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  1. Yous got a purrdy mouth, boi....................... come on over here.......... mmmmmmmm hhmmmmmmmm...............................
  2. It was a generalized statement, not you in particular =)
  3. Pretty sure I'm still widely hated =P
  4. No one here can unban you, if it's a server ban, contract the server owner, if it is a Battle Eye ban, contact battle eye
  5. I've been flat line three times and still came back, even death is not easy for me. About to go into work in a half hour because curfew will be in effect, will be stuck in the building I work in till tomorrow............... if I live............. Yes, I am in the DIRECT path of Irma.
  6. He's fine, was on two days ago. Me however, might be dead come monday, we'll see..........................
  7. Saw him last week, why would he be in jail?
  8. Try again, topic is slow, not dead
  9. Still playing a fair bit of mod, however, with beta finally hitting live, I may step back in.
  10. Buckle up, Everypony!!!!
  11. Best way to win a gun fight is not to get into one, but should you get into one, everything can be summed up in two words: Situational Awareness Most servers run with third person on, use it, because you damn well know the enemy is as well If your enemy content to wait, chances are he has help on the way If you're in a high traffic area, your gun fire may draw others or zeds Never commit your position to a lane of fire, this means, if he's in a barracks room, don't sit in the hall, he only has to aim in one direction Know cover vs. concealment, what your hiding in, will it stop rounds, or does it just hide you. This works both for you and the enemy. Let the enemy ( with in reason/time allowing ) act first, those that act in haste will often make mistakes If detected, and the enemy is holing up, provoke him, don't use coms. Soften him up if you can, throw a hand grande, a flash bang, even smoke, it may make him act hastily. If you think there may be an enemy in the area, remember the four S's of sniping Shine: Keep an eye out for reflective surfaces, anything that bounces light is most likely man made Silhouette:: Use anything to contrast when the enemy might be wearing, giving away outlines of his person and gear. Use tree's, walls, the ground, even the sky line behind them. And remember, NOTHING in nature grows in a straight line. Shade: Much like silhouette, use the surrounding area's to scan for anything not matching. Some players B-line it to the air fields, and may only be wearing sweaters and jeans, keep your eyes open for something not matching Sound: This is a big one, nearly everything we do in game makes noise, get a decent head set and crank it up, every so often, when in cover and concealment, stop, take a listen Surroundings: Is anything out of place, open doors, camp fires, bodies, empty cans, slaughtered animals, all this can tell you if some one is still in the area. Final bits of advice. Roads lead places, this is a double edge sword, enemies use them as well When in doubt, bound from cover to cover, never run out in the open There is no safe, only safer If you think somewhere is a good spot, at least five others are thinking the same thing, keep your eyes and ears open Risk vs. reward, is it really worth it, is the question you have to ask yourself Pys ops: use this at your own risk Should you get into coms with your enemy, play with his mind, this can be just simple trash talk, to acting like your in game coms is stuck open, and act as if you are talking to a much larger team on their way to reinforce you, make is believable, don't name weapons, just ask if they have enough ammo, use common names, not in game names, make the size believable as well, four, tops, give the enemies location, never yours. Hope this helps, Creeper
  12. If you start on a private hive server, you're official characters do not transfer, so, in short, yes
  13. game

    Play on PVE servers, unless you want to be endlessly camped at the starting town. The moment I left the safe zone to do a starting quest, was gunned down, then mocked as soon as I respawned.
  14. No, because so far, SJW's and BLM have stayed away from here. All it will take is some idiot hanging some one and saying something racist on a youtube video, then we'll get flooded to hell.
  15. The new animation sty;e needs to die as well =P