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  1. I know, but be patient.

    Word ! Exact stuff. As for SCUM lets give it at least half a year. But now it is definitely way too much running around a large empty map, exactly like DayZ. Maybe they decided respectfully not be better than DayZ too much. Or they copy :/ The game has potential early to judge. DayZ however has VERY seriously stretched its EA. I am a fan of racing simulators, Assetto Corsa Competizione was just released into EA, games like that brings EA trust back to me. It is EA, there are issues, but it is very worth spending time on, as opposing to running around and doing nothing, you'd better actually be running around and keeping your fitness in real life lol So yeah..
  2. I'm tired of pointing out things which IMO were essentially resulting in epicness of DayZ in the early. I started with 0.54. Not even the mod, and so many people say that it was even better before. Now SCUM came out, I was hoping for it to make some pressure for DayZ, by doing it better, I mean way better, something like DayZ USED to be. But unfortunately it is also running/looting simulator with desync and hug,e soulless, uneventful world, just like DayZ is. But DayZ is like that many many years into development... Perhaps the genre is just doomed... one guy knew how it should be, but then he quit and it all collapsed. Don't expect creative people to be running from house to house for hours.
  3. Beta == 1.0 This year?

    It always can get worse, and seems like it will. Perhaps working on engines and tech. was the only real interest of Bohemia when we talk about DayZ. I don't care about development taking 5-10 years, but man, you have a game out in early access, with a lot of people interested, at least do it so it would be increasingly entertaining, not the opposite. SCUM just has been launched, it is already equal if not better than DayZ, so much of it is very well designed.. Too bad it is also not too entertaining with running and looting all the time, even though it has some additional features to escape boredom, like events.. Perhaps thats some kind of tribute for DayZ for first build ?
  4. I know, but be patient.

    Same here, I don't care about versions, and things left to implement. But the game just simply has to be entertaining. Sometimes I think that any game with online features, especially where fun is mostly based on player interactions in some form, racing in a simulator, or just talking with someone in Elektro before getting attacked by bandits... all those games are majorly tied to community. Which you can't buy, can't implement, so I think you should really love it, unless you feel like it is time to let the bird go... you know. Of course not saying that everything is up to community, loot being ultra rare, and interactions being too rare and less special certainly made DayZ a ton less appealing, just as designed almost.
  5. I know, but be patient.

    What are the odds that there won't be 0.63 stable ? I mean it is going to be 1.0, this christmas. Ideally it would be halloween
  6. New era of GPU - Nvidia RTX

    I understand that it has to be implemented, and I have no idea about challenges of it :D But I wonder if it is very complicated, if it requires a major rewriting, or it for example could be relatively easily implemented to any existing engine/game.
  7. So it is something special, very sudden, really surprised. Would DayZ work with it ? Most importantly real time ray tracing ? R E A L T I M E R A Y T R A C I N G , Y O ! Would it make underground structures possible in this gaim ?
  8. I know, but be patient.

    Yes I have some tips for that, emu - it is called logic. Think of it like engine stalling as the revs are dropping too low, you can turn it on again possibly, but you know.... The love is slowly fading away... Naturally it will take more and more to hook it again. Perhaps a bit more kids, who doesn't care about their lives, and are up to run for three hours straight in a computer game will emerge, but most of them will be actually looking for something entirely new. Will DayZ come out as entirely new title somehow ? Will it have the soul which the Rocket managed to create, and which is why this whole thing got important ? Doesn't seem so to me. It is unacceptable if the GAME is not designed to be fun at any moment, even if it is in alpha during early access, thats why so many people are negative. Devs have achieved so much great stuff, but they also have managed to get rid of so much other great stuff. And thats why many people are actually playing games - to have fun. I know from the past that DayZ can be plenty of fun. But if you don't want people playing your game, you don't have them. Will you get them back ? Maybe so, maybe no.
  9. I know, but be patient.

    That point was passed something like a year ago.
  10. Who Plays What More? Experimental or stable?

    I don't play any. 0.63 is just a little bit stuck for too long (for my preference)
  11. I played DayZ 0.54-0.57. I know that even heavily bugged, much worse performing game can be better just because of some simple things.
  12. So I tried to log out..

    Thats a kool feature :)
  13. Where is the DayZ population?

    From my point of view SA was released as rather interesting, but bugged and poorly performing game to early public access stage. Later they shut the game down after making it perform nicely with 0.6, ironically gameplay has become uninteresting then. And everything what would make the game or would have made it exciting was held down, and still is. SO to my point of view SA was released to EA, then SA was shut down (by just killing the gameplay) and kept like that till now. So it is a zombie game, which itself IS A ZOMBIE, DayZ as game is a zombie. And people who plays are everyday are survivors in a weird way indeed. SCUM will come out, DayZ population will probably drop down bellow 1k then. But only stupid bikes and bicycles could help to bring lots of players to check DayZ again. And that card is being held. And there are many other cards, if they are not actually lost. Speaking of strong cards, and population - where are 60+ servers ?
  14. I know, but be patient.

    It is reasonable to start being "where is it" after so much time and hope.... SCUM will give a run for the money, and I believe that is what is causing the wait at this very moment. I only regret not ever experiencing the dayz mod at its time, the time when the love was found. And it has been lost now, quite obviously.
  15. Where is the DayZ population?

    Where are 60+ servers ?