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  1. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    "It's slick as hell though." My DayZ Ladder PTSD will never heal, but I'm willing to risk it.
  2. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    The gifs and videos showcasing what is (being) implemented aren't enough of a concrete and visual representation as to how the game is progressing? The devs saying "0.63 and everything up to 1.0 will happen in 2018" with an attached feature list isn't enough of an estimate about when things are expected to be released?
  3. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    The 0.63 demo didn't disappear as much as the devs came out saying "we were going to release the demo but we are not happy enough with it" in a status report. Speaking of status reports, I don't remember who said it but I think a new SR should be coming later today or tomorrow. Edit; Yup, here we go: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/237889-status-report-16-january-2018/ What sort of information are you looking for?
  4. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Could you be more specific about what you think the devs have been tight lipped about? I can probably find you the info. If it's just the "what's the hold up," read the past few status reports. All of it is the reason why.
  5. Basebuilding

    I haven't touched Rust since it was a browser game, but the picture in the main post is official concept art shown at RTX 2015. Hesco bags, fences, gates, watch towers (pre-built), etc.
  6. Basebuilding

    Yes. In this SR they said "barricading is too risky for beta" along other things and expanded more on that right after in the same SR. In this SR they said "we had to choose which to support first, and we chose base building." You can find both parts very quickly if you search for "barricading."
  7. Basebuilding

    That's probably not happening, the devs have said (again, don't quote me on this yet, I should already be in bed but I came back to check the forum) that they're against complete security. Locks? Sure, but there will be ways through them. Even if I'm making this all up, this is probably the best I would hope for.
  8. Basebuilding

    It's relatively simple to check if a player would spawn near any player-based objects like walls and gates, and their spawn location could then be adjusted to be a certain distance away from those structures, and I *think* this was mentioned by the devs, but don't quote me on that yet because I'm too tired to go find it.
  9. Has hacking been fixed on DayZ standalone?

    The game is already "server-authoritative," meaning the server is in charge of most things (unlike in ARMA where the client tells the server what's going on), but not enough things are that hacking would be very hard or almost impossible. An example of a game that I can think of where so much is server-side that hacking is almost impossible would be League of Legends.
  10. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    The only thing I play in MTGO is the Penny Dreadful format because the entire point of it is to get rid of the expense.
  11. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    If that's accurate, you should at least spend the time to check what your cards are worth. If you actually have multiples of the original Armageddon card, they're worth hundreds each.
  12. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    That's pretty self-aggrandizing. Sounds like you're still not over it but secretly want to play anyway. What I would recommend for you is playing one of these first so your own lands (or anything else) aren't destroyed.
  13. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    You're a monster. I like you. And you're right, the game can be a huge money sink and requires a bit of commitment (financial and time) depending on where you are and what formats you play, but I wouldn't call it gambling. Boosters? Sure, whatever. But you don't have to buy boosters. I've built two 100-card decks for Commander in roughly 6-8 months of playing about once a week and haven't bought a single booster. I just ask "can I see your trades?" from other players, spend some time browsing and price checking, and leave with just the cards I need for pennies. Of course there's exceptions, sometimes a card is worth multiple boosters, but you'd spend a lot more if you tried to get it from a booster assuming that card is even in the current sets (which is relatively unlikely). Also about Commander, it's pretty different from the rest of MTG since 1) it's a multiplayer format, 2) you can only have one copy of any card in the deck, 3) there is no "legal set" rotation, you can play any card forever that isn't specifically banned. So it's both social and you don't have to keep buying new cards when the old sets stop being legal.
  14. Started playing MTG for the first time recently-ish and I need an outlet for talking about it. Anybody else familiar with it or even play(ed) it? Here's a surprisingly good/serious introduction:
  15. cannot open

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