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  1. Forum Moderators

    Thanks guys, that helped a lot. We were running real low on witty remarks. For the OP: This is not the way to handle your problem. You have been asked to moderate yourself, so you have 3 (4) options. 1: Moderate yourself. 2: PM the moderator in question, and engage in the discussion with an open mind. 3: Report the moderators' message/post that the forum admin may see it. (4: secret bonus option) Keep posting topics complaining about the forum rules and guidelines while calling out particular people, and eventually get banned. Locked.

    If this topic is to continue, it will have to do so without the personal digs and insults. Be cool, guys.
  3. Forum vets: are you still playing?

    I wanted to reply to this topic two years ago, but I got distracted. Anyway, I haven't played for a long while. I'm waiting for the beta release, as I would rather have a fresh new experience with the game. I'm looking forward to it, but I have plenty of backlog to keep me busy for now.
  4. I think the melee system kind of hinges on the amount of zeds that will be in the final game. If it stays a relatively low number, I think melee should be harder than in, say, Far Cry or Dying Light. I think I would like to see something similar to Mount&Blade, if at all possible. Easy to understand, hard to master. Less circle strafing or the 'back and forth dance', more timed blocks and dissimilar weaponry.
  5. Dayz mosin glitch ?? On xbox one

    I understand you are frustrated, but please refrain from posting your question in multiple topics and forum areas. The forums are a bit slow, but someone will help you eventually. Do you have a 5rnd clip, by the way?
  6. ...

    Critique and complaints are a-okay, insults aren't. Locked.
  7. 'Total: Warhammer' is official!

    So! Total Warhammer 2 has been out for a while, and is also good. I'm playing with the Steel Faith 2 mod, which I think adds a lot to the experience. If anybody would like to play some battles (maybe with house rules for army composition?), I'd totally be up for it.
  8. Well, I say! Welcome back from the dead old chap. 

    1. Max Planck

      Max Planck

      Thanks, it is good to be undead.

  9. Chernarus Limericks

    Hi there fellows, long time no see I was gone, had a thing with the knee So while I was crawling, I was waiting, while bawling for Stable-oh-dot-sixty-three Hrh-hrmm. Bit rusty. Anyway, how are youse? Anyone I know left? Reply in verse or it's a paddlin'.
  10. Hey Jimmy, wanna play Warhammer? We can play it on the pc, no need for figuerines, angry mums and (shared) cheetoes. Hook me up on Steam if you dare: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197977855986/

  11. 'Total: Warhammer' is official!

    Exactly. I still can't believe that GW went and killed WHFB, it's like they took a stroll into my brain and took a shit on my childhood/early teens. We ought to strap that whole bunch of sorry monsters to a rocket and launch them into the sun for this unforgivable travesty. There, it had to be said. Total Warhammer is a saving grace though, it just might preserve Warhammer Fantasy for a great many years if CA's grand plan holds up. And it's not like I have the time to play tabletop anymore, nor the inclination to pay for it. If I end up buying every single expansion and DLC, I'll still end up paying just a fraction of what I spent on little pointy-hatted metal dudes in the early 90's.
  12. 'Total: Warhammer' is official!

    I've been playing this a lot since it released, and I really, really like it. I think they hit the 'WHFB feel' just right and the factions/races play very differently which makes the game feel vastly bigger than it is. It actually happened: it's good! CA, I forgive you for Rome2. Officially, like. I can't wait for the next parts of the trilogy, I want them elves! Also Skaven. Anybody else playing this? Any opinions? EDIT: I lied in the OP, ended up preordering anyway like an idiot. I'm glad I did though, like an idiot.
  13. I'm still here. Sort of.

  14. DayZ porn ?

    Sorry to disappoint, but she is clearly wearing a shirt. Look at the sleeve rolled up at her elbow. Of course you can always ignore my comment and let your imagination carry you away on the wings of love.