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  1. you're not supposed to keep those 20 yr olds.
  2. I was spawned in 1970.
  3. Regardless of people's motives, dont troll, dont insult, and we'll all get on fine. Everyone behave or you will be moderated. Just a friendly one off warning. L
  4. Too many insults, too much trolling. You know who you are. Please stop it or be moderated. @nice folk, dont engage with trollesque posts, ignore them and simply report, makes it easier for us to clean them. L
  5. no screws! ever!
  6. AFAIK this has been dealt with. Closing.
  7. OUCH!
  8. More fun!!!
  9. Strange,mine has. james...
  10. Dont forget DAYZ isnt exactly a new and unique idea either :) L
  11. Nice! Plus we can see your name on your monitor fyi :)
  12. Hello there i went for the Rift due to my research leading me to believe that (at the moment) its slightly ahead of the Vive in comfort and apparent resolution for seated non jumpy movey games. (I was also able to get the rift heavily subsidised through work) The only side effect I now have is that I find it hard to play 2d "flat" games anymore! oh, VR sickness can be a thing, but most decent games dont have it (or one acclimatises to it rather quickly) I adore VR but its not for everyone :) Rgds LoK
  13. If you are lucky enough to own a Rift or a Vive, this sim is well worth peeking at. Im having a blast (plus its 50pc off!) L
  14. Too many mentions of the "G" word or even worse "how to"'s in the thread. Devs are aware of these issues :)