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  1. pilgrim*

    Quick test on 1.02

    DUPING solution MINIMALIST OK Nayte - roughly this is it.. I suggest transportable containers instead of weapons, to cut down the lists overhead - but this system seems to me to work and requires the manipulation of ONE extra byte only for the object instances concerned. This will not burn out the server IMO or slow down the software or the game = In My View. Difficulty of programming.. ?? Maybe I can leave that open ? There may be something I have NOT noticed that would make this difficult or impossible to implement ? it goes like this: * * * each object-X instance that spawns on the map has a definition. This is already the case - Central Loot Economy definition = {object} {condition} {coordinates} Now suppose we want to stop Duping. Leave aside the CLE and public/private hives (we don't need to worry about those) We can assign serial numbers to all transportable containers - backpacks, sea-chests, barrels - that can be carried by players between servers. How to do it simply is explained below. Add another term to the definition when the object-X instance spawns = {code} So that object-X instance definition becomes = {object} {code} {condition} {coordiates} the "code" is made up from one word (64 bits should do it). Easy to parse. It contains : =time (spawn-date/hour/second)= =server number (or server IP)= =serial number= generating the time stamp and server number is trivial (right?) the "serial number" is generated sequentially for each object that spawn on a single server, by the server. There is NO requirement for cross-referencing of any element withing the {code} integer, with other servers or with a central registry, The "serial" can be assigned as many digits as convenient. When the server reaches the max serial number it begins again with zero. The time stamp and server number guarantee the string is unique and can never be confused with any other string generated on that server or any other server - even if one single object-X instance stays "live" in play and moves between servers for years. There is no need to cross check with other servers as you have already included the server number and the time stamp with the serial number {code}. So each {code} is KNOWN to be unique without verification, and cannot be duplicated On a single server, two object-X instances cannot be generated with the same serial number at the same moment. Whenever an object-X spawns it receives instance definition = {object} {condition} {coordiates} {code} This {cod} is only needed for transportable containers -IMO- as containers are used in Duping. It could be extended if necessary, from this simplest structure. But I do not see that this is required. * A player carrying object-x instance logs in to a server : Say, he carries an instance of "backpack A" (plus maybe an oil-drum - or more than one container) We already have the list of object-x instances on the server. (we know the CLE already handles the math of instance in play & spawn, this information is locally available) Each instance on the server is listed at present as < object-X instance plus {coordinates} .. etc > - this is true at present. However, at instance spawn we have extended this list to < object-X instance plus {coordinates} plus {code} .. etc> The player logs in to a server with object-x instance (backpack A) + (Sea-chest) .. We KNOW what the player carries. We KNOW what object-x instance (backpack A) are already on this server Compare serial numbers If two serial numbers match for object-x instances (backpack A) - the instance held by the player is removed from the game. If two serial numbers match for object-x instances (oil-drum) - the instance held by the player is removed from the game. One Question : From player login to completing a true/false numerical comparison of {code}s in the server's object-x instance list {codes} - only concerning containers carried by the player - how many clicks are required ? xxp @ImpulZ ?
  2. pilgrim*

    Quick test on 1.02

    This is not the case. There are other technical solutions that can be implemented completely inside the DayZ server software. A 100% in-game solution negates any problem caused by the XBL service, and any difficulties that BI & DayZ could have related to that. I have proposed one that I believe is effective - I suggest the outline a couple of times in fact - but had no feedback on it. Can't say if it has been noticed, or if it was considered impracticable or simply flawed, or if other directions are already being intensely pursued & so it wasn't considered useful. I'm certain the Devs have a priority team on the duping problem. My understanding is that character locked servers are NOT on the BI Xbox agenda as a solution to Duping. You can put the question directly by using a Staff link in your comment.
  3. pilgrim*

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    well _ I've been playing DayZ since the Mod .. < ..how many years is that? .. > has something changed about KOS ? I still think you are really complaining about Duping .. and I think Duping is a bad problem that has to be addressed .. scuse me if I'm wrong, but that seems to be your main beef with Xbox DayZ ?
  4. how about boiling water in an empty can ? [sigh]
  5. pilgrim*


    you mean my thread? - Yes, that's true, it is a kind of a lecture. I have a definite point of view. But I do not believe that I am smarter than anyone else or that anyone is smarter than I am (either).. I like an exchange of views but I don't like to "win".. (hey I'm a Buddhist) This topic is a subject I've spent some time on, and read a lot about.. I'm trying to educate myself more fully on this. Why ? - BECAUSE life is important, right - Your life, My life, the QUALITY of our lives .. in fact, the Planet, the human species, and our children ARE important. I'd hate to realise at the end of my life (or sooner) I'd done something really dumb and screwed up plenty of people seriously. That would be a PISSER. So I try to work out what's happening, what I'm doing, what I'm thinking, what I'm saying.. I know a lot of people don't bother ... but sometimes I bother.. It probably comes out as a lecture - the same way a roofer would explain to you his idea of how to lay joists? It's just that person's idea of how to explain something. you can disagree, there can be 10 other ways of doing it. if you have a better way of going at it, please join in. Give your opinion. This topic is the UK and the EU (not roofing). Seriously - do you think I'm talking down to you at the moment? I swear, if you say something about the UK and the EU I'll be interested & check it out.. For @IMT last week I read the Brexit Party website from end to end, to see what was in there. Check it out : https://thebrexitparty.org/ And just right now, because of something someone else said earlier in the thread I'm reading Yanis Varoufakis texts ("And The Weak suffer What They Must?" right now) & looking at the European Spring 20 proposals - I don't mention this "reading" stuff (really hardly ever at ALL ) because if I talk about what I'm researching I get comments like "you think you're smart" or "who do you think you're taking down to". This IMO is strange because if I say I read the Brexit Party website from end to end - no one bats an eyelid, as if that's totally OK and normal. I guess it's taken for granted that "normal folk" do that (we are both actually normal really, right.. its just a word people use) - the idea seems to be that "normal" should STOP THERE, with the Brexit Party website - and not look any further. That's acceptable for "Current Events" ? I don't have a great education, I don't have a top IQ. but I do know there are smart people on this blog, from all walks of life and from many different places.. and often they are interesting. Online game-players have an average age well into their 30s, so they have some experience of life, and thought about it as well as playing games. Those should very often be interesting people. * WELL - I start explaining something to someone, because I notice they missed a point or got something wrong - they get mad and shout at me (it happens - it must have happened to you from time to time, I guess? it happens to everyone). . so I say "OK mate, sorry, no offence".. and move on from there. In a Democracy everyone has a right to their opinion - I'm (normally) not going to shoot anyone for their opinion. I'm interested in what those opinions are (if those folk want to say) and how deep they go, and where they came from .. This is an open debate. I'm not out to offend anyone ( but folk will get offended if you don't agree with them, we've all seen that happen). In fact I'm hoping for a bit less dissing and a bit more opinion. Putdowns and insults are very easy on the web, we know. It's today's popular game: let your stress out. It's a pity. .. saying what you think and giving the reasons behind what you think is more difficult. It's worth a try, hu ? * * * Yo! - check out : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rational_ignorance
  6. pilgrim*

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Yes - over time this has radically changed the game - not for the better IMO .. It gives the STRONG impression that the aim of the game is NOT to Survive, it is just to Build Up A Big Stash It makes no difference how many times you are killed - you are still the same player with the same stashes on the same server. No loss. As a result players enter the game with a completely different attitude. Don't get me wrong - I was happy to have a small tent hidden somewhere in a forest with a compass, a box of matches, and a knife & a can of food in it.. (if I could reach it!) - to me that corresponded with the survival side of DayZ. Folk had short lifespans in those days. = In fact in the mountains around where I live I have one or two stashes of that same kind wrapped up under rocks I know, at places it difficult to get back from .. it is just a survival thing to do. And I guess IRL if I die, no one will EVER find them - & definitely not me in my next spawn. But now DayZ stashes are just huge and commonplace.. and it seems like folk think they are TOTALLY NECESSARY to play DayZ. As if STASH is the game. An earth covered stash from the earlier DayZ, big enough to hold max one weapon and a couple of small objects would already be enough. But you are right - and this is problematic. Starting off from the beach has always been the most exciting and challenging part of the game.. by the time you have a decent backpack you are past the classic and already into the pubg-like "endgame" that so many folk seem to want, and play only for that.
  7. pilgrim*


    My friend @IMT I am Very Sorry that I indicated you used the word "extrapolate" wrongly I have no intention of being insulting, if you feel I should have not mentioned the word I apologies to you humbly It is normal in a discussion, to get a feeling for the wavelength of the person you are exchanging views with - it advances the debate. It enhances understanding, don't you agree? Please now that I have apologised, can we ,go on with the discussion in a friendly manner? There is nothing for either of us to become angry about, here, as far as I can tell.. - I thought perhaps you are a musician or a programmer? I also apologise for suggesting either of these if you don't want them to be known, or whatever of yourself you wish to keep undivulged.. this is your right, of course (within the new government limits) . Your private life is your own as long as your opinions do not make it public. thanx xxP * "it would be foolhardy to forget how Europe has managed, twice in the past century, to become so unhinged as to inflict stupendous damage upon itself and the world" [Yanis Varoufakis]
  8. pilgrim*


    LOL (well, you've got to admit that IS funny, right?) - kind of reminds me of Bender * * * * "extrapolate" is a great word and I LIKE it (personally, AS a word).. but I read through my own comments, which you didn't, I can tell ... and I only mentioned generally known & accepted current events, or short statements from standard European histories. There is no "extrapolation" in them. - OOps ! So we can cross out "technical background" as well as "lawyer/barrister.. maybe leave in "business studies" but that doesn't seem likely (internal evidence) so "further education" is limited or zero (could be a first year higher ed. at something, or even a software programmer or in fine-arts, <a musician?> but not "lit. hist. or pol." definitely). Bit of profiling - hope you don't mind? Please feel free to try the same on my input, I don't mind in the least. I think if you find out what EXTRAPOLATE means, you'll be able to use it effectively.. it is a word I personally LIKE a lot, for no particular reason that should concern you now. But it is Ace to use words to convey a point, and aren't I just sooooo right dude ? .. while you're checking "extrapolate" (Wikipedia is easiest for that).. take a moment to look at Rhetoric : Aristotle calls it "a combination of the science of logic and of the ethical branch of politics" [get it?] Brexit Party !! (UK) I just read through the Brexit Party official website from end to end and watched ALL the videos. to see what they had to offer. Do you know this is the ONLY political webside today (in the world, in any language I can read) that has ZERO AGENDA, NO PROPOSALS and NO MANIFESTO ?? that's kind of amazing - "vote for me" is the slogan (and "give donations") .. BUT not the slightest suggestion of what this vote is going to do to aid the mess that Britain is in at the moment. Is a "vote for me and stay in the mess"' offer ? Maybe you can explain? Seems Nigel wants to keep the same government in Britain ? - or doesn't give a damn WHAT happens in Britain: austerity, the NHS, the police, economics, trade, standards of living, housing, jobs, zero-hour contracts, homeless, security, fair taxation, council cuts, investment, transport .. all those things are NOT HIS PROBLEM - his website seems to make that clear. None of those things are mentioned at all. HE simply wants to go back to the EU in Brussels and spend another 5 years well paid by the Brits (in Euros into his offshore account) and stay with the other 'Eurocrats' with their "snouts in the trough" (as his supporters so often put it). Thought someone might have some insight into this enigma. Is it 100% a scam? * "it would be foolhardy to forget how Europe has managed, twice in the past century, to become so unhinged as to inflict stupendous damage upon itself and the world"
  9. pilgrim*

    server crashing on restart

    close the ModServer.exe before you close the server
  10. pilgrim*

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    Dude : There are no players "like" @pilgrim* I get it at last - you want a game nothing like the PC DayZ game that started with/from the mod and went on from there PLEASE read what I said earlier. I really do "understand".. & I strongly disagree that closed servers on Xbox will stop KOSing. I have 1 Xbox & quite a few PCs, heh, (so which part of the Blog should I stay out of?. .. say again .. you're breaking up .. ) * You want an Xbox << DayZ - My Second Life >> I understand - I got ya dude, .. thanx
  11. pilgrim*

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    So lock servers to stop DUPING on Xbox.. because that would stop KOS <duh?> but that's two different subjects like.. take projectile weapons away from all Xbox servers.. because that would stop kOS <that's true.. aint it?> well IN FACT = IMO = Neither of those things would stop KOS but it might slow it down a bit if you and your mates had to beat the next player to death with your fists before you could eat them. On DayZ PC (for instance) .. right from the very start you could turn up anywhere and find five players with axes and fists ready to surround you break your legs & dis you and and kill you for LOLs So if you lock all the Xbox servers: Whoever turns up FIRST on a locked server .. one player or three mates, or 7 friends or a clan .. as soon as they tool up they are going to KOS to keep that server to themselves.. why not ? It's the logical & safest survival thing to do. They know they have the weapons advantage and anyone they kill they get extra loot and extra advantage.. so for KOS, IMO locked servers makes no difference, or make it worse.. unless they are servers with admins and special rules (you find some of those servers on PC). In fact the "server gang" who now OWN this locked server, really NEED to make SURE they KOS, because on a locked server they cant respawn to some other server where they stash their loot.. so they want newcomers definitely DEAD.. Newcomers are a MORE serious threat (AND imore fun to kill them, to stop them coming back?). So newcomers are a bigger threat to YOUR game on a locked server.. There's no way you can escape when you discover you're marooned on an island with a population of 1 tribe of cannibals with steak knives. So - locked servers and KOS have no relation If you don't like DUPING then say so (it has nothing to do with KOS, it's a different subject) .. maybe there's a way to fix DUPING on Xbox? .. let's hope so. On PC - the folk with their big stashes on a different server all spend Saturday night doing PvP on a high pop server (it's party time) and they get killed five or six times, and just go back to their stash server to gear up again in five minutes.. They are PvP freaks, not KOSers. but that's PvP - on PC.. some folk play that way (plenty in fact) some PC folk also KOS too (plenty of them) or maybe they just KOS instead and don't like PvP .. takes all kinds, right? on locked servers on PC folk KOS OFTEN, unless there's are active admins and a SERVER RULE against it.. those PC DayZ servers also exist as well as the specialist PvP servers * and <just mentioning> what about SNIPERS. ??. We have had some famous snipers on DayZ who played the game just for that, no other reason. It's a kind of vocation. And snipers overwatch a mil location or a city and they KOS, that's what snipers DO - It's all in a days work for them.. It's a SKILL. not "evil"..
  12. pilgrim*

    Wiping all current vehicles.

    yes that <active>0</active> is pointed out in the second link I gave above. ( [steamcommunity] where the server owner couldn't spawn cars because he'd set their spawn to zero ) But @tandwan was happy with the @Sy8282 solution, so I left it there. xml are generally easier/safer to mess with Myself, (just out of my own interest) I was thinking along lines to to make vehicles go away without restarting the server at all ?
  13. pilgrim*

    Thoughts on QnA Dev. Stream yesterday

    ^ ALL that and THROWING too =BEANZ= p.s. - when the bow comes back it could maybe do with a LITTLE power up.. I remember @-Gews- pointing out how underpowered it was, way back (well, hell, I kind of think I remember.. have to check my DNA backup)
  14. pilgrim*

    Where is Eugen?

    He was here @eugenharton on March 28 [last visited] - drop him a line, say hello ?