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  1. An "offline" mode *is* planned, but it most likely wont have any bespoke SP content. it should be "playable" though.
  2. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    You can believe that, but its simply not true.
  3. as a rule we never remove forum accounts. To do so could lead to all sorts of antisocial alting/trolling, so its better to keep them for archival purposes. Unless we receive a directive from BI to do otherwise, we'll continue to retain them.
  4. Inform yourself. All the info is out there. Also, we never erase accounts. Nor did we before they were tied in.
  5. Unless im wrong, according to the SR we get both .63 *and* 1.0 in 2018. Check out the sticky.
  6. We cant do anything about how *you* feel. We know that everything is going onwards and upwards.
  7. Focus on the positive. We get 1.0 in 2018. patience is key.
  8. New DayZ-related reactions

  9. New DayZ-related reactions

    Needs a horses head to show AMAZINGNESS.
  10. top right? screenshot please.
  11. CLICK ON THE HEART BUTTON. oops caps.
  12. I'll pass it on to Baty. Is it just change you dislike or is there a specific issue? L
  13. usually warnings like that happen if folk have their images hosted at less reliable sites or there's an advert element of a page linking to somewhere unhealthy. Skype does it to me occasionally.
  14. Hello everyone :)

    *wave* 47 Year old gamer here :)
  15. Hey, it's only a game. who says that it will be in the final release?