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  1. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    I'm beyond caring anymore. Take a break for god knows how many months and come back, crash-fest. Crashing is back, can only play for about five minutes at a time if I'm lucky. Awesome game, guys. I'll just wait for the Beta. I guess. The four year anniversary of this game being on Steam is in December.
  2. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    Crashing solved, now the framerate is randomly dipping to the teens for some reason and staying there. Cool.
  3. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    Ehhhhhhh, looks like if I do all that, reverify, then play in x32 it works better.
  4. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    Hello, back again after...fucking ages. Decided I'd check out DayZ again after not playing it for a long, long time. The problem I'm having with Stable .62 is that it's constantly crashing to the point of being unplayable. Blackscreening. Has anybody else been having this issue? If so, does anybody have any recommendations on how to solve it? I would really like to see what's changed (if anything meaningful) in the last X months. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, the avatar file size is a joke.
  5. Footsteps and crouching

    While I like the loud sound of sprinting and walking footsteps, the volume of footsteps while crouched is too damn high.
  6. I am rapidly warming up

    I'm having the overheating problem as well. And so is the friend I murde play with. We both started to get overheated when we went to the NWAF, and despite all our efforts to shed clothing, drench ourselves in water, drink drink drink drink...we still were Overheating. But there didn't seem to be any negative health effects. We didn't lose color or anything like that. Is it a bug that you can't bring down your core temperature? Seems unreasonable to me.
  7. Place is a ghost town on Saturday, though. This is a joke. Relax.
  8. Yea. That sounds awful.
  9. Where do you find .308?

    I've found them randomly inside of clothing. Of people. That I've shot.
  10. Deerstands are excellent loot locations. B95 Mosin Nagant CR527 Longhorns 7.62x39 ammo Shotgun shells Hunting Scopes Hunting Pants Sporter 22 There are many more things that spawn in them, but these are what I regularly find of importance.
  11. I've played 0.60 for about ten hours or so now...and I must say that from a gameplay perspective my reaction has been...well... I loathe the new loot changes. I hate the face that nothing seems to spawn on the coast and you have to move inland to find anything relevant or useful. All I've been doing is making a beeline for NWAF or Veresnik and seeing how many fights or kills I can get before I die and start over again. The frames are great, and it is legitimately wonderful to be able to set things to "High" and enjoy the looks of the game. It's neat that weapons can spawn with attachments on them or that items can spawn in other items... But from a gameplay perspective...I think that Bohemia is making a HUGE MISTAKE in how they have this game play out. Instead of having zones where loot takes different varieties or forms or whatever, they need to do what I've been saying for ages now. Spread out spawns all across the map. Do not have huge zones where items spawn at varying levels of usefulness. Encourage people to move from town to town without having a general direction in mind. Right now, DayZ has become even MORE focused on deathmatch! All there is to do is "Spawn, get to NWAF as fast as possible, kill kill kill." If you spawn on the coast and the goal is to reach NWAF, which is clearly the drive of the loot system now, why would you ever go past that point? Why bother making all these cool and interesting towns to the north and up in the northwest when they exist behind the NWAF where all the best loot and action is. Loot is so pathetic on the coast, the large cities like Cherno, Electro, and other towns are seemingly pointless to exist around. It also makes it even more advantageous for people who have made it up to the NWAF or far inland to come back to deathmatch at the coast with an even larger advantage over newer spawns since they have such a harder time getting weapons and ammunition. There are good things about 0.60, but after all the months that have gone by...I am left incredibly, immensely disappointed. Oh, well. At least I can shoot people with better FPS now. That's something. I guess.
  12. Shit, I just feel lucky to see an M4 handguard spawn in one of those tents now. I'd wager around ~70% of those things spawn nothing at all.
  13. What is the state of duping at the moment? A friend and I came across two people in the tents at the NWAF who we dispatched and they both had the exact same M4. Attachments, amount of magazines, all of those things had identical conditions...they also had backup scoped Winchester rifles. Neither of them with ammo. Not going to say they were duping...but...that's a pretty astronomical coincidence.
  14. I've always had my settings at Low As Shit so I could get precious frames. It's nice to see what water look like here... ...compared to what water looks like on Low As Shit. There sheds spawn Hunting Backpacks. I didn't know that. But I do now. So do you. Still lots of glitches in the Matrix. Also, I still kill on sight. Bwa ha ha ha.