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  1. Almost noon here on the other coast, stay safe out there, battle buddy.
  2. Sorry, hitting five months with out a day off at my post because my company refuses to give me a new officer, so i can be a bit spacey at times
  3. Hope you got your tax stamp for the can, BATF is being real dicks about that.
  4. Maybe this will drum up some interest, Star Super B I picked up last week
  5. Holy crap, some one other than me posted in this thread. Here's a 92S I picked up today
  6. Even me?
  7. We are still alive, watching and waiting. We came up through mod and know to be patient.................................................
  8. IP and GUID, in game it will only show the current name the user is trying to use and their GUID and a message ( if the admin put one ) why they were banned
  9. Known about this for a little while, I really need to catch up on the last season and last movie, if I only had time, about to hit month 3 with out a day off.....................
  10. First post of the new year, any pony still alive here?
  11. fun

    Banned for being only one of two people responding to this thread
  12. fun

    Banned for not knowing the history of this forum, I've revived the fire arms owners thread and the MLP thread many times
  13. fun

    Banned for reviving an old thread
  14. I only sleep with two =P