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  1. The good and the bad thing is that you have low chances to get working car. So feature is kinda in, but not so much...
  2. Cars probably shouldn't even be in 1.0, these things seems way too common. DayZ was quite awesome in experimental in November. But I guess stable branch is quite a different thing. I choose not to play the game... I wonder whatsup about development right now. I wonder can we expect properly working cars, throwing, bicycles, and usable server browser in this whole year.
  3. Mantasisg

    DayZ 1.0 Vehicle tips

    You are right, Chernarus is Slavic.
  4. Mantasisg

    DayZ 1.0 Vehicle tips

    Pro tip: You don't use a vehicle, you don't decrease your chances of surviving, you also don't become an astronaut.
  5. Mantasisg

    Rarity of encounters makes them far more intense

    It is ok, it is great for you. I have different feelings. Rarity of encounters makes me not to play DayZ. You basically wrote down how you KoS someone, however in such situation and especially deep inlands it is easier to justify, in coast it would be pretty much straight up banditry. KoS itself makes interactions more rare and vice verse, and game more boring and useless (if KoS is way too much, usually reason is that players are unimaginative simpletons). If interactions would happen all the time a lot more of them would be friendly, and it would be simply more challenging, and game would produce much more quality time, instead of five seconds KoS act for hours of play. DayZ used to work well. But the design of gameplay was heavily changed. Not for guys like me, it is ok, can't be selfish. Just sometimes i write a rant like this. My version: If you travel around for many hours and meet no one, and find really good gear, then you become more and more bored as you feel more pointless in your environment. You stop scanning for other players as often. Your mind gets neurotic and you get depressed. You begin to hate your life and do stupid stuff in a damn pointless video game. You just don't feel immersed in the world, you know you could hike on and on IRL instead of this, hearing real wind and birds, and real sound of the steps. You remember that Chernarus was much more exciting. You make more stupid decisions. You travel on main roads instead of through forests. You look for players, and you wish that someone else is in the building you have entered. Then you see zombies, and decide to shoot them and kill them even though you could easily avoid them, because you are bored. "Oh wow, I just shot bullets. That was loud, I didn't realize how quiet it had been. "I can finally use the gun at least like that, I hope I attract other players. I should wait". You wait, nothing happens. You start moving through the town and check the medical building. Then you head to the police station and notice that the infected are aggravated and making noises. It's unusual so you wonder if someone is in the station. You go up and check the stairs and see no one. You open a door and all of a sudden there is another survivor with a big red backpack and a rifle, kneeling and looking out the window as you stare at the back of his head. Your mind goes blank and you raise your fully loaded AKM instinctively, pointing it straight at his back. You pause. He begins to turn around and you hide and negotiate. Your heart immediately begins to race. But you both end up to be friendly. Then it turns out that he is a member of four people team who are also friendly to friendly players. You feel trust, but also stay aware of the worst. Finally you get ambushed by other group, and you have a great fight and survive it. Unfortunately darkness drops and you can't find your friends and rush to find food, water and get warm. Though usually you just don't meet anyone.
  6. Mantasisg

    What Is You Ideal Sever To Play On ?

    Perfect ? 1. Meeting people frequently and majority interactions are friendly, but not all. (that one has thousand angles) 2. Experiencing rain, darkness, cold... and surviving it. 3. Dangerous zombies, wolves, bears... perhaps even some modded zombie mutants (one can dream). 4. Loot not too sparse, but valuable. 5. Vehicles, heli crashes.. 6. Server is not less than 80people and never has less than 40 players, usually nearly full. 7. People do not kos, or camp hidden in some a**. 8. Average survival ~a hour, surviving more than average feel GREAT. Because naturally it is challenging. 9. Perhaps use some mod which gives players objectives, like representing red/blue or green team, reinforcing central base, and battle other teams. 10. Obviously good performance, and hackers free. 11. Dangerous areas for fast pace game, neutral areas for slower pace game. 12. Has some statistics. Probably more
  7. Mantasisg

    What version number do you think DayZ deserves?

    when namalsk ? Chernarus is great, but it just doesn't work for DayZ completely on feet
  8. Mantasisg

    What version number do you think DayZ deserves?

    I had much better time in experimental in november, than there is now in beta. I have zero passion to run around the map for hours and experiencing nothing. I'd like to play some community faster pace, or bigger population servers, but they are worse now, and I can't even enter them due to freaking out community servers browser.... Zombies are hella dumbed down...
  9. Mantasisg

    How I Became The Best Player In DayZ

    Yeah.... my favorite interaction is sniping someone from a lot of meters... technically it is interaction, well... almost :D He/she die, and I earn frag lol wut
  10. Mantasisg

    How I Became The Best Player In DayZ

    it's awesome that everything there is about plyer interactions but you don't have them. thats why I don't play Dayz now
  11. Mantasisg

    Be Bandit, Not a Hero

    Everybody is needed in DayZ.
  12. Some kool stuff about the device:
  13. Mantasisg

    DayZ Stable Update 1.0

    My first impression is pretty good. Have to play more of course, but seems like 1.0 is positive. Some issues here and there, most obvious was some unresponsive zombies lik in vid above. I see many people complain abot fps, I wonder whats the issue. My fps and not only fps, but performance is good. It was 10/10 for me for first hour, then few network lags occured, and I also had few tearing cases. No stuttering at all.
  14. Mantasisg

    What time is 1.0 dropping?

    It is out !
  15. Mantasisg

    Guess when helicopters will be in

    I guess 4th quarter of 2019 as well as throwing, bicycles and other "complex" stuff. No.. but seriously Helicopters just can not be less complex than thowing or bicycle... think about it.