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  1. Withe the new character and melee system integrated, would this be an option in DayZ? In addition something like put feed on chest to disable getting up again or detain someone? This would be a real good addition, especially in RP situations!
  2. Mmmmmhhh... dunno what to do. Most of the time I don´t search active for camps. A few times I met some people at their camps and it most of times a gunfight started up. Because of that metagaming thing... ... I hope mechanics will be implemented, to secure your base, if basebuilding and fortification is a thing in DayZ. I would have waited till they leave their camp too, but I would´nt doublecheck at gametracker to be safe while looting. Thats a bit cowardly to be honest :) If I´m well geared I like to take nothing out of a camp and just muddle up some things.
  3. Holy fuuq, I don't know what to type! AWESOME!
  4. Oh yes, pleeeeeaaase!
  5. I hope and think the whole crafting will get an overhaul if DayZ hits beta. It needs to be more intuitive.
  6. for me its ok. If you feel uncomfortable with this patch take a break. 2500h+ is really a lot. But rollback? :D Damnit... this community is awesome. First everybody cries development isn´t fast enough and after releasing a patch with multiple bugs and pushing regular fixes time after time people want a rollback... I dont get it.
  7. video

    If bolts are persistent it would be a great weapon to clean up all the zeds. Tried it out but the bolts dissapear after killing a zed. But they are oneshot kill. After shooting on trees or walls you are able to pick the bolds up again. Someone tried out the range and accuracy with the pistol scope from the longhorn? I never had all three parts a crossbow, scope and bolts.
  8. Here some of my favorite screenshots out of 60/61 Ok this one is much older than 60/61 made out of two shots:
  9. 1. Double or triplesized map 2. 1PP visiual effects of helmets visors and sunglasses. 3. seasons (summer/fall/winter/spring) (an old vid)
  10. Because of wipe I dont know because I died before patch was incoming. Anyone else notices much less Jittering/lag in houses or if you go through a door? It´s much better now for me and Im playin at a high ping server.
  11. Nice they changed Alpha text :D referring to the forum. Good idea devs!
  12. This would increase the lvl of difficulty alot! Like it. Players should be able to do the grab function too. If someones weak because of bloodloss or have a broken arm/leg.
  13. I would love to see that! A hardcore mode/mod with realy high restart timer. Think about it if you want to KOS! Nice addition especially for RP Servers. Possibility to drag your mate out of the line of fire and use Defibrilator, except headshot for shure. Not that he would be able to get back to the fight, just to get him up again >> need to build a barrickaded house. Give him medical assistance till he could go ahead on a journey. And degrade of weapons, tools and food. You need a weaponcleaning kit. Some things can only crafted in special buildings like those big sawmills or toolshops (those little ones with drill, grinder installed in it); food can be made longlasting by salt, Refrigerator, smoke. Coop for chickens or rabbits etc etc ...and a cooking system. A warm meal will be much better for your status and your stamina then could beanz. Could have an impact to: like in Zomboid. I would realy love to see where I´m hurt and which type of wound I have. Deep cut, scratch, gunshot through leg. And treat it accordingly. Very important in my opinion. Not able to run from south to north like "The Flash". Inventory not able while running around. If you search someones Backpack it consumes time. If you want to take something out of your backpack it consumes time. Pockets in trousers and Jackets should be instantly available while moving.
  14. :) and I'm not. I like it if it's a good balance between realism and game design.
  15. This was my first thought. The most realistic way would be to go to every part of a wall, sandbags, barrels, waterbarrels, tents, fireplaces, electronic support, generator, wires, barbed wire etc and check everything by its own. I think back in the mod dayz it was like that. You was forced to check every single part of a wall. I agree it would be to easy to throw everything in a toolshed and all structures get repaired like you got a magician in your base. But a overview about the structures and their status plus what's needed to repair them would be a good trade off between realism and game design... maybe. edit: and I want a chicken coop!