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  1. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    Again, you do not understand the point of an alpha. Its similar to a kickstarter. If you do not agree with it, stick to buying finished games. Your reply stated nothing of any substance because you only have an opinion; you do not understand game development on any level, and therefore, should stick to buying finished games. The people that want to be involved in an alpha, and help with a games progress, are the ones who should buy it.
  2. Dayz standalone Full release Refund question.

    Maybe you should stick to buying finished games because it sounds like you do not understand the point of an alpha.
  3. A Thank You Is In Order

  4. While I do enjoy 3pp (because I like to look at my character), and I do know friends who only like 3pp, I would hate to see it go. But 1pp feels sooooooo much more immersive. Love it.
  5. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I really want to play offline too but I can't justify losing all progression once I exit. I'd have to leave it running in the background and hope it doesn't crash.
  6. Thank you for the like to my post. Now I at least know 1 person has read it.

    I wonder why the forum has become so hostile to constructive criticism.

    1. schwaBAM


      Most of them are tired of the updates with little to no development.  Most of these guys have been here for years hyping and excited for the next step, and the team keeps pushing the date back further and further.  They are frustrated and I totally understand.  With that said, I am still super excited for beta.

  7. DAYZ: End of the Road

    Extremely well done. I normally stop watching most videos part or half way through. Not this one. I also subscribed.
  8. Aside from the things pointed out by others, I am actually impressed with the character movement and changes. I have been very disappointed with the speed and most updates like everyone else but this video gives me some hope. I still think the graphic overhaul of .62 was not what I expected. I was expecting lush/thick forests and all we got was some swaying trees and bushes. Fingers crossed.
  9. DayZ - 0.63 Gamescom Demo Overview (fan-made)

    Very cool. Thanks for the video!
  10. I'm extremely surprised you agreed to meet up with him. Great story.
  11. Status Report and Walkie Talkies

    You can do this already. Awhile back I logged on to our server and saw my buddy near our camp. I ran up to him and started talking but realized he was AFK. I found two radios, put them on the same frequency and placed one near a tree (next to the truck he left) and I hid in a pine tree nearby. When he came back and started moving around I yelled through the radio in a deep voice commanding him to put his hands up. He got in the truck and took off, lol.
  12. Beasts in the dark

  13. Wolves use the stairs

    I lol'd. I laughed even harder when you almost fell off the roof too.
  14. DayZ images as a Mosaic made of other DayZ images.

    Wow, nice work!
  15. .. and out come the wolves!

    My first encounter of wolves in the woods with ColdAtrophy..