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  1. Dipped my toe in .62... New sounds strike you immediately, which is very nice. Do the crickets shut up for awhile when you fire a gunshot? (I hope so) The new forests are looking much more realistic, although at least with the older models the dang zoom/unzoom-shader flicker still persists... Anyone got pictures of the new western border?
  2. Since this is a .63 update and not .62 it doesn't really give any indication. .63 has been worked on for a long while now, it's the biggest update that DayZ will probably ever get all at once, which is why it could take many more months for them to finish it. I'm really hoping for .62 to come sooner rather than later, but .63 (and aircraft) are what I'm really waiting for. Once base-building finally gets implemented, this game will explode with long term playability. #WhenDoAircraftArrive?
  3. I have a different trick for un-sticking cars which is actually more effective: Remove 3/4 wheels (you might need to play with where the 1 remaining wheel should go), and the car goes into "slide mode" which is somehow meant to simulate not being able to control your car when 3/4 wheels are destroyed... It allows you to pivot your car basically through obstacles that otherwise have you completely stuck (like a garbage pile). This is related to "vehicle spinning" I believe, so it might get patched out soon.
  4. What if anything can be done do the northern and western borders of Chernarus? Can Chernarus become an Island? Can it be blended into desert terrain?
  5. Hey gents! I've got a military tend (loaded with ammo and various clips/guns/attatchments) located at the top of Zub castle (located west of mogilevka) on the Northeast 01 experimental server. I've got some barrels with hides I'm soon to tan as well... Anyone should feel free to stop by and take what they want, because as patches get released everything gets wiped! Also, does anyone know where amphibias are presently spawning? Is it only at heli crashes?
  6. As long as we get some aircraft and base-building, I'll have no anxiety!
  7. I play on underpopulated experimental servers mostly so I've not encountered this bug, however, I have encountered a phenomenon where the longer DayZ is open, the more unstable performance becomes, and eventually a crash will occur (crashes most often in fullscreen mode x64 bit client). Perhaps crashing from the queue will tend to occur only after the game has been open and active for some time, which may be affecting attempts at reproducing it.
  8. Been putting a few hours into the last few EXP updates. Crashes are still occurring but other than that bugs are few and far between. The one minor bug that's driving me crazy is the server restart and restart message regime on northeast 01 is totally screwed up. The server doesn't seem to actually restart every 12 hours and constantly throws misleading restart messages. Killed by a wolf, killed by a zombie, dying to find a .22 pistol mag for my amphibia Lots and lots of rain
  9. Please provide video of some kind showing the effects you're referring to. It sounds like you're vastly over-blowing the amount of flickering you are actually getting. We all get some texture flickering, but for the most part the game is quite playable despite it. Turn your objects and textures settings down in DayZ graphics (or turn them up), and look into the texture settings of your graphics card user interface.
  10. One thing that coulod possibly make better darkness really interesting is dynamic star/moonlight such that under trees, in dark houses, and under cloud cover could become more classically pitch black. When and where starlight and moonlight is available, vision comparable to what we have now would be possible. This would have a bonus of making forests scary at night, abandoned dark houses creepy, lights more valuable, and stormy nights overall more terrifying. Cheers!
  11. It's alright, I'll get over it. I realize I could have used the V3S I brought in order to unstick the car, but this EXP patch features a fix or vehicles getting stuck on low obstacles, which is why I was thoroughly testing to see if it could get itself out.
  12. Anyone else getting what seem like false server messages concerning server restarts? I keep driving to near my regular haunts every-time I see a server restart message because I don't want to get stranded, but then the server never actually seems to restart... Sometimes my vehicles don't de-spawn even when I'm positive a restart has occurred. It's as if persistence is being turned on and off while constantly getting erroneous server restart information.
  13. Yes. I came back to the Sedan a second time and tried to unstick it again, at which point someone ran up to the car and shot me in the head without saying a word, despite me pleas to not shoot. There were only 5 people on the server so my guard was down (it's a game, my fault, bla bla, yaya yata), but it still bothers me that people playing on experimental will kill for inventory scraps, or nothing at all, especially when someone is peacefully trying to do relevant testing and help development. I didn't mention it because it was an uninteresting and pathetic interaction. Focusing on it only leads to anger and hate, which then turns people into the very kind of player they hated originally. I was fully geared, but on a constantly empty server with vehicles everywhere not having gear just means someone stinks at the game. I don't mind being killed by stinky players, they may win the battle but they always lose the war.
  14. Don't you worry your little land-locked head about it! You will be 100% free to toil in the mud and zombie muck throughout the endless spiral of drudgery that lay in store for all ye ant-like dirt-dwellers. You will be sorting your sweaty pre-owned zombie-underpants one day when you will hear an engine roaring in the distance. As it approaches you will look up and what you will see will make you realize that the majesty of flight and the angelic like grace of planes and helicopters far out stripes the ingloriousness of your soiled and solitary existence. "Wow, they look like ants from up here." "They are ants.... THEY ARE ANTS!!!!!!!"
  15. I'm so desperately waiting aircraft. I'm hoping if ground vehicle physics and desync gets sorted this go around that there should be no reason for aircraft not to finally make an appearance! P.S has anyone heard anything about aircraft since the plane trello teasers?