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  1. philbur

    Invisible zombies

    I was attacked in multiple towns near the coast and even once in a small town East of Zeleno. I appears as if an infected gets aggro'd and ends up eventually punching you to death. It still has most of the constraints of a normal AI Zombie (you can sprint away from it, and it cannot get through doors) but you cant see it, hear it, or hurt it. Bumping this for @BetterDeadThanZed as this is also my go-to Community Server....
  2. philbur

    the real hardcore survival server

    Yeah... @BetterDeadThanZed is definitely on the right track, folks. This server is shaping up to be a great "Hardcore" server. Right now its a bit of a Mod-Testing time for the KZ server...but it is all geared towards keeping you focused on your safety and your continuing survival. PVP is non-existent, and I think its primarily because the folks that drop in to give it a try usually end up dead a few times simply due to the infected or the environment...and they look for "easier" servers to go around pew-pew-ing. Again...I keep saying that it's just a matter of time before the types of gameplay become more and more specific, based on which Community Server is running which Mods and how their player base develops. Maybe there will eventually be a few public servers run by BI that are immensely Hardcore...just to add variety...but don't count on it....They have maintained that "their" vision is simply to provide what "they" consider to be the gritty survival experience once envisioned by Dean and the early gang of Devs… but this crew of developers are too busy working on more guns and gear to worry about keeping the spirit of the survival game alive.
  3. The percentage of Survivors you meet for the first time on a Public server that you should trust?.... Basically ZERO. Keep your distance and try to observe their behavior before you get too close. The percentage of Survivors that turn out to be honest and at least won't KOS you on a Public server?.... I really want to believe its around half of them.... MANY of the Survivors you will encounter are just in the game to be A%%holes to you....and this will never change, unfortunately...simply because the world is full of them...and online gaming is an easy way they can be who they are without getting a punch on the nose for it. If you "don't get too attached to your character" then it becomes a bit more comical and easier to get over....but I agree it is immensely frustrating until you figure out your best ways to guard against them. If you find a PRIVATE server that has rules in place to deal with KOS and Bandits then yes...but only at the discretion of the server ADMIN...and because the game is still not 100% there are not a lot of Community servers that have advanced methods of policing it's players yet...but have faith! So there you have it... The way you would like to play the SA is probably something that will require you to search around for a Community server that allows PVP, but has certain "rules" (maybe factions, tribes, Hero/Bandit roles, or just plain ole Roleplaying) to suit your needs....and the good news, is that there are more and more on these becoming popular.... Leave the Public Servers for your daily dose of pew-pew and outright stupidity.... Cheers and good luck!
  4. Well...as a "defender"...it is YOUR problem to establish a way of keeping tabs on the other Survivors....and currently there are several ways of doing that. If you want to stay immersed, then you have handheld transceivers that can be used to communicate with others, and to serve as a way of establishing who is who....and you have In-Game VOIP, which is not that bad, actually....and you also have Global text chat...which allows you to at least send messages to everyone.... And then you have all the different methods of communication "outside" the game world...like TeamSpeak, Discord, and all the other VOIP programs...and even the Steam chat works for that purpose. None of these solutions will take the place of having so-called "bandits" appear as different uniforms or other visual aids...but this is not ARMA2, but rather the Standalone...and the point of the matter is, you NEVER know, FOR SURE, who is good, Bad, or Ugly... All of which means that you need to think about how to figure this out on your own (or with your fellow "defenders"). I agree with @green_mtn_grandbob in regards to his suggestion that you will find what you are looking for on a Community Server that has a fairly well-defined idea of the types of playstyle that they encourage...and you will be able to refine your abilities at discovering the intentions/actions of the other Survivors through working together and keeping up with the ones you "trust". If you are a Lone Wolf, and expect an easy time with sorting the friendlies from the bad guys then you will be spawning on the coast a LOT....or you will be killing innocents a LOT....and neither outcome is what you would prefer. I have well over a thousand hours in the Standalone playing as a Lone Wolf "defender" and unless you can effectively shadow another player all around Chenarus, and watch that player as they go about their business, then you will always have a disadvantage....and will ultimately suffer a few deaths because of it. Once I switched over to a Community Server it was definitely a better experience for me because I could start to have reasonable contact with others who I could trust...and then there was less frustration...and indeed a lot more exciting experiences, with dealing out justice to those that needed it. Cheers!
  5. philbur

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    @BetterDeadThanZed is referring to his Community Server...and not a Public Server. I strongly suggest you try out a few of them and see if they are more in line with your preferred DayZ experience. That's the whole point of having both Public (standard) server and Private (custom) environments. If you are opposed to loot farming then just find a server that sets the respawn interval longer. You also have no server hopping. To me, it seems that what you are looking for in your DayZ experience is definitely going to be better served in the Community... Cheers!
  6. philbur

    Stable Update 1.01

    Thought the CZ had an internal box magazine... Not the first time....and probably not the last time I am wrong on that! But have spent about 10 hours on the new update and have been in a lot of rural areas with no sign of the CZ or it's magazine....
  7. philbur

    Stable Update 1.01

    Hey! @MorphineJunkie ! Please respond to @ImpulZ on whether you are on a Private of a Public Server...and what it is called. Base building actions are NOT the only things affected...as stated by numerous others. The prompts for drinking, climbing Ladders, and other User Actions do not show up either... It might be a Mod....of course....but let's hear from all you Vanilla Public Server guys and gals....so we can pin these bugs down and squash them!....please. I'll hit a few Public servers tonight to see for myself....but this, again, is smelling like another poorly tested Stable Update to me... Thank God they gave us the SKS and TrackIR….so what if the Infected are back to glitching...and the UI is sluggish. We need helicopters and more guns! and, and, and trucks and Buses....and Bikes and Boats! PS....That last line is what we call, in the industry..."sarcasm" 😉
  8. philbur

    Stable Update 1.01

    Hi @ImpulZ, and thanks for following up! I currently play exclusively on a Community Server (KillinZedz) run by @BetterDeadThanZed. Please connect with him for a better dialogue on the exact server environment. There are various Mods active...all which are geared toward creating a more gritty and authentic survival experience. These user action prompts seem to be missing from other server instances as well, so it might be something that can be sorted out in fairly short order, I hope. Thumbs Up.
  9. philbur

    Stable Update 1.01

    Any action...such as when you are building....and you place materials down (in the Fence or Watchtower inventory) and you equip a tool (such as a hammer, axe, etc.) You do not get the on-screen prompts for "Build Base", "Build Lower Frame", Dismantle, Mount Barbed Wire"....and yes....the big one is the fact that I do not get the triple scroll wheels for the combination lock (however I can set a NEW combination when I equip an unused lock to my hands (the scroll wheels for the combination appear in the lower left edge of my screen, as usual). Very odd....and annoying....as I am effectively either locked in...or locked out of my gates!
  10. philbur

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    My man.... We all know "what" he is.... We would simply get banned if we pointed it out to him....(unfortunately) Too bad, really....that the vitriol and condescension isn't directed at the Dev team...where it belongs....but instead serves as humor to an otherwise vacuous dipshit. (Oops!)
  11. philbur

    So i got shot and respawned into

    Yeah...It works well...and adds a level of attachment to your character. 1: "You are Dead" 2: Exit 3: Use the bottom right option bar (with the arrows, your character name, and then the big "Play" button) to scroll through to your original character. 4: It helps to click the "customize character" button, even if you don't change anything. This has worked for me every time. 5: Click Apply, Play game. As @Just Caused mentioned...it has to be done every time you die....so... Don't Die. ;-)
  12. Oh my God...what have I done. It always starts with the best of intentions.... I apologize in advance, to all those who are about to be assaulted by Eno's stylized prose. ;-)
  13. I have been on this server for a couple of months now and I gotta hand it to @BetterDeadThanZed, he captures the essence of what DayZ originally was meant to be! The fact that he has tweaked the infected numbers alone is a great start, but the other minor adjustments to spawns and the day/night cycles has brought the overall experience that much closer to what I, personally, feel is the raw vanilla experience all you old-school folks were looking for. Hopefully you guys will jump in and give it a go....and I encourage you to head right up to the military areas right away and see how you do....I guarantee you will see the coastal side of Elektro and Cherno more times than you want to! The player numbers are still quite low, so getting the word out to the Public Server players is important...and right now (with server pop being fairly light) it is a great place to hone you skills at survival and combat against the infected. SO... all you folks who talk about finding a server that they can ease in to....this is your chance. Again....there is nothing amazing or shocking happening....it's just a great way to experience the Standalone the way it SHOULD have been from the beginning. I'm sure, as the player count goes up, there will be additions/adjustments to the game style to meet the needs of the survivors, but it sure is nice to have a Community Server that is holding true to the DayZ origins. Cheers!
  14. That's awesome, guys. Let's start hissy-fits with all the long-time folks around here! I'm next, please! I'm sure you can find a few contradictory or just plain ole' Bullshit statements by me somewhere.... Your post was funny @eno, and your chiming in about the accuracy of your time in the SA is appreciated, Bio…. But, generally speaking, Since the 1.0 release the overall Forum content has become more like a Funeral Home. (and we know who is in the coffin....don't we...) The SA is dead! Long Live the SA! Let's have a great start to the new year, everyone...and just enjoy these Forums for chatting amongst us...and enjoy whatever incarnation of the SA you happen to prefer from Community Servers. All it will take is for ONE talented modder to decide the SA needs divine intervention and we can forget the SA Status Reports ever existed. And maybe by then someone on the Dev Team (freshly fired, probably) will finally reveal exactly what the f%#k they were doing all this time. BTW.... "Nerd Rage" is not a bad thing... We all have had it...and it's pretty damn funny when you think about it...