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  1. Icons Feedback

    https://youtu.be/-RmJrnp85K0?t=4844 - "Completely zero HUD is absolutely possible on any server." By the way, you can see in that time-stamp that the HUD icons can/do have color on them as well.
  2. Ah, sorry for misinterpreting the question. In that case there isn't much at all that has been shown or talked about (but I would assume the desaturation from low blood isn't going away). Maybe a dev can pop in here to comment, or talk about it in a later Status Report.
  3. You should go watch the recorded streams of 0.63 and Gamescom. The devs have demonstrated or talked about their plans for most of these, including a list of active characters with stats in the main menu, but those might not make it to the initial experimental builds. Character status will be conveyed through character animations and sounds where possible, like animations for low health, broken bones, exhausted/heavy breathing, reaction to melee/fall damage, etc. The particle system was redone with one of the goals being able to show bullet wounds on players and maybe pools of blood on the ground, but that hasn't been shown yet (but the particle system is being used for guns already). Headgear affecting the players vision hasn't been talked about, so I think that's unlikely to happen anytime soon. The same goes for spawn/death view, aside from the current full-body animations that will transition to ragdolls. Here are some links: Devblog about the early 0.63 demo that people played at Gamescom Most recent 0.63 livestream --- And my notes on it. 0.63 Ambient Sound Preview 0.63 Watercourses Preview
  4. Account Lockout

    If you're talking about a Game Ban, contact Steam Support to get it checked. If you have a VAC or Global Ban, they are permanent. We cannot help you here.
  5. Icons Feedback

    The HUD can be toggled, so there's that.
  6. [Modding] Code or UI?

    Just for clarification, "UI like for Ark" means an editor of sorts, with things like the game view and object hierarchy/properties visible. There will be some kind of graphical interface for the modding tools, maybe separate programs for separate things (but I'm just speculating). We've seen a few peeks a while back (namely some CLE tools), but we haven't been shown much else yet. But you will definitely have to deal with code. DayZ won't use anything like Unreal Engine's "visual scripting" stuff.
  7. Icons Feedback

    I really like the idea of using simple shapes to represent actions. But, I don't think it's as intuitive to put the "up" arrow for increasing stats below the icons. I think it makes the changes less clear to read at a glance.
  8. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Sorry, I hadn't noticed they kept logs of even no changes at the bottom of the page.
  9. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Nothing has been "missed." The devs update the status of the list twice a week (even if nothing changes), and when something becomes ready for Exp, they'll share that on social media.
  10. DayZ Dev Stream #1 Small Feedback

    The static death animation is temporary. In the future, player death will use a mix of static animation with ragdolling.
  11. Early feedback? That's fine. Some of the things mentioned in OP have an explanation, the rest are opinions. By the way, @exwoll, have a listen to what Eugen says about balance. There is inertia, sort of. You can read about it here. (Near the bottom of Peter's section.)
  12. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    I think it's you who's too focused on melee combat. Guns and crafting/base-building have been getting a lot of love just the same as melee. And the reason why "melee was so insignificant in the mod" was because every corner and player was bursting with ammo while the "melee" combat was a clunky hack that required few specific items instead of the everything you can use in SA. (Soon including guns themselves.) Server performance has been talked about in the past and in the stream. It's much better. Max player count has had a goal of 100+ for ages, and in this stream they said they'll figure out the limits during stress tests / experimental.
  13. 0.63 Developer Live Stream - 14th March 2018

    Here's a recap, similar to the ones I've posted before on Steam: (It's nothing official, just some personal paraphrased notes.) Official VOD on Youtube. 0:58 - Stream starts 2:20 - "What is the biggest change compared to 0.62?" (Discussion about the stamina system) 6:05 - "Importantly, the first 0.63 experimental update won't have vehicles, but the stamina system will probably change when they come." 7:05 - "Currently the jogging speed is around 15kmh (9.3mph) which is quite fast, and the sprint is around 24kmh (15mph)." 7:40 - "The difference in travel time from Elektro to NWAF with the new stamina system is about 8-10 minutes." 8:08 - "What are the differences between 0.63 Exp, 0.63 Stable, and 1.0? What happens during those phases?" 10:28 - "And just to remind everybody, we still want to reach the Beta and 1.0 this year." 10:52 - "What has changed about hunting/skinning?" 12:00 - (Bloody hands are shown) 12:45 - "User actions are now shown with a time indicator. There are two kinds of actions, single-use and continuous actions." 13:30 - (Character is shown eating while moving around) 14:30 - (Discussion about the food/energy and blood/health systems) 19:50 - (Discussion about the character controller) 21:40 - (One of the tourist trail maps is shown.) 21:50 - (Discussion about the naked-eye zoom) 22:45 - "The zoom is only available when your weapon is lowered." 24:25 - "What other major gameplay changes are there?" 24:50 - (Discussion about the reloading mechanics) 28:47 - "Baty found an ambiently spawned stone. No more texture spamming!" 29:10 - "The CLE spawns stones, apples, and later maybe stuff like mushrooms, sticks, fruits, and plants." 30:05 - (Plastic bananas worn in chest holsters is mentioned.) 31:00 - (Discussion about the hotbar/quickbar/quickslots) 33:55 - "We tried spawning apples on the trees, but it didn't look good because of the tree movement. Spawning on ground is fine and much better than before." 34:58 - (Discussion about very old bugs like breaking legs on stairs) 36:00 - "Now the synchronization is much better and the new character controller uses proper physics." 36:26 - "The rewrite of all this tech to get rid of these rooted issues is the reason why you guys have been waiting for so long." 38:20 - (Discussion about the melee combat system) 39:10 - "We had combo attacks before, now we have separate light and heavy attacks." 41:20 - (Discussion about weapon sway) 42:00 - (FNX sway/recoil and holding breath is shown.) 44:25 - (Discussion about gestures) 49:00 - (Discussion about prone animations and aiming) 50:05 - (New crouch pose/animations are shown.) 51:05 - "It may not show in the video, but the new character controls very differently from what you're used to. You won't want to go back." 51:45 - (Animation interruption is demonstrated with stance-switching.) 52:30 - (Short drop animation is shown.) 52:50 - "What other systems benefit from the new animation system?" (Continued discussion.) 56:05 - "Yes, we are using inverse-kinematics on hands and feet." (Continued discussion.) 59:30 - (Discussion about ladder animations) 1:01:20 - "We are working on climbing obstacles." 1:02:11 - "There will be jumping, climbing over, and climbing onto obstacles." 1:02:58 - "How are we going to solve zig-zagging?" 1:04:50 - (Injured animations are shown.) 1:07:50 - (Swimming animations are shown.) 1:09:06 - (Long drop and more injured animations are shown.) 1:11:50 - "We're working on facial animations and gestures, but the in-game heads are not ready for it yet." 1:12:45 - "Throwing is still going to be possible, but not in the first 0.63 Exp update." 1:17:30 - "Eugen, what's the most important thing you want to say about the new update?" 1:20:50 - "All of the HUDs can be hidden." 1:23:05 - "As soon as you fire your weapon in a city, you can easily get overwhelmed by zombies. Zombies are really hard right now." 1:25:55 - (Discussion about release goals) 1:27:20 - "We're going to scale up, meaning we're going to start with stress tests for a couple hours here and there." 1:28:55 - "After 0.63 Exp is first live, meaning we're using a lot of our servers to allow people to get in for a few hours, we're going to take in the feedback and do small iterations and update as soon as possible. After the stability of the server and the client are alright, we're going to keep it live for everyone to play. Once the update is live, we're going to allow server owners to switch their server to the experimental 0.63 version." 1:30:40 - "Will we be able to rotate items in our backpacks?" (Yes!) 1:31:05 - (Discussion about bayonets and player freedom) 1:32:20 - (Discussion about client and server performance, specs) 1:34:05 - "We're looking into those stress tests to figure out the limits for player numbers, zombies, etc." 1:34:35 - (Discussion about modding) 1:36:10 - (Discussion about lack of updates, communication, feedback) 1:42:15 - "What are we going to do about the gamma settings?" 1:44:55 - "Thanks to the game engine, we actually have a very playable console version right now." 1:48:40 - "Weapon scopes are not going to be in the first experimental update. Why is that?" 1:53:30 - (Discussion about the process of balancing things with development in mind) 1:56:50 - "How are we going to approach cheaters and hackers in the game?" 1:59:00 - (Discussion about audio) 2:02:55 - "Client-side performance is better than it was." 2:05:35 - "Battle Royale is popular. What are we doing with Survivor Gamez?" 2:08:45 - "How far are we from releasing 0.63 Exp?" 2:11:05 - "We're weeks away from experimental." There.
  14. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    I think you're grossly underestimating the amount of work that goes into things in general. 100 models a day, on an 8-hour workday, would be less than 5 minutes from start to finish on average, not accounting for breaks and other distractions during the day. The assumption gets worse considering we have no idea of the actual workflow, including testing the changes.
  15. With BETA comes modding

    That was me, yes. Enscript is shorthand for Enforce Script, which is what ToM is made almost entirely with. From what I've read throughout the Status Reports, it sounds like DayZ is being created with the same design goal of being mostly scripts, aside from the core engine modules. From this thread: