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  1. Maybe there could be other advantages for civilian clothes, maybe weight. Not loosing stamina that fast. But in general I´m with Runs with Cows. There should be compareable clothing parts. Best of civilian, best of military, best of police, best of medic clothes. The best of one playstyle is comparable with the military advantages so youre free to choose wich playstyle you want to play. This one is called "pensioner vest" in german :D or a boiler suit, tool belt and stuff like that. Fishing equipment has many pockets. Maybe it shouldnt be equal with military stuff but something near those advantages.
  2. thank u sqeezorz
  3. Although Im not playing DayZ right now, its the game in my steamlibrary with the most hours ingame (shortly before ArmA3). I know I will be back with 0.63 and many of my mates too. And I think I´m not the only one. Right know the Devs are doin special Events, Livestreams with the stuff they´re able to show off. I think thats mostly intresting for the core playerbase. With new patches and new functions to show, they will force more marketing etc., lets see what the demo of .63 will show us at gamescom :)
  4. Yes, thats a very important feature in my opinion. I hope it´ll be possible with new playercontroller. But I cant remember if a dev has commented on this topic?
  5. ... they will get all sorted out if this oldlegacytwophysicscausingdesyncsystem is gone and devs can focus on that stuff without thinking about how to handle two systems in the sam time... me hope.
  6. Last time I found a car...(Think second .63 patch) Lada 4x4 YES!!! found a wheel to complete the car! YESS!!! Get in and started it. HELL YES!!!! Tried to drive with my 4x4 up a small hill. (Nadezdhino >> green mountain) Car flaoted left right left right... couldnt get up the hill. (on the road) get out all wheels checked no change Felt like a boat trying to drive forward while fixed. really strange... U-Turn to drive on concrete roads real hard desync Car is broken No fun right now.... for me.
  7. I would prefer something Asmondian posted in his suggestion thread: I dont know the backround story of a naked spawned player but... there are several options ^^
  8. Really nice idea for RP servers! I would love it! especially in your claimed base, where it will last alot longer then 10 or 15 DayZ.
  9. concept

    Don't get me wrong here :) I'm absolutely not from the faction which fight for realism and shit on gamedesign and playability. But sometimes I miss a bit of consistent mechanics. On the one hand I need to take a compass in my hand to navigate on the other hand I can run like I'm fast and furious while changing attachments on my gun and craft a courier bag. There is a need of a balanced gameplay. Take a rest to sort my backpack would decelerate gameplay alot in my opinion. I would need to make decisions by packing my gear on the right spot to stay alive. I don't want a backpack Tetris simulation, but take a rest and think about it what I maybe need in a dangerous situation and put it on the right spot - why not? I think it would be fun... but again, I can only speak for me. Maybe it's more a part of a hardcore survival mod. Maybe.
  10. or a few more attachments?
  11. concept

    Yep, exactly. Right! Escape of Tarkov uses a system like that. I think thats where my idea came from. I think it would be amazing. I dont t hink it would be to tedious. I would only think twice if I put my ammunition in my backpack or in my vest. And stop moving to take stuff out of my backpack dont implement my view is fixed. It could be possible to look around while digging in my backpack. But maybe thats a stuff for a mod ^^ mmmhh here Im not with you. Especially in the pursuit of realism I want to know where my body is injured. The best, for shure, would be the option that you see your injuries directly at your main character window. But I think its just to much work to realize. A medical view would be much easier to develop and lacks the same realism like the charakter windoew itself - except you are standing beside a mirror :) But except the realism the immersion, and I can only speak for myself, would be much better, if I can put a cleaned and disinfected bandage on my scratched left arm then just use some badly damaged rags to stop my bleeding.
  12. concept

    As always... very good work Asmondian. Thank you! A few things came to my mind while reading your topic. I would love to see the equipment bar always on top. So if you scroll down to whatever and you wanna drag an item from the bottom of your inventory, you don´t need to hold left mouse and wheel your mouse in the same time to get to the equipment tab again, like its actually is. Maybe the Equipment Tab could be modular, so if you got special clothes, you can attach different things. To be honest Im not a fan of grid based inventorys. I would prefer a weight and sized based system, where you can place your stuff everywhere in your pocket besides the limitations of weight and size. But if it looks like your design I would be happy either :) I would love to see looting a player takes time. You have to search bags, backpacks and pouches of a killed player to see whats inside their clothes/backpacks A seperation between pockets you can reach while walking and moving and interaction with your backpack, which forces you to stop walking. a health screen of your character, where medical details will be shown more accurate. scratch/bleeding sore/ broken arm etc. edit: BELTS But thank you once again for your beautifull artwork and design suggestions! Thats true but the usage off radios for example are really annoying right now. If I have assault vest where I can put on my radio - I would do it! I wouldnt pack it in my backpack and take it out everytime I need it. I would fix it on my vest or my belt.
  13. Ok... +those beards! +injured animations and stamina! I WANT IT NOW! ;) ... but I dont like those half circled cursor for aiming. It looks so BIG. But thats my personal thought. And I hope those Icons in "melee 0.63" video (00:26) have nothing to do with the final inventory menu or are placeholders. But great SR! Thank you devs!
  14. Hello, maybe the suggestion part. There several good ideas :)