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  1. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    I think one would hope that the first update would integrate all of them. Good question though I would certainly like to know the answer.
  2. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    Very much looking forward to the update. I wouldn't get hopes up for Wednesday, hopefully we will see it by the weekend!
  3. How to "Despawn" Ruined Vehicles?

    Yes, its confirmed that only 30 vehicles will be on the map at one time so would explain why they are not respawning. The irony being they brought vehicles back to stable so that the masses would help with testing, but have made it a struggle to test vehicles when they are hard to find. Private servers with persistence wipes are a good source of finding vehicles but obviously they can only be used on that hive and will be wiped with a restart.
  4. How Dehydration Should Work

    I think your suggestion is very well written and would definitely be good to see the hydration system work in some way similar to this. The only thing I question is you mention that the average human would die from dehydration in about 1 week when using little energy (sitting down). Yet you fail to mention how this statistic should then apply to the game mechanic, I think anybody including yourself can agree that in order for Dayz to become a harsh survival anti-game the whole process would need to be spaced out in a matter of hours in game time - which personally I think would become more of an annoyance let alone unrealistic.
  5. Long term depth of dayz

    As Oliver stated best to wait. The extra content will arrive at some point either when 0.63 comes out or shortly after and hopefully it will add a lot more dynamics to surviving in Chernarus :)
  6. Vehicles on Stable branch

    I have only skimmed through the recent posts but one other thing I have noticed is when you are driving past another vehicle, if you are close by it will spin round. I was in a v3s and nearly stacked it into a bus earlier due to this issue.
  7. Vehicles on Stable branch

    @JBURNS489 You have pretty much summed up everything that is wrong with vehicles atm
  8. Exp Update 0.61.137997

    @ZoroRokie Although on stable and not experimental this is a good example of driving after a prolonged period of time. On the face of it cars have had some good improvements but the desync issue is 10x worse than when they were removed.
  9. Vehicles on Stable branch

    Here is to hoping that the feedback received will bring a nice update to try and rectify the sync issues. One thing I did not mention in my previous post and that is vehicles are a lot smoother to control and have definitely been improved. UPDATE: Just logged in next to my trusty bus, got in and as soon as I switched the engine on the bus span 90 degrees and got caught on a tree which caused it to flip over onto its side. Safe to say I was stuck inside!! images upload
  10. Vehicles on Stable branch

    Had a few hours playing around on a low pop server. To start off with I found a sedan which was fully working. The drive started off smooth and responsive but as I made my way from cherno to kamenka I noticed a drop in frames and stuttering. Switching from 3rd to 1st person helped but was still noticeable. After leaving kamenka and heading to pavlovo I started getting minor desync. Made it to the airfield and whilst driving on the runway the car flipped up into the air and then went under the ground. Re log and car is no longer. I then managed to find a vs3 near sinistok and drove that around with very little issues. FPS stuttering whilst in 3rd person but 1st person seemed ok. After this I spent time driving around in a bus which I had constant fps stutter in 3rd person but fps of around 60-70 in 3rd person regardless of where I was.
  11. Exp Update 0.61.137912

    I can't help myself but not to pay any attention to the patch notes and full attention to your amazing adventures.
  12. May I ask?

    Was changed with introduction of .61, first time I climbed down I thought I was doomed! Fairly simple to rectify as people have said if you can continue to hold your back key (s by default) or I usually find that crouching and going through the smaller gap gets you out ok.
  13. Internal Milestone - Road to Beta

    First time poster, long time listener. This is awesome news and a big thanks to the communication from yourself and status reports. It is clear that the game is due some big and nice changes over the year of 2017.