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  1. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    Damn, I may have to go dig out my old cards. Creeper needs more guns!!!!
  2. I miss my Dayz

    I'm still alive, just waiting for beta then I'll reinstall
  3. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    Been saying this for a while.......................
  4. Firearm owners and discussion thread

    Time to bump the old thread with content. Named after Amazing Horse himself, I give you, OrLoK!
  5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    Me and Caesar, back in the saddles, having fun on VRCHAT.
  6. Овердлей

    Our Russian friend says: The game does not open an overlay what to do in the settings of the stim and the properties of the game overlay included Not sure what overlay they mean, many different overlays out there.
  7. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    Six good years, I miss the old days.............................
  8. For those that can't be bothered. Swat says: I'll tell you the very beginning, I bought the game, everything is fine, I tried to launch it and then the error pops up, the memory can not be written! What I just did not reinstall the driver on the video card, update directX, dig through the settings of the game, nothing helps help me please ...
  9. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    New year, same me =P
  10. shared ban

    If its a sever ban, move on, find a new server. Server owner may have other servers and banned you there as well. If it's a battle eye ban, no one here can help you. Contact battle eye directly.
  11. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    Next time I swing by the storage unit I will have to check on them.
  12. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    As stated before, I played when the game first came out, I would be woefully unprepared for modern cards. Would not be one bit surprised that cards like that came out because people like me. Though now that I know those cards exist, mine can sit and rot peacefully in my foot locker.
  13. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    Well, remember, I started when the game first came out, so a LOT of cards were broken. As far as gambling, at least at the high schools down here, players made a rule where the winner got to keep one of the losers cards. So, as you well stated, as the monster I am and was, the biggest card fiend at the school challenged me, and told me if I used my armageddon cards he would fight me. Well, as 17 year old Creeper, I stood six foot, 250 pounds, and most of it was muscle, as I slammed down the card on the table, wiping his mana pool, his butt was barely out of the seat by the time I grabbed him. That was the end of magic in my school. I warned people I didn't want to play, I warned them I would build a broken deck, and I warned them, if it became with in my ability to get the game banned, I would. Now all this aside, if you have fun with it, go for it, just know the perils and pittfalls of the game. Best of luck, Creeper p.s.: please don't challenge me, I still have my deck in my foot locker
  14. Magic The Gathering is a game, right?

    Back in high school, only reason I played is my friends forced me to. Had a deck that had three old armageddon cards, every time I would play it, they would get pissed and quit. Finally one day they asked why I kept playing the card, my answer was " because you forced me to play this game I didn't want to in the first place ". The game was later banned in school as it was viewed as gambling, in short, the game is a money sink and pure cancer, get out while you can.