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  1. DayZ Stable Update 1.0

    after averaging 2k players for the longest time there was a spike to 14k last night.
  2. Night is a problem.

    lol so many trolls bitching and whining instead of adapting. Again: There is no middleground to be had: it is either full black or gamma "abusable". People were bitching about gamma abuse, now this is what you got.
  3. Night is a problem.

    Getting lost is fun.
  4. Night is a problem.

    There is no middleground to be had: it is either full black or gamma "abusable". People were bitching about gamma abuse, now this is what you got. Even in Rust, when every asset and everything was pithc black, there was some sort of nvidia color tweak allowing for vision, so Bohemia added noise on top. I think I agree with @IMT it's been hella atmospheric, ya'll need to stop whining. They only need to buff light sources.
  5. What do you do when you have too much stuff?

    imo no need to hoard anything on current stable patch, everything is available plentiful. doubt it will change with "1.0" either unless they surprise add a ton of stuff back.
  6. Server hopping?

    Building bases on private hives.
  7. What song are you listening to right now?

    Today the doctors allow the illusion of chooooohoooohooooohooice
  8. Weapon Jam

    you have to hold R key.
  9. BI Needs to Postpone 1.0

    We all know a real 1.0 is many months away. 2019 is the real year of dayz, and then we will get the real 1.0, no matter what they call it.
  10. Fluffy bases.

    I was already voicing the exact thoughts 1 or 2 years ago when basebuilding was announced. Noone wanted to talk about it. It's a nice timekiller I suppose, but it will never be as effective as a hidden barrel, treasure box or second account (the last one being the .. ahem... unmanliest option). For me what would make dayz interesting longterm is only chase items, such as very rare weapons from random events like helicrashes. That and survival, raw survival. Like, actual reasons to go X places, say because only in X place you can find Y item. Your own story. In the current state of the game, even when I try hard to have a spontaneous adventure, it is always the same: run towards NWAF and get military gear, becasue nothing else works or has a purpose right now. I think the question of "lategame" and meta is one the devs themselves have struggled to or entirely failed to answer themselves, at least in my opinion. You could see the uncertainty when Brian Hicks was still on the project and talking, with utmost uncertainty and very wagely, about changing the spawn system around or creating/adapting things from a game like Rust, which nails the whole longevity/persistence part. Now obviously they can't add sleeping bags to Dayz so that is out of question. Ultimately, the possible playstyles are very nuanced, but don't differ much from each other. You can be a hunter survivalist, but it is not necessary. In the end it is always run inlands, get geared, die eventually.
  11. I just don't have any words left.

    bleeding from hit areas is already a thing (got shot in the foot and bled from it), however bandies work like a plug in the bathtub; area specific bandies are post 1.0 stuff I think.
  12. Role of submachine guns in DayZ

    Speaking of submachine guns: The mp5k in the game is supposed to fire at 900 freedoms per minute, but it feels lower now? here is how it used to be, full clip at 3:55.
  13. I just don't have any words left.

    could be simplified once again. could be the output is simply not there. the standing of the video is also that you cannot kill a player even with a 100 shots to the leg. I am not sure that is the case anymore. Probably I will just shoot myself in the leg next time I find a pistol to find out. edit: went prone, shot at my own legs, bullet went thru. test needs 2 subjects. edit v2: yellow health after 4 shots in the foot. dead after ~3-4 shots to the leg from full health. weapon: mp5, point blank range.
  14. I just don't have any words left.

    old thread but have you even watched wobos last video? shots to vital organs or head are the only way to kill a player right now and each organ has its own health stat. that is if the video is still uptodate at least.
  15. Stun locked with melee weapon

    It used to be that you can knock a palyer unconscious with a single well aimed punch to the face, or kill them with a single axe swing to the face. I loved it. They really need to make it like before where you can move while swinging and adjust for deadly "headshots" again, then it would be good. Getting stuck in a swinging animation or stunlocked is not fun indeed.