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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"

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  1. Tetsting footsteps sounds

    Very interesting! i had hoped to see soft steps with shoes off for a long time :D
  2. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Mee too.. i have been super patient. Havent played dayz since november. Smashing hunt showdown and rising storm vietnam in the meantime.. some kick arse alternative titles are out this year while i wait for dayz.. and wait and wait some more ^_^ Still always looking forward to Dayz.
  3. Any news about the player stealth system?

    Wow thats awesome its actually in. I guess the op hasnt played 63 and neither have I. I had always hoped that one day we would be able to take shoes and have not much sound at all. If glass(smashed) was a thing in game that would make a great 'sound trap' to lay at a door step while searching bigger buildings and if someone had no shoes on you would hear them 'ouch!' out loud in pain.
  4. Infected types/instances

    Yes indeed BB, The ones already asleep on the floor only wake up sometimes.. are they dead ? Give them a smack in the head too see and if you dont, always check your 6 if you are alone Yess DD I hope so. Deaf and or blind infected also. A possible, subtle, visual indication of this could be stained blood streaming from eyes/ears on the head.

    Thanks, I will have some more banga's to post here again soon
  6. Search Pockets function

    Yes indeed and i would say pockets should be quicker to access than your backpack thus placing emphasis on particular items.
  7. Hordes of infected

    What do u mean grandbob ? Thats exactly how it should be, infected everywhere. If players are not prepared for alot of zombies they shouldnt play dayz ? Maybe you mean less server resources ? i hate full servers anyway, i want a zombie survival experience not this pvp shit fest thats been happening for years. When this game is ready i hope there is some lower slot servers with shit loads of zombies or something close to this idea.. i hate the thought of 100 player servers. That sais to me that the devs are giving a solid option for extensive pvp situations if this 100 slot idea goes ahead in due time which i beleive steers away from dayz original concept
  8. Craters ? mm.. not a bad idea i would say. When i first starting reading i thought about the bomb craters i seen travelling vietnam in 2006 and indeed they were now water sources and fishing spots (the bigger craters) for the locals. I mean it would be nice to see maybe a few areas that would have been bombed, there is no reason why not. Atleast maybe one "scorched earth" area. To be honest my head is more so in the direction of more cars and debri that litter the streets or a long traffic jam leading the road up to green mountain. More civilian signs of "The Great Panic" if you will.
  9. Interesting.. if they were spread across the map I guess performance would be different. The mod never realy had more than 500- 600 spawned at one time. I mean lets be honest we want to see 1,000s of these ugly bastards everywhere one day. Cherno alone should have 500 ^_______^
  10. Wow i see nothing ?However!, I do remember getting issues with amd cards back when dayz first released and it was like a frosted effect on the leaves of the trees and i think i had to turn off AA or something.I was pretty game breaking and i found out the hard way games dont like amd cards much
  11. stamina&nutrition&resting

    Hopefully we will see something regarding nutrion value(s) bonus for eating veg, meat etc as i think its an idea that has been at the back of our mind(S) for quite sometime. It would make the extra effort for farming feel more wholesome also. Giving more value to having vegetables in general. The lying down for a temp stamina bonus is a pretty good idea i think too. Hell yeah kopo
  12. DayZ Beta ( Fan made trailer)

    Hey nice work. Very subtle too.Tho i think the survivor might catch a sniffle trying to sleep in the rain ^_^ Did you make this in after effects, the title etc ? I use alot of photoshop and after effects for years now its great stuff to get into ! KEEP IT UP !
  13. My .63 Offline Experiences

    This is a nice write up. I like what I'm hearing from everyone. It's all pretty damn exciting.I havent played any .63 but I'm not sure where I'm getting this patience from but I'm going to hold it and squeeze for as long as possible. Or untill I get a new monitor for my BEAST pc which im confused on what to get :D I have been looking forward to new infected sounds for a long time and the demonic snarls of yesteryear was way past its use by date but i do think the new sounds definitely need some work as others have mentioned. Do i post the good ole dayz horror concept video of the zombies running & screaming at night ? :P
  14. Holding mouse buttons and carpal tunnels ...

    yes i can vouch for this.. im in my early 30s now and use a computer waay too much (games and work)... carpal tunnel indeed i do get.. so important to remember those stretches and getting up to go for a bit of a walk
  15. 0.63 zombies are GREAT!

    Ok so I've been holding off .63 untill its been out a little while and it has an actual "decent" amount of zombies. I want to jump into .63 when its at a good point. So you guys seem to be pretty impressed ? i hope more footage of .63 zombies emerge..