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  1. DayzDayzFanboy

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Hmm, why don't you help by despawning those weapons then rather than stashing them yourself?
  2. DayzDayzFanboy

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Oh yeah, and one example off the top of my head is Subnautica. Great game by the way but I couldn't play it for months because the frame rate was so slow. I kept starving to death because it was so laggy I couldn't catch fish to survive! They fixed it eventually. I reported the issue on the bug tracker and it wad fixed, eventually! I could name lots of games and their issues, but it would be off topic. I believe this thread was about servers going offline, though hard to remember as people seem to go off on tangents! (I include myself in that!)
  3. DayzDayzFanboy

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Hmm, don't mind you expressing your opinion at all, just don't get your knickers in a twist when someone responds to you in a 'public' forum. Well, I've never been killed by a torch yet. Someone did try to hit me with one so I killed him with my can of beans. Beans definitely trump torches in hand to hand combat! If someone starts shooting at you when you have a torch on just turn it off and run! Like I say, I seem to be able to navigate the map at night without too much trouble. I guess if you're nervous about high traffic areas at night with a torch, then avoid them. Cars...we'll, you certainly need to be cautious, but again, I seem to manage them ok until they get stolen. Yes, assault rifles are hard to find 'naturally' now. That is a well known issue that doesn't require twenty different threads crying about it. Try looking up the main threads discussing the issue and contribute, but just shouting the same point over and over really doesn't achieve much. I don't really mind if you do, it's your time, not mine. Just trying to help you. Regarding base building, the fact I don't really bother with actually building doesn't mean i sit on the coast shooting fresh spawns. Watch YouTube, you might learn something about the game and how other people play it. It's surprisingly varied. I tend to have an area as a base and hide things in it. So, i'm not shutting anyone down. I haven't blocked you. I'm not an admin deleting your posts. I'm responding to your points in what I hope is a reasonable and meaningful way. It might not help you or it might. That's how discourse works. Someone offers a point of view and someone else makes a counter point. Sometimes I might play devil's advocate purely to see how an idea or argument can be developed into something useful. Sometimes I react purely because someone makes an irrational point. But I'm certainly not shutting anyone down. This is free speech buttercup.
  4. DayzDayzFanboy

    Heli Crash Sites

    Hmm not sure about that. I have found heli sites with and without smoke but didn't pay attention to which nationality. I assumed they smoke for a while and then stop smoking after a while and before despawning. Not sure.
  5. DayzDayzFanboy

    an open base idea

    I'd say you boys have had enough!
  6. DayzDayzFanboy


    I'm not even sure it takes that long. The last time I grew crops it took maybe ten minutes. Not sure if it's changed in recent updates but you could grow a ton of food and store it in barrels.
  7. DayzDayzFanboy

    an open base idea

    I think anything you want to do on dayz is worth doing. I think a lot of players judging by the contributors to this forum would probably respect it. But don't be disheartened if a minority decide to dismantle it. The apocalypse is a trying time for all!
  8. DayzDayzFanboy

    Using a scope on a bolt action

    I think perhaps he was asking if there was a way to watch where the bullet lands before then reloading.
  9. DayzDayzFanboy

    Planting Pumkin Seeds Crash

    @TheYetiBum has just mentioned in another thread that if you water before you plant the seed it crashes the game, so try watering after you planted.
  10. DayzDayzFanboy


    Ah, is that what the pumpkin thread was referring to?
  11. DayzDayzFanboy


    As above, plus, the collected debris can be used as fertiliser. I think you can also use lime to fertilise but I've never bothered. I think I also read somewhere that you can use disinfectant spray on the plants if they become diseased, but never tried this.
  12. DayzDayzFanboy

    Experiencing lag recently...

    My frame rate is generally pretty decent aside from the occasional lag spike in obvious places. But I am getting a lot of audio lag. I used to get this occasionally in big towns but it would correct itself after a minute or two. This time, it seems quite persistent wherever I am. Some servers seem slightly worse than others possibly. Could this be to do with persistence and quantities of builds and stashes?
  13. DayzDayzFanboy

    Most dangerous?

    Yup, those ladders are vicious man. I got spat out by one first week of release. Didn't learn my lesson and did it again a week later. Dunno why, but every time I see one, I get an overwhelming urge to climb them!
  14. DayzDayzFanboy

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Unplayable at night? Most people seem to manage with head torch or flashlight. If its taking you a couple of weeks to get a car working, you're looking for parts in the wrong places. The two cars I had running lasted over a week without getting damaged. They did eventually get stolen, but hey, I like being on foot anyway. No chance of finding any weapons? Do you actually just mean m4 and AK? Try the mosin, hunting rifle, SKS (great gun BTW), shotgun, pistols, submachine guns and a whole raft of melee weapons. Bases pointless to build? Easy, don't build one. That's not really the focus of the game, just hide a stash somewhere. What do you want a base for? A tower on the beach maybe for sniping new spawns? Ah, no, sorry I forgot. You can't find any weapons right? Glitches like mad every time a zombie aggros on you? Every time? Really?? Worst development of any title you've ever seen? Ever? Lol, which other games do you play, I'd really like to know. But no, you're right. You really should do something about it. Maybe hire a solicitor for that class action. Or write to your local MP. Or, play something you enjoy, right?
  15. DayzDayzFanboy

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    No, I don't. Nobody is in denial about bugs in the game, but I don't think I've played a game that didn't have bugs. I couldn't play Subnautica for eight months until they fixed it because the frame rate was so bad it was like a slide show. Ark had had a long history of technical issues, BF4 had horrendous net code issues for the first nine months. PUBG was, well, PUBG was PUBG, and still is! In fact, I think maybe the last game I had without bugs was Manic Miner on the Spectrum back in the 80's. At least, I don't remember it having any, though I could be wrong. At the end of the day, this game is far more playable, immersive, challenging, frustrating, exciting, heart breaking, heart stopping than any other game I have played. So, we lost a few servers. Are you struggling to join a server now because they're so full? Are you salty because you're duped stash of VSD's will have to be moved? Are you anxious that you might run into other players now? What was it you were so angry about again? If a game made me that angry I guess I wouldn't play it. I like to play games because they're fun and not because they make the vein in my left temple throb.