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  1. FPS

    Yeah you can do that yourself through task manager. Truth be told you MIGHT get 1-3 extra fps by closing processes and programs you dont need, and thats being optimistic. Realistically, you wont see any performance increase by using that program, and it will not ban you.
  2. It just depends on the server...A lot of the servers are owned and paid for by the players. They are allowed to restart the server 5 times a day. My group hosts their own server, and we restart for a variety of reasons (despawning ruined vehicles is the main reason for us anyway). With that being said, we have definitely noticed our server crashing once or twice a day that isn't scheduled or on purpose. If someone has found a way to crash a server, it must be very difficult or very secret
  3. I tried to login this morning and got the maintenance in progress message. I was bummed out and irritated at first, but it was definitely worth it. The color scheme is much easier on the eyes, and I don't have to login every 5 minutes! Free beans for everyone! Great work guys
  4. I would say the forums...the feedback tracker is hard to use, navigate and read. Plus if you use the feedback tracker , you most likely wont get any feedback ironically. In the forums people will probably comment or point you to an older thread if one exists.
  5. it sounds like your graphics card doesnt support dx 11. Im betting your gpu is out of date and doesn't support modern games. Time to upgrade :)
  6. Make sure there aren't any attachments (battery, doors, hood etc.) and make sure the inventory is empty. Worked several times for me last night :)
  7. I can confirm the method of despawning vehicles works. It takes quite a long time or a lot of bullets, but me and a friend were able to despawn 8 vehicles last night, and already found a respawned sedan. It took approx 180 5.56 rounds from an m4, or about 30 mins swinging away with a chainsaw per vehicle. Its far from ideal but it works lol. After the vehicle releases a fireball and the texture changes to ruined, a server restart will despawn the damaged ones and respawn fresh ones.Thanks for the help!
  8. I literally just asked someone last night if chenarus was modeled after a real place. Definitely will have to plan a visit
  9. I want to see some medical crafting personally. It would be great if we could gather different herbs and plants to make things like antibiotics or pain killers. I may actually start a farm if we can get something from it besides food :)
  10. There are several vehicles scattered around the map that do not work and cannot be repaired. Some look like they are wrecked, others I am not sure. It would be great if there was a way to repair or despawn them. I have heard that if you take all the items & attachments off, then blow up or shoot them until they blow up that they will despawn. I haven't seen a single vehicle despawn since they were released about a week ago, and it's getting to the point that all the vehicles in the server are wrecked. It also seems since the damaged vehicles aren't despawning, new ones aren't respawning either. Does anyone have any helpful tips or information?
  11. Just a couple of things to add today with regards to vehicle in stable: 1). If your game crashes while driving, and the vehicle wrecks, there is a very good chance the car will be damaged beyond repair. Even putting in pristine spark plugs, batteries, wheels, etc. will not allow the car to start. The vehicle can become utterly useless, except for creating more desync and lag. 2.) Damaged cars do NOT despawn. On the server I play on there are literally 6-7 wrecked cars that will not start up or despawn. We are starting to run out of vehicles. It seems like since they don't despawn, they aren't respawning either. 3.) If you drive any faster than 35km, specifically in a sedan (not so much the V3S or Offroad), through Novaya Petrovka you are almost guaranteed to have a game crash. In my server, there are several wrecked sedans littered about there, which in turn causes more lag and more crashes. It is always Novaya that almost ALWAYS has issues for some reason. Also I had posted earlier about a game crash caused by driving a vehicle that wouldn't let me restart DayZ. I verified the game files, did a virus scan, and eventually did a complete reinstall of the game. None of those fixed the game. My PC is higher end, and when I went to launch the game my computer would slow way down, then eventually come up with two errors saying not enough memory and pagefile isnt big enough (16gb Ram & 32gb pagefile). I couldn't launch the 64bit at all. Here is how I fixed it for anyone else having this issue: Launch DayZ in 32bit (it should limit the amt of memory the game uses, even if there is a bad memory leak) and change the video memory to low. You should then be able to launch the 64bit and change the video memory back to auto. Save and restart the game and its fixed.
  12. Ive had that happen several times, and also different variations of that behavior. There have been times I heard the howl but not the wolves, and there have been times I dont hear a howl at all and suddenly a pack of wolves is at my heels
  13. I have a couple more odd behaviors with regard to vehicles to add to the list. These both happened last night: I was a passenger in an off road, and my friend was driving. He had the "game freeze" crash (see #2 above) and had to restart his computer. On my screen, the offroad ran straight into a tree at a high speed. While waiting for my friend to log back in, I decided to jump out of the offroad and see the damage. I wasn't getting the prompt to open the doors, but was getting the prompt to get out of the vehicle, even though the doors were closed on my screen. When I jumped out, I died instantly. When my friend got back in to the game, he said my shoes and pants were ruined, which I assume had something to do with me exiting the vehicle with a closed door. It's possible that I actually died from the impact to the tree, but I sat in the car for a minute or two before I tried to exit, and it wasn't until I exited that I died. It turns out the offroad was not damaged at all from the crash, and he was able to get back in and come pick me up. Also, later in the night while I was driving myself, I had another complete game freeze. After restarting my computer, I could not launch DayZ. After clicking play on the x64 bit client, my whole PC would slow to a crawl (80% cpu usage, 100% memory usage and 100% disk usage) and would eventually come back with a Windows error saying not enough memory. I received two different memory errors from trying to launch the game. One error said my pagefile isn't big enough (32gb pagefile and 16gb of RAM) and the other was my disk didn't have enough free space (about 90GB free on a SSD)The game would not launch. I restarted my computer again, verified the integrity of my game files, and there was no change. I also did a virus scan and it came back clean. I ended up giving up for the night and I hope the game will launch for me when I get on later today. I have a higher end PC, and I find it very hard to believe that DayZ could use all 16GB of RAM, my 32gb pagefile, and 90GB of SSD storage space. TLDR; the memory leak is really bad, possibly to the point of not being able to play at all.
  14. What can you say the same for all points? I am not quite following you there
  15. Easiest way I've found to auto run is to just unplug your keyboard while you are sprinting. You can plug it right back in but your player will keep sprinting until you hit the sprint button again.