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  1. ColdAtrophy

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    I member. I spent a week collecting up fishing hooks, Kvass, cans of beans, and wood for the fire and we spent a couple hours fishing. It was fun. I miss the days when DayZ still had a ton of items and stuff to do.
  2. ColdAtrophy

    Stable Update 1.01

    I wonder how long it will be before we get back to where we were as far as guns and vehicles are concerned? It's not my intention to be snarky here, I'm genuinely asking. Two guns for this update, assuming we get, say 5 updates this year, we'll get 8 more by 2020? Or is this not representative of what we may get in the future? I'm just waiting on content to make this worth playing again.
  3. ColdAtrophy

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    You're not following this. If it's in the game now, the devs have dubbed it part of "core" gameplay. You are arguing a point that's irrelevant in addition to being wrong. No one cares how you pedantically define it. We just wanted them to work, since they are, in fact, in the 1.0 "core" of DayZ, per the devs own description.
  4. ColdAtrophy

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Cars WEREN'T a part of core gameplay. That is until stamina and base building became a part of said core. Let me know how long it takes you to get the parts you need to accomplish anything in the core gameplay loop, long term without a faster means of transportation. Try picking up a barrel and travelling more than 100 meters with it.
  5. ColdAtrophy

    Status Report - 25 September 2018

    I'm not able to load the images either. I'll edit this post if I find a workaround.
  6. ColdAtrophy

    And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    There really is no need to feed the trolls people. Posts like this are the definition of pointless. If you wanna jump ship, then go. This is the 11th hour. There is not a single thing you can say that the devs or the forum regulars haven't seen and heard a thousand times before. If you don't wanna leave, then what exactly are you up to here? You think none of us are aware of the game's horrible reputation and fluctuating state of playability? We know. Thanks for being the 8,000,000th keyboard warrior to tell us. We stick it out because you're right: we are fans. We believe in the project. Many of us would still be here if it took another 5 years because DayZ is still the only game of its kind, no debate. The imitators aren't even close in scale or scope. If constant bitching about DayZ was going to get anything done faster, there's been enough of it at this point that it would've been finished when Dean Hall was still in the womb.
  7. I've been thinking about this dispersion issue a lot over the past couple weeks. I wanted to jump back into this discussion real quick and share my thoughts. We don't even have to go so far as to make the argument for dispersion strictly from the point of view that everything in the game has to be a 1:1 with real life (not that you are, @-Gews-). In my opinion, a person making that argument (i.e - but it's a game, not real life) is getting hung up on an argument that we aren't exactly making. It's more nuanced than that. For example, no one is making the point that the player character should have to stop and relieve themselves regularly, randomly respawn on the coast to find that your character was "born" with an autoimmune disorder, or experience heat rashes from running for days with 80 pounds of gear and randomly found, unwashed clothing on. Why? Because that would be strict realism. As I see it, authenticity is basically an adherence to reality insofar as it adds to and does not take away from the enjoyment of the player's experience (provided it also fits in with the designers' vision for the game). 1) DayZ is fundamentally different from anything else the games industry has to offer. What makes the experience so immersive and what makes the title particularly endearing to virtually anyone I've ever spoken to on the subject is the adherence to authentic design. This particular trait spawns a massive web of other interconnected design elements that, together, provide an experience that simply cannot be had in any other game. I've tried all of the survival/horror/TPS/FPS/battle royale/sandbox games and mods I could get my hands on. DayZ is, with no qualifiers or exceptions, the most hardcore, authentic, and immersive game across all the genres it fits into. The feeling of progression that naturally arises as an emergent property of the overall design of the game is based almost entirely on the player's own skill behind the keyboard and mouse improving over time, hard earned through blood, sweat, and tears. Soft skills will supplement this, if and when they get implemented, but by the very nature of what they are intended to modify, they can never be a proper substitution for mastery over the game's mechanics. DayZ's adherence to authenticity means that a certain amount of intuitive sense and knowledge about items found in the game world are actually relevant in interacting with the game's systems, contributing massively to player immersion and investment in the experience. 2) Removing dispersion makes the game easier for new players. I have a theory about another possible motivation for removing it, but it's purely speculative and I don't think that will contribute to the discussion. It should suffice to say that it makes successfully killing other entities within the sandbox less of a complex operation, effectively lowering the skill ceiling and narrowing the skill gap. The devs have essentially stated this much already. So, as I see it, conventional design philosophy shies away from complexity. DayZ turns complexity into its strongest asset. By removing dispersion, the devs are fundamentally chipping away at one of the core pillars of DayZ's identity and, by extension, weakening the only meaningful progression system that the game has. I would personally sacrifice nearly any other design element to avoid making that mistake at all costs. That's my rant.
  8. ColdAtrophy

    system specs

    You already bought the 1060? If I had seen this sooner I would've advised patience. No one should be buying a new GPU right this second. The rumor is that the 1100 series GPUs are coming out this summer.
  9. ColdAtrophy

    Dayz over wifi

    It is literally impossible for anyone to answer your question accurately. The quality of your WiFi experience will be entirely determined by the characteristics of your home, your router, the amount of other devices "talking" in the same band, the distance to the router, the quality of the PC's WiFi hardware, etc. There are too many variables that can dramatically impact your experience.
  10. ColdAtrophy

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    I'd love a large batch of whatever they're smoking over there at HQ. I kinda feel like I've been a pretty patient guy when it comes to this project. If this is the kind of decision making we're gonna have to deal with from here on out....ugh. On a related note, well done universe. You've accomplished the impossible. I miss Hicks.
  11. ColdAtrophy

    .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    Let me see if I'm following this. Dispersion is completely gone and the devs are stating definitively that there are no plans to reimplement the mechanic? And the removal of dispersion makes a handgun precisely as "accurate" as a sniper rifle? I really hope I'm very wrong and missing something here because, if that's correct, that would make DayZ the first shooter I've ever played that didn't have some variation of this weapon characteristic.
  12. ColdAtrophy

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I'm genuinely surprised to see this level of engagement with the SP build. I can't seem to play it for more than 30ish minutes before I crash and since there's no hive to save to, it's back to the coast.
  13. ColdAtrophy

    General Discussion

    I'm sorry....what? How?
  14. ColdAtrophy

    Status Report - April 25 2018

    Too bad I didn't catch a video of it, because this screenshot doesn't really capture the essence of the sheer terror I was experiencing at the time. You can't see how it kept see-sawing back and forth smashing into the ground and making screeching demon sounds just as it burst into flames. I still have bad dreams sometimes.
  15. ColdAtrophy

    General Discussion

    I am, for the first time, truly amazed at the game's performance. This is far more of an improvement than the initial renderer implementation that everyone raved about, at least for me. I have a GTX 1080 and an i7-4790k. I am able to max every single setting the game has to offer and I see about 75% max usage on my GPU @ 1080p60hz, Vsync on. The graphics look absolutely stunning. That said, it's extremely unintuitive, the way that actions must be performed and, to be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of all the changes. I know it needed to change and I accept that. But having to quickly double click RMB and then hold it to switch to ironsights? Not a fan. Constantly having to go into and out of the inventory screen to do things gets kinda old, especially since I can't interact with my inventory while moving anymore. For example, I used to be able to chamber a weapon by tapping the quickslot key for the corresponding ammo to the weapon in my hands. I couldn't get that to work. So instead of chambering while on the run, I need to stop moving, open my inventory, drag the ammo pile to the weapon in my hands on the combine side, then hold LMB to chamber the weapon. Combat feels a little wonky but from the blog post pertaining to the stress testing, I think it's understood what needs fixing. I'm guessing I experienced desync, but I got killed while inside the base of the Green Mountain tower with the door shut and no one on the ladder. I was a little bewildered by that one. We'll see how it holds up when/if vehicles, infected, wildlife, and camps are reintroduced.