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  1. I'm not disappointed that we won't get 0.63 exp before end of 2017. I'm kind of disappointed by the limited features will be introduced in the initial Beta build. It's less than what is currently in 0.62 overall. i.e. firearms & current vehicles. I'm happy that melee is being revamped. I recall a point where that wasn't even a focus moving forward. I brought it up here and it seemed to get some steam within the community. I still believe in the process and this dev team just disappointed we are where we are currently after defending this for so dang long.
  2. Is the graphic engine still being worked on?

    Based off what they have previously stated, yes... It is only in it's first iteration. We won't see any newly released iterations of the renderer on .61 as it is an obsolete build with old coding.
  3. [0.62] Early Preview Broadleaf + Grass Shader

    I expected thicker. I know... TWSS
  4. Any new official maps expected? (No, not really interested in Modder released maps with 90% unenterable buildings.) Tanoa would be great on DayZ standalone. Throughout testing and playing up to 1,000 hours on DayZ SA/Mod I feel as if I mastered Chernaurus. Hardly any terrain has went undiscovered. Most players with similar hours have done the same to the point where a map or compass is no longer needed at all. To not burn myself out I quit playing after a month of .61 . Personally no amount of map changes or new forest density to Chernaurus+ can bring back the feeling I had in those first 600 hours or so of being potentially lost/being so far out that I am in danger of starving or thirsting to death. a new 2nd option with new climates would be incredible...
  5. Totally agree. Sheet metal and scrap metal should be totally different things for building supplies. The 3rd point goes with Barricading. And to build around that. But in all honesty assuming all bases can be broke into I think you'd see more people barricade and build walls around mainly due to the existing houses aren't currently made to be destroyed. Hope to see both. The more they add the better overall.
  6. Most just don't care and choose to ignore the fact that this is a major undertaking that will make DayZ the game that they want and wouldn't get out of the Legacy engine.
  7. Day Z Is Going In the Right Direction

    Everything will change this game is indeed going in the right direction. It's just funny that a week or two ago you were on here trashing the devs and posting as if you had no clue of the engine change and how that factored in the development. Glad it seems you understand now and that you're enjoying it. Personally i'm on a break from testing. I don't want to burn out on it and not enjoy it as much at 1.0
  8. Also can't wait to see how the new forests will look and how it could play into pvp, basebuilding, and camps.
  9. How's this game doing?

    I didnt even read all of this.. cringe worthy. You do know they are taking on a complete engine change right? "Broke things and reintroduced" So you wanted things developed on that shittty clunky legacy engine? Eh.. I can't even. Bless your heart.
  10. I hope major base construction is no simple task and with new player controller/weight/stamina it should require a vehicle to haul a lot of materials around. IMO to regain balance to the coastal cities and make them viable assuming current loot economy/heat map is roughly wht to expect at 1.0. Those random scrap piles/wood piles should be lootable in the Factory/Industrial areas. Having vehicles in Cherno for example to load up wood/metal + zombies particularly a zombie herd and the threat of other people there to do the same or to simply ambush is a wonderful scenario.
  11. I'd love to see barricading almost more than anything. Beyond that for the lone wolves or very small groups. That may have desire a small shack/camp site. I'd like to see more options for camouflaging structures or tents. Perhaps using a stack of netting and rope to create "improvised structure netting" and being able to add a stack of brush OR grass (for a green setting)
  12. Character customization?

    Can we expect to see more in-depth customization in the future of DayZ? Not face dragging or anything to that extent but 40+ new faces, hair/facial hair. tia
  13. A DayZ Christmas Miracle

    you bored? have a good night champ!
  14. A DayZ Christmas Miracle

    I take it you haven't played .61? go drink bleach
  15. 32 vs. 64...

    45 minutes in on x64 and I am seeing tremendous gains for my set up... as I am running this game on a workstation that is capable but not the most ideal for gaming... I play on a Xeon X5680 powered workstation that has 24gb of ECC (yuck) ram On normal settings I was getting 30-35 FPS with some stuttering under tremendous load in Elektro/Cherno on normal x32 So far running through Elektro with a lot of zombie aggro/killing I'm staying above 60+ fps with one very minor stutter Server restarted a minute ago and I made it to Prig. About to check Cherno.