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  1. Anyone got space for one more?

    Don't be petty. He doesn't want to join your community, the reply he gave was somewhat abrupt,but doesn't warrant a smart arse reply.
  2. Anyone got space for one more?

    Same age and timezone, we'd be up for having you along! We are still bare bones after than character wipe though D: I'll PM you.
  3. Reanimation?

    Would be so cool, I've seen it in other zombie titles, I wanna say project zomboid has this feature, although I'm not sure!
  4. Reanimation?

    Hey, Not ever heard about this or seen it on the forums or in-game. But anyway-.. When you die, let's say, by the infected killing you, does your character's body simply de-spawn after a while or does it come back as a Zombie? If this isn't in the game this would be an awesome feature, seeing your best buddy, who got swarmed a short time earlier, shambling around as a zombie, and you're faced with the decision of putting him out of his misery or letting him continue his quest for flesh is the best option!
  5. Dead by Wolfpack

    Not yet encountered wolves, I don't doubt that they are in the game, how do they perform? Are they laggy or do they attack with smoothness?
  6. U guys need to take a look at guns....

    I have experienced this with the M4. Try shooting it, mine usually fires as usual.
  7. Persistent Storage suggestion

    Tents are on the way, they are already in the PC build of the game. From what I've seen they will be small 1 or 2 man tents that you can store some items in. Also there will be barrels/oil drums that you can store your items in, barrels being able to hold more than tents. Both of the above are move-able when empty. I've never played the PC version myself, although I've seen videos of people placing and using the larger military style tents to store things. PC players, please feel free to correct me. You can currently bury waterproof bags in the Xbox Build of the game, you will need a shovel and ofcourse, a water proof bag. These are 'server reset proof' and will remain untouched for 40-43 days, anything after this I'm assuming they will reset and disappear into the dark corners of nothingness. It goes without saying all of the above remain in the server where you planted them and will not move from server to server with you. There also remain in place even if you die, other players may come across them and they will be able to openly take stuff as they please, as I don't believe there is a way to lock tents or barrels. As for deer calls, this would be an awesome idea, maybe post it up in the suggestions section of the forum? Hope this helped a little bit! Rgds
  8. Police Stations

    I've not seen this, although, I've seen small chapels with the ground texture coming through the floor. I'm assuming the bug you mention on your post could be a result of this? Maybe there are textures with collisions overlapping not allowing you to walk through? Just a thought, good shout for bringing this up though. :-)
  9. Hints & Tips

    Such a good idea <3
  10. Radio

    This would be sooo sick, as long as the mic feedback isn't shite and you can actually hear the music etc clearly!
  11. Radio

    This guy knows what's up <3
  12. Can i make players voices come through headset

    Hi, Have you checked the game settings? Are you experiencing this with any other of your games where voice chat is an option? I will try and jump online tonight and see if I can replicate this issue and find a fix for it? I will let you know if I work something out. Cheers Dude,

    Cannot agree more, I've not yet tested the interaction since the update, but I think a local text chat wouldn't go a miss.. This game would be awesome for RP, but it's gonna be tough out in public servers currently, too many hotheads!! D:
  14. Can i make players voices come through headset

    Haven't experience this myself but is this something you are experiencing just in game chat? or is it happening in party chat?