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  1. colekern

    My Lag...

    Nope. You have to have a decent computer to play games. You can pu one together for about the price of a console.
  2. colekern

    My Lag...

    It doesn't meet the minimum system requirements. It probably wont run good.
  3. colekern

    My Lag...

    Okay, let me show you a better way. hit alt+r, then type dxdiag in the boc that opens. press enter. Click yes or no, it doesn't matter. It will open a box like this. tell me what the sections I've pointed to say. Then hit display. It will open this. Tell me what it says in the area i've pointed to. Then you're done.
  4. colekern

    My Lag...

    We need your computer specs. Google how to get them. We mostly need your CPU and GPU. It doesn't matter if you have a new computer, if your specs suck , gaming will suck.
  5. colekern

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for being named ella.
  6. Hmmm. Maybe try running your VOIP as administrator?
  7. colekern

    Fps fixes, none of them work.

    Yes. Did you even check to see if your computer met the minimum system requirements? Your computer doesn't meet any of the requirements. Your CPU is almost 1 GHZ below the minimum.
  8. Unfortunately no. I used to play the mod with a connection like that, and it was only barely possible. Zombies were okay, as their A.I. was done client-side, but if there was a player nearby, almost nothing would work. My shots would hardly even register. It's impossible to play the Standalone with a connection like that, as almost everything is done server side.
  9. Anyone tried this lately? It's more optimized now, there are new weapons, the players and zombies are now 3D models... and there's multiplayer. Man, the multiplayer is fantastic. I haven't played online yet, but I set up a a server for my friends and I. Tons of fun. You're practically unstoppable. Were taking on entire towns with just axes and baseball bats. I ended up changing the settings for zombies and stuff. Set the zed to spawn a whole lot more than usual, turned off infection, weakened them, reduced their senses.\. Balanced out by the fact there were stupidly high amounts of zombies everywhere. there were probably a couple thousand per town. I'm serious. We bumped up the loot count to "common". It played more like an action game. There's no sleep in multiplayer. So it was constant combat. We werere taking on hordes of literally 100-150, maybe more, at a time with pistols and axes. It was awesome. But if they grabbed you... you were screwed. If you stopped for even two seconds, you were done for. Seriously, try it out. Did I mention it was just me and one other guy doing that? Seriously guys, give this a shot.
  10. colekern

    Isn't "DayZ" quite possibly the dumbest name ever?

    Dean said a while back that it was a play on D-day. Makes sense to me.
  11. colekern

    I had a funny idea.

    One thing that would be cool is the ability to rename things in your inventory. For example, if you find a "fully automatic rifle" as you said, I could rename it M4A1.
  12. colekern

    High Ping, Excessive Kicking

    Hmm. Tried googling a bit?
  13. colekern

    High Ping, Excessive Kicking

    Do you get any kick messages?
  14. colekern

    DayZ commander not opening at all

    Do have the latest microsoft.net framework? I think you need that.
  15. 1. I negotiate if I'm spotted. I don't kill, unless fired upon or attacked. 2. When I am attacked, or a friend is attacked. Otherwise, I'm friendly. 3. Yes. I have died for teammates. Even people I met less than two minutes ago, provided they're friendly enough. For example, one guy randomly picked me up in a car- then wrecked. He was surrounded by zeds, and I tried to fight him out of it- we both ended up dead. (this was the original DayZ mod, by the way.) 4. I made some friends by getting a guy out of a sticky situation with zombies with my axe. Turns out the guy was meeting his friend in a place called cherno. His friend got shot in the firestation. I find a gun, luckily (again, this is the mod), and kill him. I run dry with that gun, so I grab the gun of the guy I just downed. I kill a bandit that tried to chase. Ended up surviving the night. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I just spawned, found a makarov pistol. Ran to a nearby garage. Suddenly, a van pulled a the corner and honked. I hopped in. The driver said he was just giving rides to people around the map. There was another person in the car. We wreck. We hop out. he goes to look for spare parts to fix the car. Other passenger tries to steal car. Driver kills passenger. Driver killed by zombies while I try to save him. There are more, but I really should be going to sleep. If you want some more, check out the old DayZ stories thread: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/106909-dayz-stories/