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  1. Slow motion infected

    This appears to be an issue with servers labelled with BE in them as multiple people have been having the same issues with these BE servers.
  2. PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    The game didn't get an engine change because they made money. It got an engine change because the original one was not capable of doing what they wanted it to do and because they made money off of the DayZ sales it gave them the opportunity to start over with a new engine. To be fair tho, this should not have been called 1.0. It's barely even beta material as it stands. The original alpha that got released had more in it than this does but this version does run way better.
  3. Fix pocket sizes

    What did you guys do to the storage space of clothing? No hoodie has the pocket space to be carrying 5 cans of pop, a bunch of apples, a couple of pears, some batteries and shotgun slugs. And why the hell can I fit a truck battery into my pants??? This is absurd https://imgur.com/rTDzT5W Don't know how to post it as a screenshot
  4. Reurn broken legs?

    Oh my bad. So we have thirst, hunger and bleeding. Whoopty-fuckin-do. Still missing, diseases, sickness, weather effects, unconscious state, fractures. You know, shit that should have been worked on and added in before worrying about broken vehicles
  5. Slow motion infected

    Are you using low ping servers because the one you told me about was high ping for me and it did that
  6. Slow motion infected

    I was able to replicate your exact issue. Video is uploading. This may be a server specific but I'm not sure as I did join another full server and did not have this issue
  7. Slow motion infected

    K, gonna check it out. Not sure where BE is and it's a high ping for me lol 160 but waiting in queue
  8. DayZ Stable Update 1.0

    Should post it in the new stable update thread This one should be locked
  9. Slow motion infected

    name of server? I'll see if it happens when I join it
  10. Slow motion infected

    Just joined a full server and spawned outside of electro again. No issues with the infected but the game did just have a 5mb update
  11. Slow motion infected

    Attempting to join a full pop. Just waiting in queue. Did you join a high ping server by any chance?
  12. Slow motion infected

    Odd because I joined an official high pop and was in Electro in the video I posted and the infected did not act like that at all. They just stutter ran.
  13. Slow motion infected

    Community or Official server?
  14. There is no survival aspects besides bleeding in game. Very disappointing to be honest. They should feel bad for releasing the 1.0 this way
  15. Stable Update 1.0.149923

    This is DayZ?