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  1. PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    We shall see. That is all I have to say.

  3. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Will have to wait and see what Eugen says. Who knows it may be insightful, haven't seen backlash this harsh since the food shortage in the mid .50's
  4. Server Hopping

    I truly think that was a great deterrent, cause that audible sound was so loud for people scooting and looting. To make things better it could have been the pain sound playing like it was back in the mod, for those who didn't have a weapon to reload. Not sure why they got rid of it, there is nothing meta about a hopper getting shot in a high traffic area other than the hopper themselves trying to shortcut the game mechanics.
  5. Seriously though reading the Xbox forums is like traveling back in time to mod days where everyone is trying to regurgitate the same we said back in the day when we had issues regarding the mod and start of the standalone. It's amazing to be honest and feels like fresh life pumped into the game atleast for the new people trying it out for the first time. Going to say in time they will become jaded like many others, but looking forward to see what comes of it. Not sure about anyone else but some of my normal day to day friends have picked up the game now that .63 is around are like thought this game was dead, this is really good fun. goes to show you that there are people willing to still experience DayZ.
  6. I'm Back!

    It's great to see old names pop up every once and awhile. good to see people coming back, to see whats going down.
  7. Server hopping

    Being killed when joining servers only tends to happen in high pop areas. I miss the old reload sound when people joined in.
  8. I personally find it funny that people expect DayZ to be fair, to me it seems like such a joke as a whole that people play with a rule set and expect others to play along in the same vain. It's quite amusing that the console players are now just noticing how shady people are in general with behavior and antics. That us PC players are very aware of, it will be interesting to see how the console DayZ works out in the future. When it comes back to players not having any creativity, think of the general population and how they behave. Now cut that back input of creativity and that is your general population and how they behave is all about that "me myself and I" mentality. I do believe personally that is the problem, not so much the players need to be spoon fed content instead of creating their own fun, just don't think people aren't capable. That is just how it is, the amount of times i've been told by old friends who used to play DayZ with me how they can't find the fun in it anymore, it comes back to the less ways to kill things less ways to find guns to kill things. Like that is a wide scope of most people just want to shoot others with their loot, less about anything else.
  9. Stress Test vol.17

    Could not agree more on that Danny, alot of the general public just doesn't care for what is actually happening they just want it NOW. It is a shame really cause from what I see this is all network testing. To be honest wish the hype train would quit, all it does it lead to disappointment with general public.
  10. Stress Test vol.6

    Verify integrity of game files. should be a 21.2MB update
  11. Forum

    They've taken the beans again they did this before if we rage enough they will give them back.
  12. So, hey, It's been a while...

    On the crest of Beta, good time to come back tbh. I've been lurking and watching for while just never say much, nice to see another face I used to see on the regular. People are still on the forums, just the typical dreg is coming up of how long it's taking to make it this far in game dev cycle, with those defending it etc having a mental breakdown and flame wars. zombies can run in doors and will eventually kick doors in and still get to you while barricaded.
  13. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Still good to see small communities around making the best of what we have for now. It will only get better over time, like most things even arma 3 wasn't all that great compared when it started. we shall see, been to the village a few times it wasn't perfect by any means but using what they have at their reach was good for what it was. Keep up the great work guys.
  14. Modding and Engine update

    At some point after beta, once all the basic parts are done pretty sure shortly after there will be modding. The need alone to draw back a player base to actually might be a determining factor in how long they are putting this build together. From the gamescon footage alone you can see how unfinished it was, but to put that kind of build out to public would be a mistake/ disaster. Most people don't seem to understand what work in progress means. I will say once modding comes around just having a new map alone will bring back many more players. From the stagnating factor that is the primary map. the lack of loot can be down to how flip flop they are with what they want to do with the loot economy. we shall see though what happens.
  15. New Hive Situation

    This is sadly true pilgrim, I've seen it countless times where the loot is almost stripped from public hive going to these private owned pubs. from the time the public hive goes live and the later time before reset you can see the substantial decrease in available loot. also noting that if you stick around long enough you begin to notice when someone has either raided a stash and destroyed one. In later months you begin to find large or rare items spawning in droves. tried this myself hunting down stockpiles of supplies and shortly after destroying them the items in said stock pile started showing up again all over in pubs.