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  1. jumping

    Trucking a 25kg (55lb) Bergen & all you PLCE & your weapon (& a fire axe??) - be CAREFUL about "hopping" over fences or going fast (or even slow) down steep slopes, ya know? IRL that can snap or fracture one or both bones in your lower leg above your ankle, boot or not. Seen it happen. (same as ice-hockey injury caused by stress or collision, right?) Not really nice. - Maybe injury and stamina should be linked?
  2. 60 player private hive? .. dude! - share the price by 60 [2.33 dollars a month per private player] I think "resource intensive" is the key lego-block you have missing from the Weltanschauung
  3. no insult intended - some folk like to hangout in crowded places with streets and big buildings etc.. I'm a backwoods solo type myself.. usually if anyone turns up in mil kit I see them before they see me.. so then I'll probably throw their stuf in a bush and - ya know - eat them
  4. OK dude - a physical server is a piece of equipment - its a computer. It has live memory and it has storage. NOW - each of those single hardware computers will run a CERTAIN NUMBER of game "instances" on the one real-world server. A game "instance" is one complete example of the game, players have access to it, the person who pays for it has special access to it. So DayZ players tend to say "my server" or "I hire a server" or "I play on a server" - when they mean a LIMITED SPACE and SHARED TIME on a physical server (REAL server) - in fact they hire or play on an INSTANCE of DayZ which may be one of perhaps 7 instances all playing at the same time on the same server. That hardware server has fixed live memory, fixed processing power, and backup storage of a certain speed (slower than the live memory). Depending on the Server rules.. the allocation of processing power and live memory between the DayZ INSTANCES can be done in several ways. EG - If there are 7 instances on the server, but only ONE of them is playing, why not let that ONE use all the available processing power and live memory, and reduce it's allocation if another instance starts playing heavily, and needs it's share of processing power and live memory. Or how do you share the processing and live memory if all 7 instances are running with 20 players, some games doing a lot more than others..?? OK so DayZ fans talk about "my dayz server" when they mean a virtual server (a DayZ instance), running on a real hardware server that has several of these common parlance "servers" loaded up and hired out, all on ONE machine. shiny ?
  5. <<emuthreat reacted (confused)>> .. to my reply. Sorry emuthreat - I deeply apologist if stuff like wolves, barrels, tanning, spears, cars, etc (and the crafting & all the cooking variations) and MANY changes and additions to all kinds of stuff - SCUSE me deeply, if that-all has NOT happened in the last three years - 2015-2018. I kind of thought there had been some changes? .. Maybe I'm just plain wrong? - you should know when wolves were added to the game? What version? - And I know you're a vehicle freak & deep survival fan. Tell me REALLY "nothing changed" in the last three years ?? ("except visual stuff") Maybe I'm wrong? I guess its mainly changes and updates that would not impress city FPS fans - (like serious rain and that shit, lol). You never wrecked your car on a country road and had to fight off wolves with crafted weapons, soaked to the skin? (And I thought you were a guy who liked cooking with lard). In case REALLY nothing has happened to the gameplay in the last 3 YEARS, I apologize ABJECTLY to everyone concerned. xxP
  6. 3 years? - You mainly a city boy? You never dove your old car clean off a back road in the dark and the rain and had to fight of a pack of wolves with a flint and a pointed stick you made for yourself when thy started howlin'?
  7. Well - shooting bicycle-tourists on "tourist roads" could get pretty important
  8. A Thank You Is In Order

    they LISTENED to you - that's a Good Thing, right? WOW dude ! - Have you really NOT EVER read a MICROSOFT Disclaimer... ?? - Microsoft tell you UP FRONT that if Nothing works at ALL or does totally unexpected things, or EATS your computer, your data and your dog, bankrupts you, drives you to a life of crime, does not perform in ANY way as "you the client" expect, and/or ANYTHING that MIGHT happen of which they have LEGALLY NO IDEA (and you signed to AGREE they HAVE no idea) that this thing you are buying is NOT "fit for purpose" in any way shape or form, its YOUR responsibility to know this - it MIGHT work, it could do ANYTHING, but you Signed for that GLITCH or 50 GLITCHES or that ARMAGEDDON - and they have cast iron GIANT law firms to back them if you try to sue them for recovery, death, or loss or ANYTHING at all related to, or "caused by" or concerning "the software" - BUT you won't get mad with them because you're FINE with that contract AND you LEGALLY sign to say that too - ie <<YOU bought it, we warned you, it's YOUR problem>>. Maybe Microsoft will fix something, maybe Microsoft won't.. If it really REALLY doesn't work and this is known worldwide by, say 330 million users - (like Vista) - ie its a TOTAL mess, MS will look at its profit margin and put out a new different OS and ignore ALL comments and COMPLAINTS about the last one, as if it never existed, and then you can SIGN UP, and ADMIT you were HONESTLY WARNED, pay your cash and buy that new one too. MICROSOFT = zero guarantee about anything.. you REALLY never ever READ that MS contract? .. did you? NOW - Have an interesting evening finding out how much Microsoft backs YOU up when you have problems with THEIR software. It's all in writing. * You had a problem - Bohemia LISTENED to you - that's a Good Thing, right? - & how LONG did that solution take? xxp
  9. Where is the DayZ population?

    Yall should be out rock climbing - this is summer, = hot outside = DAYLIGHT - sit indoors get pale and weedy and sick and twisted if ya like.. But I was 3000m up a mountain last night solo and it was OK
  10. Good question, brave man, heroic emuthreat! Obviously the BOX has to have a hole cut in it that is wide and high enough so that you can JUST see the edges of your active play screen through it when you are sitting in your normal playing position. You will be lucky if that is 30° wide and much less high. Measure it for yourself. Even playing with an ultra wide screen or multi screen this "box opening" will give you less than 80° forward vision from side to side. NOT the 170° vision of normal real life human eyesight. Then go out in the real world wearing you "REALISM & IMMERSION" box. Or go into combat. Or at least be careful crossing roads.. OK..? Note - REAL human vision is 170° as long as you are looking straight ahead.. so for ultra REALISM never MOVE YOUR EYEBALLS left or right. This includes if you are wearing VR goggles - NO eyeball movement, OK? - that's cheating and it won't work anyway. Because if you do that UNNATURAL EYEBALL-MOVEMENT THING (in "reality" without a box) then you can get 190° of human vision without turning your head !!! That is obviously TOTALLY unrealistic and does not reproduce a TRUE game screen experience in ANY way. A true game screen (ie REALISM & IMMERSION) is flat and is NOT 3D, it gives you the same "sense of distance" as keeping one eye shut, because ALL those dots on your screen are actually the same distance from your eyeball, at the same focal length (a couple of feet or so?) and human real-life bifocal range-finding - incredibly accurate - and took hundreds of thousands of years to develop ( complain to BI ) - does NOT work on your screen. So for added realism & immersion in your cardboard box, out on the street, keep one eye SHUT. I assume that the DESIGNER of humans (probably Cthulu) totally forgot about "immersion" and "realism" when human physical skills and abilities were being structured into homo sapiens. LUCKILY wearing a cardboard box as described can put YOU back in a much more realistic & immersive experience than any actual "real-life" combat. I don't understand why warriors have not worn eyesight reduction devices for centuries to give them the great advantage of REALISM & IMMERSION. Think how many battles could have been won by soldiers wearing SERIOUSLY & REALISTICALLY vision-reducing boxes to give then a 30° forward view horizontally and 15° vertically - and using their neck muscles instead of glancing from side to side with their eyeballs. <good grief> !! Whatever IDIOT designed human beings certainly didn't take REALISM & IMMERSION into account at all. So if you are offered the chance to be a Homo Sapiens, even at a reduced price, then REFUSE it, it is not realistic. And of course, I am a follower of Nyarlathotep and no one can argue with that xxP
  11. Sorry Biohaze but this (above) is all NOT argument or discussion, it is just DOGMA You must show us the stone tablets handed down from the mountain with all this DOGMA written on them before we will say THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD AND IT IS BIOHAZE'S GOD right along with you. Sorry I only got involved, but I did.... <sigh> SOME PEOPLE for YEARS have sworn that 3P is like having your eyeballs floating above/behind your head and is not realistic, and the SAME people swear that if you put a cardboard box on your head in real life and cut a 6 square in the front of that, then you can go into action wearing that box and it imitates your screen view so it is more REALISTIC and therefore more IMMERSIVE than having full real human eyesight. They really think that looking out through a small slit to give yourself narrow NON-HUMAN limited vision is "realistic" - which is exactly as laughable as having your eyeballs floating over your head. But this is THE problem with fanatics - they CANT see how their DOGMA leads them blindly into utter rubbish.. Their religion tells them it MUST be TRUE so it IS TRUE and they cut their brains out and come knocking at you door telling you all kinds of Crap or wearing explosive belts, etc.. Their message is DIRECT FROM THE ONE GOD - so NOT open to DISCUSSION of COURSE, and you're a HERETIC even before you open your mouth. This is not "discussion" . So an argument would be nice BUT we have had it 100 times before and it never gets anywhere because as we all know The only, SINGLE, eternal & ONE TRUE GOD is YOG-SOTHOTH the All-in-One and One-in-All of limitless being and self, not merely a thing of one Space-Time continuum, but allied to the ultimate animating essence of existence's whole unbounded sweep. And - NOBODY can discuss THAT because I got it from the NECRONOMICON And claiming the NECRONOMICON is "not" the ultimate ABSOLUTE truth is like going around with a cardboard box on your head. xxP