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  1. @philbur Hahahahahaha. You kill me with these assumptions. I don't spend any more time on the coast than it takes me to pick a few apples and loot a dozen or so houses. Sometimes it takes me hours of searching to find a cooking pot and a gas stove, other times I end up with two pots and a stove within 20 minutes; in neither case do I attribute my luck or lack thereof to other peoples actions. (well, aside from cheeky accusations of Hicks sitting behind a desk someplace turning the loot dials in real-time, just to make life hard for us) I don't much like the coast, you see only a few types of players there, and very few of them are the types I am looking for. I prefer to meet players inland, ensuring that they at least know how to survive somewhat. Did you ever stop to consider that the reason that the coast is so damned bereft of the loot you seek, is that people are waking up on the beach with abundant regularity and taking it to the nearest city to lay in ruins after only a few short moments? I'll be honest with ya, it is my intention to disprove my previous quoted statement. Sometimes it is fun to go out and find the answers to those deep questions about the CLE; like how many SVDs spawn on a server at a time; or if you can account for all 40 specimens of a single colored barrel that are allocated to a server, what happens when you bring more from another server. If we have 9 M4s in a tent, will we stop finding them for a week? If we destroy two of them by ruining them in a burn barrel and letting them despawn, will they be available for looting again immediately? You know, those tough questions about this game that is still under development. We have already answered many other questions about the game, such as what happens when you shoot a noob in the head with an M4 while he tries to drink from a well, or what a geared player is most commonly going to do when they encounter someone giving out fresh food on the coast. In any case, that is my chosen playstyle. I don't much care for the coastal chaos and rinse-and-repeat KOS cycles; so I decided to go out and do something about it. There is nothing about the game that prohibits or even discourages players from building a motor pool, establishing storage depots and supply lines, and then curating the better part of the military loot spawns on a server. Just the way there is no mechanism prevent players from thoughtlessly shooting anything that moves. Oh wait, there is a mechanism to prevent that; putting all the rifles in our tents and barrels, for safekeeping. It's starting to sound a lot like you don't understand your own position on the freedom of choice on a public server. Not that that matters; I've done the same thing on private servers before, and never heard any negative feedback about it. If my idea of fun is to go find a public official server and homestead it, the only thing standing in my way is zombies, wolves, players and time. So if your objection to my desired course of actions is to preserve the freedom of the public hive player to easily get gear and go PvP or whatever the fuck they want to do, should that come at the cost of my freedom to go out and secure resources to ensure my own survival and comfort on a chosen server? If I want to RP as server quartermaster in an attempt to be a Wheaton's Law Evangelist in DayZ, then I guess there is only one way to stop me. And that's kind the point isn't it? If I'm looking for a certain type of interaction, I'll have to somehow facilitate that interaction. Just for the record, most of the people I've met were happy to know of a place to go find guaranteed stocks of good loot. Only met one shithead who though the best course of action was to steal it all. He got hunted down and shot, and then hunted down and shot again for good measure.
  2. It's not like I cause any harm. Usually the worst thing I do is to rearrange their loot a little bit, usually adding random bits to make the interior design really pop. I use people's reactions to my activity in their camp as a gauge to how welcome they might be in my camps. I've actually had to make the decision to be friends with strangers I've found in camp before; better to share than ruin it for everyone. Can't put the toothpaste back in the tube, and such... Sounds like you might not be the kind of player that I would readily welcome into one of our camps. I like to have enough loot stashed in one place, so that when someone chooses correctly, they get to see a camp with dumbfounding amounts of goods to share. There is also the consideration that your point of view on the subject of loot scarcity and hoarding is demonstrably flase; just a flat-incorrect understanding of how the CLE works. ~~~ "Loot stored in tents and barrels does NOT affect the CLE" --Hicks ~~~ I think our disagreement might come down to general styles of gameplay preference. I prefer to pick one main server as a home server, and gain control over the resources on that server. Knowledge of the location of the majority of vehicles is strongly preferred, but not necessarily to the point of hoarding them. It just makes sense when they need to be tracked down and respawned again. If a player tries to shoot me to have a look at the small amount of loot on my person, or just for the lulz, then they will not have access to a well-stocked supply network. This is how I try to incentivize communication and cooperation between players.; by rewarding good interactions with access to pretty much anything a player might need, including free access to quality healthcare. Sometimes it is a difficult process to find other players who behave reasonably. It is a worthwhile endeavor nonetheless.
  3. Haha. Nope, but now I'll be looking. If you find a guy in all leather clothing cooking meat in your camp, that would probably be me. Happy hunting.
  4. @nl This is why I prefer leather clothing. It' gotten to the point that I'll start putting barrels of tanning supplies in zone 2, to at least be able to outrun wolfpacks to a safe structure and survive respawn runs back inland. It really does well to protect you while running around in the woods. Here's a little video of me testing the durability of the head-to-toe leather outfit:
  5. You know, we were talking about that just the other night. You just happened to be playing on the same server as Art, Baroness, and me at that time. Strange coincidence, wouldn't you think? If anybody's curious, the vials contain sodium bicarbonate (commonly sold on the street as under the brand name Arm and Hammer). It can be used to stop a heart attack, according to my googling of its medical uses.
  6. Had an interesting experience entering Stary after a beeline spawn run from the southeast last night: I had just looted the firs row of cars in the parking lot approaching the town, and noticed a guy just a few meters to the north of the wall. He was standing there aiming a rifle at me, so I ran over to hide behind the van and pulled out my ax as he approached with an AKS74u in hands. I hailed him and said I noticed he was aiming at me earlier, and asked if he wanted to talk, etc. but he just ran up and said "hey buddy, don't worry I'm not gonna kill ya, what's your... bam..bam." That was the most highly evolved emergent behavior I have seen in this game yet. I mean, instead of meeting a friendly guy with two pots and a stove and no gun, this genius talks just long enough to easily kill a cooperative guy with nothing better than an ax. The strategy was groundbreakingly emergent. Not only does he get water storage and a free gas stove, but the widely envied joy of doing all that truly bitchin' gas findin', fishin'/huntin', pot cookin', and water carryin' all by himself. Lucky bastard might be making himself a leather suit right now, for all I know; maybe he saw some poor schmuck carrying a barrel and lime. Unfortunately for OP, there is not game element that can remove this basic aspect of online play: Other people, and their motivations for playing at that particular time. Even if it's not a KOS, players will sometimes determine that they will kill everyone they see, even if they do say hi first. It's RP KOS rules... Certain measures might have an affect on the type and number of players who are attracted to the game. In terms of increasing difficulty and time commitment for meaningful success in the game, this will filter the player behavior to some degree, but will greatly reduce population and interest if it's too much. It's also worth noting that in that respect, the tuning of the game just becomes a balancing act of scarcity, risk, and reward; which adds little to the overall experience of the game. Instead of balancing new realism systems too harshly to drive player behavior, I propose/rehash the idea of additional benefits to certain actions. I would like to see a Morale system, not to be confused with morality, that would adjust player statistics based on comfort level, security, and confidence of the player at that time. Things like eating hot meals, or even better, diverse meals of meats and vegetables and rice; eaten warm, while seated in player placed shelter; with friends who helped build the shelter, or fed and/or healed one another; and having all your guns fully loaded with your clothes in good repair and dryness; sitting in reclined position. These little creature comforts would reward the player with faster digestion and more energy and hydration density in foods, a 66% blood regeneration buff, and a 50% health regeneration buff; healing bone damage after 5 minutes. Having all those conditions met will result in +100% shock damage and +50% shock regen. Additional systems like having increased stamina from high morale can also be possible, to provide incentive for players who do loot runs to hunt and farm and rest up before venturing, so they can carry more for longer distances before becoming fatigued. Sprinting too long could diminish the stamina buff, so players who are careful and budget their energy expenditures carefully can possibly keep this buff for days on end; so long as they never allow themselves to become hungry or thirsty, get injured in any way, or sprint for more than 3 minutes straight (or more than 4 minutes of any 5 minute period, possibly). I really believe that the solution lies in an incentive system for desired player behaviors. The way I see it, is that many of the players don't even know such basic things as cooking with pots in household fireplaces, or crafting leather clothing for extra storage, killing a chicken to make bone hook, turning guts into a rope, keeping multiple stones to make new knives after using it a few times, to keep meat cuts at above 90% quality. There is already so much depth to this game that goes completely over the heads of much of the playerbase, because they have no real incentive to try these things. Let's see how an incentive system works with driving player behavior.
  7. This is known as the '<1 FPS bug' in my circle. It has no verified cause, but was present since .60 patch, and seemed to often be related to vehicles or repeated player activity in the area. Sometimes after one specific person leaves the server, it will stop happening for everyone else affected. The only sure-fire way I know to make it stop, is to immediately start backing out of the area in the direction from which you came. I lay down and turn myself 90 degrees, then roll out, for security reasons.
  8. Make sure to double-rinse the jerrycan. Gasoline residue has been known to cause sickness as well. Maybe rinse it three times, just to be safe...
  9. Why am I always at work when these things happen. Can't wait to blow up a car while waiting for my clothes to tan. Maybe throwing some charred car remains can help the nails fill out the black coloring a bit??
  10. Yup. Pretty sad to find that out. Haven't tried with bark, but I suspect it will be the same. It's been reported. T125678
  11. I reckon you might be just a few months early with this post. The next stage of development will address many of the issues you mentioned, with the implementation of the new player controller and scripting language. We are on the precipice right now; enjoy the old style game with the newfangled map for a while, and come back in December (hopefully) to see the rest of the enchilada.
  12. @desolace1 If you want to learn how to survive in this current build, I'll be happy to help you along or refer you to people who can.
  13. That feeling when your buddy puts a pair of handcuffs on you just for laughs, and then the server goes down. SMH... Definitely would love to see a 5 min timer before respawn during unconsciousness; it usually only takes me two minues tops to clean up the area and decide if it is safe to restrain and revive a player.
  14. Please refer to the first, and second, rules of bone health.