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  1. Yikes! You reminded me about that and I seriously hope they realized just how vital it is to have in DayZ...honestly... LOD at long distances will probably dictate their willingness to keep this feature but yeah....this, and a better FOV range for us multi-monitor types!
  2. Heh heh.... If I was on the Dev Team I would push for a trip to the Demo Range to "research" the possible explosives available in the game...Blowing stuff up for fun?...without getting shot at?.... Hell Yeah! Gimme a litre of gasoline and one of those precious barrels and say goodbye to your little fortess, guys. (Fastest Land Animal on the Planet?....An Explosives Ordinance Disposal Tech on his first BAD day at the office!)
  3. It would take some seriously serious development time to get this stuff "right" for SA. When I first bounced around Cherno and Elektro a few years ago I always thought that having the ability to "barricade" buildings would be about as much "base building" as I felt I needed...and I guess I still feel that way. Following this conversation reminds me just how hard it is going to be for the team to find a common ground that will be balanced enough for the majority of the player base. You guys have made all the arguments already, but one.... How about NO base "structure" building? I see the value in providing us players with the ability to make it difficult for other players to take what you have from you...but the idea of established "bases" just sounds too much like a Meta-feature that might be better off as a Mod. (or at least just as a private server thing). Barricaded windows, doors, booby traps, and maybe log\vehicle barriers...but in my opinion...anything beyond these rudimentary impediments and I fear that the PVE and Infected elements will get lost. Arguments that support watch towers, locks, and fortifications are all a really cool idea that I HOPE will work out....but this would polarize the overall player base and I HOPE it wont turn into (as you guys have already pointed out) barren servers with huge bases crammed into all the strategic locations across the map...just like the big DayZ Mod...Mods. Worst case, I suppose, would be to have to create a MOD that would strip away the "excessive" base building features if people just want to "survive", but I always thought THAT was one of the core pillars the devs were trying to maintain. Gonna be fun to see what happens to the in-game "feel" when this stuff gets released either way!
  4. Meh...Don't want to sound like I'm trolling you...but a grenade will not "destroy" a wall, for the most part. It is primarily a weapon used to concuss and injure enemies via fragmentation. There are several variants that have more specific applications, but for general breaching there is really no substitute for Shaped Thermite\C4, RPGs, or Det Cord. These should absolutely be rare (if not impossible) to find and should be RUINED if they get exposed to rain. If I found a satchel charge, for example...the LAST thing I would do is stuff it in my backpack, lest the rotten detonator go off prematurely! Maybe a good option would be small boxes of primers (blasting caps, for example) that would be found realistically within the civilian areas as well as military camps\vehicles. These, combined with common chemical compounds (found on farms) can be just as effective for breaching and anti-personnel devices. (IEDs, for lack of a better expression) I hope that the devs spend a bit of time at a real demo range (like they have at the small-arms ranges) to better understand the applications and limitations of the various East Bloc, NATO, and civilian explosives and devices. (This is a retired Armored Crewman and EOD service member talking)
  5. I was trying to figure that out...but seeing as the UI needs the same basic information from your character (some of which populates the debug monitor) regardless of how it manifests itself I would just hope that this should be given to us in a .62 update if it COULD be.
  6. While you're probably right on that...I wonder if the new UI that was introduced in the Demo might be able to be deployed in the .62 Exp build? (as a quick test for us to mess with and provide initial feedback). It would be valuable to the devs and might save a big chunk of tweaking in the first .63 release, methinks.
  7. You are we still need that info...but I just have this idea in my head about having grumbling stomach, blurred vision, shaking hands....(sort of what the DayZMod SHOULD have done),.and other "character generated" actions that are the indicators for player health. I think this kind of thing will be eventually included in either the vanilla or a later mod, but it's just a pet peeve of mine that seeing icons on my screen are still a bit immersion-breaking.
  8. Easy there,my man... The Core members were as small as that number might is still significant. I laughed because...well....just because....and you know EXACTLY why...if you have followed this game development. You must be a young person to use the "do not dwell on the past' expression, as while I agree that "DWELLING" on it is not productive... "LEARNING" from it is. You know...."Learning from the mistakes of the past...lest we repeat them" Don't preach to the converted. I'm still here...still optimistic...and still a fan...The team can handle what I just posted....they don't need you to defend them...besides...I was addressing the post from Baty...and was not looking for comments from fellow survivors.
  9. You know....after watching the GamesCon footage about 100 times I am hoping for more out of BETA. I jumped into the Stable build for a couple hours and tried to imagine how the new UI and Inventory system would benefit me and it was really hard to say if it would be enough of an improvement.... I like the UI as long as it can be toggled in case you want to be more immersed, and I suppose it is not really fair to judge it based solely on what the GC footage gave us...but I still think the team should hold off on it until they are sure they can deliver on Eugen's smiling (or smirking) promise of "fully functional" Base Building and a full set of Server Files for Modders..... That was definitely a surprise to me, and I wonder if it was equally surprising to the rest of the Dev Team..heheh.
  10. Alrighty then... Just as you don't want to rush the BETA onto Experimental, you should also not rush the weekly SRs. I appreciate the recap from the past week but it pretty much goes without saying that there is no progress on the game while the primary team members are away. I am disappointed about the BETA delay, but hardly surprised. And when Eugen mentioned Base Building I pretty much laughed out loud to my computer monitor.... Please remember the past few years of Status Updates that unfortunately left us Subscribers with very little confidence in the team because the promises and dates were just too optimistic. The loyal fans of this title really DO "understand" and I, as one of them, am eagerly awaiting BETA.... So I hope you catch up on your sleep! But generous in your estimated release dates. A lot of Subscribers that stepped away from the game are now taking another look at it, and many new people are also curious about it... If you feel confident about a November 1st release date (FOR EXAMPLE) Then why not say November 15th? There will ALWAYS be reasons for delays...that's cool...that's life, in software/creative development.... But the game will stand on its' merits...and all of the major reasons people feel negative towards the SA are basically about mis-informed disappointment towards the release schedule and lack of core functionality that gets promised each time a new build hits Steam. Now that you have reached a point where you can work primarily on game-only development, and worry less about old tech getting in the way, it might be tempting to be overly optimistic about timelines and features but I trust you all have much better perspective on these things than I can imagine, seeing as you have had to deal with all the crap thrown at the team since the early builds. That being said...I look forwards to the next SR, when hopefully we will hear better details on what to expect from the BETA and when we can realistically see it hit EXP! Thanks again, Team...
  11. Agreed about giving Hicks some space... His Twitter page is pretty empty of SA info and yes, I saw the comment about that dickhead....kind of makes me wonder if maybe "justifiable homicide" should be back in the law books again, eh? ........nuff said. Thanks for the replies, guys.
  12. I just caught up on this new thread and was wanting to add a question here, guys... Where has Brian Hicks been through all this? Did I miss the memo? Or was he back in Texas, due to the Hurricane? (He hails from that state....right?) Sheesh! Time to get back on these forums!
  13. Is it the same as trees, perhaps? I almost bit the farm last night from hypothermia because I forgot that I needed to use the "F" key to actually chop with my opposed to using the LMB, which just degrades your axe.
  14. You know....I have never assumed there was an option to spray paint the ghillie...nice! Would like that same option for ANY fabric...but still...
  15. That has to be one of the upcoming item tweaks...really. The idea that you can spot if a note has a message on it is just plain cool.