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    They have said repeatedly that they are focused on the PC version 1st and foremost, and Xbone and PS will come after the PC version is at an acceptable spot in development. They haven't left console players in the dark, you guys just can't find the light switch :P
  2. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    I have always defended DayZ and the lack of updates, but I am starting feel more and more like this. Even .63 experimental won't save the game for me at this point...the biggest issue I run into is there is just nothing to do. Once you are geared up, you go pvp until you die and repeat. There is no endgame or progression. The cycle of gearing up ----> die ---->gear up again was fun with friends for a while, but ultimately we have moved onto other games. Looking at the checklist for .63, I see them fixing some of the same problems that have plagued DayZ from the start. That is awesome, but isn't Beta supposed to be feature complete, and work transition into bug fixing? I know that the 1st release won't have all the features, and that the rest of the features are planned for future releases. I just can't call it Beta until it's actually Beta in practice. With the first release of .63, there is still literally nothing to do. Sure, I will login and look at the new shiny animations, but after that back into hibernation mode I go. Until there is actually something to do, no amount of polish or new animations will get back the players that DayZ has lost.
  3. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Servers are all up for me
  4. Setting Spawn

    Gotta wait for mods. Not going to happen in vanilla DayZ. It's already been discussed :)
  5. zombies spawn

    Didn't Hicks talk about how important it is to be able to clear a town to loot? I remember him talking quite in depth about it in a SR (Where is Hicks by the way?) last year. It was when they re -doing infected and trying to increase their counts (around the time .60 hit). There used to be an exploit where if you stood outside a city and looked in from a distance, you could tell if anyone was in that city because the zombies would either spawn or not spawn depending if anyone was there. There was a lot of balancing done on the infected at that time, trying to achieve a balance between not seeing the zeds spawn in from a distance, but also being able to clear a town to loot it. Is being able to clear a town of infected a behavior that we can no longer expect?
  6. Guys, he is talking about the MOBILE DAYZ game, not DAYZ STANDALONE. Reading his post it's pretty obvious...I don't play the DayZ mobile game, so for all I know he is entirely on point. I don't understand how both of you could read his post and not get this lol
  7. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    Im looking forward more to base building than any other feature. I know it's not planned to be in the first beta release, though. The biggest reason I don't play much anymore is because there just isn't much to do. After you gear up (an hour, maybe 2 hrs if you want full mil gear), the only thing left is to grow potatoes or fight. There is no end game, no sense of progression besides character loot. Base building would add some end game stuff to do. I do like the features they are coming up with, but it doesn't change the overall pattern in DayZ of gear up, die, repeat. I will logon and check out all the new stuff when they come out, but I won't be playing in earnest until there is something to do that is different than the last 300hrs ive played DayZ.
  8. Banned for No REASON ?!?!?

    DayZ is not Battle Eye...even if the DayZ admins believed you (IF) they have no control over battle eye.
  9. New player here

  10. I seem to have an issue when giving beans to a post from my cell phone (Lg v10). The beans icon flashes to the next line and back up, but it never actually gives the beans. Only had this issue tonight as far as I can tell. I tried refreshing the page and closing and re opening my browser (Chrome), and still a no go. Anyone else having this issue? Edit: seems to be working normally now. Maybe an issue with giving multiple beans too quickly?
  11. Improving the hunting scope

    Im all for improving realism, especially on weapons, but I would think this would fall into the late beta stage adjustments and balances, or even post final release. I say put these types of ideas in the Dev's back pocket, since I agree it is a good one, but focus on core features and beta first. A better scope isnt going to change anything for DayZ, but features will. Don't spend time on something like this when there so many other areas that the devs could spend their time on that would have a lot more meaningful impact. Very thought out post, but not something to really consider right now.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    I use an i7-4790k CPU MSI 1070 gaming x 8gb graphics card G.skill ram 16gb (8x2) @1600 and I let nvidia optimize my game automatically. I usually turn down clouds manually though. I will edit this post with my exact settings when I get home but I average anyhwhere from 50-130fps (unless im driving) with quick dips into the 40's at time. I also have gigabit internet, which doesnt really seem to affect gaming performance at all (server side lag)
  13. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    Im not trying to insult anyone or argue. I am trying to do the opposite to be honest lol. I cant say I've never killed on sight, but I agree it is the least rewarding way to play the game. I have also killed fresh spawns, but usually because they try to Mike Tyson me when I say hello. I have also been fully geared with M4, ghillie pieces, ammo etc., and intentionally committed suicide just so I can enjoy looking for stuff again. I have been shot in the back after having friendly conversations, and I have made long term friends from meeting them in game also. I dont want KoS or the douchey bandits to go away either though. I keep coming back for more because of the "hardcore" feel. If all I had to worry about was food water and zombies, I would have left a long time ago :)
  14. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    There are those that choose to RP as a bandit. In a real apocalypse scenario, not everyone is going to be friendly or trustworthy. There would be gangs of armed mad men roaming around looking to pillage, loot, rape and murder. It may not be the way I enjoy playing, but it is not any less valid a way of playing the game compared to those who are friendly to everyone. Like I said I dont personally play that way, but I have no issue with people that do. EDIT: I also try to encourage people to enjoy all aspects of the game. KoS just happens to be a sensitive topic that some people have strong feelings about. It is okay to play KoS style, just as it's okay to start a farm
  15. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    If you have ever played DayZ before you should know and expect there to be people killing everything that moves, including fresh spawns. Especially so when there is a new patch. Like it or not, agree with it or not, that is a part of DayZ. It isnt your own personal world to enjoy alone. DayZ is about survival, and other people are going to make it difficult. I personally don't usually kill on sight, but I also realize what game I am playing and adapt. If I get killed, then it is simply an opportunity to see more of the new stuff. Plus, looting as a fresh spawn is the most fun I have in DayZ. A can of beans is exciting to find, and a childs backpack makes me smile when I have nothing. If you are complaining about being killed in DayZ, you may not be playing the right game. I suggest changing your outlook on death in game, and try to view it as a challenge and a reason to continue playing. Complaining on the forums won't change or accomplish anything :(. If the developers of the game had an issue with fully geared people killing fresh spawns, there would be some sort of mechanic preventing it. See ya around Chenarus!!