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  1. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    I feel like all the criticism of the process falls flat anymore. All the information is out there Bottom line: The mod created a zeitgeist and inspired a vision of an immersive, open-world, zombie apocalypse simulator; the likes of which the world has never seen. The existing tech was unable to support that vision. The first adapted tech was still unable to support that vision. A decision was made to Concurrently/Reverse engineer a set of tools to support that vision in a forward-looking configuration. All the while, they have kept the vision alive at a painstakingly labor-intensive level of dedication throughout all iterations, heretofore sacrificing resources simply to KEEP US HAPPY. Many people can't seem to accept alpha playstyles any longer. And for the most part, we have failed. We have failed to understand just how big of an undertaking this is, and had become; long before we even realized that the 2015 roadmap was insanely optimistic pipe dreams; riding on the waves of our collective hype. But Bohemia knows. Even after 1.0; this engine will have room to grow. I think they've said as much, in plenty of different ways. TL/DR out of all the pain and frustration, comes a game engine specifically designed to work with modding; built from a gnarled tree, hacked back to the roots; rebuilt to better support all existing branches and foster future growth. \Inbetawetrust
  2. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Fingers still crossed for bearskin kayak.
  3. Pleasantly Surprised!

    @OP: beans for the name. Welcome
  4. Plate/Smersh vests

    After finding a few dozen large boxes, I'm gonna guess that's a hard no. SMERSH Backpacks could fit into the largest gift box, but I've never seen one, and left behind plenty of vests along the way. Plate carrier pouch is too big to fit anyhow. Every carrier seems to have a holster attached though.
  5. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    Praise be RNG!! Another brave soul has stepped forward to exalt the wonderment of our blessed loot. Thank you, Brother, for coming forward in these most desperate of times. I know it's not easy. There are those who walk among us here, who have nothing but hate in their hearts for our beloved loot. They will shoot us for fun, simply because we do not yet have good enough loot. They will strike us down in spite, so that we may never reach the Promised Land of Tisy and bask in the glory of 1337 1007. They will follow us to our doors, so that when we sleep they may despawn our holy shrines without resistance or recognition. They claim to not care about the loot, but they will show their true colors if one dares to ask of some loot off their backpacks. They will strike you down if you come too close to their tents and barrels. Blame not, those who have no reverence for the loot, for they were born with but death and despawnnation in their tortured souls. Pray for those who have yet to be blessed by the light of their love for the almighty loot. Pray for them, and rebuild our temples so that even they, may have a place to refill their magazines. Praise be RNG.
  6. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    Loot is love. Loot is life. Loot is the light at the end of the tunnel. And the tunnel itself is made of loot.
  7. Weapon suggestion for a pós beta

    Don't worry mate; if you turn you food into charcoal, you can fix it by eating charcoal tablets.... And on the note of extreme rarity of certain "unicorn" weapons: I would really love to see the pitchfork have a practical use. Perhaps it could be made to be the only tool effective at moving the many haystacks laying around Chernarus. And under a very small percentage of those haystacks, there could be a random chance of a crate holding a very rare weapon, ammunition, and a couple of related magazines.
  8. Vss fun

    Finally, a little freakin' love for the VSS. I'm glad somebody enjoys this gun. Truly hoping that they include the20 round magazines at some point, and make it the ultimate building clearing gun.
  9. I found the loot! -massive loot camp

    That server went offline a few weeks ago...
  10. Weapon suggestion for a pós beta

    I'd still rather see a PTRD-41 before any fancy modern specialty rifles...
  11. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    Most of the stuff you covered will be included with beta/1.0 content additions. Right now, it sucks, but is still very decently playable if you know what you are looking for and put in some effort to find the right server. There is a whole other level of difficulty in trying to get established on a consistently full server. Go find some vehicles and try to keep them running long enough to get a few tents and barrels stocked with sets of your favorite items. See how many times you have to move before your camp is untouched for a week. Learn a little bit about the finer details of the game that most people still haven't noticed yet: Adding coolant to vehicles will greatly extend the life of the engine, especially if you redline low gears constantly. Crafted stone knives will consistently give you higher percentage cuts of meat from skinned animals. Treating crops with disinfectant will prevent blight and increase your yields. Crafted leather clothing will make you something of a juggernaut--I have taken a repeater shot to the chest point-blank and didn't even bleed, and almost exclusively kill wolves with melee weapons. I can't stress this enough. Leather clothing is the shizzzzniiiit!!! There is a lot that you seem to be frustrated with, and most of that is due to the content backlog that is waiting for the final versions of the underlying tech to be implemented. There are plenty of things that will change in the coming months, apple-spamming being one of them. Maybe you could try to get ahead of the curve, and swear-off the abuse of apple trees? This will give you an appreciation for farming and hunting, as well as an edge against returning players who won't know how to feed themselves without exploiting the infinite apples. Try to set-up and maintain a base stocked with two of everything. Make yourself a set of leather clothing and go try to kill a wolf with one of every melee weapon. Without defining what you consider to be the benchmark of fun or success in DayZ, it is hard to know what can be suggested to help you get the most out of the experience right now.
  12. Your Best and Worst Memories from DAYZ SA

    Best moments: An early best moment was back in the days when trucks were working okay, but no other vehicles had been added yet. i was in Krasnostav driving towards the coast waiting to hear from my friend when he knew where he was. I passed a guy on the road and asked him to hop in for a ride, and decided to stop for the well at the east edge of town. He shared some food with me, and we both ate. Then I went to drink from the well, and saw him level a Longhorn against my head. It's a good thing I had just gotten a haircut, because it was too short to pull out by the fistfulls that day. More recently, I heard some shots at Tisy, and ran to investigate. I found two guys by the garages, and asked if I could collect the wolves they had just killed. They said sure, and went on to loot the barracks. I got some free food and pelts, and confused some strangers in the process Worst moments: After having finally survived long enough to get decently geared and make it off the coast, I had finally managed to make it to Sverograd. This was near the end of my first week of playing, and I didn't know the map or any skills beyond looting and consuming loot. I used up most of my bandages from Berezino and my vision was pretty washed-out from blood loss, so I decided to check the hospital for medical supplies. I found a lot of medical supplies, so much that all my inventory was full. At this point, I was on the second floor hall and noticed i was getting very thirsty. I thought that something on the wall looked like a drinking fountain, and saw the icon to drink. I soon learned that the bottle of disinfectant spray that I found, was not in my backpack, but rather in my hands. And thus ended my first successful journey off the coast. Just yesterday, I was being stupid and running too much, not finding much food, and being too proud to pick apples this far into a life. I went to Tisy to hunt wolves with a friend, and found no wolves before he had to log off. I decided to loot alone, and assumed a couple cans of tacbac would certainly fall into my lap. I killed a chicken to hedge my bets, but had lost almost half my blood by the time I could get a safe distance out of the fence and make fire. The server reset. Fresh loot! Surely there would be more tactical bacon here now. I ran to the usual bacon spots, picking up an extra gun, snatching and stuffing and shuffling magazines. I killed two more chickens just in case, and went through the barracks on my way to go fish for survival. By the time i heard the footsteps, it was too late to pull out my axe. One-slapped by a zombie while half-starved at Tisy mil base. I died neither to the zombie nor the starvation; but rather my hubris, greed, and haste.
  13. Is Bohemia a good home for DayZ devs ?

    I am amazed at how these conversations (if you can call them that) are still 'a thing.' We have people here who follow development, and participate regularly in discussions, and those same people can still communicate ideas that contradict anything resembling an understanding of the process; even after posting things that have demonstrated an understanding of what is happening and why. Order your steak well-done, and ask why it is taking so long. Set your alarm clocks to midnight, and ask why is it so dark outside. Cover your ears and ask me to repeat myself.

    Spawn on coast, scavenge small stones, make knife, cut stick, kill chicken, craft bone hook, loot for rope, fish. Anyone who can follow these simple steps should never have to complain about the availability of food. That is, until two people try to fish on the same server at the same time--resulting in a failure of either party to check their bait without withdrawing it from the water. Seriously, NOBODY fishes. If they did, I would know about it.
  15. Why 2-slot-pants when you spawn with 4 slots?

    *swish, swish, swish* Awww heck, did I forget to bish?