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  1. Hello there We'll do a check on any suspicious posters as per usual, what normally happens in cases like this is that others are encouraged to join the forum to support a claim, not really an issue in and of itself. But, even if the Server Rules seem unfair, they are (currently) the rules and must be abided by even if they seem counter intuitive. Dont forget the server side of things is also in "Alpha" so if you expect to run a server as one would a fully released game's server, you (as they say) "are going to have a hard time", on occasion. I understand your frustration but the rules are the rules. Rgds LoK
  2. Hello there Even discussing these servers can cause you trouble. Dont play on them. Simple as that. Rdgs LoK
  3. Jebus!...
  4. I hate beans in real life... L
  5. Im getting too comfortable with you guys n gals. L
  6. Well, I cant provide that, at the moment, but as with lots of upcoming features theyre on the to do list :)
  7. https://trello.com/c/4QopquMU :)
  8. Done. Update: I should say "it's been done" Amazing, though I am, I had nowt to do with it :)
  9. yes, Jervant and the rest of the Goblins have done some fine work. L
  10. Hello there What did I miss?? Rgds LoK
  11. *super noselick*

  12. Folks,

    this horse is super. He is great. Hell he is....he actually is amazing! You better treat him like that and talk to him like that!

    *licks Orlok's nose*

    You sexy motherf***er. ;)

  13. Hello there If anyone is usung the blue and white Theme can they let us know if they have any issues and if switching scemes back to the red/grey one alleviate any problems? Rdgs LoK
  14. What is an amazing horse like you still doing in a plain place like this?