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  1. eno

    Returning Player

    Izurvive. Yes.
  2. eno

    Returning Player

    All over. Everywhere. Look harder. Heli yes... numerous.
  3. eno

    I Have A Dream

    Missing the option that DayZ won’t live up to expectations set out by developers but I play it anyway and abuse the fuck out of all the glitches.
  4. So funny. You practically have the guy’s cock in your mouth and yet most so far don’t think that communication has improved. It was important to him, it’s shitty to over 80% of responses so far... You can go ahead and disagree- it’s called a poll for a reason. So vote and run along and play your “high intensity much zeds amazeballs” game.
  5. eno

    Why Banditry Is A Moral Obligation In DayZ

    And all are the same person. Mind: Blown.
  6. Yeah just park a dude with high cap and field everything and you get mobile storage. We are finding m4s everywhere- it’s the KAs that seem to be playing hard to get.
  7. Funny- the project lead said they wanted to improve communication... but you still feel the need to wade in here with your dick in your hand and pontificate about how unimportant it is. Your input is as irrelevant as ever. Thank you for sharing.
  8. Looks good! Hoping for the best.
  9. If people think the communication is shitty then maybe they could change their approach. If people think their communication is fine then maybe I can change mine.
  10. eno

    [SUGGESTION] Gearing Point System

    The glass is actually overflowing because it is a quarter of the size they said it'd be.
  11. Curious how everyone feels about the how the "improved direct communication across all channels" is going? I'm in the "Bad to worse" category- if only because I expect more from a group that selfishly dumped a full release game on us at Christmas time for financial gain and retained all the early access bullshit. They claim "We'll talk about it when it's ready" which judging by the lack of communication suggests they're still trying to figure out the roadmap as we approach April. This poll isn't about trolling the devgroup or the community moderators as much as to provide a tool to measure how this "improved communication across all channels" is working out.
  12. eno

    [SUGGESTION] Gearing Point System

    I'm confused. None of the things you point out here changed. Nothing added any value to your character save for the fact that you can grow a full beard in 5 minutes. Keeping in mind this was something they introduced to add some sense of "experience" on your character. Zombies were glitchy af in populated servers then... they still are now. There may be a couple more zombies... which doesn't really matter since they still glitch all over the fucking place as soon as you get 20 or more people in a server. Sense of danger? How is that different? Back then you could be alone with one other guy on a server, walk around a corner straight into him and eat a bullet. Now you can be alone with one other guy on a server, walk around a corner straight into him and eat a bullet. The one thing that did change significantly was the stamina bar which, in your story, merely prevented you from doing what you wanted to do: meet your friends on the other edge of the map. So let me know how enjoyable your first PVP experience is on a glitchy high pop server after you complete your 10 hour journey to meet up with your friends and you get killed after getting stuck in a doorway while seeking cover and mauled to death by zombies 5 feet away from your character.
  13. eno

    DeSpawn to Respawn CHEATERS!

    If you had a 15 second spawn in timer like we have a 15 second spawn out timer- where your character is just sitting or standing there defenseless this would deter that type of action. I also don't mind a backpedal of a random time between 30 seconds and a few minutes... things change so fast during times where hopping is even viable to use in PVP that nobody is gaining anything by waiting around in another server for the 90 seconds we already end up needing to wait for EVERY change as well as time on top of that. (Edit: I'm a PC guy so I don't know if you guys have the same delays we do for spawning out and changing servers.) I also like the spawn radius... which would help reduce the effectiveness of people ghosting into bases on the public official side. The combination of these 3 simple features would minimize abuse of the combat logging / base ghosting / server hopping meta and while not completely eliminating any of them would surely create an unattractive inconvenience when compared to just playing things out as intended- ie: Fight the fight / break in / run around.
  14. eno

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Doesn’t even sound like it’ll be on experimental soon so don’t hold your breath. If they say they don’t have a stable build in pre experimental the buildings are probably upside down, the Riffy wreck is now the Ferris wheel from Pripyat and the green mountain antenna in the shape of a giant dildo. They have some work to do.
  15. eno

    Console Noob help

    I gave a friend my first gen i7 950, 9 gigs of ram, gtx680 and an ssd with a 650W power supply and he says the game runs fine. Lower graphic detail probably but it would work on a budget. I would t recommend that personally since they are older components and you can probably do better. I run it on an i7 6700k, 16GB of ram, 1080ti, nvme drive and also a 650W PS and it also runs fine- probably a tad overkill for DayZ. Choose your own adventure.