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  1. It's still always night, and always raining.

    I just tried DayZ every server is same, with slight differences. Sunshine, good weather, no players around, no guns to be found. Coast are alive only for a short time, then everyone is all around the map... it is a ghost town. No point to play alone, because if you don't have reall friend set, then you aren't going to find one ingame.
  2. It's still always night, and always raining.

    Survival game player - "it is raining and night - not gonna play", deal with it, sugar. The way people are very mediocore in average in large numbers makes them an enemies of themselves, because they are making game unchalleging by their desires of simplifying everything. Though I am not saying that there shouldn't be a choice for a daylight server, everything has limits. I also had an issue yesterday in exp. I wanted night, when i clicked on nigght, it was actually a day :/
  3. Experimental Update 0.63.149358

    Why VOIP is so incredibly dialed down ? It is impossible to communicate. You have to stand face to face, and you still can't hear other player well... just so silent... Why DayZ can't just get better ? Instead some stuff is always getting better and some worse. I remember when VIOP used to work well, you could hear ~50meters around WELL, and hear talking even further. It did help with interactions.
  4. Stress Test vol.56

    I had some issues with core gameplay. Also game crashed on exit. Essentially I had pretty cool gameplay. I have met unfriendly player in Staroe, already health cross yellow, then got shot by him, managed to defend myself, but low on health couldn't go far so entered next building to bandage and get better. Then zombies flocked in, which is kool. I have tried to use an old trick to lock them in the houses rather than shoot them and attract even more. But they were glitching on doorsteps and I couldn't do it, they would stop by the door don't move and then appear next to you in crazy speed << thats 1ST ISSUE. Now I am absolutely limping, on critical health, I get into house and decide to shoot one by one, I have bullets for ~15 zombies. And I shoot down about 15, but it didn't seem like there were less of them around the hut by any moment. I am not exactly calling it an issue, but I suppose it is, so 2ND ISSUE >> zombies either respawn too quickly in same locations, or can tell the location of the sound too well, because they just seemed to never stop coming. Well perhaps if I had M4 and could get 30 of them down in one minute, then perhaps I would have been safe, but next time in such situation I would just log-off, thats why I think it is bad for core gameplay. Perhaps it would be kooler if zombies could break the doors like in old preview, in this way it would be really kool and logging off wouldn't save you, if it takes a while for a charracter to stay in server after log-off. I also don't want them to be easy, but also IMO it should be possible to clear down the zombies, at least for a while. At least for a minute lol
  5. I like the idea of statistics, but I would do double, triple.... thinking. Because stats should encourage to play the game in such way that everybody would win the most out of it.
  6. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    Well it is a bit of a mystery, but I think it is necessary that players would hang in a coast for 10-20-30 minutes before rushing out. Ideally I would say between 30-60 mins, well not as a rule or something but purely natural average gameplay time, I think it is almost completely influenced by central economy. I actually had success yesterday in ST SWE halloween server to meet two great guys in Electro in about 20minutes of play, later near Staroy someone was shooting at us, but thats great because I think DayZ has to have a blend of friendly and hostile players, and coast naturally a larger concentration of friendly players.
  7. Stress Test vol. 54

    Wow night looks so much off (except if it is full moon) in this ^^^^ compared to how it looks now in ST, that counter measure thing is epic.
  8. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    Whatever. Of course things will evolve into the situations where you have to survive. Of course there will be PVP. I am not talking about RP... I don't really do RP, maybe I lack imagination. But I really like not to approach every single person like it was meant only to be violent in this game. Talking is important to me because I like to improve language, also it is immersive, brings good emotions and provides whole lot of experience, it brings game to next dimension. If you only PVP thats great for you, you can be "spending time with a bunch of kids who just want to do what they want to do" too. I also like to go full PVP sometimes, but thats not where full DayZ comes from, and without social element it is a bit weird game TBH.
  9. Stress Test vol. 54

    Just had best DayZ experience in a few years ! Glitched hands inventory, didn't met anyone in Electro for ~20mins... was thinking about to end session soon. Met two Finish guys who were very friendly and good DayZ Players, trusted me even with bugged axe in my hands. Ran for about 20 mins, it got progressivelly darker. Using light sources was epic, we all had different light sources, one made a torch. Reloged and glitch was gone, high five. It got completely dark. Ran through Staroe, avoided zombies. Saw some sheeps. While we tried to get them, we got shot (maybe owner of the sheeps lol). We ran into forest, and I got lost. Ran out of light, ran out of water, found a town, searched for a water well, attracted zombies and died. Now thats DayZ. About 1hour of game and so much experience ! * Few thoughts. Maybe voice should be amplified and increased range ? I had troubles trying to hear the talk. Perhaps zombies are a bit too weak ? * issues. Axe got "glued" to my hands. Some voice echoing occured. I was said to be echoing about 15mins, and my survivor friends had that problem just a few moments. Might be because of my ping.
  10. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    I believe that it can be restored, modding itself is not an answer. But if community increases and get stronger then it is very big bonus. However vanilla has to be center and cementing element, and I believe that it will soon get sorted out. I am so possitive because I've just have probably best DayZ experience in last few years (just 30mins ago in stress test54). Just simply met two guys, ran around just talked, eventually got into trouble, had to deal with it, thats it it is DayZ it is awesome, PS the night is CRAZY !
  11. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    It is not false at all, it was proven in practice in pre 0.6 builds, I have played most of my DayZ in 0.54-0.58, and thats how it was, and it worked. Coasts were the most involving areas to player interactions, also most chaotic areas, further inlands things gets calmer but with higher risk of unexpected things, and finally military zones, heli crashes and paths or places close to them were high pvp probability zones. You still had great chances to pull of friendly interactions in Vibor, or even NWAF, but it was getting more and more difficult to go "clean" there, thats how DayZ had variety and support for all playstyles... it is that simple. I am not even talking about what was after, just running and looting... no conversations, no events, no adventures, unless you were very lucky or had a will and time luxury to WASD+SHIFT for hours, DayZ from 0.59-till now is basically lost in my perspective. Player dispersion has to be optimised, simple as that, if you want more then just can play in less populated servers, or wait for those even larger mod Maps, basically it will be same thing, but player who wants less disperion has no choice (majority of players)... if you'd chack the steamcharts.com you'd notice that populations drops when there is nothing to do in game, or if it doesn't work properly... thats your own argument against yourself. It is not a fault of content, you can see new renderer boosted up things, but it didn't last. Why ? Because gameplay. Is it hard to understand that gameplay is NOT a technology of a game, it is NOT a content of a game, because those things alone doesn't guarantee experience. Check it out, Hicks knows stuff: starts at 27:20
  12. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    I don't call them simpletons @Private Evans I call those who can never hold an interaction and always just attack. I mean always, players who knows no other way, no creativity at all. At least I can see some creativity behind a group who comes to the coast to make a mess, then they will create heros, as eventually some guys might form a group to "save the town", now it can get somewhere from there. But you can't have anything like that if you have super rare player interactions, because once you start messing around chances are too low that anyone around will come to check the situation. There is no challenge in avoiding people at all, much bigger challenge is to meet anyone @benedictus . No wonder it is rare to get a memorable moment, if there is no choice for the player who doesn't want to be alone all the time. You want higher chance of interactions, be at/near the coast. Want higher chance of PVP, go to military zones and anywhere where is great chance to find weapons of a certain level. Want less chances to meet anyone, go to less populated teritories of chernarus and thats it. Thats how it used to be, and it worked well.
  13. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    WOOOOOOW !!!!1 Don't be silly. I have expressed in the very same way you did. And I am more than certain that DayZ core gameplay IS INTERACTING WITH OTHER PLAYERS and with environment at the same time, it is not only PVP and PVE, it is also and even more P&P and P&E game. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/interacting I don't care you didn't state KOS, nor did I assumed that you are like that, nor I called YOU a simpleton and so on... but neither I say that you aren't, if you ask me, I don't really know. The interactions and social aspect is very much controlled by central economy and attraction objects of the game. The rule is simple - more interactions creates better social involvement. Less interactions - worse social aspect and more killing on sight. The best place for interactions is the coast, when players are still fresh. But there has to be a reason to be at the coast for a while, there has to be basic guns and ammo like in older DayZ, the coasts worked perfectly fine, gun at the coast has always been very much to protect yourself rather than 100% of the time attack, it was interesting blend. And it was always great to move to inlands after a while. You don't need any mods for that, so XBOX can work just as well, only if developers will decide to make a servers where interactions are encouraged rather than forcing players to scatter all around the map leaving the only end game goal - collecting gear.
  14. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    I think core community didn't play the game for a few years. Because collecting weapons in lifeless servers and then ghosting to full but still lifeless servers aren't what core DayZ players used to do some years ago. I remember watching Puhdado streams a lot ! There were plenty of entertaining streamers, I remember watching DanielFromSL when DayZ was in 0.59 or around the time when player interactions ware going somewhere away from the game... I remember him running around cherno for 20-30mins and not meeting anyone, that was about the time of weapon collectors, server ghosters, bushmasters time of DayZ.
  15. Not surprised by negativity about upcoming 1.0

    Perhaps a week earlier :)