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  1. Day / Night?

    **yawn** traipsing through these kind of posts is gettin' boring.. No night in the game yet, won't be out until the servers resets are scheduled at longer intervals.
  2. names of friends overhead

    We care because when enough of these people suggest stupid shxt like this it will get added to the game. This is NOT a casual game, not in the slightest. The HUD is minimal, if your friend steps in the way of your line of fire then they will die. There are coloured arm bands you can craft in game to help prevent this. I agree with the other points, in some respects, relating to private servers and optional name tags. This will never be a thing in public BI servers.
  3. Please add something to xbox

    You're also part of the 'forum team'. It's like saying your girlfriend looks nice even though she doesn't, you have to.
  4. Weird shxt you've encountered whilst playing.

    Thought this was gonna be some messed up serial killer that poses their victim's bodies...
  5. Weird shxt you've encountered whilst playing.

    Lets collect 'em all in one place ;) Plus my small brain can't afford to go searching ;D
  6. General Questions on gameplay

    Hello, I will try to answer as many of your questions as I can. 1. You can eat until your stomach is full, however I believe you will then vomit. 2. This is something I'm not sure of. I'll be honest I've never thought about it in this way. I think to closely monitor this you would need to develop a system to know what your EXACT thirst level is. Maybe a PC player can answer this? 3. I'm not sure about this one. I guess through medication? 4. No, sadly in the current build you can't join a friends 'session in progress' you will need to speak with your friend(s) to ask them what server they are o and then join the relevant server accordingly. 5. Nope, as a general rule of thumb with most if not all online multiplayer games you cannot pause the game. If you press the start button/bring up your inventory the game will still continue in the background, meaning that; yes, your hunger and thirst will still go down, albeit by a large amount less than they would if you were moving, but they will still go down none the less. People can also still kill you. Although if you need to go AFK I would strongly recommend either finding an A1 hiding place (on par with Bin Laden) or logging off the server until you're back, you may think that going to take a leak and only taking 2 minutes isn't that long, but that's enough time for a sniper to catch you or a group of zeds to swarm you. Be safe out there and if you ever wanna play, hit me up.
  7. As the thread title states; I wanna hear about any weird encounters that you've come across whilst playing.. I'm sure there are hundreds.. xD
  8. Frame rate issues

    I played for around an hour last night. New spawn after the character wiper, no issues with FPS and I was around the Solnichniy area. Did notice that the zombies I attacked seemed somewhat unresponsive though..
  9. Games moving from Alpha to Beta

    Yeah, I agree. They seem to be ALOT more active since the Xbox version launched. I guess that was the kick they needed. I'm hopeful for the future of this game.
  10. Games moving from Alpha to Beta

    I will admit, the Xbox version of the game is running alot smoother than it was. They haven't done alot but it seems so much better than launch. I'm not expecting the BETA to release anytime soon, though.
  11. Tents?

  12. Game was fun for a while

    I aint kicking off bro, but one love for tryna bring people together <3
  13. I'm game, I'll add you later bro :) :)
  14. Game was fun for a while

    Way to go man, posting several different posts instead of adding to the original one (Y). You're right, we aren't arguing here, merely having a debate. If it were a an argument you'd have lost it when you chose to swear at me. To answer your question, I'm not that 'sort of person' I never played MW2, and I certainly don't play Fifa. But to further this point, switching servers and choosing a certain gun are nothing alike. Being able to switch servers is not really a game mechanic now, is it? I respect your point though dude, you made a valid come back and defended your point, even if it was a somewhat damp point. Question for you though; out of 10, how much of a gooner are you?!
  15. Game was fun for a while

    Alright Carl.. xD 'Playing the game'