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  1. But the challenge makes success all the more rewarding.
  2. I've noticed that the area East West of Sverograd and North of Zelenogorsk is underserved by firehouses. Toploniki and Vybor should each have a fire station. The response times from the NWAF firehouse are unacceptable. Stary and Novy can burn to the ground for all I care, but the NW corridor needs some more prudent fire safety measures.
  3. I managed to make a passable obsidian arrow point on the second try when i was 11; it's not that damn hard. I had seen a lot of examples beforehand, and learned to pick the right piece and be careful. Used a palm-sized, tetrahedral chunk of obsidian to knap it on my jeans, with zero training. If you really wanna turn it into a pissing contest, I can show you how easy it is to rip a greenstick off a fir tree with a random chunk of roughly fractured basalt. A crude knife is easily made, Hobbes. The game just needs better balancing to reflect the difference in quality. At this point, I keep a stack of small stones on me to always guarantee a pristine knife, and thus 90%+ cuts of meat.
  4. It's on #1. I haven't gone through the Whitelist process for the others yet. Step one is an issue for me, as I refuse to give Zuck's unholy giant any more marketshare than they already have. I can say that most of the barrels are very well-hidden, aside from a bunch that Thurman found the other day, but some savages poked holes in most of them, and I threw one away in a fit of rage after coming pack with a backpack full of pelts to find a useless metal cylinder. Edit: Just found a nice green barrel hidden poorly in a tree north of NP. No holes punched, either.
  5. I found a barrel yesterday on Colony, making it the fourth un-punctured barrel we have found in the last two weeks. It takes persistent searching. At this point most of them are claimed, and only very few will trickle back into the spawn tables each week. @lrishjakePoking holes will not effect persistence, it will only ruin the barrel for tanning and dyeing.
  6. Was nobody wearing leather clothing in the hunting event? SMH
  7. Soft skills will increase player life values. Period. Beards? Scoff. I'll shave my beard off and go to the coast in jeans and a T-shirt, fully healthy, just to see which froggy freshies try to hop at me; assuming that my babyface somehow implies that we are on equal footing. LOL Basebuilding will be a mere time-sink between deaths for PvP-centric players; and in reality, may not have much effect on player behavior from a diverse group with some players preferring to collect, hoard, and curate massive stockpiles of loot for their more mortally motivated associates to spend in the field. If you want to add value to the character, I'm afraid it will require adding some tangible value to each character lifespan. I don't see any viable way to do this, other than to add cumulative experiential value to the lifespan of that character over time. I would prefer to see a very diverse and deep offering of soft skills for characters to learn throughout a lifespan; so diverse that a character that fully masters ALL skills would be almost unheard-of. The skills would initially be based on an occupational/hobby background, randomly assigned as a combination of two or three complimentary skills and one or two unrelated skills when a new player spawns. Additional skills could be acquired slowly through trial-and-error, and significant expenditure of resources; or slightly more quickly through the use of instructional books, and modest expenditure of resources. I do not believe that there should be any limits to the amount, or nature, of skills that a players can concurrently learn. If you try to tell me any different, I will plant a garden, kill and cook a deer, clean my rifles, cut some greensticks, weave a basket to store the food, cross-stitch a cheeky note for you, fix a car, drive cross-country to your base, ram open the door, chop a tree, build you a nice table to hold the gift-basket, craft a molotov cocktail to improve your home-decor, and then apply emergency first-aid to my acutely splitting sides. Seriously, the only thing limiting a player's skills, should be the amount of time and resources they put into learning those different skills. Of course, surviving long enough to do all this would be the limiting factor. And now we have incentive to survive...
  8. Since making the switch to private servers, I haven't driven a car in over a week, let-alone a bus. Found a few stranded ones laying around the map, and even de-spawned one as a service to the server. I'm getting the feeling that nobody else knows or cares about recycling vehicles. Perhaps BI could make some changes in order to get the data that they need, including turning off persistence for vehicles. I want to see persistent vehicles as much as anyone, but the way thing are now, it just isn't working.
  9. Aaaaw, c'mon. Tommy is a classic. But it has to stop there. What have I done? Whatever you do, do not google bean porn. Or do; I'm not your mama.
  10. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, my dear Beehive.
  11. As a dedicated user of these-here forums, I've noticed that a new feature has been added BEANS ARE BACK. In keeping with the tradition of testing new features, I ask that you all give me your beans. All of them You know, to stress-test... ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  12. This happened in my group yesterday. Three of us helped a guy who was battling a pack of wolves by Devil's Castle. and we noticed one of us was only coming through TS, when he was obviously trying to talk to the guy we met in-game. The bug is still around.
  13. You CAN tear rags with an ax. Well, at least I can. I suspect you might have been making a procedural error in your attempts to make rags, or that there was some other mitigating factor like poor server performance/bugged hands. I usually make rags with the ax on my back, by dragging clothing onto the ax. What type of clothing were you trying to cut into rags, if I may ask?
  14. Hoagie, Hero, Poor-Boy, Blimpie, Grinder, Torpedo, Submarine Sandwich; call it what you want. This game needs the ability to craft a delicious sandwich with all the fixin's; including dijon mustard. I'll even settle for a Dagwood, if french rolls are too much to ask...
  15. The obvious answer would be that people miss those boarskin backpacks. It's already getting boring squadwiping herds of cows, in what we lovingly refer to as "The Beefening." Wolf pelts are useless, at this point; and deer are as tedious as ever to hunt. A little variety would be appreciated at this point, to keep things moving around. I'm also curious as to why they were removed in the first place, along with goats and sheep. Also, you might want to re-read your post and assess whether that last sentence could have been worded differently. There is a certain culture around here that tends to forfend abusive/inflammatory posts. Yours seems kinda borderline. Good luck.