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  1. OrLoK

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    suggested before full development started. Closing to avoid IQ loss.
  2. A game is only "dead" when official support stops and server are removed. Like the game or not, DAYZ is here for a good while to come. As pointed out BI have good from historically for supporting their games for an extended time. DAYZ is massive for BI even if the virality has now ceased. They're not going to cease support any time soon barring an act of god etc.
  3. OrLoK

    A message for those who play 3rd person servers

    3rd vs 1st is a pointless argument. Play the game your way, theres enough servers for all.
  4. OrLoK

    Warning to all duplication exploiters on Xbox

    Do remember though, our Devs are not fans of exploiters. Actions have consequences. Just fyi...
  5. OrLoK

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Yup, not the ideal way to endear oneself to us mods.
  6. OrLoK

    Status Report - January 2019

    No one is "shutting off" communications with the community. Relax your jets. Info will come as and when. We've only *just* had the SR after the holiday period.
  7. OrLoK

    Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    1st: dont pointlessly post. 2nd: thread cleaned 3rd:Demand all you want. That's not the way to the devs (or our) hearts. 4th: AFAIK we are expecting a SR at the end of the moth. 5th: devs *are* aware and its a high priority for them 6th:Dont expect to be rude to the devs, other users (or even us) if you wish to stay unmoderated.
  8. OrLoK


    i *am* rather attractive...
  9. OrLoK


    Wait for the end of the month SR. If anywhere, any info is going to be there. If not then rest assured, if the players are encountering a common issue, the devs are more than aware of it.
  10. OrLoK

    DayZ 1.0(2018) VS DayZMod(2012)

    Out of date information and therefore not relevant. Life is fluid, things change. Lets look at old treaties signed by the Axis and Allied powers. Do those treaties "fit" now? No, things have evolved and moved on. Im going to close this as it serves no purpose.
  11. your guess is as good as ours!
  12. OrLoK

    #1 | DayZ Group Finder !

  13. OrLoK

    12/12/2018 Added: Field shovel, farming hoe and ice axe

    Firstly to think the devs would "lie" about this is tinfoilhattery of the greatest degree. I personally have only found the shovel (in some kind of factory)
  14. sillence? Twitter? SR's, announcements, live streams, dev interaction here, reddit etc etc et? So much info has been pumped out there. Silence? Nonsense.
  15. OrLoK

    Stable Update 1.0.149974

    Strange thing is, nothing on that account has been hidden as far as I can see. Am now going to investigate if an alt.