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  1. DayZ - 0.63 Gamescom Demo Overview (fan-made)

    Very cool. Thanks for the video!
  2. I'm extremely surprised you agreed to meet up with him. Great story.
  3. Status Report and Walkie Talkies

    You can do this already. Awhile back I logged on to our server and saw my buddy near our camp. I ran up to him and started talking but realized he was AFK. I found two radios, put them on the same frequency and placed one near a tree (next to the truck he left) and I hid in a pine tree nearby. When he came back and started moving around I yelled through the radio in a deep voice commanding him to put his hands up. He got in the truck and took off, lol.
  4. Beasts in the dark

  5. Wolves use the stairs

    I lol'd. I laughed even harder when you almost fell off the roof too.
  6. DayZ images as a Mosaic made of other DayZ images.

    Wow, nice work!
  7. .. and out come the wolves!

    My first encounter of wolves in the woods with ColdAtrophy..
  8. Stable Update 0.61.136770

    Comments like this make no sense to me. If you dislike this game then go play the other fucking game and stop acting like you're better than everyone else or that you are the first to discover that development is slower than expected. Most people in this thread still enjoy the game for what it is and are anxious for what is to come. Yes, every single person here already knows what the development pace is, so what you are saying is nothing new. I took a few month hiatus until .61 came out myself. Bye.
  9. Event Pics, 60 Players

    This looks awesome.

    Very well done. The cloud movements made me lol at some parts.
  11. Russian Roulette Cheater!

    How did you expect to play Russian Roulette with an fnx? Do you understand how it works?
  12. Broken Hope (video -1:23)

    I lol'd.
  13. Last Man Standing – Hardcore Squad Battle - 4 vs 6

    That was intense. For a moment there I wasn't sure what you were doing when you were looting one of the bodies and took shots.. you got up and left your backpack but it ended up working out for you. Good stuff.
  14. What on earth happened in this clip?

    The way I am seeing the video is that you are initially shooting over his right shoulder, so you would not see the dirt kick up on those shots. Your crosshair came down on the last shot as he was moving and you can see the bullet hit the dirt. The last few shots after that had an extremely long delay before the dirt kicked up. I am not sure if I can pinpoint exactly what it was, but it looks like a combination of lag/desync and poor aim.
  15. What on earth happened in this clip?

    I don't see how you can say they connected with the player when you can see the dirt kick up next to him. I guess I will claim ignorance in regards to the alignment debate as I rarely use the crosshair even in first person. It's only if I run into an "oh shit" moment and me and the enemy are nose to nose.