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  1. There is no fixed order of versions you have to use to release software. You don't have to use a version number at all it's just a easily recognizable name but they could as well call the releases A, B, C... So I don't see a problem to jump from .63 to 1.0. In general: DayZ is not the first software project that takes longer then initially planned (and it will not be the last one). This is not an excuse for the devs but simply a reality. And this is not because the devs are lazy or don't know what they are doing: Software development is complicated and it's very hard to predict the time budget (before you actually do the work). Since the devs now committed to release 1.0 in 2018 I assume that they now have a detailed plan and all major uncertainties are solved.
  2. Exp Update 0.62.139977

    Played a bit on UK-4 Performance was good until I came to Novy. From that point on the game did not react as fast. When I closed the game I got an crash message. So I guess there is at least one memory leak left. In the Stary Tents I found an Aug+Mag :O I like the new colours of the clutter and it definitely looks better than before. But at the same time it looks a bit over saturated. Beside that I spotted a flying sign near the summer cap of Novy: And a glowing fence near the police station of Novy:
  3. Exp Update 0.62.139808

    I played for a bit today. Loot was easy to find and in 2 hours of playing I did not experience any crashes. The game got a bit choppy from time to time but it always recovered. It did start to rain multiple times but there was no rain sound (probably a known issue?) and it felt kind of strange to walk in the rain and hear just birds singing :-D But so far this patch worked not too bad!
  4. Exp Update 0.62.139653

    I played on DE-2 a bit and I really like the changes. Last weekend I was hiking in a forest and noticed that the birds can really be loud. The birds in .62 can also be loud but the ambient volume does not quite feel right. I'd say it's too loud for a long period of time. In the night everything got a green colour tone and looked kind of wrong. I think I never saw green/gray clouds... But .62 is a really great change and I cannot wait to explore all the map changes :)
  5. Exp Update 0.61.138792

    Played a bit on exp and did not notice any new issues. I found some occasions of "items of same type clustering in certain houses" but I guess this is the known issue mentioned in the SR (and that has been here for quite some time now).
  6. Future of public hive servers

    So basically you just want to remove the option to rent a public server but still offer the "official unmodded servers" for players and the public servers are all maintained by BI?
  7. Exp Update 0.61.137826

    Played another session on DE1. No client or server crash happened. So that's really good. Sometimes the hand slot was out of sync and I got the "cancel action" while I was doing nothing. But after some time everything was back to normal again. I looted Novo and found a crashed Car. Somebody managed to hit the only obstacle on the road and ruined two tires :-D When I was just leaving Novo a V3S drove along the road from the north and stopped by the barns and the piano house. I was hiding in a tree next to the road and watched the group a bit. Since all looked pretty much like fresh spawns I decided to go to the v3s and talk to them. I started talking to the guys still sitting in the V3S when I noticed one guy hiding behind a wall and pulling out his pistol and started aiming at me. I had already figured out that it was a group of Germans so I said him that I'm friendly and that he can put his gun away. He came up to me (without putting the pistol away) and asked me something about the V3S and I said I saw them driving by and he said "then somebody from our group has unfinished business with you" and started laughing crazy. I tried to explained that this cannot be the case but he did not reply any more so I decided to leave them. They pulled aggro from some infected so it was easy to get away unnoticed. Given the gear they had it would have been so easy to wipe out the group and they start talking bs. Well whatever. I saw that they climbed back on the V3S and continue south. While looting Stary I hear many shoots going of in novo so I loop back to the hill north east of novo. While I was running back I started to hear engine sounds again but did not spot any vehicles. When I had an overwatch position something really strange happened. I saw a bus without wheels racing towards the hill I was standing on. It was only visible for a second and then he was hidden behind trees - it was maybe 300m from my position so I ran to the location. But the bus was gone. I have no idea where it could have went because the hill has many trees and is very steep and I was watching the road all the time. No idea what I saw there. I searched for the bus but it was simply gone.
  8. Congratulations on this internal milestone! :) How many lines of code are removed with the all the SQF code gone? :-D
  9. Exp Update 0.61.137813

    I played on UK-4 and the general gameplay was smooth (but only 3 players on the server). I found a Sedan in Novod and started driving west. The car felt good and just a little bit choppy from time to time. After some minutes of driving the server went down. When I logged back in I was back where I found the car but the car was gone. I think somebody mentioned some time ago that he spawned next to the car after a crash but I don't remember exactly if this was confirmed.
  10. Exp Update 0.61.137741

    Yes they are in experimental (already mentioned in this thread btw).
  11. Exp Update 0.61.137741

    I visited Tisy Military Base. When I arrived I heard wolves attacking some infected. When they killed the infected they got confused and always did a jump attack on the last position of the infected. After a while they started to follow me but then shifted again to an infected so I got away. It's a good thing that they can aggro on other targets but I'm not sure if this was a bug or not because they acted so strange and confused. In the tents there was so much high quality loot it was simply to much if you ask me. Multiple M4s with Mags, Ak101, SVD with Mags, ...In the tents I ran into another guy - and the PvP still does not feel right. From my initial spray no bullets did hit him (the distance was really short but maybe my aim was really potato ) Then the other guy got away and I saw him running against an object and then kind of warping around it and suddenly he was close and shot me while not aiming at me. I was trying to reload my gun but it had quite a delay. So I guess this are still the "bad server performance related issues". But it's fun to start a fresh character.
  12. Exp Update 0.61.137680

    Are just just looking for PvP related frame drops or all frame drops? I just experienced another very bad fps drop on DE-1 while running in the forest south of Stary Yar. For several minutes I was stuck at 1fps - after that the game recovered.
  13. Exp Update 0.61.137680

    I experienced some short fps drops while running but they only lasted for a few seconds.
  14. Exp Update 0.61.137680

    I played on UK-7 for some time. I travelled the far north and nothing unusual happened (which is good I guess :-D ). I noticed one thing: I heard some wolves howl but they never came close to me. Until now every time I heard wolves they also tracked me down some time later. So I assumed that the howl is like the infected growl an indicator that they noticed you. Beside of that it's fun to ninja loot without pulling any aggro. If you take your time and crouch near infected it's actually quite easy to avoid aggro most of the time. I tried to take a screenshot in the cemetery of Stary Yar but the screenshot does not look like in game (I increased the brightness because the screenshot came out much darker). Seeing some infected roam the cemetery was very atmospheric.
  15. Exp Update 0.61.137517

    Just played a bit on DE-1. Inventory seems to behave correctly again and I did not notice anything strange.