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  1. An Unofficial DayZ Discord Community.

    For what it's worth, we've kinda got an official DayZ Discord over here: https://discord.gg/kkprdc
  2. Stress Test vol.41

    In case you (or anybody reading) don't know what happened, the door's state changed to "open" on the server-side, but that information failed to get sent back to you. So when you try to walk where the door is on the server, the server gets confused and tries to put you back to where you should have stopped, which is the open door's surface. The server has authority on your movement and will try to correct it when weird things are happening. TLDR: Door was opened. Your client didn't get the memo. Server doesn't like you walking through things.
  3. Is this fun?

    First things first, because your whole post sounds like you're talking at me, I'm not a developer. I'm just another player like yourself, just also volunteering some of my time as a moderator. That said, I'm not really against the idea of putting a dot on the map with "you are here" on it. (Assuming you'd have to get the map first.) I'm just stating that it hasn't really been a thing officially, especially in the standalone. It's not like the game's a camping trip. Your character is either washed up or has been wandering around the shoreline, so I don't think everybody should be starting with a map and/or compass. The feeling of being lost should be a part of DayZ, at least in my opinion as that's one of the reasons why I personally enjoyed the mod. Being lost is a danger just like anything else, so you have to take that into account and prepare for it if you plan on exploring. If you don't want to get lost, follow the roads and signs. Memorizing the look of a town name is easy even if you don't know a single cyrillic letter.
  4. Is this fun?

    These are both network issues, "No message received" means you're disconnected and the game will try to reconnect for 30 seconds before going back to the menu. This is something the community has been discussing since Early Access started, but PC never got it and it wasn't always in the original mod either. The map-reading skill requirement is definitely one staple DayZ has always had, and like in the mod days, modders will probably have to add it themselves. To quote the wiki (because it's more concise than what I was about to write): "The Central Loot Economy (often abbreviated "CLE") is DayZ's unique management system for loot spawning and clean-up. It is a complex system of tags, categories, zones, maximums, minimums, averages, and so on. The CLE dictates exactly how many of each item can be present on a single instance of the game at a time (one server), with important factors like randomization and rarity baked in. These values can be adjusted at any time, without requiring players or servers to install a game update."
  5. Is this fun?

    @Darazun, try to be at least a little bit more respectful in the future. "shut up & git gud" is never the right response. Negative feedback is welcome and @bent.toe isn't alone in being frustrated at the (incomplete, which helps none) challenges in the game. It'll change, cars will come back, rates will be tweaked, and so on. However the only way DayZ can cater to as many people as possible is with modding.
  6. Stress Test vol.41

    Unfortunately I don't have an Xbox so almost everything I know is second-hand (not from devs) information. We should all bother @Baty Alquawen
  7. SCUM?

    An idea that was only briefly mentioned by Hall once and never expanded upon or worked on. (Or even hinted at as being a goal.) I'm sure the devs (especially Dean) have had dozens of ideas like that, there's no point in bringing those up, especially in this topic.
  8. SCUM?

    That was never a thing.
  9. Modders

    Just a Harry Potter reference, don't mind me!
  10. Questions about servers/loot

    Items have a "lifespan" depending on their type, but the majority of "loose loot" such as food, tools, and guns stay on the ground for 30 minutes before they get cleaned up. On PC, items do survive server restarts, so you don't lose stuff and no new set of loot will be spawned. I'm unsure of how the persistence is working on Xbox currently.
  11. Which server do i join?

    Hey! Assuming the Xbox servers are named the same way as PC, the numbers are only used for identifying the specific server. You might want to keep note of which server you're joining if you're planning to make a stash somewhere, as it won't carry over to other servers.
  12. Modders

    Hey guys, sorry to butt in but we would ask that you only post about your own work and preferably nothing from the older patches as the methods and ethics back then were.. a little questionable. And.. Is that Anglia, @Jacob_Mango? The vid was hilarious, lol.
  13. Closed Preview codes

    Ah, if that's the case then my bad.
  14. Closed Preview codes

    Codes can be redeemed beforehand, you just won't be able to play until tomorrow. :>
  15. SCUM?

    All I've seen is some of the official material explaining some of the game mechanics (like a year ago), but it seemed pretty interesting based on that alone. It's definitely going to cater to the PVP crowd more heavily than DayZ.