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  1. eno

    So let's talk clothes!

    Hooooooooooooly fuck dude- turn the need down a notch. Go eat an apple... or a person- I don't give a fuck but wow. Turn the psycho down.
  2. eno

    Cruelty in Dayz

    Sorry... if there ever was a real apocalypse I'd kill you first- but not until I'd mercilessly abused your usefulness. Assuming of course you have any. Judging by some of your other comments I think it's time for you to find that Y chromosome and tear some shit down.
  3. eno

    Update 1.04??

    You're new here so for future reference "Soon" means "at some point sooner than never but not so soon as yesterday."
  4. ... when I meet a stranger, murder them with a shovel and chop them into little bits with a stone knife so that I can force feed the corpse to their reincarnated face. *Not recommended in public.
  5. So I go back to my original question- are you just so proud of yourself for noticing that the engine models are the same that you feel you need to make a big deal about it or does this similarity actually impact your game play experience so much that you broke 2 years of silence in the forums to address it? Rhetorical.
  6. Reason enough for the dev team I guess. Want to maybe pick the fuck out of the fact that it takes 40L of oil to run the vehicles? Or maybe that my character and that of another character are EXACTLY the same? Or that there are only about 15 zombie models? Question for you- do you just want everyone to be amazed at the fact that you noticed the engine models are the same or do you actually feel like different engine models will change the game- in the state it's in- in some awe inspiring way?
  7. You noticed that about 90% of the structures, ruins and trees in the whole game are the same too, right?
  8. eno

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Agreed: "Sometimes we can't just do what we love; sometimes we must do what is required."
  9. You can't "bind" anything to "turn left" either and yet you can "turn left" just fine. No need to go flying down the "I wasted my money train" just yet... Why you invested in it now is totally beyond me but here you are so here we go: Go into the game library on steam, go into DayZ properties (right click on the title) and verify game files integrity or whatever its called. Don't remove anything when it asks- just go past that when it asks. I don't remember the exact path into it but seems to me it's reasonably easy and doesn't involve any right turns. Anyway- go in and do that... then try it again. There's probably a way to go in and delete your keybindings file completely and force the game to recreate it on the next boot... or you can just reinstall.
  10. eno

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    I don’t disagree that everyone needs time off... but this whole “new and improved” communication schedule is garbage. It makes otherwise civilized people expect unreasonable things like coming in to network on days off. Because they often don’t do it on days on. And as many times as you’ve made me eat my words @Max Planck, I’m not sure that anyone can tell me that their new communication strategy is working as intended. I’m certain I don’t need to actually quote the community update that said specifically that communication needs to be improved but I would be absolutely delighted to paste it all over this fucking thread to make the point. Because I can say as a passionate member of this community that it is worse now than it has ever been other than the fact it isn’t making unrealistic promises it can’t keep because they are saying nothing at all. The notion that they are under promising and over delivering is another rubber dick because they aren’t saying anything and as a result doing anything at all above nothing is in fact “over delivering.” Im exhausted with making excuses for this title just to try and help keep people playing it. I think it’s someone else’s turn to deliver.
  11. eno

    no sense

    Sorry bud... that's pretty much the game. People are bored so safe entertainment is getting a bunch of buddies together to go and kill fresh spawns in old and non-creative ways.
  12. It's definitely the biggest thorn in my side... and when I used to click on that "I agree" or "I understand" button every time I played I was relinquishing my right to be mad about whatever happened to me in game in the interest of progress. Now, there's no button. And I'm mad. And have the right to be.
  13. eno

    Leaving Backpacks on ground

    I think this is the more current version:
  14. eno

    Leaving Backpacks on ground

    That’s a very old link- unless it’s accurate for Xbox that’s an old pc reference and had been changed significantly.