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  1. He wasn't really bitching - just asking a valid question.
  2. Are you sure? Felt like a comprehensive list to me
  3. You and me both, buddy.
  4. Well done :)
  5. This guy is wicked. Prince invited him to his house shortly before his death and they had a nice lil' jam. He's also awesome live.
  6. Oh how I love Hetstaine His words remove all the pain I miss his lips His oversized whips And how he holds me like I'm John Wayne
  7. How wonderful. Thank you for sharing! What do you study at college, if I may ask? :)
  8. I love the art design. It is lovely that you still continue making these :)
  9. Kills me. I wish Jeff were around.
  10. All the beans. Have 'em.
  11. I missed you too. xoxoxo
  12. Would you per chance have room for one more?
  13. 2/3 the reason(s) as to why the trailer(s) received so much hate is simply because people jumped on the let's hate Infinite Warfare bandwagon. I thought the story trailerwas fantastic. I loved it. I'm not interested in the multiplayer at all - I haven't touched the CoDs since Black Ops 2 - however I am very excited to play the campaign. It has received excellent reviews from what I have read thus far, which is awesome. Good on IW.
  14. Well, Mr Spoon, should you ever be desiring a chat, swing me a message and I'd be more than happy to have a conversation. I'm a great listener. Just ask Orlok. On that note, glad to see you still around. -- I like this thread. I like you all.
  15. You? Still here? God bless Australia.