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  1. It was a government project, and the official in charge of buying the ladders had a cousin who was sitting on a surplus of left-handed ladders.
  2. 3 wolves is the default number that must be killed to scare away the pack. The result may be different if you use melee to kill them, but I need to test this more with larger packs. Last time I tried, my hitbox got stuck in a field, and I holed-up in the Tisy admin building with 1500 blood left. LOL
  3. Last time I checked, grenades in tents do precisely fuckall. To be fair, the last time I checked was 35 days ago when Jarin and Dicklepick tried to raid our west Emustan camp, and I didn't exactly see where the grenade exploded. Perhaps I wrongly assumed that they could pull a pin, and set it down successfully, and run away. Is there some technique that I'm not aware of, that makes grenades damage the contents of tents?
  4. Welcome to Experimental, @Baroness. Sorry about the driving. :P Regarding what @starvingart said about tents, it feels like certain aspects of the CLE may have been tweaked on this server that we use. We have had a consistent pattern of looting for a few weeks, and the mil tent spawns seem to be less than a third of what they have previously been. For what it's worth, there seems to have been at least two other groups of two or three players regularly on this server fora week or two. Even still, the loot just ain't what she used to be. One group of regulars seems to have taken to feuding with us again. Those knuckleheads were driving on the wrong side of the road up by the Sinistock-Vavilovo junction, and collided with Thurman's bus. Along come IMT and me, in another bus, and the friggin' mooks start shootin' at us. From the looks of it, IMT and I split the kill, likely both firing when the car was still for a moment. We had less success flushing out the other guy, and abandoned our search to go look for more non-existent tents. Their hatchback was no longer at the junction when we returned an hour later. A little while later, Thurman wrecked his bus in Cherno, and started taking shots. Sure-enough, there was Captain "I-don't-care-to-use-the-correct-lane" picking up himself from the coast. Thurman managed to snag their car and escape ruin the hell out of it, shortly before the reset. Being the good samaritans that we are, we decide to go down south and look for tents at the port, and happen to see someone fleeing the roundabout. Long story short, this happened:
  5. Gameplay has been pretty smooth this last week. Still experiencing frame drops while driving, and occasional crashes that seem to be related to inventory of tents and vehicles. I'll bundle up some crashdumps this afternoon. Thanks for not wiping our base. It's appreciated. We are working vehicles and tents very hard these last few weeks.
  6. I would wait until they leave, and begin filling their tents with fish until they meet my demands. I would also not make my demands known.
  7. Edit: Just realized this is in the wrong topic. Thanks Biohaze. Why is the old Exp thread still open, anyways? Speaking of shotguns, hell and I had an encounter with a player tonight. The stable maintenance crowd flooded the Experimental servers as usual, and one of them found his way behind hell in a tree. Long story short, Hell had a lot of head accessories to soak up damage, and the shotgun failed to kill him. Cleaned-up hostile, and revived Hell.
  8. If you like experimental servers, we have a regular crew of people who focus on base building and getting to know the locals. Our main focus is testing vehicles. We aren't exactly cubs, but havin' a mama around would probably do us some good. Feel free to pop into the experimental servers sometime, or lurk about a bit on the experimental discussion thread to see for yourself.
  9. Goodbye, Nautlius.
  10. Don't listen to him. ^^^ It's ever-so-slightly eastward from Rify. Just a couple times over the horizon.
  11. Playable builds should not be a priority at this point. They are so close to de-tethering the game from the legacy tech, that any work they do to keep .61 player base happy is just going to be thrown away on the next patch cycle anyways. Just wait for the main dish, and don't fill up on breadsticks.
  12. I haven't heard of that happening before, @lrishjake I've seen people get sick pretty much every other way, but never from roasted chicken. You should submit a ticket on the issue with your steam ID and the precise day and time this happened. They can go look through the files and see what happened. I saw them do this a week or two ago when someone got cholera from drinking well water out of a contaminated bottle. (Yes, you can spread cholera by drinking from a water bottle or canteen while sick, and giving it to another person.)