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  1. Just checking in..

    I would invite anyone to point to one past instance in which a game was released to the public, before deciding to put it on a completely different engine. I'm not counting Star Citizen, because that is contemporary to Dayz development. Yes, it was a mistake. Yes hindsight is 20/20. And yes, everyone knows these things already. In the spirit of trying to be productive with my complaints, why can't we stick a banana in a holster yet?
  2. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Well, there is a locked test server up now. But I guess that doesn't mean much by itself. I got all excited when stable servers were all timing out after a minute. I mean, it is the first time in months that they brokes something, so I guess that's something, right? The way the community has been for the past couple years, I wouldn't be surprised if they released experimental servers without giving any notice.
  3. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Dust off your headsets. All servers are currently down.
  4. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    I'm not too sure about that. When I started playing DayZ it was because I got tired of the single player experience on SOD back in early 2015. Some of the early talk was that they were going to make SOD 2 an open world multiplayer game, which they quickly walked back for unknown reasons. Last I heard, each server will only support 4 players. I don't know if this is due to limitations of their tech, or if they realized what a griefer-infested shitstorm that game type would become if they allowed even 10 random people to share the same map. State of Decay, while being a great experience for what it is, will certainly never come close to taking the place DayZ.
  5. How much are EA and Activision paying you?
  6. Beta on a stable branch

    As an interesting note, private servers will be able to opt-in to .63 during experimental. Whether or not this will be a good idea in the first few weeks of the patch remains to be seen.
  7. I miss my Dayz

    @IMT I don't think I'm supposed to be shilling for the server that I play on outside of recruitment sections, but you know where to find me. Just for reference the Q is about 10 to 20 people during peak European play times most days. And if you are looking for action, it is not all that hard to find.
  8. I miss my Dayz

    The level of interaction is pretty-much determined by the culture of each individual server. The one I've been playing on since September has been one of the most interesting experiments I've ever seen. Without exaggerating a bit, I can say I've met equal numbers of friendly players at Tisy to the people trying to shoot me. This server has managed to amass a community of players interested in cooperative basebuilding, and there are 3-5 major cooperative factions working together to secure the server. This is an impossible task, but we have all been surprised by the level of success we have found to this end. There are occasionally large groups of organized players who can manage to do some damage in the short term, but we always put things back together. Random lone wolf bandits and small groups of KOS squads still roam the map, but the chances that they get stomped by organized groups is pretty high. Over the past two weeks, a maniac with a chainsaw has made himself known around the server. It's a really cool thing, to have a dozen people standing around talking and cooking and carrying on, when all of a sudden the buzz of a chainsaw moves it's way through the camp. It is hilarious how fast things go from idle conversation to absolute panic. Maybe you and @Thurman Merman should stop by some time to get the inside track on pre .63 basebuilding strategies. Everything we do with tents can only be done better with steel walls and HESCO barriers.
  9. That's why I kept referring you to what happens on that server. I can only think of a few potential good base locations that we haven't experimented with yet. Once basebuilding assets are included with beta, I'd like to take a crack at securing the Vybor distillery. Our main challenge this patch has been dealing with sightlines beyond the render distance of tents. Topography plays a huge role in selecting locations. I know of a few hilltops that would be perfect to surround with walls. I can easily say that it is better to deal with infiltrators than snipers.
  10. The entire Village project until Beta is just a logistics and teambuilding exercise. The real fun begins when we get to start playing with walls and towers and gates. Hopefully they will have well-balanced durability of structures. I would love to build metal walls lined with barbed wire outside and HESCO barriers inside, requiring the raid party to bring duplicates of an assortment of tools. Someone should not be able to walk up with a damaged sledgehammer and expect to breech a well-built base; and someone with an alice backpack full of pristine pickaxes and sledges should expect to spend at least 10 minutes making a hell of a lot of noise and taking a few breaks to regen their stamina.
  11. Yeah. I can understand that. The Village was forced to disallow using tents to completely block access, due to the unmanageable volume of support tickets reporting glitch abuse. Now the dominant meta is to sneak in friendly, and log out until off-peak. Fortunately, we have a very sharp group of people kicking ass and taking names, so most of the bad apples are gone, or have learned not to try anything too dishonorable. In fact, after an attack on the Village last night, I returned to find all the tents intact; bags of loot we stripped from our fallen, an SVD and AK74 still sitting in tents in the very location that the last guard died. I could link to screenshots or streams of the village, but I'd rather direct you to go say hello and see for yourself. Currently village is at Stary Yar lumber mill, Queens Guard have secured Vybor town, and the Settlement has actually devised a way to secure a portion of Devil's Castle. I think BarelyInfected started his stream today from inside The Village after the most recent remodel.
  12. I'd be happy to give you a tour of The Village sometime. As it stands today, there are 3 sizeable bases of around 2 dozen tents. The prison Island had 5 factions under one roof sharing a secured compound for some time, but boredom and faction friction eventually led us to spread back out around the map again. I had heard that Fort Eden was only able to survive in such a manner because of saved persistent states that would be rolled-back after any successful attack. Not sure how accurate this is, but if true, I think your claim to fame is in need of an asterisk. ; )
  13. Is there someone with a secret identity that I'm not aware of? From all my time on this server, I've only known it to be hosted by Spaggie and populated by regular (albeit enthusiastic) players. Anyways. I was just sayin'... If we are counting civilian tents, your claim of the largest base in all of DayZ might be open to challenge. And never saved persistence states to nullify attrition by bandits/despawners. You'll definitely have some healthy competition when basebuilding comes into play.
  14. I'm pretty sure The Village has seen some bases that were similarly sized over the past few months. Settlement camp at Rify and the Prison Alliance bases were both pretty large and sustained over weeks on end. But since it is an organic server, saving peak persistence files was out of the question, and bases tend to get destroyed or moved over time. Server is still running strong, BTW.