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  1. Five_Seven_Clown

    Character Movement, Gestures and Actions

    All seem about right I did. Would have liked something similar to ARMA3 stances just to raise/lower my eye line but I understand it's too difficult. Yes, but mainly because it looks cool. I've kicked infected while prone. I don't think it works well when ADS, maybe disable it while ADS. Actually looking forward to the radial menu. I use gestures quite a lot I'm looking forward to having an interface where I know which gesture I'm going to do before I do it. I hope it's possible to use keyboard shortcuts to quickly dig into the gesture tree. i.e. I'd like to use F1 F1 F3 for hands up, F3 F1 F1 for sit, F3 F1 F2 for lie down. There should be a way to do gestures without loosing mouse control. It works well the animations are great. Several people I've met in game have commented that they wished the animations were also used for leg injuries as well as low heath.
  2. Five_Seven_Clown

    New Actions & Crafting

    I only use it for load and chamber. It seems unnecessary for any other crafting. Inventory crafting is less steps, you are shown a pallet of items that you can potentially use. I think you have found a good balance between flexibility and usability. The only downside is that it is not always obvious when you need a click and when you need to hold, there should be more holding, i.e. a self opening can of fish, should still be a "hold" action. I think for new players, you need a tutorial where they can perform the different types of actions. I think it needs to be a little more obvious that you've switched to an item on the quick bar or are combining two items. Could the progress circle appear over the used quickbar slot and all the items in your hand that are being combined be highlighted in the quickbar/other items ghosted out while crafting? Edit to add choosing recipes works ok, but maybe show them as a list so you can see how many there are, the selected recipe can show next to the "F" as it does now, but the others could slide/be ghosted underneath. I don't think the amount of time in the inventory is a problem, it's a big part of the game. In an ideal world for me, the inventory would be brought up in as individual storage items. I mean having tabs at the side of the screen for each item of clothing and the center of the screen would be open so I can see the game world clearly. I think obfuscating the game world while in the inventory was unnecessary.
  3. Five_Seven_Clown


    As a simple gameplay system the stamina is fit for purpose. It could be improved to relay more information directly. What if the bar actually represented encumbrance left to right with a weight icon and the stamina came from the right to left with a lungs icon. Also the amount of weigh that is water. i.e this is someone wet and sprinting. I would like a balance pass where stamina comes back more slowly when jogging and quicker if walking and quicker still if standing. Stamina should not replenish when jogging at the same rate it is used when sprinting. Edit: matched with an increase in the amount available ~70% more. Edit 2: I got some beans (6) on this but after sleeping on it I'm going add some more thoughts. With the encumbered mechanic where you can't jump/sprint if overloaded it's going to be hard to represent that without some convoluted graphic, I feel you've "Painted yourselves into a corner" here. Perhaps you should sidestep the problem and allow some jumping/sprinting no matter what the weight is, but the stamina used rate is proportional to weight carried. When weighed down a jump or sprint uses the stamina bar much more quickly than when lightly loaded. However it would require the encumbrance/stamina bar to always show a portion of always available "bonus stamina". When jumping start the jump animation and take the stamina as the animation start plays, if there isn't enough stamina cancel the animation and trigger the exhausted state. Same for sprinting, allow a sprint but the stamina goes down so quickly it will only sprint for a pace or two before triggering exhaustion. Perhaps "Bonus stamina" could recover at a different rate, related to weight or a soft skill so there is still a proportional penalty for being overloaded? Having an always available smaller amount of stamina would also work for "hold breath" when holding breath, stamina should go down at a fixed rate no matter how much weight, if rested you would always have a second or two of breath even if overloaded. If loaded down with kit, that breath would be used up by a single jump forcing a pause before hold breath. For all this to be effective, stamina needs to go down slower/last longer and recover slower too. As a use case, I feel like a good player would want to use 50% of their stamina, stop and recover to 80% because they are in hard cover before using another 75% to get to safety with 3 seconds of hold breath left to take a retaliatory shot. Now "fitness" soft skill, do you need to show, the player is getting fitter/stronger within the stamina/encumbrance bar or is it a side effect detectable only in things like the rate of recovery?
  4. Five_Seven_Clown

    Status Indicators in the HUD

    I had/have difficulty understanding the stomach and "bacteria" icon. I think it's maybe a bacteria??, but it looks like a stomach and gets up arrows when I drink. It needs a clearer icon. Perhaps a bio-hazard symbol. Is the pill a virus? The stomach indicator is inconsistent. It is grey, but it's really a warning. A more logical system would be as you are eating you get stomach up arrows, when you generating energy/hydration into your body from the food the knife and fork/glass (or replacement icons), it should be a slow down indicator with up indicators into energy/hydration. When the stomach is almost full it should change colour to yellow then red, then rapid down arrow as you vomit. Perhaps if you ever need to show a nausea, it could flash green? While playing .63, I've grown to dislike the HUD, I'm finding that it is too intrusive to be there all the time. I've switched it off but often this leaves me ignorant that I'm starving to death. I would like at least the option to have status icons only show if they are changing or in an alert status (red/yellow).
  5. Five_Seven_Clown

    Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    Well done, milestone reached.
  6. Five_Seven_Clown

    General Discussion

    FiveSevenClown's Feedback. The new UX/UI I notice that you only get hotbar quick slots for the cloths you are wearing with pockets, your backpack doesn't give you any extra slots. As such I found it a little confusing that I could put things from my backpack into the hotbar. Although convenient, it seems counter intuitive. They are quick access for things in your pockets. I propose that you restrict quick slots to items that are in cloths. You would have to red/grey out quick slots when you grab back pack or in-hand items that are too big; and when moving something that is quick slotted into your backpack you would need to clear the quick slot. It would result in a new depth to the players mental model, they would also have to choose correctly sized items that fit into their apparel to quick slot, i.e. a mag, loose ammo or knife, it seems more authentic. The player may choose to keep a Makarov over an CR75 as it fits in the wool dress they have on. You could take it further and have animations specific to hands in pockets and taking off and opening the backpack. Maybe rename them "pocket slots". Like the mechanic, but I dislike the performing action circle/clock in the centre of the screen. I find it too invasive, consider moving it to the bottom left. Ii took a little experimentation for me to open a ring pull can of tuna/sardines. Perhaps they need more than one way to open i.e. the combine with can opener and the pull ring action. Why don't drink cans need a pull ring action? Status icons, placement is good. However being always on takes something away from the game. I think they should only show when there is a status effect or change in effect. i.e. you are bleeding or occasionally a stomach icon flashing more and more regularly as you become more hungry (that nagging hunger feeling). What is the hairy kidney icon, it that illness? Did the + show blood loss, rather than shown from the blood drip icon? is the + shock?, it's not immediately intuitive to me. For energy use it should just show when eating or upon change of speed, and flash/tick every 30 seconds while jogging more often when sprinting. You could show all icons while in the inventory screen for when the player whats to actively assess their status. I'm sure there is more UX polish to come, it's still a little clunky and needs some QoL improvements.
  7. Five_Seven_Clown

    How messed up The Village community is.

    I don't think teamspeak is bannable at the moment but you'll see most people trying to follow that guideline. It's obvious that coordinated attacks on the village are being carried out with the help of out of game voice so I can see why people get nervous if they detect a "telepath". Radios and spare batteries should be top of your loot list.
  8. Five_Seven_Clown

    How messed up The Village community is.

    Of course, this is why DayZ the dressup simulator is so important, you have to work on your unique "look" for recognition, I see many villagers have opted for bright colours or mismatched outfits. I think it helps immensely in those large groups. I'm wary of anyone in full mil gear while I'm there. I've opted for biker jackets and ball caps. PS The video shows you are not using voice chat. As the server message says, try playing with just in-game voip.
  9. Five_Seven_Clown

    How messed up The Village community is.

    It sounds like you expected organisation would occur organically and quickly found out it doesn't!. There is no rule of law. In my experience, it has been a craps shoot but totally organic emergent gameplay. Using only in-game chat really makes it authentic. The quickest way to die as a new arrival, is taking a gun out, using teamspeak, looking like you are using teamspeak or skulking, never skulk. You have to slowly gain their trust, and even then, watch your back. Use your skills of negotiation and deescalation. My first trip to the (old) village, I radioed ahead but actually arrived as it was under heavy attack, myself and two other new arrivals sheltered in the back of the log cabin. I was picked up by a small group of defenders and sent into action. Surviving the first round, I fell back to the medical hut and familiarised myself with those sheltering inside. Eventually after trading spare gear, I went out to fight together with those I first met. I didn't last long, being first into the breach was my mistake, I only hope those that were behind me gave justice. When I next visited the village, I bumped into someone I'd met while playing on another server. He was the closest thing I had to someone I could trust, despite him once shooting me in the guts in a non-consensual game of Russian roulette! Arriving at the village, reminded me of arriving at the dog park, everyone "Checking Pulses" of the new arrivals like dogs sniffing butts! It's been a great place to round up a group of strangers and go out on an adventure but equally it can be a great place to go to swiftly die. Last time I was there someone who had been there for a long time shot my friend for no reason as we prepared to leave, I killed the perpetrator and expected that I'd be quickly dispatched too. Instead I was hit over the back of the head with a shovel and tied up. When I awoke I was questioned and someone who I'd been out on a loot run vouched for me. I was untied and free to go. Still, it didn't save my gear, while I was out anything of any worth was pilfered from my reposed body. It's early days, people are learning who to trust and how to be trusted but the village is quickly evolving. Maybe a leader will emerge, I'm imagining an Aunty Entity (Tina Turner in Thunderdome). Maybe @Baroness you are our Aunty and @emuthreat is our Master Blaster! My last advice is, if something doesn't seem right, if your spidey senses tingle, get out, run, hide.
  10. Five_Seven_Clown

    Status Report - 29 August 2017

    Svetloyarsk, home of the world's largest picnic table.
  11. Five_Seven_Clown

    Locked Doors / Safes / Lock Boxes / Lock Picks

    Crowbar, most useful post apocalyptic item.
  12. Five_Seven_Clown

    hangmans noose

    1, too complicated to decide where you can or cannot hang a rope. 2, Dead bodies need to despawn so whats the point, if you are going to execute another player, use a bullet. Another one for the impractical suggestion bin.
  13. Five_Seven_Clown

    My Visit to the =UN= Trade Center

    I added some of my photos to the Gallery, but I'll stick them here too... Looking to trade, SIM007N's first visit, now recruited to the Whistleblowers. After a hard day base building, warming up by the fire. A group of survivors looking for trades being lead round the shops. Incoming fire, snipers often take pot shots at the base, all have been repelled.
  14. Five_Seven_Clown

    Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Pictures from the UN Trade Centre
  15. Five_Seven_Clown

    Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    When traversing the wilds of Chernarus you see a landscape that catches your breath. As the sun set behind me, I continued onward Cold is the night What hides in the mist