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  1. pilgrim*

    How active?

    good question yes - if you spent time looking for info you found that when you want online serious economic breakdowns statistics and forecasts, you have to PAY for them.. right? heh .. ( let's all meditate for a moment on why that is ) It's a complicated situation: firstly leave out the apps and mobile fun games .. the "little" games... that just leaves us with PC and console, where folk might play "serious", "full-scale" games 1) the reasons for buying a PC and for buying a Console are very different : for instance nearly everyone in the West buys a TV.. why? well, because a TV is a standard thing to have like a flush toilet or a chair or a stove.. and for the same reason - because it's "normal" and "useful" - many many folk have a car. I mean they have a CAR to get around.. that's kind of standard. BUT the folk who buy a MOTORBIKE are people who are REALLY into BIKES .. right? .. (and also they can use it to get around, natch). So if you buy a TV you can watch any channel, that's standard, its just a normal thing in your living-room .. and you can get a Console to go with it, THE MAJORITY of homes in the West have a console, its pretty standard, it's like a TV.. it's a box, you have no idea how it works.. you turn it on it works, that's all.. It does what it does. BUT if you want a GAMER PC then you have to be a fan - like the people who have motorbikes.. all those difficult choices ?. .. I'd go for Kawasaki myself.. seriously dude, get a second-hand Ninja.. listen to that SOUND when it accelerates .. and PLENTY of folk wont agree, and plenty of folk will give you advice on how many cores and which graphics card, and maybe upgrade the PSU and what kind of memory, and are you going to overclock that? (Car is like Console, PC is like Bike = get it?) So I'm saying a Gamer PC and a Console are as different as a Car and a Motorbike .. like everyone will normally get a car, but some folk will really want a Bike.. It is hard to predict the total bike market but EASY to predict the total car market.. the total car market is a function of a simple social statistic (income, parking, habitation density, distance from work) and the total population the area. On the other hand, people buy motorbikes for a whole set of other different reasons. Bottom line is - console sales are going up as they become as standard as TVs.. pretty much every kid age 7-10 has a console in the living room now.. just about.. like kids used to have an Action Man or a Barbie. Why would you NOT buy your kid a console it's a standard thing to play with, want to DEPRIVE your kid? But not many parents are buying their 10 year old a PC right at the moment. specially not a high-end Gamer PC.. Either there's one already in the house for the parents (or not) and the 7-10 year old's will use it when they grow up a little - or, that's already not a PC Gamer household. So HOW you get to be a Console gamer or a PC gamer comes by two very different routes, already.. The console route is a lot easier, right? No one goes in your house and says "WOW, you got a Console!! - Amazing!! WOW- What do you DO with it?" Consoles are getting more powerful and with greater multi-functionality. They are sold CHEAP by very very big BIG companies who PLAN and want and aim to get a MONOPOLY over your buying and playing and viewing and lifestyle and spending habits. They have a whole design philosophy behind them. YOU are not ever "the boss" of your console, you paid cash for it but it is a COMPANY console .. It is ONLY a window that connects you to ONE COMPANY.. This is deliberate (you may notice or not, but it is still the result of huge deliberate planning and design). Plenty of folk think that's great. PCs give you a personal freedom that is limited by your imagination, your skills, any network you get involved with, free info .. you CAN in fact do ANYTHING with a PC.. you are totally ROOT with your PC. Plenty of folk think that's great. I have a console too, but I am sure ROOT is the only place to be, EVER. (scuse me) .. euh .. get to ROOT, TOTALLY.. Maybe PCs attract a different kind of person. But some folk have a car AND a bike.. IMO - I see MegaCorps "'entertainment centers" will max out when they reach the total population (of the planet) that has a high enough standard of living.. kind of like running water. [ unless we all die first ] PCs will never do that.. So consoles are by FAR the clear winner, unless .. ( unless the world financial power structures and the nature of human individuality are totally revised? WOW.. wonder if THAT'S going to happen soon? ) [ And by PC I mean something that is FULLY reprogrammable TOTALLY VERSATILE and not TIED in any way to the manufacturers of any of the pieces. Unconstrained - it's limited ATM only by available technology, speed of light, and your own abilities. ] * * OK - HERE'S the easy answer to your question.. Taking your figures as they stand - you think a market of "only" ONE BILLION over the PC market is not worth competing for? (a little one-and-a-half billion is Soooo TINY, right? I wouldn't bend to pick it up if it was lying in the street, it's only a BILLION.. heheh, 1,000 000 000 (short scale) Look again.. In the market for "serious" "full-scale" games..ATM if you make games for PC you are competing in 47% of that market.. (your figures).. so what company would NOT WANT to add another 35 BILLION of potential market to their portfolio, THIS YEAR ?? .. then instead of competing for 47% of the market you are MORE THAN DOUBLING your sales target, and competing for 100% of the market ?? hmm??
  2. pilgrim*

    Advanced cooking, more ingredients

    How about starting with = Boiling Water in an Empty Tin Can = like we used to when DayZ was just a game for survivalists and hobos and psychos with guns ?
  3. pilgrim*

    How active?

    yes - I guess this is why the changes and rollbacks in << DayZ the game itself >> are designed to facilitate a DayZ that can be built as a single unit and THEN forked to PC and to Xbox - because Xbox is where the customers are. Like it or not, consoles are the future of gaming, and a gaming company that does not take this this into account is dead - what other choice do they have, seriously? And if they do take it into account they face competition from THE GIANT world-sized money-machine SHARKS. The people who say "You developed a game? OK, here's a million notes, boy, now take the cash and go away and let us SELL it." Speaking for myself I bought DayZ SA years ago for very little money (I don't even remember how much) - the price of a meal maybe or a couple of bottles of wine or a tank of petrol ? - since then I've paid nothing and had 2000 hours of kicks for the price of a ,night out so I'm NOT complaining about ANYTHING MUCH.. best value for money I ever found anywhere for anything.. So, I'm fine. I'm interested to see how BI deals with the future - the future looks GRIM for Indies .. the last 15 years have been grim for Indies - Minority appeal games are NOT where the money is.. Dumb everything down, make it easy to play, make it popular with average buyers, it's sold by MegaCorporation Ltd and next year they'll do DayZ II, then next year DayZ III, keep the Pay DLCs going, MicroTransactions, keep the money rolling in. Pay to play dude, Pây to play.. Pay to Play.. Sell it remaindered next year to make sure the punters pay for the NEW one. Jeez.. I played this game SIX YEARS and I haven't added ANY income to BI during ALL that time (zero) - and THEY are STILL paying staff to support ME - for FREE - for EVER.. (that's Crazy) Nah.. not me complaining. AND I've seen what BI are trying to do since 0.6xxx up to present. Seriously - what else CAN they do? I've got a free lifetime spectator seat here. I play when I want, I understand plenty of the technical targets and aims, I see what's happening, I see the changes, I follow the economics and the arguments - I get kicks out of that stuff too. I mess with Xbox & PC (compare and contrast) I read the new player comments .. Seems to me there's a new generation of players coming around? - All kinds of different folks and some of them Get The Point of DayZ ... but .. just "in general" I get an impression seems like plenty new players can WRITE but they don't READ so much ? Sorry, but I like BI & I like their style. DayZ is a minority game by definition. I'm happy to see how it plays out. There aren't many REAL Indies left these days are there? Count them on one hand. xxp
  4. pilgrim*

    Duper base hunting

    where would you put them yourself if you wanted to build bases ?? - go look there.
  5. pilgrim*

    Base Building in Xbox?

    Search : "basebuilding" = 732 hits (just on that one word) - the search function is at the top right of every page right under your name and profile photo Or (HAVE FUN) Search / Topic / Xbox : basebuilding bases persistence : [find any of the words] - mucho info plenty to read - answers, questions, friends, comments, videos, complaints, contacts, funny stuff, suggestions, dev announcements, community ... ya know ?
  6. pilgrim*

    How active?

    they post continuously - you mean - yes.. continuous CR@P is worse than just CR@P once.. the same CR@P time after time definitely singles out JUST a FEW posters. there are a number of folk who post consistently and have done for a LONG TIME .. but their posts are nothing to do with same-same REPETITIVE CR@P & bullshit we are getting from a few posters. My advice to them would be << If you hate the game - Get a life >> but they KEEP ON coming back to say how CR@P it is. They are sad people. If you want PLENTY of toxic people - go compare the forums for games like "ark, rust, conan and other survival games" You'll probably find folk who are toxic here are toxic over there too, because they have nothing better to do than wander the sad Dis Everything circuit - except over there they get drowned in the standard wall to wall CR@P, right ? * If by environmental byproduct - you mean the internet permits to say CR@P that you wouldnt DARE say to someones face or they'd get a fast three mouth-fulls of knuckes .. then yes, sure.. the online environment is a great place for Sad Effers with no life and wrist cramps. I pity them but not a lot. xxp
  7. pilgrim*

    Stable Update 1.01

    Early Access end 16 December of 2018 and GigaGamer87 joined 12 December and the release date was 13 December, only a coincidence? Man do sleep and wake up - it happens a lot.. Man wake up and go back to sleep ? * @nuggit say << Can everyone involved in this thread, please provide constructive feedback. >> That man make sense. He's got the right idea. Feedback Tracker : https://feedback.bistudio.com
  8. pilgrim*

    How active?

    WELL - the PC gaming sector is the third-largest category (and estimated in decline) across all platforms as of 2016, with the console sector second-largest. Serious money - 2012 already 2.2 billion video gamers generate US$101.1 billion in revenue, excluding hardware costs. By 2013 Xbox One already had 30,000,000 sales.. now we are 2019, MS wont even say how many they have sold anymore. I guess you think games should NOT be targeted at these bad evil console players ? you maybe need history first, opinion second https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC_game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game_console#Eighth_generation ( this is just for starters.. there are links if you are interested, leading to a kind of TRUTH.. like in Indiana Jones and the Crystal Scull, right? ) An indie developer always struggles against the Mega-Corps.. the last 20+ years is a continuous history of one indy after another being swallowed by X-MegaCorps and Y-Megacorps and ETC. There are FEW indies left and the ones that pop up sell out as soon as they get an offer they can't refuse from a Mega Corp. This makes BI very very UNUSUAL But if you want to be a COMPANY you got to sell PRODUCT.. (that's the way it is).. their aint hundreds of companies building steam locomotives these days, but their used to be MANY. So why is that? .. Maybe because folk want diesel & electric and not steam? Even if it's a REALLY REALLY GREAT steam locomotive (better than diesel and ecologically sound, you name it.. there's just NOT a big market right now). Selling those just will not pay your disco-entry. Going back to PCs ... because SALES of PCs has been going DOWN since 2012 and sales of CONSOLES has been going up, and now CONSOLES are the bigger market by a LARGE MARGIN. Games on console are - wow - billions of revenue ahead and climbing. Most folk who play SERIOUS games (not phone/tablet games, yet) play on consoles. I don't like that and I personally think console owners have made an existential blunder.. I'd always play a GOOD game on PC for multiple reasons. BUT I do not have to personally make a LIVING today by selling games so I can pay my staff. If I was making a living as an indy - I would definitely have NOTICED that 2 players out of 3 are on console, and consoles are going to get bigger in the future.. they are moving SERIOUSLY ahead of PC game sales and the consoles themselves are getting better (technically). My own personal big beef with consoles is you cant root them, they are OWNED by MegaCorps.. and personally I TOTALLY HATE that. [ .. I'm not the only one .. why do I think @Weyland Yutani gave himself that name?] But - "Sales & Internet II & Western Capitalism & Ownership, Right to Root, Indies, Morality & Mega Corps " - is a whole other topic, right ?? Read some Noam Chomsky and we can discuss that. ** ps - The focus of BI is to have a SINGLE DayZ game in the Lab, ONE Game, that is then Forked at the output into a PC version and a Console version.. so they are deliberately aiming to avoid locating resources (programmers/hours) to DayZ Console only. This has been said.
  9. pilgrim*

    How active?

    Definitely the DayZ forum & community here is LESS toxic than those others - that's for SURE... wow - like, WE only have about max. FIVE persistently obnoxious twisted idiots on the WHOLE Forum !
  10. pilgrim*

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    get some sleep
  11. pilgrim*


    Talk to @emuthreat about it.. he's been a dedicated fan of advanced cookery for a long time . Do a Search (top right of this page) : on "recipes" .. plenty of ideas
  12. pilgrim*

    Stone Fireplace

    Yes - a while ago I suggested a Burlap Sack to use in the forum, when folk talked cr@p.
  13. pilgrim*

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    - are you still here ? bye
  14. pilgrim*

    How active?

    The Xbox port is an Xbox port. Lot of Xbox around.. PC getting a little OLD maybe ( vanishing minority nerd-generation PC freaks ) - You think Xbox players should STILL be kept away from the Good Games ?
  15. pilgrim*

    Stone Fireplace

    I think technically these are Beanz Citation : The highest honor and notation and admiration and general OKness as well as nobility honour and awe and more admiration and agreement & etc that can be bestowed on one player by another : BEANZ