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  1. Status Report - 11 September 2018

    Finding the kicking issue with git-bisect nice one :-D Such distributed systems are a pain to debug! Good job on finally finding the bug!
  2. Stress Test vol.29

    I think I had one server crash but after that it ran really good. Some got kicked because of bad battle eye packets but I had no issues. One bugged can of tuna could not be opened (the circle started spinning but ended just after) but I met Jeff and he could open it! He had no mic but with some typing we traveled for some time. Even without the majority of the content DayZ is still a great experience but I cannot wait to have more items and features back in the game :-D
  3. Stress Test vol.17

    After the initial stress test today (with some disconnects, the logs are already reported) I joined again. The game is running good. One thing nearly got me killed: I had a pistol in my hands but the slots were locked (no space available). An infected rushed me and somehow I did not hit him altough he was standing right before me. I pressed 1 to pull out my axe but nothing happens (because the slots are locked). So yeah I guess this is a case of "either people complain because the lost their guns somewhere" or "I died because I could not get out my other weapon". Maybe pressing the hotkey more than three times fast disables the locked slots and puts the gun to the ground? :-D
  4. Stress Test vol.14

    The crash dumps from both crashes are in the ticket system.
  5. Stress Test vol.14

    The game crashed right after joining a server. I submitted the crash dump and joined another sever: it crashed again.
  6. Stress Test vol.7

    I did not experience any big problems during the last hour. Did you run some servers without BattllEye? :-D When the servers went live I joined shortly after and found some loot in front of the houses. Maybe someone was ahead of me and droped the stuff everywhere but this was the case in multiple locations. Is is possible that there was a problem with loot spawning? It's nice to play "experimental" again. Somebody tried to kill me with a hammer but he failed to do it. That was a bit strange because he had me stuck between a wall and him but did not really hit me while he was swinging constantly. In the military camp near black mountain somebody was killed by the infected just as I arrived. He had a pistol with ammo but still was killed by the last infected. Easy loot for me! Finally it feels like we are playing a zombie game :-D
  7. Stress Test vol.6

    Yeah that would be possible but that would break the "hold key until action is finished" aproach that now is the base principal of every action. And it would just invert the problem: If you press a bit too long during a fight you would again put the gun away.
  8. Stress Test vol.6

    The test was running good and I had a crash after one hour. I had a really derpy fight with another guy. We both had a rak without magzines. I think the other dude did not know about the "drag ammo to the hotbar and hold to reload" because he often stopped completely to reload (I assume he went in the inventory). At some point he dropped his gun and tried to punch me out but that did not work you quite so well for him... I had the ammo on the hotbar but noticed a large problem: the visual feedback when the action is picked up/done is not clear enough in a stressfull cqc. At one point I put the gun away and took out the bullets in my hand because I did not press the button long enough. I like the feature that you have to press a button until an action is finished but I wish we would separate the two actions with bullets with a modifier key e.g. "take bullets to hand" is ctrl+number and reload is the number alone. The wooden stick is completely useless against infected and nearly got me killed. A soda can was the most effective weapon against the infected (appart from the rak). Hunger and thirst still seems accelerated but the regeneration of health is also fast. With the stronger infected I took a much slower aproach in the towns. The game plays much slower this way but I like it that way. During this I noticed one thing: the running speed of the normal running is too fast when you are looting a town and want to avoid running in an infected but the walking speed with ctrl is a bit too slow for such actions. Did anyone find a key for the old "h" button? I really miss that function :-D This stress test worked so much better that most of the older experimental version so I'd say push it on experimental :-D
  9. Stress test vol.5

    After loggin in you have a star icon in the menu bar (right side). When you click on it you get a dropwdown menu > "New DayZ Bug Report" will get you to the form to post a new ticket.
  10. Stress test vol.5

    After my last post I played 30min without any kicks (but I saw that other players got kicked but not from Battleye)
  11. Stress test vol.5

    I played for 20min or so without any issues then everybody started to get kicked because of BattlEye. In 20min everything worked great (except I saw some teleporting players but after some time they synced up again and then the teleporting stopped).
  12. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    I think that you are underestimating the importance of modding. Just take arma 3 as example and how many copies it sold because of all the mods. And with DayZ we get an even better platform for that. Maybe some teams who started to develop a standalone version of mods on other engines will return because I can imagine that DayZ will be a really great platform for modding (with the announced new tools and a new scripting language). It's hard to belive that the volatile gaming community would skip DayZ just because it took long to develop. If there is a great (hyped) mod for it the players will return. Does that mean that the vanilla DayZ experience will attract the same amount of players? Probably not but I guess (and hope) it will bring back enough players to the "hardcore survival" modes to keep the servers populated and interesting.
  13. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    If you look at DayZ it seems as development has halted since there were not major update for a long time. But we don't see the internal progress and what the people are doing. I guess they cannot win. If they did release very detailed SR some people would start to say "stop writing texts and work on the game". I also think that your statement regarding the new scripting language is not correct: the process will be streamlined when all necessary components are implemented in a basic version and the devs never said that this point was reached. Sure one big point was to drop all legacy code but this is not the only thing that was holding back .63. We simply don't see what the devs are doing and I don't think that they are obligated to share every bit of development with us. I also think that some devs have gone quiet (like brian) but I assume that they are all working hard on .63
  14. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    I also look forward to the trails. Great idea to add them. Would also like to know why Brian isn't included in the SR any more.
  15. Stable Update 0.62.14463

    Can we get a changelog for the update that was pushed today? :-D