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  1. mugost

    Offline mode projections

    First, I’ve seen this complain/problem more than once and I’m baffled about the lack of creativity to use the mentioned solution(private LAN server). But there is many reasons to “play” solo, besides the obvious (just want PvE, avoid PvP and ~80% of game...) the purpose could be(just as examples) creation of wallpaper(desktop), scripted video, early test of mods etc. To lolokane, 2 things 1st, You mention bears, good idea, perhaps a complete hunters mod-pack(even tho such games already exists) with various animals with there own unique behavior/stats and weapons/caliber/reticle - can’t shoot bear with .22-short, no matter how many shots you can get in before it gets you… and some animals have better senses, which calls for longer shots. As my skills within 3d creation is limited to dead objects(like cans, knifes etc.) and doesn’t really excite me, I would only be able to offer coding and solutions within this. 2nd, if you have any questions about configuration of server and how to run it, feel free to msg.
  2. mugost

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    Don’t your need a near low pop. server to do this? I would think that staying in the same area and just running from point to point attract attention from players, resulting in holdup or your death. (I know I would abuse it) But, why would your play that way and rob yourself a lot of gameplay? It’s not like it’s hard to find food, water etc. anyway, just leave the coast… also inland where most fun is found. I also know that on some servers(community’s, that I play on) re-looting is not allowed, tho it’s hard to catch people in the act…
  3. mugost

    Game Concept: 1 Life Servers

    I'm not sure I can see the good idea in this(aka just not for me)... but, at least there should be a periodic reset of these server, because I’m not sure that people would buy the game again(when locked on all servers) they will just quit the game :(
  4. mugost

    Despawn time of Dropped loot

    I take it as you not looking for a solution to some shady business, but ask in wonder? But perhaps someone else came along and took it or it could have glitched trough the floor? (normally you can see it in vicinity) – could also be a new bug :)
  5. mugost


    if not… that you get scammed, which by the way is 100% legal, as long as it does not involve anything "real life" Anyway welcome, but beware! there are many parallels between the mentioned space orientated game and DayZ – Don’t trust anybody at first glance, but still...you have to, as at least 80% of the game is in the interactions between players :) edit : quote missing
  6. mugost

    So what do i do

    you got to use rags as many times as you have wounds, so if you have been cut with a knife 2 times, bandage up 2 times :) About older players vs inexperienced (often one and the same...), you have a point but I believe it’s not a general problem, but they exist and that's also content in the game… as well as, some times, giving fellow survivors a diplomatic chance, no matter how many KoS you have had :o) My best advice is to leave coast as soon as your hydration is good and you have at least one can of soda(or other beverage, container with water).
  7. mugost

    How I Became The Best Player In DayZ

    I must play this game wrong then, because I have a lot of player interactions(play mostly community’s)… and besides those times where I desire to shoot first(various reasons) I believe that only 1/3 is with fatal result, well perhaps 1/2
  8. mugost

    Free weekend

    Now, dear fellow survivors… please… please find your social side and let it shine. Tryout + Good experience = More players, more people to interact with(kills included, so more kills on the long run... if you don’t KoS now) I know I’ll try... can’t promise anything... but I know I will try ;)
  9. mugost

    Player Assistance Team

    Don’t hope his project is dead, because it’s seems like a good idea and I’ll like to report in. I am willing to help online – besides basic support(as many) I read up on and know most bugs in client/game and, if any, the fix. Willing to help in-game - in whatever fashion they may need, limited to my own skills. I only play SA, so my help is limited to this. See you in Chernarus.
  10. mugost

    Can't connect to 0.63 servers

    This is a typing mistake, right? Try to validate gamefiles :) Link will show you how (It's from the Arma 2 mod, but procedure is the same) DayZ will have a extra dialog where you can sellect to clear local files (log etc.), this is optionel, try without (to avoid resetting settings), but do it if it still does'nt work after validation. Have a nice day, see you in Chernarus
  11. mugost

    DayZ Battleye Client Not Responding **FIX**

    Is'nt that just a remake of a old video? (that used to fix a problem with Battleeye kicks) but reason for kicks are different now :)
  12. mugost

    I've got a problem with connection ?

    Hey Tommy, Welcome to Chernarus! "when rust uses battle eye" - I'm guessing it got shotrtened by mistake and that it should be something about it's allowed/works in Rust? If that's the case, you can't compaire the two, as there could be difference in the EULA/ TOS that Battleeye then inforces. But, have you tried another name? (otherwise that's what I would suggest) P.S. Why do you have a that link in thai? I won't write what it's translate to, I believe it's illegal to advitice for any bet-service in forums for a game that 16+? (I know it is in EU)
  13. Hey fellow survivers, Some(all?) have tried to have a magazine stuck in weapon, this will fix it! And, as promished, on streams, a picture with the excact location to pull magasine. Pull magazine from weapon as usual, but instead of dropping it direct into inventory... pull to areas marked with red on picture in link. https://ibb.co/jMieDK See you in Chernarus
  14. mugost

    I know, but be patient.

  15. For a total new player, one can argue that 0.63 would be more simple experience. About 0.63 not going stable in near future, well isn’t that the plan? Personalty I play both, depending on my temperament that day :)