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    I'm studying to be a Visual FX artist.. i love using after effects and NUKE compositing programs. Love matte painting and film vfx and sfx aswell !

    Gearing up to make my 1st short film soon.. a zombie/horror/ survival teaser called "The Survivor"
  1. Anyone noticed that the zombies seemed to be weaker ? I feel like I'm killing them alot easier than in the past. Is there any word on the sounds of zombies changing anytime soon ? I would like to hear more sickly human groans etc rather than this demonic cigarette smokers raspy flem ridden breathing noises we have been hearing for the last 5 years ^_^
  2. Excellent examples of the new lighting. And on another note.. what the hell ever happened to the barricading buildings idea? I havent seen or heard anything for a while tho i have been a bit quite on the forums.
  3. As much as we are all want this changed so badly, I still dont think a solid enough idea has been put forward as too how to deal with the gamma situation as most peoples monitors are different etc. However it(SA) seems to be better than the dayz mod as in the places that have shadows cast over them at night is pretty much pitch black
  4. I'm getting some kind of weird white head bug on my inventory screen kinda like the black head bug, I could not confirm if this glitch affected my model in 3rd person outside of the inv screen i was on 1pp server playing alone but if its the same as the black head bug only you see it yourself ? I haven't seen anyone else mention this yet ? I'm also wondering if body temp feature has been tweaked. I was soaking wet and "cold" then "freezing" and took my hoodie and pants off in a building and my temp seem to drop where I'm sure on the current stable you "have to" make a fireplace to get warm after receiving freezing status ? . Can anyone else confirm this ? Now all we need is grass to render at a far distance and a fix for the gamma exploit and ill be pretty damn stoked :D
  5. Well i have to say the environment is sooo damn good ! I almost feel like I'm playing "THE FOREST" it really has given a giant atmosphere boost to the game especially with the new environment sounds also.. i was hoping the shitty zombie noizes would have changed also but oh well.. i just wish i could run everything in high/ultra i think it would be rather orgazmo.. goddamn this game is getting good.. The dayz fantasies i use to have 3+ years ago are becoming a reality
  6. Mann I'm hoping too hear new zombie sounds in 62. Thats all i fantasize about.. anything but the crappy demon snarls we have been hearing for 5 years now :D
  7. Mee to ! it was up north close to or in novya i cant quite remember. In the white house on the 2nd floor directly in the middle of the floor. Very Strange
  8. Seems the AK74 and the steyr are the main weapons spawning in military locations and i play on a quite private hive with a small crew. Found 3 vehicles and no major problems with them other than doors sometimes not opening.. things are looking good i would say from this experience
  9. suggestions

    Yep, fantastic ideas you have ! I don't know about the battery life one however but you put some effort into this and we can see that.. I hope these enter the game some day.. especially the damn gamma fix we have all been waiting for so long I mean its def better than the mod these days but its still noooo where near what we need I mean whats the point of night vision equipment even being added if the gamma situation is never truly fixed. Love the blood bag idea also.. think some dude(s) have posted something similar in the past or something like crafting the pen with the bag then the blood type "appears" on the blood bag but perhaps it can only be written by the person who created it or maybe you can choose from a selection of blood types to "write" on the bag because you need the test kit anyway ? KEEP EM COMEN - I like nicely formatted posts like this and i think the devs could take them more seriously (maybe)
  10. I personally have never liked side chat at all as it gets caked with sk mofo spam. As long as we can turn it off i guess its fine but other than that i like it not being there. I guess the devs want more people to use the walkie talkie radios.
  11. I can agree here but i think more so maybe you want to see the player list in game. That is what i miss, being able to witness my ping. I can understand why they took it out (player list) but atleast let me see my ping. Maybe there is a console option ??
  12. We all agree rekurv, hopefully it will change soon.. and i would like to mention I'm proud as punch at giving you your first BEANZ on ever !! CHEERS !!!!!
  13. Lookn forward to it jake, this was a great video.. was it you playing or a freind ??
  14. I can see what you mean, If you have enough ammo its all good. The thing is I've only ran into wolves by myself and when there is a pack 6 or 7 with not alot of ammo (and hands shaking in RL from scaredness) ^_^. I'm thinking perhaps in the future it will be nerf'd a tad when the game is harder as atm you can get ammo and weapons quick especially if you have friends. Regardless i must say its damn exciting man and I've waited a while to see and its such a fantastic dynamic because half the time you forget they are even in the game until you hear that distant howl
  15. Well in my experience the barrel finding is very random... didnt see one for a few weeks then found 3 barrels in the space of a few hours tho perhaps that could have some thing to do with a server wipe maybe.. I would love to know how many barrels spawn on a server on a fresh wipe. They seeem so much more practical than tents IMO. Dont give up ! :D