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  1. That is exactly the reason for the extra set of gears behind the hubs; to gain extra ground clearance with the axles. As anyone familiar with kinematics will understand, 4 extra gearboxes will create a fair amount of friction at each wheel, and this is the reason the top speed is 60, rather than around 80km/h. This truck was designed to reliably move cargo over rough terrain, and the design suits the need quite well. The reduction gearbox could just as easily been 1:1 ratio, but the design opted for power over speed.
  2. Hopefully they will address this when they implement the V3s with the intended technology, instead of current placeholder... Look carefully at the rear axles where they meet the hub, and you will see that the axle is offset above the center of each wheel, and a gearbox is affixed behind each hub. This is why the top speed is limited to <60 km/h.
  3. It still seems alien to me how much hate the DayZ dev team has gotten over the years for putting their figurative noses to the grindstone and committing to the unbelievably difficult task of making a post-apoc zombie survival simulator of this scope. I find it admirable that BI had the foresight to stand behind this project and see it through to the end, when so many other games will end up mediocre because of release deadlines and quarterly earnings goals. Watching this project come along since I bought-in way back in .51 has been a uniquley interesting experience. I can't help but look back and laugh at myself for buying DayZ because I thought the game was half-done, and wanted to learn the ropes before it hit the mainstream. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to be able drive over twigs in the road again.
  4. Perhaps that is your play style, but plenty of people prefer to survive using their wits; this means avoiding any avoidable challenges, and only taking risks when you control the situation. For instance, I prefer to run through the woods rather than use the roads, because wolves won't kill me instantly from hundreds of meters away as soon as they see me. When I am fresh spawn and don't have a good enough gun and enough bullets to kill wolves quickly, I will avoid wolf territory and take my chances on the roads. I also tend to run through the woods when it rains, because the trees keep me from getting wet as fast, and provide both fuel and cover for when I have to stop and dry off in my leather clothing. Nobody is supposed to do anything except for survive, and a number of people will tell you that finding frequent PVP interactions is more important than survival to them. Maybe the goal is to have fun, because it it a game. But why then do I sometimes get stressed and have to play for hours longer than I wanted to, just because someone found my base and I need to move it NOW, or risk losing everything I have worked for? Why do I scream obscenities at the top of my lungs when lag decides to move my V3s off the road and into a tree? Why do I spend hours looking for the legendary FAL to gain an edge in battles, only to avoid battles once I have found it because I don't know how many people there are and don't want to die and lose it? For some people the object ot the game is to survive, and for others it is to kill; while some people care to do neither, and approach everyone they meet to see if they are friendly. Fun is subjective, and DayZ need not even be "fun" to be enjoyable, if that makes any sense to you.
  5. Even in the last patch running on legacy DayZ, it is good to see so many dedicated players come together to test the one thing not dependent on development speed--the camaraderie and organizational skills of the players themselves. A big thanks to Bohemia, Barely Infected, and Spaggie for making this experiment possible. Hopefully we can continue to apply the concept of the village throughout the home stretch of development and see what this game can become.
  6. I think they put all the AI on the new player controller as well, that's why zombies hit you from 1.5 meters away and push you through walls. But yeah, this patch appears to have basically crammed in anything that didn't rely on the new tech, just to get it in the game and tested on a large scale.
  7. FTFY This patch is the one most cobbled together between the old systems and new tech. It's a wonder that it is working at all. But yes, you can relish the knowledge that this will likely have been the worst patch in DayZ history.
  8. Yeah. I'm already on the radio as of yesterday. Talked a bit off and on to a guy whose name I couldn't quite catch; said he was by Novy headed to the village. I ran a barrel down last night after stuffing a barrel with cow and wolf meat. The wolves have been attacking me every half hour up north because of the frequent resets, so I had to keep running back to dump the meat.
  9. One thing to remember about the zombies in this patch, is that their first attack of a windmill style is both the longest ranged, and strongest attack. ALWAYS dodge their dash attacks, then whomp them during their overswing for the kill. There is nothing I hate more than a fresh set of leather clothing getting downgraded by one bad hit from a zombie. Come to think of it, I haven't died to zombies once since I started wearing leather clothing. A couple times by wolves, maybe, but I'd sooner blame the ten beers...
  10. I think running around the castle demanding to speak to the person in charge kinda does count as having lost my cool. It was fun though. Apparently yelling demands at a confused anarchic village that just randomly shot my companion is not the best way to handle the situation. But hey, at least I managed to save Chappie (and steal most of his ammo), amid the chaos of people running across my UI prompt constantly...
  11. yeah. I had a bit of trouble tracking down the rules of the server at first, that was before the village got its own webpage. I even made the mistake of using direct text chat once in the tower when I was pissed about Baroness getting shot for wearing the wrong colors. LoL Do you know if it is outright bannable to use ts while trying to link up, or if it is okay for friends to chat on 3rd party while separated, but just not in mixed company? I've got a radio now anyways, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Suppose, the only way they'd know is if my dumb ass posted it again... At any rate, I met a nice fellow named "Tuna" (23) up at Tisy while the server was having some issues. I saw him run past my position at a few different places, and finally called out to him at the tents. We had a nice chat, and he gave me a couple full 60 rd stanags, and assured me I'd be wasting my time looting the rest of the base. I definitely have a dozen steaks waiting for him next time we meet.
  12. I've gone with the strategy of setting up an outpost of my own from which to work, and hopefully can gain reputation among the villagers as a competent hunter and scavenger. Last time I was there, I would have started hosing people down if I had an automatic rifle. It was that bad.
  13. I believe so. I haven't submitted any bug reports since around the time they made matches destroy vehicles. Space bar and left click seem to do the trick. Make sure any nearby friends take cover if your game crashes while you have an automatic rifle in hands....
  14. This exact thing happened to me yesterday, and I lost my established character on The Village. I can only assume that I logged in punching, or that the anarchic denizens of that village truly have no respect for the man who brings home the beef.
  15. Baroness and I spent the later half of last night trying to establish a splinter cell by taking redacted to our server to show him how things can be done. As soon as I get my kit back from the wolf fail at Tisy last night, I'll be back on the village to set up an alternative.