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  1. Set spawn points for base building

    +1 so long as it has a long cool down
  2. The vanilla base building and crafting in Dayz is a bit... bland. Is anybody working on more advanced stuff? Things to build more interesting bases with... a cabin in the woods maybe or even a fortress? Also crafting stations to create more advanced weapons, tools and clothes / armour would be amazing.
  3. Is this the extent of Basebuilding?

    I was really hoping to build a cabin in the woods with a fire and crafting workstations. I'm really disappointed with the current base building. Hopefully modders will fix it.
  4. Forge Structures

    Yes! - this is awesome! I'd love to see some mods that bring pick axing rocks for resources and smelting and crafting. I'd love to see in depth crafting, workbenches and more advanced base building.
  5. base destroyable?

    In your posts you talk like the concept of base building in a game is something almost out of reach and unheard of. I totally appreciate what you have said about a lot of the discussion around base building been pretty minimal, especially from the developers. There are tons of games out there that have successfully implemented a system that works and is balanced within their environments. Exile mod in particular is one that I would have chosen for Dayz because it worked well with the Arma engine. - Tier bases into different materials of different strengths. - Tier raiding tools to correspond with different materials (e.g concrete raiding charges harder to loot and / or craft than wood raiding charges) - Raiding takes time - Between 5-60 minutes depending on how well the base is designed, the materials used and whether players online or not - Mobile app that notified you when your base was been raided so you had a chance to come and defend - Raiding was noisy and could be heard across the map which made it really risky and often a failure Explosive raiding was great for groups and if you were a sneaky and committed solo player you could go down the thermal scanner route. I had some of my best times in that mod. The PVP and raiding was fantastic considering the Arma engine is so buggy.
  6. Exile Mod / Dayz Life

    Arguably two of the bet and most popular mods for Arma 3. Does anybody know if either are been looked into or something similar is planned for Dayz? I'd love to see a more fleshed out version created now that Dayz modding is here. It sounds like so much more could be done.
  7. Stress Test vol.50

    Is base building included?
  8. I'm not sure if that post was targeted at mine or just a rant about Exile as I only referenced Exile once with regards to the thermal scanner. I completely agree the construction method for Exile is completely immersion breaking but it has a pretty good raiding mechanic in place so I definitely would not be disappointed to see some of those approaches used in Dayz like tiered charges and thermal scanners. The finer detail on how building parts are created is still up in the air but it already looks like the devs plan on having a blue print system where you feed the blueprint with the parts which should put your mind at rest in that regard. The workstations would be used to turn raw materials into the components needed for the blue print. The main focus of my post was not necessarily about how you place and handle building parts but how base building as a whole could be implemented and how much it has to offer to game play if provided with enough content to work with.
  9. Hello there! I'm not sure where many others stand here, but I think it's safe to say a lot of folks are looking forward to base building - myself included. As far as I understand it's right around the corner but yet I can't find much information on how exactly it will work and how it will effect the overall experience so if anybody can link me up I would greatly appreciate it. I've got high hopes for base building as it's one of the core features that could really add longevity to Dayz if done right. I say done right because my main concern is that base building from what we've seen so far seems to be at risk of essentially becoming nothing more than a glorified loot container. Here's how I hope to see base building play out in the long term; TIERED CRAFTING AND CONSTRUCTION As I understand it, what we know so far is that we can place a selection of containers and tents on the ground and then build a fence or wall around them. This to me jut seems really basic. For a start the developers could tier the building system and it could be done in a very organic way so it ties in with the realism you would expect in the Dayz universe. 1) Tier 1 (Tents, containers and fires) So this is the first step towards base building. Once you are in a descent state of health you can look for a spot and get down the basics. This first stage of base building offers nothing more than a place to cook simple meals, produce clean water and store a limited amount of supplies. 2) Tier 2 (Basic defences and crafting workstations) Using your tier 1 base you can stockpile necessary resources and tools that are needed to reach tier 2. In order to get to tier 2 you will need to make multiple runs to workstations located in towns and villages throughout the map that allow you to craft more complex constructions like a wooden wall / gate. Alternatively instead of relying on the existing workstations you can craft a workbench at your base allowing you to produce certain items like crude nails, wooden planks etc that would allow you to get your walls up without having to traverse to dangerous hot spots on the map. Crafting your own work stations isn't an easy task though and requires tools difficult to find in the world. 3) Tier 3 (Advanced defences, better cooking and workstations) This is where players would start to introduce metal working for their constructions. Using metal working and metal working workstations you would be able to produce metal fortifications, doors, and traps. Also you could create metal huts within your camp that provide better protection to your assets. Like tier 2, you could go find the necessary work stations around the map or use them to craft your own so that home production can be done. Metal work tools would be required. As well as construction pieces the player could craft more advanced tools and cooking apparatus like pots, bowls and start branching into chemistry in order to make medical supplies. 4) End game Tier (Advanced Defence and Electronics) This is where things really get interesting and should be very difficult to reach and complete. This would open up the player's ability to construct the most advanced tools and pieces for their base including electronics allowing for electronic systems like locks and surveillance.. Using previous and new workstations the player could craft things like concrete walls, advanced medicine, weapon repair bench, weapon attachments, explosives, ammo crafting, traps, code locks etc.. Now these are just very basic overviews of how they could work but just from reading so many other aspects of game play would thrive, i'm barely scratching the surface of what could be done and how more in depth crafting could add to game play. For example, character progression could be heavily tied to crafting, exploration is encouraged to find parts and tools in the world that cannot be crafted, and then the game is opened up for base raiding. Not everything should be craftable, for example during the end game when the player starts to use electronics they wouldn't be able to craft a laptop or cameras but instead find them and hook it up to their crude electrical system. Also I should point out a couple of things. A) Nomad playstyles could still be completely viable as all crafting workstations would be located throughout the map. B) tier systems aren't locked and therefore if a player found the necessary items needed to create an end-tier construction while only having a tier 1 camp then of course they could do that. It would just be very hard to do this. RAIDING Offense So after you've got your base building an progression, how do you implement a balanced raiding system? Well no matter what the level of a base, it should be raidable by any player no matter what stage in the game they are. It just needs to be made so that a new player is going to only get in a descent base if they get lucky by finding the required tools early on. In preparation for raiding player's would have to engage in a mixture of crafting and looting to get the necessary items. So here are some examples of raiding tools and how they could work; 1) Lockpick Simple item used to breach locks using a key. They have a chance to break and can only be looted in the world with a low chance of spawning. 2) Thermal Scanner Another one found in the world with an extremely low chance of spawning. This item would be used to get into a high tier base using a codelock. The raider would need to wait for the owner to use the codelock and access it within 10-15minutes to get some or all of the code. (this idea is essentially used in Exile mod and is great for those who like to play the long game) 3) Sharp Tools Anything in the world should damage constructions but for balancing purposes the damage they deal to them should be extremely low unless it's a tent or tyres of a vehicle. 4) Explosives Now we are talking! The most effective raiding tools but come at great cost. They would require a mixture of crafting and looting in order to make. Different types of charges could be used for different types of materials. For example, concrete walls would need more powerful explosives in order to penetrate because they are higher tier constructions. To balance this out player's would need to use high tier crafting stations in order to produce them. 5) Laptops + wireless system The offensive way to use a laptop. Set it up near a base you want to raid and commence the hacking process. This will take time and have a chance of failing / destroying the laptop but can take down all electronic locks systemically. Defence 1) Bear Traps + Mines No explanation needed here - Break a leg 2) Shotgun trap Classic, we've all seen them used in the moves. System that pulls the trigger when a player opens a door shooting the trap. 3) Walls + Upgrades It's fair to say these are already coming. Different types of walls that can be upgraded 4) sandbags Provides cover from bullet fire 5) Laptop + Cameras Used for seeing what's going on around your base 6) alarm Use trip wire to set it off, later alarm systems could be triggered by a hack taking place near the base. 7) Padlock Fairly common item that can be looted and put on tents in order to protect them from looters. 8) Doors with key locks Does what it says on the tin 9) Electronic Code lock Hooked up to an electrical system, harder to access. It just seems to me that without raiding, there is little reason to enjoy many of the other aspects of Dayz because the constant spawn --> military base ---> die cycle gets tiresome real quick. Base building not only provides a purpose but could be a reason to go to many other parts of the map. There's tons I didn't even touch on in detail as well like food preservation, medical and other quality of life benefits that having a base could bring. The trick will be balance, there needs to be a reason to build a base and a reason to raid others to make it fun. At the same time the tools needed to raid need to be hard to acquire making players really think about their next engagement. So what do others think about raiding and how it should be present in the game?
  10. .63 Combat System

    I'm with this guy. The devs should look to tarkov for how they have set-up their UI / Inventory Management system because it's very intuitive and fluid in comparison to the Dayz clunk approach. I do love the new melee though. There's nothing like running to your mate for an entire evening only to do a full on swing punch in his face when you finally see them.
  11. 0.63 And Beyond - My Biggest Concerns

    I really like this idea! Plenty of risk even with the production of raiding tools. Also like you said - Security level should play a factor in the raiding requirements as well.
  12. 0.63 And Beyond - My Biggest Concerns

    i am definitely hoping for some modded goodies! Exile 2 would be the dream. Have the devs discussed adding new maps as well? How good would it be if we got Takistan remastered for Infusion? :-)
  13. 0.63 And Beyond - My Biggest Concerns

    Thanks man I appreciate it! I really wanna see Dayz do well and with the new engine it feels like it could really be a great survival game now. It just needs that end-game content adding to give it longevity.
  14. My Suggestions/Wishes for DayZ

    Like your points dude! Especially on base raiding. I'd like to see some more developments on vehicles, maybe we can upgrade to provide additional storage, defence... maybe even speed. If you could add code locks to vehicles and bases too that would add a bit more spice. As a counter attackers could use lock picks or even laptops to hack and break in. Of course, all this would need to be balanced well to make it fair for both the attacker and defender.
  15. Hello Everyone! First off I just want to say that the current build is absolutely fantastic. I've been away for quite some time while the devs worked through the dark period transitioning to the new engine. I know there is still a lot to do and fix but I finally dived in deep last night with a friend during the overnight stress test and we had such a good time. It was nice to play Dayz as it was intended instead of an hour of hunting rifle deathmatch. The new engine looks and sounds amazing. Most of the new controls feel fluid. With that said, I've got some pretty big concerns that I wanted to point out while the final features get introduced and ironed out. I know i'm probably speaking for a lot of other players as well including many of the ones I've had the pleasure of teaming up with over the past few years. So in order of priority I really hope the devs really think about the following features and game play balances; Raiding System This is gunna be a tough one and I really hope the devs get it right. As far as I know, no information has been released about how raiding will work. I really hope we get some tools specifically designed for raiding, rather than allowing bases to be destroyed with anything a player can find. Just to give you an example of a good raiding system, if anybody has played Exile mod for Arma 3 they have specific charges that you have to craft using items you find in the world. There are different types of charges depending on the building materials you are attempting to destroy. For example, low tier wood bases require wood charges. High tier concrete bases require concrete charges. Higher tier charges require more resources and more time to detonate. Now I've played all of the most popular PVP open world base building games there is on steam and I can tell you in my experience this still is the most balance raiding system to date. Additionally raiders can use thermal scanners to scan the code locks of doors and vehicles if they can manage to get to them without been spotted by the owner within 15 minutes of the last time they were accessed. The raider will receive the last 3 digits of the code and they will have to work out the remainder. These two systems are absolutely great, very well balanced. I suggest anybody who hasn't played exile go try it to see. For the defender there is another fantastic Exile system which sends a notification to their real world smart phone to tell them they are been raided as soon as an explosive is detonated on one of their base walls or doors. I think the main point for base raiding is that I really hope the devs consider balancing. Please don't make it so that anyone can easily get into somebodies base and wreck havoc. Make them work for it and with each raid there should be a great deal of risk. Base Building From what I've seen so far bases look pretty simple and mostly like glorified tents. I really hope that bases have a greater purpose than been a place to horde loot. There is so much scope here for things like workstations to craft clothing, armour, tools weapons and ammunition etc. User Interface / Inventory Management Another aspect of the game that in my opinion needs some serious TLC. The current inventory management system is clunky and unintuitive. Some smaller items are really hard to see and the inventory can be slow and unresponsive. I'd suggest the devs take a good look at Escape from Tarkov with regards to UI and even Rust. These two games have a very clean and user friendly method of managing loot and modifying weapons / ammo etc. The current method for loading magazines and ammo is also very mundane and clunky. I get what the devs are going for but it is just too far and impacts the flow of combat negatively. Half the time it doesn't even chamber a bullet when using the hot keys combo. Health & Nutrition Statuses The current notifications for things like taking damage, losing health and food or water are not all that clear. Why not add graphics for when your character is full o or in a good state of health? Also hunger / thirst seemed to go down slower when you were healthy in 0.62 and this worked really well. Sometimes its hard to see whether a zombie has made you bleed or just damaged you. Some additional audio and visual cues would really help out here. Food / Hunger It's feeling pretty brutal at the minute. The amount of food and drink our character has to consume in a day is pretty insane. It's particularly stressful when you spawn and your hydration level can hit zero before you even reach the closest town. I suspect new players will have a really hard time here not understanding the game mechanics and not knowing where to find the best sources of nutrition are. Rotate Items In Inventory Please allow us to rotate items in our inventory so that we can fit more in our bags and clothing slots. End-Game Content While there is a lot of excitement over the beauty of the new engine atm, I'm worried the novelty will quickly wear off and that Dayz will still be a case of spawn, rig up, die and repeat. I really hope we really get some tiered game play that involves progression and plenty to work towards when we get our gear and base built. Maybe around the map there could be secret objectives or missions / highly radioactive areas with nastier zombies and exclusive loot and vehicles - Maybe even some NPC type objectives. I just really hope base building doesn't become the last thing we do and then quickly get bored. They are my biggest worries right now and I really hope we hear more from the devs and there plans to combat them in the near future.