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  1. Don't confuse DayZ: Mod with bastardized versions of it. The vanilla DayZ developed by Dean Hall had no karma system and it was still the best DayZ experience ever so far.
  2. They could be called purple elephants, still doesn't make them purple elephants
  3. Can't test items if they're scarce ;)
  4. Edit - Why is this the only forum that is impossible to post images? lol
  5. Nope, still not a zombie. They are not dead
  6. Except they aren't zombies, as in undead, they are infected humans with a virus.
  7. Oooh, I see the armchair developers are starting to crawl out of their holes. I really hope that the bitchers and moaners about the early access alpha don't come back and leave DayZ with a good community of people who enjoy this kind of game. Lol @ Reece D Asbury who thinks that base building is the saving grace of DayZ.
  8. Autorun is for the weak
  9. More infected Less military gear More of a survival game, less of a military game
  10. Wouldn't be much of a survival game if you could chat with people on the other side of the map now would it?
  11. Well to answer the question to your stupid topic title. Because it's not ^%$#%*()#@ ready
  12. Smaller development group. They cannot spread out their resources to be working on two different platforms. Think development is slow? Imagine the team split in half
  13. I believe for you to be able to just right click it you need to have the cutting tool in hand at the time, which make sense
  14. we initially had something like that with the old controller system back when the alpha first game out put a lot of people were raging about it. We never used to have the instant 360 spin that we have now.
  15. But this isn't a fighting game nor is the engine designed to simulate fighting. I personally expect it's going to be a very simplistic melee system that's similar to what we have but more streamlined.