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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"
  1. Hmm the icons are rather nice... would probs prefer them vertical like the mod but whatevs... i see the new edition of the "down arrows" also, indicting decline like The Long Dark has.
  2. Ahh ok, well that would make sense.. wow, need to test some good bushes, this makes things alot trickier, Thanx for the reply emu !
  3. I haven't seen anyone else mention it yet but whats up with barrels being very difficult to hide ? When you try to stash one amongst a pine tree it lodges itself upon the lower branches ??
  4. Wtf is going on here mate..
  5. It was somewhat of a joke.. i would just like to see some more masks for role plays sake. We each have our version of dayz as we would like to see it.
  6. So i spent a week at tisy mil base trying to find an SVD to no avail. Lots of ammo and magazines for anything and everything seem to be spawning. The weapons don't really spawn that much. I find this rather exciting that the assualt rifles seem to be pretty rare now. mostly ak101 and aksu is what i found.. is any of this intentional ? because the domestic weapons seem to spawn as normal or too many pistols id say
  7. I think a human skin mask like the texas chainsaw massacre villain would be cool... just like pelts but you harvest a human.. and it looks all dank and rotten and after a while flies start buzzing around (well the flies is probs asking a bit much :D) Anyway, i see this topic is rather old.. i would like to see some very rare masks so when you see them you are like " WOW LOKK DAT UBER RAREST MASK"
  8. Exactly, I always cringe when i see people say " There's to many zombies atm" I have a feeling they maybe apart of the pvp crowd. I'm still hoping for the day when this happens...i didnt know brian hicks said they wanted to add more player slots to 75-100 before adding more infected then there is now. That's makes me want to ignore this game for another 3 years as it sais to me the devs are more swinging towards the pvp side of things these days which makes me unhappy. Don't take this out of context however as I'm sure the devs are all for pve but I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around 75-100 player servers that is waaay to busy even for the map size (IMO) And if anything the military areas should be the damn hardest to navigate with at least 3-4 more times the amount of zombies so you cant enter these areas with anything less than an armed team. At the moment I have a mil tent up north at TISY looting it every day trying to find the infamous SVD :D
  9. well in 61. I'm sure me and my crew accidentally left a stash barrel lid open and nothing depsawned over say a 12 hr period. Interacting will definetly refresh the despawn counter for said storage but as far as i know pretty much all (barrels, tents) stay until a all hive wide reset. Tho I'm sure something happens if someone has NOT interacted with their storage for a week or 2 ? hmm you really got me thinking here.. Despawning items after only 8hrs with no lid ? i would seriously doubt that.. can anyone else tell us some info on despawning storage items ?
  10. yes ! seen this in facebook this morning.. RIP God farther of the zombie genre !
  11. Yes totally, the thing is for me personally. The zombie apocalypse in my head is playing the game with a group of freind's and rarely coming across any other players at all with alot of infected making it hard to move in towns. Kind of making it feel a bit like a coop game. I would just prefer the experience of meeting "outsider" players a more rare and unique experience making my group want to interact with them because we hadnt seen anyone else for a long time and you are like this " holy shit another player(s) maybe we can swap an item(s) rather than the now logic of "fuck lets stay away from them they will probs try to kill " Alot of player traffic takes from the immersion imo. My play style is to mostly avoid everyone tho unless they are close by than ill try to have a chat to them, I never try to kill anyone unless they try first.
  12. Good idea. I don't see why we need 75 - 100 player servers. I'm all for more infected numbers over more players any day of the week
  13. Ok, I just jumped on and the crashes still seemed as consistent as the last patch. I need to log these dumps and stop being lazy
  14. Anyone noticed that the zombies seemed to be weaker ? I feel like I'm killing them alot easier than in the past. Is there any word on the sounds of zombies changing anytime soon ? I would like to hear more sickly human groans etc rather than this demonic cigarette smokers raspy flem ridden breathing noises we have been hearing for the last 5 years ^_^
  15. Excellent examples of the new lighting. And on another note.. what the hell ever happened to the barricading buildings idea? I havent seen or heard anything for a while tho i have been a bit quite on the forums.