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  1. Status Report - 17 July 2018

    Is content update (stress test branch) incoming today? Was the internal test successful?
  2. Status Report 3 July 2018

    So just to clear things up... all of this content will be in next stress test build?! If this is true... damn I'm really excited.
  3. Open Inventory while jogging or walking

    Thought exactly the same... all stuff you can reach while youre walkin like youre pockets should be able to reach while walkin or jogging and the backpack ist greyed out. if u stand still you can have access to your backpack... Right now if you put a gun in a waterproof bag, put this bag in your backpack you can take out your gun while running around although its in bag in a backpack with a quicklsot.
  4. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    mag to Quickslot >> hold button from quickslot (like the new hold mousebutton to eat thing) Edit: Oh sorry to fast... thats just workin if you got a mag to change mags. But maybe put the mag to a quickslot and hold down the button maybe he takes it out...
  5. General Discussion

    Now I tried it and Im impressed! This is a real solid base to get DayZ 2.0 workin. The most stuff I recognized I love a lot. Temperature at cooked stuff, you can see lighted fires from a big distance (OMG how long I waited for that) Stamina system seems good but I would love to see it a bit harder. Right now its just connected to your weight. If your sprinting a lot you should get exhausted - I know but thats my opinion. I love it to jog around and watching the beauty of the envoirnement! The blend between injured state and healthy feels really good! If it gets abit different in future, maybe not just injured. A state for broken bones, one for wounded by shots or something like that. So you wont start to go to injured state if you loose health by getting hungry. I like the new system with interactions in the envoirnement. There will be a lot of fine tuning but the base is there. The new plaaaacement system YES!!! I want it for all items!! :D Decorate my basement in an apocalypse! The new faces and chracters OMG yes! Dayz RP here I come! There will be so much more... but everything points in the right direction! Thanks Devs, really good stuff!
  6. General Discussion

    At this point I´m with you. The new one, double right hold second click, overcomplicates the system.
  7. General Discussion

    someone recognized these new blood particle effects when youre dying? I just saw it in a stream wasnt able to play but... stunning! !
  8. Dayz Suggestions Part #1 [With pictures]

    push... pls stick those threads they are awesome community work.
  9. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    I would love to do that job too!! But I´m more the cgi/2d/3d Artist, and less a content creator. In Germany its called "Media Designer for online and print media". I did a lot of stuff with Adobe Premiere, 3DsMaxx and the compositing part with Digital Fusion, but less gaming content. And moving to Prag? With wife and kids? Fuuuu, that would be a biiiig step.
  10. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Yes exactly :D
  11. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    mmmmhhh... I don´t know exactly where that deerstand is. But maybe Veresnik? Good SR again thank you all!