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  1. I mean they finally made morphine work and the first thing that happens is a ban in 'straya
  2. Buakaw

    Wosrst server hopping solution ever

    haha, what? I would honestly just quit playing.
  3. Buakaw

    Wosrst server hopping solution ever

    wait what? I thought you would only get ported minor distances to avoid base logging, like 10-20m. All the way across map??? Only played on privates so far so I haven't seen the system yet. I can't imagine a dayz where I don't login the same placed I logged out. As emu said, it is about the experience. You continue your story where you left it.
  4. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.04.152166

    I miss the old 0.60 AKM a bit, kicks like a mule but with enough mousepad you could still get a somewhat tight grouping. Now it has little recoil and the barrel somewhat curves upwards like in counter-strike if I hold down mouse1.
  5. Buakaw

    My DayZ Experience

    weapons spawning with different attachments and sometimes magazines with ammo was supposed to be a thing tho, to be fair
  6. https://old.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/cdvzk5/status_report_july_2019/ I thought they might finalize the game this year, adding all the stuff they promised over the years: helicopters, bikes, survival features. All the things we got used to from previous versions. Guess not. Modders could still do the game justice, but this is sad. So I tested the 556 versus the 545, and the 545 was - to take an uneducated guess - 100-300ms faster at 700 meters. Since the AK74 is the onyl gun to use it tho, and since it is inferior in every other way to the m4, it doesn't really matter. Heck, nothing really matters anymore.
  7. So, have the ballistics not changed since 1.0? 308 winchester and 556 still have railgun properties?
  8. Buakaw

    No military-grade weapons

    When are they gonna buff heli crash sites? 😕
  9. Buakaw

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    big yikes at the new melee changes and at locked animations in general. bring back the 0.5x era melee, it was good and fun. two people charging at each other like knights trying to "headshot" each other with their axes. glorious.
  10. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.02

    good to know, ill put the game aside till then.
  11. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.02

    in all fairness dock tape is also heavy at like 1kg and has only 3 or 4 uses. I hope they don't change the way it works now.
  12. are you sure it works like that? I think persistent objects have their own network bubbles similar to players.
  13. I do miss those atmospheric as hell greyscale nights with the constant wind noise.
  14. it doesnt feel like im in control of my character when it does that. they should allow you to move freely while swinging like it used to.