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  1. Is that one you have to build yourself from the hobby shops?
  2. Behold a Joker version of Trump as a toy! :p By Redhot Style toys I also have some actual comic book stuff ill update later on as well when i can.
  3. game

    Im never ever sick of zombie games! Thanks for sharing this with us. I would have never have known about it otherwise! :)
  4. Well you can't rest your verdict till the movie is out than you can tell me how much more horrible they have gotten. Hell maybe they will rap for you in 90s fashion as well. XD
  5. I honestly didn't mind in the old movie i just don't know why they waited so long to put them in lol.
  6. Apparently the Sea Ponies are making a return as well.
  7. Guys its ok, all he wants to do is eat your children and make you fatter than you already are. xD This is a Ronenglish Japanese sofubi piece of his MC from previous paintings. There are many variants of this figure.
  8. More Japanese toys cause there just freaking awesome! :P
  9. Not sure to be honest but Adam West was the perfect man for his own character. It would be a shame if it was tainted by some one else just so that the show could continue onward. Might be best to just have him die in a story or something rather than drag it though the mud and try to fake it.
  10. Died on June 9th of Leukemia at the age of 88. He will be missed. Known most for Batman But i will always remember him for the awesome roll he played in as Mayor West in Family guy.
  11. Time to find out if its actually worth playing for awhile or to go back into waiting mode for another half a year lol.
  12. A new Kesagake came to my house today! Its a double pour marbled/glitter infused Japanese one-off vinyl toy with clear blue snack villager. Its to damn beautiful not to show. And it also came with some left over residue imprints from the mold maker at the factory they put with the toy. Kind of a neat little thing to show how the toy parts are made.
  13. I need to update this thread NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Sorry for not doing so! Next month is a huge huge month for fans of the Alien franchise in general! It looks legitimately creepy. Like first Alien movie creepy.
  14. Two toys from Japan by Shikaruna. These toys are massive and the quality and detail of the sofubi is incredible to look at!