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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"

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  1. DAYZ: End of the Road

    Did you make this lozz?. Very good short man. Good pacing, tension was well paced also. The infected make up was done very well. Nice shots too. Air soft weapons ? man i wish we could have them in Aus they are so good for film making. I'm self teaching VFX here in Australia. You understand film making quite well. Keep it up. Shit damn ima subscribe to fence post on youtube.
  2. I like to make dayz art

    I first posted this in screenshots and thought no one will see it and technically they arent screen shots anymore so i made a seperate topic. I use a bit of photshop and after effects and here is some concept style horror dayz pics i have made from screenshots taken in game. I call this one "The Welcoming Committee" I will have more to come in the future hence a topic ^_^ This one is a bit too dark, made it a few years ago..
  3. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    I made this with photoshop and after effects.. I call it "The Welcoming Committee" EDIT: i started a seperate topic for my pics could a mod delte this im not sure how
  4. Use of Masks

    Communication. Interpret that to any and extent you want. Simple.
  5. Use of Masks

    Hello Rekurv, Good question. I realy dont think the devs have touched on this since the announcment of gas masks. I'm sure they intended for them to have a purpose but its definetly been back seated for some time now and same with any kind of visual change for first person view with any of the head gear. Hats, glasses, helmets and especially the motor bike helmet (which i have always thought should muffle your hearing somewhat) and the glasses, hats etc reducing glare from the sun. bfisher, The name tags, that was only on the "regular servers" the hardcore servers had no name tags which is the way the game was intended. I can see the appeal of having your pals name appear close with in 10 meters, handy ? sure is, however if u actually need name tags in dayz well I dare say those peeps are playing the wrong game ^_^ (tho it would total stop the age old occurence of your freind changing clothing and not mentioning anything and you think hes someone else and shoot at him) <-- this just comes down to better communication.
  6. Thinking about coming back?

    Yes !! I've thought this for a long time and i think alot of people could relate. I always told myself dont pay to much attention to dayz sa but it was pretty hard not too. For the most part however alot of what has been placed in the game are ideas i have always wanted to see but alot of the original "excitement" isnt there anymore. I shall call it the "early access curse"
  7. A new running animation please!

    Could the op be anymore vague ? no example posted of what he is talking about. Does he mean the footage of running in .63 or what ? Generally if you come with an idea or something that needs to be changed because it isnt good, give us a little more to work with.
  8. My Suggestions/Wishes for DayZ

    I indeed it really is hahaa. It will just take some time for all the goodies to be added over time.. I'm thinkn months.
  9. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    oooh ! Well its been weeks since the repot said weeks ?! yee haa !
  10. Looking for some friends...

    Hello Kash and welcome, A good idea for your post would be to put what country you are in and what time zone and time you play. You will get a better response if that info is already there :D
  11. DayZ Audio Subforum

    We defs have this now, 3 years later hahaa! most of the animals makes noises and some of the deer noizes can be pretty weird and spooky sometimes. I remember the first time i heard a heard of cows clomping on a road almost a year ago now i freaked out pretty hard because i didnt know what it was. I hope the fly buzz noize does come back but not as intense because i can remember you could not here much let alone someone sneaking up on you when searching a dead body :D Well here we are 3 years later hahaa!.. new infected audio for .63. Slowly but surely we are getting there.
  12. Despawning of player dead bodies

    Yes, I will never forget the days of the over the top 'flies buzzing' sound. As soon as it kicked in you got a rush of adrenaline almost to the same effect of meeting another player, only this time they were dead. For how long tho ? who knows. Are they a fresh body ? is someone still close by ? alot of little scary factors came into play hearing that fly buzz sound (that was actually a bit to loud also). I think we would all love the dead player bodies to stay untill a restart, perhaps one day ^_^
  13. Rain Coat

    Except for green and black rain coats. Only a noob would keep using a fire coat over those :P
  14. Add sidechat

    One of the major factors behind not having a side chat is to entice people to communicate with radios etc. Simple as that. I'm guessing perhaps you never played the original dayz ? well that side chat was obsoloutley heinous for a game of its type.. the continous blue texting with players dribble all over your screen really annoyed mee. I was soOo happy when I first launched the standalone to see it was no longer there! Thanks again devs ! :D
  15. Almost done with this game

    Indeed, I think onedog was just having a bad time learning the dayz ropes :D