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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"

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    sax player vagina slayer

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  1. liquidcactus

    How do I change my Character? Not randomize.

    make sure your character is dead. Quit to menu and select character then rejoin server and you will get selected character. Its a bit of a pain but you have to do that each time if you want a specific char and its the only way i know that works for sure.
  2. liquidcactus

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Oooh some nice goodies in there. Great stuff.
  3. This is a great thread. Alot of reminders.
  4. liquidcactus

    Are You Part Of The Problem?

    I wasnt aware this was a console specific debate. (i didnt see it was in the sexbox forums)
  5. liquidcactus

    Are You Part Of The Problem?

    This is why privated hives and modded servers are the best. Alot less bullshit.
  6. liquidcactus

    New dayz players on ps4

    i play with freinds but never seen it recently or ever. I guess you dont like the feature cause its hard ^_^ welcome to dayz sonny !
  7. liquidcactus

    New dayz players on ps4

    Oh well thats interesting. I realy did not think its on the pc version or maybe it is I'm confused. Great to hear its in the xbox version atleast.
  8. liquidcactus

    New dayz players on ps4

    I think we can say we all remember the 1st most awesome moment that made you want to experience as much as possible in this game. For me it was in 2012 with the mod, when it released i was blown away as there was nothing else like dayz and trying to stay alive long enough to meet a couple of freinds and yearning for the most basic items to survive only just finding food and drink just in time before starving and dehydrating. Lying to a freind saying i dont have any food when really i have 1 tin of food but i know i'll be hungry soon so i cant give it away. (mind you back in the mod days you could not share the food, you click to eat it auto ate the entire food can at once) There was also awesome feature in the mod where a player could catch a cold that you needed antibiotics to fix. If said cold was not treated the player would start to randomly cough and it would intensify and other players could catch the cold or "cough" via proximity to sick player. This feature was such a great tension builder as the zombies were attracted to the coughing sound aswell. I hope this feature comes back one day.
  9. liquidcactus

    Introduce yourselves

  10. liquidcactus

    Here is an idea.. WW2 setting?

    ahhh, he mentioned he had "refreshments" at the bottom thats why theres no sense 🤨
  11. My last console was a N64 😀 I just stick to pc these days. I hope xbox gets community servers in the next year or so but who knows realy
  12. liquidcactus

    Bring back Death Audio?

    It's days sa footage with sound design and other concepts ontop that someone made from 5 years ago. Alot of what was in this video sound was is now in the game ^_^
  13. liquidcactus

    Bring back Death Audio?

    Something like this would be nice (with outside sound of the environment player etc) skip to 2:13
  14. liquidcactus

    Game keeps forcing me into random characters

    I had this issue my self but i just make sure the character is actualy "dead" before logging onto the server so the char i select in the options menu is the char i get in game. In other words, dont just hit respawn while you are still on the server. Acutaly quit the server than make sure char is selected, rejoin server and it should work.
  15. Well I'm on pc and I play on dayzdownunder. It has a medical / infections mod to make the game more difficult so medicine actually matters. The server is new so theres never more than 5 players on. You just have to find community servers are where the hardcore servers will be with first person only.