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  1. If game seems boring, don't play it, and you will avoid the negative things like boredom and wasted time. Then hope for things to change, and thats it, noting else to do with DayZ, just hope for it to get better.
  2. Where is the DayZ population?

    Were there any x>60 players tests ?
  3. I would continue to moan about DayZ not being like it used to be in terms of gameplay. As for 1 person view, I think it is more immersive, but it is also less entertaining. I think Hardcore servers are good solution, you have an option. I don't understand this passive wishlist kind of thread.
  4. And SCUM arrive ....

    IMO it might be actual first real rival to DayZ, definitely interested in that title. Ironically they seem to be coming out at very similar dates. We'll see how it will evolve. DayZ could easily become a blockbuster, as soon as the gameplay gets released. There very likely will be two great survival games to play in the near future.
  5. The state of current gameplay

    To cirkular and the same ones. Pretty "wise" ^^^^^^^ So you said "satisfying everyone", you said it yourself. So lets face it, not everyone is satisfied, but you are, so are you being selfish now, or what ? Seems like you are the one who is choosing salt levels for others :) Boredom and time wasting lovers are getting out of hand... I have to try wisdom stuff too... If a person awaits for food and there is no food lol then it doesn't mean that there should be food, because no food is more hardcore for others, I can not see how others are being wrong about wanting to keep starving a little bit longer :D And I think you missed the point badly. You don't have to be a chef to have a taste, but to be a chef I think you should have a pretty damn good taste....
  6. Yesterday I logged in, I was like here we go again... same boring "nothing happens DayZ". But then very soon met a guy in police station, he hits me with a pipe or something, but I forgive and we then run around together, after a while we hear shots and run to check, but server crashes. This was most fun I had in DayZ in a long long long time. If we just have had knocked each other out, then it would have been much less fun.
  7. Surely it becomes rare as the server gets looted out, and I don't understand the pursuit of you to have so little loot, it just makes whole thing too time consuming, simple as that. However, I strongly agree that whole damage/nutrition system is like accelerated at the moment, I would agree that there should be longer spans. Hopefully it'll get balanced in future. I still believe in DayZ where main thing is interactions with other players and unique experiences, instead of frantic running from house to house.
  8. I bet that there is direct correlation between amount of player encounters and severity of KOS. I bet that less encounters results in more KOS. I bet that if you'll meet one person per hour it will be roughly (from my recent experiences) 70% that it will be instant attack. Two encounters per hour will be 49% for KOS during the hour, three - 39% KOS chance during the hour, four - 24% during the hour..... I have assumed that if one player to player encounter happens then it for various reasons has about 30% of chance to turn out friendly (of course it is random percent, I haven't really run statistics lol), as amounts of interactions would be increasing KOS chance would be dropping down for various reasons: Begining of simple social mechanism as more people gather around and try to interact with each other, two bambies are stronger than one; Multiplied targets in area will automatically reduce chances of you being a target, unless unlucky haha; More frequent encounters will satisfy the thirst of players who KOS and they will aim for more social play style after a while; Lack of encounters leaves people asking why on earth they spent three hours to find that gear and still haven't used it, so it is very likely that they will KOS the first player they will see. it is sad.
  9. Is this even a game at this point?

    You are very into mountains and geography :D As for backpacks decay time, honestly I don't even remember. There are way too little interactions with other players, which I used to think as the main thing of the game. I want to launch DayZ randomly, meet random people and continue having all those unique experiences whenever I'll have few spare hours in the weekend. Solving problem which backpack to choose, and where I need/want to go is nothing, we could be playing women shopping simulator as well trying to choose which bag to pick for three hours.
  10. Is this even a game at this point?

    So are you suggesting that the goal of this game now is to reach the inlands as far as possibru ? It would make sense for Mount Chomolungma simulator (pun about Dean Halls trip intended). I would doubt actually, because to find loot is pretty difficult and people are definitely going to get crazy attached to it now. I think the weakest point will be the patience of the players, and they will just log off feeling like they gathered the loot - completed the game, and will just start new char...
  11. What I Think Players Really Want

    DayZ must have to provide a possibility to get most of the game for both categories of people - the fun people, who wants to have great fun in relatively little time. And for the "deep" ones who wants to be immersed by what they consider as immersive stuff (let it be running from house to house for three hours like now). Ideally you should be able to adjust your game pace by being in different areas of the map. Thankfully for this matter the map is huge, and if the design will be good in the final game, then each type of person, in any mood or so, will find the pace fitting to them. Except the moments when you would be getting on the edge - then it always should be fast pace. Actually it used to be like that in the past when you actually could have had rather quick pace in the coast, and slower paces inlands (IMO inlands with no vehicles, or barely any vehicles) is a waste of time to aim for.
  12. SO... 90% of players are super creative, and fun to interact with - dayz never was so great, I can't believe that so many great people are able to enjoy this elite game which is totally perfect by all means, devs always are listening and are lovely people, we all share incredibly pleasant beautiful and positive time, because we actually have a great time searching for loot the whole time, it is fun. Now honestly, not joking. Face the truth, the game is not benefiting creativity at this moment. There are a couple of nice new DayZ videos in YT at the moment, and I actually can't imagine how much time they spent to make them, or they have planned them somehow. If you are about to launch DayZ randomly, alone, chances are low to get some fine experience. It has been big problem for a long time.
  13. Is this even a game at this point?

    I have a good suggestion. What about totally removing loot from the game. And making it actual survival, like only fishing, hunting, planting and growing stuff... pvp - only bows and sticks. It would make sense to do it by now, because looting is all you do now, and it is just almost it by now anyway. Just remove the loot completely, and gamepaly will improve for sure. I'd be fine with it - no loot at all much better than an economy system which is a joke. Runing from house to house for several hours just to pick up the very basic beginning is just not a dayz. OOOOOR make it normal like it used to be few years ago. Players used to repeat - don't get attached to gear in dayz, and you'll have fun. So how on earth you'll have fun in DayZ if it is all about searching for loot, how on earth you aren't going to get attached to loot if it takes you HOURS to collect it. It is not challenging - it just takes a lot of time. I'd better type in usual rant about this subject rather than run from house to house for whole playtime again :D Where is modding, is it here already ?
  14. You don't need creative people to spend their HOURS runing from house to house. Creative people will not stand that. Another point is that DayZ still lives on its past glory, lots of people couldn't afford it in the past, or couldn't afford to buy good hardware. So, I believe, quite a lot of fresh people keeps coming in just to find out that they can't play it, don't know how, don't like it and so on. It is not a new thing, creativity of players has been decreasing for a couple of years. There is nothing strange about that. There is one more thing influencing that besides how gameplay goes - the game is also ageing, creative folks don't grind they keeps moving on. Which is a bit sad to me too, I wish to play DayZ to its full potential too, but what can we do....
  15. Is this even a game at this point?

    I agree with Zing, I guess I don't have to repeat, I used to talk about same things for probably half a year.... Devs wants this game to be so, Zing. It is obvious now. The design of the gameplay, which is primarely shaped by loot economy, is just terrible, no one who respects his time will play this game. At least like it is now. It seems pretty good now overall (except the gameplay), still some stuff missing and needs to be fixed or so. The old bugged, terribly performing DayZ used to be just better experience, and thats it... UNFORTUNATELY there are something like a 1K or so gamers, who somehow enjoys this type of "struggle", and it seems that the game is indeed designed for them LOL But what can we do, gotta be happy for them, forget it, keep it positive and move on.