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  1. "Sadly the release has been set and despite our best efforts the solution will not be ready by then" Does anyone else who has run, managed, or even been part of a team, see something like this and wonder how we managed to get even THIS far with this game? Oh Boy.... If I let someone say this kind of thing towards an already impatient customer base it would be not only embarrassing as hell...it would probably screw me out of half my returning contracts. Sheesh! I wish these guys would just shut the heck up and do what they need to do! The best investment they could have made would have been to hire a full-time PR/Marketing spokesperson to take the flak and to pour the sugar! I said this years ago, when Brian would go on his extended periods of radio silence...and that Tweet is EXACTLY the kind of thing that makes me want to go on a Cherno Snipe-fest!
  2. I could just imagine you screaming and hammering your keyboard the whole time! Holy shit...that was funny!
  3. You had to mention the Flies? Dude... That's cold... I want Flies like others want SKS's Give me Flies! and I will buy another copy! ;-P
  4. Well...as a die-hard PC gamer since DOOM...let's just pretend the console fans are with us on this. ;-) Who knows (and again, that's a problem) what and how the game engine is going to be capable of and whether or not cross-platform play might be doable in the future (and this would indeed be a perfect game for it!) but a large percentage of the paying customers are PC gamers...and keeping "us" interested is still in their best interests.....for now, at least...
  5. That's the problem, though... You would think that by THIS time....after years of poorly handled communication...and nonsensical decisions by the devs, that we would at least expect to have a reasonable understanding of what was about to go down. We don't. At best we can expect to have a mostly stable existing release....and at worst we will have...well... we really don't know what...and there lies the issue, for me, at least. We should ALL be excited...and we might have been...had the team been better at running the communication side of things.
  6. True...and so it falls on those who feel this way to make sure the talented mappers and content creators out there are aware that this could not only be rewarding as an experience...but also would be compensated for.
  7. The ultimate ray of sunshine for me is the impending flood of fan-driven MODS.... What will pass as a successful DayZ Standalone will be a core game that can be modded back to what it should rightfully have been (or whatever incarnation suits the particular player group) without too many "show-stopping" limitations in the engine (which is why the SA was started in the first place). Its a compromise...but it works. I paid 40 bucks for each copy of DayZSA I own....and I will gladly part with twice that for a good Mod that fits my narrative of what I expect. ....and especially if it comes from someone who clearly is as passionate and enthusiastic about it as I.
  8. Dude? This is a discussion Forum. Regardless of the point.....it is a point "of view" and therefore has as much a place here as any others. POVs have a special place here....simply because they are 100% Biased....that's the whole idea... It's a personal observation. This last post of yours has the sound of someone who has lost that perspective and you should dial it back a tad, lest you wander into the realm of hypocrisy you despise so much. Right now...at this point in the Standalone saga, we are facing a critical milestone where either it will pass...or it will fail. And because there are now a wide array of fans/players/followers there will be a wide range of reactions to whatever comes next. At this point...it is fairly safe to ASSUME that what will be presented will definitely be a huge disappointment to the older (by this I mean long-term) supporters but might not be bad for people that have bought in to the 0.63 version of DayZ..... The Forum is cathartic...regardless of the content...as we have all used it to vent, cheer, warn, laugh, and rage at whatever has transpired. You are better than that, and we all have been there. Cheers!
  9. Ding! Hope people recognize the significance of what you just said, there..... That perfectly describes the current Standalone... When I read what they say in the SRs and other posts I cant help but think just how uninspired and disconnected they have become. But even if the development has become more about the end-goals and finalizing what they consider to the "base" experience (even though this is a fabricated delusion), they will never be able to restore the confidence and support of the people (like us) WHO ORIGINALLY CHOSE TO INVEST IN, AND SUPPORT THE ORIGINAL VISION OF WHAT THE STANDALONE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE. Somewhere between the time Hicks jumped ship, and Peter and Eugen becoming the leads, we lost the connection between our expectations and the original vision. That's an inherent risk with any project that is left too long on the burner...without a chef to stir the pot and keep the recipe true to its roots, it can turn into something that might be "good"...or even "delicious"....but it won't be what we were expecting...and personally, that's what I was saving my place at the table for.
  10. Yeah....Exactly right, my man.... But ever since 0.63 I started thinking about the whole group responsible for the Standalone as a bunch of amateurs, with very little in the way of proper oversight. What comes out of their SRs is scattered gibberish and their approach to getting this great game to a point where it can stand on its' merits is just mind-numbing. I laugh now...and it helps. I play each build and I make the most out of them...but now I just don't give a damn about what "they" have to say...or what is promised/scheduled. I intentionally disassociate the term "1.0" with the game state...and I pretend it is just an indie game, in it's infancy. It's a big leap, mind you....and those who have years of waiting under their belts can say what they want (and they truly deserve the time to say it) but it's been over a year since the DayZ team have behaved in a manner that respects the paying customer. Remember that ridiculous video from the gang at that Expo? (can't remember exactly) where they came out with the whole "In Beta We Trust"? Well....We trusted... No more.... I paid for two copies...and I play....and I now just ignore my inner voice that asks where all the SIMPLE stuff is and when the OBVIOUS fixes will be. Perhaps that's what Peter and the rest of the kids are actually hoping for? Pay them...and then go away with empty promises and outright lies. I'm a busy guy, with real-world responsibilities, a hard job, family, and the usual stresses and concerns that go along with all that... I have chosen DayZ as my personal "head check" time...where I can switch off the crap that matters...for the crap that does not. There are a shit-ton of things lining up to piss us off in the real world...and I refuse to let a terrible game development team count as one of them. Cheers! And Have a Safe and Happy Christmas Holiday all my fellow Survivors!
  11. Yeah...I imagine that's what they meant by that tweet...but they really need to work on their communication skills and realize just how little credibility they have left.
  12. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    Correct! And say what you will about Brian....at least he was smart enough to know that if he ever wanted to work another gig in the game industry he had to distance himself from this train wreck as quickly as possible!
  13. Wait!.... What?... No Status Reports in December?? As in....Complete and utter Bullshit, about Beta? No way....Wow.... Shocked..... Yuk yuk.... Morons....
  14. Best way is to find someone who can join you on a server and walk you through the basics. You will be less discouraged if you have an initial feel for how to survive the first few hours in-game. And...of course...you will either die or be killed quite a few times...so don't sweat it...We all have left our fair share of corpses in Chenarus! Cheers!
  15. New player, loving DAYZ

    Welcome to Chenarus, @Coldlandlord….. sounds like you "get it"....and we are happy to have you. Cheers!