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    In the mountains watching you fight over a can of beans

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    im 26, i am an active outdoors person, but when it gets to be winter time, im attached to my pc and my games. DayZ isnt a game for me, its almost real life because i live in the mountains and i get to do many things in game and in real life (minus the KOS and zombies)

    in game i like to lurk about and watch people and things. im not super active on the forum, because id rather be playing than talking about gaming. I try to be a hero most of the time, so if you see me in game, dont worry i wont KOS. if you need something, i have no problem trying to help you.

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  1. Hairy_eyeball

    where will home be?

    Try QuarantineRP server. https://quarantined.co.uk/forums/topic/497-how-to-join-the-quarantinedrp-server/
  2. Hairy_eyeball

    Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    ust wondering if anyone else has reported a bug where a player cant apply a bandage to themselves? A friend and I were fighting several zombies and he accidentally cut me with a knife. when the zombies were dead I tried using a bandage, rags a sewing kit and a leather sewing kit and nothing would stop the bleeding. He also tried everything to get me to stop bleeding and nothing worked. It resulted in me dying. so just wondering if this has been seen before.
  3. Hairy_eyeball

    Experimental Update 0.63.149776

    what about gates not working, weapons not spawning, farming not in the game anymore light sources not bright at all, guns not making sounds after you put suppressors on and barrels stuck in car inventorys?
  4. Hairy_eyeball

    no pickaxe?

    found a pick axe today. very rare from what ive seen.
  5. Hairy_eyeball

    So who's up for a ...

    *Stakeout. not Steakout.
  6. Hairy_eyeball

    How was your Day(Z)?

    So I caved and booted up DayZ last night, just for old times sake. fast update and a slow login screen later landed me in Solnichniy. I had to adjust my graffics because it had been auto adjusted to high, and after fixing that I was on my way. I searched most of the buildings coming up with nothing so I made an improvised knife and made my way to the water fountain and filled myself there. as I made my way out of town going north I had to go toe to toe with a zombie and took it down with three swift hits from my knife. running north to factory I kept searching for anything really, hoping there wasnt some glitch with no loot spawning. I was rewarded with a hatchet and an orange backback in a car at the military checkpoint. There was also a childs briefcase nearby and both had food in them, so quickly I ate and drank. Running to Nizhnoye I stuffed myself on apples (apple glitch still works) and continued to Berezino. I was able to take down several Zombies silently with my hatchet as I had still yet to find a firearm, I picked up a sporter with no ammo somewhere along the line and filled my pockets with various items and mismatched ammo at the Mil tents there. Heading North West I followed the road to Gorka where I spotted a chicken and after what probably looked like an idiot chasing after a chicken with a hatchet I took it down and skinned it up for later consumption. I hit a jackpot at the next military checkpoint picking up an assault backpack and matching ttsko pants and jacket, doubling my carrying capacity and making me feel less stand-out-ish. the wind kept rising and the darkness was setting in the entire time I had been running around and as I came to Gorka near total darkness fell. As quietly as I could I took out a few more zombies and crept into the Police station where I picked up a chest holster and a Cr75 with 2 mags and some ammo. Now I felt a little better. I was able to scrounge some matches, sticks, gloves, a boonie hat, and some beverages and made my way out of town to feast on my chicken. I was determined to use an indoor fireplace as I had also picked up a lock pick and could lock myself inside. after running around in the pitch black I found a proper house which also had a tree nearby for easy wood access and after much prep work I had my fire, I had cooked chicken, and I had some semblance of peace. I logged out knowing the game wasnt a total failure but still bothered by the basic glitches. I had a few lag spikes when swapping my clothes and the item drag and drop system is still a little buggy. also the items in my hotbar kept disappearing even though my character would have the correct item in his hand when I selected what I wanted. Im not sure how combat would do if it were PvP, the zombies were hit or miss on accuracy and at once point it looked like one had a 10 foot reach. there also were a few zombies that were running through walls or doors but im sure it was a lag issue on my end (the server I chose with the lowest ping was at 43)
  7. Hairy_eyeball

    Would steam issue me a refund?

    you wont get a refund, they will really only give refunds for games that are owned less than 14 days and have less than 5 hours played.
  8. Hairy_eyeball

    2 story Camo Building

    Was playing with several of my friends the other day up at NWAF. 3 of our guys were able to clear out 2 targets out of the camo building (i was on my way to them along with 2 more guys) when they had a glitcher spawn into the downstairs part of the building. he killed one and the other 2 were stuck upstairs due to the 3rd guys body at the bottom of the stairs. Me and my guys showed up to help, and we tried grenades all around the building where we could see him near the edges but to no effect. I ran in to try to get gear and try to kill the guy but he poped up through the floor and killed me. the rest of the guys eventually just logged out and got away but the glitcher was still there. is there any way that you guys have found to kill or remove the players who do this or is it pretty much just log and find a new server?
  9. Hairy_eyeball

    Can someone explain this phenomenon to me ?

    pick up all the paper and dump them outside the camp then come back. it will force items to respawn.
  10. Hairy_eyeball

    True Sandbox Experience

    it makes me wonder if when zombies start to drop loot this issue might be relieved a bit.
  11. Hairy_eyeball

    Add Escape trough window

    if zombies can jump high fences, we should be able to jump through windows.
  12. Hairy_eyeball

    Found a couple tents, emptied them, and filled back up with fish

    its so beautiful!
  13. go vote at :

    The Beanz U Luv <XXX> Forum Shock !     in the Suggestions forum

    This is a subconscious email command. No, you can't resist, Nope you can try but you can't.

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  14. Hairy_eyeball

    Dayz book club :)

    i always grab a bible if i ever see one. i swear they protect me. i had a Pride and Prejudiced just for lols. and it made my wife laugh. i love to pick up Art of War, i laugh when i find Romeo and Julia. if i need a fire and i see a book, i use it. i read as much as i can when im not gaming so id rather read irl than in game. its a cool side thing to do in game though.