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  1. Structure for ban entries

    Please contact BattlEye regarding bans, noone here can give you any information about this.
  2. Attacking someone else on a personal level really does invalidate your reasoning, you're aware of that, right? Seeing as you obviously don't seem to have a concept of time, I am not really surprised that you feel like nothing is happening. Let's put this into perspective real quick: 6 years ago the mod wasn't even released - the Addon Operation Arrowhead for ARMA 2 was released 6 years ago. The mod was released 5 years ago, the very first version of the standalone in 2013. Incase this is not clear - you can have discussions about the state of the game and its development progress. If you want to talk about the Status Report, don't just post the link intending to talk about it - as there's a separate section and thread for each status report located here: https://forums.dayz.com/forum/134-developer-discussion-status-reports/ Getting personal in your postings will fast-track you to a timeout in the corner of shame, as personal attacks are not acceptable, no matter who the target may be.
  3. Doing my best - I have a reputation to keep. Wat? We only just started trading, give us time...
  4. Banned for nothing on official server

    You don't get banned for nothing, nor can anyone here help you. Please contact BattlEye for this, information can be found here:
  5. Python Coding - Help Me Please

    One question: why do you convert from int to string on the money-variable? Strings are texts, such as this reply to your post. Integers are numbers, and only with numbers the comparison works reliably. I don't know how this works in Python, but some languages / compilers represent strings / texts in a way that 30 may end up being greater than 10,000 - just because they're converted into UNICODE or ASCII. Save the conversion to string and change the comparisons to: Money > 8000 The reason you do this is a similar one as described above - "" <-- these represent strings, if you try to compare an integer with "8000" it won't work, as you're comparing a number (int) with text (String). This may even be the reason you're converting to string. If you change the things mentioned above - then it might work
  6. Modding and Engine update

    Hi and welcome back, you can find the most interesting bits in the Status Reports located here: https://forums.dayz.com/forum/134-developer-discussion-status-reports/ All stable patches and the changes are listed here: https://forums.dayz.com/forum/137-stable-patch-discussion/ This will give you the complete overview, if you have the time to read up on it.
  7. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Looking good, though.
  8. Error creating enfusion engine

    Make sure you pay close attention to the minimum system requirements of a game before purchasing. This would have told you that your GPU is not enough to play this game. As much as I hate to tell you this, but you're not going to have much fun with a 10 year old GPU..
  9. Evaluate the work

    Did you really think that we would not notice you creating a new thread after another moderators post in your old one? Nonono.
  10. view up

    Can you be more specific in what you're trying to say?
  11. The wy I see it (which does not represent the feelings of Bohemia Interactive): Why sue someone over doing something that is a concept that may not even cannibalise DayZ? And I don't even believe that H1Z1 nor Miscreated are even the exact same thing as DayZ. There are always different trends in Gaming, may that be zombie games or RTS at a different point, you have to be the best in means of your gameplay and such. There's no need to sue someone over trying to provide what consumers want at the moment, even if you want to argue that your game is the one that set that trend.
  12. New forum format/style

    May as well leave it on now. It'll be christmas again eventually.
  13. New forum format/style

    Nothing. Go to bed old man.
  14. Idea to quite the masses

    I am sure that these type of servers will pop up when modding is enabled, but for now I wouldn't hold my breath, as supporting this is not really high on the priority list for the dev team. Helpful...