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  1. Unfortunately, whatever my problem is, it isn't specific to one client or the other. I've tried them both numerous times.
  2. Done. I threw all relevant bidmp and rpt files on there. Hopefully I didn't overload them. I crashed a lot yesterday.
  3. Can we get a few more 1PP official public servers for the US? UK has like 16 and no one is on them. We have 3 and two of them keep dropping off the server browser.
  4. So I stole an AK101 from someone's camp. I kept crashing while I was interacting with the tents. To be clear, my PC is power cycling virtually every time this happens. I drove across the map to my humble barrel stash and started looking around for a new sedan tire. I pulled my supressed AK101 out and shot a zombie. Got another crash. Game booted back up and now I'm crashing on the main menu. My theory is that the rifle in my hands is corrupted in some way and causing these crashes but I could be way off.
  5. Does anyone have any issues with crashing when interacting with deployed tents full of gear? Tried both clients. Crashing on multiple tents I found that belong to someone very lazy.
  6. No, sorry. Wasn't recording at the time. I'm sure I can reproduce it though.
  7. I nearly died to wolves again. I was able to survive by standing right on the threshold of where I'd start swimming and where I can stand in a pond and chambering a CR75. That shouldn't be possible. I definitely should've died.
  8. Did this reset persistence? I played yesterday for the first time in awhile and amassed exactly enough stuff to fill a barrel. Then I was eaten by a wolf pack that was larger than normal and gave zero fucks when I killed the requisite 3 wolves. Just curious if I'm back to literally zero.
  9. uninstall

    Try this. I've had similar issues before when I reformatted my main drive. This will let you take full ownership of the folder and every file within it. The method of taking ownership through the Properties menu often doesn't work.
  10. Yes. This. This is what I have been hoping for in the long term. I don't want night and day to fly by, but I also don't want to play in the dark for 4 hours. I also don't want to go from night to day 6 times each in a 4 hour play session. I'd also like to see normal 24 hour day transitions at dusk and dawn no matter what I have acceleration set to. It's super weird to go from pitch black to full daylight in 2 minutes.
  11. Yes please. The less I need to consult a map, the more immersed I feel.
  12. Is persistence turned off for 0.62?
  13. ^The proverbial "why we can't have nice things".
  14. Don't worry. This is not a legitimate concern and it never has been. Bohemia is as close to AAA as an indie studio could possibly be. What I wouldn't give to erase all of my map knowledge and be in your shoes again...
  15. Adaptive Vsync doesn't need to be supported by the game directly. It can be enabled at the hardware level without much fuss. The fact that some games have it available in the in-game menu is sort of redundant. All it does is turn Vsync off when FPS dips below the monitor's refresh rate so as to reduce stuttering. However, based on your post it doesn't seem that you're talking about Adaptive Vsync at all. As someone else pointed out, what you may actually be after is AMD/Freesync or Nvidia/GSYNC. Those require a special monitor that has a variable refresh rate and can communicate with the graphics card to match the refresh rate with the frame rate of the GPU. Those monitors are expensive, but from everything I've seen, worth it if you can afford it. You could also simply opt for a monitor with a higher refresh rate than 60hz. Most commonly, the next step up is 120hz, but I've seen monitors out there with a 75hz refresh rate and I'm pretty sure there are a few other oddball numbers floating around.