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  1. JBURNS489

    How was your Day(Z)?

    I still follow DayZ and it's development, but I haven't logged in for over 6months. Ive logged 1500+ hours and got burnt out and have yet to see anything that would rekindle that flame. Thanks for the welcome years later though 🙂
  2. JBURNS489

    My Base got wiped from our server!!!

    Persistence isnt working correctly. Its a known bug that server crashes can cause wipes of bases, tents, barrels and hidden stashes. They knew about this since before DayZ hit 1.0. I bet this is what happened to you
  3. JBURNS489

    Barrels disappearing and tent problems

    Even placed barrels will go bye bye, thanks to server crashes causing persistence wipes. This includes tents and bases as well
  4. JBURNS489

    When is v1.0 coming to XBox

    Dayz 1.0 on PC is basically .64 that they are calling 1.0. I haven't heard of a 1.0 release date for xbox yet, but you do not have to buy the game again.
  5. JBURNS489

    It's snowing

    I would much rather they fix the bugs that ruin the game than add something cosmetic, wouldn't you?
  6. JBURNS489

    It's snowing

    Why are they spending time implementing snow instead of fixing the myriad of game breaking bugs? I.e. fix night time or rather the flares at night, fix the server performance issues making zombies lag, fix server persistence issues and crashes, fix vehicles because they are a mess, etc...or even re implement some of the stuff we had in .62 like bows and tanning. I feel like the game is getting killed on reviews and instead of working on fixing it, they add snow?!
  7. JBURNS489

    Be Bandit, Not a Hero

    I like to pretend to be friends with someone first. That way I get my food to follow me and carry around my gear.
  8. Does anyone else see random textures and stuff when looking through smoke off a road flare?
  9. JBURNS489

    having trust issues

    No matter how friendly someone says they are -- never turn your back on them if they are armed, and also NEVER EVER give an unarmed guy a gun. I forget who did it, but there was a series of videos of a guy on youtube who does social experiments on DayZ, and one of them was to give the person an empty and/or jammed gun and see if they shoot. Spoiler: Most of the time they did
  10. JBURNS489

    Worthless update

    Check brightness settings?
  11. JBURNS489

    Experimental Update 0.63149374

    It's not experimental they are complaining about. This is the stable branch, aka "beta"
  12. JBURNS489

    Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Whats the difference between Beta and 1.0?
  13. JBURNS489

    Status Report - 23 October 2018

    What happened with bicycles? I feel like we are completely skipping beta and just calling it a 1.0. Truth be told DayZ probably shouldn't even be called beta by the end of this year. *Edit* guy above me already mentioned bicycles. What bothers me is the mod had SO many more features and stuff to do. This scaled back version is hardly the DayZ I signed up for.
  14. JBURNS489

    Character wiped after update

    Happens almost every update.
  15. JBURNS489


    They should definitely post that kind of stuff on the official DayZ website, and not just twitter.