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  1. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    DayZ in EarlyAccess is damn good at this - making people confused. I also was a bit frustrated not being able to find a vehicle, or at least drivable one for a long time.... But once ran into three V3S trucks in a very short period of time lol But didn't find nor loot, nor interactions, nor any action... so just logged off. Till 63.
  2. When will gameplay be introduced?

    I think that it is different now, as far as I understand DayZ started from the core community. And the core community are always the best people. It might have worked well as a complete sandbox back in the day. But now DayZ is mostly alive on its past fame, and a lot of guys who still play are just the ones who didn't in the "golden age", I wouldn't expect them to be top class either. The game needs to have proper gameplay guiding mechanics, and loot economy is exactly that. When players in the map are as dense as vapor, this game is just a vapor too. Some might have learned about the game just in past year or so, some might upgraded their hardware just now.... When DayZ launched 0.60 performance improved so much that basically doors got opened for a great mass of players. Sadly the gameplay went downhill so fast, that it was just obvious - don't play me yet. Buy me when I'm at full price please. Goodbye, and see you later. I should stop posting here because everything is crystal clear, and it is pointless fighting windmills. Don't play me yet. Buy me when I'm at full price please. Goodbye, and see you later.
  3. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Maybe true, but I prefered to meet random people in the coast. Maybe naturaly one day I will evolve into your level, and will meet some people regularly with a help of mentioned applications and forums. But thats a bit deeper level. As for being easy/hard in terms of loot economy. More loot makes it harder IMO, because naturaly more players gets armed. And these things has nothing to do with engines and features.. It just could be.
  4. When will gameplay be introduced?

    The design and vision is wothless, I'm afraid. The gameplay should be getting better and better. But it has mostly been the opposite with each update, especialy since late 2015. Also seems like 10-15 people are really working on this game. First of all - thanks Bohemia Interactive for great care. I guess Dean Hall quit not without the reason either. I smell corruption. Second thanks for removing life from the coasts, as it was the main areas for basic interactions, as in inlands it is just so much more difficult and less likely to happen. Low max player count doesn't help either. How much it should have been ? 150 ? Coasts were the areas where things was starting to evolve, without coasts it is just a big nonsense. At coast you would be getting your share of interactions, and a bit of chaos, and at the inlands it would have been more calm, but more unpredictable. Now everywhere it is almost the same. Third - thanks for making it not only running simulator, by not introducing a simple stupid bike, or bicycle, but also for making it looting simulator because loot economy works just so incredibly well. And the worst part is that the community, which once been pretty damn awesome, has been lost. Creative community is huge part for such uncontrolled game to be fun. Because only players actions makes it good, if players can't work out anything else what to do besides loot all the time and then KOS, then it quickly gets pretty bad. And the game doesn't help - it tells to you - keep running my friend, lots of buildings are meant to be visited today in various towns, so forget about actually playing, because finding gear is an actual game now.
  5. Hardcore in DayZ

    What they did originally was that they were working on DayZ, but then started working on DayZ 2 instead. I wonder if they will decide to work on DayZ 3 instead, "Oh the game took so long to develop, and technology stepped so far forward, and our engine is too old now, we have to switch engines once again". Money has been paid already anyway, so whatever lol they are perfectly valid to ignore the expectations completely. Really didn't believe that when people used to say this a few years ago, but it is becoming the truth. At least the game wouldn't be in its most boring, and lifeless state it has ever been in this stagnation time. So the advice would be just to call it DayZ 2.0 when it is released, because thats exactly what is happening. DayZ has been killed in 2015. And the reborn will practically be 2.0.
  6. .63 ETA ?

    After latest statusreport it makes sense, though maybe not stable release but first exp build. I'd expect then exp builds to span till forever.

    Being a back seat dev is a hard thing to do.
  8. why ocd people should never house-sit

    Thats why it is nice to have a girlfriend to deal with the base while you are at work.
  9. Forum

    It means something. They are taking out beans from the game. Foced agriculture, hunting, fishing, cannibalism extraordinaire.
  10. Pretty sure by now, that beta won't hit stable this year, perhaps could hope for exp. #complaining When they were announcing things at gamescom I really thought that they are very close to 0.63. But bases, and even modding was mentioned, so I guess features which are that big, will probably take a year to implement, and then one more year to polish them. If they are going to reach it. Sometimes it might be better to go for less, but for better maybe. OMG HOW MUCH MORE TO W8 M8 ~!

    Hahaa, didn't you know that you are supposed to ghost into different server if it starts to rain lol I have pointed out this issue before. People are dumbing down the game by doing that. But you made a good point about changing clothes and still being wet, haven't played much lately, but IIRIC it was a thing, and only a fire could help at some point. Devs doesn't keep up the game with changing engine I suppose, game is not meant to be played yet. You chose wrong time to enter, game was majorly unexciting to play right after they have introduced 0.60. Which is the shame because techside got so much better. Was this on purpose, so less people will play till Beta IDK... just my conspiration theory. Clearly alpha is not meant to be so heavily played. Also Bohemia clearly has DayZ at the bottom of their priorities. They just didn't keep up with demand, and went for "I'm not ready", by just stopping giving a damn about if it is functioning as a game. There used to be interactions in 0.5x, now it is so much more rare, also looting - it is a joke. All you do is loot. It is just pure waste of time. Some may have found their way how to squeeze juice from DayZ and make it work for them, either something is wrong with them, or they are very good at finding ways. Just gotta wait for beta, also probably it won't even make it all, perhaps 0.8 or something... Learned to not expect anything while they are still moving from one engine to another. And as for the way devs are going, I must admit it is scary. Huge hopes that this is nothing like the final game will be, because it is now - nothing. Nice map and somewhat smooth performance with nothing for hours.
  12. .63 ETA ?

    DayZ is kind of game which takes tons of time with all the running and currently - looting forever. Forget about other games lol By the way.... when is beta ? Halloween is in the past, next hop iz Christmas, though Easterns would fit better lol Edit: I hope beta rolls out some time in next two years. Pretty sure it will till 2020.
  13. Gamers also get less games nowadays and more "tech previews", "cinematic experiences"..... True games are in the past.
  14. For people that say the coast is dead now...

    The whole map is dead. Depend on luck though. DayZ overall is quite dead. Thats why we are waiting for BETA so much.
  15. It is a mess anyway. But lets hold back all the negativity, if things are going to get smoother, and the game will finally be getting delivered within and after 0.63update with iterations rolling out frequently, with nasty content, and constantly improving gameplay, with good effective game designs being realised, then everyone will shut up naturally. If.