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  1. dont get stroppy, lad.. be careful waving your tomahawk close to your brain. You are being unpleasant and it is unnecessary. "Just because a culture had a long knife as a multi-purpose tool and weapon, doesn't mean they are the same thing as a modern machete." = You mean that what YOU decide to call a "machete" is a "machete" and what the guy with the Machete calls it doesn't matter to you, a damn... so how can you be wrong? Please don't start telling me about the different names for very similar devices created with the SAME purpose, used world wide, or else I'll start telling you all the different names for WHEELS since the dawn of time, as if that proves they are ALL not the same thing. I'm talking about Use and Survival and Melee, not about cultural historical museum artifacts.. TODAY << In the English-speaking Caribbean, for instance in Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, and Grenada and in Trinidad and Tobago, the term cutlass is used for these agricultural tools.>> Didn't I EXPLAIN that. ? Damn; wasting my time; right? Go LOOK at the Beagnoth Seax and tell me it is NOT a machete.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seax_of_Beagnoth - made for display and too fancy for daily use, and specialised for war, but still a single-edged heavy-backed curved one-handed cutting-tool with the blade weight deliberately well forward (hence the broken back, still a common distinctive feature, serving the same mechanical purpose. Give it what name you like - For instance, you know "tomahawk" is Powhatan for "cutting tool" ie it means LITERALLY a "single-handed AXE" ... tomahawk is a non-translation of the English "HAND AXE" ; so just mentally translate into "USE" and don't get too hot about words, think about USE. A one handed axe from DayZ (find them in sheds) is a tomahawk.. here it takes our standard English word for the factory made object. I could go on in detail but I'll bore you. USE is what counts. duh .. "machete" is a NAME for a long heavy single bladed knife-like instrument 12-18-24+ inches long, with the point of balance forward such as a SEAX or a DAO or a CUTLASS... what YOU call a machete, the people who USE them every day in the kitchen and at Work and in War call a CUTLASS... that is the bloody name they give it... not my idea ok? eg, A long-shafted two-handed short-bladed axe - or "WEDGE" - as they are called in various places on the planet by people who really use them, was devised specifically for LUMBER.. (Lumber is only a word in n America; it's real NAME is "timber".. are you following this at all?) ie. a "woodcutters axe" is not for survival or field work or kitchen work or gutting game or fighting or building temporary shelter or digging furrows or working crops So lets drop the "you have no idea" cr@p and you be nice now & end your unnecessary trash. I was aiming to be polite and informative. Guess i missed the headshot. My aim is to be helpful, not to be dissed by an ill informed and thoughtless ga-ga pseudo-pedant. Go cut down a good growth of bamboo with your tomahawk. Try it. I REALLY have a heavy bladed machete - I call it "a machete" - and I can in fact cut down a medium size pine with it. If I need to, if I came out of the holocaust without my chainsaw. I can build a damn canoe too - but I rarely have any reason to do either - because what the F would I want to do that for? I'm really not a homesteader. You carry a two-handed saw in your kit, or is it all "tomahawk"? Yes a Parang is a Machete. No a modern Western kitchen knife is not a machete. ... any other dumb questions? Before you ask, the US Army is NOT great at making machetes or entrenching tools, and the Brit Army has never been good at wooden camel saddles .. but who give a screw about that? it doesn't mean these things don't exist. Some folk - worldwide and through history - know how they work and what they are used for. thanx
  2. I live in the (real) mountains and I can cut down pine trees with my machete if i put my mind to it.. I use it for gardening and clearing bushes (when required) for clearing heavy secondary undergrowth, cutting branches to clean down a trunk, barking and splitting new wood, building shelters, it is totally ideal. I have to correct you that jungle and tropical plant's aren't "thin and leafy" - Seems you never got spent time in a jungle? Also the SAS are keen on machetes as survival tools, so that's really good enough for me, I usually agree with the SAS, as often as poss.. It's a standard tool/weapon that comes under various names around the world. The Vikings used them, the Chinese used them. In melee I wouldn't consider it as a "light weapon".. as I said earlier, they were synonymous with the cutlass at one time.. and a real cutlass - a naval boarding sword is an evil mean heavy melee weapon with a good weight of metal in it, when you hit with it, what bones it doesn't cut into it breaks and smashes .. machete's are still called "cutlasses" in the Caribbean. Think of it as a cutlass and you will appreciate the melee value. I carry a good "hunting knife" too.. you can also skin a machete them and cut meat. The finest, lightest part of the blade close to the handle can be honed razor sharp and used for whittling and fine work etc.. there are many uses. But each to his own. An axe is definitely less of a multi purpose tool.. unless you mean a short handled hand-axe, - a 'chopper' - like a heavy or elongated meat cleaver.. but ... whatever.. as you feel.. I have no objection to tomahawks (or flint axes either, in DayZ) xxP
  3. Player base? Lets look at where the player base is coming from (people who play video games) and see what they play.. OK? Just sticking to the category area = FPS, Survival, Survival-Strategy, Action Where do we GET a player base from? Let's look. Because I guess people play what they think is fun, right? ... 1 ) Games bought for PC : (categories: FPS, Survival; Survival-Strategy, Action) TOP selling scores: DOOM III = 3.5 millon Crysis = 3 million Dayz = 3 million Rust = 3 million ARMA III = 3 million Counter-Strike CC = 2.5 million Far Cry = 2.5 Battlefield 1942 = 2.4 Counter-Strike S = 2.1 million 7 Dayz to Die = 1.5 million - these do not count "MMORPG" games & online subscription games & not counting "Real Time Strategy" games. 2 ) Games bought for Console: (categories: FPS, Survival; Survival-Strategy, Action) TOP selling scores (but just SOME of them, OK, there are 100+ games well over the 10 million sales) In our general category: CoD Black = 26 million CoD MW 3 =26 million CoD Black 2 = 24 million Pokemon D&P = 23 million < .. joke> CoD MW 3 = 23 million CoD Ghosts = 19 million GtA = 17 million CoD4 WaW = 16 million CoD5 = 15 million Battlefield 3 = 15 million .. etc Did I miss out important stuff? It's shows about right for comparing sales figures in and around this game category. So - the gamers (the buyers) are voting by more than 50 to1 that "FUN" means CoD on a Console. If your Target #1 is serious player-base, that's the way to go. Is this what we are aiming for with 6.3 ? (but .. didn't it it used to be that "CoD" was a kind of insult on this blog?) * [ Just making the base-obvious point. To see what people want, look at the figures. Then discuss strategic options ]
  4. Check your local files are OK using Steam: In Steam - go to Library/Games/DayZ Right-click on DayZ in your list of games, then choose Properties In Properties open the 'Local Files' tab Click on "Verify Integrity of Game Files" - takes only a minute. xxP
  5. Here are two types of community = concentrated civic centers (= bases?) as they are ATM with 6.2. Just ideas-material on how players interact in a deliberately closed & guarded small-space environment : re. "publicly owned utility" https://forums.dayz.com/topic/237306-my-visit-to-the-un-trade-center/ https://forums.dayz.com/topic/237456-how-messed-up-the-village-community-is/
  6. Maintenance every Wednesday until about 11:00 CEST = <Central European Standard Time> , that is the reason you don't see any servers (20 mins ago). Try in a couple of hours they will be back. Or play an Experimental server until the main servers come back online.. see what's happening there. Can be very interesting? xx
  7. dayz stick kill

    It would be do-able in DayZ to have one key to swing or club or with a gun butt (rifle) or to strike with a handgun (strike like a blunt instrument) if you were already holding it .. this would be fine for zombies, for keeping quiet, for running out of ammo - various stuff.. If the devs were interested I think they could include that without rewriting the game.. (yes devs?) It is not a new action and it makes good sense. ATM you can't defend yourself with an empty rifle even against someone with bare fists or a meat tenderizer, you just stand and take it or put your rifle carefully back on your shoulder before you even get mad at him ( ... & lets not mention bayonets !! ) They devs have already shown a demo of reacting to blows, on it's way - That will change the feel of melee a lot. Also - left handedness & right handedness - plus the above, to add interesting new steps to the DZ death dance
  8. dayz stick kill

    "Realistic" close combat in an online game requires built-in VERY thought-out sets of combos and actions to illustrate them, and complex anti-lag calculation, and is usually tried ONLY in a special circumstance game - I mean ie face off with swords, or sword against axe and shield, or spear, armor .. blocking, movement parry and striking moves & several combo moves, all animated in "realtime", so the other player can react... This is a set piece structure, although it "looks" realistic (if well done). BUT it is hard to imagine this working as just "one element" among many, in a game like DayZ. This sort of melee is for games 90% ABOUT Melee. Does anyone know of a realistic melee game online where the melee is not the Main Point of the game, and nearly all the rest of the game is subservient to that? Does such online game exist..?? Are we talking about stealth, karate strikes, groin or neck punches, disarming, kicks, knees, teeth, knife blocking (deliberately accepting arm or hand wounds to capture the opponents blade?) breaking ribs, tripping, kneecapping, wrestling, incapacitating, punch-strike, daze, blood-loss effects, multiple different strike zones on each body? ... This is very complex set-piece gameplay.. Is there really any game that incorporates something like this without it being the POINT of the game? Or, seriously.. in DayZ if you want to simply shoot an unarmed victim, = stay WELL AWAY from him and SHOOT. If you stand a foot away in a melee and try to shoot, he'll just twist the gun on your wrist (leaving you with your good hand blocked, if not ruined) while he's head-butting you. The odds of gun/no-gun winner would still be 50-50 if neither person had any other advantage. A gun may really not be useful in a melee .. hmm .. unless you can club with it?.
  9. dayz stick kill

    Yes ,it shows a determined fellow with a decent stick demonstrating (- masterly! - ) how to get the better of a demented crazed armed street-bum who has no idea how to aim or use his damn firearm effectively - just another gang bum who can't control his actions his mouth or his weapon .. It is not TheWalkingManZ's 'FAULT' he is not shot dead - he is just BETTER at close combat, he thinks faster, he has rapid judgement and skill, he closes the distance to take full advantage of his own weapon, and completely confuses and subdues the hooligan who thought he was chasing down an innocent unarmed civilian for a quick murder. If you don't want to get involved in the dance of death, don't blame DayZ, just don't go there - don't step into the circle ! - Let this be a lesson to you all, you scoundrels !
  10. Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
  11. dayz stick kill

    singlestiick ! - good show sir !
  12. - sunstroke ? - or just seriously, stop drinking those bottles of surgical alcohol, dude ! - & maybe don't run around like a fool, walk, take it easy... get a jacket, then go sit under a tree out of the rain, eat about 15 apples, watch the world go by.
  13. No Take the BLUE PILL, Guy How's Duke Nukem going for ya? realismo without fakery