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  1. DayzDayzFanboy

    So... 4x4 car. Lets talk about it for a tiny bit.

    I think all cars should require at least some work doing to them. I don't know how long after the fall of society this game takes place, but leave a car a few months and I guarantee the tyres and battery will probably be flat and quite possibly the engine seized up. I like the idea of finding cars on varying states of disrepair though. You might get lucky and find one that just needs a new battery and the tyres pumping up or find one that has been stripped by other survivors for parts. I do think there needs to be an element of challenge there though. I think it also encourages people to team up in order to fix one. I have never bothered on my own, but would have a go if I was teaming up with someone.
  2. DayzDayzFanboy

    Dumpers with lots of cars

    They probably just collected them all. It is possible, especially if there is a group of them. Once you have one car working, it becomes a lot easier to find and collect parts for the next car. I think I was watching YetiBum streaming recently and someone in chat said that it's possible to get up to twelve cars in a server.
  3. DayzDayzFanboy


    So, unfortunately, you're going to have to dupe all your gear again.
  4. DayzDayzFanboy

    Are they for sure doing a character and base wipe?

    It will definitely be full character and server wipe.
  5. DayzDayzFanboy


    I'm working this weekend but have quite a few free days during the week coming up. What's everyone's availability?
  6. DayzDayzFanboy

    Rain is back

    Didn't think I'd ever say it, but I miss the rain. Just as long as the rainy season doesn't last six weeks again!
  7. DayzDayzFanboy

    ETA for private Servers?

    Was going to comment but read back into thread so ignore me!
  8. DayzDayzFanboy

    Unpacking Ammo

    I hope we get pens at some point in the future too, would be cool to leave notes. Adds a nice dimension to RP servers
  9. DayzDayzFanboy

    Important Loot to gather before update

    Yeah, the longer I live the more cautious I get!
  10. DayzDayzFanboy

    New players. "what i wish i knew when i first started playing DayZ"

    I wish I'd recorded it, but a couple of weeks ago I saw a commotion outside a village and it was a group of zombies chasing a herd of cows through the village. They started chasing around in the field and then a pack of wolves joined in. Went on for ages and the wolves definitely came off worse. The noise was horrendous!
  11. DayzDayzFanboy

    Important Loot to gather before update

    Yes, I am pretty sure that we'll all be on the beach on the day of the update, so don't make any down payments on that semi-detached watch tower in the woods!
  12. DayzDayzFanboy

    Server disappeared?

    Some servers were removed from console a while back and given to pc of I recall correctly. There were lots of empty servers so they were reassigned.
  13. DayzDayzFanboy

    Server wipe on Xbox one hotfix today?

    Can't even imagine why you would want that many tents. Probably why the server crashed!
  14. DayzDayzFanboy

    NL server 8157

    Ah cool, I'm a friendly player anyway so if you see ConArt70 in the server, that's me!
  15. DayzDayzFanboy

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    Personally I don't bother stashing gear. If I die I enjoy the process of looting up from scratch again. I kinda feel thats the point of the game. The journey is more interesting than the destination.