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  1. Make guns recoil control a soft skill

    They'll never go for this. The devs have stated without qualification that soft skills will never be implemented in such way that it subverts player skill. The design philosophy is such that, in the end, the actual human being behind the keyboard is always the deciding factor in who lives and who dies, or at the very least, that's what they'll strive for.
  2. Status Report - 12 September 2017

    I'd give a one hundred dollar bill for an offline playable copy of 0.55. I feel ya.
  3. Object Quality

    I need to do some more testing.
  4. Object Quality

    What's your object quality set to?
  5. Object Quality

    Not at all trying to bash, but I'm very curious if there is something coming down the road that will fix this. I'm no expert, but it seems like whatever it is that makes this a reality, it's deeply rooted. The renderer didn't do much for it and I haven't heard anyone talk about it at all at any point in development. I can't even find recent community discussions on the topic. It worries me that since this wheel isn't squeaking, it's not going to get addressed. I hope I am wrong. I currently think I'm likely wrong. But I'm concerned nonetheless. Let's see if I can get Baty to pass along the request: @Baty Alquawen
  6. Object Quality

    I have both the game and my OS on an SSD. I've tried it on the same SSD and I've tried it with the game on one SSD and the OS on another. In total, I have 750GB of SSD space and 1TB of HDD space currently. Also, I see the same issue whether I'm on the 64-bit client or the 32-bit client. I'm very, very familiar with the game's settings. I don't have to run it the way I did last night and likely won't in the long term, I was just putting the new card through its paces in one of my favorite titles. I've spent countless hours playing the game with Rivatuner OSD running and messing with the settings. I've never been able to maintain 60 FPS in any city with any Object Quality setting other than Very Low. This is important because you can't see into windows at even a medium distance when the Object Quality is set this low.
  7. Object Quality

    When I started playing DayZ, I had an i5-4690k and a Gigabyte GTX 970. Now I have an i7-4790k and an Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 OC 8GB VRAM 11Gbps. Yesterday I booted up DayZ with my newest config to see how it fares. I am surprised to be honest. On the plus side, I can now set every single setting to maximum at 1080p except for one: Object Quality. On the old renderer with old CPU and GPU, I had to set Object Quality manually through the config file to a super low value to retain a playable minimum FPS (45ish) in cities. On the new renderer with old CPU and GPU, I had to set Object Quality to Very Low through the in-game options to retain 60 FPS in cities. So slight improvement. On the new renderer with my new CPU and GPU, I have to set Object Quality to Very Low through the in-game options to retain 60 FPS in cities. Anything higher than Very Low results in FPS fluctuations. The common knowledge on this has been that cities are CPU bound and that individual core strength is the most important. I upgraded to a CPU that is ranked #3 for single core score by Passmark and yet I still have this issue. So my questions are as follows: What CPU do I need for Very High Object Quality and 60+ FPS? Or are the underlying assumptions wrong? Is multithreading more important now? I kinda doubt it, but I don't have any other CPUs to use for testing to figure it out myself and I can't find anyone doing legit benchmarks for this game, post Enfusion renderer.
  8. Same topic , new thread

    Wait. Are you trying to upgrade the media center PC or build a new one?
  9. FPS Problems Preventing Gameplay

    I second the recommendation to switch to Windows 10. In addition to the RAM limitations, you are one of those that will most likely benefit from Game Mode. Also, the GTX 660 is not enough to run this game well. You might try setting your Video Memory to something like 1024 in the meantime. I know that sucks, but it could allow your system to instead make use of some more of your RAM. As it stands, you are very likely hitting your page file like crazy which is slow as balls, even on an SSD, when compared to typical RAM read/writes.
  10. Same topic , new thread

    I really hate to say this but $500 is too little to run DayZ well. It would take a combination of refurbished or used parts and a few strokes of insane luck. PM me. I may have a part or two to donate to the cause.
  11. new live for old scopes

    Would you mind explaining this a little more? Are you saying that the AK-101 that is in game is not the correct model for a real life AK-101? I read up on this weapon a while back and it seem like the AK-101 does indeed exist and is really only different from the 74M in that it fires 5.56 instead of 5.45, as I'm absolutely positive that you already know. Why wouldn't they leave in an AK that accepts 5.56? I'm sure I'm missing something here....
  12. Recommendations For A PC

    Yes, this. For applications with poor multi-threading support (i.e. - most games), Intel is still best. Is there an argument to be made for Ryzen? Hell yes. AMD has finally become competitive, especially since more and more multi-platform games necessarily have to have better multi-threading for the consoles. However, I haven't seen much anecdotal evidence or ANY benchmarks regarding DayZ and Ryzen. If I'm dropping $1500 on a PC with DayZ specifically at the forefront of my mind, I'm gonna go for known quantities and proven hardware for this game.
  13. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    @Sqeezorz Ok. Cool. It's not my GPU hardware itself though. I stress tested it with everything I could get my hands on and nothing showed even the slightest hiccup. I've got an i7-4790k and 16GB of RAM. Temps are cool across the board and this only happens in DayZ. I'm left to assume that there is something wrong with the way the driver is interacting with DayZ. I'd rather not get into the typical back and forth of troubleshooting on here though. My original questions are important regardless of what my particular issue ends up being.
  14. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    Also, @Baty Alquawen Have you seen this?
  15. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    I haven't seen this mentioned in a Status Report in awhile so I thought I'd ask, even though you guys may not know. When can we expect updated GPU drivers for this game? A lot has changed since Nvidia has released a driver which has anything to do with DayZ and a shitload of graphics tech has changed within DayZ since then. Are AMD and Nvidia waiting for a particular update? Are you guys working with them in any capacity? My GTX 970 drivers, always kept up to date and most recently cleaned and reinstalled with DDU, crash more and more with each update. I've had (as of this post) 6,995 nvlddmkm errors logged in Event Viewer in the last week and at least 30 or 40 hard crashes. They're all from playing DayZ. I don't believe all of that lays on the BI team to fix. As I understand it, the GPU drivers form the bridge between the game and the hardware which is why the respective driver teams release specific game related updates. Perhaps this is premature and/or I'm outright wrong about this stuff. I'm just wondering where and to whom I might make noise to get some attention on this.