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  1. Why is everyone an ahole in this game?

    it's a tough issue to address. the quick answer is because it's the shortest and easiest path to success on the whole. however, it is also the laziest and ultimately least rewarding. as others have said, don't be like the lazy folk, "play your way", it won't be easy and will often frustrate but when it goes right then it's all worth it.
  2. No real emphasis on group/clan play

    FYI, guys n gals, the Xbox LFG/Recruitment sub forum (fora?) will be implemented sometime tomorrow, my secret sources tell me.
  3. No real emphasis on group/clan play

    ill talk to the devs and see if we can address this.
  4. Closed Preview codes

    Follow the devs on Twitter, they posted a whole bunch of codes there as well. Im sure more will turn up!
  5. Closed Preview codes

    so generous! Lovely gesture.
  6. I know, but be patient.

  7. I know, but be patient.

    Note: @everyone if one insults the devs or makes up lies such as "dayz was a scam" you will be moderated. First and last warning for the thread.
  8. Keep it civil guys.
  9. Thread cleaned. Use of homophobic slurs will not be tolerated.
  10. *licks nose*

    1. OrLoK



    2. Covance


      *prances around the most amazing stallion*

    3. OrLoK


      *hands out gifts and party hats just because*

  11. How Many People Were Killed By You?

    necro thread from 2014!
  12. Is this even a game at this point?

    Its almost as if the game is still in development....
  13. General Discussion

    Monitoring this thread, don't make me moderate, please. :)
  14. Behave or begone, Guys 'n Gals...
  15. We have to remember people like to take the written word as gospel rather than keeping to the spirit of the interpretation, be it terms like Alpha or Beta to Forum rules, to use a few local examples.