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  1. Any deeper info on what a "Basic State Machine" is? Is it the code that describes how each firearm operates _and_ how it fits into the animation system? Edit: A diagram of the MP5 Basic State Machine could help, if there is one?
  2. Great, now I have a wet tongue mark on my screen...
  3. I know its just a hotfix and is unlikely to have any visual feedback, but part of me hopes that the Dev that implement the fix, slipped a huge Michael Bay-esque explosion in there, just for now...
  4. You can't Password a public server AFAIK. You'll have to go private
  5. 1pp or 3pp? Edit: And what timezone?
  6. The great thing is that there are no artificial rules enforced and no obvious punishment. Trusting anyone is very difficult, but when it works out it is very rewarding. There was a scenario where the people you met may not have shot you. There was a moment in time that they had to make a decision. Maybe if your approach was different, maybe if you'd said something that could have influenced there decision, always open with a joke ;-) How you interact with other players is a complex decision where you are having to process a lot of information, that is one of the things that make DayZ so engaging. Because you are meeting different people there is no universal tactic that will always work, the "friendly wiggle" is a lie...
  7. I was reading that women are also on average having more issues with motion sickness in VR too. I have no advice on how you can combat it though.
  8. You didn't specify 1PP or 3PP. If it was 1PP experimental you sound like someone I could run with. I've been playing on the North East US 1PP experimental server.
  9. OMG you answered my question in part II, thank you. It sound's like it's not an easy task I'm sure at the moment programming effort is best used on .63. Thanks again, I can sleep at night now...
  10. The changes the player action for 0.63 look interesting. It is definitely an area that needed some love. I've never really liked the crosshair method myself, have you prototyped an "interact mode" where a mouse pointer mimics the players hand? I'd be interested in what the issues would be.
  11. Will there be any 1PP servers for 0.62? US Based? You know for testing there are no 1PP only issues...
  12. The DH Kiwi is just an Easter egg. I would expect to find a walkie-talkie on an infected first responder before I found one in an old wooden house!
  13. I've got it!, police and fireman zombies always carry a radio! If Dean Hall infected can always have a kiwi, then it should be trivial to implement. If anyone wants a radio, its a little work but not too much to get one.
  14. It's a really difficult call to make. At first I was against starting radios, but I slept on it and now I think on balance it's a good idea. I think the main reason I don't like the idea, is that re-spawning with one could break the perma-death mechanic. Either when someone at the NWAF taunts you after killing you or you being pissed, call out that there is someone at the NWAF who killed you. However with radios, unlike sidechat there is no guarantee that anyone is listening which I like. I feel like it organically cuts down on the trolling crap that we found in global sidechat. I like that using a basic radio has the disadvantage of giving your position away to anyone nearby when you VOIP into it and chatter coming in can also be heard. Maybe we could find ear pieces and throat mics as upgrades... At the moment, battery life in radios are the main reason for not wanting to turn them on to listen. For me at least, I only turn the radio on (if I have one) once I'm healthy armed and sitting in a bush in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. The chance that someone else is doing the same thing at the same time is slim. Now if batteries lasted a long, long time for receive and only ran down while transmitting, I could spend much longer listening during my normal DayZ gameplay. Batteries are a useful resource, so deciding where and how to use them is yet another "survival" decision the player needs to make. We have to acknowledge that having to use your voice is a disadvantage that radios have over text chat. Not everyone has a mic, if they do they may be shy to use it, it gives away a lot of personal information about the player (gender, age, background noise, accent, first language etc). Although that can be a obstacle to transmitting, if people are at least listening, over time, that obstacle will diminish. Would fresh spawning with a radio but respawning upon death without one, be helpful? If you didn't have a radio, it was stolen or you sacrificed it for space, could fixed radio posts in fire and police stations, that little coastal hut and the bronze statue in the woods have a role in the early gameplay? Radios becoming a clothing item that you wear makes some sense but almost makes it too easy. Maybe the basic clip-on radio could be nerfed in some way? Do we need/already have a mute player option that works with radios and would that break the "not knowing how many players are on a server" mechanic? Edit: Also consider the use of channels, two players could decide to switch frequencies to converse, someone else could also be eavesdropping on them but they can only be listening to one channel at a time. Could a channel scanning radio upgrade be a thing?