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  1. I see the thread title and can only picture Dave Mustaine, "Dodging Bulleeeets!!!!"
  2. I play on a laptop. A 6QD Apache Pro to be precise. i7 6700HQ @ 2.6GHz, not sure what turbo mode brings it up to. 16GB ram and a GTX960M. I don't have any of these crashes or memory leaks. Might be time to upgrade your potatoes
  3. Lol wut? It's not a game save file. You cannot reload to your last save point hahaha
  4. I'll just leave this here
  5. DayZ's an MMO? Anyway, the only reason I can think of that the game doesn't have an autorun feature is because it's not part of the vision to this game. DayZ is supposed to be more of a "hardcore" style of survival game. No handholding
  6. Well, the game isn't designed to run around for 10 mins and gear up then go pvp. You can spawn in and find gear right away that would get you started on your merry way to the epic loot or you can spawn in and, gasp, have to try and survive for hours until you find the gear to get you on your way. That's how the game works
  7. Rage on my man, rage on :)
  8. I love posts like these. You know the game is heading in the right direction when people start to rage about how hard it is to survive
  9. This really only affects solo players. As a group you at least have a chance to be revived and if they have no means to revive you, they can kill you and feast on your corpse so you can respawn.
  10. Yuppers. Haters still gonna hate no matter what
  11. Oh look, a thinly veiled "lets trash the developers and development speed" thread.
  12. At least you had time to take some pics. I think I was in for a whole minute before I took an axe to the face
  13. Personally for me, if this game goes into the direction of a Minecraft/Rust/Ark base building in the vanilla, I will most likely stop playing. The map would look ridiculous with abandoned shacks strewn about everywhere, not to mention it removes the whole survival aspect and turns the game into a one dimensional base raiding cluster fuck.
  14. You do understand they've scrapped this project and decided to build a brand new engine for DayZ?
  15. This is DayZ...... This is your story