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  1. Dayz Suggestions Part #1 [With pictures]

    push... pls stick those threads they are awesome community work.
  2. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    I would love to do that job too!! But I´m more the cgi/2d/3d Artist, and less a content creator. In Germany its called "Media Designer for online and print media". I did a lot of stuff with Adobe Premiere, 3DsMaxx and the compositing part with Digital Fusion, but less gaming content. And moving to Prag? With wife and kids? Fuuuu, that would be a biiiig step.
  3. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Yes exactly :D
  4. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    mmmmhhh... I don´t know exactly where that deerstand is. But maybe Veresnik? Good SR again thank you all!
  5. Stable Update 0.62.142080

    Yeah I hope they think twice about that feature. In my opinion I hate it if dayz god tells me Im not able to place my firekit where I want to. I want to decide if its to dangerous to light a fire in a house or not. It´s my story, isn´t it? And if Im near to death because of cold temperatures I wouldnt mind if the structure burns down if I can stay alive.
  6. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    alright :) thnx for th note!
  7. Automatic shifting in vehicles

    I wouldnt say if you dont do transmission manually by your own DayZ would get less realistc or goes in the wrong direction because it wants or needs to be a simulation. The question should always be, is it fun and does the mechanic close the gap between gamedesign and realism. There are so so so many different areas of gameplay which arent realistic in DayZ. Its alwas the question of how to translate the realism into gamedesign. You could say walking forward by pressing W isnt realistic. It would be more realistic if you have to press lmousbutton than right mousbuttun than left mousbutton to simulate the movement of your legs - but would this be a good decision in concern to gamedisgn? I doubt it. Its the consistency or the lack of consistency which sometimes makes me a bit sad. On the one hand I need to do manual transmission, on the other hand its not possible to put a sedan wheel on a lada - damn if I would be in that situation I would take a wheel of a sedan and try to fix it up to a lada instead of drivin on rims or go by feed. Or the medical system. Or instant crafting of backpack or that im not be able to climb out of windows or or or or... what I want to say is that I would prefer this level of detail in other situations than by driving cars.
  8. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    ... oh damn, it´s time for .63 showing up!
  9. Status Report - 29 August 2017

    any news on aboutr this footage? Or postponed because everybody was sick after gamescom...
  10. Serum

    Apples will be gone with .63 or the spamming of apples. There will be apples but you can find them under a tree for example and wont be able to horde them. If 100 playerservers are coming and in wich timeframe I dont know. Didnt hear from that topic for a long time now. But I hope devs workin on it. The basic intention of your idea seems pretty solid. Adding hotspots where playerinteraction will be more common and not always hostile. Right now hotspots are only militarybases to get military gear and everybody knows what happens 99 per cent if you meet players at those spots. But the lore of DayZ is that players are immune to the infection, which would not fit with your idea of a serum. But I like the idea and maybe there will be a mod where players arent immune and need to craft a serum. Another idea how to get the same basic idea of more common playerinteractions is to add other gamedynamics. Maybe for basebuilding, you need to go to different locations to craft whjat you need. (Sawmill for wooden planks and advanced structures made out of wood, little toolsheds for screws and metalworks or for repairing something, hospitals for special medical stuff, etc.) This would fit into the Lore and would add the same function.