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  1. I've been playing on Colony quite a bit lately. And while I have met a few people here and there over the past couple months, the past couple weeks it's been either Tisy or Stary for guaranteed PvP, or taking potshots at randos running in the distance. I do keep finding random player stashes, which at this point I have no reason to rob anymore, but I can never seem to track down the owners. There are people playing, and they are all definitely doing something, but I've spent a couple 3 hour sessions making big loops around the NW and seeing or hearing nobody. It would be interesting to see how some of the more recent heatmaps are looking.
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo... So much this. I am ready for summer to finally come around.
  3. Okay squad, stay put while I stealth this.
  4. I gave you beans for explaining your beans. @Exxoduss Okay. Now that I got to properly digest your story, I have a few notes of my own. 1. It is impossible to buy or play this game without repeatedly reading The Disclaimer numerous times. 2. The CLE is still under development, and there are a few balancing quirks still being worked out. People didn't like seeing the same shit sitting on the server for half a day, either. The balance now is that things stay put until you leave the area, and then decay and are replaced when nobody is around to see it happen. 3. A magazine contains rounds, and feeds them into the action, a clips holds them together for faster loading. (Sorry, had to say it. If you can tell the difference between a pot and a pan, you can name these things correctly as well) 4. Your two technical issues remind me a whole lot of things that have happened to me in the past. Like when I accidentally double-tap Alt, and can only keep running straight or sidestep, but can look around freely. The other is when my microphone shuts off or stops being recognized as an active device. If you have any further difficulties, please add me on steam, and I can help you troubleshoot. Same name as here.
  5. You can't copyright a concept, and that's a good thing. Patent trolls are bad enough; we don't need goobers out there with stacks of cash spitballing concepts to copyright, and then waiting to sue whoever fleshes out the idea into something actually worthwhile. If you wanna get right down to it, BI "stole the concept" of the tactical shooter from the likes of SEAL Team, Rainbow Six, and Spec OPs games of the mid to late 90s. This topic is a non-issue, and I'm frankly surprised it has been allowed to go on for as long as it has. Now, Vanilla Ice stealing his hook from Bowie and Queen, that's some hardcore industrial espionage right thar. But just in case this thread does go on living in the light of day for a while longer... See that little button down there, next to the quote button? It looks like a plus sign. That button lets you quote multiple different posts in the same reply, for neatness. You can even carry over content from different topics on other tabs. Pretty cool, huh? II II V
  6. You can still check your logs for suspicious behavior and forward the information to the GSP. In some ways, this might be a better long-term solution. Global bans for cheaters seems to be a better option than just passing the buck, and sending them on to the next server.
  7. safe;

    Something as simple as jamming a sledgehammer handle underneath the knob in an inward swinging door can also greatly increase the difficulty in forcing the door open. I'd like to see a few different options for barricading or bracing doors, eventually.
  8. I'd say they damn-well need some placating. I'm sure you understand what developing a new engine concurrently to a pre-existing game entails. So cut them some slack on the terminology. Hell, most people should be happy that they are still working towards this goal.
  9. Let's just call .63 Soft BETA. That will give the devs a bit more slack in terms of fleshing out the new systems. I'm only expecting the first iterations of the new player controller and animation systems to be released in a very basic state to get bug bashed by us, and following that benchmark, we might expect to start seeing advanced crafting (basebuilding), medical, and automotive repair. Remember how the new renderer was at first, with occlusion windows misconfigured all over the place? I can only imagine what kinds of things we'll find when BI is still tuning the .63 tech.
  10. Rice cannot be cooked, as of a couple weeks ago when I last tried. It will just get damaged or ruined when you put it in a pot of water over heat.
  11. Well, I guess I could have come across a bit heavy-handed. But it is exploitative, especially the hoarding of vehicles in plain sight. If it is run by the admins of server, I say shame; but only if they don't share. If it's just owned by some cleverly brazen bastards, challege accepted. Yeah @Irish. You might have said too much. Given the server rules, it does pose an interesting question/dilemma. Solution en-route. All good. got some nice emergent gameplay out of the experience.
  12. They have to get in and out somehow, and that is a weakness. Have a squad camp the site, identify the regulars and their playtime patterns, plan a mission, kill the owners when they open the gates, scrub visit the tents, give them a good lecture, and ask what the hell the purpose of that is on that server. There is always a way. If this base is owned by the server owners/admins, then they should simply lose their server population in response to abuse, to make this kind of behavior pointless. If it's just some random group of yahoos who put in the time to collect it all, then good on them for putting forth the effort. Now go tear down their sandcastle if they won't share. Maybe ask to join/help them first to see if they deserve a smackdown. I'd be more than happy to help get this base figured out; but I ain't gonna send a toon redacted on every damned private server to find out.
  13. Why can you not use an official BI hosted server for the same purposes? I used to just go to random public servers to set up my bases, and very rarely did any of them get found. I had to pay nothing for this privilege, just picked a random server and called it home. You do have a valid concern in the longevity of a server (public or private) throughout a patch cycle--at which point you will lose all persistent progress due to the next version being pushed. The only solution at this time, is to play on a well established server without a history of persistence resets. I believe DUG had to reset their persistence once already this cycle. It would be nice if BI took steps to ensure that there were stable servers, guaranteed to never go black. Too many rules destroy games? What is a game without rules? A competitive online multiplayer game should, by definition, not have any possibility of a pay-to-win structure, such as afforded by public hive loot-locker servers. That's P2W, and needs to go and never come back. I'm sure many mods will show up pandering to the lowest common denominator, but vanilla DayZ should ban accounts for such abuses. A game, after all, is supposed to be played on a level field. There is nothing fair about paying $100/mo to get the best gear in the game with little to no challenge. That is pay-to-win. When the only option for a new player to avoid getting steamrolled on the coast by identically kitted clans who come from their locked loot server, is to not play on public servers, the game is broken. Rules are what make a game playable
  14. The server is currently handling double instances of physics in most cases, as I understand it. Once .63 drops, there should be an immediate increase in server performance. They touched on this subject earlier on in this patch cycle as an explanation for why interactions with infected were so janky; they are using the new controller, while we are still on the old. Seriously, dumping the old tech should free up lots of resources. Then we'll see where the improvements need to be made.
  15. @Solopopo Dude, chill. I'm sorry that the whimsical tone of my post flew straight over your head. I put "radio" in quotations as a reference to 3rd party VOIP programs that people use. LOLZ on you for being thick. Giving somebody advice on how to kill themselves to speed up the game goes against the concept of the game. When I have a new player that I'm showing around, I wouldn't even consider telling them to KYS for a better spawn; that's just greasy. It's a tactic I see regularly from people I meet and try to give a chance. And while I'm healthy with a working gun in Guglovo, they are still hitting F11 to try to get back to Elektro where they heard shots and died twice already. What's the point to that??? Killing yourself for a "good spawn" ruins the gameplay, and I would never spoil a new player by advocating it. If someone can't hack it at finding their way around with a coach on TS, sharing screenshots if necessary, then maybe DayZ is just too difficult for them at this time. I feel for clarity, that I should explain the difference in my usage of the term 'noob', vs 'new player'. I like new players, it gives me a low stress play session in which I can get the satisfaction of speedily increasing the survival awareness and capabilities of a new player. Every once in a while, they start off begging for a gun and some ammo, and to show them the way to Berezino or Elektro so they can shoot people. These are noobs. I abandon noobs in the woods with no food or water and never talk to them again. By advocating abusing game mechanics such as suicide spawn shopping, or teaching people pedestrian solutions like following the coast or train tracks, it costs them valuable knowledge of how to successfully play the game. Give a man a fish, yadda yadda... As for casting aspersions to people's personal lives, I'd say that is in poor taste at the very least, and generally interpreted as asking for trouble. There's really just nowhere good to go from there. We're both on a video game forum because we like video games. Something about a pot and fragment of a kettle... So if you don't like my attempt at humorously advising against your advice being underpinned by a suggestion to F11, fine. Start making jabs personally, that's a bit out of line. Where your beanz at???