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  1. LMFAO. Who gets a car in working order and goes driving around backroads and cliffs without having anything besides a rock and a stick? I've been to Lopatino in my starter clothes with only a stick and stone, and was questioned and later killed by the group of geared players untrusting of a freshie so far inland; perhaps they figured I was one of their victims from a half-hour earlier, coming back for revenge. I routinely run to Tisy with nothing but an axe. Pretty often, I will take a Berezino area spawn and run basically naked through the gauntlet of wolves that stretches from Altar to Dubrovka to Kranso, to Novo. And sometimes I die from that. Sometimes I hide in a shed or caravan and get my stabby stick out, or punch them in the face with a stone in hand until one dies at the door and donates me some guts to use for rope. Then I dump my inventory on the ground and run between the wolves speed slashing bushes for arrows, while trying to dodge their BiteyMcBiteFaces. But never have I wrecked a car and been caught unprepared by wolves. Maybe just roll up the windows and take a nap?
  2. @pilgrim* K. How big is a Dayz server instance again?
  3. New content, yayeeee!!!! Any word on persistence? Even if it only lasts a day or two, it gives many of us a reason to keep testing. Also gimme back those ani-meals already.
  4. A Thank You Is In Order

    I think a lot of people can recognize that they were a niche issue, experienced by a few players; and many players, such as myself, have not experienced a BSOD for years. My last one was by driver reversion, as were many others' issues. But it apparently was an issue, and you caught it and brought attention to the other few that had this issue only with DayZ. Don't worry about the hate, most people were applying occam's razor to an outlier case. And maybe give the devs some slack. The issue was incredibly rare, and was only statistically feasible to catch in a larger testing pool of effectively random user configurations. It's pretty likely that the only way that they could have caught this was if you and a few other players had a specific arrangement of variables that allowed the BSOD. Job well done. Assuming you changed nothing about your rig. lol
  5. Stamina and energy levels?

    What can be done besides toggling them off? I'd prefer to only see status indicators while in inventory, because to me, it always feels like the self-aware pause time anyways; where the player briefly focuses on oneself instead of the environment. Honestly, I just miss the colored bars. It was minimalist, concise, unobtrusive. They could have just removed the text spam, and left the color scaled bars, and It would have been great.
  6. Stamina and energy levels?

    I'm trying to be patient, but I'm really hoping the new status icons and meters go to the inventory screen, and can be opened and closed like clothing and equipment for neatness. Seems like there is still a long ways to go. Really hope they reconsider soft skills too.
  7. I, for one, would appreciate spawning with a meat slicer so I can quickly get to my endgame of opening a sandwich shop.
  8. What kind/size of box is best suited for this kind of immershun? Asking for a friend. Not a patent troll; pinky promise. FWIW, I used to think they should just render the 3pp camera as a floating orb. I am proud to announce that I no longer feel that way. I have seen the light. The only true solution is to put the camera in a box with a rectangular slit, to add back the immershun missing from 3pp. This, of course, means that 1pp players will also need a box to look through, so they don't miss out on the blissful joy of the one true perspective. For continuity, all players will simply have their head textures stretched onto the box, so they can still have the fun of trying new hats, masks, and glasses. Both 1pp and 3pp players will have boxheads, while the 3pp camera will remain invisibly disembodied, but will show a view as if boxed. The changes to the various places of worship around chernarus would be pretty simple; all the paintings can be easily edited to reflect the blessed perfection of headboxing. May your corners stay sharp and your corrugations be true. Crease be with you. Edit: It has been brought to my attention that another title in the survival/sandbox genre has already cornered the market on block-headed avatars. We must now clearly emphasize that DayZ characters do not have box-shaped heads, but are rather wearing boxes on their heads.
  9. Where is the DayZ population?

    Wake me up when they add the ability to craft a hoagie from scratch.
  10. A Serious Problem

    Dang bro, gettin a little rowdy there, ain't ya? Are you sure those glasses are still working right? Maybe you need some bubblegum to distract you? I think all of the asses have reached their having been kicked quota for now. Thanks.
  11. Stamina and energy levels?

    I've gotten used to the stamina system, but I still think it could use a little boost to the maximum under certain conditions. What I'd like to see, is the initial spawn conditions having perhaps 25% more stamina; up to 50% more once energized hydrated and healthy. Adding to that, have some benefit to cardio training that would allow players to improve max stamina to the point that a fully healthy player with as much gear as they could carry would have the same stamina that one starts out with. That way, geared players who survived long enough could outrun bambis without having to drop their backpack, rifle, or vest. Maybe make it so that for every 10 km traveled, the max stamina increases by 10%, up to 200% of starting value for an unladen player with full stats. Long-lived geared players would be on equal footing, but also be more suited to outrun bambis, infected, and wolves. IMHO, the stamina system is a great way to reward long term survival and covering ground. Players that spend the time trucking around the map on foot will have a bit of a reward for not camping a town with a bag of canned food and a sniper rifle; which would encourage movement and increase interaction. And players who are part of a clan with cars and a camp will have to put in the legwork if they want to beat a wandering scavenger back to their car without having to drop their loot to run faster. Anything that gives an incentive to survive longer make the game more interesting to play, and more punishing when killed.
  12. The state of current gameplay

    Long after OP has been chased away, here we are still beating a dead hose... I think what @Dancing.Russian.Man was getting at, was that as the regulars who have closely followed development and know the ins-and-outs of each iteration, we would be more helpful orienting newcomers to the current state of the game, rather than screaming at them to get off the lawn. While I do make comments about the disclaimer, it's not meant to say "this is what it is, take-it-or-leave-it." Rather that certain things are to be expected, and will need to be overcome by players seeking to have anything close to a full and enjoyable experience at this time.. I've answered a lot of questions from various steam friends who have taken a break, and are aghast about the lack of content in .63. I have literally been asked why they took away 75% of the game, and had to explain that they are reworking all the new assets, as well as adding more intricate animations; and this will take time. Obviously, many of the new additions need balancing; and perhaps a few need to be reconsidered/reworked. Like it or not, many players come to DayZ after watching streams or youtube videos of top level play--much of this from older patches that were working relatively well. I think it's safe to say that the learning curve has steepened significantly with the addition of stamina, and the relatively unintuitive UI indicators. I think a few of us have starved to death in the first iteration of .63, and learned to persevere easily based on a body of knowledge gained through experience. New, and many returning players do not have that same experience. I've seen various posts about the opacity of the crafting system, and the lack of any in-game reference materials; meaning that new players have to go do a few hours of homework on the wiki, much like many of us had done ourselves. I do think the game should have pamphlets and/or posters detailing crafting and survival techniques. Not only to help out new players, but to also add depth to the immersive environment. I can only imagine how difficult the game must be for a newcomer, with the beastly dangerous infected, somewhat brutal stamina system, and the tendency of the energy and hydration indicators ostensibly giving you the all-clear when in reality , you are still only a few hundred meters of sprinting from another emergency. Maybe we could try a little harder to politely explain why the roof needs to go on after the walls, to those not personally familiar with the process; and maybe provide some tips and tricks for surviving in a house without electricity or plumbing.
  13. Visited the DayZ map IRL today

    You can dump them into an unlisted Imgur folder, and then add from URL.
  14. The state of current gameplay

    I'm fairly certain that the day/night cycles do not affect anything besides the sky. Consider the case if it were otherwise. Players on community servers would move from 1:1 server to another with accelerated time, and would promptly dehydrate or starve, based on their level of preparedness for a 1:1 time ratio server. I really don't know what's wrong with a lot of people.... It seems like some folks set up expectations contrary to the intended outcome, and current state of the game. I read up on DayZ a bit before buying, and foolishly assumed it was just over halfway done in Jan 2015. I was disappointed, but kept playing because there was, and still is, nothing else quite like it. This of course came from a somewhat informed and open-minded attitude about Participating in an Early Access Development Project. I am here just as much for the experience of seeing how the development of such a game progresses, as I am to play the finished project. So in this sense, I find it highly confusing for anyone to be overly disappointed by first impressions of a game with a disclaimer banner one must click every time the game is played. It's like sitting on the grass at a park, the day after 3 days of rain; if you expect anything besides soggy pants, that's on you...
  15. The state of current gameplay

    Oh shit. Someone kicked the Beehive again. FWIW, I think "spoon-fed" needs to be hyphenated. So I guess there's that...