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  1. I too cant see this being added tbh...
  2. Who dares wake me from my slumber? OP, as pointed out we neither issue nor administrate BE bans. You'll need to take it up with BE. http://www.battleye.com/support.html https://support.steampowered.com/index.php Rgds LoK
  3. Hello there Discussion on how to manipulate *illegally* obtained server files can get you into serious trouble here. Suspensions were almost issued, but we decided (at the moment) to be lenient. let's get off this topic and back to the original. We are watching... Rgds LoK
  4. Right, stop the bickering, please. If you have a complaint about another user, report them. Let me handle it. carry on with the topic at hand.
  5. I dont think this thread serves any real purpose other than to stir up emotions. So for that reason I shall close this as it's becoming...
  6. Lets just ignore those who troll or post whilst ignoring facts and logic. Leave them to me to deal with... *nomnomnom* L
  7. great!
  8. OP has removed main post. Closing.
  9. thread cleaned *nomnomnom*
  10. I was just thinking about this thread today, good to see it still breathes :)
  11. But what you quote is not what I said. Rather, it's what you have read into it.
  12. Splendid!
  13. This may not *work* for you but it's a fact. Its an unfinished game, if you expect to play a completed game you will frustrate yourself. As for feeling insulted, well there's nothing anyone can do about that. Game development takes time, I'd go and do something else until we reach a full release. I dont mean to be blunt but all your feelings are down to you. EA is not for everyone.
  14. There is no editor/test mode yet. Anything else is unofficial and can have nasty results. Dont do it. Closing.