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  1. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    edit nvm im too tired to read properly :D
  2. welcome back, Tatanko the screenshot taker

    1. Tatanko


      Welcome back? But I never went anywhere :)

  3. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    so noone knows why the melee sounds got changed for the worse? is it temporary, a bug? just curious, i hope its not meant to seriously sound like that
  4. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    geniunely curious why they changed the old, satisfying melee hit sounds (which sounded like actually ramming your axe into flesh) for this? it now sounds like you are hitting paper with a stick instead or something.
  5. Status Report - 16 May 2017

    Well if people wouldnt use them then there is your answer, noone wants to use radios as more immersive alternative to global. I think its a cool idea tho. But you are not gonna find out if you don't try. Noones gonna go out of their way to search for batteries (thats what u need atm right?) when there is an extremely low chance to get anything out of it. So this approach is rather hopeless in my opinion. An idea like this should be discussed with staff and then given greenlights to see a community response, but this? THis is just kinda half-assed amateur stuff. Its not gonna happen.
  6. Status Report - 16 May 2017

    Hold on a minute. you are the creative designer! I say just go for it, just try it out, WERE DOIN IT LIVE kinda thing. What can go wrong? You can always hotpatch it out and we have plenty of time to test things in this game nowadays. Don't think its ever gonna work otherwise.
  7. Future of public hive servers

    Bohemia has to strictly enforce their policies is all. No kicking, passwords, frequent restarts and resets. Well, start enforcing those rules, because as you said people still do so plenty. Not sure what to do about the kicking tho, that should be a freedom of any server owner but people just install autokickers on their server and keep them for their clannies.
  8. is it just me...?

    Havent done any bigoted remarks. You on the other hand? So many assumptions without knowing me whatsoever. Whatever floats your boat pal. You don't get to decide anything here tho and it is not up to you what happens here. @kirov ? What bigotry? Hillarious people on this forum.
  9. is it just me...?

    Okay emu, in this example you listed a person *going after* "instant gratification", but you did not prove me wrong. You know, some new generation self proclaimed feminists, they tend to find nonsense "catchphrases" to constantly rant against also, like "manspreading". I think the comparison isnt too far off, justifying conflation. No idea why I have to explain this, its no news that the term feminist has been greatly damaged or warped in recent years, and I use it accordingly. While we are at it, name me a few honorable, actual, true feminists that actually have done good, without googling. :) But yeah, dont you think its rather hypocritical to call me a toxic asshole, bigot, douchebag, etc etc cuz I said "feminist"? Just really weak and one step away from true bigotry. You do realize I never claimed the contrary, right? Anything that shoots more than a .22 is deadly. "gratification" what kind of gratification could one possibly get from spawning and killing other nakeds and why is this a problem to you? Actually I dont care. Its not a problem. Let people play how they want. Congrats on getting worked up over nothing, "whyherro". Feel better now? I stand by what I said. Saying Dayz has "instant gratification" the way you describe it is simply absurd. Even more so after 61.
  10. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    In lights of summits recent rant (which I dont necessarily agree with), I do agree that I hope the player controller will make fights less clunky. There is a lot of things but here are two major points for me. raising your gun should happen much much much faster. even an untrained civilian could raise their gun within 0.2 seconds, especially if adrenaline is flowing and your life depends on it. gun sway while strafing / walking needs to be reduced quite a bit. again, even an untrained civilian could hold his gun more steady than that. I dare anyone to try it out with a broomstick. tape a laserpointer on it for increased effect.
  11. How full was the server? I was impressed by 61s performance a couple days ago, everything was so smooth on full pop. First time that smoothness was carried over from exp to stable. I wonder how its gonna be like on a full pop with at least a couple dozen playercamps and vehicles.
  12. I wonder what the new features fully implemented by the end of the year are going to be?
  13. two very good points. Female characters for example are unplayable in 1pp due to this. they moan at like twice the volume when out of breath. Also I immersive myself so well in 1pp, but yes, the movement is very limited. I would love more options like leaning or climbing onto certain things to get a sneak peak around stuff or thru elevated windows for example. Basically all the things that 3pp currently does for you.
  14. You are not giving up any advantage, you are playing the game a different way... everyone gives up the "advantage".
  15. The only thing that would cut down wall peeking is player occlusion, as in players that are not visible from your characters eyes are not going to be visible in 3rd person either. This would create ugly popups of players, but it is still better than tactical abuse in a game as harsh as this. A couple of points I would like to make regarding 1pp and whether it is futile to introduce it large scale at this point - or even an asinine business decision. Dayz has the biggest batch of sales behind it, arguably. Growth or a comparable spike in sales is not to be expected, but could occur when a new, really big milestone or publicity spike is reached. Current sales are (I would imagine) steady and not really influenced by the perspective in game. The perspective is something players come to learn of and get used and accustomed to over time. So to say it is an asinine business decision or maybe even impossible to change the players preference would imply that the entire current playerbase completely dislikes 1PP and is unwilling to change their playstyle or try out new things. Also they would eventually stop playing/revolt as well as prevent more players from buying the game (via negative reviews / bad word of the mouth). So assuming that is indeed true (I doubt it), when you break down why that is the case, it can probably be attributed to a few reasons: 1. The choice is frankly nearly non-existant. Most populated servers are 3pp, most public servers are 3pp. Only a handful of popular 1pp hives exist. The ratio is 20:1. Literally only 5 fucking percent of servers are 1PP. 2. As Hicks said, people choose the path of least resistance. They also get accustomed to the comfort and additional tactical safety 3pp grants. The meta starts revolving entirely around this. 3. Wonky animations, sync errors, physics and controls make 3pp indeed more of a breeze to use. Also speaking of which, the amount of stances etc is miserable, especially when compared to Arma. But these are expected to get fixed eventually. Based on that, I think it is relatively safe to say that, once 3. is fixed - which is just a matter of time- , 1. and 2. could be looked at, which is a matter of the devs taking action. You start by breaking down the expectations and norms of the users. For example calling 1PP Standard and 3PP Softcore. This will prevent new players from thinking that 3PP is the standard for this game and manifesting that mindset. Also it will make older players wonder. Public server distribution will be changed from the current (I guessed but it seems fairly accurate..) 90% 3PP / 10% 1PP to something like 60% 1PP / 40% 3PP for example. This will tackle the issue of lack of choices as well as introduce "hardened" veterans to a new perspective on Dayz - both literally and figuratively I think. But a message need to be sent and options need to be there. Given that the aforementioned flaws in "3." are fixed and the amount of content and things to do is much greater, using 1PP would oberall be a much more pleasureable experience, which in theory should not hurt sales and active playerbase at all, if anything, quite the contrary. Just my little brainstorming on the topic. I am curious to hear what you guys think.