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  1. It seems like every major patch there is a influx of new players that think they have the greatest idea in order to fix DayZ, without realizing that there are people who have spent A LOT more time and effort thinking about it. A lot of them think their ideas are original, when in fact the ideas they present have been proposed, shot down, rehashed, shot down again, over and over. There are also those new players that think leaving an expletive ridden "criticism" (I use that term loosely) will accomplish anything at all, besides making themselves look like a spoiled child who doesn't know any better. I am sure DayZ staff are used to this type of stuff, and I hope they have learned to not let it affect them by now. With that being said, constructive criticism and new ideas are welcomed by any and all. If you are one of the new people, just keep in mind that whatever it is you are complaining about/suggesting has most likely already been addressed and a solution in progress, or isn't within the scope of the game they are trying to make. A simple forum search will answer many questions. Now, I cannot wait for the new patch. I have tried the bug fixing experimental branches in the past, and I take no shame in saying that isn't entirely for me. I will definitely log in, look at all the new stuff, then will probably wait for stable release to actually begin playing in earnest again. If I come across a bug that I haven't seen reported, then I will definitely report it though. I also want to say I have noticed a dramatic improvement in communication ever since Baty came on board (no offense Hicks). Even if the news isn't exactly what I was hoping for, I appreciate the open communication very much. Looking forward to next week!! :)
  2. I have been missing out lol I had no clue you could already do this! Radios just became much more valuable in my book. Thanks for the responses
  3. I wonder if you will be able to grab two radios, put them on the same frequency, and be able to drop one in the bushes that will broadcast your voice to anyone nearby when you speak into the other one? Also, will radio stations and walkie talkies ever work in tandem?
  4. I didnt even realize radios worked lol. Good stuff and a very juice SR! Give .62!
  5. I am guessing no status report today?
  6. Some player found it and left apples lol. If you ever see items in your tent that you didnt have before its definitely a player
  7. Dude what is your issue? It's responses like this that give DayZ community a bad rep. Someone is trying to do something positive for the game and you can't be bothered to even read his post. He is already working on it, since there isn't a comprehensive list already made. Why so rude and condescending? Thanks for your input and idea Wolfgeist, and also your support of the game. I would like a list of changes already done and a list of things still to come as well. When I tell people beta is probably coming out this year and they ask me if that means base building, helicopters, etc., and I have no clue what to tell them. I also defend DayZ to friends and people that don't follow the development. Don't let asshats like Green Grandbob discourage you.
  8. More clothing options is the LAST thing DayZ needs. Unless you are brand new to the game, survival is laughably easy nowadays. You pretty much have to intentionally make yourself go hypothermic, and even then, if you just keep moving you will be fine. Don't even need a fire to beat the elements really
  9. DayZ is the only game ive played that Shadowplay doesnt work correctly...so I am going to say BI needs to fix
  10. ..
  11. I didn't think about the new player controller...hope you're right! :)
  12. I have seen a lot of posts for suggesting a fix, but I haven't seen or read anything official saying they are aware and/or plan to fix apple trees. Did I miss something, or is there actually no official word if apple trees will ever be fixed? It's hard to call DayZ a survival game when all you need to survive is 1 apple tree and a stone knife to survive indefinitely....
  13. Yeah i hear ya and can agree. That is what Hicks stated though almost verbatim. "Players are and always will be the primary threat." -Hicks I WISH DayZ had more challenging survival. The way it is currently though, pvp is the only thing that is challenging or a risk of dieing for me, and a lot of others as well. I also agree though that DayZ is poor at pvp also for many reasons: bullets not registering hits, lag and desync issues causing you to shoot at a playet who isnt really there, hackers and glitchers coming out of the walls and thr ground, etc. If DayZ has poor PVE and poor PVP, then I think we are scratching the surface of the real issue. The game needs to get more complete. I am being patient, watching forums for updates daily. You cant honestly argue that the PVE is good in DayZ either....99% of the time I die it's due to a glitch or hacker. I cant even remember the last time anything else killed me
  14. Same goes for zombies and loot. If you go loot tisy tents, run off a bit and come back the tents will be respawned. I have noticed that if an item doesn't get touched or moved, it wont respawn. I usually loot everything I want, then make it a point to throw everything else into the woods I didnt want. 5 mins later..fresh loot