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  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    Happy Halloween.....err I mean Nightmare Night!
  2. OrLoK requests backup!

    Still the old, dashingly charming gentlehorse you used to be, huh? Dear God, what mare would be able to resist you any way!?
  3. OrLoK requests backup!

    Heya Dancing.Soviet.Man! If I read this back in the old days, I would've felt happy and reassured that the DayZ forums actually employ skilled moderator staff. But now, after all this years....pff, it kind of doesn't matter at all, as my grudge with him is gone by now. Why does his account still have the "DayZ Forum Team" status though? Do(es) your administrator(s) not give a f*ck about the staff here anymore? o.O
  4. What song are you listening to right now?

    I remember your avatar, Image, but that nickname does not fit to it! :O @topic:
  5. OrLoK requests backup!

    Oh yes, I agree with you! I had issues with a very few selected users - with one of them it was a rather major dislike, but fortunately that user left the forums. He returned every now and then for two to three posts, but then disappeared again. Fun fact is: That user was my first friend on these forums. And in my book, we ended as enemies. Kinda weird, even to me. Checking the staff members, I see boneboys is still aboard the team. I remember collecting evidence - screenshots or even off-line-saved websites of a thread's page - of his incompetence as a moderator/administrator for a while, until I sent one major complaint with a lot of proof attached to it to Matt Lightfoot. I'm pretty sure he never got the message though, as he tended not to check his PM box here on the forums. >.< EDIT: boneboys was last active on May 8th. Speaks a lot for his dedication. *collecting new evidence* XD
  6. OrLoK requests backup!

    Don't laugh too much, as the most amazing horse in the universe does not take foolery on its own behalf lightly! Maybe it will force you to "take on its winkie"! :O
  7. OrLoK requests backup!

    Oooh, but you didn't fix that, properly! ;) I can only imagine poor Lok being fed those thin, meatless users on the Steam forums. That fabulous horse once had constant chunks of meat of silly users going towards the Trashbin! While the dear Lok enjoyed an almost daily feast back then, I can imagine he is struggling for the tiniest chunk of flesh to chew on over on the Steam forums. :/
  8. DayZ Watchman

    You don't understand: Since this thread had the tag "dayz stick kill", I already knew how the fight would end without even watching it. Something for you to keep in mind for future content posted by you.
  9. DayZ Watchman

    I was going to watch it, but the tag "dayz stick kill" kind of spoiled the whole video. :/
  10. 6amDxV2.gif

    1. Inception.


      Awww. Oh god. I think my heart is hurting. There are some fond memories associated with this GIF. I love you. 

  11. OrLoK requests backup!

    Ah yes, I remember you as well. Hey there Dancing Russian Man! *waves* Still part of the staff? Wow, you lasted. :D True, I remember some hacker attack that had the forum moved/changed almost completely. That was really weird. To be fair though, the off-topic section became some sort of VIP area where the same people kept posting dank memes and made fun of ranting newcomers. It was fun times, but not very welcoming to any new faces (if they couldn't take a joke). Funny enough, most of the forum mods from back then were highly active in the off-topic section - including me. ^^ Steak & Potatoes, Hetstaine, Rage VG, Inception. ...all those names are slowly coming back to me. Good old times. EDIT: And Orlok, of course! Noone can forget that crazily nice horse with its never-ending appetite for crap threads!! XD
  12. OrLoK requests backup!

    Hello right back at you, I too remember the biohazard avatar from back in the old days. ^^ Indeed, I think maybe with the full v1.0 release, old faces might reappear, but not earlier. I don't know about the rest of the old guard, if they're still playing DayZ at all. Not to mention that by now, similiar games have seen their full release and are probably more appealing than forever-in-development DayZ. Then again, maybe the full release will reawaken the spirit they once had for DayZ. We shall see. :) Also wow, this forum doesn't even have smilies now. Combined with the rather annoying autoformat for posts (at least annoying to me), that's a real downgrade of this platform. o.O
  13. OrLoK requests backup!

    Oh yes, this place has turned very quiet, compared to the times when I roamed these forums. You'd make a post, and after making two more in other threads, someone would've already responded to your first post. Not anymore, I guess. :/