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    @Dancing.Russian.Man, @DannyDog, @Sqeezorz Hi guys! Yeah...my post was a bit vague and sorry about that. I originally meant that the NEW player controller is such a dramatic overhaul on how we will interact with everything and everyone and therefore the Devs need to consider EVERY relationship and dependency of each item and each action. That's a tall order to get right and bug-less the first time around. A note on the New Spawn mechanic as well...as I hope that the "Final" server browser will indicate the weather...so the fun of dying to the elements, at least, can be avoided.

    Sorry but I disagree about the player controller. The engine has been rolled out for the most part but I don't think it is in a state where the Devs can just start adding features and content. Optimization will probably be the hardest part and I can imagine we are going to see some drastic FPS drops in the first release or two. This is going to be a HUGE difference. And "everything that's relevant for it" means everything your player can interact with. SO that covers most of the dynamic content. That's what I meant about it might be a bad thing if they rushed the content. They may have finished building the instrument....but now they need to learn how to play.
  3. I got stuck in a building (please help)

    @Baty Alquawen can help by teleporting you out of your predicament, by the way. Just don't ask her to replace your boots. This is not the USA, here in Chenarus...you can't sue for damages or mental stress...heheheh.

    Ghosting into a different server is pretty lame, I agree...And dying a few times of hypothermia before I got a fire going and a few nom noms into me is not the end of the world IMHO...as it gives me a bit more of an emotional investment with the character that makes it past the initial day or two. Looting is not the only thing to do by a long shot right now. The builds are at a transition point due to the fact that they are finally rid of the legacy game engine. The last thing they want to do is release a buggy and broken Beta because they rushed content into an engine they don't/can't understand fully yet. Not trying to make excuses for the state of the game, though...just my perspective, that's all. Guess I am a "finding ways" savant...because I still find it cathartic to wander the map and mess around. Trying my hand at being a city-dwelling hermit now...and its pretty spooky in a high POP server!
  5. Forum

    Huh? Wut? The Beans are bugged? There's Bugs in my Beans? Ack! :-)
  6. General opionion on CLE densities

    Jesus, man! Nice work!
  7. I got stuck in a building (please help)

    Hang on a sec... You asked if the Devs would provide you with new combat boots? I seriously doubt that your expectations are going to be met, my man. The easiest solution to the "getting stuck" issue is to recreate a character and start over again. This is something that all of us have done many times during the development of this game over the years. No boots for you! And remember that "getting attached to your gear" is every bit as pointless now as it was in the past builds. Sorry if that sounds mean...I don't intend to offend you...just nipping this in the bud before you waste your time.
  8. General opionion on CLE densities

    Thanks guys, and I share your feelings about loot quantity in the big cities while I never considered the additional requirement for building materials....interesting. I would ideally like to see a "proper" representation of loot availability in the big cities for the same reasons...it would make them viable places to not only pass through quickly, but also places where survivors can hold up, make bases, and generally survive either as a lone wolf or as a team. I am going to start a new character today and see just how hard it is to make a life for myself in the existing CLE within one of the big four. Probably Cherno just because I love the weather effects when the fog settles in. But the fat that I will still need to venture out for hunting, ammo, and some decent clothing might make it "interesting" enough to keep me going. To the point about military loot, though, I'm not sure if having it available in these cities is all that realistic because the civilian population would have mostly picked it clean when the evacuation orders came down, in my opinion...and it would draw the players down into the areas for all the "wrong" reasons. (PVP, New Spawn Bandits, KOS). Maybe adding a proper military PORT on the coast, up near Berezino would allow the players to risk their character and yet still make it inland with something better than a crowbar? There would be ample vehicle parts and tools so trading with the Northern dwellers for ammo and meat would be part of it as well. Cant wait to see this stuff, guys...the Modders are going to make some good money off us! ;-p
  9. Forum

    Come on, guys! Are you honestly pulling the Beans away...again!? Seriously? You DO know, right?....that the SA has endured because of these enthusiastic and dedicated players that bought in to the EA promises and then contributed feedback when required...offered testing when asked....and have diligently minded these forums for the past 4-5 years?? The Beans were a cool little thing that keeps us all going and is a simple and cool personal touch that reminds us all that we belong to a special community. If you have a good reason to take away this feature then please elaborate...and if you don't then clearly this speaks volumes about how you regard your supporters. Without malice, and thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

    @markmac_2003@yahoo.com "feeble wet-fart death"...That is pretty damn funny...and pretty damn appropriate! And well...believe it or not, going out that way is pretty much how it would actually happen in real life as a person who finds themselves in a desolate post-infection cold and barren land, with just a t-shirt and jeans... The more pathetic and miserable the suffering is the more immersive and realistic it seems. I fully appreciate that this would be a huge "disappointment" for a returning player from perhaps 2014\15, but this is the intended direction the developers have chosen to go. I would ask for your patience and perhaps you will get comfortable with the initial challenges facing a new character, like finding enough food from loot or the environment, or getting a warm coat and an axe or knife, and hopefully luck will be on your side and you will spawn into a server that is not pouring rain (which pretty much seals your fate, ask me how I know)...and perhaps the new direction the Devs have gone might be appealing to you. If not...as @OliverPlotTwist mentioned...there will no doubt be a Mod that will meet your needs.
  11. Just wondering how you guys feel about the current concentrations of commonly used gear in the major cities. In order of highest level of "useful gear" for, let's say, a New Spawn... Cherno, Elektro, Solnichniy, Svetlo, Berezino, Zeleno, Stary Sobor, Severeograd, Novodimitrovsk. If weapons are left out of the equation it seems like Novo is the best place to "survive"...but what do you guys think? Thanks!
  12. My man...you just did. Everyone on this forum has bitched to some extent about release schedule, bugginess, etc. All things considered, its a miracle the dev team never simply shut down the forums and servers and told us all to shut up and wait for the Beta. On a positive note... I had an old LAN-Bash buddy stop in for a couple beers and we were laughing about the old days of Doom, Duke, and Quake when I suggested he check out DayZ SA. After a quick explanation of the game he thought I had finally gone off the deep end as so I sat him down in my game room...gave him another beer and fired it up. It was really interesting to watch him mess around on the coast as a true Bambi new spawn. Ultimately...he has decided to buy a copy DESPITE my clear warning that this game is still ALPHA. He said that for 38 bucks he would buy it just to explore the coastal areas and Elektro, as he did at my place... Without any prompting his logic to me was this "I have paid a lot more for games that I have played only 10-20 hours...and THIS is already a 100-hour game." If the time feels like its too long for the state it's in then just try to get an opinion from someone who has not been as tied to it as yourselves...and it helps keep it in perspective.
  13. Arma 2 DayZ Mod vs DayZ: when will we be there?

    He was probably right on point with his goal to have drastically better randomization of loot spans...but probably in the context of only having to work on the architecture that governs that side of the sever\client development... And then the Beans hit the fan with the engine re-write...and for now there is simply too much to be done on basic bandwidth limitations for the current team to worry about this extra level of net traffic. (?) I would play the Mod again if I could get over the lousy Zombi mechanics and over the top PVP... The SA is different enough that it has my undivided attention, though.
  14. Status Report 24 October 2017

    MystZ ? Yuck Yuck...
  15. I agree here...but that's why I would be immensely disappointed if the core game was not embedded into the Steam Workshop the way other highly Modded (and open to a lot of Add-Ons) games are. IS that not the main reason to have such a mechanism? Your game will be constantly updated for each of the additions and version conflicts will be minimized. Lets see what happens, but I am SURE there will a common sense system that keeps these things in order.