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  1. Loot System

    Following a year or more (definitely MORE) of discussion about "loot economy" and "multi server loot economy" and "server quotas" and "cross-server quotas" and the "WTF about barrels" etc.. and WHATEVER that "economy" may be .. exactly ... because NO player knows right now, except the "get rich quick" gimmicks THIS RIGHT HERE is perhaps NOT a bad idea = After a RESTART begin with VERY LITTLE LOOT AT ALL, and gradually build UP to the full loot quota for the server, over a period of a few hours.. So after a restart - loot is FED IN until it reaches "standard max" instead of KEPT TOPPED UP to standard max. y'all see the problems that would solve, duh? xxp
  2. seek & destroy all bases = destroy all communities = go solo .. bases => private clan servers with private bases => (inevitable) => end of DayZ = SAFE DayZ.. so cute, so cuddly, private servers = how boring why turn DayZ into My Second Life? bloody teddy-bears afraid of the dark? xxp
  3. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Sorry to break in again (without using big words) BUT If a game is DESIGNED FOR and made to appeal to a MINORITY of internet players, why do the MAJORITY of internet players get so het-up about it and complain so much ?? You won't hear me complaining that a BILLION people play Online Casino or Pokemon and those bring in the big money - I don't play there, I'm one of those STRANGE MINORITY players (maybe im a sick person? I play games with eg no big tits and no leveling so I must be abnormal?) - I play a game that is NOT designed to appeal to most people online - & Ive met some other GREAT STRANGE minority individual folk in this game too (gratz dudes! ) .. I like it - I like the game - I DO NOT EXPECT everybody to like it and that IS ONE OF the REASONS i like it. Sorry folks - but the more NORMAL you make this game, the less it interests me. I like to live on the fringe. Choose your own. As for what version number it says in the corner when I log in I do not give half a short poke with a tie-died damn
  4. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    The same boiling water that softens the carrot also hardens the egg.
  5. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    ah .. Zen ! .. er .. what game are we waiting for ?
  6. Basebuilding

    ^ : internet two mass market : lowest common denominator : most folk don't care but some do
  7. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana. Certainly true of this blog
  8. Opinions on culldistances

    Very sorry did not at all intend to get all duh - duh ish . - I have always been interested in 3D distance-effect design problems on a 2D screen, skins, textures, selective in-sightline culling, realistic visibility of movement at distance, and camouflage effect variation. Certainly didn't intend to be shitty-bully. Thanks for the info that there are "a million trees" in Chernarus. xxp - as the Zen masters would say .. "what does a tree look like in the virtual forest when no player can see it?"
  9. Let’s talk about the night-time, shall we?

    I did say: <<Alternatively a dark nigh indoors or under forest & undergrowth, it may be VERY difficult to see anything at all.>> .. hmm..?? At night in dayZ make your way round forests not through them if it can be helped. Move and do stuff in open places (same IRL) THEN you will have enough light to "operate" even with no moon. To be realistic NOT in forests and NOT in buildings. [ IRL in forest put up your tent or your sleeping stuff and gear WELL BEFORE it goes dark; know where gear is so you can feel it if you need it. In forest sleep or stay STILL until first light ] I have walked DayZ from the far South all the way to the North Highway - without changing gamma from my standard daylight play (for me that's not interesting play) - I had a VERY careful, tense, eventful, interesting worthwhile time, including seeing a campfire, a truck, & wolves & zombies. The wolves, I got in the ground corner of a 2-floor barn and killed them with a shotgun and a spade (fighting shapes and scuffle sounds, maybe they should have red eyes, or eye gleam but they don't) - was neck and neck; & hairy & long & bloody. That time I got all the way to the river that borders the north highway and (second time Ive done this) mistook a boulder with a drop off for a sandbank, fell in and broke my neck, dead. But that's a pretty realistic event in the dark. My bad. - for the whole trip I was following the Pole Star for direction. My only "complaint" (suggestion) is zombies should be able to see MUCH less well in the dark, and react more on their hearing than on their night vision.
  10. Opinions on culldistances

    [ say.. duh.. there are NOT a million trees on the map - just thought I'd mention that - nowhere NEAR ] If you look at a brick wall 5 meters away and a brick wall 100meters away they do NOT have the same skin (the same texture).... And WHY? Because in FACT both those walls are the SAME distance from your EYES - because you are looking at a FLAT screen, dude .. An object is drawn smaller to make it seem further away, and larger to make it seem closer - but if you put the SAME skin on a tree that 'seems' 2 meters away as you put on a tree that 'seems' 100meters away - that would look really totally cr@p. So the further from the camera, the different textures you MUST use.. (for instance say) 0-20meters use texture A , then 20-60meters use texture B, over 60meters use C..over 200m use D. These are different patterns pasted onto the same object, because - big object (near) or small object (far) must look different (like IRL) even though they are all REALLY in fact at the same 50 cm from your eyes. Everything is FLAT right there in 2D at your eye distance from your screen. So if you limit the game to 1km x 1km you will have pretty much exactly the same problems as you have now. HOW will you depict an object 1km away and an object 12 meters away ?? - the same? NO way. If you stand at any point inside you 1km play area, you will see the "rings" around you where one texture is substituted for the next as you look further away. It can't be avoided. Put a "close" texture on a "distant" object and try to "cull" it... it will be ether invisible or a MESS. Maybe it would be better thinking around special solutions for specific gameplay events: there are some links and mentions earlier in the thread. eg (totally off the cuff) - If a player does not move AT ALL for 20 seconds he becomes invisible at a range over 50 meters. (decide what distance is reasonable). As soon as he moves he becomes visible again. eg - notice how players at long-distance always show as mainly BLACK figures (vector edges?).. doesn't matter what color they are wearing. Makes them very easy to spot when they are moving. Anything to do about that?
  11. Let’s talk about the night-time, shall we?

    Well - you can find the Pole Star.. that's in the right place and necessary for gameplay. IRL away from artificial lights in any open place without moon and under heavy cloud cover, there is ALWAYS enough ambient light to sew up a wound or reload a gun. But if you drop something small it might be damn difficult to find. Alternatively a dark nigh indoors or under forest & undergrowth, it may be VERY difficult to see anything at all. In any low-light situation IRL its often difficult to tell where eyesight and touch and hearing overlap to build your spatial awareness. But human beings are GOOD at this if they give themselves the chance. Outdoors IRL there is always some visibility. If you are habituated to, or coming from, artificial light it might take a while to get your night vision going. I have only ONCE in my life been in an open air night (on high open ground) where it was so dark I couldn't see my hand.. and the countrymen I know point-blank don't believe that when I tell them. - It just NEVER happens. As for artificial lights in the game - I have no opinion - that is a way different subject. Maybe check previous blog discussions including technical aspects. Also a bunch of people HATED sun glare a while back, arguments are in the blog too. There was also a thread on detailed star mapping but it faded out. =good post= xxp
  12. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    call it Tau 46.8 or Stardate 101 - whatever, I don't look at the version numbers a lot, I play the game to find out how the game-play goes. Seems the only REAL vested interest in this subject is someone announced that at version XYZ.0 the game would be opened to modding. .. so, what I think about version numbers or dates, bub? - go tell it to the zombies. I like Dayz as a non-standard game and I don't know why <some> players want to turn it into a standard game in ANY way. People DO SO love "predictability" in all aspects of a game, don't they? But predictability ain't what we get in real life, is it? This is something to do with IRL quantum unpredictability versus mystical predestination, right? if I like it I play it, I don't read the numbers in the corner of the login screen. So I'm a dumb hick - am I worried? xxp
  13. Opinions on culldistances

    - ah, Im BEGINNING to get the idea .. just multiply the numbers on both sides say square meters and avoid m². A line 1km long is 1000m A square of 1 km per side encloses 1 square kilometer and encloses 1000000 square meters of surface area. So guys, what's the problem? A square with sides of 700 m x 700m contains roughly half a square kilometer of ground, right? .. oh dear .. lets go straight to radius (linear distance) from player ?
  14. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Say - lets just change the name of the current iteration to < Beta 1.0 > - then everyone can STFU
  15. Opinions on culldistances

    A room 3m x 5m has a surface area of 15 square meters - a landing ground 1km x 1km has a surface area of 1 square kilometer - Also an enclosure of 100m x 100m = 1000 square meters of surface area, and a strip 50m by 200m has a surface area of 1000 square meters. A square of 1 km per side encloses 1 square kilometer and also contains 1000000 square meters of surface area. So guys, what's the problem? A square with sides of 700 m x 700m contains roughly half a square kilometer of ground, right? - heh