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  1. Sounds like server maintenance to me. It happens Wednesday nights and Thursday mornings, not just for DayZ but most games. I'm genuinely surprised no one knows this.
  2. It's not even worth it in my opinion. A VAC ban stays on your record forever. Your account is worth basically nothing now.
  3. A very large percentage of my kills are against players who sprint like this. As of .62, stealth has dominated my play style. They may be able to catch up to you if you don't sprint, but you will probably hear them before they see you. At least in my opinion. I love walking/jogging btw. I can't wait till .63 to have an even more valid reason to do it. Everything feels so rushed when you spring 24/7. It may get you places faster, but oddly it makes it feel like it's taking longer. When you slow down to smell the coffee, so to speak, playing the game the way it's "meant to be played" comes more naturally.
  4. What I want most are dynamic events and AI of all kinds. I want NPC military personnel flying helicopters that can crash with good loot. I want military personnel patrolling some roads, especially military outposts. I want NPC bandits. I want singular roaming AI units with terrifying capabilities, like bears and super zombies. In The WarZ, before it's name changed, there was a swamp in the corner of the map where you could hear a creature screech at night. It was just a placeholder, but at the time I didn't know that, and the fear that I might get run down by some mysterious super monster in the night was intense. Similar to how we can hear wolves howl, we should be able to hear screeches in the distance from these super zombies, and they should be much faster, stronger, louder, and bigger than your average zombie. But in the case of bears I think it would be cool if we only heard the roar right before it's actually about to charge, to increase the surprise and fear factor. It would be pretty cool if these AI units dropped especially rare loot/resources as well. It would also be really cool if all of the AI units had the potential to interact in dynamic ways, even if there are no players present. They should engage zombie hordes that get within range. If a bear wanders into military territory, they may need to take it down. If a helicopter is shot down, military personnel should respond, and any eaves droppers should be able to hear their radio correspondence if they are within ear shot or if they are tuned in with a radio to the right frequency. If military personnel see a player, they should engage accordingly. If you are carrying a weapon at your hip, you should face apprehension. If you raise your weapon in their direction, they should open fire. You should be able to interact with them through the use of gestures, such as raising your hands when told. A DayZ server should be an interesting place even if there aren't any players around. DayZ's biggest problem at the moment is that a server with few players is a wasteland. Player interactivity is surely DayZ's most outstanding feature, but if it is all that it has to offer, and it is right now, that is not enough. We need DayZ to be a game, and not just an empty simulator. It can't be left entirely up to the players to bring the world to life, the world needs to already be alive to attract players and encourage them to take up the role of a survivor. I'd also like to see underground tunnels in DayZ.
  5. Obviously I was wrong. Rub it in more why don't ya.
  6. What did they do?
  7. The calm before the storm, it's driving me crazy. This next status report is going to be huge.
  8. edit: double post
  9. :P
  10. Don't underestimate the power of the quarter circle cross hair. It is extremely effective if you know how to use it. In arma it is referred to as aim assist, because it actually makes shooting easier and some servers even turn it off for this reason. DayZ's crosshair indicates exactly where your bullet is going to land, regardless of how you are zeroed in. It automatically compensates everything for you. Many people are at first put off by this style of crosshair, but if you put your faith in it, you won't be let down.
  11. That's not really how it works. Technically there are an infinite amount of numbers between any two other numbers, and they are used however developers see fit to represent their progression. Iterations represented by an increase of .01 are usually large or significant changes, but increases of .001 are minor patches. There are often many smaller iterations between the larger ones. Also, the choice of number is for the most part arbitrary, but they adhere to the convention that 1.0 is the finished product, and higher numbers are used to represent newer iterations. Normally 1.0 is referred to as the beta, and the beta is basically the finished product to be tested, but the DayZ devs don't seem to consider beta close enough to the finished product to refer to it as 1.0. They seem to be saving 1.0 for the absolutely finished product.
  12. I never knew animal companions were on their initial roadmap. That's pretty exciting actually.
  13. The only way to win players back is to make DayZ good. The devs, Eugene specifically, have actually said this themselves. Nothing else will bring players back, especially not some flashy marketing campaign with more promises. There is hardly a shred of hype for DayZ at the moment, and any attempts to build it prematurely could potentially be disastrous. The beta, and the later iterations, must be awesome. All other issues aren't just secondary, they are irrelevant.
  14. Almost no legitimate work was done to DayZ up until the point Dean Hall left development. The decision to implement the Enfusion engine was Bohemia Interactive's first real initiative to make this game a reality. The truth is that this game should not have have been released as an alpha. A new group of people inherited other people's problems, and these people have done a tremendous amount of work to bring us the DayZ everyone wants. On the surface it looks bad, but to say they are lazy at this point is crazy. The reason the game is taking so long to release is because any legitimate attempt to make this game what it needs to be would take a long time, and that's precisely why Dean Hall left. He didn't want to develop DayZ later, he wanted to do it now. He knew it was going to be literally years until he could implement anything he wanted, so he bailed. Meanwhile BI has been doing a massive amount of work Hall wasn't willing to sit through. Either that or they forced him out so they could start getting real work done and fix his disaster piece. We'll probably never know, but we do know that real work is getting done, and a ton at that. Bohemia Interactive has fully embraced DayZ, even going so far as to develop Arma along side it with the same engine. DayZ is no longer just one of their side projects, it's an integral part of their future as a company. For that reason alone it would reasonable to expect DayZ to be what it should be in the near future.
  15. Up until recently, if a player was double carrying with a weapon in hand and on his back, and both weapons were placed on the hotbar, using the hotbar to switch weapons would cause one of the weapons to be knocked off the hotbar. You could get one successful weapon switch without it knocking one off the hotbar, but after the second switch the original weapon that was in the players hands would be knocked off. What does this mean? When you are double carrying primary weapons you can put both in your hotbars now and switch between them without any fear you will drop one. If I'm not mistaken, this change came with .62. I only realized this recently in attempting to show my friend how you can accidentally drop your weapon without noticing and my demonstration didn't work. I just sat there switching my weapons looking like an idiot. Something else I've noticed is that magnums now properly show how many rounds they have chambered on the weapon model. You can tell if a magnum is loaded or not by looking at it's revolving chambers. This was a feature once before but they dumped it along the lines somewhere. I'm not entirely sure if this came with .62, but anyway, it's back now. They also seem to have delayed the death black screen a bit. Recently it seems as if I always see at least a little bit of my death animation before I get the black screen. Thrown items seem to bounce around in a more predictable and expected way now as well. It's still choppy, but I've seen thrown objects collide and bounce in surprisingly realistic ways this patch that I haven't seen before. Anyone else notice any minor changes?