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  1. How will temperature, moisture and disease discourage KOSing again? edit: doublepost, cant add a quote to previous post. :/
  2. Unimaginative rant the kind a simpleton would do "it can be so much more rewarding to make an effort to interact with each other" yeah, right. I love meaningless smalltalk with random people and sharing apples.
  3. Soft Skills

    Soft skills were introduced as silent mechanics that ever so slightly reward you for doing something repetatively and that is exactly what they are doing. Just like IRL you slowly get better at stuff, develop somewhat of a skill. Its still a soft skill, the game is no RPG. But sure, the reward could be tweaked and slightly bigger. From the sound of it, mending would be useful, if it means I can mend my torn clothes quicker and more reliably (to a better or even to pristine quality). However: ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO ANYWAY.
  4. General Discussion

    Has mouse acceleration been addressed in 63? it is pretty wack in stable iirc.
  5. Right! Dispersion ist most noticeable on range and most prominent on pistols and smgs, which are not meant for ranged combat anyway. Which is also why I think dispersion might as well stay. They implement it not for authenticity but rather to balance the weapons and their effective ranges between each other. You need a gun like the AK which can oneshot to not outclass a sniper rifle, which with 0 dispersion and hitscan, it would. I think combat in Dayz only ever needed adjustments based on movement : reduction in ADS sway when walking, reduction in sway after sprinting, way faster rising of the weapon and so on. These have been implemented as far as I understand, which is fantastic. So basically, dont touch dispersion.
  6. It is obvious that the devs are putting gameplay over weapon authenticity with this one, which kind of nullifies most of your arguments. Not to say that I think it is a great decision. They will probably readd it.
  7. Melee System needs balance/tweaking

    Melee needs the old hit sounds back. Listen to this, so satisfying when the axe hits the flesh.
  8. I hope they can add a little foam to the edges of water one day.
  9. General Discussion

    :( This is easily doable IRL tho, maybe it'll get reimplemtented?
  10. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    1. We are all adults here right? (yes) 2. Should we tell other adults what to do and how to behave? (no)
  11. I share your opinion on the visuals. It looked very plastic. So much fog, bloom and it was very saturated. I dont think it looked very realistic. As for the rest, just wait for now.
  12. This affects you as a 1pp player too. Imagine these shiny players 50-100m further from your camera. They would stick out like beacons amongst the dark, unlit forest.
  13. I know its from the old renderer, but the issue still persists. The way lighting works didn't change, they merely added rendering occlusion and some post processing stuff and changed saturation values. Why do you ask? Just wondering.. because it isn't any different now.
  14. Why? Because players recieve dynamic lighting (or rather, sunlight), while the environment doesn't. Only certain objects recieve sunlight, most notably: players, tents and certain buildings or parts of buildings. That makes these objects and players stick out greatly, making whatever camoflague you are wearing entirely pointless, particularly when traversing in darker terrain like forests. I also think it is quite a bit of an immersion killer. This issue becomes mroe apparent the stronger the sunlight is. A solution would be to greatly tone down the sunlight reflection on player models and certain objects. Another solution would be to introduce new lighting. Ultimately I noticed the same issue still being apparent in the current 0.63 stream, so I wanted to bring it up again. Hopefully it can get addressed one way or the other. Any thoughts? Here is a good screenshot to highlight the issue I am talking about:
  15. The issue is people want to get immersed and complain about people who could care less about immersion, but in order to remove any gamma advantage, you would have to do something like Rust did which is completely pitch black landscapes and to me that isnt really immersive at all either.