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  1. It is impressive technically, but there is little use of technical side without it's soulful brother - the gameplay. The issue is that the best gameplay vison is different to everyone. When DayZ was 0.5x you could feel that lots of interesting guys and girls are around, with 0.6x most of those interesting and creative players found DayZ "not the same" anymore. And left. And it was indeed not the same anymore, perhaps even since late 0.5x. In one of the late 0.5x iteration DayZ went just all hardcore with crazy loot at the coast (before that it was perfect), it was fun, but exaggerated. Then DayZ devs said that ok this was fun for some time, but now gotta get serious - almost removed loot from the coast, made everybody to go inlands. It begun to be a real struggle to get a gameplay from DayZ, so many quit. Ok most quit. Who are still playing are probably very hard believers in DayZ, some who starving for DayZ and didn't get any when it was before 0.6, freak fanboys, and people who actually enjoy this type of game which it is now - and those aren't creative, or interesting persons.... So nothing isteresting is going on, far too much KOS and little interactions and so on.... So 0.63 has to be released , AND most importantly the gameplay has to be balanced back to where it was in 0.5x. Otherwise no chance for DayZ. If some really cool content would be presented, then maybe players would peak at 10K for a month or two, but without gameplay they will not stay. And DayZ has big chances still, because there is no replacement yet... All those survival games available are just too different. But yes, they definitely shares players.
  2. When our children grows up. PS i would love loot to come back to the coast, so maybe interactions would too But we grew up, most likely it will be harder and harder to find time for games, lets hope our children will play DayZ :D, some maybe will be even so talented and life-free that they will even mod something. Ok, now to be serious. I really hope that 0.63 will not be streatching much more, but seems like it will as recent SR didn't say anything promising (correct me if I'm wrong, I briefly read them now, used to be excited when development wasn't so stalled). However, it has been said that iterations in Beta stage will be rolling out in decent rate, like monthly or even weekly. That should bring back some life.
  3. Not really. But for me it is a bit like breaking legs while walking down the stairs, which, IIRIC, was a bug. If it is about the bones structure, it shouldn't be instant kill. I would understand if one significantly bigger than other zombies would come with a sledge hammer would smash it in your head, but not with those typical passive zombie swings. If they kill, then maybe they should do it like Mike Tyson, or with some kind of exotic kick lol I'm not against difficult zombies, I would actually love "boss" zombies, or even mutants lol like in FarCRy one last level haha Thoughts for modders.... Yeah maybe, but I wish it was already designed to be as fun as possible, but now it seems to have been left to idle at very low revs. it is about time to rev it high with 0.63. And 0.62 was mostly just graphics, so technically we are probably almost a year on 0.61.
  4. There is just no logic in bones status without any warnings, and being instantly killed by one punch like being shot in a head. And it is predictable, because it happens often now. Hopefully 0.63 will be a playable game again. Someone will always find an excuse for anything.
  5. I have tried it. And it didn't work for me. Have died from one Zombie hit anyway. The cure is just stop playing this game, till it is playable already. It was more playable when I had 15-30fps before 0.6 iteration and before I got a new PC for myself. Seems like the game is delibarately is frozen it its worst state ever, so nobody will play, and then Devs will try to bring it back to life, when theoretically large part of the userbase will have updated their computers lol
  6. modding

    Spreading DayZ is quite a relative thing, because it will probably never allow more than 100 players per serverm so there is not that much to spread, especially if userbase will keep decreasing in total. Modding is good way how to patch the game which is missing content and features ( if they are moddable). But if DayZ will someday eventually become a game which it should have been all the time (pre 0.6 gameplay, with post 0.6 technology) then modding would be very little needed. When vanila content is good there usually are a lot of mods too, but they can not compete with numbers of players playing vanila content.....
  7. Just make a possibility to make bases less vulnerable. It is hard to get a car going, should be hard to open a crate with strong lock or enter a fancy base with strong locked gates.... Thats it. Anyone remember a teaser where it was announced a feature to be able to hide crates under ground ? Another option - clans mode, so there would always be some players from a clan online. However, even if you would be online guarding the base alone it would not matter. You just would get stealthed.... But first of all you would have to wait a few days for that to happen. Sounds fun. DayZ needs gameplay which gathers players together, not something motivating for everyone to be lone wolfs playing in next to 0 population servers.
  8. Much wisdom too much Of course there will be ways how to get into your precious base, of course there will be ways to open a crate with your precious loot. I'm just saying that it should be possible to make difficult to acomplish. You know ? Dude ? ? I just suggested how to reduce chances of being raided, while at the same time making raiding more interesting, and you are talking to me about climbing walls by using chopped down trees and tents not being lockable. Do you realise how far you are from my idea ? I was talking about apples, and you have started talking about oranges. Good luck protecting your super important base for half of your productive day time for weeks, in a nearly empty server. By the way I think that as Bases will be getting introduced, it will be sensible to play only in private servers. As ghosting will just simply kill public servers. If basebuilding will be important to players in the first place. One of the worse things which could happen would be tons of low populated servers, which is kinda an issue already IMO.
  9. Listen, I'm not a fool (now fanboys are loughing because I'm not supporting current DayZ for), I understand what is realistic waht is not, or at least i think that i mostly do. But we are speaking about the game first of all, right ? Not some platform for sick people to have a real life replacement, so they can live a virtual life without leaving their house, or chair lol The point is that the bases will be useless, you will have to stick to one server, you will guard them all the time. What will happen, basically, will be that some players will simply choose to play in low populated servers, just to lower the chance to get looted. Like if game wasn't sad already. Like a real survival lol You are bringing good points about servers being full of untouchable bases, also about locks being breakable IRL. Now those things are variable I think, and all could be done simply by a game designer. All he has to do is to make a game. And I think it is possible to make without breaking immersion, or making a joke out of the game. To my mind there shouldn't be any unbreakable lock, some just should be more secure than others, should be harder to unlock them. Of course it is possible to break the lock if it is weak, maybe it is possible to break even best locks when having a good tools and time. I think that some locks should be challenging. Imagine you keep failing to unlock one with a lockpick because you are messing up somehow, so then you try to saw it off, but then it makes noise, you can be heard then and you can not hear whats happening around you because of noise, and sawing for something like five minutes. That would be intense. Now imagine you just find a base, you take your lockpick one two and you are in. Or you use a hammer saw or whatever few seconds and you are in.... Definitely disapointing for all parties. Breaking into a bases through locked gates, or trying to open locked crates with good stuff should be challenging, almost frustrating in order to be rewarding.... To solve all the little things is what game designers and coders are doing. But they have to deliver something good. I'm just thinking out loud what would be good. Forgive me for that, I know internet is full of "loud thoughts". Most of them are garbage. My is not. Regarding of key being a real physical object, I think it shouldn't. There would be next to no chance if you would loot someone at one side of the map, while the base would be in the opposite side for example. I think "the key" should be binded with the GUID, and perhaps should be possible to share it with others, in case multiple players would be building a base..... Also to avoid the abuse, I think there should be different kinds of locks as the items, and the best ones should be rare. And should make a real challenge to break. Game designers and coders will decide what they can and want to do. They most likely already has done that. Waiting for it :) If not... then mods.... hopefully
  10. I wonder how bases will be possible to lock. It was mentioned that it will be possible to lock stuff. I wonder if it is going to be possible to break locks, will it be very hard. I hope it will be not possible or very hard to break locks. BACKSEAT DEV ALERT: I HOPE PLAYERS WILL HAVE MORE OR LESS UNIQUE KEYS FOR THE LOCKS, OR IT WILL TAKE SOME SERIOUS LOCK PICKING SKILLS. Imagine it being really hard to break the lock with lock pick, I'd love it.
  11. as designed
  12. What it is meant to be..... each of us has different "what is it meant to be concept", for me what is it meant to be would be the gameplay of DayZ 0.5x, with the tech side of DayZ 0.6x, and with the content which has been promised for nearly 30years alread... gosh.... bwoah..... I hope new player controler will be good for gameplay, and won't be too complicated and flow braking. Even if DayZ is quite dead, I hope lots of people will give it a go one more time for 0.63. Maybe. So less sprinting will have to be compensated by something. Epic gameplay ? Bicycles, can't wait to see. What DayZ DOESN'T NEED the most - is uncreative players ghoasting from server to server, all hidding from each other. In other words, no action, interactions and loads of KOS. At least having to save stamina will decrease chance for players to run from one another, which sometimes gets ridiculous in DayZ ATM. :) But long distance traveling has to be compensated. Just has.
  13. like it doesn't Edit.... sorry confused stamina with hidration and energy this time :/ There better be bicycles. Otherwise.... another thing to the shelves for modders to tweak for sake of gameplay.
  14. I wish it could be compensated by bikes and bycicles. But I guess, knowing that this is ultra hardcore game, there will be like 5bikes and something like 10bicycles all around the map lol, and within first day all will get hidden in some secret places of the map.
  15. I don't care about consumed energy and hydration, as long as it is still somehow possible to get it in DayZ, at least it was when I was playing the last time, hardly possible, but still possible (if you still care to continue on to play when you can't get armed even around NWAF). So I sprint almost all the time, to save my real life time, and then go jogging in real life. Profit.