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  1. Mouse & Keyboard support confirmed

    Keep a sense of proportion and know that if anything is initially unfair, the devs *will* be aware and will do their best to address any issue. Theyre gamers too! Personally, I *couldnt* play without a keyboard and mouse, i simply cant get the hang of these new fangled controller things :)
  2. We are being pimped out.

    we adore feedback and constructive critique. what we don't like is insults and slurs. we'll never censor decent criticism.
  3. Modding standard features

    Try to use a translation service like Google if you are going to post in russian. Попробуйте использовать службу перевода, такую как Google, если вы собираетесь публиковать ее на русском языке.
  4. Possible Security compromise

    feel free to pm any of us the details. this is the first repot i have seen so dont lets jump to conclusions. however, do check all of your passwords etc are not similar.
  5. It's Been 6 Years

    even if x percent buy into new DAYZ thats cool. if much prefer an educated fan base than a "cod" mass. like it or not DAYZ has already done very well and will continue to do so, perhaps not as much since it's viral days, but still well. it's already a success. it will continue to be as such even if it doesn't deliver x or y be realistic, it's a game, not a way of life. initial release and subsequent additions will please many but there will always be a vocal minority who hate aspect a or b. what I think disgruntles some folk is their emotional involvement to the game that *was* and I get that. e.g. I played Elite on my ZxSpectrum and imagined how great an MP version of the game could be. for me, it turns out the reality is lacklustre. others love it though. does it mean the devs got it wrong? Same with Star Wars or Dr Who. huge Influences on my childhood but now I don't like the new stuff. perhaps it's because I'm not 7 and now 47. it's not aimed at me anymore. apologies for the tangent but DAYZ will be "what it is". don't emotionally invest in a franchise. I think DAYZ will be groovy, in time, like arma. post 1.0. but it is coming and coming soon. and it'll be ok.
  6. It's Been 6 Years

    Arma 3 is far from finished but they're not going to ignore the strides taken with Enfusion. Don't forget Arma *is* a very different beast and although it can benefit from the new engine, its not just a case of "slot it in" Much like VBS "looks" like Arma 2 they are very different creatures. I hugely doubt that A4 (or its equivalent) will be entirely on the RV engine it is now.
  7. It's Been 6 Years

    Dont forget, time does not stay still. There's a whole raft of new players out there and more are arriving each day as well as those who move on. We may not go as viral as we did before but dont think all sales are over. Not by a long shot.
  8. It's Been 6 Years

    Sept or Dec 2013 I forget which...
  9. It's Been 6 Years

    note: it's not six years. not even 5 yet.
  10. It's Been 6 Years

    Again, why the "sky is falling" premonitions. Why will vanilla be obsolete? Vanilla Arma isn't obsolete after all this time.
  11. It's Been 6 Years

    what answers have not been addressed?
  12. It's Been 6 Years

    who's ever said this? it's a huge conclusional leap. I've only ever seen it pushed as fact by those who are not fond of us. it's simply not correct in any shape or form.
  13. It's Been 6 Years

    but if I say to you. "hey, my mate works for Jim Henson. here's a chance to see the new star wars but it's just the rushes." do you take the opportunity to see something rare or wait until all the effects and soundtrack etc is in? my mate did work for Jim Henson and I got to see things not usually reserved for the public. but they were rough cuts and "flawed" this is what ea is. it's never promoted itself as anything other. tools being released early only helps the user base. there is no logical issue against that DAYZ isn't an experiment or a rnd platform it's a full game. the fbi are not involved and there's no lizard based neocron subtext. it's a game that the devs hope some will like. I feel we frequently seek an ulterior motive where there is none. no one is stealing from you, there's no agenda. it's a game being developed but one which hopes to future proof itself to give us years of fun. we know of other devs who push out games that buy into the zeitguist(?) but have no heart or soul. they havnt latsted. be cautious? yes. be constructively critical? yes. be paranoid? no. no one really knows what will happen but we do know how BI works. history has shown this. a provider of great but occasionally flawed games. but we know that with the success of the mod they've been able to invest in changes which benefit us all. it's taken time but that, to me, is with waiting for. we could have had a mod with loads of content but was hugely vulnerable to hacking and exploits. is that really what you would prefer? I think not. dislike us mods, devs or community mangers, it doesn't matter we're still gonna deliver a sound platform. not everyone will approve. but that's fine. such is life