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  1. Free weekend

    Now, dear fellow survivors… please… please find your social side and let it shine. Tryout + Good experience = More players, more people to interact with(kills included, so more kills on the long run... if you don’t KoS now) I know I’ll try... can’t promise anything... but I know I will try ;)
  2. Player Assistance Team

    Don’t hope his project is dead, because it’s seems like a good idea and I’ll like to report in. I am willing to help online – besides basic support(as many) I read up on and know most bugs in client/game and, if any, the fix. Willing to help in-game - in whatever fashion they may need, limited to my own skills. I only play SA, so my help is limited to this. See you in Chernarus.
  3. Can't connect to 0.63 servers

    This is a typing mistake, right? Try to validate gamefiles :) Link will show you how (It's from the Arma 2 mod, but procedure is the same) DayZ will have a extra dialog where you can sellect to clear local files (log etc.), this is optionel, try without (to avoid resetting settings), but do it if it still does'nt work after validation. Have a nice day, see you in Chernarus
  4. DayZ Battleye Client Not Responding **FIX**

    Is'nt that just a remake of a old video? (that used to fix a problem with Battleeye kicks) but reason for kicks are different now :)
  5. I've got a problem with connection ?

    Hey Tommy, Welcome to Chernarus! "when rust uses battle eye" - I'm guessing it got shotrtened by mistake and that it should be something about it's allowed/works in Rust? If that's the case, you can't compaire the two, as there could be difference in the EULA/ TOS that Battleeye then inforces. But, have you tried another name? (otherwise that's what I would suggest) P.S. Why do you have a that link in thai? I won't write what it's translate to, I believe it's illegal to advitice for any bet-service in forums for a game that 16+? (I know it is in EU)
  6. Hey fellow survivers, Some(all?) have tried to have a magazine stuck in weapon, this will fix it! And, as promished, on streams, a picture with the excact location to pull magasine. Pull magazine from weapon as usual, but instead of dropping it direct into inventory... pull to areas marked with red on picture in link. https://ibb.co/jMieDK See you in Chernarus
  7. I know, but be patient.

  8. For a total new player, one can argue that 0.63 would be more simple experience. About 0.63 not going stable in near future, well isn’t that the plan? Personalty I play both, depending on my temperament that day :)
  9. I know, but be patient.

    I know it has been up before :/ when looking around for new DayZ stuff(video, news etc.) and you get bombarded with all the negative and it's keeps, daily, coming and as is, they scream louder. It's not that complaining is a bad thing (without we get stagnation, so yes, it should be encouraged) but when the base for complain is invalid or feelings in disguise, it has no other function than negatives.
  10. I know, but be patient.

    I have never claimed to be a game-developer, that statement is on you. I’m also a gamer and have been for 35+ years. I believe that all in all makes your entire sentence invalid? To clarify, the closest I’ve been to develop games is various open source and commercial library’s that at some point have been included in games. But, besides a few exceptions, I’ve worked in the medicinal industry(injection, factory, turn-key solutions), I don’t know you but expect that you can imagine what goes into and the demands for developing such system. You got a point about marketing, common mistake for venture entrepreneurs, for a number of reasons. But it’s possible, seen it done to more or less success, but it needs a very specific plan and have high demands to community. The average gamer should care, we do with other products and services – we pay our electrician(for one) pr. hour? But anyway, your statement a bit contradictory…. Average don’t care about how much work, but still allow them to complain about time? Logical, then the only problem is that game was announced too early? Well, try forget it then and wait for release. For the rest, both before and after edit, it seems like you agree.
  11. Well... this game is subject for a lot of aggression related frustrations and yes... there is a lot of bugs - ranging from annoying to down right stupid, but remember we have not reached the integer version of game, yet – which some see as another problem (2013, say no more). BUT, to start with the last… it’s also stupid that players primarily base there negative review on how many hours developers put into the project. Because, the develop-timeline has nothing to do with the quality of game, you are just frustrated and can’t distinguish ‘stercore’ from chocolate... result is CAPS and angry emojis. Furthermore, from a background(20+ years) within development, both as project-manager, concept-developer and code-monkey, I can tell you that while 5 years development is a long time, it’s not uncommon – the difference is that, most times, company’s will first go public at a later stage in development. When it come to bugs and glitches. As long as debugging is ongoing and developer seriously include players and there feedback… we can’t complain or base our review on what’s not working, at this early stage. In my opinion, it seems messy and some out of control, so I believe that the DayZ team needs a solid project-model and, if they even got it, a better system/team for quality-assurance. Without these, I’m afraid that we have wasted our money on a product that never gets above version 0.999999. In the end. The key-sentence is “Early access” - cut to the bone, you are not there to play, you are there to fulfill as task so you one day can play a flawless game. To get comments in advance, the payment… when you buy a game in any pre-public or early access, it’s an investment in a product you believe in, return comes at release, in the form of a “free” game.
  12. Introduce yourselves

    Been playing few weeks, seems like a good time to introduce my self. My is Rune, in-game mugost, I’m from Denmark. I hope to meet some of you, hope you are friendly, I will, until you draw first or act suspicious… if I can handle it, you will not only die but also eaten ;) A good game to you all <3
  13. How was your Day(Z)?

    Today was good, meet a player, and after a longer stand-off(wall between) and talk about trust... we decide to take our chance – he was friendly! After a quick introduction, name, location etc. we started to swap items (It turned out that we each had things in excess that the other could use) teamed up for awhile, exchanged steam-id’s So a really good experience, many bastards in DayZ, trust is hard, but there is still friendly players – give it a chance.