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  1. Hey, it's only a game. who says that it will be in the final release?
  2. 1. You can't easily make customer facing patches into bite size chunks I'm afraid. There's usually a very good reason for a pause in between patches. 2/3. The server tools will allow you to set loot levels etc, so each server will be able to make loot readily available or scarce. Theres a vid from ages ago showing this lurking around somewhere. 4. The new controller *i think* should also affect Infected etc. 5. Procedural effects to make the world less lived in are in the works. Check the Trello for images of stuff like overgrown ivy/plants on houses.
  3. Calm it down, guys and girls. Waaaay down. Dont make me get my suspension chisel out...
  4. Hello there Times they are a changin' Im on everyday but keep a low profile and moderate in the shadows. .63 will probably see the start of the forum resurgence. Brace for impact! I expect you all to lead by example when the new guys n gals appear! Beans will be awarded! Rgds LoK
  5. Play nice or Ill get my spoon out. Behave!
  6. I too cant see this being added tbh...
  7. Who dares wake me from my slumber? OP, as pointed out we neither issue nor administrate BE bans. You'll need to take it up with BE. http://www.battleye.com/support.html https://support.steampowered.com/index.php Rgds LoK
  8. Hello there Discussion on how to manipulate *illegally* obtained server files can get you into serious trouble here. Suspensions were almost issued, but we decided (at the moment) to be lenient. let's get off this topic and back to the original. We are watching... Rgds LoK
  9. Right, stop the bickering, please. If you have a complaint about another user, report them. Let me handle it. carry on with the topic at hand.
  10. I dont think this thread serves any real purpose other than to stir up emotions. So for that reason I shall close this as it's becoming...
  11. Lets just ignore those who troll or post whilst ignoring facts and logic. Leave them to me to deal with... *nomnomnom* L
  12. great!
  13. OP has removed main post. Closing.