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  1. Some ideas

    WOW - well GOOOOD MORRNIIING CHERNARUSSSSSss !!! But the dog tag idea I like and have also suggested it .. you can spawn either with a dog tag OR if you dont want to be mil-style, with a bracelet with your name & blood group on it. That is like any piece of kit and can be taken from you, or thrown away, or collected by the nasty players (for instance by psychos who want to collect trophies and make masks out of your Face).. Also, finding (capturing or shooting) a player with 5 or 6 dogtags stacked in his backpack, would be a dead giveaway. .. OK ?
  2. Server Hopping

    How you going to ban it? - the first Public Hive server you log into you cant EVER play on any other server ? ( that would "work", but it's not a very good solution, right? ) -so how do you suggest to stop it ? What's the solution ?
  3. What is your prefered gear? (Not weapons)

    totally - and their age and attitude too maybe? (no offense). But ALSO I don't like a fully geared up player wearing all coordinated mil gear - I wouldn't talk to them, for sure.. and SPECIALLY I don't like 2 or 3 players wearing ALL the SAME coordinated gear.. First instinct.. really INSTINCT.; is to get under cover, observe, work round, check I have a good rout away.. then shoot one in till he drops and leave the scene fast back to the deep woods. Don't know why.. How come so-called mil teams ALMOST totally NEVER work a real overwatch? .. your mil team without an overwatch and one flanker is just fancy dress, people. The local hill-tribes will take your boots while they are still warm. (why don't you KNOW that?)
  4. What new update do u want

    On DayZ Mod there were (at the end) players who bought hack tools off the net.. most of these tools had options to let you use ArmA assets to wreck the game - I have seen big military bases with lines of military trucks full of weapons, I've seen warplanes of different types .. there was a youtube video of someone nuking Cherno with a tactical Nuclear Ballistic Missile from a full mobile launch platform.. (nice!) = but NOT in the official DayZ, it was a home made hack. Also some of the legit independent Mods to the game had base building etc.. perhaps that's what you saw ? - but DayZ Mod, and DayZ SA, neither of them have ever had << Base Building >> as part of the legitimate game. In my opinion there is ZERO need for <<base building>> mechanics to be added into DayZ SA.. It will completely change the game, and NOT in a good way. It will make it more ordinary, another move towards a bog-standard game, and further from what it was intended to be. It is not a collecting, or points, or NPC quest dungeon, or leveling, or Base Building game - at all. It is a scrounging and surviving and being paranoid and cunning and making decisions and reacting & living by your knowledge and your wits until you DIE, game.. NOT a <<Base Building>> game.. You Xbox players will be getting PERSISTANT storage soon - tents, vehicles and barrels, that you store gear in. They stay on the server even if you are killed.. If you are solo you can hide a barrel or a tent somewhere you think is safe, or repair a car and move about, store gear in it, .. if you are a team you can have a whole camp of tents and vehicles .. I think Xbox players should get used to THAT DayZ.. you will have it soon (I hear) just like on PC... when it is all in place (soon) you will have a chance to evaluate the real DayZ experience as it is now. If BI bring in military <<Base Building>>.. (as many PC players hope for) - then you will never have a chance to get involved in DayZ as it has been played for a few years.. Instead, you will think it is a <Base Building> game - and that's how it will be catalogued.. But there are already plenty of those. AND that would be a great pity.. Xboxers would MISS OUT on so much of this very UNUSUAL game.. BI are working now to give you the full set of features, then you will have many different play style choices. Get used to THAT (the full DayZ as it is now on PC), and see what you think of it .. it will give you plenty of life-choices and a few hundred ways to die. Try it out for a while. (ps - maybe Baty Alquawen can give you a pointer to when persistence with tents, vehicles, barrels, will be on Xbox ? ) All this about <Base Building> is just my opinion, natch.. Like my POV on on helicopters the old DayZ Mod.. dont LIKE them.. bases will give me something new to seek and destroy. I am totally the resistance & in cover on the high ground .. military occupation of my country I not like it. xxP
  5. Stress Test vol.49

    I have had this problem with pants..can't put them down anywhere .. exchanged them with stuff on the ground, threw them away, emptied pockets, swapped gear around,, tried everything they were still in my hands.. I put them in my backpack (they remained in my hands) and logged out and back in, they were in my backpack. Could not reproduce this.
  6. What is your prefered gear? (Not weapons)

    you don't have 'payday masks' yet on Xbox ?? .. that's the bog-standard play-style total giveaway on PC.. When you see a damned lunatic in a clown mask you know their play style is A Damned Lunatic in a Clown Mask
  7. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Thing is - DayZ is NOT a fair game.. it was designed to be NOT fair. There is NO rule of Law and there is NO safe place. you can loot for hours and be fully kitted up and if you AREN'T CAREFUL a player who just fresh spawned 3 mins ago and only found an old monkey wrench, or with his bare fists - he can kill you dead.. He's NOT cheating.. YOU just LOST the GAME. You thought you were safe but you were not. Nowhere is ever safe in DayZ, that's the POINT of DAYZ The AIM of DayZ is to avoid getting killed - to Survive. There is NO WAY to Win DayZ. There are a million ways to TRY to avoid LOSING - you choose for yourself how best to do that.. at every moment you are in danger and you make Decisions that might be good or bad, what you do might work or it might not work. Nothing is safe ever. That is what DayZ is ABOUT. So if you LIKE that and you want to PLAY DAYZ.. then you CANT have a button that says <Get Me Out Of the Game Now With All My Stuff>> Because if you have that, then you're never in danger. It makes the game pointless - You can play THAT game forever but you're not playing DayZ. you can make stupid selfish moves and log out as soon as you notice how stupid that was, and stay alive ?? .. Nah ! . .. In DayZ you pay the price. If you were gunned down, you were standing in the wrong place - that's YOUR fault. Know better next time. This is what DayZ is for. Anything that makes DayZ safe to play, screws the game up completely. Sorry about that - DayZ is supposed to be not safe and not fair, and you have to work out ways of dealing with that IN the GAME. - and in your head - That's just one big reason WHY you cant log out instantly.
  8. What new update do u want

    Hang on a mo, dark.! . I was just saying that tents and barrels and vehicles are already PERSISTENT and already in the PC game. Xbox players are supposed to catch up to the PC game, so what is on PC is what Xbox will get - that's how I understand it. But, for the future there has been talk, and maybe promises of introducing "BASE BUILDING" on PC. - It is not there on PC yet - so I was just mentioning what is already in the PC game now. Some folk think Base Building for the future MUST means military = sandbags and barbed wire and watchtowers, or maybe ALL those things plus bigger constructions (?) plus invulnerability when the owner is offline(?) , or maybe just a berm to put your tents in? - or maybe a way of barricading houses already in the game?.. .. in fact many folk think all KINDS of things about it.. but Base Building is a concept in the air from BI without any deep info given out (not that I know about). Some players WANT that <<Construct a Military Base>> gameplay , some think it will wreck the game.. etc etc etc.. Just saying that AT the MOMENT on PC - I have SEEN lines and squares of 6 or 8 tents (2 different kinds of tents) - quite often, and sometimes with plenty of gear in them and also FOUND like 15 or 20 barrels stashed away together in an isolated place (just once) .. and maybe 4 tents and a line of 3 or 4 repaired cars and vehicles.. a truck, a coach & two saloon cars (you can also keep gear in vehicles) .. it is interesting to go looking for this stuff (hehehe) .. .. That is all persistent on PC at this stage in the game already. So there are player constructed server-specific persistent "camps" in the game, if you want to make them, to store your gear. Or you can just hide one barrel or one tent somewhere quiet on a server you like.. So you will be getting that stuff with persistence soon on Xbox. I believe that's the plan. Actual full military base building is still ..er.. moot. (?). it is not in the PC game now (anyway) .. Something will turn up, and my opinion is there will be a LOT of argument about that, and how it works (personally I agree with your view) .. but it's not out in the open yet, not in DayZ yet.. Different folk have different ideas and hopes .. guess we'll see ?? xxp
  9. What new update do u want

    Also remember Xbox-folk, you've got vehicles, & tents and barrels (for stashing stuff) coming. These are already on PC. These are all persistent - they do NOT vanish when you die - and they ARE server dependent. So even if you think server hopping on public hive is your best way to play, as soon as you have stashed a few items in a tent one ONE server.. then you start being tied to that server. If you are a big collector and have 3 tents and a truck, that represents a lot of effort and it is all on one server. Someone may find it, ya know? You will spend time on that server for sure. I stick to barrels (usually just one is ok for the way I play), which are much easier to hide than tents. Like any other gear you carry on your person, you can move an EMPTY barrel or a FOLDED tent, from one server to another. But once a tent is set up and has gear in it, you have to empty it before you can pack it up & move it, at all. Same for a barrel. So if you have 2 tents somewhere with any gear in them you probably won't be moving them much. And if you fix up a vehicle, it stays on THAT server where you found it. So you are already half-tied to a base hidden on one server. It won't vanish if you are killed. Also - for meeting players - on PC word gets around fast which servers are the main attractions for PVP.. its like the trendy hangout in town, OK? .. people who WANT run-around action all queue up to get in there for their session. I guess some players keep their tents on a low pop server, and then gear up for Friday/Saturday night and move over to their fave hot high pop server .. But other folk stay on low pop servers by choice, and go hunting or looting, farming, & surviving.. it's a play-style choice (among other ways to go) .. Either way <<Persistence>> of tents, vehicles, barrels, on PC, already links a player pretty strongly to "their" server. That's where their gear is. = PC players already say "found another player's base" as much as they say "found another player's tents" - because 5 or 6 tents together plus 2 vehicles is definitely a base, right? Check Youtube.
  10. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Yeah - this is the argument folk have sometimes come up with against timers : "my Mom turned the computer off when I was playing" I never heard of ANY online game that has a RULE for how to be safe if your Dad shouts at you for playing too long and makes you stop NOW, or your house gets hit by a plane crash-landing through your roof, or the neighbour's dog bites your hand off in the middle of an online firefight, or you don't check the time, and you play right up until the last second before you're late for work or late for school... Is there ANY online game that gives you a SAFE key to get out of the game instantly like you've were never in it ?? I ain't heard of one. In DayZ if you play the game you make your own decisions & you take the consequences to your character - there is NOWHERE SAFE in DayZ EVER. If you have to suddenly turn off the game, man you are screwed.. you might get away with it, but don't EXPECT to be alive when you log in again. If you are in an in-game situation, you have to get OUT of it BEFORE you can log off safely.. go hide in the bushes, make sure no one is following you.. OK? This is how the game works. Nowhere is safe.. try to log out in a safe place.. see? It's PART of the Game. When you watch a war film, you get to the scene where the hero gets killed in a firefight - you don't SWITCH IT OFF before he gets hit.. <duh?> Maybe try to plan ahead a little in your at-home free time.. ?? (like Dude, that's your problem, not a DayZ problem) ENJOY xxP
  11. Server Owner ?

    Go here : and report it. This might seem complicated until you sort out how the Feedback Tracker works, but it is to report bugs, hacks = technical stuff that causes game problems. It is worth it in the long run, fr you and other Xbox players. A server owner (or anyone) should not be able to respawn themself kitted up or at a location they chose. If what you say is fact, it definitely needs fixing. xxP
  12. Server Owner ?

    this happens on Xbox ?
  13. Exp Update 0.63.148743

    that's why they call it 'twitter'
  14. safe bases will break DayZ I guess the first move to introducing "bases" will be to have doors and windows of existing buildings boarded up by the player. * xxP
  15. 30 wolves and Database Lock

    Thirty wolves - wow, worth loosing a character just to have that story to tell your grandchildren - bet you were screaming aloud right there at your rig .. ain't DayZ a once-in-a-lifetime game ? stick with it Xbox players