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  1. On which branch will server files be sharded?

    Not really. Server files are already released, long before anything close to resembling a stable branch candidate has been seen.
  2. Ballistic Vests

    The weight is about twice as high as a standard plate carrier without any accessories should be. The basic vest with two plates should be about 8 kg. The US Interceptor system maxes out at about 15kg with the full works installed; enhanced plates, groin, neck, shoulder and side protectors. So yeah. The plate carrier, as it is currently in-game, weighs about twice as much as it should.
  3. 30 wolves and Database Lock

    First. I know your pain. I used to make a thing of trying to kill wolves with melee only, but not in this patch. Now they will actually run away when I come at them with an axe, only coming close enough to bite me when I get frustrated and try to run away to a structure for more security. So use this to your advantage, and try to make sure you know where nearby structures are. There is a bit of a no man's land immediately around Tisy. Plan you approach carefully, and pay attention to those caravans; they are my favorite way of safely killing wolves. Database locks resolve themselves on PC after the next server reset. Good luck. And keep your eyes up and your head on a swivel. Last couple wolf packs I met made no noise before biting me.
  4. As far as I've experienced, this is pretty close to how things are, after you get over the initial hump of spawning hungry. My old habits of keeping most food items in my belly has caused me to overeat pretty frequently. It's definitely not a good idea to eat more than two or three cans of food in a sitting, if you want to keep it all down.
  5. When to log out

    Just good practice. I'm not too sure about the reasons, it's just a good way to keep things from sticking at an inopportune time.
  6. When to log out

    Every two hours maximum is about what I try for. It really depends on what you are doing. If you notice ANY rubberbanding or inventory lag, take that as a sign to relog. Unless you're in a popular server with a queue, it takes less than 30 seconds.
  7. To your first sentence; great, everybody should enjoy all of those things; even if that's not what they came here for. For the rest, it's not so much server related. The game just needs more. More of all ^^^^that stuffe^^^^. The ways of players are always the same per moment. The means is what needs adding-to.
  8. That's kinda the point of my attempts at contributing here. My intent has always been to push back against the unfortunate title of this thread with reasons people might believe this to be so, and provide ideas that might mitigate such impressions of the game. People have different ideas of what DayZ is, or should be. But the underlying theme is that the core concept is now pretty-well played out by now. More risks, more rewards; more challenges and more opportunities; more reasons to cooperate, or more reasons to backstab. Maybe people don't think this is what DayZ needs, but it sure couldn't hurt.
  9. @pilgrim* You seem to be trying VERY HARD to misconstrue and misunderstand my intentions. Yes, participating in a private server that encourages interactions provides a better experience for both the people who want to create order and enforce it in areas, as well as those who seek to destroy that. The fact that it took such a large effort and such degree of organization speaks to the faults of the game itself. We were grasping at straws to keep things interesting and playable. Nowhere in my "diatribe on living in a private cooperative server" Did I even mention that. There are plenty of KOS players and we generally track them down and kill them. People who make an effort to make things interesting and rob others, put people in dresses and radio ransom to their groups, etc. are valued and respected members of the community. Sadly, within the game mechanics, there just isn't that much to do. And there is a dearth of incentive for people to have and contribute to interesting interactions. That's what my whole argument is about. Giving players more options, and implementing a system that rewards exploring them. What you have said here adds nothing to the discussion at hand, and much of it diverts the discussion by misrepresenting and polarizing the ideas I put forth. I propose more options for in-game activities (no, not fingerpainting, you insufferable twat) and incremental improvement in player skill over a lifetime; you reframe this as hyperrealism, stat-based skill leveling, and propose absurdly extreme examples of overly complex and frivolous features. Frankly, I find it pretty fucking offensive that people are trying to discuss a topic that I'm loathe to try clarifying for you once more, as you seem to be making a concerted effort to put words in my mouth and misrepresent intentions, and you offer nothing but cryptic intellectualism juxtaposed with hyperbole. Good job on the slippery slope fallacy from socks and vehicle repair manuals, to farming dasies and naming cows . I'm done here. Blocking you. You're obviously trolling. Peace out
  10. Reductive and misleading. You seem to conveniently ignore that character death will remove all progress, and infer that leveling will need to have some sort of stats management interface. I don't even know where your interjection of keeping score came from. The mod touted its brutal environment by having a ticker of the average player lifespan. The game was hard, and survival in itself was the reward. In SA, survival is too easy, players get bored, and the only engaging thing to do is go shoot people or troll them by despawning bases. Nothing about that is gritty or authentic. Nowhere in a lawless apocalyptic landscape would the prevailing behavior be to kill other people and torch their resources. Face it, DayZ has stagnated into little more than a platform for trolling people. Only on private servers or with dedicated communities, does anything really interesting emerge from this platform, and those people have to try very hard to make anything worthwhile happen. DayZ already has so many other things that other games do not, that seemingly go to waste. All of the books in the game. More or less just a pointless novelty, good only for curiosity of tinder. Why not add technical, medical, and survival manuals, and make them actually DO SOMETHING? Would it be so terribly frustrating to have to find a truck manual to change the sparkplugs for the first time without downgrading the condition of the plugs; or simply avoid the manual and know that you'll have to do it 4 times to not damage them. Maybe after changing them ten times in a life, the player can now do this as quickly as possible without damaging any parts. This would reward survival, which was the main goal of this game, or at least that's what it was initially sold to me as. It is telling, that rather than directly respond to my points, you again throw out the red herring of making DayZ the same as other games by adding all kinds of things which i never even mention. I'm starting to doubt if you are capable of responding directly and honestly to the issues I raised. Darn those amyloid proteins, sooner or later they'll get us all.
  11. Show me one thing I've said that would make it harder to shoot everyone a player encounters. Just one thing, please. Tell me how adding benefits to lifespan experience favors only one group, and please identify that group as anything besides players who CHOOSE to do so. Tell me how being able to cut up peppers and zucchini and chicken, and boiling it together with rice for faster consumption and digestion would hurt any section of the player base in any real way, aside from their feelings that others maybe should not be able to do it if they choose. Tell me how needing to wear socks to slow down the wear of ones shoes enforces any moral leanings whatsoever? Tell me how any of those things would hurt others, and help me, based on my perceived virtues of their actions in game? I really have a hard time trying to understand why so many players object to allowing players to have things that cannot be taken for future use by another player by killing them? It's not like nobody has ever seen a movie or television show where a doctor is kidnapped and forced to perform a procedure at gunpoint? Does it really hurt the snipers of Sverograd if some guy they are shooting at has survived for two weeks, and can repair a truck tire in 30 seconds instead of a minute and a half, because he has done it many times before and it is now easier? Should anybody care if it hurts the players who are only taking potshots at other for lolz. I believe response to it might appropriately be "git guud." Is there really any logical chain of reasoning by which ADDING MORE to the game, WILL TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM ANYONE??? Please, if there is tell me. Explain to me how a player surviving long enough to perform a dozen or more blood transfusions getting better results than a fresh spawn trying for the first time, takes anything away from anyone? From my perspective, it would only add value to certain players, both as a resource to coerce into service for oneself, and as a higher LULZ factor target for trolls. It would be super cool if anyone who responds could actually respond to the content of my posts, rather than regress into some diatribe about forcing people to behave nicely and wanting to directly control what people can or can not do. I've read back over my posts, and so far, all I can get is the impression that I think it would be beneficial for everyone if there was more depth of play, facilitated by many of the player choices already in the game having more than just a superficial and immediate effect.
  12. @pilgrim*We are talking about the game. While all of the survivalist theories might be interesting, and perhaps useful to someone writing a thesis on DayZ player behavior motives and modes, it is largely irrelevant to the discussion of how to balance motivations and player behavior within the game mechanics. It is food for thought when getting acquainted with a private server, and all the regular groups operational trends, but purely academic and beyond the scope of how game mechanics influence player behavior trends. Some people will always shoot on sight, regardless of the benefits of cooperation; these players can be excluded from consideration in the sense of this discussion. Everyone is aware of the possibility/prevalence of being shot on sight. Many players will choose to shoot on sight out of fear of being shot themselves. There is little to no incentive to cooperate with strangers, both in the short term and long term. Things that may provide incentive for players to make contact and asses the benefits of cooperation; even if only in the short term to achieve a goal and then dispose of the cooperant: Gradually developed, lifespan-bound, task specific, competencies. Things such as medical, agricultural, mechanical, structural, handicraft, bushcraft, and culinary skills could be applied over lifespan experience to generate greater value to individual playthrough lives, both to the benefit of the player and anyone that they may meet. In this manner, a player who has survived a long while farming and hunting will generate more food for any group into which he/she may integrate. All of this should be "behind the board" and only perceptible by observation of results. Said player-lives would carry greater value to the group, in terms of product produced per growing cycle or animal harvested. Other players would see an incentive to protect that player, and have incentive to delegate experience based tasks to players with a higher experiential competency in that category. Farmers would likely be kept safe behind walls and oversee plot preparation and planting to help give experience to others, while attending and harvesting for greater yields. Experienced hunters may oversee hunts and provide security, perhaps taking a few butchering themselves for a greater yield; it would be dangerous for an experienced hunter to risk skinning the first deer out in the open (or perhaps the last). As I discussed with a friend over beers earlier, the potential for abuse and trolling will always be there. As long-lived and masterful player-lives come to be known in a specific server ecosystem/economy, there will invariably be people who want to take out those more valuable and skilled player-lives who contribute to the skill-based economy. Such is already the case, if anyone has played on a server with developed groups and factions/clans. People target the players who build and defend bases; the players who secure and maintain vehicles and do supply runs; people camp out farming plots near tents full of food, to kill the farmer after they get tired of seeing the tent full of vegetables keep coming back after numerous despawnings. All this would add is more incentive to cooperate for some, and more specific interference-based hunt and kill goals for others. Whichever way one plays it, it can only lead to more diverse and layered player motivations and interactions. And that is what I think DayZ so desperately needs right now, to rise above the years-long quagmire of incremental not-quite-progress...
  13. This pretty much hits the nail on the head. There simply aren't enough factors affecting the player's decision making process and hierarchy of needs to address the regressive trends in player interactions. Over the years I've suggested many things to diversify the range of motivations among the playerbase. For those who wish to do nothing but find and kill other players, because that is the reason the are here. Not much can be done to change their goals and motivations outside of adding more "realistic" and diverse basic needs that need to be met. A sort of extra layer of confounding issues they will need to address to become effective at sustaining their purposes. It's too easy to sustain a long term mission with the given mechanics. Stamina has slowed down the process considerably, but there aren't any more considerations that need to be met and managed. In previous patches, I used to like playing as sort of a park ranger. I could carry with me everything I needed to to indefinitely sustain a mission lasting a dozen hours over most of a week, to roam the map and catalogue evidence of player activity; tents, crashed vehicles, discarded backpacks. I would often be able to discern who was playing at what times by taking screenshots of tent contents and referencing the time elapsed between changes. With this I could make contact with regular players on even a public official server after a few days of gathering information. I feel that perhaps even that was too easy to do. In most cases KOS wasn't even an issue, because I could easily choose to avoid engaging players who took longshots, even if they got a good hit; I could just use the terrain to my advantage, mitigate bleeding or bone damage and eat all my food that wasn't ruined and take a big loop to catch up on my rounds after a half hour or so. I could pretty much do anything I wanted to do after a couple hours of prep looting, without any immediate concerns or challenges. In this light, the game could surely use a few more factors in influencing the needs of players to drive behavior in a less linear and repetitive manner. Things like normal wear and tear on clothing and shoes would provide diversions to make players need to make stops or go looking for things that they otherwise would ignore. Maybe add socks to the game, and have boots contribute to blisters soreness and fatigue with longer periods of sustained foot travel compared to sneakers. People will have to divert their attention to finding new or more appropriate shoes, replace worn socks, or stop and rest their feet to avoid loss of health. Another thing I had suggested was a nutrition/comfort/morale system to encourage players to eat freshly cooked hot meals of diverse ingredients. These things would be affected by diet, conditions of clothing and shelter from the elements, and the intervals between injury or conflict; and would contribute to behind the board metrics that affected things like healing rates, stamina usage and recovery, and perhaps even a dulling of hearing if these values are dismally ignored. I tend to lean towards bonuses for taking more care, rather than penalties for ignoring factors. That way it takes nothing form those who wish to ignore it, but will give a slight advantage to those who take the time and care.
  14. I find it much more productive to look at it statistically, rather than personally. The personal approach is untenable to solve by any means other than some which I have described above in my post about making friends at Tisy by making what most players would consider very poor choices. And besides, people seem to get personally offended by the suggestion that too many people doing what they do forces everyone to do it, which makes the game a bit repetitive for many. ^^^ What can be done to get that chunk of players who want to interact but always shoot first because they think you will too, to take the chance and try talking to players more? What can facilitate that in a natural manner?
  15. Who is this person that keeps suggesting they forcibly remove KOS from the game?!? I swear, I don't have any users blocked, and I'm just not seeing where you get this. If you can't even be honest with yourself about what you think others are discussing, how can you participate? Or have a death cooldown timer that can be adjusted from zero to infinity at the server owners discretion. Again, you make an extreme and unrealistic leap to the other end of the spectrum, that relates to nothing that was actually said here. How about dog tags and static player names so i can radio my friends on the coast and tell them to put down BadboyJimbo if they see him, because he just torched part of our base??? HMMMM? Does that sound reasonable to you??? Maybe they should just remove bases altogether so it won't even be an issue? (See how that sounds? Whiny, like a ten year old throwing a tantrum, right.) <<<Try to do less of that in the future please. Why do players who KOS spend hours on survival, gearing, building? Is it perhaps because the inherent game mechanics somehow either require or reward these behaviors to be successful in the game? Look buddy, I don't care that you KOS, I don't care that you don't care that I consider it to be low-brow. Nobody is talking about removing it from the game, nobody is talking about you personally being a bad guy. It's about trends and demographics, and the in-game systems that influence those. What I do care about is that you keep interjecting yourself into a conversation that you are categorically disqualified from by your own admission. Nothing will change your mind. You just kill other players, that's it. You are a hammer and everything is a nail, I get it. You choose to limit your interaction in DayZ to oly a tiny sliver because you seem to have a disdain for any other sort of interaction. You call it RP. I don't know what you mean by that as never really roleplay anything. Unless you consider this RP: "hey buddy I got no intentions of killing or robbing you, just trying to make it back to Sverograd and kill the asswipes who been sniping everyone there for the last couple hours." I would hardly consider that RP. When I briefly tried out RP servers to see what it's about, I quickly found that it was not for me, and I was not for them; couldn't stay "in character" or whatever. Not my bag. So when you dismissively write-off any interactions aside from shooting people as RP, and keep mentioning this. I have to ask. "who hurt you?" What did they do that was so terrible do to make you so afraid of RP that you kill all other players to prevent them from trying to ruin your life by offering a can of beans, or a tip on a crashed truck they aren't interested in? Were you harangued by a coach in front of the team for wanting to pursue theatre? Did some RP in the bedroom go someplace that nobody ever needs to know about? What is your obsession with RP that makes you feel the need to even comment on a topic that you have no stake in? If they do add features to incentivize cooperation, your crew can still benefit from in-group cooperation, and you'll just have more people found in groups of players for you to shoot at once. You don't lose anything here. What's with the bee in your bonnet?