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  1. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    This might be super controversial, but I like the convenience of autorun for short distances while I tab out to switch to a different video/song while playing and not wanting to stop moving.
  2. New DayZ-related reactions

    Of course not. Besides, any reaction placed on a post counts as a "+1" to profile reputation, so they should be positive in spirit.
  3. New DayZ-related reactions

    Hey guys, some of you have probably seen Jervant's post about possibly adding/replacing the new "reactions" we have on the bottom-right corner of each comment. We'd like you guys to make suggestions for icons/names you'd like to see in addition to the good ol' beans. Anything goes for now, you can suggest anything from items to survivors/infected. We'll put up a poll after everybody's had a chance to make a suggestion, and hopefully we'll be seeing 3-4 of the most popular reactions on the forum soon. (Or fewer, if the votes mostly go to fewer choices.)
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Oh, that. That's not the same as what DannyDog was saying though, it's only about renting public hive servers. See: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/236606-future-of-public-hive-servers/?tab=comments#comment-2370956
  5. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Where was this? I must've missed it.
  6. DayZ SA Servers

    Server files and modding support will come when DayZ enters beta with 0.63. But those things might not become available as soon as the update hits Stable. There is no date for 0.63.
  7. Status Report 7 November 2017

    They can change the loot tables without updating, but that doesn't mean they can do it per-server.
  8. When will gameplay be introduced?

    But the loot works very much like the mod already though. Valuable medical loot only spawns in few specific medical buildings. (your example) And it's not like the mod had only a few "main hospitals," there were many but loot would reliably respawn as you went in and out of the area, instead of how DayZ SA has a global threshold for items across the entire world. And how about base building and everything that goes along with it (the electrical system for example, which the loudspeakers demonstrated)? That'll definitely give people something to do even if we don't know all the details about it yet, it was also the "end game" of the mod even if there wasn't much beyond tents, catwire, sandbags and tank traps. Not to mention the plans for possibly contaminated areas that you need special gear for (hazmat suit, which we've seen) to enter safely. Yeah, we're going through a content drought even according to the devs, but that's because all of the assets that have been finished ages ago are on hold until 0.63 arrives, so they can be implemented on the new tech instead of doing the same work twice-over (like they have to do with already existing weapons).
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Are you saying the MP5-K isn't going to behave like that last gif in the base game? Heresy!
  10. Looking to for looting partner/group (Official servers)

    Please post in the correct section, this is your second time posting in the General section when it belongs in Recruitment.

    The majority of DayZ's game engine will be the same as it is now when we get 0.63. It's (almost) only the player controller that changes along with everything that's relevant for it, which does affect the majority of how we play and what we can do, but it's not like the whole engine is getting swapped out.
  12. Forum

    If possible, a "Yeah" and "Nah" options for a reaction would be pretty cool.
  13. For those complaining about the development time of DayZ

    That's just you putting words in their mouth. I was going to respond to your other post, but it's almost nothing but hyperbole statements or just plain false like the following: You keep saying you're serious and not joking, but there's no way you can be this misinformed about DayZ if you've been following development even sparingly. This has to be bait. If you ran the numbers, the probability would be in favor of it being so.
  14. Forum

    Beans or riot!
  15. Zombies spawning on top of me?????

    Can you repeat that situation and record video or take screenshots of it?