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  1. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    1. We are all adults here right? (yes) 2. Should we tell other adults what to do and how to behave? (no)
  2. I share your opinion on the visuals. It looked very plastic. So much fog, bloom and it was very saturated. I dont think it looked very realistic. As for the rest, just wait for now.
  3. This affects you as a 1pp player too. Imagine these shiny players 50-100m further from your camera. They would stick out like beacons amongst the dark, unlit forest.
  4. I know its from the old renderer, but the issue still persists. The way lighting works didn't change, they merely added rendering occlusion and some post processing stuff and changed saturation values. Why do you ask? Just wondering.. because it isn't any different now.
  5. Why? Because players recieve dynamic lighting (or rather, sunlight), while the environment doesn't. Only certain objects recieve sunlight, most notably: players, tents and certain buildings or parts of buildings. That makes these objects and players stick out greatly, making whatever camoflague you are wearing entirely pointless, particularly when traversing in darker terrain like forests. I also think it is quite a bit of an immersion killer. This issue becomes mroe apparent the stronger the sunlight is. A solution would be to greatly tone down the sunlight reflection on player models and certain objects. Another solution would be to introduce new lighting. Ultimately I noticed the same issue still being apparent in the current 0.63 stream, so I wanted to bring it up again. Hopefully it can get addressed one way or the other. Any thoughts? Here is a good screenshot to highlight the issue I am talking about:
  6. The issue is people want to get immersed and complain about people who could care less about immersion, but in order to remove any gamma advantage, you would have to do something like Rust did which is completely pitch black landscapes and to me that isnt really immersive at all either.
  7. Basebuilding

    They could randomize building interiors :P sort of. They would just have to create like a dozen different layouts and create a different asset for each, then let rng choose the version upon placing the asset (the house).
  8. Basebuilding

    playing private hives solves both the cheating and hopping issue, so im not overly concerned. interested in what the solution for that will be tho.
  9. Basebuilding

    We were already aware of that. The point of the discussion is, will you be able to walk into anyones camp or will there be some kind of layers of security? Its not the easiest thing to handle with realism and "hardcore" survival in mind. Because realistically, nothing would stop me from hopping over those fences or use a beamcutter. Same! Especially as I personally fail to see a solution that would be rewarding and interesting for raiders and basebuilders alike and still be somewhat realistic.
  10. Basebuilding

    I see no issue with offline raiding at all. I dont think bases should be untouchable in this game to be honest. But what will the dynamic be I wonder? Will bases be accessible by anyone and have to be guarded at all times? Or will they introduce a new ressource like explosives for raiding? How will access to bases be handled? With keys or something?
  11. Basebuilding

    If people can just plunder and demolish everything you built (edit: with ease, as in just walk in) when you are offline, what is the point of camps such as this? If there are actually layers of security against offline raiding, how will you be able to overcome them? By gathering explosives such as grenades and blowing into them? Also, don't public hives render camps entirely useless anyway (assuming they have some sort of security to begin with), assuming the login mechanism will remain as it is? I really wonder how this whole thing is gonna get handled, does anyone have any more insights? Personally, just gonna use basebuilding to fortify a watchtower on the airfield or something and resort to hidden stashes and barrels for loot storage.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    edit nvm im too tired to read properly :D
  13. welcome back, Tatanko the screenshot taker

    1. Tatanko


      Welcome back? But I never went anywhere :)

  14. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    so noone knows why the melee sounds got changed for the worse? is it temporary, a bug? just curious, i hope its not meant to seriously sound like that
  15. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    geniunely curious why they changed the old, satisfying melee hit sounds (which sounded like actually ramming your axe into flesh) for this? it now sounds like you are hitting paper with a stick instead or something.