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  1. Like in that movie Range 15.
  2. You shouldnt, please go away.
  3. Did you submit a ticket on the feedback tracker?
  4. Im pretty sure we have covered this a lot, that the trees will work like world containers.
  5. Is truesky in the game yet?
  6. The matches thing is a permanent feature, yes?
  7. I feel like the game would greatly benifit from odd number slots for items. A pistol should really be shaped like a L shape, like tetris or RE4 attache case.
  8. Goodnight, sweet prince.
  9. That sequence of numbers is aesthetically pleasing for some reason.
  10. I second a motion for stone axe/hammer. Also an adze would be great. Flint arrow heads. Bolas.
  11. Dude that zombie flipped end over end over the top of the vehicle Joe Black style, thats awesome.
  12. Sharpen or craft?
  13. Found random ammo on my nightstand. So i was using track IR with my occulus wehn the server restarted and lighting struck my house, now random items keep spawining all over my room. It looks like CTE is effecting real life now Idk what to do! Anyone remember how they fixed stuff like this in Weird Science?
  14. same day harvesting of crops is sort of immersion breaking ive had my tomato plants since the end of march and am only just getting fruit. They should be pretty good.