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  1. emuthreat

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    Thanks. Really. This should have been said months ago. It's been fairly obvious, but never confirmed directly. Many of us were under the impression that 1.0 was going to be more like a direct port; but as the iterations dragged on through the .63 experimental cycles, there became a sense of dissonance between what we expected and what we were seeing. 20/20 hindsight... Call this DayZ SA 1.0 Alpha. Please don't underestimate the capacity for understanding from the core supporters. Openness and understanding go hand-in-hand. Many of us would have been much more understanding if 1.0 was called a re-start rather than a release.
  2. emuthreat

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    In defense of previously defending the process: Many of us were, and still are, very disappointed by the decision to slap the 1.0 label on a version of the game that didn't have even 50% content parity with .62. Many longtime players and supporters have stepped away indefinitely. What many of us considered to be core survival elements are still held back pending animations and physics implementations. Fishing, bows, wire snares, etc. have all fallen by the wayside for a base building rollout that is lackluster at best, and needed modding to make work as most people would have liked to see it. Even the modding community is disappointed with the lack of tools and documentation at this point. It was a big dissappointment; still is...
  3. emuthreat

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    @fuzzy_chimera I know the place. I was just wondering how you ended up with those coordinates this recently.
  4. emuthreat

    Favourite place on the whole map...

    What map are you using? I can no longer reach the DayZTV or DayZDB maps, and iZurvive has a whole lot more digits than I remember
  5. emuthreat

    Locking barrels

    Locks on barrels would be cool, even if you had to craft a lockable lid with a hasp, prepped by a hammer and nail, and fastened with a screwdriver. That way, someone who found your barrel would at least have to remember where it was well enough to come back with a hacksaw or crowbar--the latter having a chance to ruin the lid for them. Padlocks, I'd like to see...
  6. emuthreat

    Current form of testing.

    The Lada test servers were also known as the NWAF PVP stress test servers. Having only 1 or 2 servers with condensed spawns, new loot, and ready to go cars might get a bit hard to test for the few people actually looking to do so. Just sayin'...
  7. emuthreat

    Why Banditry Is A Moral Obligation In DayZ

    The overly altruistic highwayman with OCD... Find a nice spot with lots of foot traffic, preferably lone players or small groups, far from prying eyes and sniper vantages, and good enough cover to be relatively secure for ten minutes at a time; must have a suitable area for storage of a couple barrels or a tent. Fill the tent and barrels with useful survival gear, plenty of food, batteries and extra flashlights, and even a few highly sought-after weapon accessories. Wait around looking for survivors traveling or looting, or ideally stopped at a well; and then approach them and let them know that this is a hold-up, but that you have no intention of harming them if they cooperate. Usher them into your bandit hideout. Make sure to swear at them profusely, while also saying please and thank you; and don't forget constantly apologize for the harsh treatment, and alternately insult their mothers. Tell them to strip off all their gear and face the corner. Give them cooked steaks and zucchinis to eat while they wait. Insist that they eat one steak, followed by two zucchini, two more steak, and one last zucchini. If they forget and ask, act gracious and forgiving. If they eat out of order, have a total fucking conniption fit. Don't forget to apologize. Go through their belongings while constantly commenting on how rubbish all their gear is. No matter where you are, always ask how they made it out of Solnichny with such poor taste in equipment. Don't forget to insult their mother. Make sure to apologize after a brief awkward silence. Now would be a good time to let them know how disappointed you are with their organizational skills. Berate them for keeping food and water in the same pack, because solids and liquids need to be separated. If you find peaches, you may have a minor meltdown because this item fits both categories. Tell the victim that their gear is garbage, and not worth your stealing any of it. Really try hard to let them know how disappointed you are... Make them build a fire and ruin most of their gear that you know you can replace. If you like, you can also employ the person to help tend a farm plot or cook some meat. Send them packing with a full belly, and better gear than you found them with. Insist that they open and close the door 5 times before leaving. And don't forget to insult their mother again before apologizing and bidding them farewell. And let them know if you find them with such a disorganized mess of garbage loot again, there will be trouble
  8. emuthreat

    the real hardcore survival server

    Yeah, I totally have no interest in NPC AI type quests, but environmental type random opportunities would be cool to see. Something along the lines of having all the weapons and ammo in police stations locked in closets or lockers, so you have to go search the town and kill the infected to get their keys. It might be a bit harder than it seems to prevent trolling by players killing all zeds, and tossing the keys in a swamp. But I could see a state-check of the locked areas, and reassigning keys every time zombies respawn as a viable solution. Every server restart resets the locked states and new key spawns on infected inventories. I don't have my heart set on it, but it would flesh-out the sandbox a bit more, and add a bit more challenge to looting. Your quest suggestions were tongue-in-cheek hyperbole. I tried to envision my version in the least gamey way possible by basing them on natural scenarios that happened during the outbreak. In case you missed it, my scenarios came with stipulations of the notes being random spawns, and each subsequent clue having a conditional spawn based on the player holding the first clue coming into the target area. This would keep grinding and griefing to an absolute minimum. Note *randomly* spawns in Balota, in the big green mustache house across from well, laying on the table in the corner of upstairs room. Note indicates Pustoshka as target area. Player carries first note to Pushtoshka, which triggers spawn of second note (this is the important part to prevent grinding/griefing). Player finds second note In yellow house with pink roof near southern well; note indicates that a key, which opens the medical cabinets in back room of Novaya Petrovka med clinic, is left in car that ran out of gas in front of the orange brick house in Vavilovo. Player X loots designated car in Vavilovo, but finds no key, because they aren't carrying the note. Player arrives with note, retrieves key. (This is the only really "gamey part" of my scenario) Player is killed by Player X at well near Sinistock lumber mill; they did not discard the notes. Player X takes key and goes to Novaya Petrovka and retrieves medical supplies from locked cabinet. You've got the same idea as me, with common sense environmental sandbox features. Part of making the gameplay a bit more hardcore would involve perhaps looking for a specific infected uniform of the supply sergeant, so you could retrieve the keys to the armory. Imagine looting athe ATC and finding a shiny new FAL sitting untouched behind a wire cage. Now you gotta go killing zombies to find the key, or sit there for 5 minutes with a hacksaw and risk your life with your back to the door. None of this stuff seems too elaborate for a sandbox game, just a bit more of a rich environment for the player to explore, evaluate, and overcome.
  9. emuthreat

    the real hardcore survival server

    Somehow, I heard about that recently; probably from a Simon Whistler YT video... DayZCore was a somewhat short-lived hardcore server that did pretty well with increased scarcity, and they would have airdropped aid packages with the location broadcast as a server message, which was neat. But we're getting kinda off-topic here, with discussion of scripted events. I just thought that a really hardcore server could keep things interesting by having some sort of events for players to seek out as part of the daily grind. A really hardcore server would end up playing pretty tedious without something to keep players moving. Without bow and arrow, it really just turns into a slow crawl from house to house, playing resource/risk management.
  10. emuthreat

    the real hardcore survival server

    I kinda with they would have more environmental narrative type flavor in the map added as dynamic events. Like little scripted scavenger hunts. It would take a little event trigger scripting to make it viable, but I think it would be cool to see. For instance, make desk drawers searchable, and have the possibility to spawn a note as the beginning to a scripted quest. These notes can be found anywhere from homes, to businesses, to military and police structures; and be correspondence between family members, friends, colleagues, or even between civilians and emergency services. The notes would contain information to send the player looking for a specific item in another area of the map, triggered only by the player holding the note coming within a few hundred meters of the target location. Oftentimes, these could work by having the first note say something like: "My dearest Irina, I have been called away to Novigrad to assist in blockading the port during this crisis. My colleague, Pavel, has agreed to ensure you get a package I have prepared, to help you weather this crisis at home. He is the mill operator in Gorka. With all my love, I shall return. Andrik." So the player treks to Gorka, assuming the blood stains on the floor in the house containing the note are a good indication that Irina didn't make it. Upon reaching the mill, the player would have to either search the mill for another note containing Andrik's instructions to Pavel, or kill all the zombies in the area and loot the note off the one designated as Pavel. Pavel's note might be Andrik's instructions for where to pick up the package, or a draft of confirmation to either Andrik or Irina, explaining that he has the package, and has left it at X location, to be delivered after his shift. In this case, Pavel's note was in his desk, addressed to Andrik. "Andrik, I have taken the package from your locker and stored it in my van. I had stopped at the market in Svergino on my way to deliver it, when they declared an emergency. There was a mob forming at the market, and I was recalled to the mill immediately to process all of our stock for emergency preparations in Berezino. I am so sorry. Please tell Irina she can take the package from my van if she can make it; it's on the west side of the lot at the market in Svergino. But tell her to be careful, some of those people were crazed. I fear I would not have made it out of Svergino if it weren't for Damir seeing me while driving his lumber truck back down from the Nagornoe cuts. He had to drive through a section of fence to get to me. I'm just thankful that I left my radio on my vest after today's shift." Show up in Svergino with Pavel's note, and find that a van in the lot now has a drysack with a loaded magnum, speedloader, and 2 boxes of bullets, as well as a water bottle, a can of peaches, and three cans of tuna. These scenarios are endless, relatively easy to make up, and would add a lot of backstory to the outbreak, as well as provide believable motivation for players to travel to certain areas for rewards. In the case of KOS instances, you may loot a player and find yourself on the last leg of a quest as a bonus. Now, I know this isn't exactly what makes a hardcore experience, but it would be a nice flavor feature in the midst of one. And I feel that this scenario appropriately addressed your question, without the use of any new NPCs or serious deus ex-machina aside from the conditional spawn of non-primary clues and rewards.
  11. emuthreat

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    well... It was a leaked model from like 0.50 times. I have no idea if there are currently any plans to implement this. I don't expect a yea or nea either way, but hey.
  12. emuthreat

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    To point one: Sadly, I can only feel that I have a good understanding of the intended finished product from playing straight through basically from 2015, and paying close attention to the status reports. I'm not aware of any comprehensive list, per se. The more recent status reports do more to mention which intended features will not be in the more proximal updates, rather than stating what is intended to be implemented; for reasons quite obvious by this point. From the outside looking in, it seems reasonable to assume content parity with .62 as a minimum feature list; but this leaves out old favorites such as the broom... And as for zombie traps, maybe three zombies in a room is enough to spook someone now, but maybe not be a certain death. I haven't had much screen time lately, I'll probably have to try playing with them more. Mostly my post was a measured response to all the claims of fraud and *borderline illegality* which i didn't quite understand. Seems a lot like people are just jumping on the hysterical hate train. And most of the stuff in the trailer wasn't even too far off, so it's hard for me to understand the kneejerk reactions.
  13. emuthreat

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    Okay. So I know it was just a cinematic trailer. But just for the sake of discussion, how many of the elements included in the game are: 1. In the official backlog of previously disclosed planned features. 2. Included in the trailer and currently feasible or already seen in mods. 3. Included in the trailer and possibly not feasible even in the year after principal development completes (feature backlog and .62 feature parity completeness)? 1. Amusement park rides; I have already seen this type of environment flavor modded, and IIRC they *might* already be working on such a thing as an official map update. Litter strewn about the streets, and buildings, additional barricades; suggested as likely in future "devastation passes" to map. Dynamic scarring; planned and announced. No idea how detailed or precise, though. Lighters; supposedly already in the game files. Barricading doors; disclosed as planned feature, but without mention of how or with which materials. Opening doors with gunfire; yes please. Bring this back. It was nice to unlock and render doors slightly ajar from a distance. Maybe hard to fine-tune for realism, but already done in a manner before, and certainly possible. 2. The daisy decal on the protagonist's backpack; ask @Baroness. As for putting on decals in the game... I expect it would be much more complex, and likely involve predesignating decal locations in the item's model, and basically work so that applying a decal would simply exchange that item for the appropriately skinned design. Dextroamphetamine tabs; I'm just gonna put this here because I'm not a data miner--probably likely, and easily possible. Recordable cassette tapes and playback capable radio/stereo units; I'm tenatively putting this in the list because I've seen portable radios in previous (0.60 or 0.61?) patches, and we can broadcast voice, and items such as flare or landmines have the capability to have stored triggerable audio. I can't speak to the feasibility of a player recorded cassette saving that sound file to the server as attached a distinct persistent item, let alone the functionality of proper playback; but I wanna think it is possible given the current tech. Using zombies as traps; this one is borderline, but I'll humor myself. Maybe if they do a little AI tweaking that allows us to modify traits and behavior based on feeding zeds or wolves (or bears..) some raw meat or Dex pills, they can be made much stronger more threatening to the point that traps of this nature are feasible. Zombie hoard behavior & multiple states of arousal/detection sensor capability/movement profile; this seems possible to achieve through existing tech. And I hope they will work on this much more in the near future. I was already impressed by how eating food laying flat on the floor would bring back all the zombies who'd already cooled off their aggro. 3. Photographs; while never mentioned or outwardly stated as planned content, a polaroid-type camera would be pretty neat for ransom notes or calling cards to leave at bases. Dynamic set pieces such as a swinging swing set; probably not gonna happen. Customizable signage/graffiti; haven't seen any suggestion that this is planned or will be possible given the current state of map interactivity--bullet holes being the only ability of the player to even temporarily "decal" the map in-game. Complete darkness in physically occluded areas; I think this has come up in the past, and it has been mentioned that it's not quite that easily done--i.e. closing the doors to the Tisy bunkers for complete darkness at daytime. Is there anything that I missed or miscategorized here? Thoughts? I'd also like to add that I appreciated the continuity of the final scene regarding the hand-off of the shotgun, with the man having fired, but not cycling the action, and the woman cycling the action to eject the spent shell. That was a nice touch that accurately reflects how the game works.
  14. emuthreat

    Official Cinematic Trailer

    I'm not sure if that is a good analogy. Iron eagle was pretty dope. They also had a much shorter interval between sequels. Top Gun is fixed to take 34 years to produce a sequel. So yeah.... just gonna leave that there.