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How was your Day(Z)?

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On 16/09/2017 at 1:19 AM, ToxicHeart said:


seems assholes still run this game... pointlessly slaughtering freshspawns... 


Yes, it is, anyway I have a little story, happened to me just yesterday evening, that could make you smile and restore some happiness in your heart.

After being killed after a nasty series of unlucky events near Novy S., I respawned in the neighborhood of Berezino (the spooky apple grove area). After a little lucky search I found a double barreled shotgun and shortly after even an hacksaw and a box of shells, so I decided to make my way to the town. When I was at the tank square I encountered a guy quite well equipped with some high grade stuff, I raised my gun just to don't get him too close (I never kos), and he got inside a building shutting the door. So I continued my search for a backpack and other basic gear heading to the car parking of the town' hospital. Here I met him again, we held the distance and waved each other continuing the scavenging of the cars, then I got into the military tent where there was another guy that started to talk to me (he had an annoying high pitched voice that usually make me change my mind about don't kos people) and suddenly fled away probably fearing some my bad reaction.

The tent was empty, so I looked for better luck into the surrounding buildings and for the third time the first guy appeared again and started to talk to me asking for teaming up (I wrote him that I can't talk by microphone in that moment) or if I have had something to trade for. I kindly refused his requests and began to walk away from the city. He followed me rather close and after a few seconds I read the red status message: "Satan tryied to tie you", as already stated I don't like to kos, and generally to kill at all, but this time I has been forced to react in a violent manner, so I turned to face the dumbass and shot once, he tried to flee away, but he dropped while the second shot got him again. As any good adventure claims for some scoop, the second guy (the annoying high pitched voice one), that was hidden close to us, tried on his turn to kill me, unfortunately for him I have had already reloaded my trusty sawed off double barreled shotgun and served him a close load of pallets.

As a good practice the two assholes has been shot again, just to prevent some miraculous and unwanted wake up.

Trust me, I don't like to kill at all, but this situation was well worth to act against my natural mood and gave me some nasty satisfaction... this experience brought to me also a tortilla backpack filled with lots of interesting stuff... now I need some leather repair kit to fix it worn...

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Today was good, meet a player, and after a longer stand-off(wall between) and talk about trust... we decide to take our chance – he was friendly!
After a quick introduction, name, location etc. we started to swap items (It turned out that we each had things in excess that the other could use) teamed up for awhile, exchanged steam-id’s
So a really good experience, many bastards in DayZ, trust is hard, but there is still friendly players – give it a chance.

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So I caved and booted up DayZ last night, just for old times sake. fast update and a slow login screen later landed me in Solnichniy. I had to adjust my graffics because it had been auto adjusted to high, and after fixing that I was on my way.
I searched most of the buildings coming up with nothing so I made an improvised knife and made my way to the water fountain and filled myself there. as I made my way out of town going north I had to go toe to toe with a zombie and took it down with three swift hits from my knife. running north to factory I kept searching for anything really, hoping there wasnt some glitch with no loot spawning. I was rewarded with a hatchet and an orange backback in a car at the military checkpoint. There was also a childs briefcase nearby and both had food in them, so quickly I ate and drank. Running to Nizhnoye I stuffed myself on apples (apple glitch still works) and continued to Berezino. I was able to take down several Zombies silently with my hatchet as I had still yet to find a firearm, I picked up a sporter with no ammo somewhere along the line and filled my pockets with various items and mismatched ammo at the Mil tents there. Heading North West I followed the road to Gorka where I spotted a chicken and after what probably looked like an idiot chasing after a chicken with a hatchet I took it down and skinned it up for later consumption. I hit a jackpot at the next military checkpoint picking up an assault backpack and matching ttsko pants and jacket, doubling my carrying capacity and making me feel less stand-out-ish. the wind kept rising and the darkness was setting in the entire time I had been running around and as I came to Gorka near total darkness fell. As quietly as I could I took out a few more zombies and crept into the Police station where I picked up a chest holster and a Cr75 with 2 mags and some ammo. Now I felt a little better. I was able to scrounge some matches, sticks, gloves, a boonie hat, and some beverages and made my way out of town to feast on my chicken. I was determined to use an indoor fireplace as I had also picked up a lock pick and could lock myself inside. after running around in the pitch black I found a proper house which also had a tree nearby for easy wood access and after much prep work I had my fire, I had cooked chicken, and I had some semblance of peace.

I logged out knowing the game wasnt a total failure but still bothered by the basic glitches. I had a few lag spikes when swapping my clothes and the item drag and drop system is still a little buggy. also the items in my hotbar kept disappearing even though my character would have the correct item in his hand when I selected what I wanted. Im not sure how combat would do if it were PvP, the zombies were hit or miss on accuracy and at once point it looked like one had a 10 foot reach. there also were a few zombies that were running through walls or doors but im sure it was a lag issue on my end (the server I chose with the lowest ping was at 43) 

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Started hungry and spent 30 minutes going from empty boring house to empty boring house looking for food. I eventually found food but no decent gear.

Ran in-land to find gear and after another 30 mins, i had some new clothes, a pistol with no ammo and an empty stomach. 

Looting a town for food again, i saw a group of three players who instantly raised their superior automatic rifles and mowed me down without a second thought.

Ended my day z experience thinking that the current content and features are not what i expect from a zombie survival game and I've decided not to play this open world death match version until modders have the ability to turn this game into what it should be.


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On 28/08/2018 at 3:45 PM, Rek Seven said:

Started hungry and spent 30 minutes going from empty boring house to empty boring house looking for food. I eventually found food but no decent gear.



when they add scopes back in, most fresh spawns will be lucky to manage that :P


my day, much like the last... found all the food and water i need... don't need much gear in Dazy to survive. Then ran around the map on a high pop server. Didn't bump into anyone (1h) but avoid police station,coast and mill bases... kinda

got a bit lost and saw i was near the NW base, eek! went west and was safe... but you could hear them all playing army men in the base (if only they kept it here, but some suck at PvP, so they go to the coast with their guns, and panic if they see another player - bam!).  

snuk past a group of 4 zombies that could not seem to hear the gun fire.

picked up a jacket, put a jacket down.

Logged out.


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I met Tony near Hannah hoe a railway with a few houses. He crouched while i left party chat, and turn on proximity. We talked for a bit. I talked about how he almost put a hatchet through my head, and he laughed saying i looked like a zombie. We looted water, and beans. And, strode down the road. After a while. We came to a small town, with a rail house, and a jail. He saw someone sneaking around, and laughed maybe we should eat him. I said why not, and he ran down the road screaming, with his hatchet out ready to swing. After a couple blocks he managed to kill the guy even though we could clearly hear him saying why don’t you leave me alone. We cut him up, and ate some human steak. Best bbq of my life. Tony looked at me and said good thing I didn’t eat you

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Mine was going swimmingly up til just now..I spent hours last night & tonight I was making my way to the military base (not very efficiently but I had quite a few good things in my inventory) when I was finally about there I ran out of food..my 7.62 single shot rifle was useless against a chicken..! (not carrying one of those again) & the mushrooms I found didn't sustain me & a zombie must of caught me with literally one swipe or something..I put a splint on but then I just died..from a combination of blood loss and hunger I guess..and I was so careful

This really needs someone to fix the issues..guns not working,lack of food in houses (I searched many looking for food before I died)..I had the great helm too which I liked as it (theoretically) may protect from a headshot..but you never know with this game

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И так,я и мой друг купили DayZ,мы заплатили 1000 рублей.После установки игры мы начали играть но так друг друга на карте и не нашли!Игра ужасная бегали весь день и так друг друга не нашли!Хочу вернуть деньги!Эта игра ужасна!

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I have played for about 3 hours each session, each time I have died because of a glitch, sometimes the screen just goes black and then it says you are dead (wasnt bleeding or anything) or my character was not saved. I understand the premise of the game (unforgiving survival game) 

I would like to see some better loot, not asking for assault rifles everywhere but I spend an hour finding a function gun and ammunition is difficult. Items like compass would be nice to find more often, I spawned on the east coast and made a goal to go all the way north then east to the other corner, I spent about 4 hours and ended up back on the east coast. Yes this is frustrating, but I understand the game as no map for a reason. 95% of the game is walking across large green fields. The idea is novel but the experience is quite lacking when you can spend multiple hours and die from a glitch or simply not have your character data saved after logging off (even on same hive server). The game is much better than it was years ago when I played it but the brutalness of the gameplay mechanics make me not want to continue playing. For example night is way too dark. This is my opinion, I understand its attempting to be realistic, but sometimes too realistic is bad. Night effectively slows down exploration by 90% and forces all the other players to leave the server. It is a novel idea to have a legit nighttime system that promotes the use of flares, lights, and lightsticks etc. But I believe the average player will not benefit from this and just log into another server. Sure the die hard survivalist players will love it, but most will not. Another time I died while on a ladder that glitched and I fell off, quite frustrating while just having obtained a compass


Sometimes unforgiving is not the best in a video game, Its terrible when you have 45 minutes to find 1 can of food and you cannot find it. Sure that might be how the apocalypse goes in real life but its unnecessary in a video game that is meant to be played for fun.  


one thing I figured out that was helpful was to loot the zombies sometimes they do have food/drink. But then again sometimes an easy encounter with a zombie results in a random black screen that appears before you are even damaged and then you are dead.

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Been playing this game over the free weekend for the first time, and brought it for my brother way back at the beginning years ago for Christmas. 

I think it's getting there but dying of thirst or hunger twice before the sun rises is ridiculous and unrealistic. I would make it so it takes 2-3 days to die from thirst, with it giving some sort of an effect to the stamina over time, not as rapid as it currently is.

This one thing really holds the game back for a lot of people I know, you can easily sit there and say NOOBS but that isn't going to make the game a success.

Also, I'd like to add I agree more loot is very much needed, more consumables out in the wild too.

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Well, I'm back... 

Did better than last time and the game properly detected my resolution and didn't cause me to rage quit at the intro screen... 


So I landed initially around Svet and took a few minutes to get reacquainted with the controls since it's been about 2 years that I played last. Everything looked pretty good so I figured I'd start heading down towards Sol to meet up with one of the other Helpy Helpers of old. I didn't expect to live long but I did mange to check out the edge of town and make my way south. On my way past I figured I might as well go take a look at the shipwreck so diverted there. Bumped into the first person I'd see in this experience and he was lightly kitted out. I called out to him- he was carrying a camo net and I'd only been in the game about 20 minutes so  I was ready to die if that's the direction it was going to go. Turns out he was really nice. 

"I haven't played since the mod," he mentioned, adding that there were some pant / vest upgrades on the southern section of the ship. 

"Still getting used to it myself... since you're the nicest person I'm probably going to meet from here on out I'll enjoy it while it lasts." 

We wished each other good luck and went back about our business. As he'd mentioned there were a few upgrades I grabbed but soon I was on my way towards Berezino. I kept to the west towards the woods and gradually entered that NE corner of Berezino. Heard a pretty loud gunshot but no zing or crack so started taking a little more care in my movements but still really not too worried since I'd only accumulated a few items. 

I worked my way south a bit more and saw a couple guys working through a pocket of houses. One of them was dressed in some obscene colours and the other guy a little more conservative. Mr. Obscene was practicing some kung fu or something and -against my better judgment- I called out to them. 

"Hello there- just wanted to let you know I'm passing through." 

Mr. Conservative looked over towards me and started coming closer. "Are you a friendly?" 

"Yeah... no threat here- just getting reacquainted with the game. Been awhi-" His pistol came up- "Fuck." 

He opened up on me from about 20 feet so I didn't have a chance... but he hit me enough times I'm hoping my stuff was ruined. 

I respawned closer to where I was headed- a little north of Sol by the factory on the highway. I took a detour through our old stomping ground and noticed the fountain that used to be there was gone. Rummaged through the south end of Sol and went up along the mine face to take a look around... drawing the attention of at least one zombie that proceeded to glitch its way after me for about 30 second. Even with a 1080ti the thing was just a terrible glitching mess. It lost interest in me and I lost interest as well. 


So for the first time back in literally years I had a reasonable experience that I think I could definitely build on if I'd had some of my old crew back... there is definitely safety in numbers.


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Hello survivors,

first of all a big thanks to all BIS people that are working on DZ.

Yesterday night I was wandering around Balota MilBase, armed only of a military knife a Mosin without ammo and lots of hope to find something better than it.

I met another guy and I saluted him, then I continued to look for equipment.

When I have left the encounter place I saw him following me. As I suspected, and confirmed by how was happened shortly later, he was trying to engage some fight against me.

The fought was kinife to knife and the winner was me, bleeding from some wound. To avoid any other questions I butched the enemy.

In the meantime I saw a bunch of three, maybe four people that reached me and tried to communicate with me. In that moment I explained via chat that I can't talk. A guy of that group started to bandage me and maybe have used on me some blood bag.

That moment was great, I was very low on blood and passed unconscious several times, but the guy have spended countless bandages to save me.

Finally, maybe due to using the global chat channel, I was temporarily banned from the game, and so died.

I want to make a big thank to the unknown guy that attempted to save me and I hope will read this message, soon or late.

Chernarus is an unforgiving place, but sometimes you can meet some very good people.

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Been playing quite a bit more lately and now that a few members of the Helpy Helpers are getting back involved things have picked up for us. I've had a couple characters over the past few sessions- most have surprisingly been killed by interactions with zombies as opposed to players. These were generally as a result of noob mistakes and a thorough overestimation of fire axes but regardless all learning experiences. 

The human related death was a great learning experience so I figured I'd share that one.

I had a guy who was reasonably kitted out with the basic survival stuff. I'd done a pass of the base over by Staroye and had a few nice items but nothing luxurious... I had a pistol and an MP5 of some description- a couple mags for each and generally just on the hunt for my old PautRev style "patrol pants." I was settled into an evening low pop still trying to get the hang of the game and its changes. I practically had the server to myself so odds of interaction were slight but I'm writing this so obviously that took a turn at some point. 

Taking some care to avoid zombie launches, I minced my way around the camp and picked through a few choice items. Nothing remarkable but while moving around the wall I heard what sounded like someone tapping on a piece of wood and realized very quickly I was not alone. Someone had run into the camp and started rifling through tents. He didn't seem too fussed about zombies and shot a few while melee'd a couple others.

I originally thought I'd just sneak around and put a couple bullets in him while zombies were attacking but then the Helpy Helper in me came out. I figured I'd be the "nice guy" and just melt away into a corner and hope that the guy just moved on. He finished killing zombies and then moved into a tent nearby where I heard him reloading several mags and presumably whatever his pistol weapon of choice was. He had a good amount of gear- I could see through the tent window- wasn't afraid to go loud and I started getting the feeling like I wished I could bury myself in the corner and disappear. I was hidden around the south entrance behind some sandbags but at that point was craving being out in the middle of the ocean in the belly of a whale. 

He rushed out of the tent to the west and headed to the tent due north of me but could have just been running out the entrance and heading off to stir up trouble elsewhere... I got myself positioned to fire in the event he came around the corner and stumbled into me. My MP5 was ready... I was ready- sort of. 

Sure enough he came over towards the tent and I figured I'd better initiate since my humble beginnings had been pretty short lived so far. I carefully aimed and pulled the trigger 2 quick times while still set on semi... then a third for good measure. And a fourth. And a fifth- 

Unfortunately a bug happened where the shots from the gun were not registered so all I heard was clicks. Stupid game... can't even get the shots of a weapon firing right. Oh well- I throttled my disappointment while waiting for the glorious animation of my target collapsing under the weight of his surprise. 

He was surprised alright... but his death animation involved turning to face me and pulling the trigger at me multiple times.

And it was my turn to be surprised... it was no "gun shot bug" at all. I caught a glimpse of my MP5 menu as I was busy enjoying extra ventilation bestowed on me via multiple gunshot wounds and it was clearly jammed.  I tried hitting the hotbar to bring another weapon to bear but was unable to get it up in time. Seconds later, I was welcomed by a black screen: 

You are an idiot. 

Okay... so I learned my lesson and hopefully some of you do too. 

To clear a jam- evident since a bullet will be half sticking out of the breech of your selected weapon- you need to actually HOLD DOWN the R key or whatever your reload / cycle action keybinding is. It takes about 5-7 seconds or so to clear so if you pull the trigger and hear a click instead of a bang grab your next hotbar weapon instead. 

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Posted (edited)

Working through our Helpy Helpers server we stumbled into a few regulars who added Bam on Steam- one guy in particular was messaging Bam and sounded like he was okay. He was working around Cherno and we were passing through... We wanted to avoid each other to prevent any accidents. I subsequently added the main guy to Steam and reached out to him the next time I saw him on the server. 

 I was back on the server transitioning Cherno and there were a few other people onboard. I recognized the names and thought they may be part of the group we'd interacted with before. I reached out to the main guy (B) and asked him where they were working to try and deconflict. Guys were out base building and he was working Cherno... and he had the tan cap and pistol suppressor that Bam was looking for. 

I was coming back from Balota and transitioning over toward Krutoy Cap so we arranged to meet at a position near where he said he was. Everything Bam told me about this guy was good- but there was a little tingle in my face about the potential that this was just one big screw waiting to happen. 

I approached the area we'd agreed upon carefully but this guy just came running over quite nonchalantly. I waved to him and he came over and talked very briefly. He handed over the goods and I promptly got kicked off the server AND out of Steam. It was a system issue on my side so I got reconnected as quickly as I could but by the time I got back in B was gone. 

"You dipped pretty quickly man," B had said in Steam- probably thinking I'd just grabbed the stuff and bounced to another server. I explained I'd had network issues (over steam chat) and apologized for being rude. 

His next text was: "I need help now." 

I knew generally where he was working since he'd shared it with me on a map earlier so I immediately started to head towards that location. We didn't have voice... so I had no idea what was going on but I wanted to help- no matter what it was. Did he get ambushed? Was he overwhelmed by Zs? No clue. 

I ran around the area but couldn't find him... ducked into some cover and reached out: 

"What happened? Where are you?" 

"I fell off a ladder and died- can you grab my stuff off my body? Hoping to spawn nearby..." 

Okay so I had a little more time but still had no idea where he was. He gave me a general location and I was running around that spot looking- but could find nothing. 

It had been a couple minutes since he'd died... I knew I had longer than that- so where was he? I looked at the base of any ladder I could find, thinking I'd see a geared up body laying sprawled out in the sun... 

Nope. But then I looked at this one really, really tall ladder again- there was a single boot visible. I looked closer- there was a camo leg and a combat knife... Then a wall. 

His character fell off the ladder, landed and then glitched through the wall of the adjacent building. 

I tried everything to view his inventory- no luck at all.

Before long he trotted up to try a few things... but none of his bag of tricks worked either. 

"Can I give you anything to make gearing up a little easier?" 

"Nah man, it's Cherno. Cherno's easy. Just keep your eye open for a camo balaclava for me, will ya? Those are harder to find." 

"Will do."  


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The last few days haven't been great for our little group- the Helpy Helpers. I got swarmed by zobs in my favourite guy and though a fellow HH was able to swing by to grab gear off me as I approached him with my fresh spawn the server crashed. Humbug. 

We continue to suffer persistence issues like everyone else so maintaining a server is bordering on pointless. We started back at the official publics to shore patrol until the potential character wipe resets us all to 0 again anyway. A group of 4 of us was to meet up around Balota and work our way along spawn points to help provide guidance and initial support to any freshies. 

Things got off to a rough start when one of our guys got nicked by a zed and didn't realize he was bleeding. Short version that I'm not particularly well known for is that he died and his body de-spawned within the 10 minutes I was able to get to him. Not awesome. He spawned in Sol and we unfortunately never saw him for the remainder.  

I met up with our 2 other guys around Balota and we started making our way into Cherno along the water side in an official public mid-pop. We weren't being elusive at all though our sniper shuffle was well rehearsed. B- from my earlier story- had joined the Helpy Helpers shortly after our original meeting and he maintained an overwatch over Bam and I as we made our way through the open fields.

"Not a single gunshot..." Bam mentioned as we headed into Cherno. 

"Eerie," I agreed. 

Sticking mostly towards the water we eventually shuffled into the city to hold and listen for activity. 

Literally nothing. 

10 minutes later we decided to get back on the road and go and meet DaveB as he beat cheeks over to us from Sol, looting as he went. We figured we could probably meet him in Kami and sliced through the silence of SE Cherno with that in mind. 

"Contact!" Bam called out. He was RIGHT behind me a second ago- I spun around to go back to support him. I'm not 100% sure where B was, but I didn't think he was close. 


"By the construction site..." I could hear Bam then call out to his contact suggesting that he didn't see a firearm. "South I think," he offered in Discord. 

"Between the yellow crane and the water," I confirmed. I had completely lost my bearings since water was both to the south and west of me and at that point I didn't even know up from blue.  

"Hello, please don't shoot me..." we heard a woman's voice call back out to Bam. Not a squeeker- an actual woman. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? For some reason that was a bit disorienting for me- I'm almost 2000 hours into the game and this was only the second woman I've encountered. "This is literally the first day I've ever played."

"Wow- is this ever your lucky day," I assured her as I headed around the corner and saw her standing across from Bam. No weapon in hand... basic kit and a crowbar on her back. "Where are you headed?" 

"I'm trying to meet up with my fiancee..." 

"I've got her head if you need her taken out-" B said from cover on Discord.

"We're probably good," Bam acknowledged. 

"Do you know where you are right now?" I continued throughout.

"Yeah I think I'm in Cherno?"

"Yes- where is your fiancee?" 

She hesitated just a little before she mentioned that he was to the North. The kind of hesitation where you know she was going to give the name of a place but then elected not to "just in case." I have no idea if that was deliberate... or if she literally just stumbled- but in my mind I felt that was clever of her. 

"Do you know which direction is North?"

"Yes, I found a compass." 

"Okay cool." 

Bam offered her some food and liquids for the run inland and she was extremely grateful. MAN how I miss those days... being completely unfamiliar with the bounty of loot available if you know all the right places to look. How I miss being lost... and I always wonder who it was who first said that to me back in my early days. How right you were, sir! 

"We've been in the city for about 25 minutes. Haven't heard a single gun shot and you're the first person we've seen so you're probably safe. Good luck to you!" 

We didn't do a great job branding that encounter... I regret not telling her we were the Helpy Helpers and making a little bigger deal about it but alas. I know we could have offered to escort her through Cherno at least until the edge of the city but we needed to go meet DaveB- our own are still our priority. 

Next time! 

We surged to Elektro in unremarkable fashion but upon entering figured it was a good time to top up our fluids. Pop was still pretty high considering it was starting to trend towards darkness. We covered each other as we drank all we could and topped up our bile sacs.

"Contact!" B called out from his watch station a little farther forward. "Weapon in hand- heading towards the apartment on the edge of town." 

I looked down the hill from my position and I could see two guys- but one turned out to be Bam. He was nowhere near where I thought he was so that was close... at that distance I couldn't see our trademark blue armband. 

This guy we'll call RedBag went into the apartment and we followed his light upstairs, then he turned it off and proceeded out. Any single person carrying a firearm isn't necessarily a bambi bully but we don't exactly like to risk running into a guy that knows what he's doing with it (or a woman for that matter) and wipes all 3 of us as we're trying not to shoot one another. We debated killing RedBag to avoid him coming back on us later either by fluke or by design and in the interim the guy evaporated. He popped back up again at the ruined house close to the water fountain but then we lost him again. We didn't spend much time tracking him down.  

"Contact- 3 guys!" B announced. "Moving past the firehouse towards the Elektro tent." He briefly described the characters but the description was lost on me as I was trying to mentally picture where the mil tents in Elektro were in relation to our position. I got Bam and I pointed in the wrong direction and B had to come down and literally herd us like sheep to the mil tent. Someone unzipped a Skorpion at some point during that track but we never had any direct interaction with those 3. Unfortunately either the same redbag or possibly a different one ran right through the middle of our track and caused enough of an issue while in close to another group of 3 that we ended up putting him down. We hadn't been exactly discrete about it, and it wasn't particularly Helpy Helper-y... but those self sacrificial days are behind us. Our guys first... But sorry to the RedBagger. 

The evening wrapped up with us in defensive positions- thinking the trio were going to loop back and pick a fight. B taunted them with a megaphone but silence was their retort... 

And if that was their intention that was very clever since the intensity that followed was exquisite. 

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A few of the Helpy Helpers headed over to our old stomping grounds in Svet yesterday to see what was going on up there. Turns out there's quite a consistent flow of traffic through there- many people who are interested in playing the game and enjoying some of what finer points still remain after the transition to 1.0. People who spawn in svet and don't just kill themselves are generally newer to the game and less interested in PVP / KOS... this made the trip there worthwhile since it was exactly these types of people we wanted to help out. 

BAM, B and I settled into town in our old overwatch stations providing good visibility throughout the town. It wasn't long before we stumbled into our first survivor. 

B had moved into one of the piano houses in the middle of town and before he'd been in place even a minute he heard footsteps downstairs. 

"Did one of you guys just come into my building?" B asked over Discord. 

"Nope!" Bam and I replied instantly. Bam was very close so he rushed over and I wasn't far behind. 

A lightly geared survivor came into view- with a splitting ax in hand and a red motorcycle helmet. Those of you who have followed my many long and often rambling tales probably know I'm not a fan of motorcycle helmets. Ever.

"Hello!" B called out to the stranger when it appeared upstairs. "Respectfully, I'd prefer it if you didn't come in this room." 

"Why," the female voice asked quaintly. "Are you pooping?" It was a very witty response from someone who was clearly not new to the game. 

"No... I'm not pooping I just don't want you to come in here." 

She stayed upstairs, holding the ax out- Bam came up to the first landing on the stairs. "Oh!" she said when she turned and saw Bam- kind of a feigned startled response. "Hi!" She started moving towards the door leading to the room B was in and asked if he wanted the door closed. 

"No that's fine... I'm not going to-" she closed the door anyway. 


Bam moved up the stairs and I managed to aggro a zombie on my way over so I had to deal with it as it ran in the house. She heard me slicing and dicing and, while still moving around upstairs, asked if there were bad guys outside. 

"No, those are my guys," B explained, "and they're good guys- but we'd prefer if you just moved along." 

She started glitching all over the place (which added to the level of awesome, I assure you) since we were in a high pop. I finally made it up the stairs to cover the other two. She didn't seem very threatening so we let it play out- but there was absolutely NO doubt in any of our minds that she was talking to someone else over 3PP and delaying the interaction. 

"She sounds just like a woman that runs with Tope on youtube," B said to us. 

"Can you put your ax away?" Bam asked- and she obliged between glitches. "Thanks." 

So now all of us are in this quasi stalemate- I'm pretty sure if shit went pear shaped we'd have all shot ourselves a la reservoir dogs. 

"Do you run with Tope on youtube?" B asked.

"Uh- who the fuck and whatnow?" she retorted indignantly.  I laughed way too hard at that. B didn't find it funny as his alarum bells rang off the hook. 

"We need to go."

"Excuse me, but I am a strong, independent female gamer!" B finally exited the room he was in with the intent of pushing past her and for all of us to just de-escalate the situation. He was bushed out completely and she really latched onto that. 

"Oh! Look at you! Do you mind if I put just one red bobble on you for Christmas?" 

I was literally just sitting in the stairs- aiming at her yes- but kind of enjoying this whole thing. She wasn't new to this. Yeah, pretty sure she was going to need to die at some point in spite of our best intentions but man she was playing. B just backed up into the room and closed the door- showing incredible restraint. He knew we didn't like killing newer players so he was doing a remarkable job just trying to play by our ethos. 

Bam- who says almost everything with a chuckle- had grown weary and he finally said (without chuckling), "Yeah, you can take off now." 

"It sounds EXACTLY like her- and her replies are delayed..." B reiterated on Discord.

"Yeah-" I said to her, trying to be pleasant about it. "We're all good but you need to leave." 

She ripped her pants off.

"No! You need to take your shit and leave." 

'Good lord this is awesome,' I thought.

She put her pants back on and started making her way down the stairs where the dead zob was laying. 

"Oh, who is this now?" she asked with feigned amazement.


"Looks like she's seen better days..." 

"Not recently." 

Bam went to post a watch on the windows and B came down with me to see her out. She checked out the zombie for a few seconds then said, "Is this your hotel?" 

B was tired with being polite, but remained such. "Respectfully, you just need to leave." 

"Yes sir!" She said, voice drenched in sarcasm. "How come-" 

"CONTACT! On the road coming towards us," BAM interrupted over discord. 

B moved around the corner halfway through her next witty comment and shot her in the duodenum about 6 times. 

We didn't even check her inventory. 

"Time to go." 


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Quiet couple nights... we're working up in the northern areas trying to keep Svet safe for those who are fresh and trying to play out the game. Kind of nice to not see a bunch of dead freshies laying around with stone knives hovering 4 feet above them. 

We had several positive interactions- only one shooting around the police station in town. I was hanging around waiting for Bam to join me, taking a quick look around some garages to the west when I got shot at a few times. Sounded close- but I wasn't sure from where. I naturally began my escape and evasion routine (basically Shift ASDWDASDAWSDADSAWWDAWDSAWDAWDSDAWDASDAWDAWDSAWDW) and while I looked over my shoulder saw zobs running east. I didn't see where they ended up but Bam got in and started taunting whoever it was over the town mass notification system. 

After a few minutes of Monty Python level taunting we headed back to the general area where I was shot at again. This time Bam saw the zobs collecting at the base of the police station. He is more aggressive than I am so before I'd even had a chance to get to him he'd already busted into the the building and started clearing it. I caught up finally and was able to provide some support but ultimately the dude had logged. 

So last night I figured I'd go on and see if I could find a car for us to tool around in on an official server. It didn't take long before I found my first one- buried almost up to the roof. Awesome. 

Then I made my way across a field where I saw a pony on the roof of a shed- glitching between the ground and the roof. 

Then I found a rare pig trying to tunnel through a rock face... I shot it with a pistol and looked forward to a little bacon BBQ- but after quartering it all the stuff disappeared. 

Then I looked at one of my standard suppressors in my kit and in spite of having not fired a shot through it it was ruined. 


I found another car eventually- 4 wheels and not underground and after taking a quick look it had EVERYTHING except the radiator... even had a jerry can and a jug of oil in the inventory. I wanted to try and buy some time for some other Helpy Helpers to show up with the requisite parts so I stole the spark plug out of it- but nobody was around at the time. By the time I logged back on this morning it was gone. 

Ah well... today is another day. 



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A small pocket of the Helpy Helpers leaned towards the Mayhem side of the scale a couple nights ago and headed into Berezino to pick a fight. We do, after all, need to preserve some measure of PVP skills if we're going to expect to protect ourselves in the act of protecting others. This didn't go so well for us in the end and a few guys were killed. My problems were more glitch related but still resulted in me losing most of my gear. 

In the process of going back to vacuum our loot back up we ended up crossing the NEAF. The server was a mid pop we'd joined since it was daylight so we were traveling casually but keeping a lookout for opportunities to interact with someone. 

We'd just crossed one of the runways heading towards the radio tower between Kransnostov and Olsha when one of our group stopped...

"Did you guys hear that?" Usually if it's a gunshot someone calls it out- this was something different. 


"Like a voice? I'm sure I heard a voice."

"Okay crazy person..." 

"I hear dead people," another mocked a la Sixth Sense.  

 We continued on our path jogging at a normal rate for another minute. 

"Hey guys," a meek voice called out. "Hello?" 


Everyone yanked weapons out and turned to see a character at the fringe of voice range crouching and standing up quickly to try and get our attention. He had a long gun on his back. We surrounded him and started sniper shuffling. He stood still. 

"Hey kid- you need anything? Any food or water?" He had a field backpack on so we figured he'd probably be fine but we had no other idea as to why he approached the 3 of us. 

"No I'm okay... you can kill me if you want to- I don't care." He sounded like a young Eeyore. 

"Well... if you WANT to be killed to spawn somewhere else we can do that..." 

"No that's okay, I'm good." 

"Okay well you go the other way for awhile and don't pull your gun." 

"I just need to get a drink first..." Felt like a delaying tactic so we started to bristle a little bit. We watched with great focus as the item he retrieved was an actual water bottle and not a sidearm or USG. "You know it took a lot of balls to come over to you guys... I don't want to hurt anyone." 

"It did... you're lucky we don't KoS- but be careful out there, many people do."

"I know." 

"Alright kid- see ya. Good luck out there." We were pleasant but cautious with this young player and we turned to carry on our way. 30 seconds later it was clear the kid was still following. A couple of us branched off to deal with him while the third pulled into some cover to overwatch. I was out of voice range at first, but the other guy was getting just a smidge annoyed. 

"Kid, we get it but seriously... we don't want you following us around." 

"Can I join you guys? I'm just looking for a group." 

"We're sure you can find another group somewhere, but right now we're not taking in total strangers." The fact that he was bordering on a squeeker wasn't working in his favour as I imagined him licking his chops at the prospect of all the hardware he'd come across. Then again I guess anyone would have been. 

The kid eventually relented and started serpentining his way back to the south west and out of site. It was a good interaction and we talked about it quite a bit afterwards. 

"He could have killed us all before we even knew he was that close to us." 


The remainder of our trip into Svet was uneventful... but we hope the kid finds a group. 

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On 10/11/2018 at 1:45 PM, RaZor_502 said:

И так,я и мой друг купили DayZ,мы заплатили 1000 рублей.После установки игры мы начали играть но так друг друга на карте и не нашли!Игра ужасная бегали весь день и так друг друга не нашли!Хочу вернуть деньги!Эта игра ужасна! 

<< And so, my friend and I bought DayZ, we paid 1000 rubles. After installing the game, we started playing but didn’t find each other on the map! The game was terrible and we didn’t find each other! I want the money returned ! This game is terrible ! >>

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On 3/2/2016 at 1:31 PM, JBURNS489 said:

 I wanted to play this game so bad that I ended up building a 2.5k gaming machine, and learned a ton in the process. 

Welcome to DayZ

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1 hour ago, liquidcactus said:

Welcome to DayZ

That was 3 years ago. Not sure he cares anymore. 

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13 hours ago, liquidcactus said:

Welcome to DayZ

I still follow DayZ and it's development, but I haven't logged in for over 6months. Ive logged 1500+ hours and got burnt out and have yet to see anything that would rekindle that flame. Thanks for the welcome years later though 🙂

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1 hour ago, JBURNS489 said:

I still follow DayZ and it's development, but I haven't logged in for over 6months. Ive logged 1500+ hours and got burnt out and have yet to see anything that would rekindle that flame. Thanks for the welcome years later though 🙂

Well colour me surprised! He is still listening. :)


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The Helpy Helpers has welcomed a couple new members to the group so we've spent the last few nights getting acquainted and learning the ins and outs of base building. I've commented on how that process is coming along in a couple different threads but suffice to say many hands still don't make light work. I couldn't imagine trying to build a base on an official server single handed... just trying to get the nails has been an enormous turn off. I'm ready to offer an SVD for 10 boxes of nails. 

Actually... might not be a bad idea. I'll have to think about that. 

Anyway- in addition to working on the base (all your base, your base, your base... all your base are belong to us) we've had a few interesting encounters... well, interesting to me. 

Starting yesterday morning I was going to meet a new member we'll call 850. He is brand new to the game and the entire brand so to start with we needed to figure out where he was on the map. On one hand I just wanted him to screen shot and share with me or I'd just look over his shoulder through steam- but I wanted him to be lost for a little while. He was killed a couple times by zobs and I sensed he was getting a bit annoyed by that so I helped figure out that he was actually quite close to me. I started making my way into Berezino near one of the guard shacks when I heard some footsteps on the other side of a wall. 

The guy that came around the corner was tac'ed out with assault helmet and visor, high cap vest and some fancy pants- and he had the skull balaclava on which on normal occasions is intimidating but with the assault helmet on it looks like the player is wearing a ball gag. I saw that once and have never been able to wipe that from memory... every time I see the combination I can't take it seriously anymore. 

Anyway- besides that I was standing there looking at a pretty heavy character who had more than enough hardware on his shoulders to chop me into little bits and feed me to 850. 

I kept my distance. 

He kept his distance. 

"I don't want any trouble," I said. "I'll keep back from you. I'm just going to meet up with my buddy."

"Okay. Do you need anything?" 

"No man, I'm good." I'm dressed as a shaved fresh spawn... stock clothing, stock shoes... I have a beanie and a relatively common civilian backpack and carry everything internally to minimize the perceived risk- but I have some tricks up my sleeve and I kind of wanted this guy's high cap vest. 

My finger was tickling the "3" key... and my mind was formulating the muscle twitches needed to draw the weapon, focus it on him and shoot him in the face 14 times to save me from having to travel up to Tisy to get my own. 

But that's not who I am... First of all I'm quite certain given my track record that 13 of those 14 rounds would have gone into the vest and ruined it while the 1 left over probably would have hit 850 somehow and killed him. Then I would have felt terrible that this lone guy- literally the only other guy on the server- had trusted me enough to not even pull a weapon... he offered me supplies thinking I was new. 

I couldn't possibly do it. I'd feel shit and not very helpy helpery. We go "Helper Skelter" sometimes to keep our skills up but this isn't one of those times. 

I thanked the guy and we wished each other good luck. 

850 was working his way past the lumber mill and agro'd a zob or 2... then it was 4. 

"I'm in trouble!" he reported over discord. "I don't think I'm going to make it..." 

"I am right around the corner- I'm coming!" 

I could hear the zobs in the batting cage just around the corner along the main road... I was running and running- I came around the corner and could see 850 dancing and weaving until finally he'd had enough and dropped onto the ground to do the posturepedic polka complete with a zob cheering section.

"I'm dead-" 850 sighed deeply... but I kept running forwards- getting ready with my 3 key again. 

"Dead or just unconscious... I can revive you!" 

"No it says 'You are dead' on the screen." 


Of course in running towards him I'd agro'd a zombie or two which again got the attention of those now hovering over 850's corpse. My endurance indicator was dried up from the run over and now I had some work cut out for me. I was going to learn how to bleed... a lot. 

I contemplated pulling my .45 but hesitated... a whisper in the back of my mind reminded me that the other character was nearby and if went loud there was a good chance the next time we talked would be a little more one sided. 

I managed to duck into a shed with a single zob... which I was able to manage with a few quick swipes of a kitchen knife. Zombies all around me were agro'd and I knew I was running out of alternatives to trying let them in one at a time to zob mash them or maybe try and wait them out...

I was admiring the 20th splitting axe I'd seen in the last 5 minutes when I started hearing the distinctive sound of a melee weapon being united with teeth and ribs... "I got them!" someone said... "Just stay in there!" 

Ball gag (sorry, I just can't not see it anymore) had arrived to save the day- 

I stepped out the opposite side of the shed to see him waving a weapon of some sort (probably a splitting axe of course) like a purebread mercenary... he got rid of most of them and I took one with my knife. I was very careful to keep my distance from him for fear of striking him by accident... and with my weapon pulled I knew I'd be a threat to him so I immediately backed away from him and put my weapon away. 

"Thanks man... that's my dead buddy on the road there so I guess he's back on the coast." 

Silence was his reply.

I stammered on, "Oh yeah... I guess we're already on the coast so... I guess uh... he's just somewhere else on the coast?" 

He turned and trotted off and back out of sight...  


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Later yesterday in a separate session we got BAM- one of our original members- back from his vacation and he was working around Novo when he found a large truck garage with locked doors and a military tent on the inside. He didn't have a lock pick kit and was hesitant to start banging away on the door without backup so I headed to him directly. 

He covered me as I made my way to one of the doors and used a lock pick kit to gain entry. There was a single military tent with a camo net so I went in to take a look around and see what sort of spoils we could plunder. I was in my light character with large backpack with loads of storage for almost anything...

A car door, a couple of cord reels and some other utterly useless items occupied the top spaces- but I'm no dummy... I know how much can be held at the very bottom several scrolls down and out of sight... Some forget to look waaaaaaaaaaaaay down there. 


"I'm tempted to grab the tent but I don't think we can run and carry the military tent... I'm hesitant to try and steal this now on a full server." 


"But we do need the camo netting for our own base so..." I helped myself to that, headed back out and locked the door behind me. I then headed up the hill to the north and parked near a tree. 

I saw BAM crouched beside the building which was a bit disorienting to me since only moments before he'd been providing cover from a nearby wall. He's always messing around so I figured he was just checking something else out through the window. 

Then he shot at me... missing by a couple feet. Then again- still missing. I laughed out a little at first thinking he was just trying to keep me on my toes. "Ha- you couldn't hit me if you tried." 

"That's not me shooting at you!" 

"Holy fuck!" The 4th or 5th shot hit me just as I started to sniper shuffle down the hill to cover.  As I was running from my perch I could see BAM hustling towards the gunfire with his weapon up. It's always awesome having him around since he let's his balls do the talking and I just help him get geared up after. 

Zombies agro'd on BAM but they also agro'd on the other dude. He'd apparently taken shelter in his base where we had him surrounded. By the time I'd snuck over to a door and unlocked it to rush him with BAM he'd combat logged. We figured we'd have about 3 minutes before he ghosted us so we left and headed over towards Svet. 

Once in Svet we looked around for nails and other helpful items- finding none. At some point BAM agro'd a few zobs near the church in the middle of town and he took shelter inside. I ran over to take on one that was at the door and managed to stab it in the solar plexus a few times. It went down and I stood over it to check its inventory when I was hit at LEAST once by a bullet... 

I immediately started my shuffle to cover but had no idea where the shot originated. I was bleeding badly and retreated to the double red behind the church. I was pretty sure the shot had come from the west so I felt reasonably safe not locking the door after I went inside. I was unable to track any zobs running to the gunfire. 

"My guy is glitching... I can't interact with anything. I'm going to log out and come back." 

"I'm healing... I can hear a guy reloading." I could hear zobs below me but I wasn't putting together that the guy was in the back of the church with the door now closed so the zobs were just tracking him through the building (which is stupid, btw.) "I don't know if I'd log back in on this server with this guy nearby... probably just leave it alone." 

"Already coming back." 

"Okay... is that you reloading?" 

"Yeah I'm back and reloading."

"Did you just rack your weapon?" 


"Is that you reloading again?" 


"What about now?"

"No... that's him." 

"Holy fuck." So confused since the sounds were coming from the exact same place.  

Suddenly there was a burst of about 20 shots in full auto- 

"I got him! He was right here just behind me the whole time!" 

I raced around the corner and into the church to see BAM standing beside the guy he shot... I was about 20 feet away when suddenly the guy started moving to stand up with a weapon in his hand. A couple more shots and the guy rag dolled this time.

"Oh yeah," I said as I looked through the guy's gear, "I forgot to tell you that in this latest patch people can be knocked unconscious and don't always die." 

"Thanks tips." 

The guy had lots of gear but mostly things of little consequence... I took a can opener-

And a thigh bone to feed to him later. 

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