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  1. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    So going straight from 0.63 to 1.0 might be done without releasing 0.64-0.99 iterations to public ? Hope for pleasant surprises. This must be the toughest game ever to make function as supposed, moreover as there is no clear picture what it is supposed to be, I think. It was proven in the past that it can work. Really looking forward to DayZ standing up from the grave.
  2. .63 ETA ?

    Lol this is coming to life, I wonder if it is not too optimystic to have 0.63 so soon though. Also if we will look further, then 1.0 should come in roughly two years after 0.63 release. I wonder if 1.0 will come out to experimental at first, or it will be stable in single shot :D Perhaps exp branch won't be used anymore after DA BETA...
  3. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    ^^ Sure everyone is only like that and all the time, forever, just "I" am not. I want to prove that i am true fan now. I want to encourage devs not to rush things out. Take a couple more years... why to rush things out in 2018. You have been working so long on this, you have taken massive gambling by choosing some ways, most of them really haven't payed off, 2017 was the worst year for DayZ just because your aim was to have as best result as possible (I suppose), and somehow, strangely resulted in most uninteresting gameplay since the performance became pretty awesome. So perhaps make the performance garbage again, and the game will be exciting again ? lol joke Just don't rush things out. How is it possible to work on single iteration for whole year, and then push nearly forty of them in less than a year ? Working in weekends, not sleeping and not taking holidays maybe ? I know that it is possible to build a house in a few hours if you have crazy good organisation and all the resources. But can you do FORTY iterations in lass than one year, when you do one almost whole year ? Thats an iteration every week basicaly (if 0.63 comes really soon), otherwise it will have to be more than one iteration per week.
  4. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    Just implement player interactions back, and disable KOS lol is it hard haha worked few yaers ago
  5. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    I'm quite sure it is going to be a year. But true fans never complain. I just want old DayZ to come back, when actually clever people used to play and there were plenty of very interesting interactions. And I'm afraid that is lost forever.
  6. Opinions on culldistances

    This seems like the right direction. Though the soldier is not a 2D cardboard object, unfortunately. Also the background is not always a hill, or even the grass, for example if background would be sky in horizon, or water, or building building or...... it would still stand out. But it should be better. But sometimes it would look weird when moving, so the engine should know when the player should be camouflaged, or when he shouldn't, and that would be difficult I suppose. It could be some kind of ring around player laying down, enabling thick grass to be rendered. Because Mip Maps would make thin bladed grass useless anyway. I suppose most simple solutions would be working with player models partial transparency in huge distances. But it should need better solution than simply making player transparent bellow the waist. Perhaps engine could work by detecting surroundings of player in distance, which are obviously detected because they are rendered to him. And create some kind of blending in cone around him with special rendering. if it would be too large though, it would be giving the position out though, too small also wouldn't work once spotted I guess.... There are reasons why nothing works.
  7. Opinions on culldistances

    lol4 So what could be done about those distances ? I don't think that we have any business about that, as we are not Devs. Obviously the performance will have to be sacrificed , and the distances increased. Thankfully weeds are mostly in places away from towns, but I suppose it could be an issue with weed fields which are close to towns. Only developers know how much further the game can be optimised. So perhaps we will see 150players, and properly serving foliage. Or perhaps we will not. So what can we do ? Nothing really, just wait and hope, like all those years we did. Unless you have some serious knowledge in game developing, so perhaps you'd have some other ideas. But if we play back seat devs: Perhaps the game could LOD the player model (when out of grass rendering distance) in such way that it would seem camouflaged when he would lay down in areas with tall grass. Maybe some kind of magic like that. Maybe the player model could go partly sink in the terrain surface and/or become partly transparent/ or maybe partly reflective to easily seem camouflaged. It shouldn't look bad as it would happen in far distance. It get a bit tricky with scopes and binoculars. I guess with scopes and binoculars different rendering mode should be used, to actually make foliage work, different step of lodding in relation with amount of zoom. Suddenly it all looks quite complex and you understand how stuff could be difficult to virtualise. These things should come in early visions, or early stages of developing IMO. So devs should have thought about such things years and years ago. And maybe they did. But we have what we have. Though I don't remember if grass rendering distances always were like that, or became an issue in certain point. Another point - people playing with low world details - the problem is how to dial out the advantages of that, such as grass LOD'ing decreased, or even not being rendered at all. Honestly, I don't remember last time when I played DayZ with low settings, as well as I don't remember when I played DayZ in the first place. Since it became majorly unexciting because gameplay design and such little technical issues.
  8. This map sucks!

    Maybe he found himself having a family one day ? :D Same could be applied to us in future in terms of playing DayZ.
  9. This map sucks!

    Cirkular lol just travel in circles lol wut Sum ppl R using DayZ as travel simul8or 4real #yousmartyouloyal
  10. This map sucks!

    Clickbait lol But I agree, it is possibly the best map ever. But is it playable,in other words - is it the best in terms how it merges with gameplay ? I really don't think so. Mostly because its size. It is definitely too large for a game where vehicles are really really rare, or/and doesn't work well. Too large for a game which fits way less than hundred players. Too large because devs wants you to really use it all, by nearly disabling loot in the coasts. Too large to get a proper interactions happening frequently, which is why I got interested in DayZ - thats gone. I also want to point out that I really loved the old Novo :) It was the best place. Also trees LOD'ing has to be fixed. Also doesn't feel like vertical aka 3D grass works as a cover, ever. Probably will be superb in 0.9 iteration.
  11. Wat ? I bet you haven't really mastered any. Real fun begins when you really start to rock... Now we know what is the typical picture of current DayZ fan. A person who is enjoying finding ways around broken things. Thats probably the whole concept of survival. Don't get depressed simulator. Those quoting skills though. I know a good solution - don't use broken stuff, especially if you can't fix it. You are just player, you aren't looking for solutions. You aren't the dev. You are not the Dev, you aren't Henry Ford, you aren't developing, you are the user. Only thing you can do is to modify your personal item. Would you do it ? Could you do it ? Probably not. Don't be ridiculous. The solution is - not to use unprepared software. Which obviously is so. There has been nothing focused for better gameplay for more than a year, perhaps for two years now.
  12. I'm choosing 0.9. Unless you are saying that 63 will be last iteration, and there won't be 0.9. 0.63, nor 0.73, nor 0.83 doesn't sound interesting anymore. Doesn't matter if each iteration will be waited for months or for weeks. I suppose ~0.9 will be the approximate time when it will be worth to aim to use this product. We'll see if it will be real DayZ again then, or if it will be run and loot simulator like recent builds. Doesn't matter to much how it will be in between. Problem solved. If the game will reborn, people will talk about it. It will be easy not to miss that time.
  13. I think it will be better to wait till DayZ 0.9. There is no use, to keep the expectations on.
  14. Found One VSS with Mag 0_O

    Looks like you are ready to become a bush for a lot of hours to come.
  15. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    I was more about the very way how the game played. Content matters little. There could be five types of weapon, two types of vehicle and the game still could be incredible. Because, at least for me, DayZ was all about interacting with people. Even though the game has ridiculously huge map, for very little amount of players, it used to be very nice closer to the coast, and around NWAF anyway. Later everyone was spread out. Literaly only this was needed to ruin the game. I loved to talk, I could have been totaly destroyed in PVP with my 20fps, but I enjoyed the unique experience each time. Then interactions were "turned off", KOS values got turned up to 11. The game became unbalanced. Started to feel like waste of time, it was already great amount of just runing already. But it just got worse later. For me the reason to push people out of the coast "so they will explore more of the map" was stupid. I remember watching generals sam video where he bashed DayZ very early on, IMO he was really wrong then, but slowly becoming right. He was really wrong when he said that people becomes bored of the game when they explore the map, and nothing new is left. He was and is totaly wrong about that. DayZ used to be all new, and unique all the time as interactions happened, didn't matter if it is Novo and Novo again, or Berezino non stop. Content, places..... meh. People. Other players, not knowing what will happen - it was interesting.