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Internal Milestone - Road to Beta

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40 minutes ago, eugenharton said:

That is the game that most of us have worked for so hard for the better part of those last three years.

It's been a long road, and I think at least most of us are happy to have been along for the journey so far. Thanks for all your hard work, and the rest of the team, in continuing to push forward this vision. Cheers!

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Hi Eugen!

I heard you like cats.



This is my roommates cat, Boo!

He's a great cat friend. :3

Thanks so much for this bit of helpful insight as to where exactly we've arrived in the dev cycle.

I am fascinated and excited to see how all the changes transmogrify our favorite game into the sleek modern AAA beauty she should be.


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*you may note the tan line from my cycling gloves because cycling is the best.

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I have a question

The animation module (and all other future modules/beta milestones) - is it all done with Enforce script, or C++ also takes place there? I'm asking because, from what i know, when things are hardcoded they are performance efficient (especially if it's C++ we talking about), does the same thing apply for Enforce script performance wise?


 In a world where community modding matters (= our world!), you try and keep as many things as possible written in script

I'm worrying about poor optimization in future, because most of the things might be done via scripting.

Correct me if i'm wrong, i'm no programmer.

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Does this mean we might start seeing more frequent updates, and updates that have a measurable effect on gameplay? Obviously .60 added the new renderer which improved playability massively, and .61 added wolves among other things, but it's been a while since we got a really juicy gameplay feature like, I don't know, in-depth diseases and a stamina system. So now that this milestone has been reached and you're not dancing between two completely different versions of DayZ, might we see more frequent updates that add more substantial elements to the game?

I mean, I guess as we get closer to beta more gameplay features becomes inevitable, but I'm guessing that this  optimises development somewhat?

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