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  1. Server hopping - base security

    Say, why don't you play DayZ Aftermath ? - it has everything going for it. these topics should be merged
  2. I just don't have any words left.

    I just don't have any words left : .. It takes me 276 words to say it.
  3. I just don't have any words left.

    No such thing as a face-shot, only a headshot - just the same as there's no such thing as an arm-shot, only a bodyshot. Helmets give you some protection from from headshots. No one ever lost an eye, in DayZ or broke an arm, or suffered a putrid wound in the groin. No one ever lost any toes dying of hypothermia, no one has ever been lungshot and suffocated/drowned in blood, no trench foot or gangrene or internal parasites .. ya know? .. quit moaning.
  4. Status Indicators in the HUD

    How about a flashing red DOT on the screen somewhere - top left or top right - to indicate you are actually bleeding. Not "blood level falling or rising".. just HEMORRHAGE ! Bleeding is an EMERGENCY - NOT a 'state' A couple of times punching zombies or fighting wolves, I have NOTICED its difficult to check your blood level and look at the ACTION at the same time - So you don't even know if you are bleeding or not DURING the FIGHT - you have to assume you are bleeding or check deliberately by looking away from the action - and by then it can be too late. There'-s no pain, no "shock" in the gale - no indication, no INSTINCT you would get IRL from a serious open wound inflicted on you - you just notice after the fight your blood is low, and you bleed out before you can finish bandaging. So a flashing red dot somewhere near the top of the screen would give you the panic sensation - danger _ warning YOU ARE BLEEDING.. This would be much more realistic than bleeding out in a fight because you were too busy to notice you were dying from blood loss ! Bleeding is not a "state" like the other states, it is an EMERGENCY - You should be aware of it NOW whatever you are looking at, whatever the action is - without "checking your status" - - <good grief> IRL you don''t have to "find out" if you are bleeding to death or not.. you can FEEL IT.. you KNOW it. Make it so
  5. Issues Rendering Vegetation

    Set your GPU to "Use Game Settings" for DayZ - for everything (go through all your GPU options, turn them all to "boring" or 'off" to start out) . Don't max out all the advanced GPU options that (in fact) aren't included in DayZ. Also set your DayZ graphics options to Standard and start from there.. try upping one thing at a time until you find what is the cause. I have a dual core Athlon and Win 7 and a Radeon RX 480.. I have to turn down - or off - some of the graphics options on the GPU, else I get white grass & trees, etc... xxP ps - You CAN run DayZ without graphics problems on any GPU that has Win 7 drivers. Might not look tremendous but it will all be there. For Win 10 ? ... I don't know.
  6. base destroyable?

    (..cough..) I think that's a glitch in the game, ET.. So Bases are pointless on public servers? - because obviously ATM anyone can hop in inside them however strong the walls and gate - And you think this is OK ? Do you think that's DELIBERATE POLICY on the part of BI ? They are maybe doing this destroy any possibility of playing base-defense games on public servers ? Because if any player can hop into your base when you're not there, then it's NOT YOUR base.. it's just some place on the map with a lot of stuff lying around, AND it's easy to spot from far away. So do you think BI need to FIX this big game-play problem ? OR do you think public shard servers should be abandoned/stopped completely? Is BI aiming for dumping the public hive and leaving just mods & totally private severs with no public severs anymore? BI are VERY OBVIOUSLY focusing on the console market. (and no one can blame them for that). So, most important - what is the opinion of console players on how to play BASES on the public hive ? Let's just look at the future and predict what is going to happen. hmm? * * * ; * * * * * * * * * p.s. = between friends, E.T. - you have played on ONE SERVER (with an Admin) for a year - YOU have a way of playing DayZ that you like - that's GOOD, I'm pleased for you. And we all agree that glitches, hollow walls, cheats, etc should not be exploited - the game designers do their best to eliminate these as they are found. BUT We all ALSO KNOW the rules of warfare, scouting, resistance, melee, raids, foraging, contact, attack, battle, skirmish, regular & irregular forces = the REAL WORLD RULES = right back from ancient times.. And there is a LOT of this in DayZ. RULE 1 = you do NOT attack the Enemy at their point of MAXIMUM FORCE.. you do not wait until they EXPECT YOU and are lined up behind their STRONG DEFENCES .. you attack unexpectedly, you concentrate on their weaknesses, while they are asleep, or off duty or have their backs turned, when they are spread out, when they are soft, when points are unguarded, you destroy their supplies, you create confusion, you demoralize, you come by unexpected routs, you flank them, you raid, you steal and loot, you destroy their means of defense, you capture, you snipe, you infiltrate, you interdict, you use their material against them, you destroy their supplies..you kill and destroy and take prisoners the SAFEST way you can to WIN & to SURVIVE .. this is the baseline FACT of combat. A fort - a BASE - is a Great Vulnerability for an "enemy" or any "unknown force" you come across right now. You can use their Base against THEM much much better than they can use it against you. And this is REALLY TOTALLY STUPID in a game like DayZ where more than half the players are mil. geared to the teeth and want to fight. A base that could PROTECT you from those "bad nasty" players would be interesting, could be USEFUL .. jeez - that's why the Ancient Celts built HILL FORTS.. and every culture since then has done the same. If you have a "defensive structure" that you CAN NOT DEFEND then you are an IDIOT. And if an attacker does not make use of weaknesses then the attacker is an IDIOT. If you claim you are "rebuilding society" then tell me - in the IRL society you live in how many Tanks, Bunkers, Aircraft, Nuke submarines, Carriers, Missiles, ICBMs, do you have to DEFEND your "peaceful society"?.. if they were all built out of balsa wood, and anyone could steal them in the middle of the night, would they be useful? .. you'd feel a bit stupid, right ? So 3 starving Vikings with AKs hop into the middle of your base and kill you while you're making your tasty stew round the campfire... that's a HELL of a WEAKNESS in the DESIGN of your FORTIFICATION, mate. - I'd MUCH rather be out in a tent hidden carefully in the woods. I'd get those weaknesses of design seen to, if I were you .. but not by complaining to the Server Admin and having the "nasty players" banned.. THAt wont change the problem of BASES for 99.99 % of all DayZ players around the world. And they SURE DONT want to be told they must all play like you. This is DayZ, - this is not My Second Life Only the design and mechanics (including locks, ownership, material strength, vulnerabilities, and login rules) can decide if bases are playable or not. We need to know the DEVS plans for bases. (and need to hear them before the console players go crazy with frustration) xxP
  7. base destroyable?

    Most players who want BASES - want bases so they can RAID each others BASES - face the facts. <good grief>
  8. Came back to it after a year or so...

    yeah wolves kind do what the zombies USED to .. don"t know why - I guess it makes it safer to stay in cities and on the coast ?
  9. base destroyable?

    Hi Emuthreat This is like : I ask a technical question about the ballistics of a rifle and you give me a moral lecture about how bad and antisocial it is to shoot other players. That is no answer to my question. Your only technical answer is that in your view BASES are designed by BI to be eye-candy for private PvE servers. Nah ! I think MOST Xbox players, and VERY MANY PC players would be TOTALLY AMAZED if that turned out to be true. And REALLY REALLY REALLY NOT pleased. * I say << how well does this rifle SHOOT - load, caliber, range, accuracy, damage - give me the figures ? >> And you say <<Oh, it doesn't shoot AT ALL, dude, you just carry it around to look good, - because where I play DayZ, we don't approve of people who shoot rifles at each other>> Are you really SURE this is the game = DayZ SA = we are both talking about here ? Really? - Bases are just complicated useless eye-candy for PEACEFUL co-operative servers? - and that's how BI INTENDS them to be ?? Go tell it on Xbox
  10. base destroyable?

    sounds great - Im glad you AT LAST found the only true PATH to play DayZ - Give yourself stars and spread your religion. Great to see you have a priority kill list, that's the most important thing for a Cult. And banning people for combat logging? How quaint yet..strangely predictable (does that happen a lot on public servers?) - Right thought makes right bodies makes right actions makes good neighbors, that's real noble.. Must make you warm and cozy. Hope you're all vegetarians. IF ONLY ALL PLAYERS WERE LIKE THIS - what a circle jerk DayZ would be. xxP * * what private server are you on? - do I get hunted down fairly ? or do I get banned as soon as I log in ?
  11. base destroyable?

    Simple simple simple example - for all you folk who act PUZZLED... lissen UP ! You have a base on a server. I (me, the bad guy) I hop to another server, On the other server I stand where your base is located, I log back in to your server - Now I'm INSIDE your BASE. Wow... Ok - was that difficult to understand? NOW - this is still the SAME simple point (nothing complicated) - You want to STOP this happening, so no player can log in INSIDE a BASE ER.. EXCEPT the players who OWN the base.... right? It would be dumb if you couldn't log in, inside "your own base", right ? So how does the server know <this is a base> ? so how does the server know <this base belongs to FRED265> ? Because up to now, nothing belongs to anybody in DayZ - only the stuff you carry on your back "belongs" to you, for as long as you can keep it. so how does THAT server know that this "AREA" is <<A BASE>> ? .. Because it has barbed wire all the way round it ? And the game is implemented so you cant log in to an enclose barbwire space? UNLESS you are LISTED as the owner of that space.. ? Or does it have to be an enclosed space with a wooden pallisade around it? How does the server know WHAT is a base AND WHO "owns" it, so it can deal with the logins.. That's a VERY SIMPLE starter question. What moment does the server DECIDE <<this is a base = no one can log in except FRED256>>.. What do you have to do to make that happen? Does it happen because FRED265 put up the last piece of wood to ENCLOSE the base? Or do other people who ALSO created the enclosed area ALSO have the right to log in inside it? Can you invite people who did NOT help create the base to become "members" so they can also log in and out INSIDE the base? - HOW do you do that ? So if the base has a big HOLE blown in it, or someone (friend or foe) takes down all one side of the enclosure, can JUST YOU still log in and out inside it, or can ANYBODY log in to a damaged base? This is all just ONE very simple point about "bases" - there is ZERO (go look = ZERO) script anywhere in the files about this, and NO SUGGESTIONS from the BI team ANYWHERE IN HISTORY - And this is the case after the years of discussion about WHERE people can log in (for ALL kinds of reasons) has resulted in NOTHING AT ALL (except "a login delay"). So you can NOW build a thing that looks like a kiddie play-park and you can put tents and cars inside it.. - well woop be doop !! This needs some MORE THOUGHT If you are REALLY confused by this VERY simple Number 1 Starter Question, you never programmed your pc to say "hello world" in Basic.. for sure.. And later we'll get on to ALL the OTHER real questions about what is a BASE and how does it WORK. But do yourselves a favor, deal with the simple stuff first. xxP < and ps - if YOU can build a LADDER for your tower, why cant I build a SCALING LADDER for your wall ? > ENJOY
  12. base destroyable?

    So if I get into your base... because anyone can get in while the gate's open, and say "hi" or break in while there's no one in play - then I can log out in the base? So I can log back in at 2 am and open the gates to a bunch of my mates from another server ? So in fact the base doesn't "belong" to anybody? This base is just eyecandy for private servers ? Or do specific people "own" the base .. they have some kind of list of who can log in and out in that base ? Can they add people to the list or can the original owner ONLY add people to the list? Do "owners" carry a key or a pass to the base, that is a physical object IN GAME that can be looted from their body ? All you have said about "bases" is << they are exactly like tents or cars >> if you mess with a group's tents or cars they will be <<pissed off>> WOW ! The reason I want to know about bases is the same reason I always liked Helicopters, so that I can track them, hunt them down, and destroy them.. That's MY game. The first time I see a "base" I will hide up and observe it, see who comes and goes, see what kind of players they are, see what stuff they have, and plan IF and WHERE and HOW they are worth Attacking & Destroying.. maybe wait till one comes out of his festive kumbayah and snipe him when he steps out of the gates (because he WILL come out of the GATE.. right ?) .. or wait down the road for the first car to come out.. I MEAN, to me, A "base" in DayZ is just an excuse to play Vietnam.. And you suckers are on the Inside .. Ive always liked the AK for contact sports .. see what I'm getting at? As for people "not liking me" and "getting a bad reputation" - I guess you are talking about private servers.. OK, I'm SOLO, I aint a member of any gentleman's club and this is not why I play DayZ. If you seem to be struggling or a beginner I'll give you food and drink or leave some kit in your tent, if you have a big stash of arms I'll throw it ALL out and let it despawn and roll up your tent and take it away.. and I'll do exactly the same for bases. (does that make me a "nasty person"? oh dear..I used to like fragging helicopters too, and I'd shoot off their tail rotor if I got a chance at them in the air.. I wonder if people HATED me for that? - lol) THIS is WHY I want to know how bases will "play", what are the rules, HOW to get in and out.. keys? ownership? destructibility? infiltration? in-game passcards? spawning? get in while the owner"s logged out? how many "owners" allowed? etc... Simple aint it ?.. Looks like you're putting yourself and your friends and your gear into a GOLDFISH BOWL to me.. (and that's GREAT in my opinion, go right ahead) _ but if that's really your gameplay, then you'll need a Whitelist Server for it. Don't try it on public. As ZomboWTF says - barricading houses, doors and windows, would be sane and good gameplay FOR STARTERS (as long as barricades are not "invulnerable") .. and doors that open with KEYS or PASS CARDS that are objects you carry in the game. That would make SENSE already. That could help folk survive in a nasty world... .. obvious, aint it.. ? but "bases".. ?? - Well, they are without function, they just wont work, they are meaningless: AND If they are 'invulnerable' then that destroys DayZ SA .. and what else can you do with them?.. attract scavengers and enemies? what else? No one has explained any way that they COULD work or even mentioned ANY mechanics of HOW they MIGHT work.. maybe they ARE simply eyecandy for private servers.. hmm?? Many players screamed for "bases" because they SOUND COOL.. and there are BASES in SO MANY games !! .. right? So we want them !! But no one thought further than that.. xxP
  13. Donald Trump

  14. base destroyable?

    Folk were ranting about BASES a WHILE back and I asked this REALLY OBVIOUS question before. Seems like no one gets the point ? In what way does "a base" help in defence against anything at all? This is a subject that has not been looked at, or answered, or questioned, or mentioned, or discussed.. what is the ADVANTAGE of "a base" in ANY kind of gameplay? Does it "lock", is it vulnerable when you are not online, does it protect you from snipers or does it make you sitting ducks? How do you get in and out? How do other players get in and out? Who does it "belong" to? - what is it FOR ? - Maybe you have bonfires and parties in there while the "enemy" gets under cover with all his weapons trained on your gate and waits for you to come out ? - Or he waits till you log out and then breaks in (or walks in) and takes all your stuff ??? Who "owns" a base ?.. Is one player the owner and permitted to log in and out inside the base, or can he "nominate" other owners who can also log in and out in there.. and can THEY nominate others or cross them off the list? Or can anyone inside that base log out and in there, just by walking through the gate into the base ? How do you "capture" a base so that it is yours and not the previous owners? - the same way you "capture" a tent ? (ie - a tent belongs to anyone who uses it, like a car).. Do you need a key or pass that you carry around in the game, so if someone kills you then can take it and get into your base? So WHAT is this imagined "engame" gameplay around bases? HOW is it different IN ANY WAY from gameplay around any standard military structure already planted in the scenery? Player walks into "your" base while you're logged off - he takes it to pieces and loads it into "your" truck, and drives off.. hmm ? Many folk are shouting "bases bases" because it sounds sooooooooo cool, .. er.. for some reason.. but THEN WHAT ?? no answer ? ANY answer ? does anyone have any clear idea of how they expect a "base" to FUNCTION ?? Or is it just a decoration for private servers ? xxP
  15. Walls, tents, THE HECK?!

    You've been in this game - or joined this blog - for a WHOLE EIGHTEEN DAYS ?? - wow dude (and 60 posts already!) - the Stamina ! I'm impressed ! That's a HELL of a long time to WAIT.. wow that's more than TWO WEEKS !! That must be OVER Ten working Days... give them Hell, dude !!