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  1. droefheid

    MS Store, review DayZ please

    Nah, I'll pass..
  2. droefheid

    12/12/2018 Added: Field shovel, farming hoe and ice axe

    I love coming back to the forums after a couple of days, pure gold <3
  3. droefheid

    Forced metas

    I agree
  4. droefheid

    When is v1.0 coming to XBox

    Any other predictions? I could really use next weeks lottery numbers?
  5. droefheid


    There we have it folks; N1ne2yaD0m3 has spoken, the devs came back early from their holiday break and addressed all of the above mentioned issues because of his demand. The community rejoiced... He has done it.
  6. droefheid

    UFOs in the sky.

    I vote craftable tin foil hats to be added into the game?
  7. droefheid

    To all combat loggers.

    Thanks bro-cho-cho
  8. droefheid

    To all combat loggers.

    Are there rules that state you can't combat log?
  9. droefheid

    Fuzzy/Grainy night time after recent update

    Night time is around 10 minutes currently (give or take). I'm sure, looking at the other threads on this forum that the devs are well aware of this issue. It will be sorted in due course. I always find a cosey house to hide out in and sort through my inventory, before you know it the sun is coming up again. It's annoying, but bearable.
  10. droefheid

    Gun jamming

    I think it's more of a glitch.. I had a pristine condition shotgun, it allowed me to load one shell, I shot the shell off and it showed my character loading another; but the ammo count remained at 0, so every time I pulled the trigger it clicked as if it had no ammo in it.. Not cute when you're getting chase xD
  11. droefheid

    Night With White Fuzziness

    It is a little bit annoying, makes sense though. Luckily night time is like 5/10 minutes currently. So pick a nice house and hide in it until you hear the rooster ;D
  12. droefheid

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    Bless up <3 Anyone who's been in game; can you confirm if the rain has stopped? Won't be able to get on until tonight D:
  13. droefheid

    You do know that bases will never work...right?

    It's clear neither of us are going to prevail here. The game isn't that bad bro, let's agree to move on :)
  14. droefheid

    You do know that bases will never work...right?

    Well it's working well enough to play, The only bug I've encountered is my character's beard turning blond.. xD Don't try to attack me bro, I'm trying to bring peace.. There's no need to slam the devs.. They are aware of DayZ's current state, just find Impulz' comment above.. Edit - Note to self - do NOT mention RDR on these forums..
  15. droefheid

    You do know that bases will never work...right?

    In it's current state the game is ass, let's be honest. But, the Devs are aware of that, play something else until it's sorted, that's what I'm doing **cough** RDR **cough**