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  1. Not sure to be honest but Adam West was the perfect man for his own character. It would be a shame if it was tainted by some one else just so that the show could continue onward. Might be best to just have him die in a story or something rather than drag it though the mud and try to fake it.
  2. Died on June 9th of Leukemia at the age of 88. He will be missed. Known most for Batman But i will always remember him for the awesome roll he played in as Mayor West in Family guy.
  3. Time to find out if its actually worth playing for awhile or to go back into waiting mode for another half a year lol.
  4. A new Kesagake came to my house today! Its a double pour marbled/glitter infused Japanese one-off vinyl toy with clear blue snack villager. Its to damn beautiful not to show. And it also came with some left over residue imprints from the mold maker at the factory they put with the toy. Kind of a neat little thing to show how the toy parts are made.
  5. I need to update this thread NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Sorry for not doing so! Next month is a huge huge month for fans of the Alien franchise in general! It looks legitimately creepy. Like first Alien movie creepy.
  6. Two toys from Japan by Shikaruna. These toys are massive and the quality and detail of the sofubi is incredible to look at!
  7. The game is pretty boring at the moment so no sense in ppl playing a whole lot till things get better development wise. If your living longer than the game has intended you to multiple times there is still a lot to be accounted for.
  8. The funny thing is iv never encountered wolves even once since the new patch lol.
  9. Hes doing amazing all right lol
  10. Well yeah i did to at least since last year but when i showed you that picture its the first reveal of how the movie poster or logo in general will look for the movie. Might change by the time it launches but its cool seeing the initial concept or finalized drawings. :)
  11. And there we go.
  12. Ill have to ether go see the movie on Wed or Saturday cause those are the only days off i have during the week.
  13. Merry Christmas Ponies!!! O3O
  14. That sounds both sad and EXTREMELY painful on your body to sleep in. lol