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  1. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Chernobyl (HBO)

    Need to check this out. I hope that do a Stalker film to, because I need my Cheeki Breeki
  2. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Been getting back into 40K, nice fan made piece
  3. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Dev., game test client

    You have not been the first to offer, nor will you be the last. In my time here I've never seen BI take any one up on the offer. Best of luck.
  4. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    No Server hopping!

    Get DayZ launcher, get on a modded server where central hiving doesn't work. Problem salved.
  5. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Forum vets: are you still playing?

    Just got done playing. As stated before, myself and Legacy have been hitting it, some other forum vets with us from time to time as well.
  6. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    hello survivers need help please

    Rules of DayZ: #1: NEVER get attached to your gear. You are always one step away from death, be it bandits, zeds, a glitch, power going out or your little brother, you are going do die, accept the loss and move on. #2: Risk vs. Reward: Is it worth it, are you risking more than you gain. Learn to gauge this and you're half way there, are you sure you can take that shot or be unseen moving into military areas. Slow and smooth is the way to go, think it out. #3: Situational Awareness: this game can be summed up in those two words. What's going on around you, what do you see and hear, what's your health, foo9d and water intake, how much ammo and ready reloads do you have. Everything goes into your survival chances. Situational Awareness, you have it or you're dead #4: Cover and Concealment: Blend in with your surrounds, block lines of site to you. If you come under fire, seek hard cover, a bush may hide you, but will do little to stop bullets. #5: It's only a game: Play it and have fun, if it gets to frustrating, take a break, don't get burnt out. I took over a year off, and now I'm back and loving it. Bonus tip: Play with friends, everything is better with friends.
  7. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Gun names

    Because they don't want to get sued, even though it never happened with ARMA 2, as long as they don't misrepresent the gun, it shouldn't be an issue. Though BI is taking the safe route and not using the real names, which I really can't blame them. TL;DR: Licensing issues
  8. TheCreeper (DayZ)


    Because the devs have said no since DayZ Mod, not my reasoning but theirs. It would make life easier, but, that's not the point of DayZ.
  9. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Sks or cr?

    You're not wrong, but, with the two choices that were given, SKS. However, far easier platforms preform far better with easier to find ammo than the two given choices.
  10. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Sks or cr?

    SKS, hands down. Semi auto is what is going to save you when everything goes sideways. Lives are counted in seconds, life expectancy in Rounds Per Minute
  11. TheCreeper (DayZ)


    I do miss the mechanic from Mod, but, what purpose would it serve when you're changing clothes that often. It was used so you could ID friendlies or hostels on sight. Unless there is some sort of added bonus, like in mod, it's just a pointless feature.
  12. TheCreeper (DayZ)


    This thread again. Not happening. See above, personally, I use a quarter.
  13. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Thank you for your hard work but....

    Then use keyboard and mouse, like the game was intended
  14. TheCreeper (DayZ)

    Could npc traders be added to the game?

    I know they can be on modded PC servers, so there's hope for console players.
  15. I'm on the same page, me and Rags, when he used to hang here, butted heads on the KOS issue more than once, then he put out an excellent video on why he did. The man earned my respect that day.