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  1. Probably not the right thread...but what the hell... Is there going to be cross-platform support for PC and X-Box players? And if so,,,,how soon into both development streams? Thanks Guys. (now back to work! ;-p)
  2. MSI afterburner + Dayz not working

    That happened to me once...and my issue may not be what YOU are experiencing.... I had to delete all my custom game presets in MSI and just leave the OC settings and custom fan profiles are either ON or OFF before I started DayZ... So have you had MSIAB working with DayZ? (and are you SURE your clocks and fans are running on the OC settings?) The Dayz.exe might need to be tweaked (or restored to defaults if you are running a long custom command line).
  3. Stress Test vol.40

    Ok! Good Enough! Let's stop these "Stress Tests" and get back to calling it an Experimental Build! Just kidding round some... But when they introduced the first few Stress Tests to 0.63 I was fine with it...but it almost seems like they are now using it as a way of creating an Experimental Experimental Build....just to give us the perception of progress! ….Stress Test #40???
  4. No kidding...I bet you were just waiting to get that out...weren't you.... They will deliver....IN time.... Maybe not YOUR time...but IN time. As the many supporters of this title have said....time and time again (see what I did there?)......It's better to have fewer promises than to coddle the fanbase with unrealistic goals and release timelines. This dev team are, in my opinion, not the greatest at having a strict internal roadmap...but it would be annoying if this was not the way they have always been. It was worse back a few years...and it is only marginally better now...but as @Sqeezorzsaid, its nice to have a life outside this forum....kind of makes the "time" go by quicker...Sure hope you find one of your own, dude.
  5. On a note about the title of the thread, though... I really wish the devs would hold off calling these releases "content updates". "Content" for me means vehicles, animals, structures, and character-driven activities... Maybe use "foundation updates" or something less tantalizing! ;-)
  6. The heart of the matter boils down to this, basically. It's amazing how easy it is to forget how the SA initially came about...and how utterly unplayable the MOD had become. (the zombie behavior and the meta gaming was the final straw) I also thought that somehow the new game would be able to get beyond the de-sync, bad ai pathfinding, nonsensical inventory, and crappy graphics...all the while, using the same engine as the Mod...majically, I guessed... So when the rewrite was decided upon I had to make the conscious decision to back the hell off and accept the fact that a "new and improved Mod" was never going to happen, and that whatever the game becomes and whenever it goes RTM I will either enjoy it or I won't. Every time I catch myself using the ARMA2 DayZMod experience as a comparison I simply remember why I played it and why I play the SA. The reasons are as different as the two games themselves...and regardless of how much I wanted a new shiny version of the same old thing...it just aint gonna happen...and it's not a bad thing. The devs (or whomever) did the right thing...and yes, they screwed it up, big time, but nonetheless they kept at it...with every opportunity to call it a day...point to the EA disclaimer and move on to something else.
  7. Ideally, Yes... But the devs have been guilty of getting ahead of themselves in the past, and the limitations of the old tech created a real crap show with trying to get the vehicles working right. Pulling them completely was the best decision as it probably would have taken a lot of resources away from the larger core development and would inevitably been a bit of a waste of time seeing as how they evolved to the .63 state. I was not happy to hear the vehicles were being removed and initially was critical of that decision..as I thought this was a sign that the team simply couldn't figure out how to make them work...and that they were getting in over their heads. This was, again, the smart move...so I am very keen to see if they have learned from the previous mistakes and difficulties when rolling in content as complicated as vehicles and helicopters. I still would prefer to see bicycles in game before vehicles...as I am sure this would help them sort out some of the initial performance, character, animation, and server issues that might need attention...but it seems they are not even considering the bikes yet… I personally think this is a bad idea (or maybe just an oversight) so once again I look forward to being wrong! ;-)
  8. And remember, Dev Team... Less is more, when it comes to getting the vehicles implemented...I don't want to be scouring the countryside looking for a hundred spare parts just to get my trusty Uaz up and running! If we get fully-functional basic vehicles to play with you will be able to track the rubber-banding and desync better and balance spawns easier because we will have a bunch of Mad Max's out there busting stuff up! You can add the realism and loot grind later. (please!)
  9. @thegreatgatly "Great, Cant wait, really looking forward to your next forum post" Should have just stopped there, my man...Then maybe someone ELSE would chime in, slamming you for being a "fan-boy"! I can't see how the devs are going to please everyone (myself included) but they have managed to become at least semi-reliable and their SRs are predictably optimistic.... So why choose now (as the builds become more purposeful) to purge your sarcastic arse all over them? You can, of course...because this is a forum...but ramp up the creativity a bit, if you MUST.
  10. The return of the scope! Not for picking off the unaware...but for scanning into towns and encouraging the use of single-shot rifles! Just imagine the horror of those who love their scoped CCWs! Too bad I cant have it MY way, eh? (make the pew-pew semi and fully auto stuff rare and make them degrade quicker than the big bore long guns, I say!)
  11. Stamina and energy levels?

    Pow! Drop the MIke! Walk Away....
  12. Status Report 3 July 2018

    OK...So...? Where is it? It's bound to the 17th SOMEWHERE by now! :-P
  13. Stamina and energy levels?

    Yup..Dont get me wrong...I think they are pretty close to getting the stamina sorted out... I like the time it takes to lose it, based on your load and your physical condition...and I imagine this will be better utilized when the other status dependencies get implemented, but that damn "bar" just keeps burning a hole in my immersion...along with those bouncy arrows! If and when we can choose which UI elements we can have displayed, and maybe have a couple options for the icons, I will be happy again. I know there is always the option to go with NO UI, but I am hoping for just a wee bit more choice.
  14. FOV....FTW! The biggest issue that will probably NEVER get addressed... Peripheral vision is the key to bringing 3pp closer to 1pp and could negate the perceived benefits of 3pp for those who still feel they need it.
  15. Stamina and energy levels?

    Good points, all. But I happened to fire up FarCry2 the other night for some fun and I was immediately aware that having NO indication of your stamina level was really refreshing and added a level of realism that really was noticeable.... Thinking about the emerging UI with the standalone I am just realizing how annoying this might become as I find myself playing "follow the bouncing arrows" with the status icons...and how I constantly follow the drop and regen of the stamina bar... It is a game within the game and I wonder, seriously, if just returning to Green, Yellow, Red Status icons and removing the stamina bar completely would enhance the in-game experience…. Turning the UI off is really not what I was thinking, because the status icons do need to be there IMO, but the arrows just seem to be too intrusive and not really necessary as a mechanic for us. Not knowing the reserve of stamina you have brings you deeper into the game during times of fight/flight and encourages you to stay alert and gives you something else to consider (without a graphic representation staring you in the face). So...maybe the opportunity to select the status icon type and behavior in the game settings? I would personally like to see smaller versions of the current icons and have them vary between the three colors depending on their states...and as for stamina...leave it off the screen and only display it in your character inventory screen. Just my opinions, and hopefully ones that resonate with enough of you that the devs carefully consider the final versions.