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  1. DayzDayzFanboy

    Trying my hand at Building

    I haven't tried all scopes yet but the combat sights, rvn sights and pso scope all work with batteries in. Haven't tried kobra sights yet
  2. DayzDayzFanboy

    Trying my hand at Building

    Not that I'm aware, all the scopes I've used so far are working.
  3. DayzDayzFanboy

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

    No, I'm just on a regular xbox one.
  4. DayzDayzFanboy

    Still no ARs after update.

    No, the one up the road from cherno power station
  5. DayzDayzFanboy

    Still no ARs after update.

    I was mostly surprised that I found one in a cargo container. But its been that long since I found one maybe its normal. I laugh now when I think about how on the early days of console, you could pick up an M4 in the cherno tents, or that checkpoint up the road!
  6. DayzDayzFanboy

    Aim assist

    I'm not aware of any aim assist. It certainly didn't exist last night when I was dealing with a zombie problem at some tents.
  7. DayzDayzFanboy

    Chest and Barrels

    Had a weird inventory bug last night on a private server. I have a barrel stashed near a car I'm fixing up. I put some stiff in the boot. Went back to it later to get an axe out of the car and I couldn't take it out. It let me take shotty shells and a can of beans, but not the axe. It wouldn't even let me drag it into my empty hands. Anyway, logged back in this morning and it was working fine.
  8. DayzDayzFanboy

    Cars DeSpawning is Wack

    Very astute. Cars don't cause lag No it doesn't, it just pisses people off
  9. DayzDayzFanboy

    Car wheels

    I think lights are currently bugged
  10. DayzDayzFanboy

    So much fun

    Can you hot bar it?
  11. DayzDayzFanboy

    Grenades and base walls

    I only tried shooting and punching. Didn't have any other tools. I heard that you can shoot locked doors open and also use brute force but maybe that's only on wooden doors?
  12. DayzDayzFanboy

    Car wheels

    Well done. Won't it fit in your backpack? You can run if it does
  13. DayzDayzFanboy

    Car wheels

    Lol yeah right. Then when you give up looking for something, it turns up miles away!
  14. DayzDayzFanboy

    New weapons for 1.05 release

    Update on scopes... Been using the combat sights with the red dot. They seem to be working OK. Which scope isn't working?
  15. DayzDayzFanboy

    Grenades and base walls

    Not sure, but I came across a locked gate yesterday and couldn't open it with anything. Tried punching it, shooting it and swearing at it. How do you break open locked gates?