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  1. Max Planck

    Lock each character to a single server?

    I'm definitely in favour of more bears, ingame, on the forums, everywhere. Can't make it happen though, as I'm not a developer. Just a forum user with extra cleaning duties, as well as a button that gets other users mauled by a bear. EDIT: As it turns out, getting people mauled by bears isn't part of the moderator's toolset. Talk about a missed opportunity. Lazy forum devs, amiright?
  2. Max Planck

    GermanDayZ.de Hardcore Survival Server

    You are also running a dedicated topic for that server, just in case you missed it: https://forums.dayz.com/topic/243664-dayz-onelife-eu/
  3. Max Planck

    Lock each character to a single server?

  4. Max Planck

    The Ultimate Exploit

    Let's stay on topic and away from the personal attacks, okay? Otherwise someone might get mauled by a bear, or something.
  5. Max Planck


  6. Max Planck

    anyone think we will see dayz solo on xbox

    There won't be an offline mode for neither pc nor xbone, as DayZ is designed as a multiplayer game. This has been stated by the developers several times. Also, please quit calling other users 'morons'. We don't do that here.
  7. Max Planck

    Base on snip

    Keep the fights to the servers, please.
  8. Max Planck

    6 years of development

    Hello there. I've merged your topics. Please don't create a new topic for every sentence that runs through your mind, that's what Twitter is for (that, and international diplomacy). There are plenty topics open with actual discussions of the issues that concerns you. Thanks. Locked.
  9. Max Planck

    Dayz Ban

    Please contact BattlEye Support, nothing we can do here. Also, that program from your screenshot looks proper dodgy, I've edited it out of your post. Locked.
  10. Max Planck

    Stuck behind bunk beds/between ceiling and bunk bed

    I... don't know. Holding your breath? I'll admit to not asking the OP if he had a weapon, it was just my assumption that he might.
  11. Max Planck

    No Face Hitbox

    No, you listen. Enough with the personal attacks, the insults and the constant derailing of topics. The developers do not need you to insult people who wants to debate their creation, quite the contrary in fact. This will be your very last temporary suspension. Make the most of it. Let the topic continue respectfully, please.
  12. Max Planck

    Stuck behind bunk beds/between ceiling and bunk bed

    I'm afraid you might have to suicide your character.
  13. Just one bump per 24 hours, please.
  14. Max Planck

    Servers are a Mess

    I think you might have misinterpreted my post, no one is out to ban you. I posted to keep the topic from getting heated, with people responding to insults in kind. Believe me, it happens. As for eno, I've contacted him in a more personal manner. Now please, guys, let's be friends. Think of the easter bunny and all its tribulations. Perspective.
  15. Max Planck

    Servers are a Mess

    Personal attacks and insults are not acceptable and will result in warnings and suspensions.