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  2. I waited for almost 10 minutes only the first time I played the 1.0 version, all the next times required only a few seconds to update the server list.
  3. oldfossil

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Hello survivors, first of all a big thanks to all BIS people that are working on DZ. Yesterday night I was wandering around Balota MilBase, armed only of a military knife a Mosin without ammo and lots of hope to find something better than it. I met another guy and I saluted him, then I continued to look for equipment. When I have left the encounter place I saw him following me. As I suspected, and confirmed by how was happened shortly later, he was trying to engage some fight against me. The fought was kinife to knife and the winner was me, bleeding from some wound. To avoid any other questions I butched the enemy. In the meantime I saw a bunch of three, maybe four people that reached me and tried to communicate with me. In that moment I explained via chat that I can't talk. A guy of that group started to bandage me and maybe have used on me some blood bag. That moment was great, I was very low on blood and passed unconscious several times, but the guy have spended countless bandages to save me. Finally, maybe due to using the global chat channel, I was temporarily banned from the game, and so died. I want to make a big thank to the unknown guy that attempted to save me and I hope will read this message, soon or late. Chernarus is an unforgiving place, but sometimes you can meet some very good people.
  4. Yes! Why I didn't thought about it! ?
  5. I see all the points of view, but I still stay on my opinion. It is normal that something can be bugged (bugged, not made in that way to work as a finished product), but if the intention is to simulate something as close as possible to the real world, in the case of DZ we are quite far from the goal. As a stupid example, I think that everyone could master a mouse pointer that goes in another direction indeed of that towards the hand is moving, but how can it make sense? It could be funny for a meanwhile, but in my opinion this is not the intended way to make the pointer working, and it should be fixed. I know that we still are in alpha and that some consideration could be premature, but at the moment we can only make considerations about this developement stage of the game. I'm sure that the beta will be more fun to play.
  6. I understand what you mean, I respect it, and I don't want to be polemic with you or anyone that have their own opinions about DZ, but I just want to express another point of view about this subject. If you play, for example, a good flight simulator, you can achieve some realistic involvement into a plane steering technique. When you learn to do melee fight in DZ you are only learning to deal with a really crappy combat system and to draw the best experience and results for yourself (and you have passed years to learn something that is not well worth to spend just a few hours to do it... moreover you'll have to do it again when the Beta will be released). In my opinion it is not good at all. In my opinion a game like DZ should face the player with more than the actual way to solve player interactions during the fights. As last words, let me say that I'm criticizing it so much because I have great expectations from it, DZ is a game that I love so much and I'll continue to play as long as possible (as to appreciate the developer's everyday job).
  7. oldfossil

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Yes, it is, anyway I have a little story, happened to me just yesterday evening, that could make you smile and restore some happiness in your heart. After being killed after a nasty series of unlucky events near Novy S., I respawned in the neighborhood of Berezino (the spooky apple grove area). After a little lucky search I found a double barreled shotgun and shortly after even an hacksaw and a box of shells, so I decided to make my way to the town. When I was at the tank square I encountered a guy quite well equipped with some high grade stuff, I raised my gun just to don't get him too close (I never kos), and he got inside a building shutting the door. So I continued my search for a backpack and other basic gear heading to the car parking of the town' hospital. Here I met him again, we held the distance and waved each other continuing the scavenging of the cars, then I got into the military tent where there was another guy that started to talk to me (he had an annoying high pitched voice that usually make me change my mind about don't kos people) and suddenly fled away probably fearing some my bad reaction. The tent was empty, so I looked for better luck into the surrounding buildings and for the third time the first guy appeared again and started to talk to me asking for teaming up (I wrote him that I can't talk by microphone in that moment) or if I have had something to trade for. I kindly refused his requests and began to walk away from the city. He followed me rather close and after a few seconds I read the red status message: "Satan tryied to tie you", as already stated I don't like to kos, and generally to kill at all, but this time I has been forced to react in a violent manner, so I turned to face the dumbass and shot once, he tried to flee away, but he dropped while the second shot got him again. As any good adventure claims for some scoop, the second guy (the annoying high pitched voice one), that was hidden close to us, tried on his turn to kill me, unfortunately for him I have had already reloaded my trusty sawed off double barreled shotgun and served him a close load of pallets. As a good practice the two assholes has been shot again, just to prevent some miraculous and unwanted wake up. Trust me, I don't like to kill at all, but this situation was well worth to act against my natural mood and gave me some nasty satisfaction... this experience brought to me also a tortilla backpack filled with lots of interesting stuff... now I need some leather repair kit to fix it worn...
  8. oldfossil

    You Think Stick is OP?

    A pure and incomparable lesson of demential gameplay... try to face someone pointing a gun at you with a toothpick IRL... I bet for a total different ending of the story respect to the video. Cheers and enjoy the game
  9. oldfossil

    You Think Stick is OP?

    The video shows an absolutely demential and irritating power balance and character movement that makes possible to dodge everything better than in Matrix movie, damn! try to dance as MJ if a gun hits you in the chest or in a limb... come on! (yes, I know, "I understand", "It's still Alpha", "There's an alien invasion outbreaking", but these are anyway very, very bad issues). Until a serious movement and damage system will be implemented, dealing with melee combat in this game will result in a very frustrating experience. Anyway let's enjoy the positive sides of the actual game status: fortunately there's no "sand grains" or "tin cans" as weapons, otherwise their effects hitting a player, compared with a gun shot, could be worse than nuke or granade explosions. PS: I still trust and appreciate a lot the developers effort and I love this game, but let me express some disappointment about the actual game status.
  10. oldfossil

    One Tapped By A Zombie with full health and blood?

    Uhm... maybe in between the shit, sometimes the game happens! =)) ;)
  11. oldfossil

    Painting bug

    Hi all, I usually paint the guns, so when I do it with the magazine attached the mag itself disappear just after the painting and seems definitely lost. To get the mag again exit and suddenly re-enter the server. To avoid to loose at all the mag, detach it before doing the painting action. I haven't found nothing about this problem in the forums...
  12. oldfossil

    Happened again...

    This morning during a frenzy mad fight the holy Zombie magic touch restored my damaged Ssh68 helmet to pristine condition... GSTZ!
  13. oldfossil

    How do you see DayZ Infected?

    The real big bad wolf of DZ, at the moment, is the totally demential melee combat, in my opinion runs better the miniDZ than the standalone one.
  14. Really nice, the new lighting is awesome
  15. oldfossil

    last server played

    Still not, thx a lot for your suggestion!