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  1. Well to answer the question to your stupid topic title. Because it's not ^%$#%*()#@ ready
  2. Smaller development group. They cannot spread out their resources to be working on two different platforms. Think development is slow? Imagine the team split in half
  3. I believe for you to be able to just right click it you need to have the cutting tool in hand at the time, which make sense
  4. we initially had something like that with the old controller system back when the alpha first game out put a lot of people were raging about it. We never used to have the instant 360 spin that we have now.
  5. But this isn't a fighting game nor is the engine designed to simulate fighting. I personally expect it's going to be a very simplistic melee system that's similar to what we have but more streamlined.
  6. Down, down right, right and punch
  7. As long as DayZ doesn't go into a Rust style of base building and only barricading/upgrading the current structures in game I'll keep supporting the game. I would rather not see sky towers or a thousand abandoned shacks all over the map.
  8. So forcing players to play 3pp by saying you can wall cheat too is a solution? Lol what?
  9. Remove guns because we don't need them. There's enough open world to harvest food and create gardens to make this a great gardener game. See how stupid that sounds
  10. Wrong section brah
  11. It's got nothing to do about boasting about success in the game. I didn't play for a year and a half and just recently got back into DayZ. The difference is, I followed the development and kept up with what's going on. If people are going to be too lazy about reading some devblogs don't get all butthurt when others tell you to go read up on it.
  12. Well as long as they add a tripping mechanic to go along with it I do see this feasible. Also, looking back should slow you down
  13. Well this isn't a Michael Bay movie. Also the chance of even hitting anything while running and shooting behind you is extremely unlikely and would only alert more infected to you.
  14. Go into a city and fire off a few rounds ;)
  15. It amazes me that being this far in to the alpha that we haven't even seen a hint of a fatigue/stamina system. Not knocking the development time of the game because I know how long games take to make, just more baffled on why we haven't seen this system yet.