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  1. Server Changes October 2018

    I can login right now and use this wonderful concept called... counting?
  2. Server Changes October 2018

    15000-20000 players daily.. yea those numbers arent inflated. More like 1500-2000 on a weekend.
  3. Night Time is Garbage

    I like the night time cycle, but its not enough to warrant me actually coming back and playing the game more
  4. FOV Slider (field of view)

    In DayZ Xbox, the FOV is already set high, and you can only drop it down to make it the gears of war FOV, right over the shoulder.
  5. Dwindling player base already

    I play of the mindset where I want to keep my gear as long as possible and only lose it in a PvP encounter. There is only so many times I can run around city to city. Ive done what I can. I left as it cant sustain me for longer than what I already have done. To be fair, 150 hours on DayZ wasnt what I was expecting. I was hoping for more along the 400 hour mark by now. But I need more content before I come back. My friend on the other hand, who suicides multiple times a day sometimes, and actively tries to talk to people even if she gets shots, still this is her exclusive game. I think it is dependent on the roles you played, but i noticed this last week, around 2k players. And its going to continue to go down. There will be surges of people from time to time, but until the game becomes more complete, the xbox version is only going to sit between 1000-2000 people at a time. Most of which are in servers with less that 10 people.
  6. Server hopping

    We we would be happily enjoying the game, but its been out for 5 years and slow development is to be expected, and known with research. But waddling around the map and atleast owning the game on console is good enough. Enjoying it isnt the priority.
  7. Please add something to xbox

    Such is the "helpful" helping the "helpless" with ridiculous notions of thought like "oh boo hoo, we've been here for 5 years and we are trying to help you" But what was it you said again? Oh that's right... "Your enjoyment is not the main priority."
  8. Server hopping

    @DayzDayzFanboy Our enjoyment, for a video game, is not the main priority.
  9. Please add something to xbox

    That is becoming more and more shown as time goes on. Like ive said, you may have your 5 years of infinite wisdom on the PC and relation to how this game works, but xbox players arent going to put up with the same things that you guys did. You just took the money you made from xbox and act like we are a joke. Tell me more about your experience in a consumer market such as game development industry. if you really believe satisfying the customer isnt a priority, then you are the one who needs a good think. Oh yea, i forgot, i wanted to see the update thread, sorry i have to be on this forum to actually see the update haha. -oh wait, there isnt an update today lol. its not like they promised to try and have an update every week or something Your past 5 responses in the xbox threads have been nothing but belittling to the xbox community and the players in it. Start acting like a 2012 veteran, and leading the community, not putting them down. Maybe you are the one stuck in a time warp, he who believes that malpractice and not making the consumer of a video game happy is not a priority. I never said bikes and bases should be. QoL and Bug fixes should be. But maybe you misconstrued that with your false sense of knowledge on how the game industry and consumer marketplace should work

    8 hours ago 5 hours ago
  11. Please add something to xbox

    Some understand the DevOps process. Some do not. What we as console players understand is simply this... xbox is not PC. nor is the Xbox Marketplace and Game Preview Section, the Steam Early Access section.... When a game comes to console.. it is expected to be stable and nearing completion. If our fun is not secondary, and if QoL is not a priority... That is a joke. By definition: QoL usually means changes that don't really effect any numbers, just make them behave more like they were intended to. If you have some other definition of QoL we would love to hear, because PC may have been able to last 5 years with that mentality, but it will not last 5 months if that is the approach
  12. Making developer's take action

    This is John Wayne at the first thanksgiving... "Happy thanksgiving, pilgrim"
  13. Update soon?

    Have you actually read the reviews on scum? It's not looking good. As for the dayz updates.. xbox gets updates tuesday or wednesdays. Next big content patch will be beta patch. I couldn't care, I'm happy as is. I'd like more but I got my survival games to enjoy my time. Dayz is a game I play a few hours to loot up. Come back the next day and pvp. While I do agree, xbox numbers are dwindling... let them go. They can either come back or not. Dont matter. Games come and go. Live in the moment. Play it while it's still relevant. If it does before it hits 1.0, that would be a shame. It probably will not make it to ps4. I'm just going to play dayz with my friend for a few hours a day. Enjoy what I can. So be it if the worst happens.
  14. Making developer's take action

    Tbh, the xbox early access games are tiny. DayZ has been in development for 5 years. If you didnt know that prior to buying then shame on you. Have you ever looked at steam? There is a genre of game called Early Access Hell.... Thousands of EA games never see 1.0. The few that do are the big guys like you've heard of.. conan. Ark. The forest. Sure there are others. I personally never buy alphas. I believe in supporting the development work but I have always said, well better them but than me. I didnt buy ark in EA. I got it at 1.0 for a whopping $100. It sucked. But then I never experienced the bugs or issues that others did. I got the polished product. You do realize there are 13 early access games on xbox right? The list is tiny because they dont wanna end up like steam. Years and years of people saying bring dayZ to console and this is what thanks you give? I agree, I dont like early access, it gives the developer to tuck tail and run. But know your publisher... I'd rather buy an early access, than pay $60 for a game, and pay $40 for a dlc, then hit a wall and have to pay another $40 to break that wall *cough destiny* or rather you'd like to spend $120 flat out on a game that hasnt been developed but is promised "oh were gonna churn out 4 dlc packs for you at a later date, but we havent decided what they will be" *cough cod*. Bohemia interactive is like the hardcore simulation shooter developer that CD Projekt Red or bethesda is to RPG games. If bohemia tucked tail, there would be hell. Know your developers. Know what is and isnt worth investing in if you plan to buy early access alphas/beta. But hey, buyer beware. What do I know. Here is what I have to say about making publishers own up to their issues. The only early access games I own are these. 1. DayZ where I can submit bug reports and contribute to the progress of the game. 2. Stranded Deep where I can contribute to the games growth and help a 2 man development team get their dream. 3. Fortnite a game that will never leave because they make billions on microtransactions, for a free to play game. 4. Pubg a game that was fun then totally crapped out at 1.0 launch, because of microtransaction greed. What do pubg and fortnite have in common? A dying playerbase. Microtransactions. And a washed up battle royale formula that was a fad. What do stranded deep and DayZ have in common? A loyal playerbase, small though it may be. Free updates. Free roadmap and community support. Bug tracking and bug creation. But are 4 years old in early access and everyone trips on the devs for not finishing the game. $40 for DayZ, $20 for stranded deep. That is $60, the price of a normal AAA game, but have infinite replay value as long as you can think and make up your own story. $30 for pubg, $40 for fortnite cuz I got the single player. Then infinite $ at microtransactions. What's the difference? When battle royale dies, it's gone. You lost the hundreds of dollars invested in skins and cosmetic items. When survival games die or never leave early access. Well you have the memories, the feels that you atleast tried to help the game developer, and you have the $200 you saved by not buying microtransactions. Plus, the servers wont go offline. When any MP games servers shut down, that means the devs have given up on that title. DayZ is the first MP EA game I got. If you look at the pc base, 5 years later??? Servers are still up. People are still playing.
  15. shot mode

    From what I have read from a forum moderator. This method of switching fire rate is an exploit and shouldnt be in the game. There is no button mapping for fire rate, but it will be coming soon. This is actually why I stopped using m4, because I switch it to single shot and I have bullet registration issues