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  1. It's Been 6 Years

    Funny thing with arma 3. I bought it in hopes of some tactical warfare but instead you get life mods and BR. Who would of thunk? Yes, thunk is not a word
  2. It's Been 6 Years

    In the tune of 1 Week by the Barenaked Ladies (Canadian band for those who don't know and think it's actually real naked ladies) It's been 6 years since you've been looking at me I fire you up and then get angry Bugs and glitches are laughing at me I rage on the forums and then say I'm sorry
  3. It's Been 6 Years

    The release of the server files puts a sour taste in peoples mouths because it makes it appear that the devs want the modders to finish the game. Do I agree with the release of the server files before the game has even hit beta? Hell no but it is what it is
  4. It's Been 6 Years

    Ahhhh but, the people who are claiming this don't care about the finished version of DayZ, they want the version they played from the mod. eg. Epoch, Overpoch, BR.... the non DayZ versions
  5. FLIES

    Oh hell yes. The flies added that extra tension when you heard them. How long ago did the player die? How did he die? Is the reason he died still around? Do I loot him? So many possibilities just from that one tiny aspect
  6. Well, I'm pretty sure that the full hunger status is not in game yet. You're maxing out and wasting food for nothing
  7. Experimental Content Update

    Might be better off posting this on the feedback tracker thingy as I've mentioned this before and no responses about it. I don't know if they are even aware of it.
  8. Experimental Content Update

    Still no rustling sound when passing through trees and bushes. Can hear footsteps but not the branches moving
  9. Stamina system the way I expected...

    If I'm not mistaken, in the old DayZ SA , players did run faster without items in there hands. I haven't been able to test this on the stress as getting on is just a pain in the ass. As for the stamina, "first iteration", let them work at it some more. I am hoping weight plays a role in how fast a character moves walking, jogging and sprinting and for how long. More weight, you're over exerting yourself, now you need to stop and rest and grab a drink and a bite to eat.
  10. Stress Test vol.45

    Was* the shotgun damaged/ruined by any chance? Maybe instead of not firing anymore, it backfires in the players face lol
  11. The kos mentality will never go away. No matter what. The only thing possible is making it a very high risk. Harder, to find ammo, less ammo, high risk getting into military zones, attracting the infected etc. You want to risk shooting another player, prepare for the consequences.
  12. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    Lol, DayZ won't become Scum. If anything, Scum is trying very hard to replicate DayZ
  13. Some Suggestions ( After SCUM )

    At least you can pvp without warping ala Scum
  14. Food water consumption

    oh for the love of.... stop running and pace yourself. I don't even come close to having to stop every 10 mins to eat or drink in game.