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  1. There's a huge difference between modding a game that adds to the main core of it than modding a game that detracts from the core of it. If you look back at the mods for DayZ mod, the majority of them detracted from what the core gameplay was about and turned it into a generic run of the mill shooter.
  2. But if you can't find those items within the first 5 minutes the game sucks and I may as well log off (sarcasm)
  3. Well the sad truth is, it's going to happen whether you like it or not. While the small group of us will play on dead servers that will test our survival skills, the rest will be CoD'ing it up on, as you put, 24/7day servers, starting gear and vehicles galore. Who cares, they will get bored of it and move on to the next big twitch game.
  4. Hey Broski, guess what? Rust and 7 Days to Die are still in Alpha and they came out around the exact same time as DayZ so quit crying like a little kid and bugger off until the game is done.
  5. No it can't. I believe the whole reason we're not seeing anything is because the new engine(enfusion) is not compatible with the old engine. They've basically stopped working on this version of DayZ and have been hard at work on the Beta version.
  6. There's not much left for them to patch on this build while they are busy working on the the new game.
  7. Lol, I've been following these forums since DayZ mod, played DayZ mod and purchased DayZ Dec 16, 2013 so to even attempt to talk down to to me and try to make me seem like a noob is a futile attempt lol
  8. So you're basically saying that DayZ is real Life? That when it gets dark in DayZ you're gonna go to bed? When it starts raining you'll go to bed? Dude, it's a game and the focus on the game is the challenges that come with the "game". So are you going to log off every time the game gets too hard for you? Oh, sun is going down, better log off. It's raining, better log off. Do you realize what you've been saying lol?
  9. The same people who don't like the rain also don't like the night time or any of the survival elements of DayZ. These are also the same people who bought DayZ under the assumption is was just another run of the mill shooter and are the same people who want mods that give starting gear and spawn points.
  10. Years ago??? Lmfao, you really haven't a clue. Just stop, you're making yourself look pretty stupid
  11. Have you bothered to read any of the devblogs? Do you even know that they've stopped working on this version of the project and are recreating a new engine? Do you just spew drivel without any knowledge of what your are spewing?
  12. Part of it is server performance, the other part is people complaining about not being able to hide their tents/bases yet they want 100+ player servers
  13. And yet people are wanting 100+ player servers lol. On top, people want base building and want their bases to magically be hidden?? lmao
  14. Why would an Bohemia willfully harm their reputation by not completing their game?? Unlike larger studios such as EA, Bohemia only has a small library of games under their belt and not completing DayZ would most likely tarnish their reputation. It's easy for companies such as Electronic Arts to toss a game under the rug as they have thousands and will just spew out another BF to uphold the masses for every other failed project. And this goes to anyone who keeps spouting off that DayZ will never be completed, you're all a bunch of idiots for thinking so.
  15. Great first post hahahahaha