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  1. Thread cleaned. Use of homophobic slurs will not be tolerated.
  2. *licks nose*

    1. OrLoK



    2. Covance


      *prances around the most amazing stallion*

    3. OrLoK


      *hands out gifts and party hats just because*

  3. How Many People Were Killed By You?

    necro thread from 2014!
  4. Is this even a game at this point?

    Its almost as if the game is still in development....
  5. General Discussion

    Monitoring this thread, don't make me moderate, please. :)
  6. Behave or begone, Guys 'n Gals...
  7. We have to remember people like to take the written word as gospel rather than keeping to the spirit of the interpretation, be it terms like Alpha or Beta to Forum rules, to use a few local examples.

    Hello there whilst we really appreciate threads like these giving support they also tend to attract the negative nancy/nigels, so with that in mind, I will close this. We *know* you guys n gals appreciate the hard work the devs are doing and we're not put off by a vocal minority. We also realise that waiting is hard and that it can frustrate folk to the point of grumpyness. But like birthdays, it will arrive and it will be good! Rgds LoK
  9. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Not planned afaik!
  10. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    That's simply not correct. You can continue to believe that if you wish. However, don't come here and make out it's fact.
  11. Let’s talk about the night-time, shall we?

    I'll state this just once. This is *our* forum, not yours. You are a guest here. Behave appropriately and you can remain. Mess around and you may be asked to leave. There is no such thing as "Free Speech" in a private forum. back on topic, guys n gals.
  12. Let’s talk about the night-time, shall we?

    Play nice, guys n girls. Don't make me suspend anyone. Thread cleaned. Carry on...
  13. preview program

    Crikey! Not an Xbox owner myself, but this is faster than I imagined! Good stuff!
  14. Forum: Signature Deletion

    I cant see a sig on your post, did you manage to sort this issue? L
  15. DayZMod 1.9 Release

    ill ask those who know.