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  1. Returning player

    Lots to look over but not a bunch to see. I'm swirling around on the edges looking into the bowl wondering when to take a dip. Emu- glad to see you're still on it bud. Amazed, but glad to see a familiar face!
  2. Load the game... doesn't exit windowed mode. It covers about 1/4 of my screen. Can't get out of it. Can't shut the fucking repeating bird sound off. Fuck this. Wake me up when it's done.
  3. Exp Update 0.62.139748

    Or being able to repair them with a pipe wrench or something. Always thought that would be great.
  4. My attempt at DayZ ghillie suit

    Nothing quite says "Shoot me in the fucking face with extreme prejudice and violence" in DayZ quite like a Ghillie Suit.
  5. Blog

    fuck dude- whatever. Write your blog and move on. Looks like you're off to a great start.
  6. https://forums.dayz.com/topic/234632-make-chernarus-an-island/#comment-2353018 Take a look at some of the conversation here... many points on both sides. I'm for an island idea that can expand into a variety of different island "worlds" instead of just falling off the edge of reality into dead grass.
  7. New to DayZ and Pc community

    Rule number 1. Don't need to post the same post across 4 threads. Rule number 2. Don't need to post the same post across 4 threads including one that's 3 months old. Rule number 3. If you think shooting things is the solution for everything, then look into apples because reasons.
  8. How was your Day(Z)?

    Ever heard of apples?
  9. Exp Update 0.61.136182

    I saw some wolves attack infected last night while I was overlooking Novy- the Wolves definitely initiated and then the zombies responded to that and attacked. Then they were mutually going at each other- I think the wolves won every round.
  10. Exp Update 0.61.136182

    That sounds like what our new protocol should be... fight or flight after 3 seconds situation dependent.
  11. Exp Update 0.61.136182

    I was running with DaveB around the north end of Green Mountain and we came across someone probably coming from the new mini base in that area. I called out to him "Hello survivor!" He didn't answer. "Hello there! We'll keep our distance just wanted to let you know we're here!" Nothing- then gunfire. From him. Then more... and more. I pulled my glock out and maneuvered hoping Dave would get some shots in on him as a distraction but he didn't have time before I'd closed with the guy. I shot at him a bunch of times and killed him- but not before he'd shot me once and killed me with an SKS. Fucking sick of idiots like that.
  12. Blog

    And even a remote glance at its 54 pages would clearly show that's not the case. Anyway, knock yourself out. If you "spawned in somewhere on the east coast" and don't know where- then you're new. The rest of us will be posting our stories in there. Have fun.
  13. Exp Update 0.61.136182

    Very good to know!
  14. Blog

    Funny that the Community Manager wouldn't be aware of a diary thread 54 pages long and over 2 years old. Meh- DayZ.
  15. How was your Day(Z)?

    Took a long break- but the Helpy Helpers started talking about Experimental migrating into a playable / tolerable state so I made the jump and started dabbling in it. We're all spread out and some guys aren't tapped into EXP- this is my first step into it. I knew there was going to be some fucktards involved- in there just shooting people who are trying to exercise some of the less used functions of the game but overall I had hope that things would go well. My first few contacts were enjoyable- I spawned in near Balota and grabbed a few items before heading over to the airfield for a little chicken saute roasted over an open flame. At the time in the last .61 exp patch, there was some irregular zombie behavior that resulted in them running slower than I could walk. I had found a magnum and some .357 ammo and curious about gun sounds I just blatted out all 6 rounds into the air. I'd seen someone running around the outskirts of the airfield and was a little curious about what his reaction would be. Z's swarmed in on me- walking about 2km/h. The dude came over as well as I ran around herding z's- asked me what I was doing and I told him I was going to go lock them all up in the warehouse. He said "neat idea." I gave him the weapon since I had no intention of using it and he politely refused it... asking me to kill him instead. "Okay." I bludgeoned him with a pickaxe and set back on my task. It took awhile- but I ran around the entire airfield and collected every zombie I could find- then with pickaxe outstretched marched them (at walking pace) to the large hangars on the far east side of the airfield and locked them in. While I was on my way someone in a motorcycle helmet and a long gun (not my favourite kind of person as some reading this story will attest) snuck up alongside one of the structures (camo building I think) and I could see him looking at me. He just stood there- watching. "Is that your marching band?" his voice almost blew my eardrums out over VOIP. "And you're their leader?" We had a brief chat as I paraded my brainless toddlers to the first warehouse and locked them inside. He took off to the west and I didn't see him again. I then ran around and killed every chicken / rooster I could find and then set up a fire right outside the warehouse. That way I could caution people who were going to go in and share some chicken- or I would get killed. I wasn't too concerned about that. But nobody came... Until I hid my guy around back of the warehouse and walked away from the game for a few minutes. On my return I saw a Z running at me... then past me. I looked around and a guy had just run past me- I didn't get his attention but quickly returned to my fire. Waited... waited... nothing. Boring! I took a long way around to Zelenegorsk looting and just going about my business... hearing the occasional gunshot in the distance and really enjoyed the work devs put into that. I was mincing around the base in Zel and started heading west from there down the valley when I started taking sniper fire. Really? The guy kept shooting, and shooting, and missing, and missing... I drew my knife and started running around trying to get a bead on the guy- no idea where he was but the "crack / thump" started getting closer together- and closer... then I got hit once but I think it just wrecked one of my protector cases... then it was really close but couldn't see anyone. Then I was dead. Respawned... made my way back to Zel- took me about 40 minutes or so but this time I approached from the south. I saw a little bit of movement throughout the town but nothing fussy so I moved into town to see what was going on. I was walking down the middle of the street with next to nothing... just west of the school branching slightly south when a guy in a yard on my right caught my eye. He was already drawn on me and fired- hitting me. "What the fuck dude? We're in experimental." "I'm experimenting." "Then experiment by killing me with a fish hook, ya fucking tard." Sure enough he / and / or his buddies ran me down and killed me. I don't expect a ceasefire through exp but I do expect a bit more effort put into it than just ambushing and mowing down freshies inland. Go to stable for that shit.