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  1. Sooden

    Stable Update 1.02

    unless i missed the reply? The C.M. seems to reply to other people... hay, i guess your only interested in what i have to say when i was slogging out my guts on stress test and making video report of issues found.
  2. Sooden

    Stable Update 1.02

    i had a flying car once 🙂 But that was down to client side connection and not dayz / server
  3. Sooden

    Stable Update 1.02

    cars you say?
  4. Sooden

    Stable Update 1.02

    Fixed: When opening doors for the first time, the whole building model can move slightly No its not, in fact, i never saw this happen before the new patch. like it was added, so it could be fixed in a later patch to make it look like 'someone' on your team is swatting more bugs that they are. It's as if ''Fixed: When opening doors for the first time, the whole building model can move slightly'' was meant to go in a hot fix we are about to have, but someone slipped up and listed it here.. worrying stuff Fixed: Fence gate cannot be opened after server restart Technical not fixed, maybe not the same bug... the code locks not retaining their code. this is game braking. Having to get admin to teleport me into my base... i guess this is not a worry on main server, heck i doubt anyone locks up bases on vanilla servers, and this is why such a game braking and in your face but got past your expert team >< Now lets start at the top. Hot Fix code locks, i know most of dayZ is FPS players, but you are pooping on the RP community. Dayz has so many bugs, we have got used to it, but this is beyond a joke. The stuff that got onto stable... I have not had the chance to test everything, whos know what else on that fixed list is indeed a new bug to stable that is a current bug. Please do tell me... how did the Code lock issue get into stable? Please do tell me... why you listed ''Fixed: When opening doors for the first time, the whole building model can move slightly'' as it was not an issue in 1.01 but is now? Something seems to be going wrong with the dev team... a bad egg? poor communication? Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance.
  5. Sooden

    Exp Update 0.63.148743

    very dynamic :P
  6. Game development has always interested me but always like to work alone and it’s limiting (but better in some ways, a team can slow things down). Without a team you could not product the same level of games we see form some indie devs and AAA studios (Just see steam right now, tonnes of trash games ><) but, I think in a few years that gonna change They call it ‘democratizing’ game development (I didn’t invent the term) I remember back in the early 90s working on my own isometric RPG. Having to make the engine from scratch and trying to network with the DX system of the time. Then we saw the ‘RPG Makers’ popping up and lots of 2d RPG game over the last few years (I hear some are good), so you don’t need the time and skills you did before (A good thing ) Now I see engines like Unity that seem to really be pushing the freedom of development. You can even use the engine free of charge for nonprofit developments, so I guess we could see more, open source developed games. With ‘go-fund-me’s’ people can easily get small start up fund (1-10k not a kick starter, more like a grant) but even with no budget, there are enough free assets and low cost assets to cobble a prototype/showcase project. Just see what asses unity gave way ‘’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-11UVOCtLDY’’. I even see it now, solo devs starting to appear (not the first but Google ‘‘justus game’’) normally I don’t see these solo devs complete a game, as they get snapped up bigger teams, still, interesting to see what one person can do now that assets are more available. So all this got me thinking. Are bigger teams, and AAA studios gonna be profitable? If solo and small teams, and no profits collaborations have access to asses of high quality, providing ‘okay’ and sometimes good games (We aren’t quite their yet, few more years). Larger studios will be expected to product their own assets, thus costing more, and have a quality (and support) edge over the smaller teams… Not just better graphics but better game play. As a relative example, all that is stopping someone from making ‘Dayz’ in a year (or less) are the assets. Once top quality assets are cheap and easy to get, we may see lots of ‘Dayz’ each with their own twist on the idea but kinda using the same assets… but would be enough of a challenge that it would never be profitable for the publishers here to make ‘Dayz 2’ (or CareZ:all we have are Kolidris) Can even get AI assets you plug into your game at dev time, let is simulate for a few weeks and bingo, nice trained AI to use in your game. Interesting stuff.. well to me anyways :) Anyone else thing there are big changes on the way, in how game are developed?
  7. Sooden

    Stress Test vol.47

    soo... continue as normal? :P
  8. To be fair, the game supports fps over survivalist.. kinda what the game is. Far from even a moderately hard survival game and more of a death-match game (><Looks around>>). So favours people running around with gun, killing whoever with not disadvantage to survival in the long run... The devs talk about wanting to leave game play down to player skill (reason for no skill levelling) but its only relates to the FPS side of things, and i guess you can count knowing the map on both sides. but; Water and fire: No one needs to know how to build a water filter (or work it out in game, in a simplified manor), we have wells everywhere but i guess we can boil the water if we get that from rivers, without a filterer >< using the abundant matches, or the magical inherited skill of fire making (That's can take years of practice, knowing what wood, getting the drill and drill hole correct... then... well look it up yourself)...no mini game there ,no player skills needed there, you just get a stick and some wood and sorted :) -kinda like it was a skill perk that is already maxed. (Could be as simple as knowing when to take the embers out, really low level stuff... maybe when to blow on them as well) where are the more in-depth survival ideas, that get the player to think? where having wits and understanding puts you above the rest? Example, make matches rare as hell, make fire starting with a stick a mini game (still cracks me up, go to any tree, get fire), you just have to keep trying at till you work it out ( player skill and no tutorials), and for the ones that have smarts, maybe they can pick up a car battery and some steel wool and make a fire. nah, this is all bypassed, cus it would be too real? not fun? I guess, if that's not the crowed your selling too, but rather the more chaotic, blast everything... ...and that's if you even need a fire, if there isn't food just laying around. Went into a base and ran out with 6 cans of tactical bacon, just laying there (the most powerful canned bacon). I guess fire will be needed when wetness makes you cold again (How about other issue of damp clothe?), as long as you have a knife, few minuets and bingo, all is good. no having to per carry the correct woods or a kit you made from the correct woods before hand (Woods you would have to find out about or trial and error). don't even need matches, you have a knife and skills that are given to the player, not worked out. Medical: Always a tricky one, so easy ot make this to difficult and un-fun... but mini game that take player skill could have been added there, but no, we have been give maxed skills. -WE don't need to time CPR (as a mini game) - Its a FPS revive function only, no skill needed -We don't need to place the IV (as a mini game) - player based skills and steady hands,finding a vain, trial and error... we have this innate medical skill already.. almost like a FPS health pack i would only suggest them 2 where added, the rest would not really make a mini games worth. These aren't over the top mini game, like we may see a mini game for a lock pick system in a lot of other games. If days if going for FPS then sure, they don't need to offer non combative player base skills... but if its survival as well, where are the advantages for the not FPS? What do they learn and excel in (Not talking level in up skill, talking players skill at the game, as dayz say they want). Maybe this is why FPS come over to dayz and love it, yet survival (Broadly survival) used to other skill sets feel the game is a bit unbalance? Cooking: OMG, we have a mini game, have to time the meat. Have to cook it in the right manner, cant just drop it on the fire... I do remember Dean seemed very invested in the cooking aspect, is this why we see some what of a mini game when cooking? I guess we should not go there... he did up sticks. So it's guess work, but maybe this concept of not combative player skill based mini games is not that far fetched? Was what dayz was meant to be about? Hygiene: This is a stretch but i know there was talk of clothes going smelly and having an effect (That dropped now? too survival for FPS?). But learning better ways to clean, collecting plants for soap. So if you running around all the time, getting sweaty, getting damp ... sure you can wash it in a stream, but that may not get it very clean - depending on condition... clean enough but someone that put in the time to workout and collect the right materials may have less smelly, parasite ridden/itchy clothes. and no, i don't want poohin' and peein'... I'm sure someone will say, ''well we could make the game supper realistic and it would be dull'' not what i'm getting at here, just pointing out that the survival side, survival skill set needed in dayz vs FPS skill is heavily swung to FPS. That is the state of the game as it is now. I'm not saying that they must put all these suggestions in the game
  9. In the current state, you really do need very little, meaning all that is left to do is kill or, like i'm doing now, raiding the largest bases and carrying stuff to the coast (not the guns, i dump them) :P picked the player model cus he looks like hes seem some stuff :P but all i need right now are a set of good pants and jacket, when rain has a real effect, maybe a rain coat, but i'm guessing we are getting belts as well..so will have space for that by putting my hatchet on my belt (hope that what happens,bases on item slot icons in image) I get that i'm surviving like this because i know the game, and that there is more to come, but i worry that people finding problems now will restrict how difficult the non combat survival is (as it gets in the way of pew-pew). Even knowing where most things are, i still wanna feel like the game is a bit challenging... Very little scope right now for benefiting from none combat skill sets
  10. Wonder if they will make damaged weapon have an affect, if you are in a 'shoot out' with someone and they have a damaged weapon, and i locks up bad... and they need a repair kit or something,not just a clean. (Tool box, sticky plaster to put the trigger back on?) Maybe they would be willing to talk :P sure, they didn't wanna talk at first, but now, 'you' as the players that wanted more involved interaction, could have the opportunity. if only we knew more about that going to happen with game mechanics. The ammo and gun may amount may not be an issue, if damaged ammo fails (*1), damages gun more and damaged gun brake down. maybe some really messy problem, and ammo jams with the clip/mag and gun, and gotta have the tools, take 2-3 min of waiting, as its a game (can be done it bits, like drinking form a water bottle) (warn/damaged clip? mosin bad jam / M4 and a warn clip?) At the moment, it seems a gun just works (apart from the shotgun :P). don't even know it they take damage, say from really poor ammo. also means, there may be ammo just left where it is for the players with nothing... willing to take the damaged gun and load it with exploding death nails :P *1: old ammo is self seem to be fine as long as its in good condition,even corroded seems fine, getting info on damaged ammo was not as easy, as if people didn't wanna try it :P something about barrel jams and gun explosions... but, (a nice safe test, could not call the ammo badly damaged) as a game born from arma, i would think the weapons system is important, and would expect this sort of thing to be important in a survival game... not over the top realism. Guns being a bit more random ''may'' allow for more interaction, don't know unless it happens :) and its not some none organic system
  11. I have pointed out game concept issues. i'm not offering ways to fix the issues, just point out they are there and in lots of other games where you can kill people (its common, its hard to solve in a reasonable manner - were all sides get what they want). As for passive aggressive posts, I was just playing on your terms :) As for ''Except there wont be a need for in-depth human interactions or grouping up''... i gotta stop watching them dev streams (too be fair, there has only been on official one) where they talk about how important the interactions of player are to the concept, at first i thought ''they ment Killing people'' but no, they follow it up with, ''and please don't KOS''. Hate it when people make me read back over what i said, just to check...''Now here is the big different of when KoSing or Deathmaters needs addressing in a game and is part of the game.'' (i did spell it wrong, leaving as is). But you said ''you literally defined it as deathmatching multiple times'' This is where i use the divider 'or' i'm not saying they are the same, but a death-match can have KOS, as that's what you do in a death-match. I'm not calling all KOSer Death-match players...and that statement is a general one about 'games' and when it needs addressing or dosen't... like in PUBG, KOS or death-matching does not need addressing so when i refer to 'death-match' they KOS, they are coming here for the FPS experience (that is the issue, to easy to come here for a frag match), but i'm not saying all KOSers are death-matcher (Starting to sound like a logic question :P). some people KOS for many reasons. ...and the games not finished? dam, ty, was unaware. ---- where i used the term death-match; '' Its not that people that don't KOS cant Kill other players well (A death match,popping other player all day.. how dull), they just see it as low quality game play they can get a million other places.'' <(maybe that could be see as what you said?, not what i was getting at, but can understand the confusion) '' or may even find them selves having to interact with other survivors just to survive, rather than team deathmatch '' <(Cus a harder games not gonna stop KOSing, no what i'm after, but it may stop people/teams coming it to see how meny people they can kill) ''Now here is the big different of when KoSing or Deathmaters needs addressing in a game and is part of the game.'' I'm not defining KOS as death-matching but i am defining Death-matching as KOSing. " different things, don't put words in my mouth,ty. i guess in summery, if we wanna simplify things.... I don't want to stop KOSing, as i have stated before (that i dont wanna stop it), but i would like to stop Death-matching... If i though they where the same, could not stop one without the other. Hope that clears things up.
  12. and i have to wonder, if a player like that would have (or did back in the mods) find the game more entertaining with more zombies and less ammo laying around (less relative to how much the game made you use). Being a psycho and pulling it off would be a challenge... only the best nutcases would stand out and get the reputation they desire. Right now, if you wanna hop into the game and kill anyone that's not on your team, or just for the lols, its to easy. I can see that , maybe, a real game baddie would welcome the extra challenges :) yesterday, i walked from the top of the map to the coast with 2 back packs (so one in my hands), snail's pace, but having fun being the hero dropping of supplies :P i had one encounter with a zombie in all that time. I hope they can add more and improve the zombies but watching them 'move' when a server is full, it feels like it already beyond the limits.. hope i'm wrong. would be nice if they could put more item types on zombies, make Zeds a resource, keep clothes and bags in house and reduce the food and ammo, and start putting that on zeds... same for bases (guns may have to stay where they are, but i have brought up the idea of locked boxes a few times)... that means you can't just run in a loot everything you need, you may have to interact with the Zeds for some of the items you need.
  13. i just hope my friends come back to dayz, as it would be hard for me to has such interactions as i only 'text chat' (reasons, not explaining) but when my friends played, i had one friend that would voice my chat to the rest of the team. some people will just shoot if you have no mic (bit unfair, i can type fast :P, why does it have to be a voice, and if i'm typing, i'm even less of a threat - till i stop :P). But i had some really good interactions at big base with them. still played like i do now, lightly kitted, a pistol or two... and for the team, medical supplies. My job was to keep out the way, and if they die, then i was to try and save the loot. so i would just sit and wait after my team was taken out, for the enemy to come in >< sometimes i won, sometimes i lost, but wow, it was fun :) And the memory of crawling across the airfield to give first aid to a fallen team member in the middle of a gun fight... Dayz has some epic moments, and its down to PvP :) and yes, our team did have some RP aspect to it, all on a official server. Not all army men. each kinda role-playing a position (me a medic) , the sniper, the cocky ex detective in the black shirt, you get the idea :) would be cool if there was also a reason to not dress in highest level kit, stamina bar was a nice step in the right direction (maybe the weather will change things?). still don't know if i would KOS someone, been tempted before, then thought 'its just not me', i should (in my current situation, no text chat in 'stress test', they will kill me, as i cant respond).
  14. i bet you say sorry, ''i'm busy'' as the blast hits them :) Chances are, cus i have learnt the hard way, i would KOS when at a military location. Its needed sometimes (unspoken rule by now), even if the people there may have skills i need :P
  15. really? k, you assume that, but there are videos where i get my self dead for fun, for the video :P or put my self in risk, accepting i could die. It funs. Just tonight i raided a big base, took the ammo and guns in a big Alice backpack, at huge risk, then dumped it all, as i don't need it (ooh all the nice guns, just thrown away :P), i don't use much at all. But i don't think of myself all the time (asking what i want), half the time i'm just arguing a difficult position cus i like the challenge,or one side it talking trash :P... so no, you have it wrong. Reason i am passionate about this subject is, the KOSers only see it one way. i'm explaining the other side. Like i said, i will play the game for what it is, but i don't know what it's trying to be. If i was to assume from your post; you seem to worried that the game may change (it wont...much, if at all), that some balance of risk reward would upset your way of playing. nothing wrong with that. My point is - if dayz is meant to be more than a FPS (on a big map) its not doing it well, as things are out of balance. I may talk about base building and such, but am i talking about what i want? not really, at most i may have a barrel, if that (and i will probably raid people for food, or ask,or join them for a sort while). I rarely have a back pack as i play the game with minimal loot. So for me to die, not losing much, maybe a .308 silenced pistol and my hatchet. you say : ''only necessary thing to do is get food and drink'' yup, and even that is to easy, as i shown in a video, where i sit on the coast for 3 hours, living of pears. Dealing with passer-bye , killing one, nearly killing another but gave him CPR. Yup i can PvP. would hate to comment on it having not given it a fair go my self. and it's fun, but it has few risks (as i point out) you say : ''And you make re-spawning look way worse than it really is''. out of context... it doesn't matter how big the map is, if a player know where you base is. When you kill them, the risk is not removed (This is a game dev issue, a fact of the game type ,not a moan) You say: ,''Im also curious, what would be these systems to balance things out? '', i say, lol! not gonna work out complicated system to solve an issue that plagues so many games, a problem that, if a games company could a dress in a component manner, they would really shine... I'm not being payed to solve that issue, but i'm sure i could :) and would not post it here to be spat on :) You ask because you hope i can't come up with anything good, something for your next post, to try and pull my point apart on a hypothetical. not playing that game, you say: ''Overall, I find it really odd how people define and throw around KOS term.'' and addressing the following from that line Yup, that's KOS :) = ''Only difference is that we just shoot / kill others on sight'' ...and you say 'All I really see from this thread is some people having fun as it is, and group of hardcore RP fans who demand this game to be much more than it ever could be. They want a simulator where every little detail & human interaction would be polished to the perfection and experience the movie-like journey in the post-apocalyptic world. Sorry, but thats just wishful thinking, closest things for these people will be RP servers. Everyone else AKA the majority of the playerbase will enjoy the game as it is' well if you got any of that from my posts as well, think you missed my point. I just think it's too easy to just kill a player, in what's meant to be a post-apocalyptic style game. ammo is abundant, food on every tree and it re-spawns... water from wells. Its a paradise not survival. Its a playground for low end FPS to come and get some easy kills and your afraid it may get balanced. Systems aside. If we saw food and ammo reduced and pump that ran dry, ''shoot y mcShooty face'' may just need that ammo for a dear, or to fend off a 10-15 zombie horde (30 at a time would be epic:P), or may even find them selves having to interact with other survivors just to survive, rather than team deathmatch - oh wow, imagine that, dayz where part of the game is, another survivor may be worth more alive than dead :P I mean, if you haven't the 'rocks' to have a stand off, rather, shoot someone if you seem them first, it may not be to your befit, and you may be at a disadvantage in a survival game... still, all comes back to, what is dayz trying to be. I don't think they know anymore, and it is just a FPS on a big map with some zombies. ---- I have seen streams where people are suffering for no water and food, cus they are in such a rush for kit, and then they come on the forums and say there is no food. Then you have me saying there is to much(and show it). Never had an issue getting food and high full servers... i think they have changed too longer restart timers, so will test it all again... but these players, starving to death on a 1 hour reset and complaining there is not enough food... no, the fact is, they are not good at the survival aspect and are in rush to kit up... be it for defence or hunting players (<A Koser could be any of them terms, just so we are clear)... so seems it goes both ways, FPSer (that may or may not be Kosers) are not happy about supplies, so maybe they are also misunderstanfing what the game is?