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  1. This map sucks!

    In GTA's case, 99% of the buildings are not accessible
  2. Basebuilding

    That at least somewhat more realistic. I was getting worried that they were heading in the direction of building sky towers/fortresses and such.
  3. Basebuilding

    It's still vague about the base building. Are we going Rust style base building(hope not) or the ability to just setup a bunch of tents and place them how we want?
  4. Basebuilding

    I'm pretty sure people are confusing base building with barricading. I don't think there's going to be resource gathering involved where people are going to be able to build their own structures/housing. You're either going to setup tents or barricade/fortify existing buildings in game.
  5. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Umm, it's called being your own game studio and not using a useless engine like Unity that does a half ass job of what developers want it to do.
  6. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Please don't make shit up
  7. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    Of course hence why I asked my question at the end. There's a lot of people who post on these forums who seem to completely unaware that DayZ is in development and come ranting and raving like they just bought a full game.
  8. My issues with the Game - Feedback

    To simplify your issues with the game is that it's not actually a game yet. Everything is being tested hence why we have bugs and broken mechanics, lack of zombies or zombies that are buggy as hell. My question to you is did you buy DayZ thinking that it's a ready to go game or were you aware that it's in early access development?
  9. I've been following the forums since the DayZ mod days. Just because I only decided to finally make a forum account last year doesn't mean I don't know wtf is going on
  10. Golf clap, you discovered what goes into a game. You're still not grasping what I actually said. Good day to you. smh
  11. If that was the case they wouldn't even have to wait with the enfusion engine. The could have just slapped everything in and call it a day.... smh
  12. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Dude, read the bloody status reports. They've mentioned barricading multiple times *rolls eyes*.
  13. Ok, what part are you not getting? You're quoting and repeating exactly what I just said. Name the assets that they used?
  14. When will gameplay be introduced?

    You realize that will most likely come with full release right? Part of the base building that they've talked about *rolls eyes*