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  1. You checked out trello yet? They have WIP renders of building ageing and ivy.
  2. They said the foliage was just going to be on the west right? Was the balance for 63 or later 62?
  3. Theyre fixing a bug found in internal tests, more news Wednesday.
  4. Pretty sure that its working the way its supposed to, may be find a new game to play.
  5. I waited ten years for the last guardian. Im not in any rush. If its what they promised its worth the wait.
  6. Theyre probably going to have the patch out next week, so.....
  7. Do us all a favor amd hold your breath until 1.0
  8. They should just not say anything and keep to them selves. Theres alot less griping when they just disengage. Is it nice to give a heads up? Yes. Is the juice worth the squeeze? No. frankly it will be done when its done.
  9. Dont do any favors, the forums have some of the most malcontent motherfuckers ive ever seen. Remember the unholy trinity if broken and rushed games Watchdogs, no mans sky, andromeda.
  10. That would probably result in player suicide until they get the good stuff if it were anything better. I dont see weapons happening. Save for random similar items like flares chemlights flashlights. Rags, bandages.
  11. You would have to be on the global channel i would think.
  12. Eat a snickers.
  13. Theyve tested a variety of spawn gear, a dollar says they start randomizing the kit you spawn with. Id like to say that spawning with a chemlight would be disadvantageous compaired to the flare.
  14. They talked about that in the SR before last i think.