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  1. protect the o-

    People tried that back on PC, it doesn't work like you think.
  2. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    If $30USD is a lot of money to some one, one would think their time would be better spent looking for better education or employment, not playing games. He bought an unfinished game, knowingly, knew the return policies then well after the fact cries about how he can't return it, nor can be bother to reply to his own thread, yeah. He took the loss and moved on, why do you keep responding to a crap thread, better yet, why do I?
  3. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    I bought DayZ when I had my job flipping burgers, paying my own bills and rent. I know how money can be tight, but still, crying over $30USD...............................................
  4. Friendly

    Asking for mature players on xbox, I mean there has to be a few. Best of luck.
  5. 90% of players are unimaginitive simpletons

    Care Bear, gods, that reminds me of the early days of Ever Quest......................
  6. This is the reason for the bacon bug

    Granted I'm slightly stepping out of my scope, as I've only played DayZ SA on PC, seen a few friends try it out on console. Anyways, all canned food, has to be cooked before it's canned and sealed, otherwise it would rapidly decay, bloat and bust the can. Sounds like a game bug there.
  7. You need to fix the gun bugs

    I'm 39, your point is? Also, you grievous misspellings in this day and age of auto correct. Along with the AOL kiddie speak " m8 " makes me highly doubt your age, and if you are so, well, I'm sure mom and dad are proud. ^This
  8. A word of advice

    Big red button that states " I Understand "
  9. A word of advice

    For all our new DayZ brethren. Please understand, that the bugs you are facing are being worked on. How you can help is by submitting data of UNDOCUMENTED bugs, not the third thread about guns not working, for instance. A large number of us started with DayZ mod for ARMA2 and we know the growing pains you are going through and as much as it may frustrate you, you have to wait. Rather than put out a patch that will break other features of the game, the devs are pain painstakingly going through the code to insure you get the best possible outcome at that time. Threatening them , as to tell your friends to not buy this game, does nothing. A number of the devs are from, what I understand, and may be wrong, are members of the normal DayZ team. They have seen all the threats before and does nothing to help them, or move them forward. As it is, I've seen parts of the coding for ARMA and by extension, DayZ, and it is a nightmare, now take it one step further in adapting to run on your consoles. Please do the devs and yourselves a favor, relax, let them work and get you the outcome you want. Waiting isn't that bad, I mean, how long have we been waiting for Half Life 3? In closing, let me share the base rules of DayZ: 1: You WILL die. You are always one step away from death from zeds, bandits, bugs, the power going out, your little brother turning off your console. It will happen, it will suck, but, you will learn, the more you learn, the longer you survive. 2: Situational Awareness. Be aware of your surrounds at all times, your ammo stores, weapons, food, water, time of day, the sounds you make, cover, concealment, your gear. All these will factor in to your survival. 3: Risk vs. Reward. Is it really worth it. Running across that open field to whatever is the prize you have your eyes on. be it NWAF, a geared player, food or water. Take your time and think about it, because I know for a fact, every one else is. 4: Have fun. This is why we play games. Everything doesn't have to be so serious. If you're not having fun, take a break, don't get burnt out, come back when you are ready. Currently, this is what I'm doing. ( For SA, I'm still madly in love with Mod ) I hope this helps in some way. Have fun out there and remember, Sun's up, Guns up. Moon's out, Knifes out. Still looking for friendlies in Cherno, Creeper
  10. You need to fix the gun bugs

    The devs went through the same threats in the PC launch. I highly doubt they're worried about one xbox kiddies threats. They are working on it, it will take time just as it did with the PC launch.
  11. Malfunctioning guns

    Welcome to the hell PC players have dealt with for years
  12. Forum Rules?

    You can bump once per day
  13. Use mousewheel to toggle between run modes/add run modes

    I don't see it happening, to be honest
  14. Use mousewheel to toggle between run modes/add run modes

    Go back to playing SCUM