as "retention." The owner of a project will withhold a certain percentage of payment until the project is entirely finished. If owners don't hang on to retention money and instead pay entirely up front, 9 times out of 10 the project is not satisfactorily finished. It should really not come as a surprise to anyone that this project is also not being finished, because there is nothing the devs are working towards. To the devs, shameful demonstration guys, just shameful. You've lost me, you've lost the world. So many eyes were on you and you dropped the ball. I'd love to see DayZ be a success for all of our sakes, but I just don't believe you people are motivated enough to do the job. I don't care about your excuses. It's your job to finish the project and you aren't. That's the bottom line. If you worked for me I would fire you. Do you realize it's been 5 years and you are trying to tell us that there may not even be helicopters in the beta? You are developing the game on a modified helicopter simulator engine and you still haven't nailed helicopters in 5 years? You have promised helicopters literally dozens of times in dozens of status reports. Oh, but it's "definitely coming by 1.0." I can hold you to that right? Ha! Downright laughable. Good luck and all that. I'm done with the lies. This will likely be my last post, unless by some miracle you people pull through. I'd estimate the probability of that happening as less than 10 percent being generous.
  5. No, I am directly responding to what you said. "DayZ is one of the first open alpha releases on this scale if I'm not mistaken and originators are bound to make more mistakes. I think it's better to look at the time comparisons on a general level and what's expected as the outcome if you want to draw parallels with other games." I refuse to accept your premise that the idea of Early Access Alpha is some new industry innovation pioneered by the DayZ devs. That is complete nonsense. There is nothing innovative about releasing unfinished work and charging money for it. There is nothing innovative about making the majority of your customers loathe you. The early release of DayZ has hurt it's development, not helped it. Us "testers," as you say, are not helping them do anything. You are brainwashed by their rhetoric too. Do you not remember that even the creator of the game bailed on DayZ? We were stuck with pre Enfusion DayZ for so long, and they actually worked on that engine for a while. They could have been doing real work in that time, but they were jerking us around. They would have to be complete fools not to see right away that their current technology wouldn't support what they wanted to do with the game. You try to say in your original post--and this was originally something I wasn't going to respond to, but you insisted--that despite all the bullshit, the overall time this game has taken to be developed is not unreasonable. I don't agree with that at all. DayZ was already a fully functioning mod. Bohemia Interactive shut all of the mods down. They stopped real development that was happening with the mod so the devs could release a standalone, and the promise was that it would be released in 2 years. They even published a detailed quarterly release schedule. DayZ would be incredible at this point if it had successfully transitioned to Arma 3, which it would have. You mean to tell me that it is not unreasonable that the devs couldn't do the same amount of work that a bunch of hobbiest modders were doing for free? That is complete nonsense my friend. So why then? Why couldn't they keep up with the modders that were already working on DayZ? It's because they already got paid, and they weren't incentivised. I find your certainty that DayZ will be finished, and that there will ever be a day people come running back to it, hilarious at this point. So much damage has been done. I know people who would only play DayZ if forced at gunpoint. There seems to be this common idea among the few remaining survivors that the past won't matter when DayZ releases, because what DayZ is supposed to be is so damn amazing that everyone will come flocking back. Well, I'm sorry to say that too is bullshit. A lot of people are just utterly disgusted with the franchise so much so that they just can't enjoy it. Not every person with a complaint about DayZ is some brat with no patience. A lot of them are just regular, rational, people with completely justified complaints who are just fed up. Some of them have even grown up, because the game is taking so damn long, left to live life never to return. I don't wish to trash DayZ, but when speaking honestly, there are just very few positive things left to say about it. I was gushing over the trees just a few months ago, but since then there has been basically nothing. Making the grass textures match at all distances was nice, but still not that big. I would love for the beta to come out and have it be a transformative experience for everyone. I just don't believe anymore, and I'm not alone. The beta promo was really lackluster. I was not really all that impressed with what I saw, and at this point I don't believe anything I don't see with my eyes. They say there will be base building? Yeah, sure, they've said a lot of things in the past. At this point it's actually more probable that it's not true, and that's not even a joke. If you ran the numbers, the probability would be in favor of it not happening. I like where they are going with melee combat, but it's looks like shit. They say it will look better later. Yeah? When my kids are born and grown and old enough to play it? Also, zombies are still crap, and that isn't even something they are planning to address in the beta. As for now, I can't bring myself to play at all. I can't believe they haven't addressed the apple glitch literally since the game has released. I have no incentive at all to try to survive the way the game intends, knowing that there is infinite food literally everywhere. The game has been fundamentally broken from the beginning, and their solution is to just not talk about it so fewer people learn about it. It's just absolutely preposterous. How do they not address one simple but completely game breaking glitch in 4 years? There is no excuse for that kind of thing. If they still had money to earn from this game it would have already been fixed. It would have been better for DayZ as a franchise to have a normal release, when it was good and ready. Even if the game hadn't released yet, nobody would hate it. The reputation of the game has been dragged through the mud by it's early access release, and the only way to start healing those wounds is to openly acknowledge that DayZ should not have been released as an early access alpha, and no game ever should be. That is the only way I can see the DayZ devs and community ever regaining respect, and the only way anyone will ever come back, because if this charade continues, people will see right away that nothing has changed. Early Access Alpha releases are a cancer that is infecting the video game industry. If the devs continue to stand by their abomination, I cannot continue to stand by them, and I am not alone on that either.
  6. I think the only one being childish is you. It is no coincidence that DayZ has lost almost it's entire playerbase. The vast majority of people think DayZ is bullshit at this point. I don't agree with the practices of those other companies you are referring to either, but it's laughable that you are trying to compare DayZ to those games. Price gouging a finished product is not the same thing as charging money for an unfinished one. Games should come out at a set price as an entirely finished product. That is the way it has always been until recently, and there are still many games that release this way. The Witcher 3 is a shining example of how a game should be released. So is the Last of Us, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, Grand Theft Auto V. All of these games I just listed are phenomenal and in comparison make DayZ look like a literal joke. Your argument this time around, if it can even be called that, is that the DayZ devs are completely justified releasing an unfinished piece of crap and charging money for it because some other companies price gouge their finished product. That's even more ridiculous than your original argument. Again, with all that being said, I am still rooting for DayZ and I think it has the potential to be amazing. However, the way this game released is just bullshit and practically everyone in the world agrees with that. But the devs have stuck to their guns. They keep pushing this crap about how early access alphas are innovative and how they were the first ones to do it. If that is their claim to fame they are doomed to fail, and they need to recognize that fast. Early Access Alphas don't bring innovation to people's minds, they bring broken, clunky, hilariously bad games to mind. The devs seem to think they can rewrite history with their words. They have people like you believing their bullshit rhetoric and it honestly just makes the whole community look bad, as I said in my original post. From an outside perspective everything happening with DayZ is just utterly absurd. To try to defend it at this point it just... dumb. If the Devs are going to insist that this alpha nonsense is innovative and continually fail to acknowledge how badly the early release hurt the game, they have a lot to prove at this point. It's seriously put up or shut up time. I have no problem waiting for a good game to be made right, but if that is what they are going to do they need to shut up about how great everything has been so far because it's been awful. This game should have been locked up behind closed doors from the start. They released early because they wanted to cash in on the DayZ craze while they could, and that's just the honest-to-god truth everyone knows.
  7. I think it's pretty clear from the context that I am talking about early access alphas. Early access alphas just shouldn't exist. The idea is not innovative, it's just an excuse to get paid early for something unfinished. The whole idea doesn't make sense, and goes against basic economics. If developers get paid before their product is done, they are not going to be incentivized to continue their work. We should not be embracing the idea of early access, and DayZ is in fact a perfect example of why that's true.
  8. This post is just nonsense and makes us all look bad. None of those games are alphas. None of those companies got paid before their games came out, and they didn't publicly post erroneous release schedules. If you are trying to make the argument that people shouldn't complain because game development generally takes a long time that's bullshit, I'm sorry. This game was released as a garbage alpha that was so bad the project needed to be completely gutted and restarted from the beginning. Yes, that is okay if it's behind closed doors and getting it right takes a while, but it's not when your game is public and you already got payed and advertised your game like it would be releasing fully within the year. Complaints are utterly justified. With that said, I am still rooting for DayZ, but I am far from delusional about it's development. Dayz does need time at this point to become what we all want it to be, but it is not right the way they went about releasing this game. The development of DayZ was hurt by the release of the alpha, not helped. We need to be honest about what's happened. Alphas are cancer. PS: Shenmue is glorious
  9. I actually think there is a much simpler reason for the render distance to be low for tents at the moment. We all know that decreasing object render distances can increase performance, but I think a less obvious reason the render distance is low for tents is that we can hide them more effectively. In the future we will be able to build fortifications to defend our bases, but for now they stay hidden or they get raided.
  10. Noobs Hate Rain

    Rain is one of my favorite features at the moment. Its one of the few game play mechanics that has actually been added to the game since release. DayZ is a survival game with mostly broken and incomplete survival features. It's nice that clothing can actually make a difference now. Just find a rain coat or a gorka military jacket and you'll be covered from rain.
  11. .63 ETA ?

    I'm really hoping to see it release between the fall and spring semesters, around the beginning of January. If it isn't out then, I'm done honestly. That's my limit. It's gotten to the point that optimism and benefit-of-the-doubt are just foolish.
  12. where's all the private servers

    Sounds like server maintenance to me. It happens Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings, not just for DayZ but most games. I'm genuinely surprised no one knows this.
  13. Will Reshade 3.0 Get Detected by BattlEye

    It's not even worth it in my opinion. A VAC ban stays on your record forever. Your account is worth basically nothing now.
  14. Anyone left who likes jogging instead of sprinting?

    A very large percentage of my kills are against players who sprint like this. As of .62, stealth has dominated my play style. They may be able to catch up to you if you don't sprint, but you will probably hear them before they see you. At least in my opinion. I love walking/jogging btw. I can't wait till .63 to have an even more valid reason to do it. Everything feels so rushed when you spring 24/7. It may get you places faster, but oddly it makes it feel like it's taking longer. When you slow down to smell the coffee, so to speak, playing the game the way it's "meant to be played" comes more naturally.
  15. ONE Thing You Want Most!

    What I want most are dynamic events and AI of all kinds. I want NPC military personnel flying helicopters that can crash with good loot. I want military personnel patrolling some roads, especially military outposts. I want NPC bandits. I want singular roaming AI units with terrifying capabilities, like bears and super zombies. In The WarZ, before it's name changed, there was a swamp in the corner of the map where you could hear a creature screech at night. It was just a placeholder, but at the time I didn't know that, and the fear that I might get run down by some mysterious super monster in the night was intense. Similar to how we can hear wolves howl, we should be able to hear screeches in the distance from these super zombies, and they should be much faster, stronger, louder, and bigger than your average zombie. But in the case of bears I think it would be cool if we only heard the roar right before it's actually about to charge, to increase the surprise and fear factor. It would be pretty cool if these AI units dropped especially rare loot/resources as well. It would also be really cool if all of the AI units had the potential to interact in dynamic ways, even if there are no players present. They should engage zombie hordes that get within range. If a bear wanders into military territory, they may need to take it down. If a helicopter is shot down, military personnel should respond, and any eaves droppers should be able to hear their radio correspondence if they are within ear shot or if they are tuned in with a radio to the right frequency. If military personnel see a player, they should engage accordingly. If you are carrying a weapon at your hip, you should face apprehension. If you raise your weapon in their direction, they should open fire. You should be able to interact with them through the use of gestures, such as raising your hands when told. A DayZ server should be an interesting place even if there aren't any players around. DayZ's biggest problem at the moment is that a server with few players is a wasteland. Player interactivity is surely DayZ's most outstanding feature, but if it is all that it has to offer, and it is right now, that is not enough. We need DayZ to be a game, and not just an empty simulator. It can't be left entirely up to the players to bring the world to life, the world needs to already be alive to attract players and encourage them to take up the role of a survivor. I'd also like to see underground tunnels in DayZ.