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    Give UDP router priority over TCP through ISP services for realtime applications (better gaming) - TCP is not affected. This must be done without extra charge Premium Service rates.. so, go Check It Out earthlings

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  1. pilgrim*

    So... that's it then?

    TOTALLY 100% @rickyriot NOTHING on the Planet has EVER been better value or cheaper kicks for longer in MY lifetime.. AND for that one price you get ENDLESS access .. pay down once and you're ON for life, damn game STILL being updated. Don't cost ME a cent. For the last 100 YEARS this has been kif-kif a free to play and I don't think it is EVER going to shut down. Bottom Line = in fact I just bought the SA as payback for the fun I had from the Mod.. so from there on in it was and is all TOTALLY free, for my way of looking.. I would have just given them the money anyway as thanx for that MOD so .. what the hell keep complaining, keep laughing, keep suggesting, keep playing xxp
  2. pilgrim*

    Someone please explain what duping is and why its bad?

    ..er.. = duping 101 = OK kids : duping is an exploit if you have ever played any games you know that using an exploit in a game is not how the game is intended to play that's why they are called exploits designers try to stop exploits, people get banned for using exploits, exploits wreck the gameplay, other players hate players who use exploits ever since digital year zero everyone knows that exploits are bad for any game if you don't follow this - look up "exploit" in your free time do your own research on exploit .. whatever.. xxp
  3. pilgrim*

    How do spark plugs break?

    hold the sparkplug in your hand and punch a tree for a while
  4. pilgrim*

    How do spark plugs break?

    how do boots not wear out ?
  5. if you were playing it about a decade ago how come you didn't buy it about a decade ago and save yourself some money ? - y'know just wondering
  6. pilgrim*

    Red dot sight

    Hope for the best is what you have always done with Windows - right back from Windows 3.0 .. Did you EVER read the Microsoft EULA ?? It says exactly "no damages for any reason" "no promise of functionality of any kind" "no money back under any circumstances " and "hope for the best because that's ALL you get". The Microsoft EULA still says the SAME today & it is A CLASSIC software EULA .. kind of totally sets the international legal standard. Check it out. - nothing stops you shouting about it though. You don't sign any NDA .. 'far as I know.
  7. pilgrim*

    Serious question about combat logging..

    don't get over hyped this is your first week
  8. pilgrim*

    Serious question about combat logging..

    duh - you' going to ignore my mention by quoting it or quote it to ignore it ?? I was interested by your use of "common sense" - you have the definition askew IMO. AND here's mine : Shaftesbury's seminal 1709 essay Sensus Communis: An Essay on the Freedom of Wit and Humour was a highly erudite and influential defense of the use of irony and humour in serious discussions, at least among men of "Good Breeding". He drew upon authors such as Seneca, Juvenal, Horace and Marcus Aurelius, for whom, he saw, common sense was not just a reference to widely held vulgar opinions, but something cultivated among educated people living in better communities. One aspect of this, later taken up by authors such as Kant, was good taste. Another very important aspect of common sense particularly interesting to later British political philosophers such as Francis Hutcheson was what came to be called moral sentiment, which is different from a tribal or factional sentiment, but is a more general fellow feeling that is very important for larger communities. And this is exactly the POINT of a logout delay - you are playing an MMO you are NOT playing a solo game. got it ?
  9. pilgrim*

    Serious question about combat logging..

    <groan> " Do they not see the vast variety of inclinations and pursuits among our species; where each man seems fully satisfied with his own course of life, and would esteem it the greatest unhappiness to be confined to that of his neighbor? Do they not feel in themselves, that what pleases at one time, displeases at another, by the change of inclination; and that it is not in their power, by their utmost efforts, to recall that taste or appetite, which formerly bestowed charms on what now appears indifferent or disagreeable? Do you come to a philosopher as to a cunning man, to learn something by magic or witchcraft, beyond what can be known by common prudence and discretion? "
  10. pilgrim*

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    yea - zomg it ! - that's the problem exactly
  11. pilgrim*

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    0.63 was ok, IMO
  12. pilgrim*

    Player logging

    do a search on "ghosting"
  13. pilgrim*

    Are You Part Of The Problem?

    lucky mum Looks pretty SANE to me.. If I were doing it : - perhaps more live memory? - perhaps a second standard hard disk for storage capacity ? - then focus your SSD on the OS and running the live game files? But your setup is def correct as it stands. .. totally [ lol - I'm running DayZ on an Athlon 64 dual core 6400+, windows 7, Radeon RX 480, 8 GB memory - got 4 hard drives of games & videos & work - and an SSD to run live files. I have a quad core with better graphics right next to this but I can't be bothered to locate DayZ on that. It's fine as it stands. ] Fixed configuration consoles will always have difficulty competing with design-as-you like medium-to-top PCs. - IF what you are REALLY LOOKING FOR is Performance.
  14. What energy would you use to power your generator if "the world ever comes to an end"? steam? = ( petrol ? or coal? or wood fire ? ) - or a water wheel? - or windmills? - or slaves? - molten salt and solar mirrors ? - nuclear ?
  15. pilgrim*

    Black Screen at first login?

    Look at each server population - choose a server that has any moderate to high pop = that will be daylight Enjoy try the PS4 New Player Discussion section for help