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  1. Hi all...Just do what I did. Step away from the forums, and especially the Devs' Status Reports. (Yes, here I am...posting...but just a quick troll or two doesn't count IMHO ;-) ) I still mess around in Chenarus, and await signs of the BETA....but I decided to try ignoring the frustrating nonsense coming from the studio these days. Amazingly, when you put distance between you, (the gamer), and them, (the Devs) reporting through their "Status Reports", the SA is still fun, and as long as I don't let myself get baited with false alarms, missed deadlines, and broken promises I will endure. The same is true for most of you too, I bet. Enjoy your Holidays!
  2. Well... I knew THIS was coming. My two cents.... The only real issue I have with this SR is the nature of the excuses...as they are the same ones over and over again for the last three years. The team spends way too much time apologizing and it is getting old. Just stop with the cliché crap and get to work. At this point bringing up the fact that they promised BETA for end of LAST year only reiterates how terribly this project has been managed and I don't want to hear it anymore. I honestly thought the team would at least give us SOMETHING to play with over the Holidays...even if it was going to result in a buggy EXP build. Instead, they say to us that "even playing the current internal .63 build will make you never want to go back to .62".... Thanks for that, guys. You are taking a lot for granted by locking us out for the foreseeable future and I only hope you work some magic with the big-time YouTube streamers out there when you finally have .63 ready....or you might find you came up one Christmas too many in the world of "what have you done for me lately". Going to take time off and I wish all you fellow Forum Subscribers a safe and happy holidays. Maybe I'll be back...and maybe not...but either way, it's been an experience. Cheers!
  3. For the Mule in all of us

    See!... You just chastised me for thinking you were chastising me! ;-P Bio... Yep... I think you know my comedic sarcasm by now... I am a victim of being old-school enough to still erroneously think forum readers can magically infer the intent of my words through my text....
  4. The P-38/P-51

    I prefer FW190s and ME262s ;-) But seriously...I still have a couple of these kicking around and as mentioned, I keep one on a lanyard with a few other handy things.... Problem is...I just end up using my multi tool ! Add a Leatherman and NOW you're talking! Opening Cans, Knives, Screwdrivers, etc.!!
  5. For the Mule in all of us

    Oh...You guys are hilarious.... Slow night for you all? I searched for "Hand Cart" But thanks for the swift and diligent oversight...Don't know how I could have gone on much longer without someone chastising me for some frickin thing! ;-P
  6. For the Mule in all of us

    Well, you see...the point of them would be the fact that as soon as "most" survivors hear a vehicle they instantly go into KOS mode....and only rarely will someone flag down a car with the only intention being to hitch a ride... Having some sort of way to haul cargo around (only around towns, even) would mean you don't have to hopelessly go around looking for spark plugs while they have all been looted and hidden away. Anyhoo....I am asking fellow survivors about this and so far it's 3 in agreement. (4 players asking for new assets must surely qualify for Dev consideration?! Heh heh.
  7. For the Mule in all of us

    Searched and did not find anything about this...so might as well fire it in here. How about Wheelbarrow, Wagon, Hand Cart, or even just a plywood/metal sheet to be used as a stretcher or way of hauling objects? With the HOPEFUL introduction of weight-based player stamina values, this type of thing would be used quite a bit I think.
  8. ummm...the Devs, in their workstations? JUST KIDDING! Just felt the Troll tapping my shoulder.... I'm all better now. ;-)
  9. Status Report - 8 March 2018

    Freudian Slip! That might be EXACTLY the release "goal" date for Beta. This would be actually reasonable, considering how things are "progressing" but we'll see. AND.....figures I would see yet another weapon model....but there's not enough screen pixels in the entire world to display the size of Face palm this deserves.... Just STOP with the fluff and get on with the core mechanics, guys....Sheesh! I swear sometimes it's like "craft time" in kindergarten. I know things like weapon models can be conceptualized in parallel with other (read: FAR MORE IMPORTANT AND RELEVANT) activities...but the optics just seem wrong when you know the player base is indeed becoming testy. Leave out the pics and give us more detail on technical capabilities/limitations of the current game development environment or whatever else you might be able to show us that intrigues our curious and attentive minds, please.
  10. .63 ETA ?

    Yeah...well...I personally don't use the full timeline to base the SA development progress on. That is misleading when you consider that the full-blown re-write and Enfusion effort only began, when, about halfway between initial alpha launch and 0.62? Add to that the overly-simplistic "math" not accounting for the plethora of influences governing their output and focus in relation to each game module and tasking. Sure, the dedicated early adopters that really started the ball rolling will most certainly be ones to have qualified opinions on the development progress/processes....but hey, everyone wants to have their kick at the can, understandably. I also am "starting" to regard the SRs as a bit of a joke in the sense that nothing of substance comes forward into the builds afterwards. (and therefore they read like blogs from people just tinkering around with a hobby of theirs and not as official media that is meaningful to a customer). So, taken under these pretenses, I try not to expect "anything" to happen....so when is doesn't, my blissful ignorance is justified. When the info was released to us about the pending "GamesCon Demo" I admit that I was stoked, but I quickly came back down to Earth when I finally saw it...as it came across to me as being the "idea" of something that will eventually become a "plan" which will find its way to the development table, and might one day be implemented. I am using that same perspective towards RTM 1.0 and I regard the inevitable release of Beta as being just another (albeit long-overdue) content update. I started in the SA back in 2014...but the end of 2015 seems more like the "Start" of it all...once the problems with the ARMA2 engine were finally realized and the decision to completely re-engine the game was reached. Call it Fanboy Math if you want, but my slow painful wait for the Devs to get their act together therefore only stretches across two full years. In that time I have admittedly grown somewhat jaded towards news from the team regarding what their "next steps" are and I associate a lot of that with poor oversight and not necessarily with poor development skills. (I don't presume to have the slightest insight in to how a game developer can do his/her job any more efficiently). What is far easier to gauge is the effectiveness of the administration of a project because you can see more of the macro performance of a project compared to the declared milestones and ultimate end goals. As of now, if the Beta drops before March I will consider it a massive feather in the teams' caps...but if it drags into late Spring/Summer I honestly don't imagine there will be too many others who share my level of optimism and patience and I don't foresee this great project reaching it's original potential. That not only seems like a terrible waste of time...but also a waste of talent... It would be well for the teams to remember that their careers might depend on the success of this venture and a large metric of that success is governed by their team leader's abilities to manage successfully. ETA? Bah! There's no point in asking if there is no way of systemically measuring. John Carmack said it first and best. "It will be done when it's done" (The server player counts will ultimately decide if it was worth it IMHO) This is just a bit of a vent, I suppose.... I'll be better after I get killed on the coast a few times this evening...

    @Dancing.Russian.Man, @DannyDog, @Sqeezorz Hi guys! Yeah...my post was a bit vague and sorry about that. I originally meant that the NEW player controller is such a dramatic overhaul on how we will interact with everything and everyone and therefore the Devs need to consider EVERY relationship and dependency of each item and each action. That's a tall order to get right and bug-less the first time around. A note on the New Spawn mechanic as well...as I hope that the "Final" server browser will indicate the weather...so the fun of dying to the elements, at least, can be avoided.

    Sorry but I disagree about the player controller. The engine has been rolled out for the most part but I don't think it is in a state where the Devs can just start adding features and content. Optimization will probably be the hardest part and I can imagine we are going to see some drastic FPS drops in the first release or two. This is going to be a HUGE difference. And "everything that's relevant for it" means everything your player can interact with. SO that covers most of the dynamic content. That's what I meant about it might be a bad thing if they rushed the content. They may have finished building the instrument....but now they need to learn how to play.
  13. I got stuck in a building (please help)

    @Baty Alquawen can help by teleporting you out of your predicament, by the way. Just don't ask her to replace your boots. This is not the USA, here in Chenarus...you can't sue for damages or mental stress...heheheh.

    Ghosting into a different server is pretty lame, I agree...And dying a few times of hypothermia before I got a fire going and a few nom noms into me is not the end of the world IMHO...as it gives me a bit more of an emotional investment with the character that makes it past the initial day or two. Looting is not the only thing to do by a long shot right now. The builds are at a transition point due to the fact that they are finally rid of the legacy game engine. The last thing they want to do is release a buggy and broken Beta because they rushed content into an engine they don't/can't understand fully yet. Not trying to make excuses for the state of the game, though...just my perspective, that's all. Guess I am a "finding ways" savant...because I still find it cathartic to wander the map and mess around. Trying my hand at being a city-dwelling hermit now...and its pretty spooky in a high POP server!
  15. Forum

    Huh? Wut? The Beans are bugged? There's Bugs in my Beans? Ack! :-)