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  1. I have a lot to say, but I think it'd become a very long-winded ramble so I'll condense it for now. I don't think it's a problem to be solved by the game/devs, but the mindset of all of those individual people. Do they want a "communal space?" Do they even want to work together with random people? Does it conflict with their other wants, like PvP? Would they attack/grief other people in the same camp? Does that mean we need a "safe zone" for shared bases? Are people going to camp the border? Small groups/clans can already pool resources into the same area together. How is this different?
  2. modding

    The devs have said they're going to fully support Steam Workshop. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-3-mar-15 https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-08-apr-15 There have been a couple other mentions about the Steam Workshop, but those are most notable and relevant.
  3. modding

    I went back to edit that part of my post, you can let it go as well. But I don't get where you're going with this, nobody but you is arguing about whether or not DayZ is unique or not. I just pointed out that you were wrong in saying that death was somehow truly permanent in the DayZ mod. It wasn't, because tents existed unlike how you remember.
  4. modding

    To be fair I think it depends a lot on where the starting point is. DayZ is very survival/scarcity oriented, so there is less need for mods that make it even more so. For example, look at Fallout or Skyrim. They're loot galore and very accessible games, and for those games you can find many large mods or complete overhauls that make them significantly harder and more "by the skin of your teeth" survival games. And just to clarify, "less need" doesn't mean "won't be," there are mods for Fallout and Skyrim that make the game even easier and ridiculous in many ways, and likewise there could come mods that make DayZ even more difficult and/or add detail to the survival elements. (Also I get the examples are SP games but my point stands.) It is out of the question as far as Bohemia is concerned. https://www.bistudio.com/monetization Sorry, but what? The original DayZ mod had persistence -- in fact it was worse than what we have now. Tents were in the original DayZ mod. You could put weapons in them and save the tent, then take the weapons out and not save. Now your tent would always be filled with all your saved gear on server restart, same with vehicle positions. (Though I think manual thing was later removed and tents save automatically, but tents remain.)
  5. modding

    A fair way to turn it around, but I still stand by my thinking that modding does not hurt a game in the long run.
  6. modding

    Here's some things I've said back in June on the Steam forums, and I still fully stand by them (though some context is missing): It's the last paragraph that I should bold and underline. The people who would only play the easy-action mods will not contribute to the playerbase at all in the long run without mods. DayZ is a niche game, just like ARMA. A lot of the people who play "ARMA" are not playing it because it's a military sim.
  7. modding

    Modding only adds to the longevity of a game, just look at what happened to ARMA 2. DayZ's roots are with modding and Bohemia already has lots of experience enabling that, so there really isn't a reason against modding. The spreading of the playerbase obviously hasn't hurt ARMA.
  8. Couple more years and nobody will have to know.
  9. game

    The concept is interesting, but a few clips in the trailer look a little janky (gun clips through models/zombies, guns don't seem to have much recoil), and it's made by the same devs as Friday The 13th (which I haven't played but the things I've heard aren't positive). The Steam reviews (which seem sincere instead of angry bashing) bring up some concerns too, like the game not having adjustable keybinds, and having singleplayer but requiring an extra $20 to play it.
  10. To me it just shows that people do care about and appreciate him.
  11. I can't tell if this is sarcasm, so please excuse me if it isn't, but.. Do you enjoy playing games at 45 FOV? Is that what you do when there isn't a toggle? That's some interesting backwards-logic, but sure, when there are less pixels (less detail at a distance), you might notice more color changes on a per-pixel basis, but I'm pretty sure you'd notice a lot more if you simply had more detail in any given space.. Besides, what you're saying is missing a lot of nuance, people aren't playing CSGO (or any other competitive game) at 800x600 to "see better" than the other team with their peasant 1920x1080 resolution. The reasons are things like preference, more stable FPS, higher refresh rate, and visually wider character models (4:3 aspect ratio) or just not having their eyes "wander" around the screen (boxed 4:3). These reasons don't really apply to DayZ, especially because of what's already been said about resolution and distance. You're not going to spot that grainy-wookie-bush on the hill even with "eye zoom" if you're playing at too low a resolution.
  12. This. You guys should definitely keep it calm regardless of how you feel about possible changes. Getting hostile towards people doesn't stop change. Besides, if it does get removed, you might be able to very easily just mod the feature back in if you need/want it.
  13. While I'm not against the zoom, I'll play devil's advocate: I don't see it as a big issue, because most FPS games are doing just fine without the zoom. Now, some would say that (almost) no other game has as big of a map as DayZ, but that argument doesn't work for a few reasons. For one, you won't see across the map, for two, there are quite a few games where the engagement distance between players is about the same as it is in DayZ. (Squad, Planetside, Red Orchestra / Rising Storm, PUBG, H1Z1, etc.) Those concerned about draw distance have to keep in mind that there's only a certain range around the player where their client will receive data about other players/vehicles/storage, so even if you did see further than, say, 1000 meters, it wouldn't help you beyond plain scenery. The LOD issue can be fixed by just upping some graphics settings if your computer allows it. And, he says in the video that the zoom was causing technical problems because changing the FOV would cause the game to load higher detail models/textures while zooming in, which it would then have to discard as you zoom out. (Memory management and performance reasons, basically.) I didn't catch where the LOD transition was mentioned.
  14. modding

    Here's some more personal speculation/conjectures from me.. First off, I'm referring to this: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/169133158?t=08h15m50s (15 seconds) There are lots of scripts in the client files which are being used (some that aren't), so what Eugen says is demonstrably true. The scripts are identical to C++ (and use .c as an extension) with the exception of not having #includes (presumably because scripts are restricted to the interpreter). For further proof, it's been said that stones will spawn physically on the ground in 0.63 rather than only found in the "gravel textures," but the script for stone generation already exists, so this is a very recent addition. (Spoiler: 5 stones around each player, 60 meters in front of the player and with 15 meter radius) This would mean, we really will have access to the majority of the game, like in Take On Mars. Also, one educated guess I would make is that DayZ will use the Workbench editor from ToM. There are a couple references to it.
  15. To my understanding, there is no way to "aim" where you hit someone. You lock onto a target, and you hit that target, period. You don't hit them in the head, arms, legs, chest, etc. It's of course still possible to have body parts to hit at, but that's my current understanding from the few videos/gifs showing the targeting system under the hood. There is also some "forced" movement with animations, but I'm not sure how much of that you can counteract with your own movement. I also think it's fair that you're somewhat restricted while taking a swing, you can't really do a casual walk or a full sprint at the same time. It takes steady footing for a strong swing, otherwise you'll probably just gently pat your enemies or lose your balance. TLDR I think this is fine.