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  1. Somehow, I think the zombies were able to secretly suck out many peoples' brains before we ever knew they were a problem...
  2. Deerstands around Nagornoe is always a good place to check.
  3. It is related to server performance. Don't worry, you still have to eat and drink, it just won't catch up to you until you log back in.
  4. I know. Just ribbin' ya. The name never made sense to me, despite being so widespread. Like "let's make the officers sleep in a tin can with 4 bunk beds and a table for two. It always just seemed a bit off. They'er not even bulletproof. The real sticker is when people use the term officer's tents, and then everybody gets confused. Here's to hoping that I can one day curl up next to a pot of wine inside my barrel....
  5. When did they add Bachelor Officers' Quarters buildings to the game, and where can I find them?
  6. +1 for cranking up the settings first, and then turning down the usual suspects.
  7. So, I went for a swim out to prison island with my peeps recently. Somewhere along the way, I got the idea that digging for clams would be a bitchin'-ass dealie to add to the game. We already have shovels and hoes that would do pretty ok for this. I guess it would be cool if they could add a bucket, or just make burlap sacks capable of holding like 8 items or something. Now I wanna make some clam chowder in DayZ. farm some carrots, celery and potatoes; maybe chase around a cow with a bucket. LOL But seriously, add clams. I wanna come back and bitch about getting KOSed while digging for clams.
  8. I think the visual update changed the trees so that the branches actually take up physical space now. It's weird and unnatural, I know, but I guess we will all just have to get used to not being able to superimpose solid objects anymore. Bushes still work great, if that's any consolation.
  9. You've been around here a long time. I figured it was reasonable to assume that you understood how development of DayZ works by now. Really, that's it. You know about the new engine and scripting language, because I've seen you discussing it. We've known it was going to be a long process with unforseen delays ever since they scrapped the 2015 roadmap. So what's up with the whining about it taking too long? Did you forget pieces information that you already knew? Did something else change that I'm not aware of yet?
  10. Ok, it was hard to keep things straight in the video. I noticed it was VERY easy for you to get behind them after they lunge. On lower populated servers, it feels like I'm playing an advanced difficulty setting of whack-a-mole when trying to go against a pack in the open like that. I would not survive most encounters without leather clothing, especially the hat. It really is fun trying to take on a (properly working) pack of wolves with melee.
  11. @-Gews- Well done. I'm pretty surprised you didn't bleed, but we never saw what you were wearing besides the gorka jacket. Would you try that same shit with a pack of 8 wolves instead of 3?
  12. Given the case you have, I would say that a Corsair H75 would fit nicely on the rear fan opening in a pull-push intake configuration. You will need longer screws than stock to mount one fan outside the case, though. The rest of it seems like a no-brainer. Intel does better for performance on DayZ, but I'm not sure how much better Ryzen is than older AMD stuff. I have an FX 8370, and am only marginally happy with it. Really, I was just trying to squeeze more life out of my AM3+ motherboard. There are plenty of competitive options in about the same price range for what you are looking for. At this point, I'd recommend nothing less than a 1070, but the bitcoin bubble has driven up prices and put many good GPUs on backorder. Pick your card, and an acceptable price, and shop daily for deals until you get a hit on your desired card at an acceptable price.
  13. The negativity is because of the dependably ignorant and vitriolic nature of the public in general. People want exactly what they think things should be, at the instant they decide to want it, and anyone who isn't helping them get it is the enemy. You could give away free hot dogs on the street, and people would undoubtedly complain that there is no mustard. People will buy into a timeshare, and show up unannounced, furious that someone is in THEIR condo when they decided they want to use it. A taxpaying voter will go to a City Council meeting and talk out of turn, yelling obscenities and calling the mayor a thief, and cry tyranny for being removed; after being told the issue was only caused by his own misunderstanding of a County Zoning Ordinance. Players will buy an Early Access game, and click the "I understand" button a hundred times before finding something they really dislike; then go on the internet and shit all over every website with DayZ in the results of their google search. People are stupid, people are impatient, people are needy, people are cruel, and people are emboldened by the anonymity and impersonal nature of communication on the internet. People, especially Americans, are quick to issue their judgments of every perceived slight of others' doing. Don't believe me? Just go read the comments on any news story about a tragedy involving a child. People from all over the world will flock to tell us all just how terrible those parents were, what exactly they should have done differently, and what terrible things should now be done to them in repayment for their recent tragic loss. It makes people feel good to "righteously" attack those who have done wrong, especially in the form of a good ol' bandwagon angry mob. The internet hate train is our fastest growing national pastime. Review-bombing a video game with a protracted development schedule is low on the list of shitty things people do over the internet; both in terms of importance, and impact. Maybe after things are more finished, many of them will have the courage to come back and say "I was wrong."
  14. And tampering with utilities will get you free service. The problem is with feasibility, access, and potential consequences. No worries man, just having a laugh at the runaround in the stable discussion. I'll definitely remember that that option is there now though, thanks. Edit: And you're welcome, that was my one pointless internet argument for the week; you broke my quota, jerk. Lol
  15. There's something in common between bad advice, and bad unsolicited advice. They are both bad advice.