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  1. Guy Smiley

    Server Updates

    So, they still haven't bothered to contact me about the server status but I was finally able to update it. Just no response whether it was good to go or not....
  2. Guy Smiley

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Where can I find this setting? The default setting is way too fast
  3. Guy Smiley

    Server Updates

    Yes is it. I can't even update it to the experimental version
  4. Guy Smiley

    Server Updates

    I still never got a proper answer but apparently the steamCMD isn't working properly
  5. Guy Smiley

    Any update on Notes returning?

    Write them a note and ask
  6. Guy Smiley

    Server Updates

    How does BI push out it updates to the server hosters? I'm going through Vilayer and they apparently are having issues with this update and I cannot update my server at the moment. Yes I've put in a ticket with them but I've gotten a very vague response from them. Is this a problem with BI giving out a shitty server file for that specific hoster? How does BI send out these updates? Since that update has gone live I'm still shut down as of this message so that should tell you how long it's been since this has been going on
  7. Guy Smiley

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Well, even with server hopping, if the infected were a threat it wouldn't matter how many servers you hopped. In fact, that should be the big deterrent for server hopping. Load into a military zone, it spawns 100 infected in that area, which would still suck for anyone already there but at least they know someone is spawning in.
  8. Guy Smiley

    Time Acceleration Load Spikes

    As in about a one second pause and the weather changes or it all of a sudden gets darker?
  9. Guy Smiley

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    That's who I'm through. I just put in a ticket. Not happy with that kind of service
  10. Guy Smiley

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Wanna tell your boys to release the server files for those who pay good money to rent servers and not just for their precious official servers
  11. Guy Smiley

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Exactly, the features are there, just very lack luster hence my, Comment
  12. Guy Smiley

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    No, they shouldn't be. The game is nowhere near worth $59.99 CAD. This is a $29.99 game in it's current form tops but to say they are lying is utter bullshit
  13. Guy Smiley

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    As a "server owner" who is paying for his own server, I am not having any of these issues seen as I how I don't force restart my server. And I only come here for the luls while kids like you cry about losing virtual items in a video game and I personally don't give a flying fuck what you and your band of kids think of me 😉
  14. Guy Smiley

    The DayZ Steam store description is a straight lie

    Persistence works fine if idiotic server owners would stop restarting their server every couple of hours. Sounds like somebody needs a waaaambulance