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  1. it doesnt feel like im in control of my character when it does that. they should allow you to move freely while swinging like it used to.
  2. Buakaw

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    great, 556 isnt hypersonic anymore.
  3. Buakaw

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    "is it gonna be changed?" 😴 😴 yes, its very much work in progress. the whole "1.0" thing was just political if I am not mistaken.
  4. Buakaw

    DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    Sounds like they are just gonna balance at will as opposed to realism orientated really.
  5. I mean, no shit sherlock, PVE is never as challenging as PVP. Intelligence prevails. Teaming up trivilaizes survival challenges. Don't team up then. Even games like Dark Souls you can simply walk past obstacles /enemies. I think if you removed canned food (and all the taters and what), most players would starve. You say there is no goal, but there is actually one goal no matter what: surviving, unless you enjoy respawning every 15 minutes. And reducing food spawns, (greatly) increasing infected numbers and their damage are actually three fantastic methods to make just that more challenging (and enjoyable imo).
  6. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Pretty sure it was the other way around: you add content first and optimize later, as everytime you add new stuff, old stuff may break, causing you double the work. I mean you always do a little of both, adding new stuff and optimizing, but the real path to optimization begins when all the content is in place to be optimized.
  7. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Yes. Also, there is only one of the 12 planned vehicles currently in game, here is all of them.
  8. Buakaw


    they kinda need to fix maylay first
  9. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    *guy runs into your aim* *server freezes* *link related starts playing*
  10. Buakaw

    Loot cycles?

    sure works in mysterious ways. I would not worry about loot economy while there are still like 50+ items left waiting to be readded tho.
  11. Buakaw

    Reviews starting to come out

    It was simply a valid point of view from a new player's perspective, but no such part where he "talks about the hero skin as if it was part of the SA". It was a memory he recited from mod times. Learn to read.
  12. Buakaw

    Reviews starting to come out

    I think dayz looks awesome for its age with an immersive and detailed game world. Compare to some other games of the genre: Scum has a much smaller, much less detailed world with ugly 5 house villages with ugly buildings. Game only looks good on ultra settings due to a barrage of post processing, but then runs at 5 fps. No thanks Miscreated: probably the most impressive and immersive game of the genre in terms of visuals. looks so much better than the rest, lush details, overgrown villages, cities, fantastic lighting. But much smaller in scale compared to dayz. They also went for a "world has been dead for many years" look. Dayz is supposed to play only 1-2 years after the outbreak afaik.
  13. Buakaw

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    ah the stun batton. I remember when you could knock armored players out with one hit inconsistently for a few patches
  14. Buakaw

    Reviews starting to come out

    strongly agreed on the melee part. this is the key question that should be asked with most things in Dayz from a game design perspective.
  15. Buakaw

    Reviews starting to come out

    first off whats with the semicolons secondly what the fuck?