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  1. Yes it was ridiculous hyperbole, because it was humour. And yes it is totally understandable that things aren't black and white strictly, and there are more and less interested people, more and less devoted and involved.... It doesn't change anything. If three million copies of this game has been sold soon after the early release of the game, and we only have a few posts in this subforum per day, what does it say ? And this - ? How many people are expected to read status reports, study them ? How many are expected to go further into a detail to "gather knowledge" about development ? It has to be accepted that the majority just want it asap, and just to play it. And "asap" is already long ago, and all is left is "someday". Eventually one dude or another, maybe some girl out of those three million people who bought the game in early days and isn't playing anymore will eventually get nostalgic about fun they had in DayZ which they hasn't anymore, and try to think, why the hell it is only 0.62 if it was 0.55 few years ago ? And then one will decide to share the frustration here, by creating a thread. And will say "something is wrong". And then some fans will jump on and will say that he has no right to say so, he has not enough knowledge about development and so on.... And at the end it is obvious anyway - numbers are low, and development is slow. Also the game (since new renderer) is not as fun as it used to be in earlier versions, but thats just my opinion. I'd expect the game getting more and more entertaining in higher in higher iterations, but I guess thats not the case. Frustration is real. And now I will get blamed that I wasn't playing enough lately lol
  2. You are interested in a game - you play the game. You are very interested in a game - you visit forums. You are extremely interested in a game you know a lot of stuff and details from the development, practically you google DayZ every day, check all the reports, check all the blogs, watch YT videos and so on - you are a bit crazy. You are EXTREMELY interested in a game - you invite devs to friends in facebook, check their posts everyday, eventually it is not enough from you you find out where they live, and really stalk them, eventually getting arrested. Not everyone has deep enough interest and time to check and follow every status updates by devs, every single forum post and so on, and do it for 100 years till the game is developed. So I would accept it as a natural way of events if threads like this will continue to pop up frequently till the game gets in shape, perhaps till 0.63, just perhaps. Of course, I'm not saying that insulting devs is nice, but there are reason to complain at the moment.
  3. Well I don't think they are lazy, but IMO they don't expect, or even want people to play it just now. I have said many times before that in my view game improved very much in the tech side, but the gameplay.... meh, looks like it gets worse. I really don't understand this at all, a lot of local forum members, of which some are fanboys, and some find current product being what they need - loves it currently. I don't. For me golden age of dayz was somwhere around 0.54-0.57 IIRIC. But the techside was rubish, at some part desync was really terrible, fps was super low (also I had potato laptop), and it still was more entertaining. I think there are two scenarios going on - devs are not coming to one clear vision of the game, which is doubtful, while they obviously has arguments, because thats what humans do when they think. Second, they are trying to keep it as cold as possible, so people will not get bored of the game, and saving up the attractive side of it till it is at its best, or near the best. IMO it could be always at its best, most attractive form, and it wouldn't hurt lol To put it short, really hope that 0.63 won't take forever, like a full next year to develop hahahah hahahaha hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahaaaa yes really, thats my expectation
  4. Just as i was finaly in berezino, luv dayz running simulator
  5. I'd guess that its to late for me to come for them and get killed lol Server is probably offline already.
  6. @kopo79 There used to be more friendly and rich interactions, when there were more of them. Now asthey are too rare, a lot of players gets "battle hungry" and we know the rest - KOS, or stupid meaningless attacks... As for Lirik, I don't think he cares for interactions, just battles. There will always be some players who are only interested in fights, we could call them bandits, and DayZ needs them too, because they are greatest threat. When everybody are acting as bandits its the end of DayZ.
  7. I expect great action there
  8. For driving realism aspect Assetto Corsa will do. PUBG is for speedy quick action rounds gameplay. DayZ is for immersive natural survival and realism, voice communication (DayZ is very good way to practice speking in English (when you actually are able to meet someone)), epic unforgettable heart rate rising battles.... But for a while it wasn't working. vehicles is minor problem IMO, the main thing is interactions with other people. There definitelly shouldn't be too many vehicles atound, because if everybody will be driving, and I guess it would actually reduce interactions, and no one will be running at all, it is going to be weird too. But now it is just too low, obviously. Looking forward for this act of balance to kick in.
  9. Damn this is special game lol Really have to stop doing premature conclusions, and don't go mad. So it's the wait time. When Devs mentioned that 0.63 is the time when they actually STARTS making a game made me really happy. Really curious to see whats up in the future. As for greater count of vehicles, I think it would work well, because many of them would get stripped out, so it would be challenging enough anyway. Yes.... bases and largely populated servers doesn't mix @TikTactical I have been thinking that it would need some special approach, can't wait to see what devs will come up with. I love the usual dayZ (as long as you get thing happening not too rarely), I would also really like to have clans system in DayZ, so I could join as particular clan member and have a place to defend, build, and have guaranteed interactions without worries of asking if someone is friendly or not. Well, if not, then thats idea for a mod though :) Can't wait for 100peeps servers, and better balanced vehicles :)
  10. @TikTactical Thank you, really great responses from you and wall of text really appreciated. I didn't know before that cars are actually spawning functional now. But I think I have right to think that something is wrong with them, if I put ~10hours into game, and don't get to have a car at all. You can say thats me just being stupid noob, but not everyone has thousand hours in DayZ and good luck. I have 500 and very low luck, I guess. Thats why I think cars are useless, to me they are just a goal, but it is most likely that it will be better not try to fix a car, and just run, I don't really see having a car being rewarding, it hardly opens wider possibilities in the game. It moves fast, it has a lot of inventory space, but it is just not so great somehow, because various other reasons. I'd see it being great to have possibility to move around the map and to your camp, but then I don't see having a camp really meaningful. I'm aware that it is alfa, hopes for beta are really big. At least I'd like to feel less lonely in Chernarus, would be good enough. Really miss Novo fights and interactions.... :(
  11. Don't make this thread about me pls its enough And I do play every new iteration, soon after release. To check if game changed. It didn't, I'm still not getting any experience from the game, or it is way too rare. I always thought that dayz needs more game pace (except when crazy loot spawned at he coast, it was a bit too much then), but it was somehow enough, often just right, but since certain point it became very lonely. So I think more mobility would be useful now. I do have to apologize for not knowing that vehicles are now spawning fully operational, I had no chance of knowing that, because i had no luck of finding one.
  12. @Guy Smiley I do have almost stopped playing DayZ since 0.60, since I found out it getting not where I'd like to. I will complain till I see it being meaningful. i wouldn't complain at all just for myself if i was the minority, but looking at steamcharts - I'm not.
  13. The game probably is totally envisioned not the way I'd like to (unless 0.63 brings something nice finally). I'm afraid it was constant since 0.6, it was getting more and more slow and lonely. I don't see anything authentic, horror, survival in complete lack of cars. All this talk from you - experienced, and very deeply interested in this game development most tiny details, is a bit skewed. Most players doesn't have your experience and knowledge about little details to help to go arround. Neither the patience. I have played quite a bunch of hours, and it is not getting anywhere. I don't say that the game has to be dumbed down, easier.... I think that it just completely lacks pace, and events. Game is full of "3D object cars", so why it is bad to have a bit more real cars ? I had little issue with that before, but now as everyone are all around the map, and it is hard to get into interactions, better mobility would really help. Why not to decrease running speed, and give more cars for us. I get that it is in alpha, and bugs, not perfect, and so on.... But the fact that gameplay is constantly getting less enjoyable is disturbing. It is enough just to look at the numbers of avg players: 10-20k at the beginning, then ~10k, and now it is down to 3-4k of players. Numbers is the best argument - game is getting less attractive for more and more people. It is all like on purpose, so people will not get DayZ played out till it is actually finished, but I think people are getting this game played out at faster rates than ever. It better be good modding possibilities...
  14. OK, you must be the king of DayZ, and what about us - mortals ? I have played about ~8-10 hours of 0.62, I don't think I have found a car more than a few times, everytime they were almost completely stripped out. I really don't remember how many times i found a car, i think it was ~four busses, and two-three volgas (sedans). I think most of them were left by other players, stuck, broken, or stripped out. I aim to play in full, or highly populated servers. You are quite lucky to find cars in less than an hour, do you play in low populated servers ? I have no problems driving them - the problem is that they are usually missing way too much stuff. Or are stuck... broken.... I'll play next time... a little. And how much a little is for DayZ ? I guess ~8-10hours is not even "half" of "a little". I value my time a lot, and perhaps I did waste it now, because all that is left of this community are all quite happy with the current gameplay of DayZ. I'm not happy running around for multiple hours not meeting anyone, not getting into anything.
  15. It is definitelly harder to find exactly what is being looked for. lol no wonder haha There are many first rules of DayZ lol, one of the first rules in DayZ is : Don't trust nobody. And all of them are first rules lol And how many known positions there are ? 100 ? 150 ? If cars are easy to spot while in the trees, then it is much more a negative point than positive. Unless somebody didn't try hard enough to hide it, or is it a game ? No haven't played much lately. And you really have to play much for a car. And it doesn't payoff, so if you find a car, and it is missing too much parts, then just keep running. Thats could be the conclusion of this thread.