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  1. Boil Water

    In the DZ Mod you could use an empty bean can. Took up one gear space. Always carried an empty can and something to start a stick fire. .. standard survival - hobos been doing this for 200 years.. that would be almost like IRL ! ... Seriously I REALLY don't know why they took the empty can out of the game? Too realistic and obvious & sane? & just to say - Using a fire drill is =REALLY= NOT= the best way to start a fire. Anyone ever TRIED it IRL ??.. there are a dozen better easier ways. A fire drill needs habit and training and the right stuff (not just anything). It is NOT a good way to go unless you have (for instance) some bone dry moss in your pack, and you split damp dead wood to find the dry fragments inside, and have already the correct wood for the drill and (different) dry correct softwood for the drill base. Really - go try it out. I was on a reservation in Washington State - friend who lived there said "Want to see how us Native Americans light a fire? " He built his sticks together, threw a quart of petrol on it, said "stand back" took out a bit of flint and struck a spark off the back of his knife. That worked.

    Yes - I admit i DID get a LOT of fun out of the original DayZ Mod zombies.. crawling past them (real close), or them suddenly running amok, or hearing a shot in a building and more and more zombs start coming in up the stairs.. and their crazy running at where you ARE now. so when they get there they have look where youv'e gone and then run there. (even if it was a stopgap it was REAL brainlessness, Great). And the mess they could make of you (and the Horrible Sounds of your death) .. I remember having a leg broke and fighting them off with an axe from the ground until no more came, then i couldn't move or even stand because I was under a pile of dead zombies and I had to wait till they one by one de-spawned before I could even crawl out of there.. And ways to trick them, like crouching behind a trash container while they walked right past knowing they wouldn't sense me. Lying on the edge of a roof and watching them gather underneath. And the way they would start moving in bit by bit from the fields towards you if you stayed in one place. And if you "talked" on the server they HEARD you and freaked out. But mainly the stealth aspect, and the damage, and PLENTY of zombies.. and the way they walked and ESPECIALLY how they RAN fast like crazed mad worm-brain zombies. Even scoping a town and seeing zombie action meant someone was around - I think that was fair gameplay.. I REALLY LIKED those crazy zombs. And I liked dead players lying in the street till reset (ie for a LONG time).. that MEANT something.. and hearing the FLIES somewhere close in a building or tall grass. =Immersive= That was Good Stuff. Today's zombs are for the WEAK - In the DayZ Mod I've seen fully mil-kit fully-armed guys go down fighting, overwhelmed, ripped to shreds and EATEN .. - That's what makes a player into an adult. I can take it but I'll never be the same again.
  3. armistice day

    11 Nov is Armistice Day - just mentioning - I think it's worth mentioning. nuff said.
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    If you have a backpack full of food and you don't hunt or fish it will "emerge" that your backpack has become empty and has no more food in it. Are you complaining that you want 1 can of beans to keep you alive for only 5 minutes before you start starving? Are you complaining that ammo should be a lot rarer - like you must search for 2 or 5 hours to find only max TWO rounds instead of a box, and one of the two rounds is "damaged"? Is that it? Or do you want to go on the STANDARD programmed quest where you know that this house in this town has a Level 8 AI military monster that takes Three headshots with a level 7 gun to kill, then you win the level 8 gun and 200 rounds of ammo, and you Level Up so you can't do that again, and have to go to the radio tower and fight the Level 10 zombie team? Isn't that a bit ... "old style"? .. Do you want difficulty or predictability? hey - you know you can always play Team Fortress

    If you are soaked and cold you'll die before you warm up. I was pointing out how to actually survive in the game. It's a good idea to be on the second floor in a corner away from an entry, because one or two zombies may gather at the bottom of the corner beneath you (if they "sense" you) - and also you have a chance of hearing someone coming in. This "take off all your gear and run like mad in a corner" is simply an emergency survival technique that works, so you avoid death. Think of it as IRL doing violent strenuous exercises and jumping about and clapping your arms, if you want to equate it to a real situation. And no - if your core temperature has dropped or is close to failing, and your clothing is soaked, being out of the wind and rain motionless in a long-deserted completely unheated house may NOT save you at all. And it's a pity there are no blankets on the beds.; or in the game. You can do a LOT with a blanket.. the disaster should have left hundreds. I don't often loot zombies - generally I keep away from them or stealth - it's more fun. But ones i have looted (rarely & only a few) I've had no problem. Except one that dropped into the ground and vanished .. I just thought (puzzled) maybe it had despawned really fast because it was desperately needed on some other part of the map? xxp
  6. Missing string Controls entries

    maybe make sure you are not "crossing keys" on some actions (doubling different actions to one key) - some of the key definitions are a little difficult to understand - eg if you want to look left you need the "look up left" command, NOT "look left" - eg I "cross keys" deliberately so that lying down - one keypress will make me stand up and run forward (this is kind of useful) - one key operates 2 actions.. if I'm not lying down it ignores the "stand" command and just "runs" - But other key combos can cause a big mess. If you are sure you have checked EVERY key page - put everything back to standard (like totally everything, I mean even heli controls, whatever, page by page..). Try living with that to see if it works, even if you know some commands aren't open to you. If it works buy yourself an independent number pad (is not expensive). - I'm left handed, (left hand on mouse). I do all my movements on the number pad. But uf you want to go through it systematically - then Reset ONE key .. store it and play.. make sure that works ok. THEN reset one more key.. play the game. when you're sure it works, reset a third key. You'll find the mistake if you fault-find one by one. If you have a laptop with a non-standard keyboard just buy yourself a standard plug in full--set keyboard and do it from there, save yourself the pain. OR you are just messing too much with your game files. You need to be careful with those. Eventually, if the above dosn't work - Just WIPE the game, do your antivirus from A to Z, and download and install from scratch. Leave it to install "exactly how it wants" overnight - as ADMINISTRATOR - natch. Then if it still dosn't work in the morning you KNOW it's your PC setup and not the game. A standard keyboard (with a numberpad) is the cheap easy way to go. ??
  7. When will gameplay be introduced?

    ps - I'm not really a fan of Disney Star Wars either, but i don't give half a stuffed blowhole about what a dozen-million people think about THAT or about EA games - Those "average" millions disagree with me for just ONE simple reason - because I am interestingly SMART and they are WRONG. They are average and boringly WRONG. It's not my problem, it's theirs. I let them go their own way. Science tells us that the most COMMON buyer of online games is the "AVERAGE" - That's the definition of Average - It is NOT an insult, it is just REALLY boring. So who passed the law that everything and everyone has to be as average as possible? You? - How come you aren't having fun playing an "average" EA game, that's what you want. .. OK, and the secret is - Average EA games already Exist right now! xxp - - Make your own day.
  8. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Maybe you have to be a solo player with a mind of your own ? For a solo player nothing else happens except emergent gameplay. xxp
  9. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    If you are playing on a private hive server - try instead playing on a couple of the pubic official hive servers see if the same thing happens. If it does, run your antivirus 100% and then do the" filecheck and steam reinstall" - the routine check/reinstall from Steam. Also (maybe) don't mess with your avatar file?

    For an emergency "get dry" in case you are soaked and shaking. Go upstairs in some building and close the door so you wont be disturbed. Drop ALL your gear. Put your head in a corner of the room and just run like mad. In a while you will start "warming up". It takes a while but keep running hard (you won't go anywhere because you're running non-stop into the room corner). Eventually if you don't starve from exertion you'll be dry. then put your gear back on it will be dry too. - This is just a go-to in case you are soaked and freezing and stuck unable to make a fire, and need immediate survival action, but it works. It will save your life. One click on any part of your dropped gear will bring it back to you - so you could keep an eye on your gun in case you hear movement or the door starts opening. Walking in on a naked guy with an AKM might make any intruder hesitate just for that vital fraction of a second.. ?

    Maybe you ought to kill it first ?
  12. Status Report 7 November 2017

    No prob mate - Be Radical, change the game the way you want it. Like your school base. - I guess Modders got to Mod.. right? Not a crtit of your mod - but everyone seems to be concentrating on cars and shacks when humvees and tanks would be more interesting, plus shaped charges and clamores for anti zombie barbed wire & underground (basement) ares that need flashlights to explore. - etc - Instead of MORE loot and MORE cars. Mods ALWAYS seem to come down to "more loot and more cars" - No offence to anyone.. just my experience. Happy to be wrong. To me, it looks like most mods turned out to be GTA with extra weapon drops.
  13. Status Report 7 November 2017

    you can kill a boar with an axe but you have to plan it, trap it, and you only get one hit. it's a challenge.. Ive tried 50+ times, done it twice.. find a place on a steepish slope with some fallen trees, where there are boars.. eg like the valley leading inland from Solnichniy .. you can even cut trees to help form traps . chickens are for the WEAK
  14. Status Report 7 November 2017

    I like the way someone dragged a railway wagon out into the middle of an earth field, did you pull it through the trees? - did that take a whole gang of quads with ropes? At least you know no one's going to drive off with it, ever.
  15. Status Report 7 November 2017

    You mean IRL you really never-ever killed a chicken with a machete or a garden hoe or even a spade ? - wow, you've just never lived !! (note: chickens don't live in the wild - you're thinking of pigeons and snakes and crows and squirrels and woodpeckers and stuff .. )