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  1. Xbox Update 14/01/2019

    I'm shure that's Dolph... Dolph Lindgren!
  2. Experimental Update 1.0.150104

    Is it possible to mention all the other known issues below "known issues" in the 1 post?It seems like only persistence is a known issue and everything else (lightning problems, flying cars, hit reg, etc.) is fine. And please think about short term solution. It's 1.0 not beta.
  3. Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Just want the so called "core gameplay" of DayZ working probably. That's what was told and now I want to play it. I want to setup a little camp, searching for a car and hide it in the woods. Right now with Lada/Ada/helicopter2.0 and the persistence broken because of server crashes it's poorly not possible. I don't have time to fix a car for several hours, just to let the car fly around the whole chernarus map or build a base, manage all that stuff and after server crashes it gets vanished. It would be ok for me if it's an alpha or beta built... but it's not! It's full release of DayZ. So please give me my core gameplay loop working.
  4. Stable Update 1.0.149923

    It's no more beta no more alpha... this just shouldn't be necessary. I know they're developing a long-term solution and it would be ok for me if the game is in Beta state... But it isn't.
  5. Stable Update 1.0.149923

    I used pistol suppressor without attracting infected. Maybe it was ruined? One time I killed a few zeds and after a while I attracted them by shooting with my pistol. Then I recognized the suppressor was ruined because I used it to often. Nighttime is just awesome, if you're not a freshspawn! It was sooooo scary looting myshkyno tents. One of us lightend the scenario and the others took the zeds down with knives and blades. They're attack was to heavy so we started shooting...PANIC! After all zombies where dead we started looting with one lightsource. Great and immersive!
  6. Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Sooooo... helicopters are in?
  7. PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    GL Devs I hope everything will be successor... Im excited (and afraid) about all the reviews in the gaming world press after releasing 1.0 - THE RELEASE OF DAYZ 1.0 Its a really big announcement after 5 years of development! Wish you the best!
  8. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    Imagine you don't do that with global chat because you can do it with a radio... man this would be sooooo immersive. I don't know if the radio tower is able to that right now. And btw every town has a radio station where you are able to give messages over speakers in town... great fun with alarm sirens sample and give a emergency warning about evacuating the area.
  9. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    Maybe your matches are soaked... go inside and wait a few minutes till they're wet only. If they are wet status, it should work.
  10. Status Report - 20 November 2018

    Thank you! We need a focused feedback about basebuilding and it's mechanics, please.
  11. base destroyable?

    That's true... and as long as it stays like that, bases are completely useless. A base is like a big "SALES - GUNS N AMMO FOR FREE" sign. Beside of RP.
  12. New Actions & Crafting

    1. Yes I recognized the possibility of crafting with hotbar. But I mainly use it to switch between items and not for crafting purposes. 2. Mainly for crafting/combining and inventory Tetris. I have a question. Why I sometimes need to hold left mouse button and sometimes I need to hold f to perform an action? Why not only use one key for actions? For example. Drinking from a bottle is holding left mouse button. Drinking from a well or a pond is spamming f. But I don't know why? Or why I need to click left mouse button to open a can of tuna? Why not hold left mouse button? It's very messed up which key to press/hold click to perform an action. The same was mentioned because of combination of handlamp and battery. It should be able to combine them in both directions. (Battery+lamp)=(lamp+battery)
  13. base destroyable?

    Damn it would be sooo nice if your mates and you are on a scavange run and you gave your guard a radio and it informs you with a call that Intruders try to raid your base. Btw sorry for my bad English, I'm not a native speaker :)
  14. base destroyable?

    I would love to see some new mechanics of basebuilding in dayz but maybe it's a mod thing. In my opinion it could go much further. Barking dogs which alarm you if someone ttys to enter. Maybe NPC's which need food, water and equipment and to defend a base in offline times. But that's something which never will happen in vanilla. :) BTW maybe I visit the Village...I'm in love with the idea of always keep the direct chat on! I play a a character on that server. Maybe we meet each other.
  15. base destroyable?

    Or at least take a look what was done, what's good, what's bad... but I think/hope they did that already.