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DayZ Standalone Base Building is almost here! How do you plan to use it?

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As long as DayZ doesn't go into a Rust style of base building and only barricading/upgrading the current structures in game I'll keep supporting the game.  I would rather not see sky towers or a thousand abandoned shacks all over the map.

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I have some mixed feelings about base building:

1. its nice to have something to do once you reach the "top level" of loot possession. 

2. it created essentially a new game, not about survival, but about attacking and defending your/others bases.

3. it created a ton of fps/lag issues in certain situations.. Im not too eager to see this happen again (once people are stock piling shit tons of loot on one server, etc..)

4. The way it was implemented things always came out looking rather.. childish. 


Now with that said.. if its done right, if it entails using existing structures far more than building an entire new one (blocking off windows, doors) than it sounds like it could be a good thing.

But I dont really see it working out well if say one server becomes very popular, and 75% of your friday night player base frequents that one server. People build bases on it, it becomes a pvp fest, and eventually players are logging into other connected hives just to gear up, then log into said popular server to drop off at their camp, and go kill each other. My question is, does that really fit into the design of dayz? Is that not better for a mod, rather than the SA base game?

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On 2/16/2017 at 7:47 PM, Mad Scientist said:

Base building in DayZ Standalone needs to be completely different to the mods, Ark, Rust etc.

  • I don't want to see people crafting defensive positions in the middle of a gun fight (ala Rust). There should be a long animation when you are crafting something like a wall.
  • Bases should be built with what is available and limited crafting. By that I mean, just because you have some indeterminate metal, doesn't mean you can craft a metal wall. To do that you will specifically need metal sheeting, which you need to find, not craft.
  • Bases will also be built around existing structures, which can be fortified. If you want a house or building in your base, then build the walls etc around the building. Constructing buildings I believe is going too far for DayZ SA.


Totally agree.    Sheet metal and scrap metal should be totally different things for building supplies.

The 3rd point goes with Barricading.    And to build around that.  But in all honesty assuming all bases can be broke into I think you'd see more people barricade and build walls around mainly due to the existing houses aren't currently made to be destroyed. 

Hope to see both.  The more they add the better overall.  

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Here is why i like base building....

I build the two sentinel towers. 3-4 levels with archer builds. Once you go in there is no getting out.


Then my buddy built his keep



It is not all about pvp, it is about what cool shit you can do in the game.

Even though i love to pvp 1st


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Base building is what I'm really waiting for! It's the big opportunity to really make Dayz standout if they get it right and I just hope that team are taking notes from all the other games that have got it so wrong and right.

I've played a hell of a lot of base building games over the years and I have to say the best experience I've had so far is with Exile mod.

Specific chargers for specific walls, generally quite hard to get and it is a very time consuming to raid someones base but still rewarding and worthwhile. Multiple approaches to steal loot (lock picking / hacking / thermal scanners etc). All raiding tools though are hard to come by and take time and effort to farm. Then there's the risk that it will all go wrong anyway and you lose everything.

This system introduced into Dayz I think would bring us onto a winner! 

To date though I've not seen one base building system that truly looks aesthetically pleasing. Generally speaking you can make some good designs on most servers but I hope we don't have ugly boxes and towers everywhere. I also hope we don't have loads of flap pack items and instead we have to properly build them.


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