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  1. How messed up The Village community is.

    I don't think teamspeak is bannable at the moment but you'll see most people trying to follow that guideline. It's obvious that coordinated attacks on the village are being carried out with the help of out of game voice so I can see why people get nervous if they detect a "telepath". Radios and spare batteries should be top of your loot list.
  2. How messed up The Village community is.

    Of course, this is why DayZ the dressup simulator is so important, you have to work on your unique "look" for recognition, I see many villagers have opted for bright colours or mismatched outfits. I think it helps immensely in those large groups. I'm wary of anyone in full mil gear while I'm there. I've opted for biker jackets and ball caps. PS The video shows you are not using voice chat. As the server message says, try playing with just in-game voip.
  3. How messed up The Village community is.

    It sounds like you expected organisation would occur organically and quickly found out it doesn't!. There is no rule of law. In my experience, it has been a craps shoot but totally organic emergent gameplay. Using only in-game chat really makes it authentic. The quickest way to die as a new arrival, is taking a gun out, using teamspeak, looking like you are using teamspeak or skulking, never skulk. You have to slowly gain their trust, and even then, watch your back. Use your skills of negotiation and deescalation. My first trip to the (old) village, I radioed ahead but actually arrived as it was under heavy attack, myself and two other new arrivals sheltered in the back of the log cabin. I was picked up by a small group of defenders and sent into action. Surviving the first round, I fell back to the medical hut and familiarised myself with those sheltering inside. Eventually after trading spare gear, I went out to fight together with those I first met. I didn't last long, being first into the breach was my mistake, I only hope those that were behind me gave justice. When I next visited the village, I bumped into someone I'd met while playing on another server. He was the closest thing I had to someone I could trust, despite him once shooting me in the guts in a non-consensual game of Russian roulette! Arriving at the village, reminded me of arriving at the dog park, everyone "Checking Pulses" of the new arrivals like dogs sniffing butts! It's been a great place to round up a group of strangers and go out on an adventure but equally it can be a great place to go to swiftly die. Last time I was there someone who had been there for a long time shot my friend for no reason as we prepared to leave, I killed the perpetrator and expected that I'd be quickly dispatched too. Instead I was hit over the back of the head with a shovel and tied up. When I awoke I was questioned and someone who I'd been out on a loot run vouched for me. I was untied and free to go. Still, it didn't save my gear, while I was out anything of any worth was pilfered from my reposed body. It's early days, people are learning who to trust and how to be trusted but the village is quickly evolving. Maybe a leader will emerge, I'm imagining an Aunty Entity (Tina Turner in Thunderdome). Maybe @Baroness you are our Aunty and @emuthreat is our Master Blaster! My last advice is, if something doesn't seem right, if your spidey senses tingle, get out, run, hide.
  4. Status Report - 29 August 2017

    Svetloyarsk, home of the world's largest picnic table.
  5. Locked Doors / Safes / Lock Boxes / Lock Picks

    Crowbar, most useful post apocalyptic item.
  6. hangmans noose

    1, too complicated to decide where you can or cannot hang a rope. 2, Dead bodies need to despawn so whats the point, if you are going to execute another player, use a bullet. Another one for the impractical suggestion bin.
  7. My Visit to the =UN= Trade Center

    I added some of my photos to the Gallery, but I'll stick them here too... Looking to trade, SIM007N's first visit, now recruited to the Whistleblowers. After a hard day base building, warming up by the fire. A group of survivors looking for trades being lead round the shops. Incoming fire, snipers often take pot shots at the base, all have been repelled.
  8. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Pictures from the UN Trade Centre
  9. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    When traversing the wilds of Chernarus you see a landscape that catches your breath. As the sun set behind me, I continued onward Cold is the night What hides in the mist
  10. Status Report 11 July 2017

    Any deeper info on what a "Basic State Machine" is? Is it the code that describes how each firearm operates _and_ how it fits into the animation system? Edit: A diagram of the MP5 Basic State Machine could help, if there is one?
  11. Exp Update 0.62.140267

    Great, now I have a wet tongue mark on my screen...
  12. Exp Update 0.62.140099

    I know its just a hotfix and is unlikely to have any visual feedback, but part of me hopes that the Dev that implement the fix, slipped a huge Michael Bay-esque explosion in there, just for now...
  13. DayZ Backup

    You can't Password a public server AFAIK. You'll have to go private
  14. Need Mature (18+) Player(s) To Loot With!

    1pp or 3pp? Edit: And what timezone?