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  1. The state of current gameplay

    I said within reason. And I have to agree with @emuthreat that this thread is indeed just a dead off-topic horse now, so I'm letting it out of its misery.
  2. The state of current gameplay

    The tone doesn't have anything wrong with it in this thread, until you started posting Biohaze. OP's attitude in the opening post is acceptable, even with the very benign "x simulator" line. That's a simple symptom of frustration and you should be allowed to express that within reason, as OP did. Also, you don't need to have any understanding of game development to complain about any aspect of a game, just like you don't need to be a chef to have taste.
  3. The state of current gameplay

    The Early Access disclaimer in-game is not there as some blanket shield to be pointed at whenever someone has something negative to say, guys. How are people supposed to give feedback or suggest improvements for things they don't enjoy if any time they do it's "not allowed because you clicked I Understand." The things OP brought up in this thread are not unreasonable but you can still disagree with their opinion and talk about why that is and what the benefits are for going with it or not. That's how you get a quality discussion.
  4. The state of current gameplay

    Well, I'm speechless. Almost. @Shadowvamp I sincerely apologize on behalf of Biohaze. That kind of behavior has absolutely no place on this forum under any circumstances. There was nothing in your OP that could've provoked the kind of response you got. I think it's incredibly ironic coming form a guy with that Harry Truman quote in their signature. I've hidden the worst of it but tried to leave as many posts up as possible.
  5. And yet another Bug with this broken game...

    Alright, party's over.
  6. Is this happening on a server or offline?
  7. Consistent DayZ Streams

    Please take the time to post in the correct section next time. (Moved)
  8. Handing Items to other Players

    I like it, adds a bit of immersion / personal touch to sharing stuff and it's nice to just not having to comb the grass for the items your friend just pooped out and told you to pick up..
  9. The worst game ever

    Sorry for your loss, but with that kind of attitude and without any additional details about what happened there's very little we here on the forum can do for you. Locking.
  10. 3D Weapon scopes

    It's not the mesh that's causing the performance issues, but the everything needed for rendering of a zoomed-in view behind the scope.
  11. [Terrain addition] Artillery/Airstrike/Gunship/Naval bombardment craters

    Considering how rural the region of Chernarus is, the bombings should only really have been focused at the cities and maybe some of the largest towns (all of them civilian targets), meaning we'd have to completely or mostly destroy them with a few craters on the nearby areas. That would lead to some reduced loot and -- depending how far you want to go with the believability -- mostly ruined loot. I don't think it would make any sense for open fields to have been bombed like some of your pictures show either, because there wouldn't have been enough people/infected to target. (I don't see large hordes heading for the forests because people typically use roads instead.) Those two points also go for military locations, they're not big enough targets and the army wouldn't just bomb itself. Even if they did, it'd just lead to less military loot. Would it add flavor? Yeah. Would it look cool? Cool enough to give you beans for the pictures. Would it improve gameplay? I'm not too convinced.
  12. AMD DRIVER Alpha To Coverage All Trees + Grass Render Bug[Blue dots on All trees and Grass]
    I have this problem please correct this error


  13. Dear staff, Hello, I have a question to ask.

    You will need to contact BattlEye. You can find the email in the link above. There's nothing we can do for you here.

    Global Bans and VAC bans are permanent.