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  1. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    Just bumping this list.....because it needs to be.
  2. Stress Test vol.10

    Brightness Equals A Night Squandered
  3. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    Sign me up! Where do I pay the extra 10 bucks for this?
  4. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    If they manage to get this sorted I will immediately post to this forum my sincere apologies for anything and everything negative I have ever said to anyone .....anywhere..... (trust me....that's going to take a LOT of typing!) ;-P
  5. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    The announcement today by Brian is hardly news to all of us who have followed development for the past few years. He has taken the time to clarify his current role, to explain his apparent disappearance from the SRs and Dev activities, and he has hinted at his intentions going forward. I, for one, am very appreciative that he posted that. So...the answer to your question might be A) The direction of the game will not stray too far from the CURRENT one...and B) It HAS to remain the Survival Sim that "we" all expect...and as far as "gun play" goes I seriously hope not! (it's already looking like the damn game is going to have a ridiculous amount of weapons and ammo...which kind of goes against the core survival theme in the first place). Adios, Hicks_206, All the best, and thanks for your efforts. See you on the Coast, my man.
  6. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    Good Update! Thanks All. BUT! I see that my biggest gripe with the development of DayZ is still WIP...which worries me quite a bit, though. The ability to FULLY REMAP controls.... In this day and age it HAS to be easier than the team makes it sound...really... The actual key press should not even be a consideration...just the input command... ( for example: "Raise Weapon"=a key press, and "Raise Weapon and ADS"=another key press....either of which can be selectable as a HOLD action or a TOGGLE). Does this not seem odd to everyone, that DayZ (being built using new engine tech) still has the "potential" of having whacky and hard-coded keyboard commands?
  7. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Gotta Love Frankie... He originally got me interested in the Mod. His YouTube stuff is really well done and even though a lot of it is scripted, it's still a great way to get people interested in DayZ. Hope he comes back to YouTube with some SA episodes when it is closer to 1.0. (he could literally resurrect this title for a lot of the folks that gave up on it). Sada is a twit, though...so hopefully it's with Jackfrags instead! ;-P
  8. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    @Baty Alquawen I would suggest you run through the main points of "interest" for your testing team so we can immediately jump in and get you guys some initial feedback that is of a more focused nature. The upcoming release of the EXP test build can quickly become a mess if we all just pile in and blast the tracker with random feedback. I suggested this many builds ago (many YEARS ago ;-p ) and I still think it would help you out if we knew EXACTLY what kind of gameplay would best benefit your analysis. For example...if you are experiencing CLE issues then ask us to gather as much loot as possible and store it, carry it, distribute it, or whatever...or if you are thinking that infected behavior is an issue then ask us to melee them or have us try to spawn as many of them in an area as we can, etc. There are a TON of things to do for all of us, but a live stream just before the new build release with SPECIFIC demonstrations of possible issues and SPECIFIC instructions on what data you would like from us would go a long way in ensuring you can begin the tweaking process efficiently. The last Stream, although interesting, was a bit random and I honestly would like to see a Stream that is more of an "instruction manual" as to the requirements from the dev team to us humble Survivors. Sort of like; "Hey guys...when we try to spawn infected in an area you just entered there seems to be an issue with it..so try ______ and try ______ so we can figure this out better..." Or maybe "hey guys...the UI seems laggy when items are moved from hot bar to ground so try it and let us know in the tracker with "Hot Bar Item Loss" in the tagline".... I still don't think we are "helping" as much as we can in particular areas that might make it easier for your team to nail down the final bugs and gameplay issues because our feedback is scattered and often confusing to organize. So...Live Stream a FULL walkthrough of your requirements, areas of "concern" and what you would MOST like us to provide feedback on, and I am positive it will make your job easier and our lives in Chernarus worthy of the occasional KOS. Looking forward to the broken mess that will ultimately signal the final push toward the finished jewel!
  9. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    I am quite foolish, I'll agree with you on that one. But forum posts are definitely not on the same level as real spirited and free-flowing group conversations. No matter how it is written, you will never replicate your true personal perceptions on anything. If you were to bump in to my character in-game we would have an excellent conversation about all of this I am sure. I've seen what happens when fellow forum posters get in to arguments over opinions...and I am determined not to get caught up in that kind of thing. I try to post my opinions as just that...my personal take on things...and I am usually a bit extreme in some regards, I'll admit...but it helps to have diverse viewpoints that don't always align with consensus. You know my posts are sometimes overly critical assumptions, and thanks for keeping me honest, but the reason I chime in on these things is because I feel invested in the ultimate success of the game and I am primarily a hands-on, get it done, kind of guy. I am so old-school it's actually pretty funny...but I secretly wish that they had a professional ass-kicking motivational coach come in to their offices once in a while and after kicking over the water cooler and unplugging all their slow-cookers and lava lamps he would gather them all together and re-visit the past months' milestones and make "adjustments" to increase efficiency. Accountability and Optimization FTW! So...I'm a huge fan, and a loyal supporter of the whole project...and I am the guy that makes assumptions. The Scientific Method is based on assumptions and observations. Based on MY observations I have developed assumptions...and I must suffer the scrutiny of my peers. I look at the glass as half-empty..and I devise a plan on getting a refill. Those who look at it as half-full just ask me to get them one while I'm there, and never figure it out for themselves. They will be the first to sober up.
  10. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Ok...Good answers. But what I DO have, is a 10-year background in resource management in the tech industry...so I always look at the HR side of things first as a source of potential inefficiencies.. I just typed and re-typed about 500 words going in to detail qualifying my remarks...but that's not why we're here, right? I think the team are wasting time and effort on the wrong tasks...and you are offering excuses for them. Ever the ebb and flow of these forums, my friend...and hopefully we can rant about this stuff in-game soon, instead.
  11. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Looks like they will never get the weapons effects right, based on their current direction....So why even bother? Don't get me wrong...I am really liking the smoke effects and casing ejection stuff and am happy they are keeping true to their weapon jam/misfire modelling as well. (although they conveniently nerf the weapon recoil so as not to upset the PVP folks out there, it seems) Muzzle flashes, especially, are typically random and varied when using gas-driven semi or fully automatic weapons, and they should know this by now. Less is More! You could easily bury this game in another 5 years of design and feature implementation if every aspect of the experience was to be considered and implemented. Just drop the muzzle flash and you saved how many hours? This adds up... if they did the math on every hour of item of development that does not qualify for core gameplay then we would have our precious Beta by now. Name me a soldier who carries a weapon with a muzzle flash...and let me know what gravesite he is resting in....I'll be sure and pay my respects. Hell, even bolt-action rifles designed specifically for military or law enforcement applications typically employ amazingly effective flash suppression devices...for a good reason! And yes...I know pistol cartridges like the 9mm and 45ACP are pretty "dirty" (and 7.62/39) when fired from short-barreled pistols and SMGs...but I have been to so many gun ranges and have had so many real-life encounters with firearms (mostly just the NATO stuff, luckily) that I just cant agree with their data from those "trips to the ranges" if what we see here with muzzle flash is an indication. This is just my personal opinion, but ultimately, reading a blurb from a developer on items that can be classified as "nice to have but not critical to core gameplay or mechanics" just sparks my overall discontent in the way I perceive them utilizing their staff. I had assumed that by now they would be more task-centric and less scattered in their roadmap. The Status Reports simply amplify these misgivings by showing me fluff and post 1.0 features being worked on well before they are required. It is, indeed progress, though...so call me a critic if you want...but it is because I still see the potential immersive reality that DayZ can deliver to its players...and I hope they keep it going in that direction. As long as they know when to say enough!
  12. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Nice to squeeze this in...Thanks all. This goes a long way towards reminding me you are serious. Being delayed at an airport and "giving up" on our SR because of it was kind of surprising to me, so I'll say it again... Thank You for the update.!
  13. Status Report - 27 March 2018

    Yes, we are only two people in the DayZ marketing team. Me and Martin. Devs are developing the game, we are talking with community. What is the problem? :) Please...PLEASE, don't ask us what the "problem" is, Baty... We each have our own answers to that question and MOST of them are not constructive nor are they flattering. Just keep us posted when stuff happens and we will endure.
  14. We are turning off some Stable servers

    "Survivors, since a full 100% of our two-member communications team got stuck at the Heathrow airport , we won’t be able to post a Status Report today. Apologies for breaking our schedule, we’ll get back on track next Tuesday" Found this on Twitter... Am I late to the party, or did they forget to post this on the Forums? Yep....I am late to the Party, it seems... Sorry about that.
  15. We are turning off some Stable servers

    Nah...All your speculation is off the mark, guys... They shut down 4 more servers so the money saved can go towards hiring another person to help design and model the banana holsters! It is curious that they need more servers, though..in all seriousness....as they did not mention if it was CLE or another system that required that many instances of servers... I thought they were just getting around to "stress testing" single instances with MAX population.... Oh well...another Wednesday without so much as a brief "Hi All, here is an OFFICIALLY updated .63 list...and here are a couple screenshots to drool/speculate over"....sigh. Dare to Dream, Philbur...Dare to Dream.