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  1. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! #2

    Happy Nightmare Night!
  2. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Enable chat channels

    I remember for a short time it was, but, as always, some people had to go and ruin it for the rest of us. Also the devs wanted to make it a more immersive experience, where having any contact with another player would be a more intense moment, rather jumping on side, talking to another player and meeting up somewhere.
  3. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Tokarev TT-33 Added

    Love the Tok, own a Yugo M57 myself
  4. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Guns don’t work

    And again, you can only try to attack me, pitifully as it is, not my argument.I do not need to defend or explain myself to you. I've proven my point and have no further time to waste on you.
  5. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Making developer's take action

    The Magical Horse has spoken
  6. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Guns don’t work

    This is a public forum, I am free to post where ever I like. I love that you try to make me seem like some sort of shut in because you can not argue my points, you try to insult me, If you want to go that route. I own my own house, jeep, work massive amounts of overtime, do as I please with my money. I have seen more and done more in the first 21 years of my life than you ever will, I'm almost 40 now. You cry because you blew 30 Good Boy Points when you could have got tendies instead of this game, go back to /r9k/ with the rest of your kind. Love you too, buddy =) First off, you didn't even report it as a bug, you posted it in a way to try to flex your e-peen and try to act as if you could damage the player base because the game was not proceeding to your liking. Second, you couldn't be bothered to even click on " report a bug " or maybe your mind is just that simple. Third, Pilgrim has done more for this community than you ever will.
  7. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    It's Been 6 Years

    You see, Evens, this is why I enjoy your thoughts on many topics. As where OP may have not made his intent clear, you, in most ever post I have seen have clear and pointed comments on the topic at hand, not generalizations. I have to agree with your assessment, because I have been taking a rather long break from SA myself, not wanting to get burnt out on small patches. I would love to see the game return it it's fame of Mod days and hope to see it before, as you have accurately said, the base moves on. Maybe because my age has taught me patience or I cling to fond memories, hoping to experience and share them again, I will stay the course, and hope others do as well. P.S.: I do plan on getting my feet wet in SA, soon...............................
  8. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Guns don’t work

    However, the console community begged for SA on their systems, and it was warned well ahead of time that there would be issues, and now that it's not be resolved in a manner that you deem timely, you threaten action. I'm not the one living in a delusional state where they think the have any say or or power in anything. I have done my service to this community a thousand fold, I just rarely have time for fools such as yourself, so feel honored that I made the time. When you've raged quit and demanded your money back, I will still be here. Now as previously stated, you can make useful posts, helping with the development of this game, or you can stay this course of ignorance to it's final conclusion. The choice is yours.
  9. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Guns don’t work

    Oh no guys, he threatening to quit, we better do something. Dude, go ahead and leave, no one will notice, people have been making that threat since mod. Making threats will not speed up the devs at all. Make yourself useful or don't post.
  10. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    It's Been 6 Years

    Oh, this thread again..............................
  11. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Whoever ghosted behind me in berezinho

    You're funny. Combat logging. Implying I've played anything other than Epoch in years. I also run a PVE server.
  12. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Server hopping

    Stealing the pic
  13. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Server hopping

    Jack O'Neill
  14. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Server hopping

    Indeed, O'neill
  15. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Server hopping

    Been a problem since Mod, doubt it's going away. Baker makes a good point, but running a click.5, you'll be back in a few minutes. Makes it only slightly annoying.