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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"

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  1. BETA Status Report - November 28

    Hmmm.. interesting. I had prepared myself somewhat for the delay to happen for post holiday as i think we have all learnt from the past. So much new exciting stuff however I think i can confirm dayz fantasies of yesteryear may be confirmed for next year! I wonder how much hate these guys will be getting from the facebook bitches status report ^_^
  2. Starting off with a full stomach

    This is what i thought too. How long have you been playing dayz chaos ? Like most of the responses here it is way to easy to survive especially with the apple glitch and all as well. I'm sure 63 patch is going to be interesting and i think its going to come out reaaaal damn soon before the holidays so get pumped
  3. Zombies

    Just another disgruntled user that comes on to the forums and doesn't discuss things properly with the people trying to converse with him with nice manners and hes acting too cool for school because hes angry at the game that he pays no attention too. Exhibit A. He's clearly smart too... Where do these people come from ? This statement alone is very brain dead. All i have to say is SUCK IT ! I'm glad you wasted 30 dollars
  4. Almost done with this game

    Well that just sounds like bad luck, I always avoided people when I use to play alot by myself and I actually got pretty good at it(avoiding). Knowing what routes to take when entering and leaving towns.. or leaving the same way I came in because I know that particular way was safe the first time. Hopefully you will have someone else as back up to play with one day, having just one other person is all you need to watch your back. An awesome tactic I have always used when I play by myself is this. When you first hear someones footsteps try to talk first. Lie to them, Let them know that you are with 2 other friends in the area. This obviously puts them into a position of feeling they have the lesser hand. This has worked well for me so many times when another player approaches you who is by them self. Just remember to speak with confidence and dont hesitate when using the mic Goodluck onedog and dont give up!
  5. Carving/writing on loot - Inspect Item Interface

    Not a bad niche idea at all.. I'm all for the small RP style elements. I hope when we can write notes again that they will stay somewhat persistent so someone will actually find them instead of disappearing on a server reset and make they stay for 24 hrs or something if it isnt in a tent etc
  6. well i think a part of us needs to except just how far the influence of facebooks life sucking tentacles do reach pretty far these days with the like/dislike/happy/ i love you emojis on message boards etc but yeah pretty happy with just the beans but hey it doesnt really matter. I'm 32 now and things like this probably shouldn't bother me ^_^
  7. Stable Update 0.62.142963

  8. pen and paper?

    Why was it taken out ? I want to leave creepy notes in peoples tents that I don't steal. And on another note, I think notes should be somewhat persistent rather than disappear on a server restart to invigorate more possible player interactions with said note(s) rather than always having to leave them inside tents, barrels and backpacks etc. So this probs would not work as alot of players just drop leftover bullet pack "paper" resulting in alot of persistent paper lying around. HOWEVER.. maybe if the paper has text on it doesn't disappear for a while longer perhaps ? I guess i could say this, in a round about way is me wanting to live out a fantasy of living in a secluded town and leave messed up notes around the place about a killer who lives in town and you should leave and then you see me lurkin completely NAKED with ghille hood and and axe coming for ya.. this is in dayz be the way.. I think notes is a super, interesting, untouched mechanic for interaction purposes for dayz. I hope it gets a little bit more attention one day.
  9. Reduced sun glare by wearing sunglasses

    Wow, that would be an effective technique against riot police.. I mean you know jus sayinn..
  10. Dynamic Weather is something everybody wants.

    This is an amazing concept video by Game in Theory. He makes the best goddamn concept videos for sure. This idea seems like it would be a major hassle to convert all the trees to animate to different colours through said season by shit damn its a sexy video all the same. You guys should check out all his other dayz concepts also on his channel. Amazing stuff
  11. New player controller should have right & left hand slots.

    This has been discussed in the past, I wonder if we would see it one day. I think its a cool enough idea, dual pistols seems gimmicky but would still be pretty wild if it was possible to do it
  12. Get Rid of the BLOOD TYPES

    Interestingly enough, me and my friend have the same blood type at the moment, O+. First time for everything :D I like the blood types, tho i can see why some people would not want it. I think it puts just enough medical detail and emphasis on having to have more members in your group for varied blood types.
  13. Golden desert eagle lolz, totally delete the players inv carrying that pls ^_^
  14. Base Building - What would you like to see?

    Well yes but i just more so meant it would be nice as a basic introduction idea... the lock picks can lock the doors at the moment anyway so i was just elaborating on that. I just want to lock houses I'm not very fussed about the idea of constructing an entire base with towers and fences that sounds like a nightmare