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  1. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    Listen child. You've been put in your place. No need to keep trying to show how modded servers are fucked and you guys keep calling foul on the devs. Again, I cannot wait for your superior game. When does it come out?
  2. Guy Smiley


    Keep roleplay to the bedroom. Thanks
  3. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    He was using g a legit gun. Unlike Gews video where you watch the reload and the clip just magically goes in. Nice try tho 😏
  4. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    I'm talking about the difference between your video of the guy taking multiple point-blank shots to the face compared to the single shot in the video I posted.
  5. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    Start at 2:37. Explain how the side of the head differs from the front? And how he is only unconscious from a shot to the head lol
  6. Guy Smiley

    Servers are a Mess

    I get what you're saying but that's just how it works. If running a server was easily done people would be doing it all the time. Not to mention security issues involved. You'd be getting hackers galore
  7. Guy Smiley

    Servers are a Mess

    That's not a work around. What I provided you is how it works. Those are as simple as you can get instructions.
  8. Guy Smiley

    Just sayin...

    Learn to aim and git gud or write a letter to Bohemia claiming they're incompetent and you could do better
  9. Guy Smiley

    Servers are a Mess

    I gave you the answer to your suggestion. It's quite simple really
  10. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    watch the video and look at the reload mechanic. Didn't prove shit 😉
  11. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    au contraire mon ami. Perhaps go through some post history of these two outstanding forum posters and you will see a lot of hate directed at the devs. Maybe not so much by gews unless it comes to weapons. Then the devs are incompetent morons who have never fired a weapon before 🙄
  12. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    Let's see your game buddy. You and gews seem to talk shit outta your asses so much. Lets see your great army simulator with "realistic" gunz
  13. Guy Smiley

    No Face Hitbox

    a private modded server. Nothing to see here. Don't blame the devs for shitty mods.
  14. Guy Smiley

    Servers are a Mess

    Port forward - make sure you're using IPv4 for your port forward Allow access through fire wall And make sure this line is in your server config file - steamQueryPort = 2305; // defines Steam query port, should fix the issue with server not being visible in client server browser
  15. Hi. Which pbo do I need to edit to adjust the hunger and thirst values of foods? And is it possible to add a negative value to the thirst for powdered milk and cereal?