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  1. How was your Day(Z)?

    The last few days haven't been great for our little group- the Helpy Helpers. I got swarmed by zobs in my favourite guy and though a fellow HH was able to swing by to grab gear off me as I approached him with my fresh spawn the server crashed. Humbug. We continue to suffer persistence issues like everyone else so maintaining a server is bordering on pointless. We started back at the official publics to shore patrol until the potential character wipe resets us all to 0 again anyway. A group of 4 of us was to meet up around Balota and work our way along spawn points to help provide guidance and initial support to any freshies. Things got off to a rough start when one of our guys got nicked by a zed and didn't realize he was bleeding. Short version that I'm not particularly well known for is that he died and his body de-spawned within the 10 minutes I was able to get to him. Not awesome. He spawned in Sol and we unfortunately never saw him for the remainder. I met up with our 2 other guys around Balota and we started making our way into Cherno along the water side in an official public mid-pop. We weren't being elusive at all though our sniper shuffle was well rehearsed. B- from my earlier story- had joined the Helpy Helpers shortly after our original meeting and he maintained an overwatch over Bam and I as we made our way through the open fields. "Not a single gunshot..." Bam mentioned as we headed into Cherno. "Eerie," I agreed. Sticking mostly towards the water we eventually shuffled into the city to hold and listen for activity. Literally nothing. 10 minutes later we decided to get back on the road and go and meet DaveB as he beat cheeks over to us from Sol, looting as he went. We figured we could probably meet him in Kami and sliced through the silence of SE Cherno with that in mind. "Contact!" Bam called out. He was RIGHT behind me a second ago- I spun around to go back to support him. I'm not 100% sure where B was, but I didn't think he was close. "Where?" "By the construction site..." I could hear Bam then call out to his contact suggesting that he didn't see a firearm. "South I think," he offered in Discord. "Between the yellow crane and the water," I confirmed. I had completely lost my bearings since water was both to the south and west of me and at that point I didn't even know up from blue. "Hello, please don't shoot me..." we heard a woman's voice call back out to Bam. Not a squeeker- an actual woman. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? For some reason that was a bit disorienting for me- I'm almost 2000 hours into the game and this was only the second woman I've encountered. "This is literally the first day I've ever played." "Wow- is this ever your lucky day," I assured her as I headed around the corner and saw her standing across from Bam. No weapon in hand... basic kit and a crowbar on her back. "Where are you headed?" "I'm trying to meet up with my fiancee..." "I've got her head if you need her taken out-" B said from cover on Discord. "We're probably good," Bam acknowledged. "Do you know where you are right now?" I continued throughout. "Yeah I think I'm in Cherno?" "Yes- where is your fiancee?" She hesitated just a little before she mentioned that he was to the North. The kind of hesitation where you know she was going to give the name of a place but then elected not to "just in case." I have no idea if that was deliberate... or if she literally just stumbled- but in my mind I felt that was clever of her. "Do you know which direction is North?" "Yes, I found a compass." "Okay cool." Bam offered her some food and liquids for the run inland and she was extremely grateful. MAN how I miss those days... being completely unfamiliar with the bounty of loot available if you know all the right places to look. How I miss being lost... and I always wonder who it was who first said that to me back in my early days. How right you were, sir! "We've been in the city for about 25 minutes. Haven't heard a single gun shot and you're the first person we've seen so you're probably safe. Good luck to you!" We didn't do a great job branding that encounter... I regret not telling her we were the Helpy Helpers and making a little bigger deal about it but alas. I know we could have offered to escort her through Cherno at least until the edge of the city but we needed to go meet DaveB- our own are still our priority. Next time! We surged to Elektro in unremarkable fashion but upon entering figured it was a good time to top up our fluids. Pop was still pretty high considering it was starting to trend towards darkness. We covered each other as we drank all we could and topped up our bile sacs. "Contact!" B called out from his watch station a little farther forward. "Weapon in hand- heading towards the apartment on the edge of town." I looked down the hill from my position and I could see two guys- but one turned out to be Bam. He was nowhere near where I thought he was so that was close... at that distance I couldn't see our trademark blue armband. This guy we'll call RedBag went into the apartment and we followed his light upstairs, then he turned it off and proceeded out. Any single person carrying a firearm isn't necessarily a bambi bully but we don't exactly like to risk running into a guy that knows what he's doing with it (or a woman for that matter) and wipes all 3 of us as we're trying not to shoot one another. We debated killing RedBag to avoid him coming back on us later either by fluke or by design and in the interim the guy evaporated. He popped back up again at the ruined house close to the water fountain but then we lost him again. We didn't spend much time tracking him down. "Contact- 3 guys!" B announced. "Moving past the firehouse towards the Elektro tent." He briefly described the characters but the description was lost on me as I was trying to mentally picture where the mil tents in Elektro were in relation to our position. I got Bam and I pointed in the wrong direction and B had to come down and literally herd us like sheep to the mil tent. Someone unzipped a Skorpion at some point during that track but we never had any direct interaction with those 3. Unfortunately either the same redbag or possibly a different one ran right through the middle of our track and caused enough of an issue while in close to another group of 3 that we ended up putting him down. We hadn't been exactly discrete about it, and it wasn't particularly Helpy Helper-y... but those self sacrificial days are behind us. Our guys first... But sorry to the RedBagger. The evening wrapped up with us in defensive positions- thinking the trio were going to loop back and pick a fight. B taunted them with a megaphone but silence was their retort... And if that was their intention that was very clever since the intensity that followed was exquisite.
  2. [SOLVED] Car Stuck In the Ground

    Do those vehicles "popped out of the ground" then suffer from that busted fuel tank problem?
  3. So whats the easiest way to

    Post a screenshot in here and someone will give you a starting point vague enough to keep it interesting.
  4. Stable Update 1.0.150000

    So true. Release the game out of Alpha after 5 years and then the following week they leave. Oh, just talk to your server providers and get them to do a bunch of shit they can't do to resolve the persistence stuff that we fucked up. Cheers. Pure awesomesauce.
  5. So our nightmare with gameservers continues- we had a wipe a couple days ago and wanted to restore. Had to file a ticket with gameservers to ask for them to restore a point for us. 10 hours later we get a reply that they could only do the backup from the last period otherwise the ticket needed to be elevated. Of course the 10 hour delay made it exceed the last backup so we needed to elevate the ticket. Fuck that nonsense. So we figured we’d dump gameservers early and try out host havoc. Got all set up with them for half the price and things seemed to be going well... except it turns out they only deal with private servers and from their own tech support doesn’t sound like they knew community public and official publics were different hives... and they only have private... so we had to dump that for an instant refund. All we want to do is run a community public- that will give us enough control to be able to restore the game on account of this ridiculous persistence issue. What a fucking nightmare. Anyway- gameservers and host havoc are out... can anyone make a solid recommendation for another one of the server providers that can provide reasonable support and some versatility?thanks.
  6. So i got shot and respawned into

    This. It seems to be random if you just "respawn" after being killed. Probably random if you go between public community to public official or between any privates.
  7. My Story

    It's true... I do like folks who tell the stories about what DayZ can do versus what any other shooter can do (and often does better). "I went to cherno... met a guy. Killed him. Then a guy killed me. I respawned. I went to Elektro. Met a guy. Killed him. Then a guy killed me. Respawned in Berezino. Met a guy. Killed him. Then a guy killed me. I respawned at Solnichny. Ran to Kami. Died. Respawned at Svet. Jumped off a crane. Died. Respawned in cherno... and repeat."
  8. What would you do?

    Yeah that doesn't sound very inspiring...
  9. My Story

    Yikes- that's a new one. Sorry to hear about the crappy ending- but sounds like you really enjoyed the other 99%. We're all dealing with issues in the game- some more severe than others... but many are still playing through it since there are a couple of niche things in game that only DayZ seems to be able to do even in its broken state. I think you should give it another go... take another route this time.
  10. Funny you say that... Other than run around and criticize what everyone says in here for fear that a dev might get scratched- do you actually help anyone? I mean... Do you even play the game?
  11. So what do i do

    Seek out the helpy helpers community server. We try to cater to those who are newer to the game. We don’t pick on those who are new... we try to help them out. Look me up on steam maybe we can help you get accustomed to the game.
  12. I’d find a field backpack if I wanted to gather a bunch of stuff but really right now I’d hold bare minimum stuff and just stay topped up.
  13. Base Gone???

    All are currently vulnerable... We've got the same issue on the PC Side of the fence... Suffice to say if you're making bases just to play around with it then go for it. If you're making bases with the intention of saving anything... I wouldn't.
  14. How was your Day(Z)?

    Working through our Helpy Helpers server we stumbled into a few regulars who added Bam on Steam- one guy in particular was messaging Bam and sounded like he was okay. He was working around Cherno and we were passing through... We wanted to avoid each other to prevent any accidents. I subsequently added the main guy to Steam and reached out to him the next time I saw him on the server. I was back on the server transitioning Cherno and there were a few other people onboard. I recognized the names and thought they may be part of the group we'd interacted with before. I reached out to the main guy (B) and asked him where they were working to try and deconflict. Guys were out base building and he was working Cherno... and he had the tan cap and pistol suppressor that Bam was looking for. I was coming back from Balota and transitioning over toward Krutoy Cap so we arranged to meet at a position near where he said he was. Everything Bam told me about this guy was good- but there was a little tingle in my face about the potential that this was just one big screw waiting to happen. I approached the area we'd agreed upon carefully but this guy just came running over quite nonchalantly. I waved to him and he came over and talked very briefly. He handed over the goods and I promptly got kicked off the server AND out of Steam. It was a system issue on my side so I got reconnected as quickly as I could but by the time I got back in B was gone. "You dipped pretty quickly man," B had said in Steam- probably thinking I'd just grabbed the stuff and bounced to another server. I explained I'd had network issues (over steam chat) and apologized for being rude. His next text was: "I need help now." I knew generally where he was working since he'd shared it with me on a map earlier so I immediately started to head towards that location. We didn't have voice... so I had no idea what was going on but I wanted to help- no matter what it was. Did he get ambushed? Was he overwhelmed by Zs? No clue. I ran around the area but couldn't find him... ducked into some cover and reached out: "What happened? Where are you?" "I fell off a ladder and died- can you grab my stuff off my body? Hoping to spawn nearby..." Okay so I had a little more time but still had no idea where he was. He gave me a general location and I was running around that spot looking- but could find nothing. It had been a couple minutes since he'd died... I knew I had longer than that- so where was he? I looked at the base of any ladder I could find, thinking I'd see a geared up body laying sprawled out in the sun... Nope. But then I looked at this one really, really tall ladder again- there was a single boot visible. I looked closer- there was a camo leg and a combat knife... Then a wall. His character fell off the ladder, landed and then glitched through the wall of the adjacent building. I tried everything to view his inventory- no luck at all. Before long he trotted up to try a few things... but none of his bag of tricks worked either. "Can I give you anything to make gearing up a little easier?" "Nah man, it's Cherno. Cherno's easy. Just keep your eye open for a camo balaclava for me, will ya? Those are harder to find." "Will do."