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  1. 20mins would be kool to begin a basic level. Not a challenge guard, but pseudo-challenge guard, a challenges which actually eliminates other greater challenges. Like for example, never being outnumbered because people just would have too hard time to group up. People indeed has different tastes, and I think DayZ has a potential to meet them all, having the world adjusted in particular way that different areas would provide different pace and kinds of events. I'd say 25/bikesandmotorbikes would be rather lowish, because half of them would be never found and hidden somewhere, so I'd say there should be 50, because only 50-80percent of them would be actively used. I just assume the percentage. I think it would be fair if 1/3 players would have an access to vehicle, but it is a bit optimistic to say that every vehicle in the map will be available and being used, so there could be more of them, and not all would be found, or ready to use anyway. Smaller map in DayZ would be indeed interesting, really looking forward to Namalsk. As well as 100players stress testing, and possibly stable servers experience.
  2. I disagree majorly with this post. Hordes of 12old real life zombies sounds fun for me lol. Not that I have ever seen anything like that. I probably saw more than five players in one place in my playtime two or three times, and it was awesome to me. Obviously the larger the group, the less common it will be in such game, thats just how it is. All this nonsense about immersion, I get it - it is immersive for you what is in your head what should be immersive. To me "hordes" of players sounds very immersive, because in apocalyptic world many gangs and criminals would rise, and they would actually be the major threat, I suppose. Your whole post is about how unimmersive to you is to meet other people frequently, let alone more than few. It is based on purely your imagination, and it is sad to see that this way of thinking is very supported here, not surprisingly, as the game was like that for two years. Regarding to looting corpses, I see no difference who would do it and join the action the player himself, his firend, me, some random player if lucky, or no one... Also your understanding of "hard" is very double sided. You say that it has to be hard, IMO it is hard and great challenge to be confronted by a group of players, you say that they should have a hard time gathering, so the game would actually be easier to you. I think you will still be able to have this kind of experience I see you love, by hiding somewhere deep inlands, I see no big issue if the game will be not your kind around the coasts and military zones and paths to them, stay away from them and you'll have your immersion of seeing next to no people during your gameplay. You'll have your nice things, and I'll have mine.
  3. So you finally met your friend, goal is achieved. Good because you already played enough and it is time to turn PC off (thats exactly how it actually is lol). According to you the game could be actually be called "Lonewolf stories: finding your lost friend", you finish the game when you finally find your friend haha There definitely is a niche for that.
  4. Well good, that is your opinion it is alright. In my opinion. Anything what is inefficiently time consuming, that seems like there is no end is grinding. You could try to cut a tree with a knife, and that would be grinding. You could use better tool, it still would be challenging, but would take less time, and perhaps lead towards higher challenges more efficiently. I'd better Interact, PVP or PVE for 90percent of the time, rather than run around periodically picking up some drinks or food... Traveling and looting should be less goal and more an instrument of gameplay. I am not saying that we should be all teleporting around, finding best stuff in few minutes and dumbing down DayZ, but just doing it more efficiently.
  5. here we go again with same ... the fun resistance, pseudo realism and pseudo challenge guards I haven't said that it should be on the every corner, I said that it should be easiest to find. Wouldn't you agree that bicycle should be at least as common as a gun, if not more ? Unless it would be USA, then guns would probably be more common than bicycles. Give me a reason why you think there should be less, and how many would be enough in your opinion ? I feel like many of "survivors" of community here has mistaken DayZ being time consuming as the main challenge, that could explain why you survived. I am ok with that, not being too selfish, not saying that it is good, or bad, but just how it is. IMO it is not the best.
  6. ^ that is masochistic, admitting that DayZ is sometimes "pretty" frustrating, and enjoying that.. The solution would definitely be vehicles, especially bicycles because they should be easiest to find, and devs won't give them soon, too good to have.
  7. Start Walking

    haha, it is crazy how littlebird heli is expected to be in before bikes and bicycles... I don't see whats so difficult about bikes and bicycles apart animations, of which I believe there are plenty for bikes and bicycles. Regarding physics, it could be basically a very narrow trackwidth car with high CG, fitting torque, not consuming any fuel, and always in balance just for begining... it could get fancy later. Gameplay is more important. They really are saving best for last, aren't they :D
  8. Start Walking

    If that is "everything" to you, then I am sorry, thats just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately, with such attitude we aren't getting anything from DayZ, or at least didn't for a couple of years. It indeed should be time consuming to get to the top, high end gear stuff and so..., but it absolutely shouldn't be so at basic level. You should be able fast pace the game around the coasts if you would like, also you would have to go through it as a freshspawn, then you would get a bit slower pace as you would get further towards inlands, but you would also get more risk to encounter predators and more and more seriously armed players and their unclear intentions, and then finally around military zones, and especially tissy you should totally be shittttttttting your pants the whole time... May i quickly draw my version, of what I would guess could be "game pace" map, red fast, blue slow: As a base I will use this "safety" map from 2015 (when game was fun): http://www.dayztv.com/pic/dayz-safety-map-of-chernarus-and-chernarus-using-standalone-data/ Room for all styles... By the ways where Devs said that they, lets not hide it - sorta "canceling" bike and bicycles ? I really hope that two wheeled vehicles will be introduced soon after cars, and I hope that they will help to pace up the game.
  9. I don't think so, you can obviously spawn in your base by reloging while in it. Spawning in the coast and going through it is a great part of DayZ IMO, DayZ without beginning at the coast is not a DayZ IMO You always have to start fresh and vulnerable at the very start, and try to improve your character while you are surviving. Also that would be abused to such insanely great degree, imagine dummy bases all around best loot locations... I also think that ghosting between very different population servers should not be allowed. Like in a car you shouldn't be able to shift down from top gear to lowest, you shouldn't have a possibility to ghost from your personal loot collection server which you keep empty from other players straight to pvp in some other server which is full, I'd suggest that you should be able to move same character between servers that are relatively similar in player population at the time..... Thats so incredibly wrong, having to consume a lot of time is not even a challenge it is grinding. Well but if you'd have to survive for three hours and feel like a champion because of that, then I'd say the game is difficult and enjoyable. Of course devs could make insane zombies or something, but everything has to work together: zombies, predators, other players, weather, physical and health status, loot and so on - to make one continuously flowing game experience which keeps you in action, and wandering around and looting should be less than third of it (of course for basic loot, higher end gear obviously should be progressively harder to get). You say that DayZ is difficult because it simply kills your time in order to achieve super simple goal, like meet your noob friend, and get him a bullet to chamber into sporter, thats exactly why relatively every single person who owns DayZ wasn't using it for past ~2 years. I believe it will change. And you and many others plays "too easy" argument card on defending things that aren't difficult nor fun at all, just simply time consuming. Thats true, it could possibly bring some abuse, of which we couldn't think of by now. I'd say just make bicycles rather common, that would decrease average traveling times and that would solve the OP problem, not completely, but to great degree.
  10. Don't you think that this is a bit rough, and not very nice to say. This guy is not asking to dumb down DayZ. I really know very well that it is sometimes next to impossible to meet your friends if they aren't very familiar with the game and map. Obviously nothing has to be put on the plate and brought right in front of you. But it is not a science to understand that some stuff just doesn't fit a computer game. I suppose that when there will be bicycles (hopefuly there won't be like only 10 per map lol), then many of the current "we are such a niche elite this game is only for us and nobody else" players will be frustrated, that it will be possible to cut down a lot of gameplay time which is exactly a WASTE. I believe there will be enough of running/jogging/walking anyway, even when (if) bicycles together with other vehicles, will be more common and usable, and adding to the game. Especially the bicycles and bikes, because I believe they will be more common and will have less missing parts.
  11. Stress Test vol.11

    I have tried to log and test play the game, and I also keep getting thrown out. I guess the last day, servers are stressed the most. How long does the servers go now, 12 hours from restart till restart ? I think 4-5 hours could be fine for DayZ, if it would help. 2Hours used to be a bit too often back in the day, as the biggest chances are that you would log in in the middle of server run, so it actually used to be something like 1 hour of play till the restart in average. 2-3 hours of average play between restarts imo would be fine if it would help servers to stay in best shape. Though maybe this issue is not related to server restarts, but with players database something...
  12. Start Walking

    DayZ definitely has to be hardcore, and it should not be too time consuming. You have to be able to move fast, you have to be able to be alerted all the time, you have to be at good health, you have to continuously look for food and drinks, you have to look for tools, clothes and equipment, you have to look for guns and ammo, you have to look for medicine, you have to run into zombies, you have to run into other players, you have to run into predators, you have to run into hypothermia and hyperthermia.... You shouldn't be able to ghost empty to full servers, abuse gamma, avoid harsh weather and night, be camping at one spot for very long (IMO it always should be rather cold, so you would have to move). But the game should never be too time consuming, it should be time consuming to get great gear and build up your character to high end and so... But it never should be time consuming to get to play it at basic level. Running for ten mins to nearest town, then running another ten mins to find a can, or something to open it with, then 10 mins more to find a gun, or a bullet just to chamber it in... please no, in 20mins you already should be able to be a bandit with repeater or magnum, or defend from bandits, or try to be a hero and help others.... Surviving in DayZ for 30mins should be a challenge, but it is more like a patience challenge if you can stay logged in before soething eventful happens. 0.63 seems very promising, not yet there, I am about to play a bit today. Last time it took about 30mins to find something to open a can, but the economy is in the tweaking. Zombies overall made very good impression to me, just perhaps they're slightly too powerful.
  13. I agree with you. Game in general is too frustrating. This has to be discussed carefully because many things can be frustrating in a good way and make game more challenging and involving. But many are just plain frustrating and nothing else. First of all, like you mentioned it takes way too much time to even begin to play. I have had only two chances to play this game with friends, both times they failed to navigate the map, so we could have met faster. It actually wouldn't be big problem if there would be a vehicle, at least a bicycle that would be as easy to find as a gun. Being able to go down the road 5x faster would be huge help. But it appears to be insanely difficult to implement bicycle somehow... DayZ without interactions is so much less.
  14. Start Walking

    I am starting to find 0.63 quite impressive. Also really liked how I was sometimes finding something, I am not sure if thats the finaly unleashed proper loot economy, or it was just because server was fresh and not yet outlooted everywhere. Haven't had fights with other players, but zombies seems perfect to me, they seem to lag a bit in some occasions, but not a big problem. You really don't want to get on them with bare hands, an axe is huge help. I am starting to believe that PVE can be super involving one day, adding other players as a threat, predators and weather and it is going to be really nice, adding increased intensity at military zones, and as it was once teased chemical hazzard zone (probably tissy), really kool. But walking still would provide only frustration 95% of the time.
  15. Start Walking

    Yes, kool, Sqeezorz, but what about that you are actually spending your free time in playing the video game, where you spend 30mins to walk from A to B, much realism wow, it already feels mega slow when jogging, but I am kool with that, just give us bikes, bicycles and stuff Yes indeed. Actally whole health mechanics feels accelerated a lot, you go super bad really fast, and you get well really fast. That might be intended for stress tests, so systems would cycle quicker and tests would generate more data, just my guess, I have no idea :D