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  1. dayz stick kill

    A pure and incomparable lesson of demential gameplay... try to face someone pointing a gun at you with a toothpick IRL... I bet for a total different ending of the story respect to the video. Cheers and enjoy the game
  2. dayz stick kill

    The video shows an absolutely demential and irritating power balance and character movement that makes possible to dodge everything better than in Matrix movie, damn! try to dance as MJ if a gun hits you in the chest or in a limb... come on! (yes, I know, "I understand", "It's still Alpha", "There's an alien invasion outbreaking", but these are anyway very, very bad issues). Until a serious movement and damage system will be implemented, dealing with melee combat in this game will result in a very frustrating experience. Anyway let's enjoy the positive sides of the actual game status: fortunately there's no "sand grains" or "tin cans" as weapons, otherwise their effects hitting a player, compared with a gun shot, could be worse than nuke or granade explosions. PS: I still trust and appreciate a lot the developers effort and I love this game, but let me express some disappointment about the actual game status.
  3. Uhm... maybe in between the shit, sometimes the game happens! =)) ;)
  4. Hi all, I usually paint the guns, so when I do it with the magazine attached the mag itself disappear just after the painting and seems definitely lost. To get the mag again exit and suddenly re-enter the server. To avoid to loose at all the mag, detach it before doing the painting action. I haven't found nothing about this problem in the forums...
  5. This morning during a frenzy mad fight the holy Zombie magic touch restored my damaged Ssh68 helmet to pristine condition... GSTZ!
  6. The real big bad wolf of DZ, at the moment, is the totally demential melee combat, in my opinion runs better the miniDZ than the standalone one.
  7. Really nice, the new lighting is awesome
  8. Still not, thx a lot for your suggestion!
  9. At the moment I can't find any private server using the game browser...
  10. melee combat

    Very nice approach, devs should be grateful to you. The sharp stick seems one of the most powerful weapons at the moment!
  11. Some people chooses the female character skin because it's skinny and thinner compared to the male one and this makes it harder to hit
  12. This one is more than decent: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.innovaptor.izurvive save a slot in your inventory!
  13. melee combat

    Great, this video demonstrates how demential is the melee combat at the current release status, thanks for posting it. I still trust that the developers will fix it soon or late.
  14. Totally agree with you. At the current state would be better to solve melee combat rolling a D20 and consulting a damage table... anyway, regardless my disappointment about this topic, I trust in devs and I'm appreciating the great work they're doing.
  15. At regular intervals of time I can hear some weapon cocking sound like. The first times this made me quite anxious, then I get used to it. Z's footsteps are the same of humans, but are more regular and easy to detect, unless they are aggroed.