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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"
  1. We all agree rekurv, hopefully it will change soon.. and i would like to mention I'm proud as punch at giving you your first BEANZ on ever !! CHEERS !!!!!
  2. Lookn forward to it jake, this was a great video.. was it you playing or a freind ??
  3. I can see what you mean, If you have enough ammo its all good. The thing is I've only ran into wolves by myself and when there is a pack 6 or 7 with not alot of ammo (and hands shaking in RL from scaredness) ^_^. I'm thinking perhaps in the future it will be nerf'd a tad when the game is harder as atm you can get ammo and weapons quick especially if you have friends. Regardless i must say its damn exciting man and I've waited a while to see and its such a fantastic dynamic because half the time you forget they are even in the game until you hear that distant howl
  4. Well in my experience the barrel finding is very random... didnt see one for a few weeks then found 3 barrels in the space of a few hours tho perhaps that could have some thing to do with a server wipe maybe.. I would love to know how many barrels spawn on a server on a fresh wipe. They seeem so much more practical than tents IMO. Dont give up ! :D
  5. what is wrong with this dude CLOSE THE FUCKN DOOR MAN !! hahaa Wolves are a bit OP when you godda shoot em with 3 AK bullets each
  6. Yes BEARS!, there was talk of adding bears a long time ago I'm not sure if they still planning do it but hopefully we will see bears one day And also being able to tame a dog and have a companion, i honestly don't think that is in the worx anymore i think it was an old idea rocket had in the very early days of the SA. I remember an early video of sa development before the SA released and they showed how a character pooped out empty cans after you eat a tin of food and maybe the dog companion could hunt the scent of the player via the can. I swear i seen it but cant find the video :D
  7. Pretty happy to have wolves in the game I have always wanted to experience something like that in dayz and it is exactly how i imagined. You hear those howles and shit yourself !! :D Tho i so think there hp needs to be nerf'd somewhat but i haven't encountered them for over a month now.. GG'z !
  8. I might try to check this out too.. almost looks like the same universe as 28. Always dig a good zombie flick tho they are few and far between. I wonder how i can watch this..
  9. I wonder how long it will be until we see a fix because the apple glitch has been in the game a long time, no ? The game should be more interesting when it is fixed as even tinned food seems pretty hard to find these days and i play on a quite server. Its really starting to feel like we will really have to grow and fish for food once the ol' apple spamm-o-tree is a thing of the past. Limited % searches for each apple tree until server reset happens :D
  10. Wow this old chestnut of a thread ^_^ I'm sure i posted about the UZI 9mm in here some time ago.. think i would be still interested to see more obscure east euro SMG's. I'm also wondering if the devs are almost done adding weapons anyway or would that always be an ongoing thing ?
  11. I really think that alot of people dont realize just how damn huge the dayz map is compared to all the other survival games out there that the haters compare dayz "snail paced" development too. Most other survival games are maybe half the size of the dayz map or smaller. Making the world as good and consistent as we want it on this (dayz) scale would always take time but i think most people think if they sold 3 million copies @ $30 bucks a pop theres alot of money earned = faster development which i suppose isnt entirely true
  12. I remember they did introduce that a while back " Lower and Closer to the Body" camera angle,i defs remember playing with it i wonder if that was on experimental.. because it wouldnt let me look over walls and i remember thinking hell yesss but there seems to be nothen like this in the game atm obviously
  13. Like the chap further above said "ARMA3" it has loads of mods that are player faction based with light survival elements. wasteland and exile to name a few. go on then go get em
  14. Yess ! i have been curious about this for a long time. I'm hoping to hear some new infected vocal noises one day, oppose to the current ones we have had for 5 years ^_^ looking forward to the future of dayz as always it has come a long way !
  15. My friend went unconscious because he drank alcohol tincture (after i clearly told him its a disinfectant some hours prior) so he was poisoned then went unconscious.. i told him he can spam a water pump to make himself vomit which i think can work to cure sickness ? i have had the sa for a while but have not had enough group play to confirm any of these medical practices.. so i guess next time a good idea is saline bag then ? So CPR seemed to work to get him up from what i could tell ? anyway maybe more trial and error in the future :D I figured morphine was still the same as the mod and only fixes broke legs as does the splint i would think. Thanx for the response