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  1.  DropBearChick

    Anyone using the Blaze 95?

    Blaze, sporter, cr575 all useless guns compared to the others. Why people use them depends on them whether it's that they like the look or sound of the gun or just feel better with it though statistically it sucks balls it's there personal piece of art that they'd take over a mosin any day. Stun baton all the way.
  2.  DropBearChick

    More Spray Pain Color Options For Latter Please! :)

    What if I spray paint my orange yellow would it still be an orange or would it now be called a yellow?
  3.  DropBearChick

    Ella's standalone guide

  4.  DropBearChick

    GTX 970 + 980 Owner's Thread

    Intel hd 3000 inbuilt into the CPU lol
  5.  DropBearChick

    GTX 970 + 980 Owner's Thread

    Can I have your old card?
  6. I'm in can i either be a fisherman or waitress?
  7.  DropBearChick


    Destiny is good but the only thing I don't like about it is the lack of loot in game there's just nothing to hunt for or pick up from dead enemies really disappoints me
  8.  DropBearChick

    Are ragdolls physics server or client sided?

    It's client side hence that bug were you have to loot there guns not there body
  9.  DropBearChick

    New NEAF civ buildings!

    http://m.imgur.com/a/wrtXL Hey guys check out these new pics of the NEAF civ hangar and admin building I found at pax! Hope u enjoy!
  10.  DropBearChick

    Experimental Branch: 0.49 Discussion

    I think I might know why there's heaps of loot everywhere. I think it might be due to the global economy they've been experimenting with, and since there only the 40 odd servers the values for the amount of items spawned is quite largest so we've seen excessive amounts of items spawned.
  11.  DropBearChick

    Ella's standalone guide

    So because I'm hot you think "oh a chick that hot can't possibly play dayz" And thanks greaves I was actually thinking about moving to Europe lol
  12.  DropBearChick

    The Wipe is upon us

    It's server maintenance :/
  13. Character wipe soon guys! Say goodbye to your unicorns and hacked mags! Also that improvised camo looks cool as.
  14.  DropBearChick

    Looking for SMERSH Vest+pack Will trade

    I had one but took me 3 hours of loot cycling and server hopping to finally find it along with an army if ten to help