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  1. I was just thinking about this thread today, good to see it still breathes :)
  2. But what you quote is not what I said. Rather, it's what you have read into it.
  3. Splendid!
  4. This may not *work* for you but it's a fact. Its an unfinished game, if you expect to play a completed game you will frustrate yourself. As for feeling insulted, well there's nothing anyone can do about that. Game development takes time, I'd go and do something else until we reach a full release. I dont mean to be blunt but all your feelings are down to you. EA is not for everyone.
  5. There is no editor/test mode yet. Anything else is unofficial and can have nasty results. Dont do it. Closing.
  6. becoming too personal and topically pointless. read the SR's, look at the trello, dont buy into the tropes.
  7. Its free, get it while you can.
  8. thread cleaned, heed my previous post.
  9. Play nice, guys and girls. Dont make me moderate. you wouldnt like me when I moderate. if someone is being a grump, ignore em and use that report button if you deem it suitable, let us mods sort it out. I know its tough not to respond but all the rest of us see is a pointless catfight. L
  10. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rising-storm-game-of-the-year-edition You're. welcome. L
  11. Constructive critique is always welcome, but not often forthcoming.
  12. DAYZ isnt dead. no truth to that whatsoever. There's no point "speculating" what the devs think. Follow their FB and Twitter and ignore the trolls as thats what they are, trolls.
  13. I think development is best left to those with the know how. L
  14. you're not supposed to keep those 20 yr olds.