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  1. emuthreat

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    I think the steam store description is leaning towards the intended features of the complete product. It was folly to call it 1.0 as early as they did in the state things are in, but I still wouldn't call it lies. Maybe projections is more appropriate. Having been around as long as you have @IReadTheAgreement, I find it odd that you complain about this now.
  2. emuthreat

    Memory write problems

    If this was a global issue, I'm sure we'd all be hearing about it more. Verify game files, reinstall game, check drivers, Verify health of your HDD or SSD, reinstall OS. If you try each of these one at a time, in order, you should be reasonably sure the problem isn't on your end. If crystal disk info gives you a reallocated sectors warning, you should strongly consider replacing that drive ASAP. I know it kinda sucks to do, but I pretty much found that I should to reinstall windows yearly, or I start having problems eventually. CBA to keep on top things with too high a degree of technical adeptness, so that is my safe side workaround that works for me. I keep OS and apps on my system SSD, and use an older platter to store disposable media like screenshots and recordings. It keeps things simple and easy enough to maintain this way; just don't forget to reassign the proper drives and folders after reinstalling. I had a few Mushkin Enhanced burn out on me in the same month after a couple of years, so I would stay away from that price point brand; but in that time, even the Samsungs have gone down to pretty cheap for a modest system drive. I got one of these most recently, and they are cheap enough to maybe buy one every year or two and keep reinstalling your OS on a brand new one before anything janky happens. It might be a bit overkill from some peoples' perspective, but it will definitely make sure you don't have very many storage issue surprises. I highly recommend keeping an SSD preloaded with a brand new copy of your OS and all your apps; you can power down and swap out to a basically brand new PC in under 10 minutes in this manner. I haven't had any issues with reusing the same product key on the same machine, as long as the system drive isn't used on any other connected device. Good luck. In the course of answering your post, I discovered that my media platter is starting to show its age after 8 years. So roundabout thanks for the heads-up. Gonna shop for a bigger hybrid drive to replace it, and continue to use the old one to dump my game recordings and screenshots onto until it dies.
  3. emuthreat

    Anyone find radios unusable/annoying?

    Make sure your radio is in pristine condition, as well as the battery. This should do as much as possible to fix static on your end. Handhelds are generally ineffective at more than 1km, so you'd only be able to hear people transmitting on the pack radios. So if you really want to test things out, try setting up someplace safe but central to POI, and listen for a half hour or so. If you are lucky enough to meet a friendly, you can sit with the pack radio on and have them beeline along a known path to test the broadcast falloff range. Last time I tested, maybe mid December, I had terrible static between a pack on my end from a player less than 300 meters away; both our setups were top condition. Hope this helps.
  4. emuthreat

    Wolf and Zeds in Building while doors are closed

    Is there any reason you started a new thread instead of posting this under the one you previously started to discuss this same issue? If not, I'd recommend you flag your own post and request it be merged. Additionally, you can set up your PC to record to your hard drive from a hotkey using this program, and here is a basic tutorial on setting up. You can also set up a Twitch account, and configure OBS to stream to there; the advantage being that your streams are saved on their storage, are automatically assigned easily shareable URLs, and you can easily trim your clips with the highlight function; this will reduce your capture to post time to less than 5 minutes, including the time it takes to trim your highlights down to only the relevant content. Hope this helps in the future. I can only imagine how awkward and time consuming it was to get that footage from your cell phone to the forum. Enjoy. And don't hesitate to ask if you need any help getting set up to record.😁
  5. emuthreat

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    DayZ's attempts at making true-to-life ballistics behavior is exemplary of this genre they have pioneered; along with the myriad other features that tend towards an authentic/realistic feeling simulation, rather than the dozen other games that do things with a much more surface-level feel. The ballistics add value to the game in the form of a skill to be learned and the requirement that players pay attention to where they are, what they are shooting at, and the distance to and rate of lateral travel of their target in relation to the simulated time to target of the round being fired. This is a good thing. It adds depth to the game and makes it feel all the better when you have mastered this aspect of the game. Furthermore, it creates the possibility of a very valuable endgame item. They have added a night vision scope, which is nice (or not so nice, depending on which side of the lens you are standing). So why not make the ballistics true to life to the best of their ability, or Gews' suggestions... And then add a class of integrated ballistic calculator scopes. Hell, go nuts and make a rangefinding reflex sight with either a range indicator for self-correction, or the ability to calibrate to your muzzle velocity for a floating correction bar. Both of these things would easily double the value of any sniper rifle, increase the versatility of ARs, and make SMGs more viable for ranges at which most people would normally avoid using them. The way this game handles ballistics creates the opportunity for really cool and useful things like this. Why waste that opportunity?
  6. emuthreat

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    Might wanna just stick to kicking that bubblegum. Chewing ass doesn't look good on your frame...
  7. emuthreat

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    Any news on players getting stuck to door hinges when fleeing zombies and toggling door open/close state quickly?
  8. Better have an airtight whitelist ready to go before you start. One player could essentially ruin the entire server within a week. You would also have to consider natural attrition from zombie and wolf damage to inventories, complete loss of inventories upon death, damage due to firefights, as well as persistence decay of spawned items and the despawn of discarded items upon trading up weapons and inventory management. It would probably take weeks of trial and error to find all the values you would need to adjust, and even more weeks to test the ratios. In any case, if you set persistence of spawned items to infinite and persistence of dropped items to 30 days, you'd probably need to reset the server every two or three months at the most. My bet, is that you'd have no vehicles left after two weeks under the best circumstances, and a serious lack of common items after 6 weeks.
  9. emuthreat

    Status Report - January 2019

    I quit playing late last year because there was no more enjoyment from the game. Persistence issues made any attempt at meaningful long-term play a sisyphean exercise in self-flagellation. Pair that with the unfortunate circumstances of 80% of my deaths in 1.0 sessions having been from getting stuck in the hinges of doors and being beaten through the walls by zombies, and it was just the last straw. I once died fully geared at the western roadblock gas station to only two zombies. I had beaten down more than a dozen along the wrecked vehicles and through the tents using my trusty glowstick and taking practically no damage; circled back to the gas station and tried to beat one more down inside the tin shed by the big white fuel tanks. Another heard the kerfuffle and I tried to close the door before he got there. At this point, I don't know what happened, because my glowstick clipped into something and I couldn't do anything but punch blindly from a presumably locked position with no indication of a door prompt, leaving me helpless and in darkness as I got beaten to death over an extremely frustrating period of nearly ten seconds. Only at the instant before the killscreen, did I see my glowsick clip back out of the geometry and fall from my cold dead hands. Numerous times things have gone similarly to this. Catch aggro from a distance at dawn, while double carrying right after a Tisy run; decide to play things "safe" and sprint to the nearest house with 3 aggro in tow, taking a couple hits along the way; open the door and rush inside, closing it behind me; drop the gun and pull out my axe, only to realize that I am bound to the wall at the hinges to the door; cycle the door state two or three times while getting hit through the walls by three zeds outside; finally free, I swing to knock back the closest before trying to close the door again; drop dead from the unreasonable amount of damage dealt through the wall while I was helplessly bound into the map geometry. Not cool, man, not cool at all... And regarding persistence and server performance: Is there any chance that these issues may be relieved by increasing the hardware allocation of each server instance? Are there some constraints that would prevent this from being possible? Has it already been done since .59, or ever in the history of SA development? Forgive me for seemingly stating the obvious, but how else is the game going to run any better than is does now; with only two kinds of vehicles, constantly abating persistence, and roughly half of the content apparently missing?
  10. emuthreat

    Use a Torch or Run Around in the Dark

    I'm not back until persistence is fixed, and doors no longer trap players when opened and closed quickly. @eno
  11. emuthreat

    Use a Torch or Run Around in the Dark

    Well, I quit playing a few weeks ago, because I got tired of dying nearly exclusively from getting stuck in door hinges while fleeing zombies... But before that, I would very commonly use glowsticks to loot, as they can only be seen from a short distance away; </=50m IRRC. In this manner, if someone was close enough to see your glow, you would have a good chance to hear their steps, or at least any aggro they caused. In any case, keeping it hotkeyed, allows you to "go dark" in an instant. If it was a clear night, I would almost exclusively run in the dark with my eyes on the sky for navigation, with some exceptions in steep or rocky areas. The standard flashlight was another favorite, both for the quality of light and immediate control over shutting it off, and the fair amount of punch it packs against infected. I would only use flares when traveling alone through dense woods during the darkest part of night, when I had no intentions of stopping. And occasionally I would use a flare to help with meeting up with a friend; we would then abandon the flare for safety, as two players generally travel slower than just one. Think about the term flare, and what it means, what they are traditionally used for, and you will understand the best use of them in DayZ. Next time someone tries to kill you at night, and you escape to a safe distance and break contact, try using your flare as bait and see how it works out. Better than 50/50, like a moth to a flame...
  12. That bleeding bug got me, and I even knew about it and was prepared....
  13. emuthreat

    Idea for a base building mod.

    It should take a ridiculous amount of materials and R&D time to make a 3d printer for you base capable of replicating your body in a matter of seconds. I imagine this would be hard to balance.
  14. emuthreat

    Watery death—Do I leave a body?

    Bodies disappear in 10 minutes or less without any players around to prevent cleanup. Rifles that are in hands will drop and persist for some time longer. I haven't tested in in .63/1.0, but watery graves were indeed unlootable. Found multiple bodies on the seabed near prison island.
  15. emuthreat

    The Village

    Yes, we have a Village looking quite nice right now. Who knows how long that will last, but we just rebuild again.