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    Fire Arms, Day Z ( dduuurrr ), Ren. fair, pirate fair, Umbrella ( cause I work for them )

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    Sgt. " Creeper ", UBCS 117940
    Quarter Master: Tactical, and Squad Lead for Bravo
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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Part of my childhood is gone, Creeper is sad face
  3. Got him again!
  4. This one is a bit special, built her with my own hands, AMD 65
  5. Holy shit, you are either this new or a horrible troll. if it's the first, you hit the debug, if its the latter, go away
  6. If you have proof of an UNDOCUMENTED cheat, please use the feed back tool, please read the stickies and enjoy your stay.
  7. Good to see a fellow /k/ member
  8. If you have proof of an undocumented cheat, please use the feedback tracker, any proof of hack/cheating can be handled at Please read the stickies before posting.
  9. Just picked her up
  10. Almost noon here on the other coast, stay safe out there, battle buddy.
  11. Sorry, hitting five months with out a day off at my post because my company refuses to give me a new officer, so i can be a bit spacey at times
  12. Hope you got your tax stamp for the can, BATF is being real dicks about that.
  13. Maybe this will drum up some interest, Star Super B I picked up last week
  14. Holy crap, some one other than me posted in this thread. Here's a 92S I picked up today