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  1. Arctic Volkssturm

    Base builders off limits Truce

    Fire analogy for postmodern western civilization as it stands today
  2. Arctic Volkssturm

    Quick Summary of Xbox Live Stream

    Not sure why anyone is confused about this or believes it's an issue. Party and game chat have always been separate entities on Xbox. Dayz is a hardcore survival game, you shouldn't be able to magically talk to someone who's on the other side of the map. This is the intended purpose of the transceivers/backpack radios but I'm not positive if those are even operable yet
  3. Arctic Volkssturm

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    Do yourself a favor and don't believe anything you hear coming from Newsweek, ever.
  4. Arctic Volkssturm

    Cant find M4-A1 or the KA-M.

    the n word is only for heated gamer moments
  5. Arctic Volkssturm

    Cant find M4-A1 or the KA-M.

    Impulz said private servers are planned for Xbox luckily but they aren't allowed to give any specifics yet
  6. Arctic Volkssturm

    Cant find M4-A1 or the KA-M.

    I support this change but I think it should have come along with a stash wipe. People with stockpiles of duped VSDs aren't worried about searching for aks or m4s
  7. Slot space on Hunter clothing nerfed :(
  8. Arctic Volkssturm

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    https://forums.dayz.com/topic/243160-experimental-update-10150408/ Bleeding feet just hit experimental in the latest patch so it should make its way to xbox next
  9. Arctic Volkssturm

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Yeah I think in the mod there was some kind of "sore feet" status penalty for not wearing shoes, hopefully it comes back. I keep my assault boots because I don't want my combat knife hogging up 3 spots in my inventory
  10. Arctic Volkssturm

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    How is this an exploit exactly? Try walking stealthily across your floor barefoot. Now do it wearing steel toe combat boots
  11. Arctic Volkssturm


    I don't remember seeing them say anything about this specifically but there's a lot that they don't mention. From my own experience and from seeing people complain about it on here/discord/twitch this seems to be the case
  12. Arctic Volkssturm


    Military weapon spawns were intentionally (I hope) adjusted to make them more rare. Now we just need a stash wipe hopefully with the next update to wipe out the duper stashes
  13. Arctic Volkssturm

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Where were you looting when this happened
  14. Arctic Volkssturm

    Duping is killing the game

    AK spawn rates definitely seem like they've been turned down to me. Find plenty of ammo/mags and attachments but not the rifle. I find a lot more m4s
  15. Arctic Volkssturm

    Random death?

    I think I saw someone post they tried it and it didn't work but that would be awesome. I wasted my last one when the server crashed 5 mins after I set it