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  1. That's odd. I have not seen "Pile of Dirt" as the prompt for buried stashes (Sea Chest, Pelican Case, and Ammo Box). Is that maybe just a bugged out stash that has now become just a hole where you would normally have gotten worms from after digging for them?
  2. The answer to that question might finally shed light on what Bohemia is doing with this title.....
  3. philbur

    Combination Lock False

    Dear Forum Admin.... Please...for the Love of all you consider Holy..... Give us an emoji for "Nuclear Facepalm"! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  4. philbur

    Plate carriers, why limited to 1 colour

    Please understand that there are far greater issues still to be taken care of before they bring back the ability to spray paint weapons/equipment or provide a multitude of colors for all the gear. I honestly feel that the ability to spray paint items will EVENTUALLY make it possible to customize items (as it was in the early builds).
  5. philbur

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Agreed. And please take it as merely a rather frustrated rant directed to no one in particular. I am sure you have had your fair share of assumptive hostility due to the way the SA has gone. I wandered over the line a tad, and forgive my decision to make it personal. Please let me explain: I do not share your perspective on what constitutes fair work balance with respects to customer-facing support, as we live in a global economy especially where e-commerce is concerned....but it is the more popular of the two sides at this point. "Crunch Time" is trendy now...but it is a necessary evil and one that spans our history as a market economy-driven culture. It is ultimately the responsibility of the worker to decide if they wish to participate or not. Capitalism depends on it. Giving voice to common issues with deep roots to our past is simply easier now with social media. I can speak from personal experience on several levels within the IT industry when I say that having a "post-milestone" event is never a good thing (that's what we used to call it...so the Execs would feel less like it was a systemic failure on their part to manage the damn projects better) BUT finding out how the folks in the weeds respond to these challenges is a definitive metric in determining their commitment to the company in a broad sense. There has been...and will ALWAYS be extremes to this practice, but it's business...it's not pleasure. A company is in it for profit and you are in it for the same reason. Both parties are aligned on that point...it's just a question of who does the sh&%ting and who does the shovelling. So, in summary. I am at a point with DayZ where my negativity is mostly due to my own perception of just how poorly the company has run this project, and less about the actual effectiveness of the product being created...out of principal, I suppose...but to me that is more important than the result. (and to you as well, it seems, but for different cause/effect). Your principals do not align with mine and that's what drives great conversations....but we will never meet beyond these characters on our monitors so I will offer my apology once again and my promise to be less flippant and a tad more focused when submitting my comments on this Forum. Cheers! (and get back to work, dammit!) 😉
  6. philbur

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Thanks for the response, though. I know you're not a DayZ dev. I know it is unlikely that you get compensated for moderating a forum. It sure sounds like you do not believe in working a single minute more than you absolutely HAVE to.... You don't have the answers, so No.... No further questions. I DO, However, appreciate the work you guys do here....to keep the peace and to make sense of it all.
  7. philbur

    Is this game officialy dead ?

  8. philbur

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    What the HELL? Seriously? How does your comment at all help this conversation? I swear you guys do this on purpose just to get the Forums livened up for a while.... If you HONESTLY feel it beyond reasonable to take a few minutes now and then to pick up your cell phone or laptop or whatever connected device you happen to have and browse the Forums, just to keep relevant and up to speed on the community.....then this is not your calling, my man....clearly. You actually equate being a Doctor to being a Game Developer? (or you did not choose your analogy very wisely at least) I can now see why "we" barely hear from you guys anymore....as it seems you do more harm than good when you offer these kinds of comments. The majority of folks here, who have stayed with this game for a while now, are looking for a clear sign that Bohemia Interactive is GENUINELY interested in customer feedback and is responsive when asked by a great many of those customers to be more forthcoming with therir plans and intentions for this title going forward. Your chiming in with the Soapbox reference and a plea for us all to have mercy on you because you don't "work" the Forums on your days off is simply not smart. It is indicative of the way "we" feel we have been treated by this Game Company and it is not moving the discussion forwards in any way. If you are a volunteer, then so be it...you should by now recognize that moderating these forums is perhaps a little more time-consuming than you are capable of at this point in your life and we would appreciate that you move this responsibility on to someone who may be more willing to commit a few more hours a week toward keeping us up to date with any news. And also helping to bridge the gap between developers and their audience. If you do this and are getting "paid" for it.....then please connect me to your manager. If there is no "news", or no "updates", or no dialogue at all coming from the Developers of this title....then it pretty much kills the games chances of being taken seriously, sorry. One of those three activities just HAS to be visible to the customer at any give time if not all at the same time... What can possibly be worse than bad News?...… I'll tell you...… it's NO NEWS!
  9. Excuse me, but there simply MUST be a better way, then, to format the updates/news so that it "feels" progressive and informative. I cannot stress enough how disheartening it is, for a fan of the SA such as myself, to not have a solid foundation to base our expectations on, going forward. I can watch from my PC screen...as it happens EVERY time a new build hits the servers....A brand new batch of bugs, (and remarkably a lot of OLD ones!) and a list of features/content that show no signs of completion, manage to create the largest part of the forum discussions and comments. I am as guilty as the next person...when I realize I am bitching about something that never ACTUALLY was "promised" at the time...however we invariably make stuff up and fabricate our OWN expectations because the level of communication is just not cohesive and definitive. IMHO....naturally 😉
  10. philbur

    Stable Update 1.02

    I'm afraid that that's the point..isn't it?? Restoring the Standalone back on the path of it being a true survival experience? The "full-heath jump" was left in the game because the player actions were still a WIP, and the devs wanted us to still "enjoy" ourselves in the meantime.....Jesus! Even I remember that was the explanation, way back, and it actually made sense to give us our "fun" while your team sorted out how to ACTUALLY implement injured/impaired movement. You could have answered that question with this consistent train of thought and it would have been perfectly OK...but no....you just blabbered out the rationale without putting it into context. Is it a language thing? That would explain how many of the mistakes were made in the past with confusing statements/explanations regarding builds and ongoing development news, but you HAVE to know that English is the primary language spoken here...right? Hell...even putting that aside....it is FAR more productive to have a few well-thought out sentences than to have paragraphs of broken and disjointed information. Things like this (decisions that are counter-productive or just plain nonsense) are what got you guys into this mess in the first place. IMHO.... The BEST thing BI can do at this point is to SERIOUSLY consider bringing a person on board that can spend their time FULLY engaged with the fans of this title. And I mean "SERIOUS".... please. It is such an essential aspect of customer service/support (having a consistent point of reference/information) that I am appalled that the DayZ Development Team and BI in general have failed to recognize the value in this years ago (unless they HAD considered this...and decided it was not necessary?). Did Hicks ask for more money? Or did you offer him Less? OR whatever the reason....having Brian leave the project and to NOT have replaced him with someone who could take the can of beans and run with it (sorry...couldn't resist) was a massive mistake, and one that has cost you not only in supportive fanbases but also in continuing incoming revenue. Think of all the misconceptions, contradictions, and failed expectations that could have been mitigated by just having someone who could communicate and translate between the Dev Team and their passionate audience.... This went off the rails around the time we saw you hit the game expos with those (now laughable) t-shirts proclaiming "In Beta we trust" or some such gibberish that I cannot exactly recall....but I knew the signs back then, that we were about to see the beginning of the end to any real sense of responsibility by the team to deliver the product we had generally been led to believe would be worthy of the original hype that fueled the large influx of cash that the Early Access generated back in 2013/14/15. SO....Do us ALL a favor....and hire a spokesperson who has ONE job....and ONE job ONLY.... and that would be to serve as the product manager (I did not say PROJECT manager...That ship has sailed, it seems) that can take this game by the horns...and clearly define the status going forward, channel all the incoming feedback to the places it needs to reach, keep us interested and excited about what is still to come from the team, and above all....stop giving us reasons to mistrust and disrespect you.
  11. Keep saying it! That's all we have left! I would consider it also a travesty if the Dev Team gets any sort of credit for a job well done.
  12. I think the responses will all be basically the same for everyone.... Post 1.0 is a big failure...and updates are few, and extremely poor as far as QA. Content is still lacking. Devs still seem unaware just how bad they are doing. I thought 1.0 would at least be stable and would be evolving with some content and features gradually making their way into the builds....but this is not the case. I would have finally thrown in the towel (especially now that the winter has finally f#*ked off!) and looked elsewhere for my gaming fix...but fortunately discovered that modded servers are a great way of finding new ways to keep it interesting and fun. Damn!...there I go promoting the Community Servers again....Sorry folks! 😜
  13. philbur

    Stable Update 1.02

    I know I might start to sound like a Troll about this kind of thing...and it's really not my intention at all, guys. My chiming In about how Community servers "fix" a lot of frustrating bugs is just more effective here...than on the Mod Topic...simply because the folks on that one already know about this option...and I am just hoping to redirect some of the loyal survivors that are just about ready to bail on this game completely. Cheers.
  14. philbur

    Stable Update 1.02

    If a Mod is available that can correct a bug and not interfere too much in the experience....then Hell Yes. People reading this discussion should know there are options. You gotta admit that the Stable Discussion thread is just an exercise in futility at this point....right? All you see is post after post from frustrated and pissed off or confused fans of the game....so hearing there are servers out there that actually WORK is something that is worth saying.