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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"

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  1. Well yes but i just more so meant it would be nice as a basic introduction idea... the lock picks can lock the doors at the moment anyway so i was just elaborating on that. I just want to lock houses I'm not very fussed about the idea of constructing an entire base with towers and fences that sounds like a nightmare
  2. Indeed ddog. However those pesky lock picks could still be our most basic way of temperately locking a door for now but they are just another useless item everyone by passes. I suppose we would still need static storage with the wardrobes (to make locking doors have a purpose) like i mentioned above so I guess the devs are waiting to nip it all in the but at once is my guess. For now I will just keep dreaming
  3. hahaa!! .... sonny boy, you have alot of days of dissapointment ahead of you.. if i had to guess ? before the end of the year... hopefully november but more like december. When ever you think something will be ready in the day development... add + 4 months. No shit
  4. And here we are 3 and a half years later with pretty much nothing but tents. I'm somewhat confused as to why they haven't atleast made those damn lock picks useful yet considering how long they have been in the game. I mean why are the lock picks even available when a player with and axe can bust the door open with one hit ? what is the point, what were they thinking when they added that ??? That isnt how it should work. Higher quality lockpicks should be needed to open high quality lock pick doors. e.g a worn lock pick can only open doors of a damaged or badly damaged lock pick. This puts value on having the higher quality lock pick so if you had a pristine lock pick the opposing player would need a pristine lock pick to open your front door. Sheesh, anyway that's enough about lock picks. Anyway, I Just want to barricade a house with planks, nails and a hammer, given that the storage items like the wardrobe are back in the houses. Correct me if I'm wrong but the devs have not touched on the base build subject in a long time ? I really do say it as this. Base building seems like another one of the many "under the rug" features that has fallen away with time I've been watching the dayz development for a long time. Does anyone ever wonder if the dev team actually has a project manager ?
  5. patch disscussion threads are pretty quite these days too, same with the servers..
  6. Do you go to mt st micheals in bris ? ^__^
  7. LOL (yes its old)
  8. Well i sure hope this is what they do but i would have to see it to believe it. 1pp is how dayz should be. I have been telling myself that for 4 years :D
  9. Far out pilgrim that's a hell of a response. the only parts i agree on would have to be with the why the fuck did they cut the forest back so much which was a pretty strange turn which in turn makes hiding camps harder but that's about all i have to say.. (considering weve been thrashing chernaurs for 5+years now) Now to my question for you sir.. how many hrs do you have in the standalone ^_____^
  10. Well I am going to guess that it's a glitch. I'm not sure what feature for a binocular would require an "open/close" option other than perhaps for taking the lens caps off but they are old school russian binocs in dayz that don't look as if they ever would have caps anyway and i would doubt the devs would bother messing around with any sort of official container system for the binoculars. I can only think of this type of glitch >> Did you maybe have an item in your hands before you were holding the binoculars that has an open close function and maybe the game did something wacky there with the strange lag that can happen when using items sometimes. I know i have certainly had weird problems like the one i suggested with items in the past with the weird "item lag" that can happen
  11. Wow who shit in this kids cereal ? hahaa The map is alot more interesting than the old chernarus. I can see you are having one of those rants tho. Usually most of us stay away from the forums when we are in this kind of mood. Hey, dont get me wrong, there is still alot of irritating things about dayz but I think alot of those things and ideas are slowly being addressed over time. Even as a long time fan of dayz i think its easy and safe to say we all need our "long breaks" from dayz. For instance, some of the things that I'm worried about is stuff like "base building/fortification " or how about the stamina system will be introduce in 63. but there is no talk of the time frame for when vehicles will be back (that i know of).. but then again why is there no damn push bikes for us to use until cars are working properley ? When was the last time any of this stuff was mentioned ? These are the things that make we wonder when paying attention to dev blogs etc. But rather then getting all unhappy i just look away for a while :D Uhh.. you can choose who you spawn as... ^_^
  12. oooh nice.. so like uh, whats init ? just a crash fix ? I have not played dayz for a while, i think i might jump on cause i have never actually dabbled in cannibalism and eaten anyone in game yet and there is some people in RL that have been pissing me off lately so i might pretend its them in game and eat them.. yes, yesss lets do that..
  13. Are ppl still getting alot of crashes with the latest stable patch ?
  14. I still wonder why they havent made it 2-3 mins or so after you log out.. i mean is its 20 secs or whatever atm how hard could it be to adjust the timer for that sequence ?
  15. Which reminds me I still have never eaten anyone yet... hmm maybe a good excuse to jump on pipsi now to find someone to eat