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  1. To the best of my knowledge the problem has been fixed. They made night time so dark that you have to use in game Light sources to see at night. I’d suggest testing it out.
  2. Rust fixed the gamma exploit. They just made night time super dark and took out the gamma slider. Works a treat and adds 10x immersion at night. It's so cool seeing torches in the distance. I really hope they sort it otherwise they might as well take night time out of the game.
  3. I really hope they add more assets than tents, towers and walls. I'm really hoping to see base building tie in with the crafting system and as a result tools, weapons and all other constructions become naturally tiered. For example, you start by placing a tent, build crude tools which you then use to salvage other resources and craft better tools and a work bench. This opens up to more constructions and maybe you can upgrade the workbench further to do more. We could even get things like smelting ores, and different crafting workstations like a chemistry lab to make medical supplies and poisoning tools.I just don't want to see bases become nothing more than a place to horde things we find out in the world. I also hope that the raiding system is looked at in detail and also tiered. If somebody has invested a lot into using high level defensive materials to protect their base then the raiders should need complex tools like C4 charges to breach. When base building drops I also hope that characters are permanently in the game regardless of whether the player is online. Kind of like Rust where they just go to sleep where the player logs out. So much hope...
  4. With BETA comes modding

    I still play Exile mod and as far as the PVP / Base raiding goes it is incredibly fun and balanced. It's a great mod and some of the server communities like EXO have done a great job of building on it further. but yes Arma 3 engine is buggy as hell, has terrible performance and is very limited. I'm hoping to see an Exile 2 on the new infusion engine.
  5. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Dude did you not play Doom or Half Life 1? ... Counter Strike... Team Fortress.... Natural Selection... All these great mods and the huge community that was alive for so long because of modding. For the first time in a long time, I have high hopes for the future of Dayz.
  6. How To Win Playerbase Back

    Modding which is due to come out in the next update will be most likely the driving force for rebuilding the player base.
  7. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    Yup confirmed in the video. 0.63 will be the next update and it will bring full modding support. This is where Dayz will really get its content I bet! I have to say for the first time in many years i'm pretty hyped about the game. The only problem is... we have no idea when 0.63 is coming... it could be 2019.
  8. GamesCom Pics/Vids

    Holy shit so modding is in the next patch and base building definitely not far behind YUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  9. damn i hate all of those... Base building definitely needs to come! It will bring end-game fun. It just needs to be balanced well and really steer players away from always going for sky dong designs. Exile Mod for Arma 3 have got a really descent balance for raiding.
  10. ONE Thing You Want Most!

    Base building and raiding!!
  11. It's great to see so much discussion about base building but what worries me.... Will it actually make it into the final release? I haven't played Dayz properly for a while now - Put many ours into this game a couple years back. I've been waiting for that end game content (base building etc). I do however keep my eye on the dev blog to see how things are progressing and I haven't seen any updates relating to base building. Now there is so much talk of beta been so close that makes me think that features are done and it is now over to optimisation. With that said, maybe it is no longer on the cards? Has anyone seen anything posted by the devs relating to base building in the last 12 months?
  12. Three Things YOU Still Want

    - Base Building I really hope when they introduce this it is done in a way that encourages players to build bases that aren't just boxes or ugly and that don't sit well with the environment (think arma 3 overpoch exile). At the same time I really hope that the base building is in depth and takes time and really gives players something to work towards. There are so many new possibilities that come with base building. - Base Raiding I really hope this gets done right too as it's most likely to be the main end-game activity for most players. I know Dayz is built on realism but I hope that they do also consider the fun aspect of base raiding. If you've spent weeks building a wood base I hope that other players can't just chop through it with an axe. Taking note from mods like Exile for Arma 3 where you need specific charges depending on the wall / door material you are trying to breach. Balancing base raiding is super important, it needs to be challenging and risky and hard for players to do but at the same time rewarding enough to make it worthwhile. - Progression System / In-depth Crafting The two kind of go hand in hand. Progress to craft and craft to progress. One of Dayz's current issues is there isn't a great deal to do. I know a bit part of the game is making your own progression and challenges and I love that, but having some sort of progression system that gives you a bit of character development gives us all something to work towards. It makes the experience very rewarding as well. As you craft better items you progress more and you can then craft better things. Fairly standard survival but Dayz has the foundations in place to get this so right compared to many other survival games. I just hope the progression system and crafting system get there.
  13. Base building is what I'm really waiting for! It's the big opportunity to really make Dayz standout if they get it right and I just hope that team are taking notes from all the other games that have got it so wrong and right. I've played a hell of a lot of base building games over the years and I have to say the best experience I've had so far is with Exile mod. Specific chargers for specific walls, generally quite hard to get and it is a very time consuming to raid someones base but still rewarding and worthwhile. Multiple approaches to steal loot (lock picking / hacking / thermal scanners etc). All raiding tools though are hard to come by and take time and effort to farm. Then there's the risk that it will all go wrong anyway and you lose everything. This system introduced into Dayz I think would bring us onto a winner! To date though I've not seen one base building system that truly looks aesthetically pleasing. Generally speaking you can make some good designs on most servers but I hope we don't have ugly boxes and towers everywhere. I also hope we don't have loads of flap pack items and instead we have to properly build them.
  14. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    Ahh! I guess I was just taking into consideration local performance and not the servers! Thanks for the reply.
  15. Exp Update: 0.60.+++

    I've not tried the experimental branch until this 0.60 release. I have to say, this is actually the most stable and playable version of Dayz Standalone for a long time. I'm not sure why they don't just move it to stable branch with it running better than most stable versions. At least that way people won't be trying to cram onto a handful of servers and they can't get more bug reports in.