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  1. Not necessarily true. Maybe be able to eat whatever but majority of the food could not be that healthy for you to ingest, leading to complications later which would make it a challenging survival game. Lots of food but if you don't find ways to cure, cook, preserve etc, things could spoil, assuming those type mechanics get brought into the game
  2. Ya, for Day Zero
  3. Majority of the mechanics are in place but what we are playing right now was the concept of DayZ. The developers have been working on a whole new engine and player controller behind the scenes that we haven't even seen yet. With all the feedback and data collected over the past few years they were able to create the DayZ that they want on a engine that is capable of doing what is needed.
  4. I honestly can believe that Bohemia would even allow you to even have those rules. From my understanding, during development, server renters still had to follow the rules laid out by Bohemia • You may not perform the following actions on your server ◦ Access RPT Logs (At this time) ◦ Access/Modify Gameserver data (At this time) ◦ Install any 3rd party tools, modifications, or applications (aside from BEC – At this time) ◦ Use any unapproved monetization (f.e. sell in-game items or a location of a base) Now when modding comes out I could see mods giving you the ability to turn the server into what you want.
  5. Irrelevant, the whining and sniveling about the development of DayZ is pathetic.
  6. That's because those people bought DayZ for the wrong reasons and then demand the devs change the game to what they want.
  7. Just to shut people up, here is a list of games that took forever Galleon: 1997-2004 (7 years) ... L.A. Noire: 2004-2011 (7 years) ... Spore: 2000-2008 (8 years) ... Too Human : 1999-2008 (9 years) ... Team Fortress 2: 1998-2007 (9 years) ... Prey: 1995-2006 (11 years) ... Diablo III: 2001-2012 (11 years) ... Duke Nukem Forever: 1996-2011 (15 years) Oh boy, here it is, the mother of all delayed games. So enough with this bullshit about games only take a couple years to make and fix.
  8. Best way to find out is to go test it
  9. I like the idea of player to zombie scaling but I would also like to see high loot zones have higher infected population. It's pretty pathetic how players can waltz into the military base and waltz out with zero resistance. And cities should be crawling with infected.
  10. It's not just the infected that needs to be more of a threat. The elements, wild animals, infections and diseases, having to actually scavenge for food.... Will those help decrease the KoS mentality? Probably not but who cares, let them waste the few bullets they have.
  11. Why? Because if games do not pander to the basic needs of the players it's generalized as garbage, crap or not fun. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure the store page on steam states that "players follow a single goal: to survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic landscape as long as they can."?
  12. Drive the vehicles in PUBG, totally realistic...............
  13. If you're not playing it and going by steam posters, lol, then you have zero grounds to walk on in terms of feedback. Have a good day
  14. @Mantasisg, all you do it bitch and complain in every thread. Like IMT said, this game is not for you so instead of filling the forums of with useless drivel, just stop coming here and stop playing the game. I'm sure you'll be much happier. And for the umpteenth time, this game is in Apha!!! Things are not complete, or fully functional. Hell, some things seem to be sped up just for testing purposes to see if the mechanics work.
  15. How to make DayZ great again? Simple, stop watching and listening to clowns like Lirik but I'll give him points for #5