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  1. Would be cool if you had to have real life construction engineering knowledge and do proper calculations and designs in order to build strong structures, I would be really happy to spend hours calculating if 100x150x5000 wooden beam will bear the loads, or I should have to choose 120x180x5000 beam for more strength. Maybe 5meter span is too big, and I should make 4meters span, - hold on, where are my eurocodes... Hardest part would be calculating loads, and then quitting DayZ to launch STAAD to check stresses in elements. Next question would be how to lift 100x150x5000 beam into designed place, if we would assume that wood materials we have aren't soaked wet, and density is 600kg for cubic meter, then it would weight 75kg. I assume it would be difficult to lift alone and fix in difficult location. Then we should impregnate it (or before lifting to projected location). Then imagine you would like to build a structure under ground, oh my.... really difficult calculations, you have to know each layer of the ground, and their properties, you have to ensure ventilation.... If you want a realistic game of course lol
  2. Wasn't it supposed to be the opposite - increased ?
  3. Wouldn't say that it is entirely different from PUB. I'm rather bad at PVP, maybe because of my low skill PVP feels very similar, I hope to have good practice in PUB, master basics and then step forward in DayZ. Perhaps I would agree that CS pvp is very different.
  4. Will bases be somehow attached to the playtime, or you'll actually have to protect it 24/24 seven days per week ? This will result in people doing ridiculous things, like forming 24h active squads protecting bases full time lol I once had two barrels with nice loot hidden in some ruins, they were never spotted in a week somehow. I think thats only base worth building haha Maybe bases would benefit in some specific gameplay modes which would potentially come to DayZ one day. Or as a mods if possible. I would love to have defined teams in DayZ, actual possibility to choose what you are playing for and building/protecting bases of heroes or bandits. Wouldn't it make sense ? Wasn't there mod like that in DayZ mod ?
  5. Facebook is internet concentration camp of people who has no idea how to use internet. There are some normal people too, but they knows other internet places too lol They will be playing 0.63, and act like they never did hate.
  6. There could be 100 ways how to use it. But if noooooooooone will haveoooone, then noooooone will hear anyoooone, and then noooone will ever useoooone as global chat alternative. It could be just an option how to get more action if you aren't actually happy about runing for hours alone around the map without any idea where you actually should go. It also could lead to some funky server events and stuff... Thats why it has to be default item and easy to use, easy to use at least at the beginning to increase chance of players getting used to it. Anyone remember when there were radios playing music in DayZ in one of the experimental builds, it was pretty cool, wasn't it. It could be set on walkie talkie waves, couldn't it ?
  7. Get ready for brutality of two-three full servers max of DayZ SA for the rest of eternity then. This is how your DayZ player controls should be like, that would be brutal:
  8. DayZ is bad choice of "getting good in PVP", you should be good in PVP already before even purchasing DayZ. It is bad game to practice pvp. First of all, because you shouldn't start fights as soon as you meet someone. We have all those KOS because people want to start PVP asap without even experiencing any real interactions. Secondly, interactions and engagements are really rare, and if you want proper intense epic battles you have to run to military zones and it can't be done in a few minutes. You are going to die a lot of times, unless you are genius and your learning slope is really steep and you have talent. If not, then be prepared to run to military zones, looting and then being shot hundred times before you stop being killed by first or second engagement. If you are lonewolf, then be prepared to get engaged into fights against two players at the same time quite often. Play Counter Strike or PUB to learn things quicker. And then make a step higher with DayZ.
  9. Maybe he wanted you to spawn in better place lol Honestly you were just unlucky, but it is really hard to get lucky in DayZ at the moment. KOS is like a virus and spread out really strongly. Go to "Role Play" servers.
  10. Yeah I see, it has guaranteed action, and there is no way you'll spend a hour without any action, even if you'll try. It comes from DayZ modder, and heavily inspired by "Suvivor GameZ". From wiki: "Greene also was inspired by an online competition for DayZ called Survivor GameZ". I have watched Survivor GameZ once via Twitch, and it was intense ! I always though WHY THE HELL THAT CONCEPT is not exploited in DayZ properly. I think it is going to be. So it basically have originated from DayZ. There is no way DayZ will not be able to have the same fun and more concepts possible to create and use. I think DayZ will always have more soul than any other survival game.
  11. You can buy it now, learn game mechanics and how to stay alive in a couple of days. Run to Berezino, Stary Sobor, Zelenogorsk and hope to meet someone, probably get shot, attacked by wolves, enter "RolePlay" servers, where less people hiding in a bushes and actually doing something. Don't hide in a bush, do something. And then stop playing and wait till gameplay will receive massive improvements in next patches, and keep in mind that it has "right" not to be super awesome while it is still in early access (even though I think it could be easily super awesome all the time and it is just management decisions).
  12. I wouldn't buy it now. But if you have always wanted it then buy it. Dayz has been more entertaining to play in some earlier patches, even though tech side is much better now. I'd buy it when people will start buzzing about it being awesome again. I'd buy PUB now, and jump in DayZ later.
  13. Younger people only knows Phasebook, I mean FaceBook. They don't know that true beauty of internet are real specific forums, and their communities. I have been witnessing this that most forums members are a little bit older. In short younger generation is very limited with their internet places - facebook, youtube...
  14. I wish the game will be so good for everybody, so there would be minimal amount of wishlists. I think it is going to have multiple ways how to play it. I wish things will not be over complicated, or too arcade, essentially will be realistic, but will have spicy and fun flowing gameplay with a lot of options.
  15. physically 26 but 62 by soul, I invented HipHop in 1963